‘Amazing Spider-Man’ Extended Preview Spins an Action-Packed Web

Published 3 years ago by , Updated May 15th, 2012 at 10:47 am,

Sony’s Spider-Man franchise reboot, The Amazing Spider-Man, is the next big superhero movie on the horizon – and in wake of the record-shattering earnings of The Avengers, it has a lot to prove if it wants to both reverse negative opinion that this do-over is coming too soon, and walk away with a hefty amount of change in pocket.

Luckily for Amazing Spider-Man, the most recent trailer and the viral marketing materials promoting the film have managed to impress some skeptics, while simultaneously re-igniting the base of longtime Spider-Man fans who have expressed excitement over director Marc Webb and star Andrew Garfield seemingly creating an onscreen vision of the Web-slinger that is closer to the source comics than Sam Raimi’s trilogy of films from the early 2000s.

As you can see from the extended preview above, Amazing Spider-Man goes deeper into the story of Peter Parker and why he was orphaned by his parents, Richard and Mary Parker, which left him with his Aunty May (Sally Fields) and Uncle Ben (Martin Sheen), whose values and sacrifices led him down the path to becoming a hero. The film will also borrow narrative elements from the Ultimate Spider-Man comic book continuity – namely, the backstory of the Parker parents and the positioning of Oscorp (the company owned by classic Spider-Man villain Norman Osborn), as a shadowy corporation that has direct ties to Peter Parker’s past, and dire implications for Spider-Man’s future.

The Amazing Spider Man 4 minute extended preview Amazing Spider Man Extended Preview Spins an Action Packed Web

The biggest thing to note, however, is the tone and composition of the film. From the action scenes of Spider-Man in combat, to that the scene of the bridge rescue with the kid in the car, the footage manages to showcase a version of Peter Parker / Spider-Man that is both familiar and fresh.

The Parker wit and smarts are there, the Spider-Man body language, poses, fight tactics, mechanical web-shooters and trash-talk are there; but the Spider-Man costume is new (shoe soles and all), and the Peter Parker hip/edgy dress and attitude are more in tune with the modern version of a teenage geek – as exists in an era where “geek is the new chic,” (as some youngster’s pastel tee-shirt recently informed me).

The question is: will the retooled Spidey win over both the casual and hardcore fans?

In addition to the new extended preview, several items for the Amazing Spider-Man viral campaign were recently revealed, including a few video messages from the faux blog of Dr. Curt Connors/The Lizard (Rhys Ifans):

The Amazing Spider-Man will be in 3D theaters on July 3, 2012


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  1. I tell ya, when I first read that Sony was rebooting Spider-Man I nearly killed myself but now I am totally hyped for this film. It looks amazing.

    Yes the pun was intended.

    • I am unimpressed, as visually, it does not appear that different from the original series. The studio has undoubtedly saved money, however, by replacing the old cast with new performers…

      • Should it appear that different? It’s still Spider-Man in NYC. It’s only going to look so different.

        • With all the hype, yes, I was expecting more…

      • It looks different. That will be more apparrent over an entire movie.

        However, when I watched the trailer before Avengers, I was struck how it could pass for another sequel to the last movies. Different actors, but Gwen Stacey has a distinctive look, and she was in the last movie. There is no mention of the origin.

      • Looks appreciably different to me, Jeff. Garfield’s physicality for a start, leading to more convincingly natural “comic book” poses, more peril to the action scenes, more immediacy to the editing (not withstanding this just being a trailer)…and no hyperreal colours. Personally I’ve been pleasantly surprised with each new glimpse I’ve seen of the movie.

  2. I simply cannot over-emphasize how excited I am for this one. The Avengers and The Dark Knight Rises MIGHT be better in sheer epicness and storytelling, but I’m pretty sure TAS is going to be the winner in my eyes this summer. Just resonates with all the things I like about comic heros, and much less (more?) with the fact that it’s my favorite character out there! This is going to be so sick. I feel like a broken clock with this.

