‘The Amazing Spider-Man’ & ‘Man of Steel’ to Feature Altered Origin Stories

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Amazing Spider Man Man of Steel Spoilers The Amazing Spider Man & Man of Steel to Feature Altered Origin Stories

In addition to capitalizing on the unprecedented popularity that superhero movies currently enjoy, the upcoming series reboots The Amazing Spider-Man and The Man of Steel will no doubt attempt to breathe new life into familiar mythos by approaching the heroes’ origin stories from some new, audacious angle.

But recent plot revelations regarding both films are beginning to raise the question: how many changes to the source material are too many?

It goes without saying that, from here on out, we’ll be presenting MILD SPOILERS for both The Amazing Spider-Man and Man of Steel – so, if you don’t want to know anything about the films, best to turn away now.


The Amazing Spider Man 4 minute extended preview The Amazing Spider Man & Man of Steel to Feature Altered Origin Stories

The Amazing Spider-Man

For fans of the Sam Raimi trilogy, the decision to scrap the entire franchise and start over (at first) seemed rash, to say the least. On the other hand, many followers of the comics likely wanted a darker, grittier, more brooding tone than that of Raimi’s often-cartoony adaptations. In that respect, at least, The Amazing Spider-Man seems sure to deliver, if the trailers are any indication.

What’s less-certain is exactly what the filmmakers mean when they say that the film tells the “untold story” of Peter Parker/Spider-Man. Previous reports suggested that marketing spin referred to Peter’s search for information about his long-missing father (something Raimi’s films never bothered to touch on), and the previews seem to support this plot point.

However, according to Badass Digest, The Amazing Spider-Man also tinkers with the hero’s long-established origin story. Apparently, this time around, Peter is not imbued with superpowers by the bite of a radioactive spider, but rather by some sort of dormant mutation for which his father is responsible – and the spider bite merely triggers it. This detail could potentially alter the entire dynamic of the Spider-Man character and story. Instead of some timid high-schooler who has to struggle with and adapt to the hand which fate has dealt him, is he now some sort of “chosen one,” or genetic super-soldier? Because that’s how it’s starting to sound.

Man of Steel Header The Amazing Spider Man & Man of Steel to Feature Altered Origin Stories

The Man of Steel

The issue of “destiny” also crops-up in the forthcoming Zack-Snyder- helmed, David S. Goyer/Christopher-Nolan-penned Superman reinterpretation The Man of Steel. Think McFly Think reports that this time around, Kal-El isn’t just any Kryptonian refugee, but rather a full-fledged prince, who is somehow preordained to save Earth from destruction. This isn’t necessarily as significant an alteration to the legend as the aforementioned Spider-Man re-envisioning, but it may add a layer of mysticism that will feel out of place in what’s supposed to be straight sci-fi/comic book movie. Then again, Superman has never been the most complex or compelling superhero, as Brian Singer’s underwhelming Superman Returns made painfully clear, so maybe a new layer to his backstory could actually provide some much-needed depth. These deviations from the accepted Superman origin mythology are reportedly holdovers from an earlier J. J. Abrams script, Superman: Flyby, which apparently contained other, far more radical, plot elements.

The success of The Avengers and intense anticipation for The Dark Knight Rises have both, no doubt, weakened interest in The Amazing Spider-Man, but who’s to say it can’t still turn out to be a dark horse success? All anyone really has to go on are a few trailers and blind conjecture. Predictions about The Man of Steel are even more futile, given that it’s not scheduled for release until summer 2013. That said, the project has a powerful asset in Nolan. Hopefully he can redefine and reinvigorate the last son of Krypton as he did with Batman.


The Amazing Spider-Man hits theaters on July 3rd, 2012. The Man of Steel is tentatively scheduled for release in the U. S. on June 14th, 2013.

Sources: Badass Digest, Think McFly Think

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  1. Ehhh. I’m not a fan of the Spidey thing.

    • Reminds me of ang lee’s hulk

      • Thats what I was thinking as I read it. Why is there a need to change how he becomes spiderman? Why isnt it apparent to everyone involved that this is probably a bad idea?

