‘Amazing Spider-Man 2′ Director Hints at Harry Osborn Venom

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Venom Vol 2 25 Textless Amazing Spider Man 2 Director Hints at Harry Osborn Venom

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is becoming one of THE superhero movies to watch, as Sony clearly has plans to blow the doors of their rebooted franchise wide open into a bigger, better, Avengers-style cinematic universe.

So far we’ve had the usual confirmation of returning stars (Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone); some expected additions to the franchise (Dane DeHaan as Harry Osborn and Shailene Woodley as Mary Jane); some pretty unexpected casting in the villain department (Jamie Foxx as Electro and Paul Giamatti as The Rhino); now, we can add speculation about Venom – a somewhat expected/unexpected/hoped for character – being added to the mix… sort of.

We’ve been following Amazing Spider-Man 2 director Marc Webb’s on-set teases via Twitter; the first batch of photos teased the movie’s traditional filming style and hinted at more Oscorp gene-therapy mayhem to come – but today’s Tweet is setting the geek world on fire:

Crave Online has identified that the birthday shoutout is to Dane DeHaan, who was born on February 6th – but it’s the combination of the birthday wish and the particular photo that has caused such geek mania.

In the Ultimate Spider-Man comic book continuity, Peter Parker and his old friend Eddie Brock are looking into Peter’s father’s research. The pair find a specialized “suit” designed to help cure cancer in a locker (# 14 – see above). This parasitic entity bonds with Peter first, making him a stronger, more invulnerable Spider-Man (able to organically make his own webbing, by the way), before it moves on to its secondary host, Eddie, creating the iconic anti-hero known as Venom. If you’ve seen Spider-Man or read the classic Marvel 616 universe origin of Venom from the 1980s, you basically know the story.

Ultimate Spider Man Venom Origin Amazing Spider Man 2 Director Hints at Harry Osborn Venom

In the Ultimate Spider-Man animated series, the similarities are a lot closer. The Venom symbiote is a creation of Doctor Octopus (working for Norman Osborn) based on a blood sample left behind by Spider-Man during a battle. That symbiote sought to be reunited with its genetic source (Spider-Man) but when rejected by Peter it found a new source: Harry Osborn.

Harry used the suit to become a new Spider-Man (to impress his father) but eventually the suit twisted him into becoming Venom. Harry-Venom would go on to attack his own father (Norman Osborn), then unite with his father (Venom and Green Goblin) to battle Spider-Man – but eventually Harry was “cured” by serum injected into him by Peter. One can easily see how this cartoon continuity could fit into the Amazing Spider-Man  movie universe.

Ultimate Spider Man Harry Osborn Venom Amazing Spider Man 2 Director Hints at Harry Osborn Venom

Harry Osborn Venom

Given that Marc Webb is highlighting this particular image (the #14 locker) with a birthday shoutout attached, the natural assumption is that Dane DeHaan – a rising star who made impressions in films like ChronicleLawless and Lincoln last year – has indeed been brought onboard to not only offer fans a different take on Harry Osborn (than what James Franco did with the character in the original trilogy), but also to bolster this pivotal character of Venom – possibly in anticipation of  the upcoming Venom movie from Chronicle director Josh Trank.

Besides red herrings like the Oscorp gene experiments or Spidey leaving blood behind after getting shot in the leg by police - the biggest piece of evidence here is the hiring of DeHaan. The kid has proven what a talent he is, and when his name was attached to the Harry Osborn role it was made clear that the filmmakers were going in different direction with the character.

Given his rising stature – not to mention his breakout success playing a disturbed superpowered character in Chronicle – one could understand Sony hedging their bets that DeHaan could carry a Venom movie franchise on his own. A simple supporting role seems somewhat wasteful. In the hands of young thespians like DeHaan and Andrew Garfield, a Spider-Man/Venom battle that’s grounded in the Peter/Harry rivalry would be epic to watch, and definitely more impactful than any of the Peter/Harry soap opera drama (or ridiculous action sequencing) we got in Raimi’s films.

