‘Amazing Spider-Man’ Crew Offers New Plot & Character Details

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amazing spider man plot details Amazing Spider Man Crew Offers New Plot & Character Details

A big question mark lingers above the head of Sony’s upcoming comic book franchise revamping, The Amazing Spider-Man. Fans seem to either love or be very wary of the idea of a fresh start to the Peter Parker story; unlike many of the other reboots/remakes on the horizon, the Webslinger’s tale is especially familiar to moviegoers, seeing how it only unfolded onscreen (in live-action form) for the first time back in 2002.

While the basic crux of Spidey’s origin remains intact in Amazing Spider-Man, there are numerous new plot and character elements being incorporated, which were absent from director Sam Raimi’s original Spider-Man movie. But will those new ingredients help to produce a tasty, yet somewhat unfamiliar dish – or are they just window dressings being added on to create the illusion that this flick is more than just an unimaginative rehash?

The cast and crew of Amazing Spider-Man have (naturally) been keen to emphasize that the film will bring something genuinely new to the table, be it in the form of vastly different takes on certain characters – or just a tone that’s more “realistic” and less reminiscent of a live-action Saturday morning cartoon, a la Raimi’s Spider-Man trilogy.

Case in point: Amazing Spider-Man stars Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone, along with producers Avi Arad and Matthew Tolmach, recently attended a Tokyo-based press conference, to promote the film. While there, they dropped some interesting new tidbits of information concerning the differences between this new flick and the previous Spider-Man movies.

Arad had the following to say, with regards to certain character dynamics in The Amazing Spider-Man:

“In our movie, [Andrew Garfield as Peter Parker] finds his true love. Gwen Stacy [Emma Stone] was always the true love of Peter Parker… We found a very, very good story about what makes a human being. About what sets their destiny.

“… We introduce our villain, Dr. Connors [Rhys Ifans], and in the great tradition of Marvel, Dr. Connors is going to be connected to Peter Parker and, in our case even more interesting, to Gwen Stacy. Right there, the challenge of having to deal with a villain who is a mentor and the only one who you can look at and say, ‘So what really happened to my dad?’ That’s a very hard person to fight.”

The subplot concerning Peter Parker’s parents, which Arad is referencing here, is one of the more significant aspects absent from the Raimi films, but which is being added to the mix in Amazing Spider-Man. In fact, that narrative thread is connected directly to the flick’s tagline about how it features “The Untold Story” of Mr. Parker.

andrew garfield the amazing spider man image 3 570x380 Amazing Spider Man Crew Offers New Plot & Character Details

Andrew Garfield as Peter Parker

Following the screening of new Amazing Spider-Man footage for the Japanese press, Garfield also added the following bit of information, concerning both the overall design of the film – and the physical (rather than emotional) nature of Peter’s journey:

“As you can see, a lot of the stunts are practical and grounded in reality. That was something that Marc [Webb], the director, really wanted to make sure happened in this movie to set it apart from previous ones… I would exhaust myself every day and get into near-death experiences every hour on the hour.

“… I collaborated with [the stunt team] not only on the big stunt set-pieces but also on what happens to Peter’s body when he gets bitten. What happens to his DNA and how that effects the way he moves and the way he interacts with objects. The idea that he has spider DNA running in his system. What that will do to his sense of space. What that will do to the sensitivity of his skin. To have an opportunity to play in that forum with creative and talented people was a real opportunity and gift.”

Most people will likely recall that Raimi’s first Spidey movie brought the newfound arachnid abilities of a young Peter Parker (as played by Tobey Maguire) to life in fairly stylized form. It remains to be seen just how different and down-to-earth Spidey’s acrobatic maneuvers and enhanced senses will be in Amazing Spider-Man, by comparison. The choice to have Garfield’s version of Mr. Parker use artificial web-shooters, rather than possess the organic ones which Maguire’s had, should certainly help, in that respect.

