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The Amazing Spider-Man trailer is out, and fans are definitely talking. Before the new trailer dropped, it’s fair to say that popular opinion on the film was mixed at best, brutally critical at worst; now, the tide is suddenly starting to shift.

We had the opportunity to attend a live event  where a 3D version of the new Amazing Spider-Man trailer was previewed for crowds gathered in cities like NYC, London, Rio de Janeiro and LA, with surprise appearances in those respective cities by ASM stars Andrew Garfield, Rhys Ifans, Emma Stone and director Marc Webb. If a 3D trailer and cast appearances weren’t enough, we also got a look at a longer reel of footage that was first screened at this summer’s Spider-Man Comic-Con panel.

First, check out the new Amazing Spider-Man trailer if you haven’t seen it, then read on for our discussion:


The 3D is Amazing

Director Marc Webb went to great lengths to inform us that The Amazing Spider-Man was indeed filmed in ‘true 3D’ – i.e., shot with ‘those big bulky 3D cameras,’ as Webb told us (with a look of lighthearted frustration) – and the results of that effort certainly shows up onscreen.

3D is definitely not a format that should be used with as much reckless abandon as it often is by studios looking for a way to charge more for tickets, but Spider-Man is definitely a superhero well-suited to the medium. The web-slinging, uncanny acrobatics, action sequences and the overall movement of the character all look spectacular in 3D – and whereas The Avengers will be post-converted into 3D, this film is unquestionably the real deal.

VERDICT: Plan on a 3D viewing.


Andrew Garfield IS Peter Parker

andrew garfield subway spider man 570x329 Amazing Spider Man 3D Trailer & Preview Footage Discussion

Any debate about Andrew Garfield’s capability as Peter Parker should  diminish after this trailer. It’s clear that Garfield – ironically enough accused early on of being too “Emo,” in his portrayal – is going to actually be less mopy and more of a cocky wise-ass Spider-Man than Toby Maguire was…i.e., truer to the character. Even Garfield’s movement and thin, lanky physicality look more in line with the character – who, by the way, was always very skinny – as opposed to Tobey Maguire’s more stocky physicality.

Garfield was on hand at the NYC screening event to discuss the role, which he said (in so many words) that he would have to be an idiot not to want to take. He was also humble in stating that he is aware that the character belongs to the world, and the leagues of fans, and that he is just ‘the guy in the suit.’ There was a guy before him, and there will be one after him – “hopefully,” as Garfield (jokingly?) put it, “an African American or Latino actor.”

The Social Network star has definitely made this character his own. The preview footage screened ranged from the emotional (Peter pained by his parents’ absence), to the romantic (Peter and Gwen falling for one another), to the comedic (the trademark Spider-man wisecracks) to the seriously dramatic (Peter going up against Connors or Gwen’s militant police captain father). No matter what the tone of the moment, Garfield was able to deliver and command the screen.

VERDICT: The kid has earned his spot.


The Action is Epic

amazing spider man andrew garfield interview Amazing Spider Man 3D Trailer & Preview Footage Discussion

Sam Raimi’s original Spider-Man film does not hold up well, in terms of its action sequences. Back in the early 2000s, with visual FX being what they were, Raimi could only do so much with a CGI Spider-Man; in fact, just seeing the CGI Spidey web-swinging through the city was considered a technical milestone.

Marc Webb has gone for the more practical approach to filming Spider-Man action (read: a lot more real stuntmen doing the web-slinging) – but “practical” doesn’t mean that The Amazing Spider-Man is going to be lacking in the action department. In that 3D trailer alone we got to see everything from familiar Spider-Man acrobatics, to crazy 3D wall-crawling, to fight sequences in “Spider-Man combat styles” (a sequence of an unmasked Spidey taking on the cops definitely stands out).

If you weren’t wowed by that final sequence of Spidey hanging onto the side of a skyscraper as that big antenna relay comes toppling down: the girl in the theater seat next to me can attest to the fact that, in 3D, the action in this film looks epic. She nearly jumped out of her seat at one point.

