‘Amazing Spider-Man’: Lizard Costume & Action Figure Images

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While the full Amazing Spider-Man trailer offers a brief look at Dr. Curt Connors’ Lizard form (as brought to life by actor Rhys Ifans, via motion-capture performance), the most complete early peeks of the character revealed to date have been delivered courtesy of ASM tie-in merchandise – including, a Lizard Pez Dispenser and remote control – along with some early conceptual artwork for the villain’s design in the Spidey movie franchise reboot.

Today, we have a handful of pics revealing both the official Lizard Halloween costume and Hasbro action figure line for The Amazing Spider-Man, which truly offer the most comprehensive look at the character’s physical appearance (for better or for worse).

To refresh your memory: here is the official explanation for why Peter Parker (Andrew Garfield) ends up crossing paths with Dr. Connors – and, thereafter, inadvertently provides the scientist with vital information which leads to his doomed regeneration experiment:

As Peter (Garfield) discovers a mysterious briefcase that belonged to his father, he begins a quest to understand his parents’ disappearance – leading him directly to Oscorp and the lab of Dr Curt Connors (Ifans), his father’s former partner.

Check out the “results” of Connors’ research by perusing through the Lizard costume and toy images, below:

While some fans have expressed their support for this primary incarnation of Lizard (assuming the character doesn’t undergo too many additional mutations in the film), the majority of Spidey fans currently seem to be either unimpressed with the character’s design – or they find it outright laughable. That Connors’ reptilian form in ASM bears more than a passing resemblance to the look of the Goombas in the infamous live-action Super Mario Bros. movie hasn’t helped matters.

Even though Amazing Spider-Man (as a whole) is being heavily influenced by the “Ultimate Spider-Man” comic book series – rather than Stan Lee/Steve Ditko’s original 1960s run with the character, which largely served as the template for director Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man - the reboot’s iteration of The Lizard actually harkens back to the character’s original form, as presented in Issue #6 of Lee and Ditko’s “Amazing Spider-Man” comics. So, in that respect, we’ll actually be getting a pretty traditional rendition of the character (see below, for the proof):


lizard 280x400 Amazing Spider Man: Lizard Costume & Action Figure Images

Of course, no matter how goofy or unintentionally campy the costume and toy version of The Lizard may look (which, as mentioned before, is a matter of opinion), what’s most important is how well the actual CGI version of the character functions in The Amazing Spider-Man. The jury won’t be in on that matter until after the movie hits theaters – or, at least, not before more footage of the villain in motion is unveiled.

We shall see how it all turns out when The Amazing Spider-Man swings into theaters (2D, 3D, and IMAX 3D) around the U.S. on July 3rd, 2012.

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  1. The naked part doesn’t help either… Nothing traditional about THAT change. Ever time I have seen him, cartoon, comic, or action figure, he has had his lab coat on. I don’t know why hollywood insist on making these creative changes they make. Most of the time the TRUE fans never appreciate this. Ex: Cobra Commander.

    Sam Raimi did a fine job with all of his characters. Even Venom. The only problem with Venom was that he died. But in the cinema they clearly showed a skeleton of Eddie Brock. On the DVD that is nowhere to be seen.

    • Did you see Venom’s face? That was not correct AT ALL.

    • I actually don’t have an issue with the lack of clothing. I’m assuming that in his transformed state he’s more reptilian than man. His inhibitions are lowered and the journey is about freedom and being the Apex Predator. He’d probably rip them off. I’m just musing though.

      • I’m sure they’ll have a scene where he has his lab coat on… but will probably ditch them after he starts to fight or hits the sewers.

        • I agree with you. It’s not all the time he’s going to have a lab coat on when he turns into the lizard lol.

    • so, you were fine with the power ranger costume that willem dafoe wore in spider-man, but you can’t take a version of the lizard without a lab coat?!

      • Oh my goodness I hated that Rita Repulso costume and what made me hate it even more was when they recently released the test footage of the original idea that had for Green Goblin which looked spot on compared to the comics. Why they dropped that reiteration for the mask rider is a huge puzzle to me.

        As for Venom, I hated him everything about him. From Eddie Brock to the end result of Venom. I had high hopes for Venom and the ball was dropped again, the only villian that Raimi pulled of excellent to me was Doc Ock and the Sandman(who was the best thing about Spidey 3 and nothing else. Spider-Man 2 was the best out of the Raimi trilogies.

        As for The Lizard not wearing a lab coat I’m fine w/ it, Like how many Lizards have you seen running aroung sporting the latest in lab coat wear. I’m pretty sure he’ll have it on at first but will probably lose it during his transformation and I rather him look this way closer to Steve Ditko’s rendition as opposed to looking like a huge gator bcuz I think that would’ve came off as a bit silly…

        • BVM,

          What goblin test footage? Would you please tell me where I can find it or what it’s called? Thanks.

