‘Amazing Spider-Man 2′ Director Hints at Harry Osborn Venom

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Venom Vol 2 25 Textless Amazing Spider Man 2 Director Hints at Harry Osborn Venom

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is becoming one of THE superhero movies to watch, as Sony clearly has plans to blow the doors of their rebooted franchise wide open into a bigger, better, Avengers-style cinematic universe.

So far we’ve had the usual confirmation of returning stars (Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone); some expected additions to the franchise (Dane DeHaan as Harry Osborn and Shailene Woodley as Mary Jane); some pretty unexpected casting in the villain department (Jamie Foxx as Electro and Paul Giamatti as The Rhino); now, we can add speculation about Venom – a somewhat expected/unexpected/hoped for character – being added to the mix… sort of.

We’ve been following Amazing Spider-Man 2 director Marc Webb’s on-set teases via Twitter; the first batch of photos teased the movie’s traditional filming style and hinted at more Oscorp gene-therapy mayhem to come – but today’s Tweet is setting the geek world on fire:

Crave Online has identified that the birthday shoutout is to Dane DeHaan, who was born on February 6th – but it’s the combination of the birthday wish and the particular photo that has caused such geek mania.

In the Ultimate Spider-Man comic book continuity, Peter Parker and his old friend Eddie Brock are looking into Peter’s father’s research. The pair find a specialized “suit” designed to help cure cancer in a locker (# 14 – see above). This parasitic entity bonds with Peter first, making him a stronger, more invulnerable Spider-Man (able to organically make his own webbing, by the way), before it moves on to its secondary host, Eddie, creating the iconic anti-hero known as Venom. If you’ve seen Spider-Man or read the classic Marvel 616 universe origin of Venom from the 1980s, you basically know the story.

Ultimate Spider Man Venom Origin Amazing Spider Man 2 Director Hints at Harry Osborn Venom

In the Ultimate Spider-Man animated series, the similarities are a lot closer. The Venom symbiote is a creation of Doctor Octopus (working for Norman Osborn) based on a blood sample left behind by Spider-Man during a battle. That symbiote sought to be reunited with its genetic source (Spider-Man) but when rejected by Peter it found a new source: Harry Osborn.

Harry used the suit to become a new Spider-Man (to impress his father) but eventually the suit twisted him into becoming Venom. Harry-Venom would go on to attack his own father (Norman Osborn), then unite with his father (Venom and Green Goblin) to battle Spider-Man – but eventually Harry was “cured” by serum injected into him by Peter. One can easily see how this cartoon continuity could fit into the Amazing Spider-Man  movie universe.

Ultimate Spider Man Harry Osborn Venom Amazing Spider Man 2 Director Hints at Harry Osborn Venom

Harry Osborn Venom

Given that Marc Webb is highlighting this particular image (the #14 locker) with a birthday shoutout attached, the natural assumption is that Dane DeHaan – a rising star who made impressions in films like ChronicleLawless and Lincoln last year – has indeed been brought onboard to not only offer fans a different take on Harry Osborn (than what James Franco did with the character in the original trilogy), but also to bolster this pivotal character of Venom – possibly in anticipation of  the upcoming Venom movie from Chronicle director Josh Trank.

Besides red herrings like the Oscorp gene experiments or Spidey leaving blood behind after getting shot in the leg by police - the biggest piece of evidence here is the hiring of DeHaan. The kid has proven what a talent he is, and when his name was attached to the Harry Osborn role it was made clear that the filmmakers were going in different direction with the character.

Given his rising stature – not to mention his breakout success playing a disturbed superpowered character in Chronicle – one could understand Sony hedging their bets that DeHaan could carry a Venom movie franchise on his own. A simple supporting role seems somewhat wasteful. In the hands of young thespians like DeHaan and Andrew Garfield, a Spider-Man/Venom battle that’s grounded in the Peter/Harry rivalry would be epic to watch, and definitely more impactful than any of the Peter/Harry soap opera drama (or ridiculous action sequencing) we got in Raimi’s films.