Chronicle Movie 2012 Amazing Spider Man 2 Director Hints at Harry Osborn Venom

Dane DeHaan in ‘Chronicle’

Green Goblin seems to be the big thing that the Amazing Spider-Man movies are building to, and we’re fairly sure that villains like Electro and Rhino (and The Lizard) are just minor stops along that wider path. One would hope that Sony learned from Spider-Man 3 and won’t try to cram the entire Venom saga down our throats in a quick and  unsatisfying story; seeing Peter suit up in the symbiote to take on a new level of super-powered villains would be cool, while DeHaan’s nuanced performance could sew some mighty tantalizing seeds for an Amazing Spider-Man 3 Venom saga – and eventually, that spinoff film.

Would you be down for things to play out like they did in the Ultimate Spider-Man cartoons?

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We’ll know how it all shakes out when The Amazing Spider-Man 2 hits theaters on May 2, 2014.

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  1. Lord no, Keep Eddie Brock. Hate the Ultimate SPiderman cartoon take on everything including stupid Harry as Venom

    • yah agreed keep it original with eddie brock

    • Yep. It’s the worst story I’ve ever seen.

  2. I’m not too bothered about Venom’s origin story but DeHaan as venom reminds me of the scrawny Topher Grace as venom and so help me, if they mess up my favourite spider-man villain again.

    • Yeah, Brock was pretty muscular. That was my big complaint with the first one too. I’m not asking for a big guy, just not a little tiny guy either.

  3. I’m getting more and more excited to see where they are going with this franchise. At least they got the hype down, now focus on making an excellent 2nd film before looking too far in the future

    • +1. They should get the first non-origin instalment of this franchise right first as this will give them, the whole new team taking on Spider-Man, a chance to fully put their mark on Spider-Man. They should wrap up the main villain plot but leave some easter eggs for us fans to get worked up over. They should also try and get two big big actors for a mid-credits scene between Doc Oc, who could already be established with his robotic tentacles, and Norman Osborn discussing an aspect of the plot that is still not fully wrapped up like they did with the first one. This would build mega hype for a 3rd film and be used to market spin offs.

  4. Goddammit.

    • Exactly. Harry Osborne is the new Venom, this is not the Universe we want to live in.

      • Ultimate Universe is Best Universe, And I believe they could pull it off! If they do it like Ultimate spidey Animated series~ That first season ending was epic!

        • The Ultimate Universe used to be great before Ultimatum and Ultimate Origins. And the Ultimate Spider-Man cartoon is a huge pile of crap that doesn´t deserve the name “Ultimate”.

          • They should have kept the Spectacular Spider-Man cartoon going, now that on was really good.

          • Hell yeah. That cartoon is geared toward preteens. What a crock of shart. They should have someone like Whedon telling them some guidelines to stay within.

            • They don´t need anyone to tell them some guidelines, they need to fire Jeph Loeb. If that guy stays aways from everything that has a Marvel logo on it, the problem is solved.

          • Will agree that, Ultimate Spiderman Animation series was a HUGE let down as far as story line, and that there are ALOT of moments that is just HORRIBLE WRITING. BUT!!! If you watch it for what it is~ “a spiderman cartoon” theres alot of good parts too! If you look past the Ultimate storyline *Puck-up, …basically whenever the Sheild version of Teen Titans aren’t around, any Episode thats Just Spider-man are actually good!

  5. Keep Venom as Eddie, and keep Harrys story similar to what happened in the comics. Harry not liking Peter at first, they become friends, he finds out that spiderman killed his dad, he finds out that Peter is Spiderman, Harry becomes the new Goblin. They fight, Spiderman wins, and Harry goes to a mental institution, because they think he’s crazy.

    • But we Already saw this In Remi’s Spider-man! and it suxed! This time they have a chance to do something better!

      • That was one of the best parts of the Rami films. Sure, they have a chance to do something better with Venom, but that doesn’t mean make him a scrawny little idiot again. Why not just make JJ Jameson Venom so at least we could see the Hitler ‘stache on a symbiote. He can offer nickel mustache rides.

      • +1 Who the hell wants to see the same story again.

  6. I dont really see Dane Dehaan as a venom at least not the classic one but maybe with some cgi it would work. They should include easter eggs in TASM2 for part 3 to top off a trilogy but worry about executing the sinister six for this one.

