‘Amazing Spider-Man 2′ Director Reveals Villain Jail Set Piece

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Amazing Spider Man 2 Ravencroft Institute Criminally Insane Amazing Spider Man 2 Director Reveals Villain Jail Set Piece

If you’re not a hardcore comic book fan, you might not know that ol’ Spidey has something in common with Batman, in that both heroes have a place where their multitude of foes get incarcerated and subjected to psychiatric study.

Granted, Arkham Asylum from the Batman universe is more well-known (in part thanks to a successful video game franchise bearing the name) – but the “Ravencroft Institute for the Criminally Insane” will apparently be getting a PR boost soon, thanks to The Amazing Spider-Man 2.

Amazing Spider-Man director Marc Webb is currently in production on the sequel film – and being social media savvy, Webb has consistently teased fans of both the comic books and movies by releasing strategic Twitter pics featuring looks behind the scenes, or in some cases, iconic visual images from the comic books.

Case in point – today’s image of Ravencroft:

Created by Doctor Ashley Kafka, Ravencroft was a place where super-criminals could be kept under lock and key – and also rehabilitated through treatment for their mental illnesses. It has housed iconic Spidey villains like Carnage, The Chameleon and The Jackal, and has included personnel like security chief John Jameson – son of newspaper owner (and Spidey-hater) J. Jonah Jameson.

The inclusion of Ravencroft certainly raises question about where we’ll find Spider-Man (Andrew Garfield) in his crimefighting career at the start of Amazing Spider-Man 2. Time will clearly have passed, and the world will have had to adjust to the notion of super-powered beings fighting it out around NYC  - so a new type of prison would be fitting.


Spider Man Rogues Gallery 570x146 Amazing Spider Man 2 Director Reveals Villain Jail Set Piece

Of course, the real question fans are going to pondering is: Will we get to see some sweet cameos from a variety of Spider-Man rogues, all tucked snug into their cells? We know Jamie Foxx’s Electro will be a central focus – but the presence of Paul Giamatti’s Rhino has been less defined; just how many potential baddies could Spidey have put away since the first film? Are they tied to the mystery surrounding Norman Osborn (Chris Cooper)? And is Ravencroft where we’ll find that potential Venom suit or Goblin formula hinted at in one of Webb’s earlier tweets?

So many questions – but then that just speaks to the level of intrigue that Webb and Co. are building for this film. Hopefully the many, many, tidbits we’ve seen so far are being organized and handled in a way that still allows the movie to maintain a level of narrative and thematic focus. That is to say: hopefully it doesn’t suffer from Spider-Man 3 syndrome (read: grossly overstuffed).

What role do you think the Ravencroft Institute will play in the film? Any particular villains you’d love to see make a cameo?


The Amazing spider-Man 2 will be in theaters on May 2, 2014.

Source: Twitter

Header Image by Stephane Roux @ DeviantArt; Spidey Villains Banner Property of Marvel Comics

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  1. I for one am pretty stoked for this sequel. I enjoyed the last one even though it rehashed some old ideas. It’ll just give this one all new stuff to do which is why my excitement is high.

  2. From all the Webb tweet pics, it looks like we’re gonna see:


    • i was just thinkin about vermin…cool

      • vermin was in the tie-in game for the firs amazing spiderman, totally possible he could come back but i doubt it

  3. So its like Arkham Asylum only Marvel.

    • Ish. Arkham is treated as both a prison and a mental hospital, there is much more of an interesting story to it than Ravencroft (no offense to Marvel)

  4. id really like to see chameleon…

    • BTW guys this is me aden khan…i just had to change my name in case my parents found out about some of my comments :D

      • What if they see this comment?

        • LOL

    • Just pointing out… in the story of Peter’s death Chameleon was the one hired to plant the bomb… so we could see Chameleon in films.

  5. I think we’re in for a real treat with the next movie – Looks like the makers are going to throw everything in to make it an epic to rival all the other big superhero movies around.

  6. Peter will head to the Ravencroft Institute to seek help from Dr. Connors in order to defeat Electro and The Rhino
    .this movie is going to be EPIC.

    • Conners is locked up in Beloit, not Ravencroft

      • I thought he was in Rykers?

