Marc Webb on ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’ 3D & First Person Shots

Published 4 years ago by , Updated February 10th, 2012 at 12:16 pm,

The Amazing Spider Man 3D Logo Marc Webb Marc Webb on The Amazing Spider Man 3D & First Person Shots

Following the release of The Amazing Spider-Man teaser trailer, many movie-fans were mixed about the last thirty seconds of the sneak peek – which featured first-person shots of parkour traversal and web-slinging.

Instead of the swooping first person web-swinning shots in Sam Raimi’s original Spider-Man trilogy, Marc Webb’s Amazing Spider-Man reboot features the wall-crawler’s flailing arms and legs as he jumps rooftops and clambers across the side of buildings. It was a fun introduction to the new installment – but how much of the frantic first person action will be in the actual film?

As mentioned, Sam Raimi’s original Spider-Man trilogy was known for zip-lining cameras above New York City streets, to immerse viewers in what it’s like to be the famous wall-crawler, but Webb appears poised to take the idea up a notch with “Spidey-Vision” – in the interest of creating a new 3D experience.

Speaking at Comic Con 2011, Webb clarified the vision behind the 3D first person shots in The Amazing Spider-Man:

“Because we’re shooting in 3D, I wanted to conceive of certain things very specifically for 3D. There’s an experiential component to 3D that’s fascinating and we’re experimenting with generating that point of view – so you feel what Peter Parker feels, you feel what Spider-Man feels when he’s jumping over buildings and over the streets, that sort of thing. But we made a very, and Andrew had to pay the price for this, very conscious effort to ground stunts. We had an incredible stunt team put together. We built this whole rig hundreds of feet long over Riverside Drive in Harlem and we swung a man through traffic down the street. Andy Armstrong also built a car rig with a series of wires, incredibly complicated and really a beautiful contraption to help do those effects practically and that was really exciting and exhilirating to explore – and not to mention an incredible wealth of acrobatics.”

Unfortunately, Webb’s comments were somewhat cut-off by a phone call (on a reporter’s phone that was being used as a voice recorder) that interrupted the press panel – and was humorously answered by Peter Parker himself, Andrew Garfield – so the director didn’t get a chance to clarify how many first person perspective shots of Spider-Man’s redesigned costume we’ll be seeing in the final film.

The Amazing Spider Man 3D Marc Webb First Person Marc Webb on The Amazing Spider Man 3D & First Person Shots

No doubt it’ll be a tricky balance because, while the footage was enjoyable in the teaser trailer, it could be overly-disorienting and frantic for some moviegoers (think the shaky cam footage in Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen) – as well as flat-out nauseating for others. That said, the big screen 3D version of the footage at the Sony Comic Con panel was definitely convincing – if used in smart moderation.

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The Amazing Spider-Man swings into theaters on July 3, 2012.

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  1. saw the new trailer before watching capt america today. the first person thing is cool, but i’d rather watch spidey swinging around instead of just seeing his hands and those awful gold soles. as most people, not looking forward to the reboot. wish it would just start as a new series rather than rehashing old stuff. the lizard should be cool but it’ll be hard to get stuff we haven’t seen before into 2 more movies after this one. fisk and the spider slayers, jameson wearing jupiter suit then turning into man-wolf, morbius, kraven. rhino, scorpion, shocker as henchmen and esp a great venom story which needs two movies. there are many others but those are my personal faves. just feels like they are wasting the first movie before we get the good stuff. i mean garfield will be an old man by the time the 3rd one rolls around, if it gets that far. just wish they would make movies instead of recycling them. i love superman and batman but not really looking forward to seeing those reboots in the future.

  2. I do NOT like this idea at all. It was cool for the trailer but i dont think anyone wants to see that everytime he swings into action. There are so many things wrong with this i dont even know where to begin.

    • I agree. If I wanted to see first person POV, I’d play Call of Duty. They did that first person crap in the craptastic “Doom” movie starring Karl Urban and The Rock. It was terrible.

      I think with this news, I’m going to wait until I can read some reviews after Spider-man’s release, and find out how much first-person is going to be in the film.

      Raimi’s Spider-man films gave us a lot of great web-swinging action that let you feel as if Spider-man had just swung off of the comic book page. A first-person web-swinging sequence most of the time will take away from seeing Spidey in action.

    • Who says it will be like that everytime we see him swing? People jump to soo many concluses over one shot that it’s just ridiculous.