        • They changed it in the Raimi films to a genetically enhanced spider instead of a radioactive one, as long as the spider bite is what gives him powers its not that big a deal to me.
          Although I agree about the Hulk aspect, as I thought the same thing.

          • They do it to “jerk their own chain” if a movie is a hit, thay can pretend it’s because of their “vision” and story changes. They avoid dealing with the fact that, most people are going to see it anyway, no matter how pissed they are about it.

    • I for one don’t really care that spider is getting rebooted or this new alteration but why must they take him all the way back to HighSchool??? He has so many cool stories when his a little bit older, but its like they just getting caught up with the Idea of a Teenage Superhero!

      I hope they bring Felicia Hardy aka Black Cat sooner or Later into this franchise to spice things up a little because I won’t be able to Handle another Emo Mary-Jane love fest after he has to deal with the Death of Gwen Stacy… Spidey is going to be real emotional roller coaster

      • Seeing how Catwoman is already out there( or about to be at least) , I don’t think they will. It would draw too many comparisons. Which is too bad, I like Black Cat, but the two are just too similar. Even their roles in the heroes’ lives are similar, each infatuated with the hero persona more than the man, each trying to draw him out of his strict hero code of ethics, at least a little.

        • I hate you for being right!!! Lol they can atleast bring Spidey’s Latin GF Michelle, that will be interesting

  2. “Superman’s never been the most complex or compelling superhero”

    With all due respect, you don’t know s***

    • Actully, the original superman was the shittiest comic I have ever read.

      • You, my friend, have not read very many comics then.

    • ^5 MacGyver!!! 

      Methinks this Contrada guy doth protest too much! 

      Don’t get me wrong. I really like this site but some of it’s writers sometimes go TOO far by throwing in their cheap 2 cents in. 

      If there’s reasonable debate about a particular item, fine let’s here what the writer may think. But don’t go over the top and blatantly say the most divisive and biased things. It’s stupid and foolish.

      This writer presumes too much. It cannot be stressed enough that any rumours about MOS are just that. Rumours. If he’s a “prince” then so be it. But MOS won’t be released until over a year from now. 

      Like every other comic book character, Superman has evolved and has many other different variations in it’s own universe.

      Ditto Spiderman. 

      I suggest Mr Contrada put down the Avengers kool aid and pick up a few comic books.  

      • Just an FYI: Screen Rant is (and always has been) a news/editorial site.

        Hence, our articles always have a bit of editorializing, to go along with the facts.

    • I’ve always found Superman quite boring actually.
      He’s too…. PREFECT.
      So I actually agree with Mr Contrada: Superman isn’t all that compelling or complex (in comparison to heroes like Batman or Green Lantern who are relatable in a way… flawed creatures struggling with their lives) – that still doesn’t mean Supes isn’t a great hero though…

      That’s why I’m really hoping MoS will be a success: because I think the movie will showcase a Superman that isn’t the same-old predictable & perfect “super hero” that I’ve grown so tired of.

      • Damn you auto correct!
        *Edit: “He’s too… PERFECT”

      • I totally agree. Sups is my fav but I’m really tired of the same old, stories with him. I’m ready for some change and I’m looking forward to a fresh interpretation. The fact that he’d be a Prince won’t hurt the story. I mean, he’s one of the last Kryptonians alive so it’s not as if he’d be bailing on earth to rule over his people or anything. It’s just some added history to his past.

      • Agreed as well.

    • That’s like saying “No offense, but I’m offending you.”

      How does that make sense?

  3. No true fan of Spider-Man wants a dark, gritty, brooding take on the character. These are not traits of the character/stories I grew up reading. I was almost getting excited for the film, but I think that is all gone after reading about the tweaks to his origin. Can’t Sony just let these movies die and give the rights back to Marvel? Nobody will do Spidey right until that happens.

    • This will be much closer to comics than the original which wasn’t owned by sony. However I agree they should give rights back to marvel so spider man can be in avengers. But keep same director for spider man 2, just with marvel instead of sony holding rights.