        • maybe they moved him after the construction of Ravencroft????

  7. My guess is that they’re setting up the Sinister Six for the third movie.

    That’s the only reason I can think of to go with the B-grade villains like Electro and Rhino and now introducing Ravencroft which, of course, will be the site of a Batman Begins-esque jailbreak eventually.

    Maybe after that arc they’ll go for the whole Goblin thing again.

  8. I’m worried there is gonna be another over saturation of villians in the movie. Electro,Rhino, harry Osbourne and possibly Norman Osbourne. I just worry it is gonna lose focus.

    • I doubt Harry and Norman will be villains in this movie. At least not Harry.

    • Hopefully Webb will be able to balance out the villians in this one so that it doesnt seem like Spider man 3 all over again.

  9. Hopefully it has nothing to do with the green goblin serum then we’ll just be watching a rehash of Raimi’s spiderman movies. I want TAMS2 to distance itself more from the previous spidey films.

    • Oh…if they go Ultimate Goblin route…you’ll be getting something FAR different than Raimi’s version

      • Please no, i’ve posted this once or twice before but i would prefer the traditional Goblin as opposed to the Ultimate one because the Ultimate version (although a cool and different twist on the Goblin) reminds me to much of a Hulk-ish type thing where Osborn gets pissed and goes “Osborn-Smash” trying to kill everyone

        • maybe Goblin’s outlook will be of the one from the Ultimate Comics but he’ll be shown having control of his conscience like what we saw in the earlier comics.

        • I’m with you, Ultimate Hulk Goblin is NOT the type of villain needed for Spider-Man on screen. We’re getting Rhino, we don’t need a green Rhino that conjures up fireballs

  10. oh My bad ..then I suppose in the post-credit scene. Norman Osborn will go to Ravencroft and release the bad guys.

  11. They’re setting up so much for this movie and its sequels, really excited about this.

  12. Probably this movie will lead up to the formation of the Sinister Six and show Spidey battling them out in the third film and at the end, Captain America, Thor and Iron-Man appear to help Spider Man defeat the Sinister Six and Recruit him into the Avengers, thus we get to see Spidey in The Avengers 3…. And I am pretty sure that TASM 2 will definitely feature The Black Cat helping Spider-Man out against the Rhino and Electro.

    • +1 All of it… That’s my dream scenario!

      • Definitely, a battle between Spidey and the SS when suddenly BAMM! The Avengers swoops in, and after the battle you see the Captain or Fury (preferably the Capt.) asking Spiderman to join the Avengers

        • Exactly :) @AmazingFantasy#15

    • Oh the delusions…

  13. Ravencroft was seen in the 90′s Spider-Man animated series where Eddie Brock was sent as was Cletus Cassidy. J. Jonah Jameson even critized the insitution as they’re wasting their time with lost causes as he sorta put it.

  14. If this is a prison I would like to see cameos from villains spiderman put away in between movies. Can’t wait for this sequel!! Absolutely loved te first! Much more than Raimis movies.


    • Its starting to look like we won’t be getting a j Jonah Jameson appearance, cause otherwise we would have heard some news by now. Don’t understand this at all! If you can’t find another actor to recast that roll then simply bring back JK Simmons who I’m sure wants to reprise the roll of spidey’s editorial Nemesis. D****t Webb!!

      • Actually I heard some good news when speaking of J.J.J I think they may be filming a daily bugle scene in new York or may have filmed it already maybe we will see a new J.Jonah Jameson after all

      • Are you guys for real? The main public criticism of The Amazing Spiderman was that it reminded everyone of the Riami movies too much, the origin story and plot were far too similar. Now they’re rightly trying to move away from the Raimi version as much as possible and create something more epic, that’s different and ultimately stands alone.

        So WHY on earth would they re-cast JK simmons from the original movies?? Just simply to have a bit of comic relief,,this would be completely pointless.

        • yes and this Time Spidey himself is funny, so we don’t really Need JJ Jameson to make us laugh.

          • The few humerus lines Spider-man had in the first film was good, I think they should really expand on that and implement it more in the second one.