      • *conclusions.

  3. the pov shots look like a trailer for amazing spiderman: the game

    • yeh the special effects are rubbish in that pov clip, they look low budget

      • The effects obviously aren’t done. The first traile for Iron Man had some rather cheap effects, but they fixed it over time. They have 11 months to fix it. Geez.

    • Yeah, great trailer, if it was a game. That’s all I was think when I was watching it. I would rather see him doing all his cool moves rather than seeing his POV. This is just going to be too distracting for the movie.

      • The teaser totally had me pumped, then the POV stuff started, and it completely lost me.

        I have a bad feeling about this film now.

  4. Eh, I didnt feel like spiderman. 3rd person would have be suffiecient IMO.

  5. The pov concept in the trailer was ok but I hope there isn’t alot of that kind of footage in the final film we actually wanna see spidey in action ,as for spidey’s new look I think it would be ok if his head didn’t look like an alien ,I think they could of done a way much better job on the design on spidey’s final look but at least he has the mechanical webshooters

  6. The Amazing Spider-HAM. NOT seeing this movie. LOVED Captain America though Tommy Lee Jones was great and Chris Evans pulled off a decent Steve Rogers.

  7. my theory is that they’re going to be using FPS perspective to hide the terrible suit :D its the only reason i can think of as to why they’d implement something found it games into their piss poor remake/reboot.

    its to soon for a ‘reboot’, they should have wait another 2-3 years before even considering throwing him back into high school. this will end up being the green lantern for 2012 ;)

    • Hahaha

      I came up with a thought. What if they had used the scarlett Spider costume as prototype spider suit and then with Dr Connors or Gwen Stacy or even Peter by himself create the original suit before the films end. I like the scarlett spider suit because it believable in the fact that a teenager (or person inept at sewing) could put it together. Honestly, I just hate this revamp spider suit & i just keep thinking of ways that it could have been better lol. I know it belittle of me but it really deters me from wanting to see the movie.

  8. I thought the 1st person pov shots were awesome. i love all that parkour action. Maybe i’m in the minority here but i thought Raimi’s Spiderman films were let down by the completely unrealistic, cgi spiderman. Mr. Raimi, if i wanted to see a spiderman cartoon, well, there are several different good ones to choose from. Plus Tobey Macguire was completely miscast. This teaser trailer has me excited in so many different ways, so far it’s doing everything better in my books. Cast, live action, spider suit, physique. Give it a chance!

    • This post sponsored by The Amazing Spider-Man, coming to theaters July 3RD, 2012.

      • Lol I agree with benny and I have no affiliation to this movie at all.

        I was not impressed with the raimi movies at all, I don’t think I even own a copy of them.
        This movie looks awesome however

        • Their is no point in making a Spider-man film that’s going to have a lot of POV in it. The Raimi films had amazing web-swinging action, and let you see Spider-man in the flesh. This new film is going to be a major slap in the face to the Spider-man fans.

          @Darren Marlar HA HA

          • Who the hell said there´s a LOT of POV swinging? Get over it.

          • Gary,

            The footage shown at Comic-Con showed NO other POV swinging other than what was in the trailer. It looks like they’re using as much live wire work as possible, which is awesome.


            • Did they show the 3D version of that shot at Comic-Con?

          • Watch the end of the first Spider-man. There’s a POV shot there pal.

  9. What the heck? It’s comic con, THE place to answer these types of questions and his darn phone rings?

    At least he’s talking now, so I’m sure a journalist or two will bring that to his attention. Here’s the thing folks, Marc Webb is experimenting with the 3D. Experimentation doesn’t equal gimmicky, though things may certainly turn out that way. While many feel that the POV shot at the end of the teaser was gimmicky, I’d like to point out that the film is still a long ways away and not everything looks as it will in the final cut.

    I highly doubt that this movie is going to show every action scene by using first person shots. We don’t know at this point, so we can keep out fingers crossed. Honestly, I actually applaud Marc Webb for this. I’ve long wanted to know what he would be bringing to the table as a director (especially because he’s so new to the full length motion picture game) and this shows that he’s ambitious at least.

    • @ Levi –

      I should have been clearer. It was a reporter’s phone (who had placed it on the stage table as a recorder). Andrew Garfield was just making a joke out of someone else’s screw-up.

      I’m sure not all of the action sequences will be first person – but Webb seemed to indicate that there would be at least a few Spidey-Vision sequences.

