‘Amazing Spider-Man’: New Character Pics, Wallpapers, & Marc Webb Interview

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Special advanced screenings of footage from The Amazing Spider-Man will be held in select big cities around the globe tomorrow (from writing this), as Sony initiates the second wind of marketing for its 3D rebooting of the iconic arachnid-powered superhero movie series. A full-length trailer for the film is expected to make its way online shortly thereafter, possibly even that same day.

Today (via the official Amazing Spider-Man website) we have a pair of new character profiles and two wallpaper versions of previous-unveiled images featuring a partially-costumed Peter Parker (Andrew Garfield) and Gwen Stacy (Emma Stone) in high-school mode – along with excerpts from an interview with director Marc Webb, talking about the film’s darker plot elements, humor, and Garfield’s interpretation of the eponymous character.

Seeing how there will be several plot elements shared between The Amazing Spider-Man and director Sam Raimi’s first Spider-Man flick, Sony’s promotional campaign angle for the former has been to emphasize (ad nauseum) that this new flick also tells “the untold story” of Peter Parker. Webb emphasized as much in an interview published in this year’s Comic-Con annual magazine, saying that “there’s a new territory, there’s a new villain, it’s a different Peter Parker” in his movie.

For another look at Amazing Spider-Man‘s Peter and Gwen – along with short descriptions and images for both the new screen incarnations of Aunt May (Sally Field) and Uncle Ben (Martin Sheen), along with Peter’s biological parents, Richard (Campbell Scott) and Mary (Embeth Davidtz) – scroll on down through the gallery below:


In that Comic-Con mag article, Webb also discusses the balancing act of creating a darker and more grounded representation of the Spider-Man universe, while also retaining enough in the way of light-hearted and comedic elements, so that Amazing Spider-Man avoids becoming an ill-fittingly gritty and dour comic book movie:

“There’s this trickster quality we were very keen on exploring, with that humor and that fun and that wisecracking stuff. We wanted to keep that alive, but we wanted it to be realistic. We wanted that humor to come from a real place. My aim was to create a world where you could feel all those emotions. There are certainly darker, more intense feelings in ['Amazing Spider-Man']. There is betrayal, there is tragedy, but there’s also humor and romance. So it’s a very complex bouquet of emotions, but what you have to tread on is what feels authentic and what feels real, and you have to earn those different emotions.”

“There are moments of furiousness and gravity, absolutely. But are there moments of humor and levity and whimsy? Absolutely.”

Similarly, Webb also talks briefly about Garfield’s approach to playing the webslinger:

“Andrew was really great. He used this term to describe Peter Parker in Spider-Man and Spider-Man in particular: he’s a trickster. He was like “How would Spider-Man web this guy? He’d give him a wedgy or he’d do some awful graffiti.” There’s a punk rock quality to Peter Parker that’s really irreverent and fun and that’s something that Andrew embodies in a way that we haven’t seen before. Certainly the materials that have come out have a darker sentiment or there’s a darker projection, but we’re very keen on staying loyal to the humor of Spider-Man.”

amazing spider man andrew garfield Amazing Spider Man: New Character Pics, Wallpapers, & Marc Webb Interview

Andrew Garfield as Peter Parker/Spider-Man

Tobey Maguire brought a mix of boyish innocence and aw-shucks charm while portraying Peter in Raimi’s films, but his take was definitely lacking when it came to capturing the character’s “punk rock” quality – like, his tendency to throw verbal zingers at his enemies, while giving them the physical beatdown.

Hence, it’s good to hear that Garfield is striving to better distinguish his take on P. Parker by embracing those qualities. That’s despite how the plethora of Amazing Spider-Man imagery released to date – with Peter looking emotionally-tormented and distraught – might lead fans to believe we’ll be getting a different version of “emo Peter.” In the aftermath of Spider-Man 3, that idea sounds all the worse, right? Moving on…

Between the reworked live-action iteration of Peter Parker and Amazing Spider-Man‘s different thematic narrative, that’s reason enough for fans to not lose hope in this franchise reboot already. Whether the final film result will soar or splatter, of course, is another matter.

