‘Amazing Spider-Man 2′ Director Hints at Harry Osborn Venom

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Venom Vol 2 25 Textless Amazing Spider Man 2 Director Hints at Harry Osborn Venom

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is becoming one of THE superhero movies to watch, as Sony clearly has plans to blow the doors of their rebooted franchise wide open into a bigger, better, Avengers-style cinematic universe.

So far we’ve had the usual confirmation of returning stars (Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone); some expected additions to the franchise (Dane DeHaan as Harry Osborn and Shailene Woodley as Mary Jane); some pretty unexpected casting in the villain department (Jamie Foxx as Electro and Paul Giamatti as The Rhino); now, we can add speculation about Venom – a somewhat expected/unexpected/hoped for character – being added to the mix… sort of.

We’ve been following Amazing Spider-Man 2 director Marc Webb’s on-set teases via Twitter; the first batch of photos teased the movie’s traditional filming style and hinted at more Oscorp gene-therapy mayhem to come – but today’s Tweet is setting the geek world on fire:

Crave Online has identified that the birthday shoutout is to Dane DeHaan, who was born on February 6th – but it’s the combination of the birthday wish and the particular photo that has caused such geek mania.

In the Ultimate Spider-Man comic book continuity, Peter Parker and his old friend Eddie Brock are looking into Peter’s father’s research. The pair find a specialized “suit” designed to help cure cancer in a locker (# 14 – see above). This parasitic entity bonds with Peter first, making him a stronger, more invulnerable Spider-Man (able to organically make his own webbing, by the way), before it moves on to its secondary host, Eddie, creating the iconic anti-hero known as Venom. If you’ve seen Spider-Man or read the classic Marvel 616 universe origin of Venom from the 1980s, you basically know the story.

Ultimate Spider Man Venom Origin Amazing Spider Man 2 Director Hints at Harry Osborn Venom

In the Ultimate Spider-Man animated series, the similarities are a lot closer. The Venom symbiote is a creation of Doctor Octopus (working for Norman Osborn) based on a blood sample left behind by Spider-Man during a battle. That symbiote sought to be reunited with its genetic source (Spider-Man) but when rejected by Peter it found a new source: Harry Osborn.

Harry used the suit to become a new Spider-Man (to impress his father) but eventually the suit twisted him into becoming Venom. Harry-Venom would go on to attack his own father (Norman Osborn), then unite with his father (Venom and Green Goblin) to battle Spider-Man – but eventually Harry was “cured” by serum injected into him by Peter. One can easily see how this cartoon continuity could fit into the Amazing Spider-Man  movie universe.

Ultimate Spider Man Harry Osborn Venom Amazing Spider Man 2 Director Hints at Harry Osborn Venom

Harry Osborn Venom

Given that Marc Webb is highlighting this particular image (the #14 locker) with a birthday shoutout attached, the natural assumption is that Dane DeHaan – a rising star who made impressions in films like ChronicleLawless and Lincoln last year – has indeed been brought onboard to not only offer fans a different take on Harry Osborn (than what James Franco did with the character in the original trilogy), but also to bolster this pivotal character of Venom – possibly in anticipation of  the upcoming Venom movie from Chronicle director Josh Trank.

Besides red herrings like the Oscorp gene experiments or Spidey leaving blood behind after getting shot in the leg by police – the biggest piece of evidence here is the hiring of DeHaan. The kid has proven what a talent he is, and when his name was attached to the Harry Osborn role it was made clear that the filmmakers were going in different direction with the character.

Given his rising stature – not to mention his breakout success playing a disturbed superpowered character in Chronicle – one could understand Sony hedging their bets that DeHaan could carry a Venom movie franchise on his own. A simple supporting role seems somewhat wasteful. In the hands of young thespians like DeHaan and Andrew Garfield, a Spider-Man/Venom battle that’s grounded in the Peter/Harry rivalry would be epic to watch, and definitely more impactful than any of the Peter/Harry soap opera drama (or ridiculous action sequencing) we got in Raimi’s films.

Chronicle Movie 2012 Amazing Spider Man 2 Director Hints at Harry Osborn Venom

Dane DeHaan in ‘Chronicle’

Green Goblin seems to be the big thing that the Amazing Spider-Man movies are building to, and we’re fairly sure that villains like Electro and Rhino (and The Lizard) are just minor stops along that wider path. One would hope that Sony learned from Spider-Man 3 and won’t try to cram the entire Venom saga down our throats in a quick and  unsatisfying story; seeing Peter suit up in the symbiote to take on a new level of super-powered villains would be cool, while DeHaan’s nuanced performance could sew some mighty tantalizing seeds for an Amazing Spider-Man 3 Venom saga – and eventually, that spinoff film.

Would you be down for things to play out like they did in the Ultimate Spider-Man cartoons?

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We’ll know how it all shakes out when The Amazing Spider-Man 2 hits theaters on May 2, 2014.