VERDICT: Amazing Spider-Man is a definite contender for best superhero action sequences of 2012.


Good Handle on Story & Character

Amazing Spider Man trailer Peter and Gwen Amazing Spider Man 3D Trailer & Preview Footage Discussion

So many people were worried (and some still are) that this retelling of Spider-Man’s origin would stomp all over the original film (which is barely a decade old), while offering nothing new. Having seen the latest trailer and the preview reel, I have to say, that claim seems less and less valid.

The Amazing Spider-Man definitely offers a Spider-Man origin story that is “untold” on film. While some will argue that the movie is too Dark Knight-esque with its darker and grittier tones, I’d say that the more accurate correlation between TDK and ASM is how they both treat story and character – namely putting those elements of the film first and foremost.

ASM has a story where things like super powers, a hero and a villain – which can easily become arbitrary in a bad comic book movie – are all working together to form a deeper plot, richer more complex characters, and a tale with deeper layers and themes woven into it.

Director Marc Webb discussed his desire to explore the character of Peter Parker as an orphan – something that the comics have largely (but not totally) ignored until modern times. Yes, Peter loves his Aunt May and Uncle Ben, but the absence of his parents is something that surely affects him, and this movie will look at how. In addition, the fact that Peter is a genius level intellect will play a much more important role in the story – both in the creation of The Lizard, and gadgets like those mechanical web-shooters.

Rhy Ifans talks The Amazing Spider Man Amazing Spider Man 3D Trailer & Preview Footage Discussion

Rhys Ifans talked about playing Curt Connors, and how he enjoys a villain who is as complicated as Connors is – wanting to do good in the name of science and his own well being, only to have his good intentions devolve (literally and figuratively) into tragic mistakes. Without revealing too much, the actor added that another point of interest is Connors’ connection to Peter’s Parents, and ergo, Peter himself.

Emma Stone responded to questions about how Gwen Stacy is any different than Mary Jane (played by Kirsten Dunst in Raimi’s trilogy). The actress noted that Gwen is a strong, smart, go-getter type whereas MJ was…not so much. Gwen has a strong connection to her dad and family (a surrogate family for Peter) whereas MJ did not. Most importantly, Stone added that whereas MJ first falls in love with Spider-Man, Gwen first falls in love with Peter Parker – and therein lies the biggest difference. Unlike MJ, Gwen isn’t necessarily going to be as open and welcoming of Peter’s alter-ego.

So, will all these signs of promise stop some people from complaining about hairstyles, costumes (gold eyes), or choices like including mechanical web-shooters? No. But for those willing to try something new and fresh (isn’t that what people are asking for from their movies these days?), there is some seemingly rewarding material waiting in Amazing Spider-man.

VERDICT: Different does not equal “bad.”

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The Amazing Spider-Man will be in theaters (3D and 2D) on July 3, 2012


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  1. Good write up Kofi. This is going to be a great Spider-Man movie, a much truer version of the character than we have seen before. The live event was a really good way to show audiences that this isn’t a cynical ploy to keep the rights, it might have begun like that, but it looks like we are in for something special.

  2. Not feeling him as Spidey. The scene with the car thief, it didn’t do it for me. That being said, movie looks excellent. Looks like the take on Spidey I’ve been wanting to see.

    • I agree. The scene where he’s arguing with Leary at the table is another one. I didn’t see what was so amazing about this trailer, really. But I’m still hoping this movie will be good.

      • That too. Leary kinda feels outta place (I like him as a comedian/actor alot tho). I also like Garfield, I just can’t explain why I’m not getting a “right fit” vibe from him. His Peter Parker feels better than him in the outfit, so.

  3. Also,I know this is frowned upon by many, but it looks “darker”. And you know what, that just might work here.

  4. I don’t see it as darker. A bit more realistic yes, the Batman comparisons others have made are ill founded. This has some humour, some heart and warmth. Those are not qualities associated with Nolan’s Batman.

