‘Amazing Spider-Man’: Lizard Concept Art Revealed?

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The Amazing Spider Man Lizard Amazing Spider Man: Lizard Concept Art  Revealed?

Just about every Spidey fan out there now knows about the strange outfit Rhys Ifans wore on-set to portray The Lizard in The Amazing Spider-Man, along with the actor’s thoughts about the antagonistic character and even what Dr. Curt Connor’s monstrous form in the comic book movie franchise reboot looks like… in Pez dispenser form.

In other words: outside of those who managed to attend the film’s 2011 Comic-Con panel, Spidey fans know just about everything there is to know about Amazing Spider-Man‘s version of The Lizard – other than what he actually looks like.

Everyone will eventually get to see some finished footage of Ifans in his giant reptilian form, possibly even in the impending full-length Amazing Spider-Man trailer. However, in the meantime, you can check out (unconfirmed) conceptual artwork that depicts the character at some stage in his metamorphosis.

Have a look at that rumored Lizard artwork below:


lizard artwork 570x427 Amazing Spider Man: Lizard Concept Art  Revealed?

Lizard’s appearance here does gel with the aforementioned Pez product and is (reportedly) fairly similar to what was shown at Comic-Con – though, in the latter’s case, the villain was described as being more massive, which would mean this artwork offers even less of a truly accurate representation of the character’s appearance in Amazing Spider-Man. Either way, he so far very much looks like a true “lizard man,” similar to the reptile-like humanoid Silurians from Doctor Who (among other sci-fi creations).

However, as has been noted before, The Lizard may undergo multiple mutations throughout the course of The Amazing Spider-Man; so, it’s possible that a more crocodile or komodo dragon-like version of the character (re: one with both a pronounced snout and bulkier build) will appear in the film. We’ll just have to wait and see, basically.

amazing spider man andrew garfield Amazing Spider Man: Lizard Concept Art  Revealed?

Andrew Garfield as 'The Amazing Spider-Man'

The creative minds behind Amazing Spider-Man have long claimed they are attempting to offer a more grounded and contemporary portrayal of the eponymous superhero (and his universe) than that in director Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man trilogy.

Give the Amazing Spider-Man filmmakers credit: not only does their version of The Lizard so far seem much more “realistic” and less cartoony than villains like The Green Goblin or Sandman did in Raimi’s movies, characters such as Peter Parker (Andrew Garfield) and Gwen Stacy (Emma Stone) also look, dress, and appear to act more like modern-day teens (at least, in the preliminary Amazing Spider-Man footage and set photos).

That might not be a good thing in certain fans’ eyes, but as far as those who have been waiting to see an overall more serious Spider-Man movie are concerned, it’s actually an encouraging sign…


Look for The Amazing Spider-Man to hit 2D, 3D, and IMAX 3D theaters in the U.S. on July 3rd, 2012.

Source: SpiderMedia.ru

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  2. Ew! That will scare children.

    Also, good one greenknight333!

  3. Also, I just noticed he’s in almost the same pose as Henry Cavill in the first Superman image. Coincidence? I think NOT!

  4. Super Mario Bros Movie Goomba!

  5. Emma Stone looks way hot as Gwen.

  6. “Amazing Spider-Man: Revenge of the Sleestaks”


  7. i was hoping for a less human face…

  8. I actually like it, but I thought he was gonna be bigger. He looks more lean in this pic. I wonder how different this concept art looks compared to the actual finished version.

    I’m pretty much liking everything I’ve seen so far about this Spider-man movie.

    • It’s because Marvel is being cheap now. It’s clearly easier to put that face instead of a snout and bulkier.

      How exactly is there a way for a man to “realistically” change into a lizard?!

      Quit trying to be Batman, you are Spider-Man.

      • and thats because disney bought marvel……sadface.

      • I do not think you read the entire article.

      • Marvel has almost nothing to do with this. It´s Sony/Columbia.

  9. REALLY!! Columbia…REALLY! It’s bad enough you have Peter Parker looking like an effin Cullen, but you have one of Spider Man’s most ferocious looking enemies looking like a naked Killer Croc…Ditko has to be rolling over in his grave…Somebody Please tell me this is just an early draft…

    • It’s concept art.. try to read at least some of the article or perhaps the headline before you comment yeah? And in the comic con footage he did have a lizard snout or whatever.

