‘Amazing Spider-Man’ Images & Wallpaper Tease a Darker Origin Story

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Sony’s The Amazing Spider-Man is struggling to keep its head above the water right now, what with all the ruckus about Avengers breaking overseas box office records (just ahead of its U.S. debut this week) and the recent premiere of the third Dark Knight Rises trailer.

The Spidey franchise reboot will get an extra push in a few days’ time, when its trailer is released online (and attached to Avengers prints). Meanwhile, a couple of new ASM photos and wallpaper have been released – and yes, they firmly embrace the “darker, grittier” philosophy of the film’s marketing to date.

For those just tuning in: Amazing Spider-Man is a retelling of the webslinger’s origin story that features a new Peter Parker (Social Network‘s Andrew Garfield) and incorporates several elements found in Stan Lee’s classic Spider-Man comics, but not present in Sam Raimi’s 2002 Spider-Man flick – such as, artificial web-shooters, Gwen Stacy (Emma Stone) as Pete’s first love and a greater emphasis on the superhero’s high school experience.

However, ASM also borrows from the more recent “Ultimate Spider-Man” comic universe, launched in 2000 – which features a modernized representation of Peter Parker and more backstory on what happened to Pete’s biological parents. As evidenced by the film’s marketing (see below), the final result looks to be a Spidey film that’s (dare it be said) “edgier” than any of Raimi’s Spider-Man movies, both stylistically and thematically.


amazing spider man peter lizard laboratory 280x170 Amazing Spider Man Images & Wallpaper Tease a Darker Origin Story

amazing spider man peter arrested 280x170 Amazing Spider Man Images & Wallpaper Tease a Darker Origin Story

amazing spider man peter parker wallpaper 280x170 Amazing Spider Man Images & Wallpaper Tease a Darker Origin Story
As has been mentioned on Screen Rant before, Amazing Spider-Man has somewhat of an easier task ahead than its fellow Summer 2012 comic book flicks, since it isn’t saddled with sky-high expectations. Thus, so long as director Marc Webb manages to deliver enough in the way of a refreshing take on Spidey’s origins (including, some fantastic 3D set pieces), fans should walk away satisfied.

Of course, those lower expectations are a double-edged sword, as it also means that Amazing Spider-Man has to deal with a lot more skepticism (and less interest among moviegoers in general) than either Avengers or Dark Knight Rises. So, really, ASM is (relatively speaking) the wild card of those three superhero titles.

The Amazing Spider-Man swings into theaters around the U.S. on July 3rd, 2012. Be sure to check back in to Screen Rant later this week, for the final trailer premiere.


Source: iTunes, Stark Industries

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  2. The wallpaper is awesome but still Amazing Spiderman better be a darker origin story because Sony reboot the Sam Ramimi series for that kind of movie tone.

  3. You’re right in that it has an easier time than both TDKR and Avengers, but that’s in terms of critical reviews. In terms of making cash, it’ll have a much harder time than the other two, which already have a huge inbuilt audience waiting to see it.

    To be honest, while I don’t think this will be a bad movie at all (I like the talent they got for this film) the dark gritty direction just doesn’t appeal to me (and this coming from a TDK fan). I just never saw Spiderman that way – he had plenty of serious moments, yes, but it was never everything about him. Raimi’s films had that balance of Spidey’s trademark wit and the big emotions driving the character. Was not a huge fan of those films but I think they at least got that right.

    • Well said; I’m not feeling this ‘darker, grittier’ Spider-Man at all. Batman is far better suited to those characteristics than a teenager with spider powers.

      • Batman AND Dare Devil

        Both should both be dark. Spiderman should be more colorful (like Rammi’s films). Spiderman should have SOME things that are dark, like the part where Doc Oc takes out the doctors… Some parts, should be dark.

        Dare Devil and Batman should be dark the whole time.