    • *broken RECORD.

  3. Do I see Gwen doing something that equals fighting back!?!?!?! Thank God they are getting rid of the helpless victim girl. I hated that in Raimi’s trilogy.

  4. It looks relatively solid, but I’m not sold on it yet. I don’t think the guy playing Spidey is witty enough.

    • I like Garfield better than Tobey from what I’ve seen so far. Not sold on all the CGI but the part where he gave the mask to the kid was Amazing.

    • Spider-Man is about wise cracking and sarcasm, using his rapier wit to enrage his enemies while still remaining composed. From what little I’ve seen thus far, this version comes off as more of an a**hole than witty to me.

      • Funny, you gave me the same impression.

          • Indeed it is. However, your constant bashing of this film is just as immature as my jab.

            I am not some bandwagon fanboy that hops on to the next series claiming that it will be better than the past films. I really hope that it will be, but I cannot know for sure. Out of the past Spider-Man films, the only good one was the first one. Spidey even managed to add some fun quips into his battles against his foes. The second film was half-decent. The third is infamous for its poor…well, everything.

            I believe that they are doing the right thing by starting over and taking things a different direction since the last time they basically ran the series into the ground.

            I have no wish to go against you in a never ending debate in an attempt to change one another’s minds. I simply want to ask why you keep coming on here and bashing a film that you won’t “waste” your time on. (I put the quotations because what is seen as time well spent and time wasted is relative) If you really don’t like the movie THAT much, then why do you waste your time on here barking at a bunch of people who will pay your comments no heed?

            • Well, considering “bashing” a film is all a part of what Screen RANT is all about and personally attacking someone is not, who exactly is more immature? I can at least manage to follow the rules.

              Just an fyi….I wasn’t really bashing this time around. I was making an honest comment about someone ELSES comment, basically agreeing with them. Sorry if, from what I’ve seen, I feel that his speech doesn’t feel very Spider-Man. Could I be wrong? Absolutely because I’m basing it on a few mins. of footage but I made SURE to note I was basing my opinion on a modicom of information.

              You also claim not to be a fanboi but defending a movie you obviously like with a personal attack instead of a reasonable response is what a fanboi does.

              And I’m not wasting my time because comments (even negative ones) offer a different perspective on a film rather than nothing but OMG OMG OMG this movie is gonna be freakin’ awesome!!!! Now if all you want to read about TASM is gushing positivity then obviously this is not the site for you.

              I was hoping for more out of this film but instead I got a shoe wearing, golden eyed, Hollywood designer costumed getto attitude version battling a man-lizard. No I’m not pleased and at this point feel that only Marvel themselves can do their character justice. So forgive me if I want this move to fail so Marvel can get the rights back and try it their way.

              Now see what you went and made me do? If you had just used a little restraint I would not have actually bashed the movie again.

              • ““bashing” a film is all a part of what Screen RANT is all about”

                As long as it isn’t TDK or TDKR.

                • …or “The Avengers”.

                  • Primarily ” The Avengers ”

                    Of all the major film sites, Screen Rant is the most pro Avengers site out there. This isn’t a swipe, just the truth.

                    • Is it the truth though? (I very much doubt that).
                      If there’s DKR news, SR reports on it, if there’s Avengers news, SR reports on it. It just so happens that lately there’s been more Avengers news than DKR news. – I don’t think they’re biased towards any one, single franchise – it’s their JOB to bring us the latest movie buzz (and I’ll give you three guesses to which movie has been the biggest buzz lately).
                      Trust me when I tell you, in July, TASM and TDKR will be all the talk on this site.

                      Now, if you’re talking about the fans that occupy SR, then I’ll have to disagree as well: over the last two years there’s been a lot more Marvel bashing than TDK bashing – it’s only until recently that so many fans started to voice their dislike towards Nolan’s Batman movies.