    • Actually, I believe Ditko would approve.

    • This probably is an early draft OR on of the 1st transformations of the lizard. The very early versions of the lizard look A LOT like that concept art. Look at the early comics guys.

      • I agree. There was a low quality bootleg picture of him, taken from the side. And he had a face that looked very much like the Lizard we know from the comic books.

  10. Lamest looking Lizard ever.

    • i agree….i have zero interest in this movie , it should not have even been made.

      • yea sorry, but honestly in the timeline and big scheme of things sam raimis spiderman was the first and greatest reakthrough into a freindly superhero flick of all time, especially for breaking ground into the newest generation of superhero movies around the 2000′s. all this is, is just another attempt to 1. make another “dark and brooding(emo)” superhero that 2. people have come to know and love(hell my mom likes spider-man) and twist it into something else and 3. milk the heck out of it…..i mean come on i dont care if hes a fresh face or not, some people were born for the part and this “KID” is not, he looks NOTHING like peter, in fact, tobey magiure’s facial features are so spot on to look like that of peter parkers youd swear he was born for the part….AND NOW THIS? im highly dissapointed, AND WHERES MY VENOM MOVIE O.O!!!!DO IT NAO!!!

        • I thought the Raimi films sucked. ” was okay, mainly just for alfred Molina’s Doctor Octopus. The train scene was good too, but apaert from that they got everything wrong.

          • Sorry, I mweant “Spider-Man 2″

            • Sorry, I meant “meant”

              AAARRRGGGHH!!! Flipping not so amazing type-man skills!

  11. dont like at all… hope is just a fan based artwork… i feel the power rangers are gonna come out and kick that thing’s @ss

    • i like your style…

  12. wt the? everythin bout this movie stinks. If sony wanted to do a proper movie they should have waited some time instead of 3 years. andrew garfield looks crap as spiderman.

  13. It reminds me of the crappy aliens from “Signs.”

  14. Okay again saying Tobey and Kirsten didn’t dress like actual teens. They were teens in the first film and even at that their movie ages may have been like 17 or 18. Hope this pic is fake because that is one of the most unfaithful portayals of a comic book character I can remember. I have nothing against Andrew Garfield or Emma Stone both are incredibly good actors and I enjoy watching them perform, but this film is sounding worse the more they discuss it for instance the friggin first person spidey stuff looks like mirror’s edge (vid game), the lizard from has been said is even going to be remotely similar to any comic version,and why the crap are they putting such an obscure character as van adder into this film? Also would people please stop saying the raimi films were cartoony or not grounded in reality, yeah okay they were not like nolan’s batman films not many films need to be that way. I will admit due to the mature nature of super hero films these days if spidey 4 happened they would have needed to break new ground, but people, journalists, and the like quit bashing raimi’s spidey because they were amazing films (yes I like 3 flaws and all) it is one of the few not as recent superhero franchises I can go back and enjoy.

    • the lizard has been said is not going to be remotely similar to any comic version*

    • Rami films were sad boring soap operas that tricked us with fancy cgi acrobatics. The constant crying peter was by far the worst thing, amongst others, it had going.

    • That isnt an unfaithful betrayal at all if you look at the early comics.

  15. Is that Jackie Earle Haley in green Freddy Kruger make up? Anyway, I’m excited for this new take on spidey, Im a big fan of the character but not of the last 3 films.. But if they want to keep making them to they get it right thats fine by me.. Just a movie not a big deal

  16. I have the Spider-Man Movie Book…full of concept art ideas for The Green Goblin….some looked amazing and creepy…but remember what we got !? Yeah…a really rotten Goblin ! I wouldn’t trust this as what the Lizard will look like., Just hope we start getting full trailers for both Spider-Man & The Avengers soon – instead of all this time wasting.

    • Uh… There already IS a full trailer for The Avengers.

  17. If he is not going to look like the version in the comicbooks then….L A M E

  18. Um he looks like a Lizard man whay are people pissed?

    • Well said.

    • Because he looks like a Man Lizard, not a Lizard Man. There is a world of difference between the two.

