Marc Webb Discusses ‘Amazing Spider-Man’ Mid-Credits Scene & Mystery Villain

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Amazing Spider Man Dr. Curt Connors and Mysterious Figure 570x252 Marc Webb Discusses Amazing Spider Man Mid Credits Scene & Mystery Villain

If you you’ve seen The Amazing Spider-Man by now, you know that one of the lingering mysteries (of the handful left dangling) has to do with a certain scene that occurred midway through the end credits.We had the chance to break that scene down with director Marc Webb at the Amazing Spider-Man press junket, discuss theories about the shadowy villain that appeared in it, and what possible implications it has for Amazing Spider-Man 2.

Needless to say, if you haven’t seen the film, the topic we’re going to discuss is filled with SPOILERS - so maybe you want to just head over to our Amazing Spider-Man review to get an impression of the movie as a whole. If you have seen the Spider-Man reboot for yourself, feel free to scroll down to the discussion below.






Amazing Spider-Man Mid-Credits Scene Discussion

The final scene of The Amazing Spider-Man sees the defeated Curt Connors/Lizard (Rhys Ifans) being locked away in a poorly-lit prison cell. Lightning flashes, and a figure (played by character actor Michael Massee) steps out of the shadows into one of the two slivers of moonlight in the room and proceeds to interrogate Connors. The mystery man wants to know if Connors told Peter the truth about his father, Richard Parker, and Connors responds that he didn’t. The mystery turns to leave, exclaiming that it’s fortunate Connors said nothing and that they can leave Peter alone… for now. Connors, in a noble moment, yells that Peter should be left alone for good – but lightning strikes again, and the mysterious figure vanishes just as suddenly as he appeared.

amazing spider man mystery man 280x170 Marc Webb Discusses Amazing Spider Man Mid Credits Scene & Mystery Villain


For my money, I immediately guessed that the nature of the scene (specifically the lightning) meant that the classic Spider-Man villain Electro (see above) was being introduced into the Amazing Spider-Man cinematic universe. I went so far as to suggest that theory to director Marc Webb in our interview – and while he played coy, he was visibly delighted by the guess:

Oooo, interesting! You’re the only person who’s brought that up! I invite speculation, but I will not give you certainty.

 Marc Webb Discusses Amazing Spider Man Mid Credits Scene & Mystery Villain

Upon a followup question about whether The Amazing Spider-Man trilogy is building towards, perhaps, a saga involving the Sinister Six (Spider-Man villains teamed up as a bigger threat), Webb just let out another “Oooo,” smiled knowingly, and said nothing at all. However, he did say to MTV:

“There is a silhouette as Peter enters Oscorp on a display, which reads our founder, Norman Osborn. And there is a back-story which I will not reveal. We wanted to convey that there were more forces at work than you may have initially thought. That’s all I can say about that.”

Actor Rhys Ifans added:

Connors is sent to an asylum, a high-security asylum, as you would be if you threw police towers across the Brooklyn Bridge… And he’s visited by, shall we say, a representative from Oscorp. How he gets into that cell and how he leaves that cell without the guards knowing? We have yet to find out.”

The part about there being ‘more forces than  you initially thought’ would suggest that there is a larger plot than the machinations of Curt Connors and Norman Osborn, as the film makes clear. The Sinister Six as a clandestine group of mad-science-meets-corporate-villainy types is easy to image in the re-imagined Spider-Man cinematic universe.

spider man villains Marc Webb Discusses Amazing Spider Man Mid Credits Scene & Mystery Villain

Since the time of our talk with Webb, the worldwide audience has gotten the opportunity to see The Amazing Spider-Man, and I am certainly no longer the only person to have suggested Electro as a possibility for the mystery character in the mid-credits scene. Indeed, a quick scroll through our Amazing Spider-Man Spoilers Discussion will reveal any number of fan theories on who that mystery figure is.