            • Andrew Garfield did his job really well, his portrayal of Spiderman was just Perfect. I felt like I actually watched a ‘real’ Spiderman movie this time, almost Everything was true to both the Amazing and the Ultimate storyline.

  16. This series is shaping up to be epic. I’m looking forward to this as much as The Avengers 2. I’m hoping they go for more than the standard three movies.

  17. On a slightlyy unrelated note; what does anyone here think are the chances of an ‘Ultimate Death of Spiderman’ animated movie?

    • I would like to see it but when it comes to the animated movie market, Marvel is severely lacking, especially compared to DC. I just don’t have the feeling that they would make a movie like this anytime soon. Maybe, but not in the foreseeable future.

  18. post the release of TASM 2, Sony will join hands with Disney and co-produce TASM 3 and Avengers 3 .

  19. and as TASM 2 is already under production so even if Spiderman is not featured in the Avengers 2 or 3, then I hope that Marc webb introduces more villains and characters into the Universe in further sequels….viz. A BIGGER and More Kick-ass Venom, Carnage, the Hobgoblin, the Vulture and Kraven the Hunter..I don’t care if they make these films like 3 hour long or so..all I want them to be is EPIC just like The Amazing Spiderman and easily overshadow the Raimi trilogy..which in opinion, already as.

    • * my opinion

  20. Why are they even making a sequel???..ugh…

    • this type of a comment is not required on this Post.

    • +1

      • +1,000

        • Oh Stop it, you :3

    • TheLostWinchester is a DC SLAPPY and is always hating on ANY AND ALL MARVEL MOVIES…. he is a MARVEL TROLL

      • yes exactly .let’s block him :P

  21. I want to see the Shocker!!

    • I’d like seeing him as a cameo or something, like Spider-man taking him down in the beginning of the movie. That would be pretty neat.

  22. Nah Idt if Shocker will make a Cameo..As there isn’t enough Fan-craze for him as much as we have for the Electro or The Rhino or Venom or GG.

  23. So Ravencroft being teased has made me even more excited for the sequel than I already was.

    Thanks Webb and the team for actually making decent Spiderman movies.

    • yes Exactly brother :)))) @Dazz

  24. Dont anyone forget about The Vault!!!! It was a super prison designed specifically for super villains. The Guardsmen were in charge and had suits like iron mans. I always hoped it wold be introduced in some marvel movie, hopefully ravencroft will be the start. And how cool it would be to have superviallin cameos from different Marvel movies in a spiderman flick. An Easter Egg of sorts letting you know they all share the same universe. Example: tony stark walking by the lizards cell or If Magneto had been captured at the end of X3 etc. I always loved when they did that in the comics.

  25. I would love to see webbs version of doc ock, and Scorpion, also think Kraven would make a great villain working for the S.W.A.T to bring down the Spiderman from helicopter to running through the city after him.Bring in The Doc Ock.also why have we not seen the Leader in a HULK movie yet?????

  26. would love to see Black Cat too.

  27. Electro is a good choice. maybe as villains down the line Scorpion or Mysterio?

  28. Personally I think in the beginning of ASM, Madame Web should have narrated talking about different dimensions and different Spidermen then transition to ASM spiderman world. If Sony really wants to meet the Avengers in terms of success they should have a team up similar to what the 90′s animated series did, and bring together Spidermen from different dimensions. Also in this team-up bring back Tobey Maguire as one of the Spidermen.

    • Sorry, this is ridiculous.

      • lol, yes .that would be so unrealistic.

    • It’s almost as if…you could’ve just said Shattered Dimensions…which will never happen

  29. I think near the end of TASM 2 , Peter and Gwen break up with on a permanent note, although both still have feelings for each other, and then Norman Osborn transforms into the Goblin and kidnaps Gwen and tries to kill her, but just in time, Harry as the Hobgoblin, arrives and teams up with Spider-Man and either defeats the GG or maybe Peter tries to stop Hobgoblin from killing his own father but ultimately, Harry as The hobgoblin kills Norman Osborn, but in the end …Gwen ultimately dies..her neck got snapped from Spider-Man’s web.

    • I dont really think Gwen is dying in this movie.

      • But then there won’t be any way left to showcase the romance between Peter and Mj.