      • Im not saying this movie looks promising at all, and I know alot of the negative things people are saying about the movie can or might be true…

        But look how we all judged X-Men First Class. EVERYONE thought it was going to be an epic fail, and what do you know, it actually was worth the price of a movie ticket.

        Give the movie a chance guys. I know everyone here his gonna gripe and moan abut this or that, but it might turn out to be a pretty good flick!

        I wont be there at 12am for the first showing, but im still definitely going to check it out… bash me if you want.. I just like comic book movies, and I definitely get excited when a popular hero has a whole new take done to him..

        Just sayin…

        • Sorry Ben, Meant to be a new post, not a reply.. :)

        • Not as many people were against X-men First Class as you might think.

          And the reason anyone was against “First Class” to begin with was the fact that it wasn’t going to feature any of the more popular X-men.

          But with this new Spider-man film, it’s not the costume that is starting to turn people against it (even though I personally believe it could be better), it’s the fact that Marc Webb is hinting at a lot of POV in the film, which I believe will take away from the film.

          Look at the end of the craptastic “Doom” film. It went first person and was just ridiculous. First-Person POV has no place in a film, a video game, sure. But a movie should always be third person otherwise casual movie-goers (the people films are mostly aimed at because they out-number the die-hard fans) will lose interest and the film will flop.

          • “…it’s the fact that Marc Webb is hinting at a lot of POV in the film, which I believe will take away from the film.”

            Maybe you should check your sources. Because he said there are “a FEW scenes that feature the POV”. English is not my first language, but I´m pretty confident that “a lot” and “a few” is NOT the same.

          • People weren’t against first class just because of popular mutants. It had a slew of things going against it. Continuity issues, rushed production, the story / plot, unknown actors, the list goes on.

            People didn’t hate on the movie just because Wolverine or Cyclops weren’t going to be in it ….

            And Scapegoat is right, did you even read the article? The whole movie is not going to have ALOT of POV in it, and besides, how do you know a couple 3D POV shots in it might look actually awesome?

            Dont compare movies to DOOM, DOOM was an epic failure…

        • Look back at the thread of when people posted a top list of what they think is going to be the best and worst comic book movie of the summer. The vast majority all thought Cap and X-Men were going to be a disappointment, and most thought Green Lantern would be the top dog of the summer.

  10. i hope if they use the POV shots in the film, i hope they also show him actually slinging around the city.

  11. When I saw the early parts of the trailer, the dramatic clips, I thought to my self ‘ wow, this is going to be something else.’ There was definitely a Batman Begins feel. But the second I saw the first-person clips, all enthusiasm vanished. This idea is ridiculous. I’m wondering if the studio wants to do this to save money, or to perhaps mimic the ride at Universal Studios. I’m also upset at the quality of the first-person footage. I’ve seen video games that appeared more realistic. My final overall take from the trailer is that the film will have great acting on the canvas of a great story. However, the action will be sub-par. Hope I’m wrong

  12. Why is everybody so upset because of the POV scenes?! At least it´s well done and something we haven´t seen in Raimi´s movies. It´s not the most original thing, but what is original these days anyway? Except for Nolan´s movies of course.

    • The last sentence was meant to be sarcastic of course.

      • For that comment sir,you get a slow clap. Well done.

    • Exactly! It was just ONE shot, and people are getting anal about it.

      • People get anal about every little minor detail. “OMG HE’S WEARING TIGHT JEANS! F THIS MOVIE!” People can really be judgmental when it comes to comic book movies, but you know you can never please those type of people.

        • Correct. What if Nolan used some POV in TDKR? All those POV haters will go: “F yeah, this is great!”

          • I was thinking that same thing. The first Spider-man had POV shots, and I don’t remember people complaining about those.

  13. for christs sake you people are acting like the ENTIRE MOVIE is going to be POV, it is obviously not. It seems like people are worried if there are going to be any 3rd person shots at all which is just ridiculous. I doubt there will be more than a couple of minutes of it in the entire movie. I am excited to see a version of Spidey that can take itself seriously and is not so cheesy. WIll it be the next Dark Knight? unlikely, but I still think it looks good, and unless it gets horrible reviews I will be checking this one out

  14. The problem is noone wants even a few scenes of the POV crap. So it may as well be alot. Hopefully over the next year he reads these replies and realizes noone wants this. For every scene they show terrible cgi POV im missing out on seeing my favorite hero swing around the city. I do not need to see from his eyes to live vicariously through him.