The Amazing Spider-Man swings into 2D, 3D, and IMAX 3D theaters in the U.S. on July 3rd, 2012.

Source: Sony, Comic-Con Magazine (via Latino Review)

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  1. The wise cracking Spider-Man was something I definitely missed from the Raimi movies, especially when I remember watching the first one. It will be nice to have that aspect of the character return for the reboot. I wonder how fans who have only seen the Raimi movies, and who are unaware of the smart ass character from the comics will respond to the new movie? It gives my expectations a nice boost going into to see the reboot.

    • I agree. Peter P. is quiet and reserved while Spider-Man is downright obnoxious! As much as I love the Raimi versions, I was surprised to see them not have more fun with that contrast. (especially coming from the guy who gave us ASHE!). Everything I’ve seen says this movie’s on the right track!

  2. This movie is going to have to win me over. I’ll “WATCH” it, but I am a die hard of the original trilogy and have no respect for this reboot AT ALL. I would even say I hate it. I was REALLY looking forward to Spider Man 4 with John Malkovich as The vulture and seeing Dylan Baker get his turn to shine as the Lizard… Screw this reboot!

    • IMO, the vulture is a terrible villian, an old guy who is granted an extra long life via the wings on his back.

      I was looking forward to if they had scorpion carnage lizard electro and kraven in the fourth fifth sixth movie with raimi at the directors chair…

      Hopefully they get one of these guys for the sequal… I hope its electro/scorpion :)

  3. When I think about it this is the film I’m the most concerned about among the Big 4 this year (the other 3 are obviously The Avengers, The Dark Knight Rises, The Hobbit). I’m going to wait until we see more via trailers and word of mouth from screenings but I hope this is more in line with Captain America and Thor rather than Green Lantern or Iron Man 2.

  4. He looks like a hipster with Twilight hair! This is gonna suck. The Raimi movies were the best films eeeever! The Raimi suit was better that this awful suit. Why’s a British guy playing Spider-man?! Why are they rebooting this? I hope this fails. Marvel should be making it. He’s too skinny. His neck is too long. His gloves look like ass. Why is he wearing running shoes? Peter Parker doesn’t skateboard. Where is Mary jane? The Lizard isn’t wearing his lab coat. He looks like a Goomba. Tobey Maguire was the perfect Spider-man. It shouldn’t be called “The Amazing Spider-man”. Garfield is too old. Why’s he in high school again? Blah, Blah, Blah.

    All the above was typed with a huge amount of sarcasm and plenty of spelling mistakes.

    I looking forward to this movie most of all (apart from Dredd). Thank god they aren’t continuing with the sucky Raimi films. At last we have a spindly Spider-man, web shooters, comic based sticking powers and a Peter Parker that actually looks like a Peter Parker.

    • Ha that was awesome ,I agree with you totally dude

    • They are rebooting it cause the third Spiderman movie did bad

      • The movie had some bad reviews…..it made lots of money, it just had bad reviews. So technically it did very well with it’s 890 million something it made.

        • Your all wrong. At the time, no one really hated the movie, it was only until later. they were pushing to make SM4 & 5 for awhile, and I was a huge supporter of the project. Then Raimi got into an arguement with the Columbia execs and they fired everyone and rebooted it to keep the franchise going. I happened to enjoy the 3rd movie and everything motoko said in sarcasm is what I’m really saying. I will see this movie, and it probably won’t be completely awfyul, but in the end I’m still going to be forever mad about this whole franchise and I’ll for sure walk out of that theater with a frown on my face. SM2 might be one of the best movies ever made, its true. It among the small list that I have of what I call; perfect movies. As a small-time critic I am going to deeply miss Raimi’s touch and I think they should just let spider-man die if they’re not going to go along with a 4th film, because this is just crap. Except for the british statement that doesn’t bother me. Jason Isaacs is british and he can play great american roles. And btw, BLAZE. “The 3rd spider-man movie did bad”. learn how to type please, because I just lost 10 points of my IQ by even glancing at what you wrote.

