‘Amazing Spider-Man’ Australian Trailer: Same Action, More Humor

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Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight Rises has been grabbing headlines for the past week, leaving some people to wonder if The Amazing Spider-Man is on the verge of getting completely shoved out of the spotlight by its superhero movie counterpart.

Sony has struck back (so to speak) with the release of an Australian trailer for Amazing Spider-Man online. The majority of the promo’s footage is recycled from the third U.S. trailer and extended preview, but there’s still a healthy amount of new material here – and much of its focuses on the film’s down-to-earth sense of humor.

Amazing Spider-Man partially revises the details of the masked web-slinger’s traditional origin story, while also weaving in a subplot concerning Peter Parker’s (Andrew Garfield) biological parents. That’s on top of classic comic book elements such as the artificial web-shooters, Spidey’s fondness for smack-talk, and Gwen Stacy (Emma Stone) being Peter’s first girlfriend – none of which were present in Sam Raimi’s blockbuster 2002 Spider-Man movie.

The marketing for Amazing Spider-Man has also played up the reboot as being darker and grittier than its predecessors, both aesthetically and thematically. However, the sheer number of jokes in the film’s trailers have made it clear: just because ASM director Marc Webb is giving the Spider-Man mythos a more realistic and serious treatment, that doesn’t mean his movie is on the same level as Nolan’s grim, grounded portrayal of the Batman universe.

amazing spider man australian trailer Amazing Spider Man Australian Trailer: Same Action, More Humor

The Amazing Spider-Man

Amazing Spider-Man and Dark Knight Rises also reflect what Screen Rant‘s Kofi Outlaw recognized early on would be a major question for movie geeks this year: the issue of whether organic 3D trumps organic IMAX (or vice versa). The theatrical promos alone illustrate just how much these respective movies are utilizing said filmmaking technologies, in order to improve the quality of storytelling (and sheer scale of the spectacle).

Early consensus (for this writer) is that 3D befits the high-flying action in ASM, while the grand scope of IMAX matches the epic nature of DKR; in other words, either technology can be better, but it depends on the demands of the project. Of course, the moviegoing masses will have final say on the matter – as reflected by the movies’ respective ticket sales (for 3D and IMAX screenings, respectively).

The Amazing Spider-Man swings into theaters around the U.S. on July 3rd, 2012.

Source: Sony Pictures

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  1. since when did we get australian trailers? lol good for us i guess

  2. yeah….that last part where he throws the fotball and dents the goal post…that was very stupid…I mean…come on…I am beginning to think this is what we need to expect from this version…darker grittier…and just all out implausible silliness. Then the coach just asks him if he wants to play football…anyone else thinks that they would immediately call the authorities and send the hammer down on the scrawny teenager who just bent a metal pole (all be it hallow) with a pig skin ball? with one hand…without even looking at where it came from and where he was throwing it?…Thats a little bit of an insult to our intelligence, much like the fight scene in the hallway where peter is jumping on top of lockers and punching 200+ pound jocks effortlessly through the air. I mean, yes it is a comic book movie…but come on…don’t claim darker, grittier and more grounded in reality, if you are just going to throw that in our face and expect us to swallow it…

    • actually, the thing with ball is realistic. If you apply this amount of force to it, it can bent it with ease. That’s not stupid. The reaction of coach is not realistic, that’s true
      Also, it’s not “dark knight” grittier, darker movie. It’s same silly superhero/mutant comicbook movie (like avengers), but much more funny and realistic-ish then Reimi trilogy.

      • Yep. During a hurricane, a playing card has been shown numerous times to have penetrated trees. Give it enough force and speed, many seemingly harmless things can become deadly.

      • I don’t know what an American football is made out of, but I’m guessing it’s about the same as a soccer ball or a rugby ball?
        If that’s the case, then the football would have burst when it hit the pole (a freakin metal pole can’t bend because of an impact from a football).
        Avengers is also unrealistic, but at least they pretty much follow the rules of physics (to an extent ;)).

        Still, I’m not gonna let that one moment get me down. I’m sure TASM will be awesome.

        • They’re having fun with Spider-man’s abilities. It’s not meant to insult anyone’s intelligence, it’s supposed to be a funny way to exhibit his strength and reflexes. Besides, who’s to say that the football coach even saw what happened with the goal post? At the end of the four minute super preview, we saw a different cut of that scene. There definitely are people on the field when he throws the football, as can be seen in some of the still shots of the clip. So, we’ll see what happens with that.