    • Do you know how much POV is in the film? Have you been informed on how much POV is in the film? If not, then u have no right to bash anything that you know NOTHING about.

      And I seriously doubt hes your favorite hero, cause if he was, you’d be excited to see the movie no matter what the POSSIBLE flaws it MIGHT have…

      • Tim, I wish I could come over and give you a high five for that comment.

    • So no one wants to see the POV? Can you read peoples minds? Or are you a fortune teller? I can only speak for myself, but I like the POV scene. So your comment makes as much sense as Transformers 2.

  15. who was actually blown away from a Spider- Man POV shot?

  16. im not really feeling it, but if this movie is designed for 3d instead of crappily ported like many this could work, im hesitant but reserving judgement until i see the result

  17. I always thought a first person shot would be amazing for Spider-Man, that is if it’s done right of course. Pulled off properly it could really give you a great experience, like you’re inside the movie. I’m not sure how well the 3D will be with that, seeing as i’ve never had a great experience with any 3D movie (never got to see Avatar, Tron, or Transformers in 3D).

  18. I’m not too thrilled with the mask design. You can see his eye through the lens. Hopefully they’ll improve it later on citing it as a crude 1st design by a teenager not handy with needle & thread. The costume from Raimi films were spot on tho’. I just had issues with the hashing Raimi done of Spider-Man’s history. For claiming to have been such a Spidey fan, I didn’t understand why he skipped Peter’s 1st love in Gwen Stacey in his trilogy, choosing to jump straight to Mary Jane instead. Introducing Gwen later then more as an after thought in the 3rd film, & making her basically disposable & having no real significance to Peter’s life & his destiny as the web slinger since she never died at the hands of the Green Goblin. Hopefully this reboot, will do better justice to that history.

  19. Aside from my lack of enthusiasm about the mask design tho’, the trailer looks promising. Just have to wait & see I guess.

  20. @ Tim
    Possibly the stupidest comment ive read on the internet. If he were my favorite hero id wanna see the movie no matter what? Lets say Batman is your favorite hero, does that mean you wanna watch Batman and Robin? I mean its a Batman film. Lets say they made a Dr Strange movie where Dr Strange were a young boy who has the power to heal people and fights aliens with magic spells and a wand. Hey its still Dr Strange so if hes your favorite hero im sure youd run to check that out. The comments made by the director made it fairly clear that there will be at least a few scenes of the POV and i simply stated that im not a fan of it. I dint say i wouldnt see the movie and by saying noone wants that i was getting at the fact that the vast majority, judging by these comments, dont. Its called exaggerating, im sure youve never done that tho. I too wish i could high five you. Right in the face.

    • @Scarecrowe18

      Last I checked, a director doesn’t make every decision for a movie based on what fanboys thinks. So some people on Screenrant don’t like the possibility of POV in a movie. God knows other fanboy movies like Harry Potter, Transformers, or even Raimi’s Spiderman Trilogy played around with the original source material, but they took chances. I’m pretty sure the box office/fanboy love for those movies can speak to that. Even if they include a few first person scenes doesn’t mean the movie is suddenly terrible. It just means it might have a flaw. (500) Days of Summer was received well for Webb’s originality behind the camera and it’s awesome screenplay. Why wouldn’t he keep experimenting if it works? If you don’t take risks, you end up with movies that no one cares about. I’m happy that Webb is trying to stand out. It’s going to be tough for him to even get noticed in a summer with The Avengers and Dark Knight Rises anyway. I’m just happy that he’s using real acrobatics and stunts. Another risk (literally life risking setup) that could really be a huge positive for the movie.

      @Jahnjones, have you ever been on the Spiderman ride at Universal? Because there are no POV shots, so how could he mimic the ride (especially since this movie doesn’t have any of the villains from the ride).

  21. A note on Marc Webb’s approach to Spider-man:

    Artistic experimentation is good. Matthew Vaughn used moving split screens in X-Men First Class to liven up the training sequence, and he used a motion comic to tell the origin of Big Daddy and Hit Girl in Kick Ass. There was even a couple POV shots in Kick Ass that worked well, like when he successfully stops a group of thugs from beating a man to death outside a convenience store. It was creative, entertaining, and just,… cool. Even Michael Bay’s shaky-cam techniques are awesome when used in moderation. Key word right there: moderation.