    • Can I you slap yourself for me please? That Venom was so horrible that it was painful to watch. The best thing about that Venom is that he died. Horrible choice for Eddie Brock and a horrible design of Venom.

    • Better example: Deadpool.
      I think it looks off without the labcoat too. Starting to worry that this movie has a little too much “creative change.”

    • Eddie, WHAT? I apologize but I have to disagree.

      “Ramimi did a fine job with venom”???? “Ramimi destroyed Venom (however he probably did the best he could which I’ll explain below) Reading that Venom was handled well in the same post with a complaint about a lack of a freaking lab coat is just ridiculous. Listen… Hollywood doesn’t give a crap about what the true “fan” appreciates. They are trying to appeal to the masses. The masses bring in the money… are the TRUE fans a part of them, sure… but TRUE fans are already going to see the movie regardless… thus no one needs to worry to much about attracting them.

      Furthermore it always humors me when so called “fans” think their love of a character makes them fit to make rational decisions to make a movie. As if it’s that easy to just follow every detail in the intricate transition from page to film. Every decision that is made by these producers has a reason behind it. They don’t simply say… “eh, let’s keep the coat cause fans would appreciate it”. It obviously was taken out for a reason. As for the movie, I can guarantee you that the lab coat will be on when he turns… it’ll simply be ripped off. Shooting the movie with coat (digitally creating the coat during fight scenes) would have been expensive… and difficult.

      A movie isn’t a comic book… that’s why it’s called an adaptation. Things aren’t as suitable for a movie as they are on a still frame on a page. This goes for adapting it to the toy figure as well… all these things are considered in every decision they make. Adding a coat would limit it’s “playability” as a toy. Sure it would make it cool as a collectable, but the kids playing with them don’t care about the coat. They just want a cool action figure that is useable, flexible, pose-able. It’s not about just making the fan happy… these people have to make everyone happy. It’s a difficult job and we as fans should shut up, let them do it, and be “happy” we have a movie at all.

  2. The figure reminds me of “The Creature from The Black Lagoon” lol

  3. Does his genitalia disappear when he becomes a lizard? No wonder he’s so irritated.

    • Have you ever seen a lizard with it´s wang hanging out? I don´t think so…

      • @Ricky, Scapegoat – Are we really debating this? lol You want him to walk around looking like Dr. Manhattan? hah!


        • What? No, I´m totally fine with the way he looks. The same with the guys who complain about him not having his lab coat on. I´ve never seen a lizard with a lab coat. And he´s much bigger than in human form, so his clothes rip…

          • Have you ever seen a half human half lizard walking around on two legs? I don’t think so…

            • Touché.

            • I have. Last week. It wasn’t wearing a lab coat.

            • Last time I played skyrim.

              Hey you never said in real life.

            • Yes my exwife.

          • @Scapegoat – Totally giving you a hard time bud :) Btw, I happen to agree with you.


    • HA! That’s actually funny!

  4. So far this movie looks cool. I have always liked the idea of the Lizard in film. It is a pity that he was not brought into the Raimi’s films. The development of his character would have been great in those films. Being he was there from the beginning.

    • I think they should still just go ahead and let Raimi make HIS Spiderman 4 and just put it out there anyway. Why can’t we have BOTH series? People aren’t STUPID, they’ll figure out the difference. We can have Spiderman with Tobey Maguire and AMAZING SPIDERMAN with whoever that other kid is. They can compete with eachother for box office dominance. Whoever gets more audience gets to keep having more sequels.

      • lol…that would be something. I know originally that Spiderman had mechanized web shooters but I liked the organic version. I don’t know, it kind of added to his mutation and his natural physical abilities. I know he very intelligent as well but I am just saying..

        • I loved the addition of the organic version because it makes senese. Why would that be the only ability of a spider that he wouldnt get. Im still mad Spiderman 4 isnt happening/that would be awesome if Sony made both films but thats not gonna happen. They would make a ton of money though and keep the rights for a long time. I hope someone from Sony is reading this.

          • Actually his web shooters did end up going organic in the comics as well

          • I mean come on when I think of a spider the next word to come the mind is web. It’s like an important ability of the spider. I does make sense. I do understand they want to show how brilliant Peter Parker is but there are other ways to show that.

            • I mean it does make sense…my bad

              • You ever read the comic where spidy get the organic webs, cuz it was messed up. He turns into a giant spider, dies, splits apart then BAM! web shooters right where the mechanical ones were.

                • Spider-Man only got organic webbing in the comics AFTER Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man came out in 2002.

                  • Spiderman 2099, which was released about 1992 I think, has organic web-shooters. So he was first.
                    He was a pretty cool Spider-man, and he has the coolest Spider-Man costume IMO.
                    I dream of a Spider-Man 2099 movie.