    • And he is in high school cause this is following the new Spiderman cartoon

      • I don’t think you read all my post. Or just missed the irony implied.

    • comic based sticking powers? You mean like the impossible and completely silly shoes on his feet that ruins the concept of sticking to things? /rolls eyes

      Whether or not you intended it, many of those sarcastic remarks are correct and valid concerns. You are also right about one thing however…..this movie is gonna suck.

      • Pffft!

        “Comic based sticking powers” as in not having tiny hairs sticking out of his fingers and feet. But having a mild control of his own gravity just as in the comics. Hence Peter was always able to stick his feet to walls and ceilings despite wearing shoes.

        Maybe, just maybe this film won’t suck. Imagine that! How silly are all the people who slated it before even watching it gonna feel!? Then again if it turns out to be really good they wouldn’t admit it. If it turned out to be bad they’d be gloating on every message board…”I was the first to say it was gonna suck, I called it first!”

        • No offense but do you even KNOW what you are talking about? lol, he has never had mind control.

          Here’s an excerpt of his known powers:

          The ability works through thin layers of cloth, such as the fabric of his costume, but not through materials such as the soles of shoes. When Peter Parker needs to crawl without changing into the costume, he removes his shoes first.

          That’s how it has ALWAYS been. Mind control…./facepalm

          Here, this is the logic behind this ability: http://www.mapoflife.org/topics/topic_275_Adhesive-pads-from-geckos-to-spiders/

          So Raimi got it right. ;)

          • He didn’t say mind control, retard. He said MILD. /FACEPALM.

            • haha you’re correct, I misread that. No need for blatant insults. The wording is a bit on the strange side so my mind jumped to a well known superpower, namely mind control.

              Unfortunately for him though is still doesn’t change a thing. He doesn’t even have “mild” control over his own gravity. That sounds just as silly and outlandish as having mind control. It has NEVER been about gravity control but the ability to cling to surfaces which has always been grounded in basic spider anatomy facts (please refer to the link I provided)

              • Actually I think Stan Lee went on record that Spider-man’s clinging ability was similar to a magnet! And he always sticks to walls whilst wearing shoes (EVEN IN THE RAIMI FILMS) ;)

                Oh yeah, …..and Facepalm!

                • Oh yeah and leave my grammar out of this. It’s your own fault for not reading it properly and then jumping to the wrong “Facepalm”ing conclusion.

                  • Did I not say I made a mistake? At least I can admit when I have made a mistake ;)

                • What you are incorrectly referring to is Stan’s original thinking that it was similar to static cling, NOT control over gravity OR magnetism (which are btw two completely separate forces). Elementary science ftw.

                  One of the other pseudo explanations (I had to look this up just for you so I could get the wording correct) is “Spider-Man is able to enhance the flux of inter-atomic attractive forces on surfaces he touches, increasing the coefficient of friction between that surface and himself.”

                  This is a pseudo science way of describing electromagnetism to an extent (with some other more fantastical elements thrown in)

                  I also never said that Raimi’s version was perfect (even though I don’t recall Toby climbing walls with shoes on) If he did so it’s equally stupid and wrong.

                  • I distinctly remember in raimis movies that peter wore shoes/sneakers when he first discovered his powers, when he clung to the ring against bonesaw and chased the burgler, and any other time i can think of that he wasnt in the spidey suit. so if you are REALLY going to hate on this reboot mongoose, then you should hate raimis films as well by that logic. dont hate on something just because you loved the older version better without even seeing more than a minutes worth of the reboot.

                    • Well I never said I was in love with Raimi’s version. I thought that the trilogy overall had it’s moments (even #3….they just tried to do too much and it bogged down the movie) and the story was good but I by no means thought it was great….I’m an equal opportunity hater after all. ;)

                      The outfit was just ok. The raised webbing was a bit of a stretch but It was pretty neutral for me, didn’t love it, didn’t hate it. It was less designer looking than this version. I did however never really buy Toby in the roll, just a bit too much of a “nice guy” (I will always see him as the kid from Pleasantville). I absolutely hated Dunst as MJ, thought the kid from “That 70′s show” made no sense for Venom, thought the bio wrist webbing was clever (and entertaining in the beginning) but was just not the comicbook Spiderman we all know.