For more about Amazing Spider-Man, including information about Stone’s iteration of Gwen Stacy, check out this video recording of the full 50-minute long ASM conference.

The Amazing Spider-Man swings into 2D, 3D, and IMAX 3D theaters in the U.S. on July 3rd, 2012.

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  1. Wasn’t there another villain in this as well? Can’t remember his name, but I think there’s an Indian actor playing the part.

    I’m liking the idea of the Lizard being discussed here, but I’m worried the presence of too many antagonists will cause problems.

    • You mean this indian Van Adder guy? They changed his name.

    • thats what she said….

    • there were 2 villains in the Dark Knight and still worked well

  2. shocking twist: connors’ is actually gwen’s daddy and aunt may is her mother. nothing i have seen thus far encourages me to watch this PoS in the cinemas unless i get a free ticket. i honestly don’t see why they’re sending peter back to high school, they could have at least waited a few more yrs before slapping people in the face this hard./

    • No I believe Gwen will be working for Connor…. Just like the cartoon.

      Also in the preview she (Gwen) allows Peter into a lab environment.

      It only semi makes sense that if Connors is working on restoring his arm he would be manipulating DNA. Possibly the spider is just an innocent bystander, gets juiced with something and bites Peter.

      To further the story the lab Connors works in is owned/run by Dr. Octavious, which is then brought out by (or owned by) Osborn.

      The parents of Peter and Eddie (or maybe Gwen?) were working with Connors. They are now dead based on possibly what they found out with regards to what Connors was doing or maybe Osborn/Octavious.

      I like to think Osborn/Otto that way Connors is blamed but not responsible.

      • dude i was being sarcastic. i know about most of what you said as i’ve read some of ultimate spiderman. what i don’t like is how they’re rebooting spidey so soon, they could have at least waited another yr or so.

        • wasnt there the whole this about like if Sony doesnt make spiderman movies the rights go back to marvel?

          not claiming to be a movie or licensing expert but I think this had something to do with it.

        • Yes but you have to. If not you have to still use Raimis universe. So it is either use what has been given or start over.

          While I enjoyed Raimis, I like the new way (hopefully) they are going with this within the Ultimate (or even Spectacular) vein.

          The U or Spec is just different enough to make it all fresh again. Some things will never change. Pete getting bit by a spider, raised by his Aunt/Uncle, learning that with great power comes greater responsibility.

          Others are just supporting stories/characters that can be tweaked.

          What difference would a year or two make? Superheroes are a hot commodity right now, no sense in waiting strike while the iron is hot.

  3. I’m looking forward to this. Great cast, definetley going to be an improvement on Sam Raimi’s awful Spider-Man movies.

    My second most anticipated CBM of 2012 after The Avengers of course!

  4. More anticipated than The Dark Knight Rises?

    I agree with you that the Raimi flicks were pretty awful…. I believe this reboot/remake/rehash will definitely be better and in a few years after a couple more take place, we’ll all be looking at the Raimi flicks the same way we all look at Schumacher’s Batman flims

    • Nothing can be as bad as Batman & Robin,not even X-men:The Last Stand.

      • I totally agree Hi-C… Batman &Robin is the worst thing ever, if you combine XM:LS, Daredevil, electra and SM3, you get Batman & robin…

        @DrSamBeckett How was Raimis movies bad? The first two were great. Whats the problem with those?

        • It seems it’s standard procedure to name Batman and Robin the worst CB/Super Hero movie of all time. Of course it’s a bad movie but Superman 3 and Superman 4 are virtually tied when it comes to the absolute WORST
          Comic book movies of all time. Forget about the Comic Book movie genre altogether. They are a travesty to all cinema , period!
          Superman 3 and 4 make Batman and Robin look like Gone With The Wind.
          A lot of peeps don’t like Superman Returns but even that movie was light years better than Superman 3 and 4.

          • No doubt. Those are two just incredibly bland, uninspired and amateurish movies. S4 is a perfect example of why movies should stick with timeless story-telling and not roll with the “topic du jour” (i.e. nuclear arms).

