‘Amazing Spider-Man 2′ Director Hints at Harry Osborn Venom

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Venom Vol 2 25 Textless Amazing Spider Man 2 Director Hints at Harry Osborn Venom

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is becoming one of THE superhero movies to watch, as Sony clearly has plans to blow the doors of their rebooted franchise wide open into a bigger, better, Avengers-style cinematic universe.

So far we’ve had the usual confirmation of returning stars (Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone); some expected additions to the franchise (Dane DeHaan as Harry Osborn and Shailene Woodley as Mary Jane); some pretty unexpected casting in the villain department (Jamie Foxx as Electro and Paul Giamatti as The Rhino); now, we can add speculation about Venom – a somewhat expected/unexpected/hoped for character – being added to the mix… sort of.

We’ve been following Amazing Spider-Man 2 director Marc Webb’s on-set teases via Twitter; the first batch of photos teased the movie’s traditional filming style and hinted at more Oscorp gene-therapy mayhem to come – but today’s Tweet is setting the geek world on fire:

Crave Online has identified that the birthday shoutout is to Dane DeHaan, who was born on February 6th – but it’s the combination of the birthday wish and the particular photo that has caused such geek mania.

In the Ultimate Spider-Man comic book continuity, Peter Parker and his old friend Eddie Brock are looking into Peter’s father’s research. The pair find a specialized “suit” designed to help cure cancer in a locker (# 14 – see above). This parasitic entity bonds with Peter first, making him a stronger, more invulnerable Spider-Man (able to organically make his own webbing, by the way), before it moves on to its secondary host, Eddie, creating the iconic anti-hero known as Venom. If you’ve seen Spider-Man or read the classic Marvel 616 universe origin of Venom from the 1980s, you basically know the story.

Ultimate Spider Man Venom Origin Amazing Spider Man 2 Director Hints at Harry Osborn Venom

In the Ultimate Spider-Man animated series, the similarities are a lot closer. The Venom symbiote is a creation of Doctor Octopus (working for Norman Osborn) based on a blood sample left behind by Spider-Man during a battle. That symbiote sought to be reunited with its genetic source (Spider-Man) but when rejected by Peter it found a new source: Harry Osborn.

Harry used the suit to become a new Spider-Man (to impress his father) but eventually the suit twisted him into becoming Venom. Harry-Venom would go on to attack his own father (Norman Osborn), then unite with his father (Venom and Green Goblin) to battle Spider-Man – but eventually Harry was “cured” by serum injected into him by Peter. One can easily see how this cartoon continuity could fit into the Amazing Spider-Man  movie universe.

Ultimate Spider Man Harry Osborn Venom Amazing Spider Man 2 Director Hints at Harry Osborn Venom

Harry Osborn Venom

Given that Marc Webb is highlighting this particular image (the #14 locker) with a birthday shoutout attached, the natural assumption is that Dane DeHaan – a rising star who made impressions in films like ChronicleLawless and Lincoln last year – has indeed been brought onboard to not only offer fans a different take on Harry Osborn (than what James Franco did with the character in the original trilogy), but also to bolster this pivotal character of Venom – possibly in anticipation of  the upcoming Venom movie from Chronicle director Josh Trank.

Besides red herrings like the Oscorp gene experiments or Spidey leaving blood behind after getting shot in the leg by police - the biggest piece of evidence here is the hiring of DeHaan. The kid has proven what a talent he is, and when his name was attached to the Harry Osborn role it was made clear that the filmmakers were going in different direction with the character.

Given his rising stature – not to mention his breakout success playing a disturbed superpowered character in Chronicle – one could understand Sony hedging their bets that DeHaan could carry a Venom movie franchise on his own. A simple supporting role seems somewhat wasteful. In the hands of young thespians like DeHaan and Andrew Garfield, a Spider-Man/Venom battle that’s grounded in the Peter/Harry rivalry would be epic to watch, and definitely more impactful than any of the Peter/Harry soap opera drama (or ridiculous action sequencing) we got in Raimi’s films.

Chronicle Movie 2012 Amazing Spider Man 2 Director Hints at Harry Osborn Venom

Dane DeHaan in ‘Chronicle’

Green Goblin seems to be the big thing that the Amazing Spider-Man movies are building to, and we’re fairly sure that villains like Electro and Rhino (and The Lizard) are just minor stops along that wider path. One would hope that Sony learned from Spider-Man 3 and won’t try to cram the entire Venom saga down our throats in a quick and  unsatisfying story; seeing Peter suit up in the symbiote to take on a new level of super-powered villains would be cool, while DeHaan’s nuanced performance could sew some mighty tantalizing seeds for an Amazing Spider-Man 3 Venom saga – and eventually, that spinoff film.

Would you be down for things to play out like they did in the Ultimate Spider-Man cartoons?