                      This new version, while getting 1-2 things right (like mechanical web shooters) is doing much more wrong imho and is exploring the other side of the field instead of once more, the Spiderman center field we know from the comics.

                    • @ Mongoose

                      Actually I don’t hate the Raimi movies. They were okay and did a lot very well. They were just too campy for me and I really never bought Tobey as Parker or Spider-man. He seemed to be playing the same guy he played in “The Cider House Rules”. #2 was very good but #3 really sucked royally.

                      As for Spidey’s powers, Raimi pretty much introduced the idea of realistic spider abilities. When I was talking about gravity and magnetism I didn’t mean that too literally. It was more that the original old skool Spider-man had “Powers” and not “physical Spider mutations”. I mean his Spider sense for example: A real spider’s “spider-sense is actually the hairs on it’s legs that pick up moving air currents and vibrations from their webs being disturbed.

                      Spider-man’s “Spidey-sense” is more of a super-power, y’know an ability that does not need to be explained in a realistic way. ( Just look at how George Lucas fudged the “Force” by explaining it all away as microscopic blood fungus! -awful lol.).

                      Anyway professor Facepalm, let’s be pals! ^-^

    • Im going to assume the sarcasm actually starts when you mention sarcasm. Because the original Raimi trilogy was awesome.

    • how is Garfield too old, but Tobey wasn’t? This movie is looking WAY better than the originals. They’ll actually give Gwen Stacey, George Stacey, and Dr. Connors important roles, unlike the original trilogy.

  5. forget the, Raimi’s v. Webb’s crap, ok? Just for a minute let’s forget all that. Spiderman debuted in…i believe 1963, and has had how many different versions? Spiderman and his amazing friends, spiderman the animated series, Ben Reilly Scarlet. Spiderman 2099. Symbiote Spiderman. Spectacular spiderman. Ultimate Spiderman the list goes on and on. And as a true Peter Parker fan, i’ve accepted all versions of this wonderful charecter. Raimi’s Spiderman, released in 2002. It was great but it was 10 years ago. I for one feel that Pete (Parker) is well deserving of having, shoot, 3 trilogies of big budget studio action films. I mean Peter Parker (UlT) died last year, in such an emotional, epic, gripping way…and now there’s an Ultimate Spiderman Cartoon being made! Plus did you know Ultimate Spiderman is now a black kid!? SO basically, if you’ve grown up with the many versions of the Wall-Crawler aka the Web Slinger, than you’d know that ol’ Web Head has many,many,many more stories to tell, so I say, Lets Keep ‘Em Comin!

  6. and Spiderman 3 was kinda crap, everyone mostly agrees, no offense to those involved, but Spidey needed some redemption. Personally i cant wait til, 15 years from now, when we get a whole new set of spidey movies. Raimi should make a futuristic or space spidey movie, or a crossover teamup film with Tobey Maguire as older Peter Parker, and then Webb can keep fleshin out the story of young pete. that would be dope.

  7. and honestly…where did Green Goblin (Willem Dafoe) get an Iron Man suit?

    • I actually thought Willem Dafoe was the perfect Goblin. And as for the suit – The helmet sucked, but the suit design was okay. If it had been painted in a varied palette of more suitable greens and had a ragged/ tattered hooded cloak that would add movement in flight it would have been cool. If he had a leather/rubber mask and some goggles instead of that helmet it would have been perfect. The glider was great.

      I mean if you look at the Goblin’s suit from the first film (the bodysuit only) and compare it to Batman’s suit in the Nolan films, they are actually not too far removed from each other. (Wait for the abuse!)

      • Actually, I agree with your assessment of the Raimi Goblin 100%. Dafoe was perfect for the part, the glider and suit looked great and the mask was not great.

  8. Looking forward to this film. I was concerned at first but I think it might come good. That poster of his mum and dad is very cheesy tho.