Chronicle Movie 2012 Amazing Spider Man 2 Director Hints at Harry Osborn Venom

Dane DeHaan in ‘Chronicle’

Green Goblin seems to be the big thing that the Amazing Spider-Man movies are building to, and we’re fairly sure that villains like Electro and Rhino (and The Lizard) are just minor stops along that wider path. One would hope that Sony learned from Spider-Man 3 and won’t try to cram the entire Venom saga down our throats in a quick and  unsatisfying story; seeing Peter suit up in the symbiote to take on a new level of super-powered villains would be cool, while DeHaan’s nuanced performance could sew some mighty tantalizing seeds for an Amazing Spider-Man 3 Venom saga – and eventually, that spinoff film.

Would you be down for things to play out like they did in the Ultimate Spider-Man cartoons?

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We’ll know how it all shakes out when The Amazing Spider-Man 2 hits theaters on May 2, 2014.

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  1. You know the first one was a well made movie but totally missed on what Spiderman was all about. I’m sure this one will too.

    • How?

    • *Spider-Man*

  2. I guessed this a while back. Saw the Easter egg in The amazing spiderman when pete and gwen exchange some dialog in the Oscorp lab. =] everyone said it was a black guy, but i swear to god that’s a venom suit on the lab geek in backround.

  3. still dont know why spiderman needed a reboot, yes the third one was quite bad, but i do believe that raimi was screwed over creatively by the money people on that one. but his first two were what the comic was all about, even tobey fit the nerd stereotype, he also quipped like spiderman.
    i had fun watching the new one, but they made peter parker feel like an emo skaterboy, they rushed the romantic storyline and his origin didnt make very much sense and it wasnt even the ultimate version. best thing about the new one was emma stone as gwen stacey and she only has one more movie. Marc Webb has to step up his game, tho i must say paul giamatti as rhino will be damn interesting.

    • Paul Giamatti as the Rhino… just typing it feels weird. I mean, the guy’s basically a big soft walking Carebear. I was expecting a much massive and mean-looking guy for this character.

      • Can’t picture it either but that’s probably because I don’t want to see Paul giamatti in anything if I can help it.

    • I guess you didn’t hear that both Raimi and Macguire quit after Spider-Man 3

  4. If you want to see what Paul Giamatti can do as a villain, you should see him in a movie called “Ironclad”. He steals the film with a believable and disturbing portrayal of King John as a psychopathic English monarch. His performance in that film completely changed my opinion of him when compared to any other role I’ve seen him play.

    • Another great movie with Giamatti as a villain. Shoot ‘Em Up. He played that roll to the teeth. He was a heartless murderer

  5. The first 3 movies were great – even 3…I really enjoyed it and think most folk went over the top slagging it off.
    But they are in the past now & Sony have given us this new Spider Man – for a new generation and let’s be honest , they did a very good job when doing this could have been a total disaster.
    Like most fans I still want to see all Marvel worlds connect from Spidey to X-Men to Avengers. Guess we’ll have to wait for that if it ever happens – in the mean time I love the Rhino and would love to see a clever plot-line that brings loads of villians to the big screen.
    Who wouldn’t love to see the Green Goblin done to perfection in the next movie ?!

  6. venom as a teenager does not work for me

  7. More modern flourishes from the comics. Not many hardcore readers are fond of these changes, like Brand New Day and we have Dr. Octopus moonlighting as Spider-Man in Peter’s body for a few months. They undid this whole thing in record time compared to One More Day and Mephisto

    • You said it yourself, cramming so many villains in one single movie was just overdoing, hence these villains lacked characterization. And it’s not just that: Venom was simply badly portrayed, miscast and not nearly outrageous enough.
      In Amazing 2, they might pull it off if they introduce the characters and go for a Sinister 6 storyline in #3.

