Emma Stone Talks Gwen Stacy’s Fate in ‘Amazing Spider-Man’ Sequels

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Death of Gwen Emma Stone Talks Gwen Stacys Fate in Amazing Spider Man Sequels

A lot of us came into The Amazing Spider-Man reboot with a refreshed hope that the perceived errors of the Sam Raimi Spider-Man trilogy would not be repeated. Although still altering the original Spider-Man mythos more than a bit, The Amazing Spider-Man movie stayed true enough to the comic book source material to satisfy plenty of Spidey’s die-hard fans, while still managing to bring in over 700 million worldwide, and making actor Andrew Garfield (Spider-Man) a household name, overnight.

With Amazing Spider-Man 2 already in development, the questions of the characters’ fates looms large in fans’ minds – and one of the franchise stars has some designs of her own to share.


One of the most observable in ASM was to the fate of Spider-Man’s girlfriend Gwen Stacy. When the news broke that the cute but nerdy Gwen Stacy would be taking the place of sultry Mary Jane Watson as Peter Parker’s love interest, fans were more than pleased, but immediately expected to hear a Funeral March soon after. Now it appears Gwen’s indispensable death at the hands of her lover has not been altered, but simply delayed.

In a recent sit-down with Interview magazine, Gwen Stacy actress Emma Stone touched upon what her cherished comicbook counterpart’s pivotal death means, and how she feels the critical event should happen in upcoming squeals:

“Essentially the argument is that Spider-Man kills her by accident, so the person she loves is the person who kills her, which is the most horrifying thing. Apparently people unsubscribed to the comic book when that happened because they were just so flipped-out over it. But, of course, I want to stay true to that.”

Death of Gwen Emma and Andrew Emma Stone Talks Gwen Stacys Fate in Amazing Spider Man SequelsEmma Stone as the ill-fated Gwen Stacy with co-star Andrew Garfield

For those who are only casual readers of the Spider-Man comics: Spider-Man’s classmate-turned-girlfriend Gwen met her tragic end in a 1970s Amazing Spider-Man story arc, “The Night Gwen Stacy Died”. Following a seemly routine confrontation with his archenemies Norman Osborn (AKA The Green Goblin), Spider-Man is shocked to find out that the Goblin has kidnapped his girlfriend Gwen and is holding her captive at the George Washington Bridge. Spidey arrives just in time to witness the Goblin mercilessly hurl the frightened Gwen off the top of the bridge.

Acting on instinct, Spider-Man quickly wraps his web around Gwen’s ankles apparently saving her – only to find out that due to his lack of proper bungee support, he has inadvertently snapped his beloved’s neck.  After Gwen’s death, Spider-Man hunts the Green Goblin down and beats him within an inch of his life – but can’t bring himself to kill his enemy. The Goblin uses this moment of mercy to turn the tables by attempting to impale Spider-Man with his glider – but alerted by his Spider sense, Spider-Man dodges the charging gilder, which skewers Osborne instead, apparently ending the dark reign of The Green Goblin.

Gwen’s death was also the catalyst for the romantic relationship between Peter and Mary Jane Watson to grow in the comics. As both were close friends of Gwen, they found comfort from the tragic loss within each other’s arms, and the two eventually progressed to become more than friends.

SpiderMan0320122 thumb 550x826 86701 Emma Stone Talks Gwen Stacys Fate in Amazing Spider Man SequelsGwen Stacy’s death as seen  in ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’ #121 (click to enlarge)

So here’s the truth about “The Night Gwen Stacy Died”: Gwen died simply because no one knew what else to do with her. The decision was made conjointly by Marvel staff writer Gerry Conway, artist John Romita Sr., and Editor Roy Thomas when they found that with Peter and Gwen getting out of high school and slowly reaching adulthood, their deep relationship was reaching its inevitable conclusion; marriage.  At the time, Marvel was beat-fist adamant that they did not want Spider-Man to get hitched, as they felt it would have drastically aged the character and would have made previously-planned plotlines difficult to initiate. To add to the problem, the team felt a messy breakup would have appeared too unrealistic for the two – thus Gwen’s execution papers were signed.

Gwen’s death  was somewhat breezed upon in the first installment of Raimi’s Spider-Man trilogy when The Goblin lures Spider-Man to the top of the Queensboro Bridge by kidnapping Mary Jane (instead of Gwen) and a Tramway car full of children. The Goblin drops both Mary Jane and the kids forcing Spider-Man to choose which one he will save – but a quick thinking Spidey is able to save them both. (A moment we deliciously twisted into this comedic Spider-Man movie mashup.)