      • If you think about it the lizard didnt have the snout because those were his first doses when he increases in dose later we might see the snout. Remember Conners wasnt killed maybe they can make him go on the lizard serum again but this time a much stronger serum that eventually gives him the snout

      • When The Lizard was first introduced in the comics, he did not have a snout. :)

  7. So… Electro, the rhino, black cat and now Harry as Venom… four f**king villains? Didn’t we learn our lesson when Spider Man 3 came out, and that complete clusterf**k of a movie only used 3 villains…. this is heading for a complete disaster…

    • Since when Black Cat is a villain? She’s in a grey area, neither hero nor villain.

  8. i’d be willing to give it a chance

  9. If it was any other actor I would say no but since its DeHaan I think it might do ok. His work in Chronicle showed that he can be a good villan.

  10. I dont mind the storyline that creates venom (suit) based on the Ultimate Universe however im dead set against Harry as Venom.

    I would like to see as described above his friendship with Peter and his mental breakdown to possibly include some drug usage to cope and finally donning the Goblin persona.

    EVEN if it mean Norman does not wear the Goblin outfit first. Harry can somehow stumble on what his father planned to do before Spiderman got involved. A little different but it can still be done.

    • I agree. The Ultimate story line is fine with me (they’ve already based a few arcs from the first movie on the Ultimate U anyway), but Harry as Venom doesn’t sit well. I’d prefer if they stick to the source material.
      That said, I wouldn’t punch a wall or anything if they were to go with Harry as Venom… for all we know it could be good… maybe… ‘probly not… i dunno.

      • It does sound strange that they would pull this move; yet for some reason I could see it working as peter saving harry from the symbiote could help spark the friendship we got to know in the comics

        • However I dont think it could be the Venom we know. While I understand the possible thought process of distanting themselves from the other Eddie/Venom, if done correctly Eddie/Venom is the only Venom and there should be no need to change that.

          Especially when Harry is also such a rich character with a different background/reason for his hatered of SM and the path he travels getting there and back.

          I would rather them do a solid Harry/Goblin then to try and mush together two very strong characters into one just for the sake of getting it all on screen.

    • +1

  11. Funnily enough, I was thinking about the Venom character all week and what I’d potentially do if somehow I bagged that role (it’s a pipe dream but hey).

    See, Topher played a good Eddie Brock Jr, it’s just that the Venom part was a total letdown. DeHaan could make it work, I’m just not sure about Harry as Venom but who knows, I haven’t read any of the Ultimate comic books to be upset or excited.

    Coincidentally, today (February 7th) is my birthday too so thanks for the gift of potential Venom movie appearances Kofi!

    • Happy birthday! Today is mine as well!

      • Halloween baby here. My b-day’s cooler than yours :P

        • My birthday is on December 26th. I guess I win this game. ;)

  12. Honestly not looking forward to the sequel at all. Trying not to be the guy that’s negative about these sorts of things but I really did not enjoy the Amazing Spiderman at all, didn’t think it did justice to the character. Idk maybe I’m just an old fashioned spiderman fan, but In liked him far more when he was a downtrodden nerd who did what was right because he knew it was the right thing to do, and not a whiny new age punk who’s supposedly the grittier version of aforementioned superhero… I think I’ll just avoid this incarnation of spiderman and stick to Marvel Studios

    • The Amazing Spider-Man is co-production of Marvel Studios like most Marvel films…

      • not really. He’s a marvel property that is “owned” by Sony. Marvel Studios has NOTHING to do with this garbage rendition of Spider Man. If they did, it wouldn’t suck.

        • WRONG AGAIN, The creators of these Marvel movies, though different studios, Get their cunsulting from Marvel. It’d be stupid not too, when your making a movie off one of their characters.

          • Sony and Fox ruining Marvel movies is literally the reason behind Marvel creating Marvel Studios. So they can do proper movies without outward influence. Sony did 3 movies and rebooted to keep the rights. You don’t think there is a problem if you’re rebooting your own franchise?

            Yes this is based off the ultimate universe that no one reads anyway.

            • “literally the reason behind Marvel creating Marvel Studios”
              I think the reason behind Marvel creating Marvel Studios was to make money :/ (Just an educated guess)

              • Of course.

          • @ Sazuko

            LOL!! Prove it!!!