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We’ll know how it all shakes out when The Amazing Spider-Man 2 hits theaters on May 2, 2014.

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  1. Sorry to complain, but seriously, what’s up with the “Get a life, nerds” option in every poll? I’m not offended by it or anything. It was funny the first few times, but what type of moron would take the time to click on an article about comic book movies, and click that option if they have no interest in the subject matter anyway? It just seems unnecessary (and ironic that they’re the ones telling people to get lives).

    Sorry for the rant, but it was kinda bugging me.

  2. What a load of crap!!!

  3. I’m actually hoping that it is nothing more than a shout out to the fanbase and is much ado about nothing. Note: there is no “Eddie Brock” character listed as of yet. That said–I must keep reminding myself Giamatti was just cast last week as The Rhino.

    By the way, Amazing Spider-Man is nowhere near the quality of the first trilogy. I’m sorry. I wanted to like it. I wound up hating it. I mean I really hated it So I can’t be geeked out over this.
    I can hope for something better.

    • spiderman 1 821 million worldwide
      TASM 752 MILLION WORLDWIDE when released around avengers and TDKR

      ..so its no where near the first trilogy? lol

      • No where near the QUALITY of the first trilogy. Quality and ticket sales do not go hand in hand. Also, it’s pretty damn impressive that Spider-man made 131 Million more a whole ten years prior when people weren’t paying $20 a ticket for imax and 3D options.

  4. I don´t want Osborn as Venom, but I´m more than ok with the Ultimate take on the character. I mean the REAL Ultimate take, not Jeph Loeb´s show for 5 year old kids.

    And once again, the poll is very one sided.

    * Hell No! Traditional Venom Origin!
    * I could see it, with Dane DeHaan in the role.
    * Never been onboard with this reboot since day one.
    * Get a life, nerds.

    What about

    * A faithful Ultimate adaption?!

    And you could also get rid of that stupid “Get a life, nerds” crap, Kofi. That wasn´t funny and it will never become funny.

    • I agree to an extent.

      I’m open for Harry becoming Venom, but I would prefer to see Eddie become Venom as he did in the Ultimate Spider-Man comics. Thing is, there hasn’t been any casting reports on an Eddie Brock yet and weren’t Peter and Eddie childhood best friends?

      • They were. But who says Venom will appear? The pic could very well show a drawer in a morgue.

  5. Eddie! Eddie! Eddie! Eddie!Eddie! Eddie! Eddie! Eddie!Eddie! Eddie! Eddie! Eddie!Eddie! Eddie! Eddie! Eddie!Eddie! Eddie! Eddie! Eddie!Eddie! Eddie! Eddie! Eddie!Eddie! Eddie! Eddie! Eddie!Eddie! Eddie! Eddie! Eddie!
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    Eddie! Eddie! Eddie! Eddie!Eddie! Eddie! Eddie! Eddie!Eddie! Eddie! Eddie! Eddie!Eddie! Eddie! Eddie! Eddie!Eddie! Eddie! Eddie! Eddie!Eddie! Eddie! Eddie! Eddie!Eddie! Eddie! Eddie! Eddie!Eddie! Eddie! Eddie! Eddie!

    • Agreed.. its not the same if its not eddie

    • Theres no like button on this site to


      • There used to be one, along with a dislike button for a day or so. But the trolls quickly abused it.

        • Too many people crying because people disliked their opinion? Way to take away our 1st amendment lol. I guess we can still “type” dislike but that takes away the fun of the button.

  6. Any idea taken from that abomination of a cartoon isn’t a good one. Besides they already did Venom, it’s better to focus on story first & villains that haven’t had a chance to kick ass yet.

    • If you are referring to the Ultimate Spider-Man cartoon,then you are greatly mistaken if you think it’s an “abomination”.

      • Indeed, it is more of a disgusting monstrosity that should have never seen the light of day…or is that the same thing?

  7. Boy – is Amazing Spider-Man just trying to rip off everything from the Raimi films? The first wasn’t that good (in large part because it almost copied Raimi’s to a “t” but included a mystifying villain and no iconic moments), but now they are thinking of putting Venom in the third film too? Ugh.

    Also, I thought Trank was doing the Fantastic Four reboot, not the Venom spinoff…

    • Sam Raimi sucks! Amazing Spider-Man was…Well, Amazing!

  8. I feel like this whole Harry Osborn as Venom thing is gonna be a set up in the ending credits to make way for a central plot in The Amazing Spider Man 3.

    • people who said that TASM was bad are just horrible to me. the movie was just brilliant and waaay darker than the oringinal trilogy. harry osborn as vemon…ummmmm yes did you not see chronicle this guy cant most def bring the darkness. I have no promblem with him being venom or golbin he can and WILL excel

      • @luther donquixote –

        TASM wasn’t bad it was just bland. There was no reason to do the origin story again, especially when it wasn’t nearly as welldone as the original. The way they killed off Uncle Ben in this one was far less tragic – with Peter almost being wholly blameless for his Uncle’s death (and without Peter’s inaction… why become Spider-Man).