        • I would agree, but Catwoman came very close.

          • one word.. Elektra

          • you have obviously not seen David hasslehoff as nick fury

            • Simply The Worst !

              1. Superman 3 and 4. (Tie)
              2. Supergirl. (Ilya Salkind proves 2 B the most evil and wretched super villain of them all)
              3. Fantastic 4 and FF RotSS. (Tie)
              4. Batman and Robin.
              5. Daredevil.
              6. Spiderman 3.
              7. X Men Last Stand.
              8. Catwoman.
              9. The Hulk. (Ang Lee)
              10. Elektra.

              • I agree with most of your list i totally forgot about superman 3&4,that was probably a good thing till now lol.Actually the uncut version of daredevil on dvd is pretty good except for that painful suit to look at,still looking forward to the reboot of that as well.And finally i thought XM:TLS was worse than Spider-Man 3.The last stand had so many flaws i don’t even know where to begin,whereas SP3 could’ve been descent as long as they would’ve left venom out the story.

            • Finally, people who know how to fully appreciate truly bad films, lol

              I hate it that people glaze over “Superman 3″ and “4” like they never happened, but then again, I think it’s a testament to just how bad they were.

              I’d include “Punisher Warzone”, but I’m not sure if the director was trying to make the movie ridiculous, like how “Shoot Em Up” was intentionally ridiculous. If he wasn’t, then it’s up there too. If he was, then I give him credit for achieving his goal.

      • the spirit is the worst of em all

        • It was so bad i don’t remember one single thing about it.And you know what else? I looked at that and Max Payne back to back on a boring Sunday afternoon,it took me weeks to recover from that trauma.

          • Wow, you made a boring afternoon into a deadly one, didn’t you? 😀

      • @ Hi-C

        Sorry but i found films Ang Lee’s Hulk, Steel, Supergirl F4: Rise of Silver Surfer among others, worser than Batman & Robin to be honest.

        • Those films were pretty bad,they were fit to be made for t.v.after school specials on nickeloneon,rather than being in a cinema.But Batman is a elite hero,expectations are very high,so when it falls flat on it’s face people aren’t gonna get over that so easy.Ever hear the expression? Forgive but never Forget.

    • I’m not really looking forward to TDKR at all. I think it’s going to be a disaster.

  5. Man this film looks to be turd souffle. I could be very wrong but my spider sense tells me otherwise. And as long as Avi is connected to it I don’t have hi hopes.

    • DSB, you are one of the few

  6. People…, stop bashing on the amazing spider man. Gosh, The last rami movie was like 4 or 5 years ago, and the last movie (sm3) sucked!. That is enough time (and easy) to forget and move on. This movie needed a reboot. did y’all know what villain was going to be in sami’s sm4?… The vulter & the vulturess?… Who the F is the vulturess? Any ways, This movie right off the bat is going to be better than sm3. Who know…, it could* be better than the 1st two spidey films. This movie has a batman begins kind of feeling. Mentor vs student. Rash vs The batman. I bet that The amazing spider man at the end is going to give a little teaser hint for part 2. Like Batman begins. Looking Foward for The Amazing Spider Man.

  7. no hope for this movie…i cant find any reason to get behind it.

    • You never know. That may change in February if the trailer is awesome, but we’ll see.

      • Sorry, I meant to say “new trailer”. It was just announced via an interview with Marc Webb that a new, full length official trailer will come out in February.

  8. I cant support that costume. Such an eye sore in a film for what looks to have good caating, good story and a competent director.

    • Exactly, that suit is garbage. Period.