        • Yes Marvel Studios have nothing to do with Spiderman movies but no, ASM didn’t suck. At all.

          Maybe you got the DVD but they and the wrong disc in the box?

        • @Stark: Kevin Feige was a producer on TASM, and if I remember correctly, Marvel Studios was credited in the end-credits somewhere.

          Of course, TASM isn’t part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but essentially, Marvel still co-produced AND consulted on the creative aspects on the film.

          • Feige wasn’t just a producer on TASM, he was executive producer. He was also a producer on X-Men, X2 and executive produced X-Men TLS and Hulk.

            • You are correct, but to my knowledge this was the first time where Marvel Studios consulted on one of the other studios’ film.

        • You mean this addition with a Peter Parker that actually looks like Peter Parker!

  13. Idk how I feel about this one.. Dehaan can play a GREAT villain but venom? Idk

  14. Maybe this isn’t the place for this, but can someone tell me how the first one ends? I fell asleep during the last 30 minutes or so…

    • Exactly like every other super hero film ended in 2012: the hero manages to screw up the villain’s plan, JUST before something goes off.

      Friggin hell I can’t even remember the last time we had a superhero film in which the final act’s tension wasn’t caused by a time factor for a device to ruin everything.

      • That is how a lot of movies end, not just superhero movies.

    • Well, nothing like a midday troll to shake that sleepy feeling. I didn’t like ASM at all, but come on!

      • Yeah, my comment did seem trollish, but I was actually being serious. I enjoyed the Amazing Spiderman but was watching it at my brother’s house over xmas and fell asleep. Flew back to NYC the next day and never saw the end.

        I figured the croc was defeated but was curious if there were any other developments that might have set up the plot for the second movie.


          The LIZARD was defeated, but managed to kill George Stacy beforehand.

  15. This whole reboot is garbage. Yes I said garbage. So sho cares how they screw up Venom, or how badly.
    I wish Disney would buy Spidey back so he could be together with the Avenges. This reboot with a jaundice Spidey is just a joke. Hopefully after this mess of a trilogy is over Spider Man can finally be done right.

    • Sure, keep dreaming

      • Well, he/she did claim that the reboot is garbage (probably hasn’t seen the Raimi movies lately, they haven’t aged well at all, way too goofy and cringeworthy to watch nowadays).

        • I wasn’t really a fan of the first trilogy either, but it was still better than ASM. Some times studios get it right and some times they don’t. This time they didn’t.

          • hahaa, funny coming from someone named “Stark”

          • Personally, I think they did.

            I did like the original trilogy and I’m a fan of Raimi as a director but honestly, Webb’s version was just so much better and a more accurate rendition of the character in my view.

            As someone who was an outsider in school and foud it difficult to interact with people (still do actually), Garfield’s Parker was pitch perfect as far as mannerisms and manner of speech and as Spiderman, he had the kind of sarcastic confidence that outsiders put on when they’re safely protected by something (in his case, a mask).

            Maguire’s version just didn’t sit right with me. It was more like a popular kid’s interpretation of what an ostracized loner is like.

            • +1

              • +3

            • A more realistic rendition isn’t necessarily more accurate. Read the comics. Peter was much more accurately portrayed by Maguire than Garfield. Garfield’s rendition might be more realistic, but this is debatable: as a more intelligent than normal kid, I had my share of ostracism and I relate more to Maguire’s Peter than Garfield’s.
              Also, unlike Maguire, Garfield doesn’t look like Peter at all and that frantic stuttering of his is just obnoxious.
              However, I do agree that his Spider-Man sarcastic persona is more in line with the comics.

  16. So this movie would had Electro, Rhino, AND Venom? I don’t want to say spider-man 3 but… this is reminding me of Spider-man 3. While I think Venom is awesome, it frightens me what could go wrong.

    • Venom is not going to be in this. It is just a teaser of things to come I think. This first trilogy is building towards the green goblin, well that is the general consensus anyway.

    • My hope is that the symbeote is introduced and is on Spidy by the end of the movie, but Venom is not introduced until 3.