    • Yeah. It looks like one of those indents you get on American TV. You know, you’re enjoying watching a TV show and all of a sudden a picture of some couple from another show appear at the bottom of the screen followed by half a screen of animated type telling you when it is gonna be on.

      That drives me frickkin’ insane.

  9. Sandy,

    If you could elaborate on this statement “Seeing how there will be several plot elements shared between The Amazing Spider-Man and director Sam Raimi’s first Spider-Man flick,” It would be appreciated.

    Are you just referring to Spiderman lore or is there something else connecting the two?

    It sounds (or the way Im reading it) like you are saying the two are connecting not just by Spiderman lore but say something like organic web shooters that was created by Raimi.


    • Sorry for the confusion, I just meant Amazing Spider-Man will likely cover much of the same traditional Spider-Man lore (Peter being bitten/developing superpowers, Uncle Ben dying, etc.) that was also covered in Raimi’s first movie.

      • Thanks!

        • I think they will use the same lore in a sense, however, they will give things a different twist and explain his transformation from Peter Parker to Spider-Man differently. In Amazing Fantasy #15 (the original Spider-Man debut) Peter is bitten, walks outside onto the street and immediately is able to jump out of the way of a car and cling to a nearby wall. Raimi’s version of Spider-Man developed his powers overnight. I am seriously expecting Webb to follow the Ultimate universe’s take, where Peter SLOWLY develops his abilities one by one over a period of a few days…not all at once.

  10. I personally hate all the Spiderman movies…aside from the first one. Im a big Spiderman and X-men Fan and I still feel robbed after 11 years and so many movie fails. Maybe thats my downfall…but I feel like Ive still yet to see a movie that is worthy of either Marvel title.

    And comic movies should be better in 2011…despite a few standouts like Watchman, Iron Man and Thor…

  11. Im interested in seeing how they mix the comedy in this along with the darker tone this film will have.I don’t know if it’s just me but Garfield’s Spider-man doesn’t seem to carry a sense of humor on this movie,i think Toby was very fun and more funny then he got credit for.

    • That might be the case; when people report they try to illuminate contrasts to help distinguish the items they’re talking about. Kind of like how people say Raimi’s Spider-man depended on CGI too much. Raimi actually incorporated a lot of practical stunting, and even though TASM is using way more from the sound of it, it doesn’t necessitate that people claim Raimi’s Spider-man used “very little” wire work and stunting.

      Regardless, I think the new trailer will probably have you thinking otherwise. There were a lot of reports on the Spidey humor in today’s special sneek peaks. Tobey’s Spider-man, on the other hand, made only one or two wise cracks per movie it seemed. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed Tobey’s performance, but there just wasn’t enough personality in it. I remember listening to the commentary in Spider-man 2.1, and Laura Zisken said that Tobey had trouble with the humorous side of Spider-man because he said it didn’t feel natural.

      • @Levi

        I agree. Raimi’s films were great. TASM and SM both will definately have their differences. Although I do remember Raimi giving an interview back in 2004 where they asked him about wirework and he said something along the lines of, “We would love to be able to have him swinging from building to building, but it’s just not possible or safe.” I feel like Webb just said f**k that! and put his team to work on rigging up some more realistic swinging.

        As for the humor, I’m seriously not worried about Garfield getting it right, because they asked about it a couple weeks before comic-con and Garfield and Webb both confirmed that JUDD APATOW is writing the web-slingers jokes… that means the same guy that gave us 40 year old virgin, superbad, knocked up, and pineapple express will be writing Spidey’s jokes. I expect them to be extremely obnoxious, sarcastic, and borderline inappropriate.

        I just want them to focus on making the characters good in this film. Superhero movies are tricky because if you make a good storyline with good character development, the action is usually lagging…The Dark Knight (as much as I LOVE that movie(R.I.P. Heath)), although having a GREAT story and cast, was a bit on the dry side as far as action…I remember seeing it and halfway through I forgot it was a superhero movie because I got so caught up in the politics and complexity of the characters.

        On the other hand if they rely only on action, obviously the movie will suck. So I just hope Webb is able to get a good balance going. This is his first action film, so I just don’t want him to get too carried away with that…stick to what you know…..get it? ya see what I did there? STICK……..get it?……cuz spider-man…..uhhh……sticks….to walls and ehhh………ok I’m done.