First question for Spider-Man fans:

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Finally, we’ve compiled a list of the 10 best guesses about who the mystery character at the end of Amazing Spider-Man is. Vote for up to your 3 best guesses below:

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 The Amazing Spider-Man is now in theaters. Stay tuned for more of our interviews with the cast and producers in the coming days.

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  1. It was a bad mid credit scene in my opinion.

    • Agreed, that was by far the lamest closing credit seen yet, that could have been anyone.

  2. The Shocker!!! Electro makes more sense though, but I can still hope.

    • Electro would make more sense considering Shocker didn’t use electricity as a means of travel or a weapon like Electro does.

      • Any Spidey fan KNOWS that Shocker can’t travel via current like Electro. Unless it was the Chamlion looking like Electro. Or Mysterio using a prop to disappear. Heck for all you know it could have been Uncle Bens ghost.

        • mysterio would be epic!!!!

    • i agree shocker is so much better

  3. uhhhm guys, did you ever think it may just be a hallucination of himself like what we saw with willem dafoe in spidey 1??

    • That’s exactly what I thought!

      • He was having an argument with himself in his lab in the sewer, so that is entirely possible. Although I’m not sure they would have a mid-credits button scene to illustrated a psychosis that has already been shown, to a lesser extent.

        • I felt like that voice over in the sewer was more of an homage to thought-bubbles found in all comics.

          • I agree it was athought bubble type scene, but that sounded like an argument, in that he was giving two distinctly different viewpoints and he was using terms like I and you.

    • Yeah, that’s what I was thinking too, he’s hallucinating but then I thought that shadowy character might be Gustav Fiers – the Gentleman. That’s my guess! No idea how he got in and out of the cell though. Stole a teleporter or Mysterio/Electro helped him? Secret entry/exit to the cell?

  4. As awesome as the Sinister Six would be, I think it would be too much for a movie. Raimi’s Spider-Man 3 got killed for having too many villains, and there were only three in that one. I don’t seem them doubling that and going with six bad guys.

    The Electro theory makes sense, but I think the man in the shadows was Norman Osborn. I think the sequel will feature Osborn and the Green Goblin as the villain (and if they follow the comics, that could truly be devastating for Peter).

    • Even when Spiderman 2 came out, I imagined a Sinister Six movie would be a two parter with several movies building up to it.

    • anything can work if done correctly. while the sinister six would definitely work with 3 or 4 movies minimum to introduce the villains beforehand, I think it could work in a trilogy if done correctly.

      the way I see it, lizard would obviously be in there since he survived this movie. theyre setting up norman osborn to be the big bad guy, so hes in too. that leaves 4 spots to fill. they could use 2 villains in the next movie (if I had my way, Kraven and either electro or scorpion) and then introduce 2 more in the next as osborns personal body guards (probably the ultimate version of rhino and doc ock). with these last 2 dont give much information at all other than that they’re on osborns payroll.

    • I don’t know. I think if Joss Whedon can make final battle in the The Avengers work, then maybe, just maybe, the opposite can work – where the team in question are the bad guys. It’s not the best comparison, but I’d say it makes it plausible.

      • That was six heroes versus one villain, not one hero against six villains. Plus, to do the Sinister Six, the budget would be wild. For Spider-Man 2, it took millions upon millions of dollars and thousands of man hours just to create and animate the tentacles. Add that to having to do abilities and effects for five other villains, along with Spider-Man himself, and it’s looking less and less possible that the Sinister Six will ever happen, or at least not soon anyway.

    • Yup GReen Goblin Murders Gwen but i see that waiting till 3

    • No, spidey 3 got killed because the green goblin was lame and they did a horrible job with venom, Tofer, or what ever his name was,wanted his face shown more than venoms, so we got venoms body with the actors face, which was stupid in my opion.

    • I don’t think it’s so much about the amount of villains in a movie, but rather the script-writer ability to write them, the director’s ability to direct them, and the actor’s ability to portray them that matters.

      Having a lot of villains could be really cool, as long as it’s done RIGHT.