          • I don’t see what the big deal is, the Lizard doesn’t look that bad. I mean think about it, he would look cheezy wearing clothes. Just because it works in comics or in a cartoon doesn’t mean it will work in a realistic setting. Which do you think is more intimidating, a six foot guy with a really bad case of psoriasis wearing a lab coat, or a fifteen foot tall lizard monster. And everyone complains about spidey’s costume, dude spidey changed his look all the effin time. I can think of at least 8 different costumes in the regular comics and 4in the ultimate line. So quit whining already

          • hmm… then why he didn’t shoot web out of his ass? organic web shooters was bad, bad idea!

        • True, I agree bcuz if you gain the powers of a spider then why not his webbing as well, which is why I was one of the fans who didn’t mind that change but I did miss the web shooters, it adds more of a climax to spidey. Whether he’s in a chase, or on the run or in the middle of any situation high above new york when he runs out of fluid as a kid growing up had me on the edge of my seat sitting there worried like oh no what is spidey gonna do he plumiting to the streets below fast. How is he gona make it out of this, that’s why I prefer the webs shooters.

          And also I’m am sooooooo glad which Raimi missed and I’ll never ever will be able to let go is that this rendition spidey is the smart wise a$$ comic side of spidey, a side that I’ve grown to love is in the film…

      • They were gona make spiderman 4 & 5 but sony wanted rami to shoot it back to back and not give him enough to to make a decent film rami said, so he walked away, and then after so did toby and dunst

  5. awesome mask. gonna love this movie, hope doc ock makes the sequel.

    • Doc Ock is in the sequel but he has no clothes and his tentacles are going to be made of flesh so he’s more believably part human.

      • LOL using these guys logic that’s exactly what he should look like.

        Don’t defend this just because you want to defend that Spidey reboot – this is a sad excuse for a Lizard and you all know it.

      • Yes, and his eyes will have a diameter of about 10 inches and he vomits ink and he will have a parrot beak as a mouth and you can bread and fry him and he will taste delicious with a good white wine. ;)

  6. Some people complain because Spidey isnt wearing a traditional enough suit. Now that this movie is going with a traditional Lizard there are complaints. Not everyone is going to be pleased with every step taken on this movie. Will this movie be worse because Lizard doesnt have a snout? No.

    I am just glad this movie appears to be an actual Spiderman movie and not a love story between Peter Parker and Mary Jane (ie Sam Raimi’s version).

    • Thank You!

  7. LOL – it’s a Sleestak!

    • i was thinking the same thing, original, not recent movie (which btw sucked A$$)

  8. He looks similar to king koopa in the super mario bros movie. In his first transformation not the second one.

    • you are one millionth person to type that stupid comment, we get it if you don’t like the movie don’t see it.

  9. The lizard design looks ok. Wish he had a snout. Im cool with the no lab coat but not having a snout makes him look wierd

  10. It looks like they’re going for the “classic” look with the short face. I’m fine withthat, but I would have preferred they not give him a big goofy “smile.”

  11. It’s not bad, I kinda wish they would have just made his face more reptilian. If he can grow a tail why not?

  12. I think Lizard needs to look more like the newer one….it’s not as corny.

  13. I do not like :/

  14. I’m ok with it. I still think that the other way would have been more bad-ass (reptile look) but is ok. I’m not a big Lizard fan, I don’t like the story that much, but I can give it a shot.

    • imagine him talking that way, he would look like malbogia from spawn.

  15. I like it. Looks just like the 60′s lizard.

  16. So we get a Spiderman 2012 BUT a Lizard from the 1960′s? Makes no sense. Either go all in with an art direction, don’t split it down the middle.

  17. I’m pretty sure several mutations will happen, the first being a more humanoid version than rapidly progressing towards the more raptor croc look in the end. The final battle will be epic!

    • I think you’ll be disappointed, doubt they’d make action figures of his partially transformed not nearly as cool self.

  18. looks pretty kool

  19. Still looks like a goomba from Mario Bros movie

  20. Just give him a snout like in the comics and pants and I’ll be ok with it.

  21. i think he looks a lot like killer croc as he was portrayed in batman the animated series, but with a tail and green instead of grey.

  22. This is still the least excited I have ever been for a Marvel movie. I’m sad about that.

  23. Maybe if they put the Lab Coat OVER the head it would look better! Looks like a discarded idea from a Creature from the Black Lagoon remake. Man I’ve seen better on ‘Face Off’ on Syfi. ~ Stark

  24. He looks so cute, I think he is smiling, I wanna give him a hug and I keep him as a pet.

  25. Looks are important, and this looks bad. Remember Green Lantern.