          Also, when they’re talking about the film being more grounded in reality, they’re probably talking more along the lines of characterization than they are the actual science in the films. For example, it’s unlikely that we’ll get the golden camp provided by many of the Daily Bugle scenes, in this new series. As far as the science aspect goes,…

          Raimi’s Spider-man series had some decent pseudoscience explanations for how Spider-man came to be (borrowing the genetically altered Spider from the Ultimate Spider series), how Green Goblin came about (corporate super soldier experimental serum gone bad), even how Doc Ock did his thing. It wasn’t until Spider-man 3 that they got lazier with the pseudo science aspect of those films. Obviously, it’s “pseudoscience”, so you’ll find unrealistic things in all three of those movies by definition, but my point is that when it came to the kinematic aspect of the physics, they embellished a little and it didn’t really matter. The embellishment was there for the fun of it all.

        • The velocity of a football can bend a goal post if thrown hard enough. The thing is no human can do it. Ive seen a plastic cup lodged in a tree after a tornado. It can happen.

        • I think that it’s not a real scene. By that, I mean that I think that it is Peter daydreaming about what he wishes he could do. In the cartoons, Peter would imagine doing things in his life with his spider powers and then would snap back to reality and do it normal.

          So, I believe that that scene is Peter daydreaming about throwing the football crazy hard, but then he reconsiders his actions and throws a decent pass that gets the coach’s attention to ask the question if Peter wants to play football.

          • Aww, no love for my comment. Nobody can deny it. If you ever watched the cartoons, Peter did this all the time!

    • wait wait wait.. so your saying that out of the whole trailer u picked a scene where peter parker throws a ball at a football pole and you say thats unrealistic. Seriously? out of the whole trailer you say thats unrealistic? Come on now.. Guy injects himself with a syrum and turns into a giant lizard. check. Boy can shoot spider webs from his wrist’s onto buildings and swing from roof to roof. check. boy stitches together a million dollar suit to swing around in. check.

      And I can point out many others. The movie isn’t based in reality what so ever so dont say it is, it is a film based on a comic book with a different take on it than the previous films thats it.

      Also as far as the coach responding.. obviously we can see this is all about editing. In the final cut im sure these scenes are not edited together like the trailer. The trailer only gives the “impression” that this is what takes place.

      Come on now..

      • I Agree, but so far there is nothing in here that is funny. unless your a brain dead Ape. but so far the impression i;m getting is not a good one. It looks and feels to flashy, and not fully rooted. it’s nice to see someones take on a an icon, but It just feels wrong, maybe the whole darker aspect, and some gritty moments, but it doesn’t really feel like Spider-man. It’s basically some guy with some powers closer then others, but it’s just so meh. a guy in a billion dollar crappy suit, that’s meh.

        • dont like it, dont watch it. c*nt.

          • Comedy is subjective. A lot of people have convinced themselves that the knives scene is totally contrived. When I see it, I can imagine a teenager making sarcastic remarks in the same vein of what happened in the scene. So what is it? Naturalistic dialogue that manages to pull off a sly humor and wit, or a failed attempt at comedy?

            Most people I’ve encountered thus far who’ve complained about the humor exhibited in the trailers are not at all representative of the general audience. They (and myself included) are people who come onto the internet on a regular basis to follow the production and marketing of a particular film. Myself, I like the subtle comedic touches, but that’s just my subjective opinion.

            Long story short, comedy is subjective, the “brain dead ape” claim is just hyperbole.

          • Parker,

            You come off as an elitist and offensive when you say only people who are “brain dead apes” find the humor funny. So YOU don’t find it funny, fine – don’t insult those who do.


            How about taking the high road in responding to people you disagree with, hmm?



  3. “I’m gonna throw you out the window now” – very funny line, but Spidey should be careful: next time he tries to catch Gwen, things might not go so well… 😉

    And even though the thing with the football was extremely unrealistic (I hope they cut that scene from the movie), the trailer was still epic.
    Cannot wait.

    • Someone get Spidey some water cause he just got burned!

  4. The trailer was good.

    If The Amazing Spiderman turns out to be a great, dark and gritty remake then I’m in.

    Still I agree the thing with the football was unrealistic was stupid, I hope that part is cut out.

    I hope I am proven wrong and this movie turns out to be awesome.

  5. The trailer was good, I want to go see it in IMAX 3D because when I saw The Avengers in 3D they had a Spider-Man trailer and it looked freaking awesome looking.