      • The Raimi films are Sony productions.

    • Not true they did Spider-Man right in the movies before they just dragged out the success and you got bored of him

      • 1 and 2 yes, but not completely. Then they made Spiderman 3 and all hope was lost…

  4. I’ll see both since I am a fan of both characters. Superman is never portrayed right. He is an alien on a different planet (though he didn’t know his), a saviour to the human race with his strength, and a regular guy with his own problems that are compounded by the previous two character elements. I think it could be quite easy to make Clark a very dark character instead of a boy scout.

  5. “Superman’s never been the most complex or compelling superhero”… Yeah, ’cause the tale of the last survivor of an ancient race living alone as a refugee on a distant world, with god-like abilities, tagged as a savior with messianic implications dealing with the moral dilemma of intervening and altering the lives of a race that doesn’t fully understand him is just… you know… not complex. (?)

    • LMAO! awesome… Superman is a great character, just some of the villians are lame. Show us Brainiac and we’d have an awesome flick.

    • Heh-heh…

  6. Show me one superhero movie where they didn’t screw with the origin!

    You report this like it’s something new. Sheesh!

    • um, Superman 1.

    • Thor, Captain America. Oh, you said one; sorry jeffro. :-D

      • Thor look at the his custome doesn’t any thor not his wist downword, please no movie has made a cardon copy of any comic, not one, the is always a change.

        • The whole first half of that post makes absolutely no sense.

        • Watchmen?

  7. Also for superman he get teleported to earth and he does not wear glasses in the movie

  8. Ditto to that. Though the idea of his powers being a mutation WAS explored in that whole Marvel “Earth X” series of comics, which was like Kingdom Come for DC, supposed to be the “future” of the Marvel Universe. It would take too long to describe the entirety of the storyline, but here is the bit about mutations. where it was revealed that all of those experimentation done by the Celestial’s on primitive humans carried over throughout the years, so that everyone on Earth in some way or another had a Celestial “seed” causing a first tier of mutation in which the mutation is unique to that person, but in fact also based on the belief of how the powers happened. In the case of Peter, the spider bite caused him to believe that’s how his powers came to be, so that is how the mutation shaped itself. You don’t believe me, then go read that whole series of books, cause they are freaking awesome. Earth X, Universe X and Paradise X in that order.

  9. I can deal with a tweak such as that for spiderman, if it works out like he has the genetic potential for cross species genetic blending due to his father using his own genetic code as a base code for cross species genetic formulas, and so peter does as well since he is his fathers son (much like the venom symbiote in the ultimate comics responded to peter/ eddie brock because both their fathers genes were used to create it). so had any animal bit peter he would have taken those traits, but it was the spider that bit him.

    • So in all his life, he was never bitten by a mosquito or termite? :-D

      • ooOOoooOooh! A radioactive termite!

        • I never knew termites bit people…
          But hey! Whatever’s clever.
          I just can’t stop imagining the Amazing Bedbug-Man now :( ;)

          • OOooOOoooh! Radioactive bedbug!!!

            • The Amazing Tick! Oh, wait, that’s taken. :-P

      • haha well im sure he was, but maybe none of them were used in genetic altering experiments in a high tech lab, guess i should have been more specific :\

    • there was a guy called Ezekiel that said something along the lines that his powers came from some spider God and that the spider that bit Peter was just his vessel or something like that. This was right before his web shooters went organic in the comics, while he was being chased ht some immortal guy that fed on ‘ totemic’ energy, so scientist father is not even the weirdest variation that’s been used to explain his powers.

      • Yea ezekiel was someone who gained much weaker spider like powers due to sacrifices made to a totemic spider god. the question posed was along the lines of ‘what if the spider was trying to pass you the power before the radiation killed it?’ and that perhaps the doses of radiation unlocked the passing down of these spider like powers to peter who had supposedly been chosen due to his meek nature. they could use the character of ezekiel in the films possibly (maybe he is the white haired guy talking to conners in the dark room, but my guess is its morbius) but to me it seems they will explore the fact that many of spideys villains are animal based and use the genetic blending to explain them, i mean theres vulture, lizard, rhino, doc ock, chameleon, scorpion, kraven (lion themed), morbuis (vampire bat dna), so they could really do a lot with animal blending before they get to electro of shocker or mysterio or sandman again. not that they should go in that order or anything.