                    • Actually, in the time I have been visiting this Site, I have noticed that most sniping and a lot of the catfighting is done or at least initiated by the “Marvelites” (you’ll notice I put that term in parentheses…those who enjoy the term “Nolanites” rarely if ever do…and they often say it in a very snitty way).

                      This is not to imply that there are not some extreme kooks espousing an unhealthy appreciation of Batman, Nolan, or DC. There are, however, AT LEAST as many of those loons who firmly believe the Marvel Universe is the epitome of a perfect existence and are not squeamish OR polite about expressing that belief.

                      …just MY observation.

                    • @Archaeon: that’s interesting…
                      I can agree that there are a lot of “snippy” (and frankly, rude) comments made about Nolan and TDK (especially recently), but since I’ve been visiting SR (about two years now), the rudest and most “bash”-worthy comments that I’ve come across have generally been from the “Nolanites” (a very recent occasion comes to mind where a “Nolanite” was banned from the site because of insulting and abrasive comments.)
                      Guess it depends on which/how many articles’ comment sections one visits…

                      Anyway, I feel an argument arising here ;), so that said: I don’t understand ANY of the bashing – whether it’s from Marvel-movie fanboys, or from DC-movie fanboys. I’m a lover of all (good) movies and that most certainly includes Nolan’s Batman movies and Marvel Studios’ recent en devours.

                    • THAT is something with which I certainly agree. :)

            • There’s a difference between “bashing” and stating one’s opinion though:
              If someone says “TASM SUCKS! It will be terrible!” – that’s bashing, but if someone says “TASM hasn’t impressed me so far, from what I’ve seen, it looks pretty mediocre” – that would be stating a valid opinion.

              Personally, I think bashing a movie is wrong (even after you’ve seen it), but when someone is giving their own, valid opinions and thoughts (like Mongoose did), I feel it’s wrong to attack said person (like you’ve just done).

          • “Dying is easy. Comedy is hard.”

            I’ve occasionally laughed out loud at Spider-man comics. That is a rare occasion. Mostly I accept the intent and the premise that he’s supposed to be funny. But reading comics is a one-on-one communication between the writer/artist and the reader. Movies have to play to a crowd. Raimi said they had tried more wisecracks but realized they didn’t work. They wisely opted to not push it. 95% of the comic’s wiscracks would fall flat with the audience. But good luck to them.

        • Roguedork19,

          Someone saying:

          “From what little I’ve seen thus far, this version comes off as more of an a**hole than witty to me.”

          is someone stating their OPINION. Mongoose didn’t even say “the character is an a**hole”, he said that the character comes across to HIM that way.

          So your response was actually very inappropriate. Instead of asking “why do you say that” you just called him an a**hole. If you want to continue to comment here you’ll need to learn the difference between disagreeing with someone’s opinion and attacking them in an effort to minimize their opinion.


          • I don’t like the word and seldom ever use it, but the BIGGEST A hole is Tony Stark as portrayed by RDJ. To the point of annoyance. And yet, we already have peeps calling Garfield’s Spidey/Parker an A hole ?? Unbelievable.

            In the books, from day one, Spidey has always been a smart allicky – wise guy. But not Tony Stark.

            • “Tony Stark as portrayed by RDJ. To the point of annoyance. And yet, we already have peeps calling Garfield’s Spidey/Parker an A hole ?? Unbelievable.”

              I concur 😉

          • Appreciate your response Vic.

            I know I’m very opinionated (and tenacious) at times. Posting frequently comes at a certain price.

            That said, I take nothing personally. I can have disagreements with others and then, in a later article, we find common ground. If we didn’t disagree and have differing opinions occasionally, life would be a very boring place. I just some others could make the distinction.

      • I agree mongoose. Garfield is not selling me on Peter Parker and he’s even worse in costume.

        The scene where he is fighting the mugger seemed a bit over the top.

        The hand gestures while in costume were a little… weird.

        And when he is PP, he can’t seem to keep his mouth from hanging open. That’s just a personal annoyance.

        I know… I am judging a whole movie on a few scenes. But what little I have seen is just not doing it for me.