  8. I look forward to see how they do green goblin and Norman Osborn in the rebooted trilogy I always felt like the goblin from the original trilogy was good butit couldve been a lot better in the movie’s defense times in movies were different back then and all but still. When they do use Goblin and c’mon everyone is 99.9% positive they will eventually I hope they don’t make him look like he did in the ultimate comic book series because I really like the Steve ditko look and I feel like the ultimate series made him look like the hulk I really really hope they don’t make him look like he does in that awful ultimate spiderman tv series (mani hate that show watched I don’t know maybe 20minutes of one episode on you tube and felt like crying out if disappointment… And just because i found it awful of course) but anyway I say try to make the goblin scarier than he was in the Raimi trilogy give him a creepier costume and make him deadly to all here’s what I mean by that, The green goblin from the spectacular spider-man cartoon that to me is the Green Goblin I noticed while watching the series that Goblin is the only villain Spider-man taunts that taunts him back, also all of the other villains appeared because Peter gained his powers but Norman became the Goblin because he wanted to n his own free will, In other words Peter could have never gotten his powers and Goblin would still be around I just find that interesting for the show at least. So I hope Goblin comes out cool I other words. Lol

  9. If they throw Venom in this one with the already 2 villians confirmed, I won’t know what to say besides it will be a nother screw up. Although, it makes me wonder if another try at the black-suit spidey, then set-up for Venom?

    • That’s what they should do! Black suited Spidey to lead up to Venom even if whoever becomes Venom becomes it on a scene after the credits. =)

  10. Venom is one of Spidey’s greatest villains, and is his rival (equal to him in every way), and nearly every spidey fan lusts for his appearance in the new film series. However as mentioned before, his appearance in Raimi’s Spiderman 3 was absolute crap.
    They had far too many villains crammed into the film with Venom amaturely slipped in with little origin and explanation.
    For Venom to be successful he needs backstory origin (accomplished by drafting Dane as a prevenom Harry), character development where he slowly degrades into a villain, and probably make it symbolically done (he is Spidey’s evil twin in a sense) and should be portrayed similiarly to Heath Ledger’s Joker.
    As for the nod to Venom, I think it would be a very clever reference using that locker and that the cancer suit symbiote would be ideal for this Ultimate Spiderman take.

    • I love your comment about making “symbolically done (he is Spidey’s evil twin in a sense) and should be portrayed similiarly to Heath Ledger’s Joker”; I think that you’re right in the sense that Venom needs to be for Spider-Man just what Joker was to Batman: it’s exact opposite! Then and only then can you truly service the Venom character!

  11. Iron Man gets his ass killed

  12. I think they probably want to change the venom story up by putting Harry as venom but I really just want to see a Eddie Brock story done right. Especially because I personally think Dane is too scrawny for the role.

  13. Harry shouldn’t be playing venom get someone to play Eddie Brock he’s venom Harry is the second green goblin.

  14. Harry shouldn’t be playing venom get someone to play Eddie Brock Harry is the second green goblin.

  15. I like this idea, and I think Harry being Venom is a better story, best friends turn archrivals, I think they should show Peter get the black suit to beat a super powerful enemy in Electro and Rhino, and then maybe in the end tease Harry becoming the true Venom.

  16. Spidey and I did a lot of growing up together back in the seventies and eighties but honestly, when the goblin showed up, I dropped off. Carnage, Venom, Doc Oct and Rhino are fantastic but the scrawny vulture guy, goldfish-bowl head and the goblin are just too ridiculous. An over grown garden gnome on a flying skate board throwing pumpkins around.

    • Uhh… dude, you’re aware that Vulture, Mysterio and Goblin are 60′s villains while Venom comes from the mid-80′s and Carnage from the early 90′s, right?

  17. I say, introduce Harry as a New Goblin thing, and he fails. Then Norman does the Goblin serum, becoming the Ultimate Goblin. Then, looking for power, Harry becomes Venom and teams up with Spider-Man to fight Ultimate Goblin and/or Sinister Six.

  18. I want to see Dane as Venom , He is one the brilliant actor for the new gen. As a villain , he is the great one tho. In this Amazing Spidey 2 , It’s just a beginning of Harry Osborn , not enough screen times for him in this sequel. Just like Loki and Bucky , he can be one of the loveable villains. lol