      • Is that the same guy who saw the wheel? :-D

  10. For Super man, thank god there changing it. Hated the original movies and the comics anyway. Also the spider-man film is MUCH closer to the comics than the last movies. So stop your ranting about how bad its gonna be cause its so far from story. Its a s*** load closer!

    • Yeah they kept true to the comics in everything except that which makes the character who he is…

      Now he’s Spider-Man because Daddy made him Spider-Man.

      • Hey remember that post a few up from yours? About comics and how this is actually in them? Try reading it…

        • Hey remember how I could care less about some alternate reality retelling of Spidey’s origin and calling it canon?

    • People are bull-headed and don’t like listening to smart people…I tried on the 15 Avengers We Want to See page….it don’t work no good……

      • I find that people that refer to themselves as “smart people” are usually about as dumb as bricks…

        Just saying there Zack.

        • +1 for Dante.

  11. Doesn’t the spider-man thing sound similar to Ang Lee’s Hulk.

    • Exactly the thought I had

    • A little bit, but in all fairness I think they did this storyline back when they revealed Peter Parker was a clone and some other guys showed up. I could be wrong because that was around the time I gave up on comics.

      • Shortly after you gave up on comics, the story progressed to show that the new guy was the clone.

        • Yeah, it was going to go that way obviously, the letters sections in the Spider-Man books were “lively” during that time period. You would think they would learn from when they tried to replace Steve Rogers as Captain America, or the whole multiple Super-Man characters and Bat-Man’s short-lived replacement…..

          • from what ive heard, people were generally really receptive of bucky being captain america and dick grayson being batman, the only reason i feel those worked however was that the people taking over the roles were proteges of the original hero and it was like a passing of the mantle type situation, outside of cap or batman (less than cap) i dont think any other heroes could be replaced without generating backlash since certain heroes like clark/superman and peter/spiderman dont have sidekicks they could pass the title too and arent mantles that can be passed but alter egos of that specific hero.

            • I was talking about when Azrael took over for Batman and some other guy took over for Rogers back in the 90′s.

            • there’s the superman dynasty.

              • yea but thats lineage,a ‘family tradition’ so to speak, like spider-girl in MC2. their child taking up the persona is similar to a bucky or dick grayson protege taking over for cap or bats.

            • John Paul Valley took up the mantle for a very short time, but he was never really Batman. The costume was different, and he couldn’t really pull off the persona. Became Azreal.
              Dick Grayson, IMO, was a fantastic Batman. He played the cape and the cowl with a bit more of a fast and loose attitude. He was naturally more acrobatic in his combat style, and continued his tradition of talking a lot of smack while fighting. As much as I love Bruce Wayne, it was a nice change of pace to have Dick be Batman for a while, especially with the unruley and often times snide and overley confident Damian as Robin. The two made an excellent dynamic duo.
              Nightwing is a fantastic character, but Batman fans can take solace in the fact that if DC ever decides to truely off Bruce Wayne for good(not bloody likely), the Cape and Cowl will certainly fall into the very capable hands of Dick Grayson.

              • Completely agree.

              • You know something, after Nolan’s films are done, WB should SERIOUSLY look into incorporating Robin in to the next film to eventually have a Nightwing spinoff. Do we REALLY need to have yet another Bats film with The Joker or Batman origin story?

                • Yes! A Nightwing movie would be awesome!

      • That was the reason I gave up on comics, that whole ‘ Clone Saga’ storyline sucked ass.

    • Similar…same exact, miserable re-imagining…whatever you want to call it. They give us Gwen Stacy, the Lizard and mechanical web-shooters and then spit in our face…

    • … yes, it does :(

  12. Spider-Man will be awesome. I’m still skeptical of the ‘Superman’ reboot.
    My hopes have been dashed once before ‘man of steel’ franchise.

