‘Amazing Spider-Man’ Extended Preview Spins an Action-Packed Web

Published 3 years ago by , Updated May 15th, 2012 at 10:47 am,

Sony’s Spider-Man franchise reboot, The Amazing Spider-Man, is the next big superhero movie on the horizon – and in wake of the record-shattering earnings of The Avengers, it has a lot to prove if it wants to both reverse negative opinion that this do-over is coming too soon, and walk away with a hefty amount of change in pocket.

Luckily for Amazing Spider-Man, the most recent trailer and the viral marketing materials promoting the film have managed to impress some skeptics, while simultaneously re-igniting the base of longtime Spider-Man fans who have expressed excitement over director Marc Webb and star Andrew Garfield seemingly creating an onscreen vision of the Web-slinger that is closer to the source comics than Sam Raimi’s trilogy of films from the early 2000s.

As you can see from the extended preview above, Amazing Spider-Man goes deeper into the story of Peter Parker and why he was orphaned by his parents, Richard and Mary Parker, which left him with his Aunty May (Sally Fields) and Uncle Ben (Martin Sheen), whose values and sacrifices led him down the path to becoming a hero. The film will also borrow narrative elements from the Ultimate Spider-Man comic book continuity – namely, the backstory of the Parker parents and the positioning of Oscorp (the company owned by classic Spider-Man villain Norman Osborn), as a shadowy corporation that has direct ties to Peter Parker’s past, and dire implications for Spider-Man’s future.

The Amazing Spider Man 4 minute extended preview Amazing Spider Man Extended Preview Spins an Action Packed Web

The biggest thing to note, however, is the tone and composition of the film. From the action scenes of Spider-Man in combat, to that the scene of the bridge rescue with the kid in the car, the footage manages to showcase a version of Peter Parker / Spider-Man that is both familiar and fresh.

The Parker wit and smarts are there, the Spider-Man body language, poses, fight tactics, mechanical web-shooters and trash-talk are there; but the Spider-Man costume is new (shoe soles and all), and the Peter Parker hip/edgy dress and attitude are more in tune with the modern version of a teenage geek – as exists in an era where “geek is the new chic,” (as some youngster’s pastel tee-shirt recently informed me).

The question is: will the retooled Spidey win over both the casual and hardcore fans?

In addition to the new extended preview, several items for the Amazing Spider-Man viral campaign were recently revealed, including a few video messages from the faux blog of Dr. Curt Connors/The Lizard (Rhys Ifans):

The Amazing Spider-Man will be in 3D theaters on July 3, 2012


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  1. This is looking good. Tho I’m more excited to see The Dark Knight Rises. Of course by now I’ve gotten used to the idea I’m among the few people still pumped for Batman.

    • Don’t worry…despite all the TDK/TDKR bashing, we who love and are anticipating the Nolan-Batman films are out here…and ready.


      • Very true. As much as Nolan’s Batman saga is despised by some, and I’m people have the right to feel that way, I’ve loved it from the very 1st minute. I couldn’t be more excited for the conclusion to a journey that’s been great so far, from a quality filmmaker, and a phenomenal cast and crew. Also crossing fingers for Marc Webb on this. Should be awesome.

    • You aren’t alone

  2. I want to like this, but the Lizard look too much like Killer Croc for me. He might actually hurt the movie…

    • Except that the lizard came 20 years before killer croc and that the way he looks in the movie is the way he was originally designed.

      • still he only has the lab coat for a while I wish it was retained more even if it was tattered but I don’t really know what I expected but I was hoping for the Chameleon as the villain or Scorpion would’ve worked as an Oscorp assassin

    • Killer Crock doesn’t have a tail.

  3. July will be a great month…the two CBMs I’ve been most anticipating are releasing: “The Dark Knight Rises” (looking forward to an excellent ending to this particular trilogy) and “The Amazing Spider-Man” (though I loved Raimi’s SM 1&2, I think this version is looking very interesting…very cool).


  4. Out of every thing they are changing and trying to do with this film there is only one single thing that bothers me and that is the origin story with his parents. If they come out with some crazy thing in which his parents discovered some formula and put it in their son which later in combination with the spider bite turned him into spider-man, I think I will be a little disappointed in that.

    The fact that they felt they need to show a 4min preview is a bit alarming.

    • It’s almost identical to the trailer bar that one scene with the kid in the car. Hardly alarming.

    • IMO it wouldn’t be all that bad. It would solve the question “couldn’t anybody get super-spider-powers by being bit?” Instead, I am actually hoping that Richard experimented on his son, so that whatever they did to him would protect him from illness and infection. So that when he gets bit by the spider, instead of dying, whatever they did to him begins to absorb the spider, and take on its characteristics making him stronger (kinda like a super vaccination). That way, he is the only spidey.

  5. If this film is successful enough to warrant a sequel, I want to see either Scorpion or Rhino as the villain.

    • If I remember correctly, they already have a slot scheduled for TASM2 in 2014.