  5. I insist, to me it seems like uncle Ben’s murderer is Electro. He was never caught and he had, a too often mentioned, star tattoo on his wrist. Plus his face was never really showed.
    I Hope it’s Normy and hey can really pull off a sinister six plot ;)

    • Great idea. Electro being Osborns no.1 hitman/henchman.

    • I couldn’t agree more. The star-tattoo is already a hint that uncle ben’s killer would be Electro. can’t wait for the next installment.

      • How is a star tattoo a hint of Electro?

    • Joe Chill is Electro?

  6. I don’t think in any way that it’s Osborn.In fact,I don’t think Norman Osborn will even show up in the next movie at all,and maybe not even in the third one either.I think they want to stay away from The Green Goblin for as long as they possibly can.

    My guess is that it’s either Electro,because of the lightning striking,or it’s Mysterio,because he would be the only other person to probably get in and out of the cell without anyone noticing.

    I hope that it’s Mysterio.I would love to see what they do with his character.I also hope that there’s a side villain like Ryno or Vulture.

    Ultimately though,I’m hoping that they find a way to put Tombstone in the movie.I just find it way more interesting than the same ‘ol Venom or even Carnage scenario.

  7. If they assemble the Sinister Six for AS2 and pull it off right it would go down as best Spiderman movie ever. Loved the new and so I say go for it. Everyone is mixed with this movie so why not shoot for it? I could see the Sinister Six working in this Spiderman universe.

  8. I was guessing Mysterioso, since the teaser villain appeared and disappeared. Electro doesn’t have the power of teleportation right?

    • Mysterio….. sorry. Got him confused with the Thelonius Monk tune.

    • If they’re following the Ultimate story line then yes, Electro has the power to teleport himself. I doubt they’re gonna dress up the villain in a bright yellow and green spandex suit… it would look a bit silly.

      • But a red and blue spandex suit is better? hahah! If Electro doesn’t have that suit on or something really close to it in the next one or part 3(or even if they include him in this “reboot”), then it’ll just be another weak design like they’ve made with the Green goblin/ robot ceramic face who’s mouth didn’t move and looked like shi%t and the Lizard – wow what was that?- he looked more like the Scorpion… he looked like freakin Vin Diesel with a bad paint job lol, and I’ll be disappointed again. I should just come to terms with the fact that they can’t please me with these movies. The Sandman I liked though and Dr. Octo was pretty cool but could’ve been better with a different actor. Emma Stone is delicious. I am picturing a very cool Mysterio and that would be awesome in the next film with the crystal ball dome head -can have it glowing with smoke and lasers, etc. with the green/purple suit and cape. It would be very simple to do……….. buuuuuuut, they would probably f— it up . ‘Nuff said

  9. What if it was Osborn but rather than being Green Goblin he becomes Iron Patriot

    • I don’t think sony owns Iron Patriot.

  10. I’m just copy and pasting this from a comment i left in an open discussion’s more appropriate here.

    Here’s a conspiracy theory i have about how it can/will/would be kind cool if it paralleled the Nolan Batman-verse.

    The First movies are a retelling of the origins and feature an off-beat villain that most people know but we have never seen in film.
    Amazing Spider-man: Origin story, he fights the Lizard
    Batman Begins: Origin story, he fights the Scarecrow

    Second movie includes their iconic villains played and loved by fans in prior films.
    Amazing spiderman 2: Green Goblin (PLAYED By MICHAEL C. HALL, what do you think about that?)
    Dark Knight: Joker obvi

    Third movie, things are looking bleak for our hero until he is aided by a former enemy.

    Amazing spiderman 3: First half of the movie Spidey vs. Venom. Middle of the movie is the birth of Carnage who proves just a little TOO crazy for Venom to be comfortable with. The last act of the movie Venom and Spidey team up to take on Carnage.

    TDKR from what we can obvi deduce by now is that Catwoman and Bane are working together against batman initially until Catwoman is like “Bane you =crazy i don’t wanna be pals anymore” and she helps bats.

    I think this would be cool..unoriginal..but it would work.