    • Well, did you think Toby -the crier- McGuire was “witty enough”? Because if so, we have VERY different views on what “wit” is 😉

      I think Andrew Garfield was a great choice. The dude looks like Peter Parker, he can pass for a “science geek”, he’s damn funny and most importantly IMO, he has RESPECT for the character… they just needs a hair cut, is all.

      • “Toby -the crier- McGuire”

        Hilarious and so very true.

      • *Edit: “HE just needs a haircut, is all”

  5. i love that they are going with evil vilain insted sympathetic vilan, today i try to watch spiderman two and alfred malina anoyed me so much that i turned it off not beacose he was bad it was beacose after several times you watch that movie his cheasy relathionship with that rose and that stupid desire to make machine that creates power becomes so anoying…

    • *rosey, or what ever his wife name was…

  6. Not that I wasn’t already excited for this movie, but THAT was freaking AWESOME. THIS IS SPIDER-MAN. The way he looks( tall and lanky as opposed to short and stocky) his sense of humor, all of it. This just took over my most anticipated list.

  7. Speechless.

  8. Summers most anticipated film? Haha please…

    • for some people, yes. for you, i’d guess no, but that’s ok.

      • But seriously, how can you not be more excited for TDKR? It’s the sequel to The Dark Knight and Nolan’s last batman film!!

        • Because I am a big fan of Batman and Bane, and I hate what Nolan has done with them. He makes great movies, but he has ruined some of my favorite characters.

          • ^^^


          • And I also agree with you to an extent.

            There are things I liked about Nolan’s vision and things I haven’t. From what I’ve seen of this last movie however, I’m not pleased with the MK reject looking Bane and the thief trying to be Catwoman w/o the claws or whip.

            I hope you will forgive me jumping on the TDKR bashing bandwagon since I know you just HATE that type of thing 😉

            • Sorry, you can’t judge a movie just base on its trailer. Start bashing about the film after the film is released?

              • I’m not judging the entire movie and agree trailers can’t be used as grounds for whether a movie will be good or not. I’m just not too pleased with the direction Nolan has decided to take both Bane and Catwoman (at least visually).

                It’s interesting that Batman still looks like his comicbook counterpart but the villains aren’t allowed that same privilege.

                • how do you know the direction that Nolan has taken with Bane and Catwomen? You don’t. We have probably seen about 30 seconds of combined footage of the two (unless you have seen the prologue)

                  SoI bring up my point again: don’t judge the movie until it actually comes out. No matter how hard you think, no one knows what direction Nolan has taken with TDKR

                  • He said visually, you have to admit they look weird. Bane is completely unrecognizable and Catwoman looks like a stripper version of Black Widow.

                    • Not to mention, Bane is South American, not Eastern European.

          • Kevin Feige credits Nolan with reviving and energizing the SH genre, when a lot of people were advising Feige to seek other avenues because it was dying.

            I love what he’s done. It’s not the only take on Batman but it’s been good. Imagine if they’d instead tried something between real and stylized/fantasy. I don’t think it would have had the impact it did, because it would have been too similar to Burton and what came after.

            I love the Raimi movies too. Are these the Spider-man and Batman movies I envisioned? No. Are they anybody’s? Again, no. Maybe in the future we’ll all be able to order customized movies, but These two series have been the best SH movies so far IMO. I hope I like any new versions nearly as much.

            • It’s just not Batman to me, but that’s my issue.

              • I like them and obviously they’ve been successful. But if it’s any comfort, I think the whole “super-realistic” Batman can only go on for so many movies. I expect they’ll start altering him, at least so they can have the the option of a DC Universe.

              • “It’s just not Batman”

                Its a VERSION of batman.. DC has a lot of incarnation of batman and in mainstream.. So this is just another Noirish batman…

                maybe on the lines of Gotham by Gaslight.. but set in a more modern / realistic type.

                • If you’re going to quote someone and then make a comment on said quote, maybe include the whole sentence instead of just the bit that makes your point.