  17. I dont like the Ultimate Spiderman series, and i would prefer to keep Brock as Venom but i dont mind Dehaan doing it. I thought he was phenominal in Chronicle and im curious to see how well he could pull off Venom, so long as Sony remembers their mistakes with Topher Grace in Spiderman 3. I think he’ll make a great Harry though, cant wait till TASM2 comes out.

    • Bad news dude, “The Amazing Spiderman” movie is GREATLY based off of the Ultimate Spidey franchise, and will mostlikely continue to be, Like how no one bitched when they said Peter Parker’s Parents were scientists instead of Spies for the CIA and worked with Nick fury. -Amazing Spider-man story huh?

      • “The Amazing Spiderman” movie is GREATLY based off of the Ultimate Spidey franchise.

        I don´t think so. The only “Ultimate” references are a younger Ben and May. And a modernized Peter. The rest is pretty much 616-ish.

        • Oh, and the scientist parents of course.

          • Also, revealing his identity to Gwen almost right away was like Ultimate except of course it was Mary Jane in the comic.

  18. It makes sense from a movie standpoint.

    In Harry, you’ve got a ready made character who is jealous of Peter, bitter, angry, and out to prove a lot. But because you want to stay faithful to comic continuity, which was developed over decades, not hours, you make that character into an imitation of a previous villain, and then introduce the audience to a whole new character, explain his personality and motivations.

    Having to write in Eddie Brock to the Spider-man III screenplay was a huge drag, and took the focus from everything else. Obviously he came off as cartoony. Whereas had the just used Harry, it could have been a whole lot smoother. I’m not saying they couldn’t create an Eddie Brock character, but honestly I think Harry is tailor-made for the part. What else are you going to do with him in a movie? Goblin 2?

    Back then I thought they should have utilized Harry that way (“My Father likes Black”). I would have no problem with it if they did it now.

  19. The problem with what some of the comments suggests as far as duplicating the Harry-Norman-Goblin saga from the comics is just that, it’s a duplication. We’ve already seen that and Eddie Brock as Venom in Raimi’s films. I think they’re trying something fresh. On a sidenote I knew something was up when after Spidey got shot in the leg while trying to escape he slapped a bloody handprint down onto a building. The camera held on that shot just a little too long. Most likely where the blood sample to create Venom could have come from.

    • That’s a good point man. I noticed that too, but I hadn’t made this connection yet. That’s a decent possibility right there.

    • I agree that shot was held for longer than needed. Clearly they have had a clear plan of what they want to do with this reboot from the beginning. Having an overall plan and direction always makes for better quality of plot than franchises that don’t e.g. x-men unfortunately. I’m looking forward to see what other Easter eggs and alternative plots they have in store for this version of the character

  20. Anyone getting a Spiderman 3 vibe?
    So let’s see…
    The Rhino
    Possibly Venom
    Possibly Norman Osborn

    Seems like this movie might be even more jam packed with villains than Spidey 3 and we know how that turned out

    • Actually, I can see Elektro and Rhino as the villains while Norman is hinted at similar to the first movie and Harry’s story is set up for him to become Venom in a future movie, the way it should’ve been in the Raimi movies.

      • If Harry is in it, Norman most likely will be in it to. Colm Feore was just cast in an unspecified roll and he don’t seem like a J. Jonah Jameson to me.

    • lol add Octopus and Mysterio and they should just title the movie Spider-Man And The Sinister Six!

      • Octopus might chime in at some point. I don’t know if anyone else noticed, but when Peter visits Oscorp I glimpsed something that kinda looked like Octopus’ harness behind a protective glass.

    • I’d love for the Rhino to simply be the opening fight scene. To sort of show how Peter has come along as a hero. No real story behind Rhino just have him rampaging with Spider man stopping him. Then just carry on with the film and have Electro be the main antagonist.

      • @corey

        I thought the same thing when they announced the news – Rhino would be a good opening villain easily defeated. But, this is unlikely to be the case since they signed a prestigous actor to play the role and I doubt they are going to only utilize him for an opening battle.

  21. That is total blasphemy.

  22. Is it just me, or is it truly despicable of Sony to steal Marvel’s initiative and launch a cinematic universe against them, using their own characters!?

    Seriously, I friggin love Garfield’s Spider-man, and I’m not even a fan of Marvel’s current films, but this just feels wrong to me.

    • Wait…what?!