    ORRRRR another thing i thought would be cool is that If the guy at the end of ASM 1 WAS Osborn, in the second movie he becomes determined to hunt down/kill/destory spider-man (He’s ill/wants to know how to become super strong/agile, etc).so he hires Kraven to go after Spider-man. Meanwhile at Oscorp, a young scientist is determined to prove himself to Norman Osborn and show him his prototype for a new military weapon that shoots electric waves at enemies. Seeing, that he won’t get Osborn’s attention on his own he decides to try to impress Osborn by killing Spider-man with his weapons..and becoming Shocker. Kind of like The Gauntlet.

    At the end of this movie Osborn finally gets what he wants, snaps and becomes Green Goblin and kills Gwen Stacy setting up the third movie where it will be THE EPIC CONCLUSION between the goblin and Spider-man. Post-Credit clip is an emotional Harry Osborn swearing revenge.

    Rumors online become overwhelming and Marc Webb eventually decides he intended that to be ‘ambiguous’ and that he does not intend to come back for a 4th movie but would serve as producer if someone else were to come aboard as director… i love movies, haha.

  11. I’m going to loose some geek credit points for this but I can’t lie…
    I left before the mid-credit scene.
    I don’t know what I was thinking but I didn’t think of it until I got to my car and I was so mad at myself. I should have known better but it was a complete brain-fart.
    I hang my head in shame :(

    • Don’t feel bad.

      A lot of the Marvel films I’ve seen in cinemas since Iron Man have seen people still leaving as soon as the credits hit.

      The general movie going public still haven’t clued into the mid/post credits scenes yet so you can be forgiven.

  12. I feel it is Electro bc I have a feeling this new trilogy will focus on characters not shown in the previous films. I also think it’s Electro (besides the lightening timing or if it’s even Mysterio too) and not Norman b/c I think the Green Goblin will be the end game to this trilogy. Gwen Stacey is such a pivotal character (and of course her death) in the Spiderman franchise, that I think the studio will use her as much as they can and then introduce MJ in the 3rd film following Gwen’s death. It would be the perfect end to this trilogy. To do what theyre doing and hyping up Norman would be a sensible explanation to what I said above too. They drop his name several times in the TAS game as well.

    • Why would they wait for Gwen to die before introducing MJ?
      MJ and Gwen were best friends in the comics and MJ has shwon to miss Gwen as much as Peter. She even says so in the Spider-Man: Blue issues.

  13. if it reallt is Norman Osborn then I won’t stand seeing Emma Stone die

  14. Remember when Captain Stacy was talking about a crime wave when Peter was eating at his table?

    To me that spells out Kingpin.

    He has connections as well, he could be responsible bringing the Sinister Six together? Maybe he hired (using your theory here) Electro to get get some information from Conners and bring it back to the Kingpin? I think it would be awesome if these people were working alongside him and all his connections!

    • in the game Alexander Slith Kingpins right hand is in jail with Spiderman so if that has berring then think of this hes a scientist for kingpin and when spidey was shot he left a blood print on the building to if they get that dadada Doppleganger

    • in the game Alexander Slith Kingpins right hand is in jail with Spiderman so if that has berring then think of this hes a scientist for kingpin and when spidey was shot he left a blood print on the building to if they get that dadada Doppleganger Wich was a kinpin scene but does sony own daredevil cause they did team upin comics

    • @SvRGamerkid that one hint was given. When Captain Stacy revealed the sting operation with the car thief. The villain is Silvermane he is a crime lord. He is a part of the red skull who is responsible for peters parents death and most importantly he needed dr Connors to create a youths serum to make him younger because of his dying age.

      • In this Spidey universe (the new movie-verse) however, Red Skull can’t be responsible for Peter’s parent’s deaths… since he’s owned by another studio.
        But I’m sure they can replace him with another villain (I still think Osborn is the one behind everything)

        • Wouldn’t it be epic if FOX and Sony realized that they could be making more money by doing a movie WITH Marvel and Disney?