  6. To the people saying “in a million dollar suit”

    I don’t think so. Well maybe considering how much time and effort it took to make more than one. There’s a guy who made the mask alone of the reboot on a limited budget. I’m thinking of making my own, and I looked up all the materials I would need, and so far it seems pretty cheap to make. Which makes me happy for the movie, cause it says it is possible for a highschooler to make this suit. The other suit from the Raimi suit is ALSO possible to make, we’ve all seen the proof out there. My beef was just that in the original movie they showed no hints of him making it, and to me made it feel too Hollywood. This might just be me. If the new movie does the same as the original, I might feel the same. I don’t know, I have mixed feelings.

    • I’m almost to afraid to ask but… what are you going to do with a Spider-Man costume? 😉

    • I don’t get people’s complaints about the suit either. Like you said, we haven’t been privy to him making it yet, so why not wait until we see it explained in the film? In Raimi’s version, they didn’t show Peter making the suit, just drawing designs on paper. Hopefully the film will be over 2 hours so as to be able to explain all these things. I saw the 3D trailer in front of The Avengers and it looked amazing (pun intended) and I will be seeing this on a Tuesday evening on cheap night ($11 for IMAX 3D). This is going to be one expensive year for movie fans, with The Avengers, The Amazing Spider-man, The Dark Knight Rises, Prometheus, The Hobbit, Brave, Snow White & The Huntsman (maybe) and I’m sure I’ve left something off the list. “You want fries with that? How about a shake?” (I’m practicing for the part time job I’m going to have to get to pay for all this! :) )

    • Phil, it was widely reported and covered (at least in the geek media) that the Raimi Spider-Man suits cost $100,000 each to make. That’s why it was such a big deal when one of the suits was stolen off the set. I agree with your comment in that this is not a $1 million suit, but these things are indeed pricey. Raimi’s suit was expensive (very much in part) because of the raised webbing. The designer said it was the most difficult thing she(he) had ever done. My gut is that the new suit is cheaper to make than Raimi’s version (since the new film has a reduced budget), but I could be wrong.

  7. Wish Raimi would have done another one !

  8. oh geese i saw few+new things in that but it does not make me have much more hope for this film. i absolutely hate the sound of another human making him become spidey because he would be caught if he(whoever makes spidey become spidey) had a machine that had such a power in real life, that`s too unrealistic. Also someone else other than gwen stacy has to morally do something-lie- that we were all tought not to do. The spider bite-if hide a story behind it, such as someone accidentally letting the spider out of the tank without noticing-would`ve worked just fine. But spidey becoming mutated by another human sucks.

  9. excuse me let me rephrase that-now 2 people have to lie about what? whether or not peter is the spiderman. and to whom?whatever cops or FBI come to their house and ask suspicious questions.

  10. oh and about the spider bite, i meant to say “if HAD a story behind it”-i said the word “hide.”

  11. The success of TDKR over TASM, or vice versa, will not prove that one presentation format is superior to another. It’d actually be a more interesting study to film the movie in native 3D, and IMAX, and do a random survey of people who see the same film in both formats.

    As soon as you start comparing two different films, all consistency within the comparison is lost. For what it’s worth, I think that these will be the most exciting uses of the two formats ever produced. Webb is allegedly using a greater depth level with the 3D than has been done before (at least, with respect to the recent 3D trend that took after Avatar), while Nolan is using more IMAX footage in his film than any other movie (I’m guessing the IMAX documentary movies don’t count). I’m thrilled for both experiences, either way.

  12. Hope both Spidey and Bats do well in the new outings. For Spidey fans, a new beginning. For fans of this Batman, a thrilling and exciting conclusion to a great trilogy. For those who have hated this Batman, just a little closer to a new, more fantastical Batman approach. Everyone’s happy.

  13. While I’ll be sure to check it out, even in the theater, it just seems… like a waste? I mean, this movie seems to hit Superhero movie cliches hard, and not in a new creative way ether. It seems like a solid production with good actors and very nice effects but I don’t feel like the creators tried to do something new with, more than jumping on to the Batman bandwagon.

    Man, I don’t know. I’ll probably enjoy it, but it could have been so much more. And if they think the old ‘Orphan who pines after clues about their dead parents’ troop is exciting and new I might die a little inside.

  14. One time Total FILM magazine had an interview with Sam Raimi. And he revealed that Jake Gyhlenhaal was cast to replace Maguire in “SPIDER-MAN 2″. To be honest, I would of liked to see him give it a try. And then mabye replace HIM with Wes Bentley for “Spider-Man 3″…. What do guys think?

    • And in all honesty, it looks kinda weird, but it is freakin creeping me out.

    • I actually laughed when I saw that pic!