  12. @motoko lmao
    Luckily in England we don’t get that kind of crap, there’d be a rebellion!

    • I’ve noticed them trying to do it here in the UK. It has started as cutting off the end credits, but it will escalate until you are watching a split screen. One side with your show/film the other with commercials.

  13. (You People) are so retarded, so what if this is a rebooted spider-man movie, (you people) act like you have never seen anything have a different version to it before…Just get a girlfriend or go out an make a web slinging movie yourself and see how it turns out.

    • Colossus,

      Watch the tone and name calling. Unnecessary, plus it puts you on my radar (not in a good way).


    • Awesome……loan me 130 million and I will at least get all the details right. No silly gold eyes, no shoes, no over designed professionally constructed suit, a Lizardman that looks, oh I don’t know…..LIKE A LIZARD-MAN! (and right out of the comics) not this stupid man-lizard we appear to be getting instead. Little things like that while still staying true to both the traditional storyline and feel of the original comics.

      • I would feel very cheated if I loaned you 130 million and ended up with a kid in red pyjamas and Barney in a lab coat. ^-^

        • Talk about your silly strawman argument.

          • Then call me scarecrow. ;)

    • So ( Colossus )… if we bracket your name like this —> ( Colossus ) , does this signify a diss?? lol

      ( !!!!!!!!! )

    • Seriously, these people are mad JUST BECAUSE it’s an early reboot! So the f*ck what?! Look, the first Spider-Man movies were great, but it’s done. Eventually, they would have had to make a reboot. And even if it’s now, stop hating on the new movie for it. The Amazing Spider-Man is looking pretty great too.

      • Even though I loved all 3 Raimi Films , I totally agree with you they didn`t even come close to doing The Comics justice ! Nor did The `90s Animated Series for that matter ! I only liked a handful of episodes from that overrated schlock : ” Night of The Lizard ” , ” Doctor Octopus : Armed and Dangerous ” ( though I never understood the decision to give Doc Ock a German accent ), ” The Hobgoblin ” , the episodes with Kraven , ” The Alien Costume ” , ” Make A Wish ” , ” Venom Returns ” , ” Carnage ” , the ” Secret Wars ” episodes and ” I Really, Really Hate Clones ” .

  14. I’m going to the preview can’t wait. Haters gonna hate.

  15. Dafoe’s performance was the only redeeming quality in what was a truly dire trilogy. Poorly directed, badly cast and terribly written.

    This was one reboot I’m glad to see.

  16. I’m gonna give this Spidey re-boot a chance. Mainly because I’ve been a Web Head fan since I was three. And I’m a DC guy!
    But my hopes are not high based on what Sony, Marvel and Marc Webb have given us a glimpse of.
    As for the Raimi Spiderman films I must say that the only real standout was Spiderman 2.

    In fact, I believe it’s excellent and is one of the best comic book flicks ever!

    • I think what they really did right in “Spider-man 2″ was Doc Ock. Again, like with Dafoe as the Goblin, great casting for the villians.

  17. Im noticing real hate for the original Raimi trilogy. Not sure why. It had a definate charm, great character moments, enjoyable and predictable plot twists, great villans, for the most part anyway.

    I could go on with the classic arguments, like all CBMs change things here and there when going from page to screen, no actor is perfect when portraying a comic book super-hero, major story arcs need to be condensed when being written into a 2hr movie, etc etc, so why should Spider-Man get the hate for doing it as well? But its all been said before.

    But when it comes down to it, Raimi must have done something right when telling his story based on the iconic web slinger, his trilogy, at least acording to wiki, has brought in $2,496,346,518. Not bad for a film series which was “poorly directed, badly cast and terribly written”.

    But it has already been said before, “haters gonna hate”.

  18. I for one am patiently waiting for this ever sinceTopher grace ruined venom and emo Peter took us dancing because apparently that’s what you do when you have an anger fueled symbiotic life form attached to you

    • Why do people blame Topher and Tobey?