It’s always awesome to see actors not only acquainting themselves with the original comic book source material, but actively wanting to remain true to it. However, the topic of Gwen Stacy’s death rests in the hands of director Marc Webb (who is rumored to be on his way out of the series) and writers Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman. So far the team has done a decent job remaining  fairly close to the original Spider-Man story – but ultimately (no pun) time will tell what direction they eventually decide to go.


The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is due to open on May 2, 2014 and keep your eye on the main page for more Spider-man info

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  1. I don´t want to be the nit-picker of the day, but it´s ‘Osborn’, not ‘Osborne’.

  2. The people love their on-screen relationship too much for her to die. Money would be lost, therefore it won’t happen.

    • I must be dense, but I did not think their on screen chemistry was all that great or special – it felt like over acting and not natural at all. Neither character seemed particularly interesting but Gwen was the worst – how is a high school senior the head intern at a major corporation and why would she think a miniskirt is the best way to dress if she wants their respect?

    • How would money be lost? It’ll be an awesome scene that will have movie-goers wanting to see what happens to Spider-man next. You know, like what happened when they killed Gwen Stacy off in the comics.

      • You mean how people unsubscribed from Marvel Comics at a record pace following Gwen Stacy’s death?

        • Movies are not comics

    • i´d rather think that she dies at the end of a trilogy or if they would make more then three movies,then maybe in the fourth part and then they introduce mary jane again.

      • Mary Jane can suck it. Go Gwen!!!

  3. And I don’t want to be the “obviously” guy, but…come on, obviously nobody has ANY desire to see the Green Goblin used as a villain again, especially since Raimi’s story took so many elements from that story. If people were complaining about rehashing an origin story, rehashing MORE material is an awful idea.

    • If they did reuse the green goblin, it has to be different.

      They should introduce the protogoblin and greengoblin, both as like transformed human beings (instead of psychotic men wearing suits). They should get into fights and things which should make it interesting.

      Once the bridge scene comes up with green goblin and gwen, people will be like “oh wow, they already did this before!”. But when she dies, people will be shocked in a way.

      I think it could work.

    • They should mix it up a little and use someone like Hobgoblin. There’s enough similarity for the general public to tie him into Green Goblin, but he’s distinct enough that they can take liberties with him without being compared directly to Raimi’s Goblin.

      Gwen’s death *has* to happen, IMO. If there’s anything to raise the stakes of ASM 2 and make it a bigger hit, it’ll be that, because it’s tragic in a way most comic book deaths aren’t (in the sense that Spidey inadvertently kills her). Think of it as Rachel’s death in TDK, but much better.

      And hey, by the third movie we can have him saving Mary Jane in the same situation, only without snapping her neck (as happened in the comics as well, I believe).

      • The only difference here being that pretty much all of us wanted rachel dead.

        This all has been done before and l’m not sure they’ll be willing to do it. it might come off as unoriginal

        • Well to be fair I thought Maggie Gyllenhaal was much, much better than Katie Holmes, so her death kinda worked on the Harvey Dent side of the story.

          But Gwen Stacy’s much more a major female lead than Rachel Dawes ever was, and Hollywood has the tendency to not want to kill off big popular leads in shows…so I’d even say it’s unlikely they’ll want to kill her off next movie. Though, if Webb comes back for ASM 2 he might have earned enough creative control to get that done.

          • Maggy Gillenhal was just aweful and looked PATHETIC.

            • Well that’s an opinion. I happen to think she was a lot better, and if you disagree that’s up to you.

              • Rachel was a pretty annoying character in that movie, not sure if she was just badly written or maggie doing a s*** job.
                She was still the main female role and the love interest. HEr death was a game changer and it proved the nolans had the balls to kill one of the most important characters.

                So it all comes down to how much ball the writers of ASM2 have and if they can find a way to kill her without it looking exactly the same as whichever Sam Raimi travesty borrowed that part

                • i personally feel that maggie did a s*** job. Kinda looked like a pig :P

                  • I can’t tell if you’re trolling. I’m not a fan of actors/actresses getting replaced, but I think she did a fine job with the role.

    • Am I the only person who loved Willem Dafoe’s portrayal of the Green Goblin? I would love to see Webb recast Willem Dafoe as the Green Goblin as long as he is reimagined in a darker, creepier fashion. Dafoe can rise to the challenge as long as Webb crafts an intriguing enough plot and more frightening costume.

      • no, your not :) i loved hir portrayal of the Green Goblin ;)

  4. I think Gwen dieing and then Peter beating Goblin into an inch of his life would be incredibly powerful and awesome on screen if done right.

    You obviously can’t do the glider sequence again like the first movie but something similar would do.