          Spiderman, FF, Dare Devil all teaming up (or at least a cameo, Peter Parker taking pictures of Captain America after he saved the world from the return of the Red Skull or something) the Avengers (either as a whole or just one hero)?

    • Yeah, except 20th Century Fox owns the rights to Kingpin.

      • Actually, I think it reverted back to Marvel, but either way, it doesn’t help Sony.

  15. The next villain has to be Electro (i really hope so) those lightning strikes seemed to be to controlled. One when he appeared and then one when he left.

    My other thought was that its Mysterio just because you couldn’t see his face and that kinda what the guy is about but you also didnt see Normans face either earlier in the film.

    I dont think its Norman and if it is he wont be the Green Goblin and i hope so too because i want other villains. But if they happen to do Green Goblin again which makes a lot of sense since he kills Gwen they should go through that route and have her be killed but it may be to reminiscent of Spider man 1 with the Green Goblin and the bridge scene and you know what the internet is like, they would complain about anything which pisses me off sometimes.

  16. Whoever the guy was he was old as crap and sounded creepy.

    • Jr you said the guy looks old and sounds creepy right,this gives me a thought on who the next villain could be in the sequel. It’s vulture because you just gave out two hints first you said he’s old right and second he’s sounds creepy. Now tell me who in spider-man looks old and sounds creepy?

      • Stan Lee! ;)

    • morbius

      • Morbius isn’t old, middle aged maybe, but not old. This guy is old enough for his senior citizen discount.

  17. the voice immediately made me think norman osborn (it sounded exactly like william dafoe doing the goblin voice) but the lightning stuff does lend more to the theory of electro.

    • I don’t know if I agree. On one hand, they say that he’s dying the whole time, which would account for him being a little off and decrepit sounding. One the other hand, isn’t Norman Osborn supposed to be Marvel’s Lex Luthor? Rich, kind of suave – NOT the guy from the cell.

      I will call it right now – Norman Osborn becomes the Green Goblin after trying a failed serum of Connor’s design on himself.

      • like I said, it sounded like dafoes green goblin voice, not norman osborn.

        • Believing that Michael Massee sounds kind of like Willem Dafoe when he dies the Green Govlin voice is not a logical argument that he then must be Norman Osbourn. This is the beginning of a completely different series of movies with no connection to Raimi’s. Inthink he sounded kind of like Michael Douglas. I guess it must have been Gordon Gekko in the cell…

          • hahaha. Money Never Sleeps!

  18. The Shadowy Man was played by this actor:

  19. Definitely Electro.I remember he already said it wasn’t osborne

  20. going ahead and saying that Norman Osborn’s scienc research is a great way to say this is why so many super powered humans are around great idea. would love to see the sinister six, especially Doc ock in this version of spider man, and also think kraven,mysterio, and scorpion would be awesome villians with some great story. i think i will just sit back from now on and let these directors do their job as long as they focus on great story and characters like this movie has done, and dark knight, and the first two x-men films.

  21. the sinister 6 would be downright epic as villains of choice if the avengers where involved at some point (would be a nice nod to the story arc imo). individually though, i would say it could work but it could also flop since we’ve already seen sandman in that train wreck called spiderman 3, so it would leave mainstream viewers confused (as if they already aren’t with the sudden reboot).

    i would love to see a team up with the vulture shocker, vulture could be the techie making high tech gear for shocker who is a high profile thug. both could be ex oscorp employees looking for revenge after they got black mailed and shamed by oscorp.

  22. Ryan Ifans said it was defiantly not Norman Osbourne so thats an interesting take. Plus the guy at the end was played by Michael Massee, the actor who was unfortunately involved in the incident with Brandon Lee in The Crow. I hope the actor comes back in the sequel as Electro or Mysterio, Chameleon would be nice since that was Spider-Man’s first villain in the comics, and can easily sneak into that prison. Plus Chameleon is the half brother of Kraven, and they can bring him in to kill The Lizard making the actor comeback in a really awesome role, then just a villain.