  19. To be honest, it looks a lot like the very first version of the lizard in “The Amazing Spider-Man” #6 (1963). Originally, he DID look really humanoid,and had a very human face. I’m not saying I particularly like the look, but this does resemble Ditko’s iconic version of the Lizard from the original comics (minus lab coat and purple shorts of course).

  20. I love to read the “Blobs on any upcoming project..but when somebody or bodies makes the same comment over and over…I wonder about the state of the World today…

    MARVEL “FREAKIN STUDIOS is NOT making any nor have made any of the following Titles…
    X-Men, DareDevil, Fantastic Four, SPIDERMAN or Ghost Rider! There comes a point where after years of educating the General Public ..and somebody makes a broad comment that *everyone else ,( who don’t have their head up their A***!! ) knows is wrong…

    Enough! Already…please, please…Marvel dosnt produce those Titles..so don’t say their being cheap..say “Fox, Sony-Columbia are being cheap…

    • So I’m not the only person who gets tired of uninformed ones thinking Marvel is solely behind this Manglord looking lame arse so-called lizard.

      • ummm…disney bought marvel noobs…thats why it sucks balls…forever.

        • Did Disney make this movie, or was it another studio that has nothing to do with Disney or Marvel?

          • Sony has the film rights to Spider-man. This isn’t a Marvel Studios production.

            • And that was my point with the questions. I read twice that Disney bought Marvel but neither studio had anything to do with this movie, so why even make the comment.

              • Disney bought the merchandise rights for this movie.

        • Marvel doesn’t have the rights to Spiderman, sony still does seat sniffer. If Marvel did, we would have a better product.

        • Marvel doesn’t have the rights to Spiderman, sony still doe. If Marvel did, we would have a better product. Get it right, keep it tight.

  21. this looks very awesome!

  22. I didnt want the Steve Ditko version to be the final Lizard for the film but to be honest, i admire them for at least sticking true to the source material in his design. And besides, this looks like it will be one of his earlier transformations or could honestly be one of his Lizard men and not the actual Lizard!.
    We must wait and see. According to the fuzzy screen caps from the never seen footage from comic con, this concept art looks a lot different.

    • Not related to the article at all but just cuz disney bought marvel doesn’t mean s***. Disney also owns ESPN. Just so you know.

  23. Ditko inspired or not This isn’t the Lizard I’m familiar with, Why not just go with the better known design? (Always unnecessary little tweeks) Have to see it in motion before I knock it too much. I imagine the Lizard will go through a series of changes throughout the film.
    -I’m gonna wait until this hits the $2 theater either way.

  24. I was concerned about this movie when i got my first look at spideys costume but since then it doesnt bother me anymore and ive actually come to really think this movie will be great and have good expectations. from stills of the lizard in the comic con trailer (which i havent seen) he appears to have somewhat of a snout and could transform more as the film progresses. so im ok with how he looks except for one small nerdy detail…what? no tattered lab coat?

  25. I dont really agree with it but it made me laugh.

    “reminds me of how stupid and impractical sandman was and useless he was to the story and how they tried REALLLLy hard to make that character important to peter which just felt forced! same vibe here. make a crappy character story try to bring some sort of importance to peter and his story. I bet they make peter work for with him to make a connection so in the final battle between the two peter says something stupid like remember when you told me that my gifts should be for the good of the people?!? why are you running around eating people’s faces then Dr. Connor’s you should be using your gifts at the circus making little kids happy! or something stupid like that”


  26. WAY too human looking I hope he looks more reptilian. Looks more like a skinnier Killer Croc.

  27. I actually like this a lot. Assuming this were the finished product (and this is a HUGE assumption), then it definitely strikes a more realistic compromise. And most importantly, it would allow Rhys Ivans to show some emotion and range through the makeup/prosthetic, which is something every actor and director wants from their performances. Hiding his face behind an awful mask is something that Willem Dafoe complained about in the first Spider-Man film.

  28. It doesn’t look anything like the Pez dispenser. Does he at least vomit candy?

  29. It’s dreadful. The head is so wrong for so many reasons. This maybe dates back to the 1963 Ditko version – but it looks like he comes right from the “V” TV series. If THE LIZARD can grow a tail, arm, talons then where the heck is the snout and huge fangs that has been in almost every version since the 80′s? He was way more bad ass than this sad looking thing. The LIZARD should not have a human head.