    • Most communication between alfrd and wayne has been comical. And there is some one liners but I see what you mean. It still to me feels batman begins like still looking forward to this tho

  5. I see it as rather dark. The city (tho most scenes have been at night) has a darker feel to it. As does the villain, whos “lair or base” is in the sewers, or so it seems. I agree with the Bat stuff, they 2 diff characters.
    I also agree with the realism, compared to Raimi’s Spidey. It’s just that spiderman is a tougher character to make “real” as opposed to Bats.

    • well yeah it’s harder. I think it will be the actors that ground it in reality rather than the story. It is definitely going for a more realistic approach but that can only go so far when you mutated spiders and giant lizard people.

  6. Agreed. This hasn’t even come out yet, but I’m real curious as to where there going story wise for sequels. Oscorp is involved so, eventual Goblin in guessing. Also, Parker’s fathers past, is he involved in the creation of the symbiot suit. I’m sure fans want to see another take on Venom. Hopefully there’s another villain that hasn’t been done.

    • I’m sure there will be some kind of set up for a sequel in there somewhere.

      • Oh i know there will be. It’s mostly about the $$$ right? Lol…and the thing I hate about the Internet (and what I hate about myself lol) is the spoilers. If they are there, I’m gonna ruin it for myself. I loved going to the movies in the late 80s and 90s and seeing the previews and saying “Holy Crap, can’t wait for this. Gotta remember that date”.

        • Things have definitely changed in that respect. But it’s our fault. We go looking for spoilers and clues, or even if we don’t, and we come across them by accident, it takes an awful lot of willpower not to click away.

        • I used to be the same way. Burtons Batman Films come to mind. I would watch the original teaser/trailer and then avoid everything else until I saw the film.
          Now, I’m a complete info junkie. I try to not look but that lasts about 4 seconds and then I’m reading, watching and commenting on everything available.

  7. I also thought Martin Sheen was great as Uncle Ben. The scene with him and Peter at the school, with Gwen was hillarious.

  8. i don’t mind this, it looks a lot better than the first trailer. wise cracking spider man felt like the spider man i’ve been waiting for. the lizard looked pretty good. web shooters look interesting. fights look well put together. i will see this out of hopeful curiosity

  9. Can’t wait for at least two more movies, and then, another reboot! (Kidding, of course.)

  10. I don’t get all this talk of making it more realistic than the first trilogy. Everyone loved those movies when they came out a few years ago…well, maybe not Spidey 3. Toby Maguire did a good job in the dual role and the SFX were fine.

    People expressed all kinds of doubts about this new movie, but now the tide seems to have shifted to bashing & criticizing the original flicks. Darker…grittier…more realistic…I doubt Raimi & Maguire felt they were filming a campy take on Spiderman. (…maybe the third one they were.)

    To me, this new take looks OK, but 3D has rarely proved to be worth the extra $$$. I still feel like another Spidey origin film could wait. Spidey 3 was kind of a stretch to dig up his origins by saying Sandman was the one who killed Uncle Ben. (Batman Forever did the same thing…tried hard to come up with a new way for Bruce Wayne to anguish over his parents’ deaths…the waking visions of that book…& it was too much of an unnecessary retread.) The “with great power comes great responsibility” schtick actually seemed worn out, so to make ANOTHER movie pushing the origin story…meh. Hopefully the direction about his parents will drive the movie more than rehashing familiar plot lines.

    And why can’t ANY superhero in the movies keep their identity a secret?? I guess it’s supposed to drive the drama when the secret is revealed, but that concept is unoriginal and overdone in my book.

    I’ll wait for the reviews before I drop $$$ on this one.