      • Then again… I could be wrong
        I just remember reading an article here on SR about “TASM” and a “sequel” and “2014″ – whether those three words were actually used in the same sentence, is another thing entirely ;)

        • it is the 50th anniversary of our friendly neighborhood web-slinger so cross tighter but sleep sounder

    • I’ve never been a fan of Rhino or Scorpion. I’d rather see them introduce Electro, Mysterio, and Carnage and see them revamp Green Goblin and Venom.

      • you’ll see your reboots no doubt but I think Spidey 2 will have Doc Ock to kill off George Stacy and set the stage for Gwen

  6. it is looking better and better the more i see of it. hopefully, we dont get too much more footage. ill be def seeing this in imax. it looks good.

  7. So far this looks great. Everything a spiderman film should be. The scene with the kid is funny and very well handled. I’m sure I’d crap myself if a dude in a suit turned up out of nowhere whilst i was dangling in a car

  8. Hope to see The Doc Ock in the sequel love that villain.

  9. I hope they don’t add any villains that appeared in the original trilogy unless its important to the movie.

  10. I still don’t like garfield as PP and I’m still not entirely sold on this movie – but I will def watch it in the theaters. I think someone said it earlier, but the buzz/excitement for this compared to the first Raimi spiderman feels so much different. I’ll be surprised if I get that same “feeling” I did watching Spiderman when he first was swinging through the city. Sure the technology is better than it was then but I’ve now seen it.

    I’m not excited to see it like I was/am for Avengers, TDKR, Prometheus, but I still want to see it if only because I do enjoy the comics and the character.

  11. anybody know if there is a actor cast to play norman osborne in this movie?

    • Apparently not, but I bet there are references to him.

  12. I wasn’t going to watch the trailer because I was already sold, but all this love for it made me change my mind. It was a great trailer, and unless a better trailer comes out for TDKR, TASM will be number 2 on my list of most anticipated films this year.

  13. Sony is trying To make Spider-Man look and feel like Twilight films in their sad attempt to reboot the franchise. The Lizard looks terrible. Imageworks is doing their usual bang up half ass job creating stale CG Spidey, Lizard, and sets. The cinematography looks like a bad tv show. The costume and creature designs are trying too hard to be fresh and cool. All of it is a fail.

    • “The cinematography looks like a bad tv show.”

      I didn’t know Whedon was directing Spiderman as well.

  14. I hate how most everyone is hating on this film. I gurantee that once they reboot Batman after The Dark Knight Rises, they’ll forget all about nolans Batman and love the reboot, just like how they’ll forget raimis Spider-Man and love this one.

    • Well, I for one will never forget Nolan’s Batman movies – they are amazing IMO. And look, Nolan has been making Batman movies for more than 5 years now, yet no one has forgotten about the Batman movies that came before his.
      As for the Spidey movies, I don’t think anyone will forget them either: Spider-Man 2 is considered to be one of the best CBM ever (I don’t agree with those people but that’s irrelevant) so I think Raimi’s SM movies will definitely have some place in CBM history.

      • @Avenger

        Even, though you don’t agree, good to know that you acknowledge Spiderman 2 as a classic among the Raimi films.

        W/out question it’s the best of the Raimi Spidey flicks. I felt the first one was boring and I think most of us know how SM3 came out. But still, SM3 made Sony a ton of money and it’s still one of the top grossing comic book movies ever.

        As far as the 2 Tim Burton Batman flicks go, they are still considered classics. ( Forget about the Schumacher movies. Although “Batman Forever” has a few moments.)

        Of the two Burton flicks, I personally prefer “Batman Returns.” As opposed to Nolan’s BM, Burton portays Gotham in a more fantastical tone. But “Returns” is VERY dark, tragic and twisted. In stark contrast to the first Burton BM.

        • I like Returns very much and I used to prefer it over the first but I’ve changed my mind over the years.

          Returns just seems to go too far into the fantasy realms at times, Burton has freely admitted that it isn’t really a Batman film, it is a Tim Burton film.
          Don’t get me wrong. I love it because of the dark, tragic and twisted nature as you said. And Devito gives a knock out performance as Oswald Cobblepot. I wish they has stuck with Billy Dee Williams and introduced him as Two Face as was originally intended, instead they brought in Walken’s Max Schrek character to replace him.

          I quite like Forever as well, or at least, I like the film it should have been before the studio got involved and threw out over an hour of it.

          I hate Raimi’s take on Spider-Man but even I have to admit, 2 is a great film, mainly because they cast a great actor in Alfred Molina, and it felt more like a Spidey story, I still don’t consider it a classic but I will happily watch it.

          • I was preferred Tim Burtons first Batman movie over the second even though the batmissile was awesome! By the some guy actually owns a turbine powered batmobile like the one in the tim burton movies!

    • Yeah, but I have a VERY good feeling that the POST Nolan/Batman will be geared to a Justice League movie. A common ground Batman that can share the DC world along with Supes, Wonder Woman , etc ….

      • We can only hope. After what Avengers did not having common heroes would just feel wrong to me and i think alot of folks would agree.