    Sam Raimi’s movies were fun, IMHO, accurate or not, but I felt that he never did anything crazy with the presentation. It was just point and shoot with the camera. If you think about it, 3D has a lot more potential with a character like Spider-man than it does for a guy like Thor or Captain America. Spider-man swings, he crawls on walls and ceilings, he’s acrobatic…. case in point: his mode of transportation is a lot more vertigo inducing. It’s a roller coaster, and that opens doors for some untapped experiences in traditional cinema.

    Last: I’m sure that the POV shots (which don’t look great, but they’re definately not as bad as so many people are claiming it is) will be cleaned up by the time the film comes out. But even if it’s not, every movie has a turkey shot. If the movie is good and the rest of the effects are solid, than it should be forgivable.

  22. @ Scarecrow18

    I’m sorry if it seems that I was lashing out at you. I’m not. I tend to defend the possibility that this movie will be decent. The intention of my posts have been, more or less to say “just give it a chance”. I do that by trying to take the popular complaints and looking at them in a new light. People can still disagree, and I’ve ever seen some good criticisms from people not interested in the upcoming reboot. Here’s the thing though,

    I have read some disgustingly closed minded reactions to this film from various places around the net. On many sites, it’s over powering, and support for the film is in the minority. The fact that there was such a backlash at screenrant surprises me, quite frankly. I’ve never seen that before. Comments like yours seem to tell me that you’re used to being in the minority. If that’s the case, I’d like to know what sites you’re visiting.

    • I just reread your post and I realized that I misinterpreted it. You weren’t saying that people who like it are the majority. My bad.

      Actually, it wouldn’t surprise me if the majority of casual movie goers did support seeing more Spider-man films, even with the cast changes. There’s no way of knowing that right now, but… What I was trying to get at is that the biggest outcry is from the hardcore fan community. Sites like yahoo, superherohype, comicbookvine, here (until recently), etc. Great examples of anti-reboot sentiment.

  23. @ Levi
    Its cool, the subtle nuances of a genuine conversation get lost quite easily throught text so theres bound to be misunderstandings when talking online. Im absolutely from the school of Give it a Chance tho, not just with movies but with everything, I had a few complaints with the previous Spiderman movies (Green Goblins suit which was saved by an excellent performance by the one and only WIllem Dafoe, Kirsten Dunst as MJ, she just isnt radiant enough or strong enough character wise imo for the part and Venom as a whole, they really dropped the ball there) However none of these things were dealbreakers for me and Spiderman 2 is one of my absolute fave superhero movies and i enjoyed the other 2 immensely. As far as the new film ill go back to the argument everyone has been using about XMen First Class, Comic books get retconned, rebooted, reimagined and jacked around ALL THE TIME so i dont understand why people get so upset about this, Hell id PREFER to see as many incarnations of these heroes as possible, We had regular Spidey, now give us an Ultimate Spidey trilogy and after that give us a Spiderman 2099 trilogy or even a Scarlet Spider Clone Saga. I wouldnt mind a Future FOundation movie which for those who may not know is Fantastic Four with Spidey replacing Torch after his death. After Nolans Batman give the reigns to Guillermo Del Toro and give me Clayface, Killer Croc, Man-Bat, Mad Hatter etc. Im not terribly excited about this POV stuff or Sally Fields as Aunt May or the shoes on the costume but in no way will any of those keep me from seeing this film. We’re getting the Lizard, a Peter Parker who looks a little more Peter Parker(to me at least) and Denis FREAKIN Leary. Im sold.

  24. I saw the trailer again for the fourth time (First 3 times were on the internet) yesterday when I went to see Captain America. I have to say that the first person CGI part on the big screen is quite exhilarating and entertaining. It was fun to watch than it was at my computer, and it has been a long time since I actually felt something from a scene from just camera work alone. I’m really looking forward to next summer.

  25. if anyone gets exicted over closeups of spidey swinging around, like in the the trailer. please get a life and put away your play station..
    i want to say a spiderman movie that is a game-changer in special effects and stunts like the matrix. (something the previous three spiderman movies failed to do miserably)

  26. @rod22
    Youre the reason people like me and Levi are quick to misunderstand one anothers comments, because people like you are so prevalent online. Me and you both dislike the POV obviously, the difference is you feel the need to insult those who do like it. Its ridiculous and all i can really hope is that youre too young to realize what a fool youre being or if youre older then hopefullyyoure only like this online. WHich is still ridiculous.