    • TASM is going to be a disaster. I’d be willing to put forth that it will make Spider-Man 3 look like a fantastic movie. Hey WB, Spidey is NOT a dark and gritty character! You CAN’T turn Spidey into Batman no matter HOW MUCH you WANT to!!

      • your seriously, kidding right WB doesn’t own spiderman , marvels does. The Dc comic owns batman , which is owned by WB

        • You’re seriously out of touch. Warner Brothers owns the RIGHTS to Spider-Man and can have Spidey in a pink and black tutu with webs out his butt if they want to. Marvel selling the rights to Spidey to WB gives them NO say in how he is presented on the big screen. Why do you think nearly EVERYONE on this site is wishing that Disney/Marvel would get the rights back to Spider-Man?

          • Actually Sony owns the rights to Spider-man.

            • But other than that you are right

          • Like the prince, said, Sony owns the film rights, not WB.

            When you start a post with invectives like “you’re seriously out of touch…” it’s a good idea to double check that your viewpoint is accurate. There’s nothing worse than seeing someone say “No way man you’re wrong! My way is right!” and their way is totally off base.

        • WB doesn’t own Spider-man, but Sony owns the film rights to Spider-man. Marvel Studios currently does not.

          • How weird that we posted the same thing at the same time.

  13. Reinvigorate Batman? I think the whole series was ruined starting with Batman Begins. I think Christian Bale is a wonderful Bruce Wayne but as Batman he’s an amateur, and a sucky one at that. He attemps to sound dark and badass but ends up being annoying and hard to watch. The badassness was only present in Heath Ledger’s Joker in The Dark Knight, which was about the only good thing about the “reinvigorated” series.

    • I don’t dislike the films as much as you, but I find Nolan’s delusions of grandeur annoying. Apparently his Batman is too real to co-exist with other superheroes, despite having stuff in his films far less realistic than Iron Man ((A film which manages to effortlessly co-exist with films about magical inter dimensional vikings and Nazi’s with laser guns by the way).

      If Nolan wasn’t so pretentious. If Bryan Singer wasn’t stuck in the past (Again, I actually like Superman Returns on it’s own). And if Martin Campbell didn’t dive straight into the deep end. DC would’ve beaten Marvel to the punch and Justice League would be sitting on the comic book throne.

      • That seems a bit unfair. There’s nothing about Batman being the only superhero in his film adaptation that makes Nolan delusional in anyway. I think when they began working on Begins, no one was pressuring Nolan to make a crossover Bat film. Now that Marvel’s done that, everyone expected Nolan to shoehorn other heroes in his films. That wouldn’t have been right. If DC wants to copy Marvel they can, but using Nolan’s run would have been stupid. But Nolan’s finished now. So they can go right ahead with the Marvel formula.

        • Well said.

      • I am not a Nolan fanatic, bit he did his Batman movies before anyone had any inkling of trying this cross-over idea that has worked so well for the Avengers. The first Superman Singer did has already been jettisoned and Green Lantern did not workout, so Nolan has nothing to do with whatever Justice League idea Warner has in it’s head now.

      • And what exactly is so much “far less realistic” than Iron Man?? Seriously. The most high-tech thing Batman has is the electric current running through his cape. And that’s less unrealistic and more just future tech. So what exactly?

        And like others said, Nolan made this to be his own universe. Imagine if you made one thing that you put everything into, made it unique and truly yours, and then your studio wants to tie in everybody else’s campy and/or different ideas to capitalize on yours, just because some other studio did such-and-such? That’s not delusional of grandeur or pretentious, that’s the entitlement to your own creation in the way that you created.