      They were hired to ACT. They may have had some input into the character however I really dont think Tobey said… HEY how bout this whoel scene where I dance….

      And if YOU were given the chance to act in a superhero movie as Venom/Brock are you saying you would turn it down because you dont fit the bill?

      All I am saying is BLAME THE RIGHT PEOPLE. Tobey and Topher were only doing what they were paid to do.

      • Good point and I enjoyed the Raimi films immensly with #2 being my favorite comic book movie…then Batman Begins, X-Men 2 : X-Men United..

      • You’re right Aknot I’m misplacing my anger because they’re the ones onscreen

  19. Richard and Mary Parker? WTF! Said it before and I’ll say it again everyone responsible for this should be fired. I think it’s hysterical that Sony has people on these websites trying to post positive comments.

    • Matt….

      What is wrong with Richard and Mary Parker?

      I wish I was on Sonys payroll…. alas I am not.

    • Um , you do realize those are the names of Peter`s biological parents in The Comics , right ? Oh , you didn`t know Peter actually had biological parents in The Comics ? Well , surprise , surprise , he did ! He also spent several issues looking for the in The Comics ! This film is called ” The Untold Story ” because it deals with that search and Peter discovering a dark secret his father was keeping ! Does this lessen Uncle Ben and Aunt May`s importance to Peter`s story ? Hell no ! They`re still the ones who raised him and Marc Webb`s stated they`ll have far more screentime than The Raimi Films ever gave them !

      • them*

  20. if there are any scenes of peter park sparkling in the sun at all or even the slightest bit twilightery in this movie, i swear to god ill start murdering people in the theatre right there! *takes chill pill* but aside from that the movie looks good. sorry for my out burst, im still dealing wiht my p.t.s.d. from a previous girlfriend.

  21. Peter Parker is bad ass, Spider-Man is Amazing! We’ve all grown up with him…hell, i for one believe Spidey deserves 10 big budget action movies. I mean why not? Dont you wanna keep seeing Spidey swinging through New York and stopping bad guys?
    I mean its simple really, if your not interested, ignore it. But if you like SpiderMan than say “‘Nuff Said.”

    • Couldn’t agree more. I find it hilarious to see all these “haters” talking about how much the movie is going to suck…how they can’t beat the Raimi films…

      1. WHY, if the movie looks so horrid to you, have you taken the time of day to actually sit there and post a comment just to bash it?

      2. Those same people will be sitting in the front row on July 3rd…with their excuse being “I only came to see how crappy this movie turns out…”

      *rolls eyes*

    • D. Word…….. respect. Who doesn’t wanna see Spidey be Spidey? I don’t care if they made 25 reboots! As long as they have my favorite super hero doing what he does best, I will NEVER get sick of it.

  22. I SAW THE SPECIAL SCREENING OF AMAZING SPIDERMAN IN NY TODAY! it was a ealy look at the new trailer, plus extended footage a la comicon type footage.

    It. Was. Amazing. ALL HATERS WILL SWALLOW THEIR WORDS ABOUT THIS MOVIE, mark my words when the next trailer debuts in a month. Dark knight rises has a serious contender in this movie if you ask me aside from avengers.I was hesitant at first but after what i saw today i am on board 110%! they nailed spiderman! I love the raimi films (1+2 only) and 2 is a classic in my eyes, but the reboot is to spiderman what dark knight was to burtons batman. Spidey cracks funny jokes! he fights parkour style! Peter is a scientific genius! I wish you all could have heard the cheers in the theater today as everyone was blown away by what they saw. If you love spiderman, you will love this movie. PERIOD. sony did not pay me to say any of this! haha

    • Also, the costume looks diffrent/better on film and in motion than it does in the photos and stills weve seen

    • this is a plant – so obvious

      • I am not a plant, i am a mammal.a human to be exact. how dare you make such unfounded accusations! I just happened to be be (and still am) very pumped about this movie after what i saw quelled my hesitations of a reboot and since i am a huge spiderman fan. so obvious.

  23. Cant wait till this comes out!!

  24. When is the movie coming out?

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