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  1. I’m thinking they’re using the ULTIMATE storyline, but with Osborn instead of Brock (a bit risky, but could pay off.) Think about it:

    Norman Osborn is said to be dying in TASM. So how about 15 years before, when Peter and Harry are children, their parents are working on a cure at OSCORP. Possibly using the spiders therums found at the start of TASM?

    Harry returns, finds his father’s work, find’s Peter’s parents missing? They reconcile, and at the end of the film he finds the Symbiote?

  2. I voted get a life nerds

    • If you read any article here involving superheros, have I got news for you… :)

    • Because chirping somebody over the internet is such a good life. Right?

  3. i think they could tease venom at the end but let electro and rhino have this one

  4. I hope that they use that locker to set up the third movie (with venom), and not make it so 3 villains are in the second movie.

  5. I would love to see Venom in the rebooted universe one because I think he’s a great bad guy for spiderman and two because he was terrible in Spiderman 3 I know plenty if people would vowge for me on that one. I have only seen Dehaan in Lincoln because I havent seen Chronicle yet thought really want to soon buti think Dehaan is a great actor and a terrific choice for Harry Osborn I think he will work really well with the rest of the cast. Now here’s what I think of Harry Osborn as Venom, I think Dehaan would make a great choice for the role and I find it very interesting that Harry may be Venom I like that a lot because it’s shaking things up a little bit and it’s certainly making it different from the comics and the Raimi trilogy but here are my negative thoughts onit I literally just watched some clips of Harry Osborn’s Venom on you tube and I hated them I just thought they were terrible and the show seems overflowed with superheroes and the animation didn’t look that good it didn’t feel like it was fun to watch, Drake Bell makes a god awful spider man to me he isn’t my favorite actor to be honest, the show just didn’t feel like spiderman it didn’t have a sense of humor it felt to me like they wanted me to treat it like a serious live action thing and that’s just not what it is overall I just thought it was lame, Spectacular Spiderman was a ration of Spiderman I loved I thought it was great for a cartoon I liked it a lot better than I thought I would. Maybe they’ll introduce Eddie Brock later on maybe he just hasn’t been casted yet who knows, basically here’s what I think if Harry is venom great but I hope they don’t make it anything like it was in the tv show

  6. Relax people, its obviously based on Harry being Venom, because I think its from the Ultimate Spiderman comics, locker number 14, venom might appear in the Amazing Spider-Man 3, because Electro and Rhino have been confirmed to be the villains in 2.

    • Yeah, I think they’re just building up for everything, like they did for Normal Osborn in the first film.

  7. If that kid turns out to be Venom. I’m out.

  8. Tom Hardy for Eddie Brock/Venom haha…that would be epic

    • Yeah hardy would make a good Eddie now that’s think about it

  9. I prefer him becoming the 2nd Green Goblin. Not ready to see Venom again after Spider-Man 3. Could they find someone else to be Harry Osborn? Tis reboot cast of stars is beginning to look like the cast of Twilight’s or something. Anyways, not interested in venom unless they’re gonna do him justice. Besides i thought they wanted to debut villains not shown in Raimi’s films?

  10. I hope they don’t do it. Electro, Rhino and Venom as villains? One of the main reasons that Spider-Man 3 sucked was because of the unnecessary villains.

  11. Guys RELAX harry WILL NOT be venom because Avi Arad one of the producer for the venom movie said the venom movie will be an Eddie Brock story. Now that doesn’t mean that harry could possibly become his version of venom first then the goo rubs off on Eddie to start his movie where he becomes the real venom. But i doubt that

  12. Maybe! Just maybe this next one will be so bad that they give the rights back to Marvel! And Marvel reboots it (yet again) with Tobey McGuire as Dr. Connors! Yeah that’s the ticket……

    • @ k(Black)

      I can only hope Marvel gains rights back from Sony. Mcguire could of been better than what he was bur Garfield hasn’t won my full approval neither. Mcguire muscled up but had not many wise cracks at baddies, with Garfield it the other way around as he looks too skinny. Imo, McGuire’s Spidey costume was better.

  13. im not ready to see venom again it will be like watching spider man 3 again NO we need new people in the cast besides what they need to do is change the actor who plays spider man he sucks and hes a bad actor the amazing spider man was the worst spider man movie i seen so far horrible..


  15. If done right, this could be very interesting.

  16. what if the new venom is the burglar? (evil marc webb laugh)

  17. I don’t see how Sony can create such an impressive cinematic universe with Spiderman as the only hero they have. He cant team up with any other major characters in the Marvelverse without a Sony/Marvel crossover or a Sony/Fox crossover.

  18. They could create a spider universe. The current spider-universe includes a scarlet spider, Venom(as a hero) and Spider-Woman. What they could do is use the ultimate version of the clone saga as a base to create a Spider-Woman film, maybe a Scarlet Spider film. And create a huge cross over, when Carnage is born forcing Spidey, Venom, and Spider-Woman, and if Scarlet Spider exists to work together against this villain.