    • I can honestly say, that as a big Spidey fan I was never a fan of the Rami films. The only one that I enjoy is the 2nd one. The first Rami film, basically launched the new era of superhero films and people hadn’t seen anything like it before, so they remember it more fondly, but seriously that was not a good movie. The Green Goblin was overacted, looked terrible, had awful dialogue, and just wasnt an interesting villain. He wasn’t a good character and had no plan or anything to make me care about him, he was just there to “tempt” spider-man. There’s also a difference between being light hearted and downright cheesy and that movie crossed the line several times.

      I don’t think this film is trying to be overly dark, and looks similar to some of the comics in tone. And I love the story choices they’re making, like keeping Peter in highschool, doing the backstory of his parents, making spidey a smart mouth, and having his love interest find out about him early on, thereby not repeating some of the Mary Jane drama from last time.

      I always had high hopes for this film because I really don’t think a truly great Spiderman film has been done yet, but looking at this film I feel the same way I did when I saw the trailer for Batman Begins. They finally got it right.

      • I agreed with most, if not all of your opinion on Sam Raimi’s movie and this particular movie.

  11. i know its one of spiderman’s traits to be a bit cocky and have a smart mouth and sorta mischievous, but i reckon theres more than one type of attitude out there that this guy’s trying to pull off. can’t describe it – theres like a cool, ‘like a boss’ quick witted sort of comedian, and then there’s just the annoying little boy in the back seat comedian wannabe. to me this spiderman’s leaning towards the latter. him being in the back seat doesnt help either. he should be poking his head in through through the opposite window while the car’s doing 100km/h or something while saying those lines

    • But the thing about Spidey is that he’s hilarious, but there’s always a sense that no one else in his universe thinks he’s funny. Especially other superheroes. XD

      • Couldn’t have said it better myself. Spider-man is intentionally corny, like Carlos from “The Magic School Bus”*, only Spidey was around first.

        Excellent reference, no?

        • If Spidey was corny, fans that do read the comics would have complained a long time ago and Stan Lee would have done something to change his appeal to the market.

  12. Looks better than i could have hoped. My one issue, is that it DOES show off a lot but i mean this movie if any, really had a lot to prove so i can see why they showed as much as they did. Hope everyone will shut up about the reboots now. Kinda makes you wonder what other kind of scripts end up in Ari Gold’s trash bin doesn’t it??…………

    • I agree, I think a lot of the scenes were from the final battle but they had to really prove themselves to so many people who are against this movie.

  13. Costume looks like crap

  14. For me, it’ll make for a decent DVD Friday night (about 10 months from now?). The story is so familiar that a few tweaks and peeks into it any further doesn’t justify the ticket price for a movie I already thoroughly enjoyed at the theater 10 years ago AND had bought the DVD. This one looks to do well, and I hope it does – but this time I’ll just wait for the disc.

    • Are you going to see The Man Of Steel? Because you basically just described the same thing.

      • How do you know he thoroughly enjoyed the last superman movie in theaters?

      • Same with Supes, I’ll wait for the disc. I’m not dissing the hard work and efforts being put into Spidey and Superman movies, I’m just feeling their treading too much old ground regardless of the tweaks. After the last Iron Man movie Im going to pass on going to see the next one. (although if any of those get killer reviews here, and I mean the reviews have to be all-around spectacular, then I MIGHT MAYBE think about dishing out for a ticket)

        The only superhero movies I actually look forward to are the next Captain America, X Men, and MAYBE The Avengers. Avengers I’ll probably wait for a review here instead of standing in line opening night.

  15. This looks pretty sick love spidey gonna be intersting to see the untold story :)

  16. It look ok. I have a feeling it will not be as popular as the films before. It does look more serious and the action looks cool. But I think the first formula was better and should have just stuck with them .

  17. I love everything about this article. EVERYTHING.

  18. First this movie looks amazing and does not feel as if it was filmed on a set like the previous 3 Spiderman movies. Second we have real web shooters, Spiderman in the Rami movies had organic web shooters (in the comics Spiderman never had organic web shooters). Third Gwen was Peter Parkers first love not Mary Jane. Fourth the movie looks more action packed with real stuntmen rather than long swings of CGI. This movie will rock.