    • You can’t let other silly opinions affect you that much. When ever Nolan’s Batman is criticised as awful, it’s just water off a ducks back. Coz I like it, and that’s good enough for me. So even if every1 forgets and hates Raimi’s spidey, if YOU don’t, that should be good enough for you.

  15. meh

  16. It looks very iffy, and im not a fan of Garfield. I just don’t think he does a good PP or Spiderman

  17. I dislike how every movie the super hero has to remove their patented mask all the time & reveal their secret identity.

    • Yeah, far too much mask removal for my liking and I assume all the bonus “flashing” with the webshooting is his camera? Seems overdone as well to me.

  18. Looks great but they are giving too much away…

  19. yeah they don`t wanna spoil so much info before we see it although it`s only the 1st film of the franchise. that lizard`s head shape looks like a human lizard but that`s what the villain is. i think every 2 years later they should release a sequel in the summer then that`ll make lots more money and the actor is just as old as maguire was in their first films so he`ll have to have a kid- they could put makeup on him and make him look nice but that doesn`t mean younger- if he goes for atleast 5 films. i guess this is what it should be:#2 doc ock, 3-green goblin, 4-sandman and electro , 5-symbiotes, and if they go further than that they`ll have to have a new actor, but if you don`t want to jump from lizard all the way to doc ock then i guess you can`t have any symbiotes with garfield being the actor, garfield is somewhat ok but he`s english and i`d like to have a non-accented one play the american superhero. because this is a marvel movie post, i`ll say that spidey shouldn`t make any crossover `till beating his top villain.

    • I have to agree with you there… of all the heroes out there, Spider-Man is the one who’s NEVER supposed to remove his mask.

      Aw well, we can’t have everything ;)

  20. The more footage I see of this the more I actually want to see this, but my only gripes with this are the fact that Lizard isn’t rocking his vintage lab coat, & the fact that Spidey seems to be taking off his mask a lot. I’ve counted about 3-4 different parts in this trailer where he’s unmasked while suited up. A bit nitpicky (especially since it’s not out yet) I know, but when ya think about it always being masked kind of a big part to Spider-Man keeping his identity secret no matter the cost.

  21. Has anyone aware that most of it’s action took place at night. Show me some broad daylight action mate…i know you wanted to adapt this franchise into more darker & edgy tone but do you really ve’ to be that dark??

  22. Just saw the trailer again in theaters and have to admit, it looks really cool. Trailers can be deceiving, no doubt, but it looks like they have a plan. Who is that asking, “Did you tell him about his parents?” Did I see tentacles? Wouldn’t surprise me if they have a few villain teases in this.

    Now the kid and the mask scene looks corny to me, but maybe it’ll be different in context of the film.

    From a marketing standpoint, the trailer could look, to the casual viewer, like another sequel, with a different cast, and maybe a slightly skewed continuity (he’s younger). It would look like he’s suddenly digging into his parents past, which could easily be a plot in the old continuity.

  23. I love how all these previews say something along the lines of “the most anticipated movie of the summer”.

    No one said that for this film. Come on now.

    Anticipated? Maybe.
    Most anticipated. No.

  24. When someone says “Does the boy know of his father” or something like that I forget what was actually said. is it possible that was Cletus Kasady?

    OMG that would be amazing.

  25. The darker tone of the new SP film is what interests me most. Enough with the old-school-geek-likes-girl-next-door thing. I’m looking forward to Garfield’s take on P. Parker. I’m up for anything Marvel, though I am also looking forward to the new Batman film. This is the best summer for films ever.

  26. I liked the scene where he took off his mask in front of the kid. It kinda reminds me of a Batman Beyond episode where Terry did the same thing. I’m sure most people would rather see spidey keep his mask on and force himself upon a screaming child *pedo-bear status* but realistically, most would remove their mask.

  27. I like the new Spidey… and that’s it. Everything else looks terrible. The plot, the villain, the girl… Terrible choices.

  28. “Oh My God heath ledger as the joker? Are they out of their minds?”

    remember that? Yeah, we all saw how that played out. Honestly, I hate DC heroes. I love DC villains. Marvel will always be better. I’ve always hated Christian Bale as batman (as bruce wayne he’s good). My BIGGEST ISSUE is that anne hathaway will be in this for even 3 seconds. This movie will be watched while comparing it to the dark knight whether you like it or not. I love the series from a cinematic stand point but as a batman movie i can’t help but laugh at chris. It’s that bad. However, it does follow the comics to a degree. For reasons that many will not admit, I believe TAMS will be a better movie. We’ve all learned that an actors past has nothing to do with a new role. It will either fail miserably or do very well. There is no grey areas with this. (Thanks to toby) If they don’t kick off venom and carnage soon, I’ll be severely disappointed. If not them, the shocker or Doc Ock. We will all see how this will unfold very soon.

    • Noah = Disgruntled, ex DC employee ( pencil sharpener ) who now poses as a Marvel fanboi.