                  I said it wasn’t Batman to me. Not that it wasn’t a version of Batman, just one I don’t like.

                  And I would love to see a straight adaptation of Gotham By Gaslight, but alas, there is no way that would ever happen.

          • He hasn’t made batman worse. These are the best batman movies ever and one is considered the best superhero movie. But that’s my opinion so whatever

          • lol well they are certainly going to be better than the Batman & Robin versions 😉

        • well, i for one am more excited about this because nolan’s BATMAN sucks. its a pity really bale had the potential too be the best one ever and batman begins was promising.

          batman is supposed to be several steps ahead of his opponent (hence why joker likes to “play” with him – unintentional innuendo) not several steps behind like he was against the joker in dark knight

          • *potential to be

        • Everyone has an opinion dude.
          Personally, TASM was #3 on my most anticipated list, but now that #1 has already been released, it’s at #2… and unless Nolan releases an amazing trailer for TDKR (better than the last one), I think I might just put TASM at #1…

          • Do you really want WB to release another trailer? I don’t because I want to go in to the theater knowing as little as possible about TDKR

            • Meh, I think another trailer won’t hurt. At this point we know very little anyways so IMO one more trailer won’t ruin the experience.

        • Because what I’m he seen so far doesn’t look all that good.

    • I scoffed at that too.

    • It absolutely is for me.

  9. “is the next big superhero movie on the horizon”

    The way Avengers is looking, it may STILL be the next big superhero movie in June. See Avengers again or Spider-Man…..

    • By the time Spider-man comes out, I think people will have already had their Avengers fix. Besides that, you have Prometheus and Brave coming out in June. Not saying Avengers will stop making money, but rather, I think by then the people who have already seen the film will be ready to check out the other great things coming out.

      As for myself, I saw Avengers twice now (loved it) and feel pretty good letting it rest until its blu ray release. But that’s just me.

      • I made that comment thinking for some reason that TASM will be out in June but it won’t be out until July. So of course Avengers will not be competing which I’m sure was the reason why Sony released it when they did.

        It will however have a harsh drop off when TDKR hits the screens so it has a scant 17 days to make it’s money. It may have been better to release it in August rather than jammed between two huge summer blockbusters

  10. Spider-Man is my favorite comic book character all time.. . I am a little bit more excited for this than Batman and the avengers. Plus, it was actually shot in 3D and looked pretty good in the 3d trailers.

  11. meh, still a bit excited.

  12. Now THIS is Spider-Man.

    Young, wise-cracking, and a soft spot for kids. I can’t wait for this.

  13. Most Anticipated film this summer ???…I dont think so, but will check it out

  14. I saw the trailer in 3D and this preview on a huge hd tv when it aired and man, the colors are so vivid. The scene with the kid gave me chills. I hope the movie succeeds in being better than the previous versions because I would love to see Kraven, Vulture, Mysterio and other villains in this style. I’m still a little skeptical but I’ll see it before I judge it too harshly.

  15. Even if this comes off well, I doubt it can have the same impact on movie go-ers the first Tobey/Raimi installment had on people. I clearly remember the buzz, as well as my own thinking at the time, wow now this is what a superhero movie should be like. It humanized him, the faults and teenage problems with chicks, it just worked out really well and surprised a lot of people.

    Now that we have had quite a few superhero movies replicate to some degree the kind of character development the first Spidey pulled off, Im not seeing how it will trump the former. Best guess is this one will come off OKAY but not really break any new ground in terms of effects or drama, but instead might just add and build off what was already successfully done not long ago.

    • Could very well be. People are so critical of the first series. I sympathize only a little. When I first saw it all I could see were the things and characters missing and how things weren’t like they are in the comics. I still liked it a lot though. But what got me was all the interest it generated in the non-comic reading audience. It seemed to give them a strong dose of what I liked about Spider-man. This was true for the first X-men as well, which is even less like the source material (luckily in many cases).