        I would love for Nolan’s Batman to mesh with Snyder’s Superman because of how they’ve made him, but it’d start to get weird watching the bright glowing Green Lantern flying circles around them too, and then some lady in a red and white thong & star bra with a mythical origin comes running in, and then there’s a guy in a bright red super-speedo zip zipping all over the place…first of all those would look completely cartoony with Nolan’s Batman. Secondly, in the realistic world of Nolan’s Batman, Batman would be absolutely no match for those people. Batman needs a flying car whereas Superman just flies by? Batman would have no place! He’d have to ask Alfred & Lucius Fox to go to wherever and start looking up Kryptonite mines or whatever before he got close to relevancy. Flash & Wonder Woman? I just…smh. It’d be interesting if they really could pull it off, but they would have to recreate Batman’s world before they did that. Maybe they can re-use the suit though…

        And yeah again – what exactly is so unrealistic about Nolan’s Batman? I want to know this.

        • Well (as much as I love Nolan’s batman movies) I thought the whole thing where Bats jumps off a building, lands on a car and suffers no injuries was pretty unrealistic.
          Plus that scene where Dent shoots the driver and the car flips over – later that night Dent is completely fine… no injuries, no concussion.
          (There are a few more that I can mention, but it’s not worth noting for the purpose of my comment)

          Still, none of that really detracted from the experience IMO. As long as people realize you’re watching a MOVIE (a comic book movie at that – and realize it’s not real life) it should be easy enough to accept small inconsistencies or an unrealistic occurrence here and there.

          • LOL, I get you Avenger. I actually think it’s a bit nit-picky. They’re a more realistic comic book movie, but they were never meant as documentaries. And they’re not quiet as sci-fi or futuristic as Iron Man. But there’s nothing wrong with that.

            • I still don’t get the whole comparison thing anyway…

              You can’t compare the IM movies (or any of the Marvel movies) to Nolan’s Batman – complete different genres.

              • Exactly! Same with the never ending ‘THE AVENGERS VS THE DARK KNIGHT RISES’ comparisons. It’s exhausting.

          • The new Batman movies have that action movie level of suspended disbelief. While far fetched, with the gadgets, and armor Batman survived things that were no crazier looking the the new James Bond movies or Mission Impossible. They also made a point to show Bruce Wayne did get hurt, albeit not severely.

            The Two-Face thing always seemed odd, but at that point in the movie who was really paying attention to medical accuracy. He was also walking around with 50 degree burns, so that car crash was probably just like the Tea Cup ride at Disney. And he did fasten his seat-belt ;)

            • I agree. In begins, batmans first encounter with scarecrow left Jim absolutely trashed and having to call in Alfred to RESCUE him! Alfred HELP!!!!!!!!Which other superhero movie had that really?

            • I agree. In begins, batmans first encounter with scarecrow left Him absolutely trashed and having to call in Alfred to RESCUE him! Alfred HELP!!!!!!!!Which other superhero movie had that really?

            • I agree. In begins, batmans first encounter with scarecrow left Him absolutely trashed and having to call in Alfred to RESCUE him! Alfred HELP me !!!!!!!!
              To me that was a ridiculously good scene that I have pretty much never seen in recent comic book movies.

            • I agree. In begins, batmans first encounter with scarecrow left Him absolutely trashed and having to call in Alfred to RESCUE him! Alfred HELP me !!!!!!!! To me that was a ridiculously good scene that I have pretty much never seen in recent comic book movies.

            • @ Slayer

              I agree. In begins, batmans first encounter with scarecrow left Him absolutely trashed and having to call in Alfred to RESCUE him! Alfred HELP me !!!!!!!! To me that was a ridiculously good scene that I have pretty much never seen in recent comic book movies.

              • Yeah…I think he got it…

    • Couldn’t disagree with you more. To me, Christopher Nolan’s Batman films have been excellent so far.

  14. Neither of these are really big changes, the Superman one is basically using Smallville and bits from the old Flyby script, it is Smallville the movie from the sound of it.

    • @ Dr.SamBeckett

      If you watched Lois & Clark:TNAOS, Snyder’s film plot kinda seems like Season 4′s two-parter premier about Kyptonians invading Earth. Only the character was Lord Nor as they didn’t want to use Genreral Zod on the show, not to mention how the military gets involved to try wipe them out, even Superman in the process. Long story short, so far from what i read about Snyder’s film has been done already. Just differently.