      Using their own characters against them? But don’t Marvel get a percentage due to ownership of the characters? Therefore, Sony’s movies being successful would benefit both parties.

      • Purely financially to some point that argument holds. On the other hand, we know Marvel would rather just own all of their own characters, I can’t imagine them not wanting to. So however you want to look at it, Sony is exploiting Marvel’s characters in direct competition against them. Unless Sony has made a deal to either indeed deliver heavy percentages, or set up the franchise and sell the rights later on when Spider-man is ready to engage the Avengers.

        I’m not boycotting anything, and as I said in terms of the films I like I’m not even actually on Sony’s side, but it feels f*cked up nevertheless.

        • I mean I AM on Sony’s side, I dislike Marvel’s current bunch of films. Doesn’t influence the fact that I think Sony is exploiting Marvel’s characters against them.

        • Actually I dont believe AMrvel would like to own all of their properties in a MMU.

          Reason being as was stated is they do not have the man power or resources to field that many movies within a certain time frame.

          • Actually Marvel Studios has at least co-produced EVERY Marvel film since 1998. They’re getting their fair share. Silrian, your comment may very well be the silliest thing I’ve ever heard.

            • “Actually Marvel Studios has at least co-produced EVERY Marvel film since 1998.”

              Since Marvel Studios was founded in 2007 or 2008 (can´t remember which year), that seems highly unlikely.

    • Unless they introduce or tease Jason Philip Macendale Jr’s Hobgoblin who could cross over into Ghost Rider 3…I wouldn’t put much stock in a “Sony Marvel Universe”.

  23. I enjoy new origin stories, they make us enjoy the movie a bit more as its not the generic story that everyone already feel as if they know what is going to happen

  24. HELL YEAH!
    I was speculating this from the very FIRST trailer for “The Amazing Spiderman” As soon as they introduced peter’s dad as a Scientist and Researcher at Oscorp, I was like “Awww s*** they’re are going with the Ultimate Universe take!!” How I see the build up:

    “The Amazing Spiderman”: Peter gets powers, learns great power = responsibility, basic universe shown and established, Oscorp experiment 1: Lizard, Rihno can be seen on the Oscorp tree of life~ If you see at the end when Peter/spiderman gets shot in the leg, they do a close up of him smearing bloody hand prints on the side of buildings~! (BLOOD SAMPLE for Venom Project!)

    “The Spectacular Spiderman”(amazing pt2): More universe expansion, start to learn more of dad research and Oz-Corp tie-ins, Development of Oz formula v.1 and Animal Cross-Genetics experiments reveiled, Experiment 2: The Rihno (possibly Experiment 3: The Shocker/Electro), Experiment 4 turns out to be spider-man himself, (Symbiot introduced? experiment 5!)

    “Venom” Movie: Venom Spin-off movie can come in here with Dane Deehan!! and this would tell how he gets ahold of the Sybiot from spiderman and how he tries to become a “Better Hero” than spider-man at first, but fails do to so because of his poor at-home life (kinda like chronicle.) Carnage would be a SICK villian for this movie! Spider-man would still be in the movie (though less of a roll) and Gwen Stacy would also be Killed in this Movie by Carnage!, JUST LIKE IN ULTIMATE-VERSE!( a secondary villian could be doctor-oct who made venom for osborn in the animated series)!!

    and Finally: “The Ultimate Spiderman” (amazing pt3): Recap from venom movie, Venom finally gets takendown/cured by peter) Norman Ozborn finally finnishes the Oz-Formula V.2 which is now designed to give him the power of Venom but the control of spiderman, Of corse this goes terribly wrong, and BAM you have Ultimate version GREEN GOBLIN!(who is a total bad ass that even takes on sheild and the Ultimates(the avengers) in the comics! the whole second half of this movie should be a continuos EPIC BATTLE! to the end (and could even include the Avengers!? o_O (…wishful thinking lol))kinda like the Ultimate Sinerster Six when they attacked the white house with Green Goblin as the Vanguard! Mary Jane would get trown off of plenty of Bridges and buildings (XD lol Ultimate MJ) and Spider-man Saves the day- almost at the cost of his life~
    This would be the Finale of this Spiderman Movie-Vers~!