        The acting was solid nd the action was great – but it really suffered from copying Raimi’s work and rehashing the past. There was no iconic moment in the entire series (i.e. no Spider-Man upside-down kiss; no SM2 train scene; no SM3 Sandman creation). The only thing that really stood out to me was the crane scene towards the end – and that was goofy all around.

        Lastly, Lizard was a terrible villain. He had almost no discernable motiations in his actions. The movie sets up his turning people into Lizards… and then promptly ignores/forgets them for the rest of the film. SPOILERS – there was NO reason for him to save Parker’s life at the end outside of plot convenience, to that point in time he had been opposd to Spidey while both a man and a monster.

        ASM was better than Spidey 3, but not by much. Once again, not horrible (that’s reserved for crap like Batman and Robin, Elektra, X-Men 3), but Raimi did it way bigger and way better. Dane DeHaan is a fine actor (in one role), but that alone isn’t enough to save what, for now, seems to be a completely directionless second film.

        • Completely agree Evan

      • Your clearly about 7 years old or u have no concept about good story telling and staying true to source material. Harry is the green goblin that’s all, the only reason to make him venom would be to have a spinoff movie, this would sacrifice Spider-Man movies as a whole. Just to cash in on venom popularity. Dehaan defiantly brings the darkness and that’s why he’s perfect for the Harry/goblin. I don’t think your familiar with that story arc so I suggest u look into it. It would make sense once u did. Furthermore TASM wasn’t bad but it was far far from great and especially not brilliant. Read Evans comment just below here he tells it like it is.

  9. Totally called this on this week’s podcast (and before).

    • Rob, your a man on the inside. Why do they keep ruining Spider-Man with these horrible ideas? Y venom, y now? There is so much more to go before we come to that. Why???

  10. My god the cartoon Venom is the reason I decided to finally quit watching it after a few episodes. This sucks.

  11. Oh wow, I was a little concerned about introducing the Sinister Six so early. But this is gooooooood.

  12. Man this is awesome!! In some ways I would prefer to see Eddie but the Harry spin off sounds great! This movie sounds sooo good already. Hopefully they have Felicity Jones play Felicia bc if she is then this will be my fav movie of all time!!!

  13. Just because that Rami also had venom doesn’t mean that Webbs version should not, Venom is the MOST iconic spiderman villain, I would love to see Webbs version of it, and I would also not write it off completely just because the ultimate spiderman cartoon sucked. Lets see what they do with it. Also uh…Carnage? Come on people!

    • Too early too soon too much decisions based on making money, too much unoriginal thought too many villains to worry about venom or carnage

  14. I’d for sure be down for Harry being Venom, sure I think Eddie Brock would be better but its been done and Dane seems like the right guy to pull it off judging from Chronicle.

  15. Eddie Brock as Venom not Harry Osborn.

  16. Yea, this seems cool but I am not sure about having so many villains in one film. I guess they could always have Spiderman need help, Harry Osborne become venom battle Rhino and Electro then at the end tease by Venom taking over setting up the premise for the 3rd film.

    • They probably won’t have him become venom until the third movie or towards the end of the second.

  17. I want Green Goblin, Electro, Rhino, and Venom in the movie.

  18. Original eddie brock with venom symbiote suit is the best story , having the suit alien.
    However as the movies are following alot of the ultimate storylines, it will be a cancer-cure suit which is a good story but it needs to be eddie brock. The only other venom in comics is flash . Never harry. Like most people here i hate that disgrace of a show they have created, their stories are rubbish and making harry osborn into venom would put me off watching it. Even as a big spidey fan.

    • Actually @Jake… Scorpion (Mac Gargan) was Venom for awhile too. And then there was a dude named Angelo Fortunato who has a pretty good story. He gets the symbiote, attacks Spidey, and runs away. The symbiote gets disgusted at his cowardice and abandons him while he is in mid-swing, at which point Fortunato falls to his death.

  19. It’s too soon, for two reasons, first it doesn’t come this early in continuity and second we just got off the Raimi train. There is so much story and villains to get through. It’s an obvious cash cow idea instead of doing what’s right. Harry is the green gob not venom. Dehaan brings the darkness but the kind that’s reserved for Harry, It’s a different kind. Read the books and you will see what I’m saying here. Not the ultimate books but the originals. That’s where’re this character comes from. Ultimate Spider-Man has no business here. This is the amazing Spider-Man. Please Marc Webb do not do this wrong.