      • Yes, I have seen that, and it was also on my mind, as you say, despite all the supposed changes on show here, it doesn’t seem to be bring ing anything new at all.

  15. Big spidey fan and….. That actually could work, mind you, it sounds similar to the origin of the new ultimate spider man, it sounds interesting………
    Prince Kal El tho?
    Not the biggest Supes fan but that…sounds…hmmmn. Superman’s themes are thrown off if he becomes a prince. Spidery as a mutant still needs power and responsibility.

  16. To say that Superman isn’t a complex character, in naive and incorrect, in many ways he’s a great deal more complicated than say, Batman, who is driven by revenge.
    Superman is a god who chooses to live among men, as one of them, saving those inferior to him and asking nothing whatsoever in return. He’s an orphan in every sense of the word, not only did he lose his parents, he lost his entire planet.

    • @ DrSamBeckett

      I agree. Superman isn’t like most heroes who became what they are. Whether it was by a freak accident or something tragic that happend in their life. Clark Kent made the decision to be one of the world’s heroes,Superman.

    • True, Superman has one of the most complicated histories, backstories and power sets of any super hero. But as a character, his responses to situations, his ideals, his reactions, are the most simple and uncomplicated in my opinion. In that way, I agree with the aritcle.

      • “is responses to situations, his ideals, his reactions”

        Those are the things that make Superman who he is, changing them would be wrong. He’s a symbol of all that can be good in the world.

    • Re: “Batman, who is driven by revenge.”

      That’s one of the things I think Nolan’s movie improved upon. In BB, Bruce is more driven to try and save Gotham like his parents had.

      • Agreed.

      • Great point.

  17. The MoS change doesn’t seem THAT significant. I think it could work very well though.
    As for the Spidey origin change: it’s a little worrying (a bit too reminiscent of Ang Lee’s Hulk) and it’s not really what I was expecting/hoping for, but again, I think it could work.

    I’m rooting for both movies though… I never liked Raimi’s Spider-Man films and lately I’ve grown a bit weary of Superman, so newer, fresher versions are really a nice change of pace IMO.
    Guess we’ll see soon.

    • If this is true that is ;)

      Then Im hoping they mix it with the old mythos in a way so it doesn’t seem to radical.

      • You make an excellent point: NONE of this is actually confirmed. It’s only a bunch of rumors as far as I know.

  18. Well I’m not really a fan of either alteration. Are they big changes? No, but changing the origin story just so you can add some sort of new twist is what I take issue with. It’s one more step closer to the “line” and I’m really not interested in getting any closer to it.

    Did they really HAVE to turn Parker into his father’s guinea pig? If the end result if he has the Spider-man powers then why was it even necessary?

    And a Kryptonian prince that is destined to save Earth? Geez, could we get more overly dramatic?

    • arg……If the end result IS…..

      ****** edit button pretty please ******

  19. I don’t think it’s that Superman isn’t complex or compelling, I think it’s that his power and abilities, and his villains, create a challenge for writers. I typically find Superman comics, of which I am a regular reader, to be less exciting than the average Batman, Green Lantern, or Spider-Man book.

    • That’s my main quip as well…
      When you have the strongest hero that ever lived (arguably, with the exception of the Hulk – but let’s not get into that ;)) how do you make things challenging for him?
      Supes’ only weakness is Kryptonite or no yellow-sun, but that’s been done before (many, many times). He really is the PERFECT superhero: Incorruptible & Unstoppable, and while that is something to admire, I just feel that there should a vulnerability… (with more human emotion, not unlike the character was portrayed in ‘Smallville’)

      With MoS it looks like they’ll (kinda) be doing that by following the story line where Supes has to develop his powers (i.e. he might not be at full-strength in the movie).

      Anyway, I’m REALLY starting to look forward to MoS now. :D

      • He is also vulnerable to magic and has been “controlled” multiple times. His “weakness” for the hu8man race in general can also be exploited.