    • Its not that different from the ben rielly costume from the 90’s

      • Ha! I thgought I was the only one who came up w/ that comparison. It does bear a resemblance to the Ben Reilly suit which is why I ended up warming up to it, hated it at first but came around. To me the Ben Reilly costume was the second best spidey suit (after the original of course)

        • The only real thing that I have an issue w/ is the fact that his boots look like the nike foam posites, other than that i’m cool w/ it. Love how they brought the web shooters back, I always thought the web shooters were better it made certain scenes more climatic when spidey ran out of fluid in the middle of really needing webbing…

          • Whoa buddy. Venom Spidey is easily the second best (if not first ) costume. LOL

            I would of preferred rhey went with the classic Scarlett Spidey costume (Red spandex one piece with sleevless hoody) as Peter’s protype costume throught pout 2/3 of the movie. With Gwen Stacy knitting his traditional costume and commenting how his original “sucked”. It would give some sense of realism that making a costume is not as easy as it looks.

            PS athe rubber sole things are wierd.

    • @ Ignur Rant

      I can’t support the costume nor the guy wearing it. I mean give that guy a sandwich. Makes say to the Lizard “Go easy on him”.

      • @Wally West

        Im not too sour over the Garfield. I think he is too old and his hairstyle disturbs me but thats sbout it lol. Him being skinny is fine with me. The Ultimate version is significantly less stronger than his 616 counterpart. Although he is still stronger than Cap in the Ultimate universe.

  9. i think it will really amaze me!maybee spidy will beat avengers and batman,this summer! but,that makes no sense,i´m anticip.for all three,and all of them will be great!

  10. and the costume looks incredibly great.

    • Meh. The only thing I like about the costume is when I’m not looking at it. Perhaps in motion may prove better than a stand still photo. But I doubt it.

      • I think the new costume is nearly perfect and Garfield has the perfect Spidey build. I’m so glad the new costume doesn’t have that horrible raised webbing that the Raimi costumes had. This new one has texture, but it’s very subtle and doesn’t get in the way of spidey’s body form.

        • agreed!

        • Instead if raised webbing it has an equally stupid basketball texture and looks like it was designed by Hollywood, NOT some geeky high school kid. Then there’s the unnecessary gold eyes and most stupid of all….SHOES. Really nonsensical as a believable package.

          • Any texture it has is a hell of a lot thinner than the raimi webs. Those looked like he had black spaghetti or liquorice bootlaces all over him. Besides, with the new version they are going for a modern interpretation. I’ve seen very similar treatments to jogging/sports clothing.

            • Also with out the raised “Raimi webbing”, spidey’s hands look much more like they do on the comic page. More expressive and svelt. The Raimi hands looked like stubby Michelin man hands.

              • haha, don’t think I’m defending Raimi’s version because it has it’s own problems. So trying to attack it doesn’t bother me in the least…..BOTH costumes were/are fail imho due to different but ultimately similar reasons.

      • meh meh meh,then don´t look at it ! meh meh

        • this mehs are to agent 0!

          • I am sensing a little hostility in your voice. Take a chill pill bill, I just feel this is the one costume you cannot mess up and they have succeeded in doing so. And by no means do I think Raimi’s was better. I never liked the silver webs and mesh eyes.

            • mehhhh!

              • Lol! Murdok you are alright with me.

                • lol!of course,i´m alright with you,it´s all about fun.

  11. There just trying too hard to make it like batman Begins where its more of a grounded in reality type film but Spider-Man is not suppose to be like that,the first two Spider-man were great but it wasnt Sam Raimi’s fault it was Sony’s they rushed Spider-man 3 and now there rushing this piece of crap.

    • The Batman Begins comparison has been made by places like EW and stuff, but I don’t think Sony has ever made the comparison. What they have said is that the character is a lot more grounded emotionally, and that the human interaction is a lot more reality based. In the original Spider-man movies, New York was kind of a caricature. In this one, you get people acting normal. As for the science element, there’s this line that writers have to toe when it comes to writing pseudo science.