    • Its clear that Webb is drawing considerable amounts of story from the Ultimate Comics as seen with much of the plot from TASM (Oscorp spider,uncle Ben’s death etc.)And while this may be a teaser that Venom is on the way, others have already pointed out that this may be a hint that the Green Goblin is on the way because of the number 14 in the image. In the original Amazing Spiderman story line, the first appearance of the Green Goblin is in issue 14. In the Ultimate Comics the case containing Venom is not numbered although they look the same. And also Harry Osborn was never Venom in the comics so I think Webb would be making a big mistake if he followed through with that since it would leave many fans upset and would completely move away from any source material.

  20. I don’t think it’s ruining anything. I think this movie is it’s own entity with a mixture of different versions of Spider-Man. Just because they did it in the comics originally doesn’t mean they can’t change it up and be successful. I look forward to what DeHaan can do with the character of Venom. The Goblin has been and always will be Osborn. We don’t need Harry to be another Goblin.

    Besides, they’re one more villain away from a new version of the Sinister Six (possibly) in the 3rd movie! This movie has me almost as excited as Marvel’s Phase 2, and that’s saying a lot.

  21. First. I vote that Eddie Brock is Venom, and Harry is the GREEN Goblin.

    Second. I thought TASM was pretty good and faithful to the original Spider-Man continuity. I have yet to see anything definitive that makes it the Ultimate continuity, but I keep read that all the time. What am I missing? Please don’t use that horrible cartoon as evidence because it does not follow the Ultimate continuity either.

    Third. If they are going too ultimate, Marvel Studios should keep the MCU away like the plague. No Spider-man avenger, no OsCorp in the skyline. MCU contains insignificant Ultimate elements, but stays true, although modernized, to the real continuity.

    • You don’t get a vote. Just don’t watch the movie. It’s okay, because millions of others will.

      • Of course I get a vote. And so does everyone else. Why else do you think they leak all this information? It’s to gauge the response. Hollywood types don’t do anything independently. They need to research what regular people think, because they don’t know any. In fact I should get a big vote because I represent three movie tickets when I bring my kids, and toy sales, and kids clothing purchases, and other related merchandise for said children. Much more than your average mom’s basement dwelling loner.

  22. So thats Electro, Rhino and Venom all in the one film? Too many villains for my liking. Feels like Spider-man 3 all over again.

    • They,ll probably just introduce venom in this one, I doubt he’ll battle all three.

  23. My 2 cents:

    1. The whole Venom thing can work, they can borrow elements from the ultimate spider-man comics & cartoon easily. Eddie can be Venom for the first half of the movie, then the suit can find it’s way too Harry somehow idk.

    2. If they do want to introduce Carnage then he should be featured as the villain in the Venom spinoff.

    3. Is the sinester six still likely?

    4. I think that sony should give up Ghost Rider to Marvel and Sony should buy the X-Men & FF from Fox because at least Sony is trying make a good spidey flick.

  24. Hmm interesting, but idk how I feel about it

  25. I used to watch some Spiderman cartoons and comics but I have no idea which ones as there seem to be so many different ones, but to me, Eddie Brock is Venom, I didn’t even know that Harry became Venom at some point, a cancer suit, the Green Goblin, it all sounds a bit stupid to me.

    I wasn’t a fan of TASM and never agreed that it should be rebooted so quickly, I thought Raimi done a decent job, not so much with 3 but overall the trilogy was great and pretty faithful to Spiderman, I thought.

    I will just add, can whoever is in charge of the trailer NOT include the entire ending in it! When I saw Spiderman holding onto the building avoiding the falling structure and then when he swings around to kick The Lizard off the tower, I thought, I bet that’s the last 5 minutes of action in the movie, and it was, and it was so disappointing.

    I loathe it when a trailer reveals all the good bits, it makes me feel like a schmuck when I shell out money to see all the boring bits when I’ve all already seen the best bits, The Iron Man 3 trailer and Man of Steel trailer are great, they show us glimpses of action but nothing that will ruin the ending or some of the more spectacular action sequences, I want to be surprised.

  26. You know what I could go for right now? A live action continuity of the Spectacular Spider-Man series. Heck, any continuity of that series would be much appreciated. I would sell every moment of my physical life to the person that brings that show back.

  27. Dehaan was great in Chronicle but as Venom? I don’t know. Hopefully for the fans this turns out to be worthwhile. After the first 3 Spidermans I’m all Spidermaned out.

  28. If Mark Webb is taking cues from the craptastic ultimate spider man animated series Amazing spiderman 2 is THE superhero NOT to watch.
    Rhino and Electro are to of the lamest villians in the Spideys rogue gallery. Fans are still pissed about the disservice that was done to venom by shoe horning him in with 2 other villains and miscasting eddie, but this would be a hundred times worse.

  29. am I the only one that wants to see a big physically scary Eddie Brock, in the comics he was scary with or without the symbiote. I would love to see Deehan play goblin but if the next venom is less intimidating than topher grace then I will officially swear off spider man.