  19. I wish this was the type of film we got 10 years ago. I like Raimi, but his vision of Spiderman didn’t work for me personally

  20. This looks like such a great movie, even moreso than I thought it would be when the first trailer came out. I’m curious as to how Gwen is going to be incorporated into the sequels– she probably won’t die in this one. And when will MJ show up? I’m already confident that this story will be great.

  21. Spidey with his wit and humor!! Finally, I have a great feeling about this movie. Tobey who?

  22. Definitely looks good, and surprised to say that because as a fan of the originals I am (was?) rooting against this film and the the upcoming series. If they want to do this right, I’d say go with the following:
    -introduce Eddie Brock in the first film. You know that people want Venom and bringing him in early on would be nice (maybe like a 5 sec cameo).
    -Steer clear of the thick Green Goblin story for the first 2 films. We have seen that in great detail in the last trilogy.
    -Don’t overdo the Aunt may heart to hearts, again seen it
    -Bring us back to the past, like real deep into the past of Peter Parker (which I think they are doing)
    -Don’t kill off Uncle Ben right away, let us appreciate the character first; while I know that the death of Uncle Ben is key to Peter becoming Spiderman, I also think that the character has a lot to share and should have ample screen time
    -Got to have Norman and Harry Osborne in the film to some extent: you know who these guys will become eventually, so the suspense of seeing them will drive the audience nuts
    -Kill of Gwen, in the sequel most probably though- We know that its Peter and MJ not Peter and Gwen so its got to come

  23. I was on the fence about this movie but the trailer has sold me. The wit is what I was hoping for in the Raimi films and didn’t get, and the action seems far better than the first Spider Man (it looks to be on par with the 2nd movie). This has officially been placed on my geek-radar.

  24. The one thing I hope more than anything, is that this film will do well like First Class did, and help to kickstart more “true to the source” films. This one brings in so many elements from the classic comics, webshooters, Peter still in high school, facing one of his very early foes (Lizard first appeared in Amazing Spider-Man #6), and of course, a wise-cracking Spider-Man is a huge plus. Overall, I am willing to give this film a chance, because I am a huge fan of Spider-Man and Marvel Comics overall, and I’ve read tons of collected editions of the classic Spider-Man material, and I feel that this is doing justice, to a degree, of the character that Stan and Steve helped created. Only beef I got is the lower half of the costume, cause with that piping on the legs, it reminds me of a track suit. But I can work with it, so come what may, I will be in that line opening.

    • Except for the simple fact that this one is just as not “true to the source” as Raimi’s version, if not MORE so.

  25. Looks really good. Andy G owns it. Hopefully, though, he won’t be telling anyone “I AM YOUR C-F-O!!!!”


    Go Spidey!

    • I think it’d be hilarious if he screamed that in some terrified thugs face while removing one of his Spidey lenses to eyeball his victim.

      Like a deleted scene or something.

  26. Dang this looks awesome. i will say already that this is the number one film this summer, and more then likely becomes the best comicbook film ever, and i am a huge x-men fan to say that.i also say they will go and green light the sequel soon as well and garb webber back, and hopefully a nastier doc ock villian will be in the sequel.

  27. One thing is forsure.. Dark, Gritty, Realistic, Serious.. whatever you want to describe the look and tone of this new take on spidey, I know that if this movie does well, and sparks many sequels, we will see the most AWESOME versions of any Goblin, Venom, or Carnage, in (on screen) spidey history. THAT is something I am more than stoked about..

  28. I’m finally on board. Anyone not excited about this film after seeing this trailer (especially after hearing Garfield read some lines) just doesn’t have any idea who spider-man/peter parker is. Truth. This was spot freakin’ on.

    • Don’t let other peoples opinion drown out your own inner voice! People will complain about everything, even it is not even that important. Heck, I complain too=D

      Everyone has their own opinion., so it is fine. No need to get work up over comments on a message board. At the end of the day, the movie will be great (hopefully).