      They have to be able to achieve this suspension of disbelief, while simultaneously they include things in the story that simply are not possible. Personally, I think that this movie will be more in line tonally with Iron Man and Captain America. With Iron Man, the science feels grounded, which is saying something, but the characters are very real. The movie doesn’t even feel scripted, and that’s because RDJ improved a lot of the scenes to make it feel more authentic and sincere. In Captain America though, we get a little ridiculous with the pseudo science but the character work still feels authentic and real. I think the 2008 Hulk is a good comparison too, because the science there is really stretched but Ed Norton and Liv Tyler are ultra sincere and Norton’s science process is pretty fleshed out.

      Anyway, that’s what I think Spider-man can be tonally, a marriage between Iron Man, Captain America, and the Hulk. The web shooters will probably have an Iron Man type of realistic flare, whereas the Lizard will tap into the Captain America/Hulk sort of flare. The emotional relationships and friendships will be like in the first Iron Man, probably even more fleshed out since Peter Parker is a very personal character that speaks to everyone.

    • I agree. A realistic approach works for Batman, and that’s about it. Spider-man makes no sense at all, so it’s best not to get the audience thinking about it too much. Those shoes have me worried. Not so much how they look (although I’m not crazy about that), but I’m thinking they’re going to somehow “explain” how he sticks to walls.

      When I saw the first Spider-man most of what I saw was what and who were missing, and what they’d changed. But for non-comicbook readers it seemed to convey the right blend.

      I’m happy to see Gwen, Captain Stacey, and Dr. Connors. Peter’s parents I could do without, especially if the secret stuff they’re caught up in somehow contributes to Spider-man’s origin.

      I just have a feeling this movie isn’t going to excite the audience very much.

  12. Im very optimistic for this movie but also wary. it to me so far seems like it has a lot of potential from word of mouth at comic con to what ive seen so far. hopefully it lives up to my expectations. i will say this though, the only thing i dislike about it is that Avi Arad is involved with it, i hate that guy, everything he says comes of sleazy to me (he was even portrayed as a sleazy producer in a issue of the ultimate spiderman comic, it was very meta). him and laura shuler-donnor are terrible for superhero films and should stay away from them.

  13. “I would exhaust myself every day and get into near-death experiences every hour on the hour.” HAHAHAHAHAHA! What a joke. No way they let the star of a film be at risk.

    • Tom Cruise jumped out a window, and was hanging off and rappelling up and down the side of a high-rise in MI4.

  14. The manner in which the triangle of characters connect and cope in this new movie aren’t much different than the first set of characters (Spidey, Goblin, and Goblin’s kid).

  15. I get the sense this is going to be WAY too “emo” and geared mostly to adolescent boys who wear eyeliner.

    • How so?

  16. @Aknot, Um Gwens father is a police chief named George Stacy which is Leery. Also, the second villian is proto goblin but i think he might just be a villian on the rise.

    • Duke,
      Gwens mother maybe? 😉 (actually forgot about Capt Stacy I blame jwalka)

      Spideys main villain will always be of the Goblin variety. Im not to versed on this Proto-Goblin person. Any way connected to the Osborns?

  17. This just sounds worse and worse. They’ve got to stop letting Garfield continue to make these ridiculous fake comments.

  18. I am one of the many that support this film, but I have gottne kinda weary of this when I read him talking about how Peter will experience all of his new sensations. I couldn’t help but think of the scene in Catwoman where she comes back from the dead and figures out that she can see farther and hear better. That was just such a ridiculous scene, so I am really hoping that they don’t go for something like that.

  19. Sounds like they are using the Lizard/Conners character in place of the Jackal/Miles Warren character in relation to Gwen Stacey. I guess that is what they did in the Ultimates version of things, so this movie is probably more geared toward new fans of the comics. The inclusion of Parkers parents sounds like that angle they bought up when they did that whole Parker was a clone disaster.

    Not really shocking though, it seems like as they keep re-setting the comics to gain new fans they will just re-make the movies every 5 to 10 years. Keeping or creating a long-term audience really does not seem to be a priority to anyone at this point.