        So there are ways around his invulnerability besides Kryptonite.

  20. Minor tweaks mean nothing to me if the end result is a good movie…as far as that goes it’s a “wait and see.”

  21. Think Mcfly usually gives us a set of BS rumors though.

  22. Not too concerned with the Superman alteration because I don’t think it’s too huge a stretch. (For the record, if you are a Superman fan, you’d know there are numerous storylines from that comic that are spectacular. I wish they’d do For the Man who has Everything, Whatever happened to the man of tomorrow? or Kingdom Come as a movie.) Spidey changes scare the hell out of me, the thing that makes Peter Parker so interesting is that there isn’t anything special about him and part of his appeal is watching him struggle and come to grips with the responsibility of having to be someone totally different when he dons the suit.

  23. I am not crazy about the Spiderman change. Its not necessary.

    The Superman prince thing doesnt bother me. As long as he grows up in Smallville with Ma and Pa Kent the prince thing wont be much of a factor except depth of story.

    • And in the comics, wasn’t Superman’s family part of the “high society” anyway?
      I mean, they’ve never been just plain ‘ol Kryptonians, they’ve always been “royal” in a sense: Jor’El had an important place there (as a leading scientist) and the family’s title was well known amongst the other Kryptonians, so if you think about it, this change isn’t really significant at all…

      • I agree whole-heartedly. The House of El is just short of royalty anyway, the idea of Superman as a Kryptonian prince is not that big a stretch.

  24. Spider-Man as a chosen one or guinea pig for his daddy is not an appealing story.

    Spidey is a regular guy, something completely random and extraordinary happens to this regular guy and he becomes extraordinary.

    This change to the Spidey origin, spits all over who Spider-Man is.

    (Oh and for those shouting “Only a rumor” have you seen the new trailer? They basically shout that this rumor is true)

    • “Spidey is a regular guy, something completely random and extraordinary happens to this regular guy and he becomes extraordinary.”

      I could not agree with you more, Dante. THAT is the biggest appeal of Spider-Man and why he is probably one of the top 3 loved superhero characters out there (Superman and Batman being the other 2). The fact that Peter IS just a regular guy who is has greatness thrust upon him is what makes the character so compelling and is what I thought Raimi portrayed quite well in the first 2 films. I see TASM as completely trashing the regular guy aspect of Peter and destroying the character I have loved since I was a kid.

  25. The Spider-Man origin ‘revamp’ is not as new as some of you seem to think. Grab the first couple of volumes of Ultimate Spider-Man and then come back to further discuss the course the movie is taking. As for Superman…okay what the hell, I got nothin’ as far as the origin thingy. But he really is a compelling character. See the award winning issue 34 of DC Comics’ “Hitman” (story titled “Of Thee I Sing”) or the brilliant “Final Crisis” by Grant Morrison to see what makes really makes Superman great.

    • If (PH)ony was going to use the Ultimates storyline as the basis for the new film, they should not have called it “THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN.” That name implies that it follows the original canon and justifies the grief that (PH)ony deserves. They should have called it “The Ultimate Spider-Man” and I bet there wouldn’t be as much of an outcry against these stupid changes.

  26. So, Spidey adopts the Ang Lee ‘Hulk’ backstory and Superman is saddled with the same “predestined” crap that was always the most frustrating part of 10 YEARS of ‘Smallville’.


    I’ll wait to see how both play out (and if these rumors are true) but that’s disconcerting on both parts.

  27. there have been more drastic incarnations of superman….”Superman: Red Son” comes to mind. Lets remain open-minded.

  28. I really don’t mind little changes to story lines if it REALLY helps, but sometimes it’s like these guys just do it to try and prove they can right a better story. Well, you’ve got 50 *#%@%@#$* years of source material to tap into!!! I don’t see the need to rewrite things when you’ve got that kind of history. It’s kind of an insult to Stan Lee and Steve Ditko. “Hey guys, I’m making a movie out of your stuff because it’s crazy popular…..but your stuff isn’t good enough.”

  29. Hmm