  23. The Amazing Spider-Man 2 – Electro as villain hired by Norman Osborne to capture Spider-Man to try keep himself alive (he is dying as mentioned in the first film and the game taking place after the film mentions thtat Osborne wants Spiderman alive)

    The Amazing Spider-Man 3 – Green Goblin, Peter finally becomes true hero (Marc Webb stated that Spiderman origin will be more than one film) and end with Gwen Stacys death

    A Venom spin-off is in the works so if they want to make it work they should follow the Ultimate version of Venom in which Peters father in involved in creating Venom or maybe use the Symbiote in the 4th movie to feed off Peters depression of losing Gwen and bring Venom alive from there (but do it right this time).

  24. I have a feeling it might follow the “Nolan” theory of superhero reboots and make Green Goblin the main villian – Spiderman’s greatest foe – as the Joker turned up in the second of the latest Batman trilogy. Plus c’mon they mentioned Normal Osborn a lot in the movie!

    • Norman my apologies

    • That’s what I’m hoping for…

  25. i gotta say people voted for osborn as the shadow guy but in a interview they said the person is a oscorp worker but its not osborn

  26. On comic vine Sundown is said to be in The Amazing Spider-Man. And like it was mentioned before, anything could work. Sundown was part of Oscorp until Norman fired him and destroyed his lab leading him to use his expiriment. This gave him the ability to absorb power from the sun, also giving him the power to teleport. And btw he doesn’t need the sun to teleport. Sundown alone was able to defeat a then-cooperating X-men and Avengers.

  27. My guess is that it’s possible that we could see either the Sinister Six or a variant cross between them and the Enforcers. Six super-powered villains might be a bit much for one flick but three could certainly be more manageable. One big clue was the Osborn Tree of Life featured in the scene where Peter sneaks into Oscorp. Connors(or maybe it was Gwen)said that their research on cross genetics was founded on this tree of life thing. As he spoke a holographic image of animals appeared next to him. It was only for a brief moment but I clearly remember seeing a rat, spider, lizard and…wait for it…a rhino! An odd assortment of animals. A rat, spider, lizard and then a rhino?! That coupled with the fact that Van Adder guy threatened Connors by saying he would just go to Veteran’s Memorial Hospital for human subjects AND the fact that we never saw what happened to him after Spidey saved his car from falling off the bridge more than hints that he will make good on that promise in a sequel by in fact going to the hospital for patients and using other animals in the tree of life to cross them with. Imagine the Enforcers, three veterans/mercenaries hired to bring Spidey in. They fail and Van Adder upgrades them using cross genetics blending them with a rhino, vulture and…lion?(I say lion because in the Spectacular Spider-Man toon Kraven’s genes were crossed with a lion) giving us Rhino, Vulture and Kraven. Thoughts?

    • To be honest I really like that idea and didn’t give it much thought at the moment, but it does make a lot of sense. But i still doubt that they will make a big appearance in the second installment, perhaps they will be built into characters in the background.

    • This is a pretty good theory, especially since Sony has admittend that TAS was planned as a trilogy all along. I think Rhino and Vulture particularly are a good match up against Spidey because there is nowhere to hide, (You hit em high, I’ll hit em low) but I don’t see Kraven as a plausible villain with modern audiences. However, how would Electro (Eel?), Doc Ock (The tentacles are real?) and Mysterio (????) work with this origin?

  28. Im crossing my fingers for Electro. Also in connors office he had a frame of a thunder striking so… Yeah, I see alot of hints.

  29. I eventually want Electro, Scorpion, Mysterio, and possibly Morbius (if not too much for the kiddies intensity-wise). Not all in one movie, tho. Two villains per movie is enough. I do not like Carnage, Venom, Kraven, Hobgoblin (too similar to Green Goblin), Vulture, or Rhino. We have already seen Green Goblin, Doc Ock, and Sandman & Lizard. All good, but done now. Let’s get Sandman into a fantastic Four reboot where The frightful Four (Sandman, Medusa, Wizard, & Trapster) fight The fantastic Four. Might have to tinker with the rights, tho, as far as Sandman is concerned??

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