    *alternate Ending: Peter Parker dies in the mahem with Green Goblin~ Enter a set-up for the All-New-Ultimate Spiderman with Miles Morales!! O_O
    Franchise Continues and Makes Un-countable BILLIONS over the corse of 5 movies!!

    • What’s funny is that for years, I’ve always thought that Venom should appear as a shadowy figure at the end of a Spiderman movie, fully appear in his own spin off and have that Spiderman scene at the end from Venom’s perspective when he’s turned into a villain with the next Spiderman movie having their big showdown.

      Always kept that idea close to my chest in case I somehow ended up writing a successful script and could pass it along but since you also had a similar idea….

    • Best thing: Almost Everything listed above would be canon to the Ultimate-vers comics or Animated series! Which is what they originally was going to do witht he first movie~

  25. They have so much material why are they messing with the most anticipated villian in Spiderman history? Keep him Eddie brock, keep it the way it should be. They should just sell the rights back to Marvel.

    • This is the Ultimate Spiderman universe though, the version where Carnage is actually a clone of Gwen Stacy instead of Kletus Cassidy.

      Ooo, possible future plot point in the movies?

      • If this is Ultimate then why is it called Amazing?

  26. Id love to see Carnage.. Too many villains to little time

  27. I’m all about trying new things with story/character and so far the casting sounds great but this, again, sounds like too many cooks in the kitchen. That and bad writing sunk SM3.

    A film like this needs to be about more than lining up the villains so Spidey can knock them down. The cross franchise possibilities with Trank’s Venom seems brilliant but there’s something about Electro and Rhino and now Venom that makes this seems too crowded, already relegating Foxx and Giamatti to second trier supporting villains. As you noted DeHaan has the chops so no doubt he’ll be great in the role, channeling more of himself in Chronicle as opposed to acting the conflicted playboy.

    Garfield is superb in the role and you can’t go wrong with Stone. Interested to see how Woodley’s addition to the cast affects things. But again, isn’t this just too many iconic and larger than life characters in one film? You need a little elbow room and I for one hope for the sake of this new series that they handle the new villains better than the Lizard. Wow, what a waste:(

    • This is why I said earlier that it’s more likely that Venom will be hinted at in these movies.

      Spiderman 3 was clearly about Harry’s redemption and Sandman as the one and only villain but Raimi caved in to fan demand about having Venom featured and shoehorned him in to satisfy them.

      Hopefully Webb and the rest of the team handling this version have the sense to plot things out in advance (which it seems they have).

    • I Totally Agree on the Villian Handleing part~ The Lizard was VERY poorly handled~ hated the way they cut like half of Conner’s Scenes (like with his son and family) They cut out alot of scenes that made connors more Human and relateable, that really took away fromt he story of the first movie.

  28. never liked the non-alien symbiote. but i’ve read that the venom movie would be following the flash thompson version from the original continuity.

    • Not the original Eddie Brock version then?

  29. HELL YEAH! That’s an amazing twist of Harry becoming Venom, adds more to the suspense and anticipation.

    Plus, this increases the chance of Carnage :D

    • How could she be introduced though?

      I think Gwen will die, that seems obvious but what reason will they have for cloning her, let alone turning her into Carnage?

      • They may not do Carnage purely the Ultimate way, there is a mix of both the Amazing and Ultimate universes.

        We’ve seen Eddie Brock as Venom, but we haven’t seen Cletus Kasady as Carnage

        • I don’t think we should see Cletus though in these movies. It seems mostly based on the Ultimate version of the Spiderman universe and it would be a more powerful and emotionally draining plotline to have a clone of Peter’s first love as Carnage.

          That way, instead of Carnage being too powerful and needing Venom’s help due to that, we could have Peter refusing to hurt her and that’s the reason why Venom helps him and becomes a hero.

        • I agree, as much as I love the Ultimate-verse, Though its not Cannon to the comics, I’d like to see Cletus Kasady as Carnage instead of Gwen.

          *Cletus Kasady Carnage in a Dane Dehann Venom Movie would be OVER THE TOP O_O awesome, and great for developing Harry as a character.

          *But! A gwen stacy Carnage would be more cannon to the comics and fit better with this movie-verse~

          >_< so many possibilities.