  5. I want her to die.

  6. Honestly, I think she has to die

  7. She really does need to die. You have to stay true the comics! The question is: is the chemistry between Emma and Andrew enough to keep her around until the last movie? I think not. She needs to die by Spidy’s own hands in the sequel, but instead of using Goblin, use Mysterio or whomever was in the post-credits seen. Spidy then beat the s*** out of him and that’s the end of the movie. It should also introduce Mary Jane and Harry and feature more of Oscorp. Then in the third movie, you finally have a Goblin, completely different from the other triliogy’s Goblin. That is my Spiderman movie recipe.

    • It was actually Norman Osborn

      • How was it Norman Osborn, during the post-credits scene? They said he was dying. A dying man doesn’t sneak in and out of a maximum security prison.

        The only person who can do that (IMO) is the Chameleon and after all, Chameleon has ties in with Peter Parker’s parents. Also he was Spiderman’s 1st nemesis and he can very well be posing as Norman Osborn in the post-credits scene.

    • sounds awesome ;) but this time, they should hire a actress who can act, looks beautiful, and doesnt have an annoying scream like Kirsten Dunst did :/

      • Are you saying that Emma Stone can’t act?

    • No, just no. I hate this formula. Green Goblin was the murderer of Gwen Stacy and should stay as is. It would make Norman Osborn look like the Vulture and defeat the whole purpose why Norman/Goblin was the most brutal arch-nemesis of Spider-Man.

  8. I enjoyed Spidey WAY more than TDKR and more than Avengers. It shouldn’t have been a prequel though. Best super hero movie so far this year IMO – or most enjoyable.

    • I hate to say it, but I did too. Perhaps because my expectations for it were much lower than for the other two. The most disappointing was TDKR though.

    • I agree with you.

  9. kravens last hunt is the story that needs to be made into a movie

    • But the married Peter-Mary Jane dynamic was quite important in that one i thought

      i kind of want sin eater and jean dewolffe

    • I would love to see Kraven the Hunter in a future Spider-man film. Perhaps, he could hunt the Lizard as he did in the Spider-man 3 video game.

  10. The important thing isn’t the green goblin, the important thing is her falling off the bridge and spider-man accidentally killing here while trying to save her

  11. Hmmm…I’m going to say no, Gwen will live. And, if nothing else, it won’t be in a confrontation with Green Goblin. Like it was pointed out, Raimi borrowed some of that ten/eleven years ago. You think revisiting the origin story ticked off some folks? Just you wait.

  12. We all know that Sony executives won’t allow such a bankable actress be killed off. If it does happen, I bet it won’t be in the sequel, perhaps number 3.

  13. Captain America and superman died in comics…did they translate that onto the big screen?

    • With Cap they sort of did.

  14. Yeah, if Green Goblin is used for the sequel I think he should be a secondary villain but Electro (or some other villain we havent seen yet) should be the main villain in the movie. Green Goblin needs to be there at some point in order for us to witness gwen’s tragic end which would indeed be a turning point in events, and a great point at that. It needs to happen.

  15. i think if they keep with the genetics angle they could introduce villains like scorpion or Michael….keep the original plot just replace green goblin with one of them….that’s my opinion but I’ll be happy no matter what. :)

  16. I loved Emma Stone’s portrayal of the character, but I think it would be good if Gwen died at some point… it would certainly make headlines (again).
    But I just gotta say, it’s awesome that Stone wants to remain true to the source material… definitely glad I picked her as my celebrity-crush ;)

  17. I don’t want to see Gwen die but she has to. There are certain things that have to happen and one of those things is at some point Spidey and Mary Jane have to end up together. Just like at some point Superman and Lois Lane HAVE to end up together. Idk when she will be killed but she either has to die or something has to happen that ends her relationship with spidey for good. Plus i do hate seeing main characters die but at the same time when they do die it can be very emotional and powerful which can make a good movie a great movie

  18. This is a story that deffinately should happen in the second or third movie. Also they need to intuduce MJ in the second movie so that when Gwen does die Peter will have someone to lean on. (as mentioned above.)

    • But they should hire someone who is actually beautiful. Is it just me who thought that Kirsten Dunst did not look the part of Mary Jane??

      • She looked fine. I guess it was just you.

  19. “she feels the critical event should happen in upcoming squeals”

    Haha, so she feels that the character should squeal (multiple times) when dying?

  20. The writers will eventually kill her off, its inevitable for the character of Gwen Stacy and I think its would add a lot to the storyline.