    • Not to mention Madam Web and the latest addition to the family, Araña.

  19. There’s way too much story to push first, but I’d love for them to get Carnage onscreen. Just sayin’..

  20. All I want is a good Venom movie. I’ve been waiting for it since Raimi’s Spider-Man 1. I’d prefer a buff Eddie Brock, closer to the comics, but like I said: I just want Venom and I just want it to be good.

  21. I read other people’s posts about wanting to see Carnage but i wish i could be like them about seeing the character on film aswell. Problem is that i have my doubts about seeing the Carnage id LIKE to see on film but i doubt it when all the spidey films are PG-13 & it would be like putting Ledger’s Joker into the (Family Friendly) Batman & Robin film as it’s villain sorta speak.

    Lookin back now it baffles me to how the 90’s Spider-Man animated series was popular when Fox censored it as they did as no realistic guns, no Spidey punching,etc. Even having Carnage somehow on the show the way they did. That’s just my opinion.

    • Ledger’s Joker was in a PG-13 Batman movie. So they could make a Carnage that is just as dark as Joker in a PG-13 Spiderman movie. Why is it dark when the Joker is in a PG-13 Batman movie, but it would be “family friendly” if Carnage were in a PG-13 movie?

      • Because Tge Dark Knight pushed the boundaries of a PG-13 movies, especially with scenes involving the Joker (example: shooting a police officer in the face at point plank range with a shotgun) whereas The Amazing Dpider-man could have even been rated PG with a few generous cuts. The violence and realism of The Datk Knight wouldn’t translate well to the atmosphere created by Mark Webb in ASM.

        • It’s not uncommon for movie sequels to get darker though while still maintaining without completely re-writing the original atmosphere. Look at Mad Max 2, Robocop 2, Kill Bill Vol. 2, Blade 2 to some extent, Batman Begins part 2 (The Dark Knight), Toy Story 3 even, or the gradual transition from kid friendly to dark realism in the Harry Potter franchise. They also go the other way, from dark to more playful like Lethal Weapon 2, Evil Dead 2 and 3, Ninja Turtles 2 and 3, Blade 2 again (they kinda did both somehow).
          The Amazing Spiderman (though mediocre) set up a pretty realistic tone. Granted, not as gritty as Dark Knight. But grounded in reality enough to very easily and sensibly create a sequel and/or spin-off that is dark enough to suit a Venom and/or Carnage movie while still being PG-13.

          • Disregard “while still maintaining.” Forgot to delete.

  22. Since the producers have said that they want the venom film to be an Eddie Brock story then what they could do is have Harry be its first host and then after its battle with the Goblin or sometime later maybe if they make the goblin and venom fight spidey make the symbiote leave Harry and then find Eddie and then that could be the start of his own movie spin off. Since they want him as an anti hero they could make it where he wants to help people but he can’t control his anger towards spiderman at times and acts recklessly and goes for spidey.

  23. Since the producers have said that they want the venom film to be an Eddie Brock story then what they could do is have Harry be its first host and then after its battle with the Goblin or sometime later maybe if they make the goblin and venom fight spidey make the symbiote leave Harry and then find Eddie and then that could be the start of his own movie spin off.

  24. They could have Harry be the first host and then it leave and join with Eddie since the producers have said they wanted to make an Eddie Brock story for the venom spin off and this would be a new fresh way of introducing venom especially since he was on Spiderman 3

  25. Harry Osborn wasn’t in Amazing Spiderman 1, right?

  26. As a teenager I grew up with Raimi’s films, although now that i rewatch them they seem to campy, i know the comics are campy but thats what i liked about TASM that it was something I could imagine in today’s time. With the whole venom thing, I remember that in The Spectacular SpiderMan show they had the sinister six introduced alongisde the symbiote. They then have spidey bond with the symbiote to defeat the six. To me this spunds like a good idea for this film I mean they already have the Rhino, and Electro, just add the rest (of course good casting) and follow that storyline. Introduce Eddie Brock and as a mid or post credits scene show the symbiote bonding with brock, soon after Peter removes it.

  27. Seeing a comic book movies released 1yr & then a few yrs later the same comic book hero gets a reboot by a different directors but it’s an alternate universe, even a comic book geek that’s well informed on the character much feel the need to throw their hands in the air & say screw it.
    The average person with the bare minimal Spiderman knowledge will be pretty much lost.

    Hollywood goes through phases like a kid with a runny nose through a box of tissues.
    Pick a universe & stick with it or make it clear what universe your stomping around in.

  28. If they do end up using Eddie Brock at some point i vote Jai Courtney

  29. I’ve had enough of the childhood nostalgia n fanboyism with raimi’s movies n I thought TASM was an awsome beginning ( minus the lizard) of a new trilogy. There was a time when I used to love raimi ‘s spidey movies. But now – ah, things are different.
    Btw about all this harry venom i think marc webb is just screwing around with the nerds lol.