        • The thing is when you look at Spider-Man’s bipolar persona. Peter Parker is a quiet and cautious like a nerd is. And then he’s expressive when it comes to Spider-Man. When you think about it, a Spider-Man is preferred at a teenage aspect because a lot of people can relate to him that way because in those years, we face tough times. Raimi’s Spider-Man was more awkward and barely had enough emotion to the character.

    • The previous films had a bad way of explaining characters. Peter parker is supposed to be somewhat emotional. But he’s not emo. Raimi’s Spider-Man was rushed in the first film. He didn’t really give that origin story of who Spider-Man and peter parker are at the same time. I think the reboot will be great based on the equality of the original comics and film.

      • Actually the newer versions of the character look very “emo”. I am going to use that term loosly because he doesnt look that way to me at all. He is a modern day spidey and he looks ALOT like the newer versions of Peter Parker.

    • Spider-man’s wit was nonexistant in Raimi’s films. The closest we got was Spidey calling GG Hobby and telling JJJ to sit down while mom and dad talk.

      • *Gobby

  4. I had already seen these photos yesterday

  5. Why are they in Gotham City? lol

    Dark and gritty… Spider-Man? BLAH

  6. Spider-Man 2 was by far the best of the series. SM3 seemed a little burned out. Not sure what to think about this new movie. I’m not thrilled with the designs for Spidey’s new costume or the Lizard, but casting and story look pretty good. As a hardcore comic geek I’ll probably see it, but I can’t say it’s on the top of my watch list.

    • Dare I ask. What is wrong with the costume? Sigh….

      • I don’t see what the big deal is about his costume, I know of at least 8 different costumes he wore in the books. That’s not counting minor variations or functional use costumes he only wore for one issue. Several of which were not even red and blue. This one looks similar to the Ben Reilly costume, while he was presumed to be the actual Spider-man after the whole clone thing.
        Also in the ultimate universe he has at least 4 different looks, hell he’s not even Peter Parker any more.
        My point is, it’s not like he never changes his look and this variation isn’t even the most drastic change I’ve seen.
        Personally, I think it looks cool.

  7. I am not overlooking this movie this summer. To me Raimi’s movies put too much emphasis on Mary Jane and the love story between her and Peter. I, for one, love the darker tone they are doing with this movie. Its still going to be fun and sarcastic but a little more serious. From the footage I have seen it will be a better portrayal of the character. I am always down for improvement.

  8. This movie has been stamped with the ‘dark and gritty’ mark from the get go by people who i feel really just dont want to give this movie a chance. ive seen a lot of footage for this movie (from the special preview trailer in NYC a few months ago) and i wouldnt put it in the dark and gritty catagory. from what ive seen it is more in the style of marvels other films like iron man where its more grounded in a real world setting with a little bit of humor injected in. the only comparison i would make to batman is you could say this reboot does for spiderman what batman begins did for batman, bringing it into a more realistic setting from the more fantastical worlds of raimi or tim burtons versions respectively. id would say give this movie a chance, they really seems to have hit the mark on spidey/peter from what ive seen.

  9. EMO Spidey ala Twilight. FAIL. No thanks, Sony. Send Spidey back to Marvel.

  10. Someone asked me the other day: “Why isn’t Spider-Man helping the Avengers? He’s in New York too right?”


  11. @Nick uhh, have you read the night gwen stacey died? That was a turning point for super hero comics into a more darker and grittier way, showing the hero fail in saving his love, and also basically killing gobby ;)

  12. for what reason did they make another version,,darn and we(fans) will start all over again. They should have continue the series and if this new version has some kind of darker story, they could have put it in on the next part of the movie like flashback on how things happen, geez i totally hate superhero movies coming up w/ a new version,,,hope avengers will continue the movie series on the next release not ending up making new version on it, thats what happen to the X-Men series, it was movie hit, only on the market,, but on the heart of the fans, darn they were just a mere scrambled story.

  13. They’re just making money on this, as i can see it,, its all about market