      I appreciate how both these series tailored the movies to the general audiences of the time and broadened the fanbase. There wouldn’t be ASM without the success of Raimi’s movies. Time will tell if ASM can capture people the way his movies did.

  16. Man every time something new comes out about this I get more and more excited. I really hope it does well because I’ve always wanted to see Mysterio Rhino and Kraven

  17. This might be the only movie i see in 3D this year.

    Still dont know if I am going to see prometheus in 3D. With it’s dark lighting and what not.

  18. The summers most anticipated film. . . . . . . . Thats cute.
    “We have a Hulk”, nuff said

  19. Meh.

  20. I WILL See this. First Weekend. Whatever reviewers say.

  21. Looks perfect, exactly what a Spider-Man film should be like.

  22. looks perfect.i will be waiting for 3D at cinema

  23. It’s amazing how every new bit of footage for this movie just makes me more excited to see it the moment it comes out!
    THIS is the Spider-Man I’ve always wanted to see on screen. I can’t wait.

    (TDKR has to watch out… I think TASM will the surprise hit of the year)

  24. At first i was not happy with a reboot but then i started to see trailers and stills the costume very different but i am starting to like it and now this, it looks amazing the beginning of this 4 minuet preview is immense lots of action lots of edge of your seat moments this is very different to the previous trilogy im looking forward to it but i still think the dark kngihtrises is goign to be better but better then the avengers it will have to work very hard.

  25. Wow!! This looks awesome!! At first I was excited for this movie, then not so excited, but this has officially brought me back. Can’t wait!

  26. I think we should just enjoy these comicbook films coming out this year (Avengers, This Spidey reboot, The Dark Knight Rises, yeah Men in Black)… we shouldn’t be too concerned with who’s going to outgross who, or how much this movie is going to make for the opening weekend….. just enjoy the movies as a comic book fan or as a mainstream moviegoer…. All I am saying is that this year is a great year to enjoy these string of comicbook films that are darn good and entertaining.

  27. This along with Promtheus are my most anticipated for the summer even before The Avengers got released and TDKR, simply because it seems like forever since I’ve seen a live-action Spidey movie whereas the Avengers have been in their solo movies for the past few years and Nolan’s Batman is Nolan’s Batman so of course I’m pumped for that movie. But Spidey is just a down-to-earth guy who gets empowred and who’s also a teenager and it’s been too long since I’ve seen any teenage superheroes. XMFC doesn’t count because those teens were just thrown into a crazy situation who were lead on by Xavier and Magneto to avery a crisis and so I didn’t feel a lot of those characters like Banshee, Havoc, Angel and Darwin got much development and find out what makes them tick but that’s for the sequel. But ASM seems to be taking a lot of its cues from the Ultimate Spider-Man stories which were heavily character-driven and to me are the best interpretation of Peter Parker in recent years before Dan Slott came on board for his ASM comic book run, so Webb and co I hope pull it off with this movie.

  28. What stuck out and i really liked about the preview was how initially, the little boy was terrified of spider-man as opposed to ‘yay spider-man save me’kids in hero films usually portray and peter has to calm the boy down and reason with him and inspire him to (partially) help save himself. Ive actually done a few birthday parties as spider-man (im built but lanky like garfield) and believe me, the first reaction seeing spider-man from an average kid (even one who loves spider-man is ‘omg help me’ screaming terror ( i think its the eyes). so this to me is realistic portrayal of spider-man and also brings back funny memories. Spider-man’s my personal favorite so im highly looking forward to this as its pretty much a more accurate depiction of spidey as a character (wise cracks, science whiz, lanky build and the poses) and garfield really respects it.

  29. It looks amazing, i hated how everybody was annoyed that it was going to be a reboot, i felt like i was the only person excited at the time it was announced.
    I cant wait to see how people react to the batman reboot in 2015 because i useually dont care for reboots and if i loved a film like the original trilogy of spiderman a reboot is welcome in my eyes but everybody is different. i connot wait to see this film.