  21. Everyone knows how movies are these days, you have to put in and take out things. In my mind, since I really dont want to see him again, they can replace the Green Goblin with the Hobgoblin. Maybe thety could put Green Gobby in the video game as an extra villain. And they could maybe put a second villain in the movie: like Electro or Vulture :)

  22. I love an interesting story regardless of how closely it mirrors comic books or novels. Not everything in a child’s comic book makes a good movie. If a scriptwriter or director departs from the comics by crafting a tale that is more interesting than the comic book, I’d much rather see what the scriptwriter or director envisioned. Regardless of how the story happened in the comic books, I do not want to see Gwen Stacy die in any Spider-man movie ever. Emma Stone’s performance added a freshness to the franchise that I want to see for the duration of the series. Her death would dampen my view of the entire series of films. I am not trying to convince any die-hard fans to change their opinion of what the future fate of Emma Stone’s character should be. I am merely expressing my opinion.

    • Not sure that you should insinuate that comic books are for children on an article about spider-man

      • It is just my opinion. Take it or leave it. I can tolerate your differences of opinion. Tolerate mine. :)

  23. They need to keep Gwen throughout the whole thing and keep working on the I can stay around you or you’ll keep getting hurt angle they set up at the end. Maybe by the second or third movie you can have her get hurt to the point where she almost dies and it would push peter over the edge towards whoever tried to hurt her. But she deffinatly needs to stay around. IMO Mary Jane is just a whore and Gwen is who Peter was always ment to be with.

  24. Honestly, i can see this being an amazing finishing sequence. Think about it, if Gwen dies maybe halfway through the third movie at the hand of the goblin, assume Peter goes after Osborne in rage, ending in him getting seriously injured. then, by the final battle, they can pull of a revised version of the ultimate franchises death of spiderman. Killing off a female lead is powerful enough, having the final battle of a lifetime leaving both spidey and goblin dead as well? Gutsy, risky even, but if done right could be revolutionary…

    • personally, i dont think spidey dying is such a good idea, especially because children depend so much on their hero Spiderman

  25. y not kill her in a3rd movie. i liked her. i dont like the neck snap. maybe his web shooter runs out as he shoots for her and she falls. idk i just dont like the idea of him snapping her neck

  26. Honestly, I don’t want her to die. I hate it when characters die, especially when it’s a woman killed off to motivate a man. That’s why we have a little trope called “Stuffed In The Fridge.”

    Another thing is that the circumstances are different now. They don’t have to do something dramatic like killing her off just to keep Peter from getting married. They’re free to subvert the death if they choose to (though they should remain ambiguous on it to maintain suspense). I really like Emma Stone’s portrayal of the character. There’s no need to do it other than “it was in the comics.” While I’m all for accuracy to source material the writers shouldn’t feel like they have to keep exactly with the comics.

    I’m really getting into Spiderman now (after I saw Amazing Spiderman I watched Spectacular Spider-Man). I really like Gwen Stacy’s character, and would hate for them to kill her off just because it was in the comics (no matter how enthusiastic Emma Stone is for the death of her character).

  27. Wont kill of emma stone as she is too captivating and i would say around half of the audience is interested because of her. Lets face it andrew garfiled is no toby macgwire and cannot pull this franchise on his own. Also if a girl in a comic book breaking her kneck was to trafic for comic book readers imagine want an actresses death will do to movie watchers. Not comparable to batman as everyone went to go
    see christian. bale and the jokercar not whoever his gril was that died

    • Seriously, dude. Grammar.

      Andrew Garfield is (IMO) a much better Peter Park than Toby Maguire. Maguire just can’t pull off the snarky jokes that Spider-Man is known for.

      The girl you’re referring to is Rachel. And no, people didn’t go to the movies to see her. Because it isn’t Rachel Dawes: The Movie. Gwen Stacey is an important character to the Spider-Man mythos (even if Sam Raimi believes otherwise), and I think that killing her off just to maintains some sort of sense of “keeping with canon” is misguided. I agree with you that they shouldn’t kill her off, but Emma Stone isn’t the only person carrying the film.

    • i actually want Emma Stone to die. i didnt think she looked or played the part well enough.

      • Mmm…Well I guess we all have our own opinions. I’m no Spider-Man expert, but Emma Stone did great in the role. And it’s not like there’s only one version of the character that exists. There are always different variations of any comic book character. She was blonde and pretty. I don’t really know why you don’t think she looked the part.

        Why do you think she didn’t do the part well?

  28. It is so nice to watch the next sequel as the original comic story,but both Gwen and Peter are the best team I watched so far, more than MJ and Peter. So, which would be the best? Gwen will die, or Gwen will survive and continues the great adventures of the amazing spider-man??

  29. I think that is because you don’t like red heds