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The Amazing Spider-Man trailer is out, and fans are definitely talking. Before the new trailer dropped, it’s fair to say that popular opinion on the film was mixed at best, brutally critical at worst; now, the tide is suddenly starting to shift.

We had the opportunity to attend a live event  where a 3D version of the new Amazing Spider-Man trailer was previewed for crowds gathered in cities like NYC, London, Rio de Janeiro and LA, with surprise appearances in those respective cities by ASM stars Andrew Garfield, Rhys Ifans, Emma Stone and director Marc Webb. If a 3D trailer and cast appearances weren’t enough, we also got a look at a longer reel of footage that was first screened at this summer’s Spider-Man Comic-Con panel.

First, check out the new Amazing Spider-Man trailer if you haven’t seen it, then read on for our discussion:


The 3D is Amazing

Director Marc Webb went to great lengths to inform us that The Amazing Spider-Man was indeed filmed in ‘true 3D’ – i.e., shot with ‘those big bulky 3D cameras,’ as Webb told us (with a look of lighthearted frustration) – and the results of that effort certainly shows up onscreen.

3D is definitely not a format that should be used with as much reckless abandon as it often is by studios looking for a way to charge more for tickets, but Spider-Man is definitely a superhero well-suited to the medium. The web-slinging, uncanny acrobatics, action sequences and the overall movement of the character all look spectacular in 3D – and whereas The Avengers will be post-converted into 3D, this film is unquestionably the real deal.

VERDICT: Plan on a 3D viewing.


Andrew Garfield IS Peter Parker

andrew garfield subway spider man 570x329 Amazing Spider Man 3D Trailer & Preview Footage Discussion

Any debate about Andrew Garfield’s capability as Peter Parker should  diminish after this trailer. It’s clear that Garfield – ironically enough accused early on of being too “Emo,” in his portrayal – is going to actually be less mopy and more of a cocky wise-ass Spider-Man than Toby Maguire was…i.e., truer to the character. Even Garfield’s movement and thin, lanky physicality look more in line with the character – who, by the way, was always very skinny – as opposed to Tobey Maguire’s more stocky physicality.

Garfield was on hand at the NYC screening event to discuss the role, which he said (in so many words) that he would have to be an idiot not to want to take. He was also humble in stating that he is aware that the character belongs to the world, and the leagues of fans, and that he is just ‘the guy in the suit.’ There was a guy before him, and there will be one after him – “hopefully,” as Garfield (jokingly?) put it, “an African American or Latino actor.”

The Social Network star has definitely made this character his own. The preview footage screened ranged from the emotional (Peter pained by his parents’ absence), to the romantic (Peter and Gwen falling for one another), to the comedic (the trademark Spider-man wisecracks) to the seriously dramatic (Peter going up against Connors or Gwen’s militant police captain father). No matter what the tone of the moment, Garfield was able to deliver and command the screen.

VERDICT: The kid has earned his spot.


The Action is Epic

amazing spider man andrew garfield interview Amazing Spider Man 3D Trailer & Preview Footage Discussion

Sam Raimi’s original Spider-Man film does not hold up well, in terms of its action sequences. Back in the early 2000s, with visual FX being what they were, Raimi could only do so much with a CGI Spider-Man; in fact, just seeing the CGI Spidey web-swinging through the city was considered a technical milestone.

Marc Webb has gone for the more practical approach to filming Spider-Man action (read: a lot more real stuntmen doing the web-slinging) – but “practical” doesn’t mean that The Amazing Spider-Man is going to be lacking in the action department. In that 3D trailer alone we got to see everything from familiar Spider-Man acrobatics, to crazy 3D wall-crawling, to fight sequences in “Spider-Man combat styles” (a sequence of an unmasked Spidey taking on the cops definitely stands out).

If you weren’t wowed by that final sequence of Spidey hanging onto the side of a skyscraper as that big antenna relay comes toppling down: the girl in the theater seat next to me can attest to the fact that, in 3D, the action in this film looks epic. She nearly jumped out of her seat at one point.

VERDICT: Amazing Spider-Man is a definite contender for best superhero action sequences of 2012.


Good Handle on Story & Character

Amazing Spider Man trailer Peter and Gwen Amazing Spider Man 3D Trailer & Preview Footage Discussion

So many people were worried (and some still are) that this retelling of Spider-Man’s origin would stomp all over the original film (which is barely a decade old), while offering nothing new. Having seen the latest trailer and the preview reel, I have to say, that claim seems less and less valid.

The Amazing Spider-Man definitely offers a Spider-Man origin story that is “untold” on film. While some will argue that the movie is too Dark Knight-esque with its darker and grittier tones, I’d say that the more accurate correlation between TDK and ASM is how they both treat story and character – namely putting those elements of the film first and foremost.

ASM has a story where things like super powers, a hero and a villain – which can easily become arbitrary in a bad comic book movie – are all working together to form a deeper plot, richer more complex characters, and a tale with deeper layers and themes woven into it.

Director Marc Webb discussed his desire to explore the character of Peter Parker as an orphan – something that the comics have largely (but not totally) ignored until modern times. Yes, Peter loves his Aunt May and Uncle Ben, but the absence of his parents is something that surely affects him, and this movie will look at how. In addition, the fact that Peter is a genius level intellect will play a much more important role in the story – both in the creation of The Lizard, and gadgets like those mechanical web-shooters.

Rhy Ifans talks The Amazing Spider Man Amazing Spider Man 3D Trailer & Preview Footage Discussion

Rhys Ifans talked about playing Curt Connors, and how he enjoys a villain who is as complicated as Connors is – wanting to do good in the name of science and his own well being, only to have his good intentions devolve (literally and figuratively) into tragic mistakes. Without revealing too much, the actor added that another point of interest is Connors’ connection to Peter’s Parents, and ergo, Peter himself.

Emma Stone responded to questions about how Gwen Stacy is any different than Mary Jane (played by Kirsten Dunst in Raimi’s trilogy). The actress noted that Gwen is a strong, smart, go-getter type whereas MJ was…not so much. Gwen has a strong connection to her dad and family (a surrogate family for Peter) whereas MJ did not. Most importantly, Stone added that whereas MJ first falls in love with Spider-Man, Gwen first falls in love with Peter Parker – and therein lies the biggest difference. Unlike MJ, Gwen isn’t necessarily going to be as open and welcoming of Peter’s alter-ego.

So, will all these signs of promise stop some people from complaining about hairstyles, costumes (gold eyes), or choices like including mechanical web-shooters? No. But for those willing to try something new and fresh (isn’t that what people are asking for from their movies these days?), there is some seemingly rewarding material waiting in Amazing Spider-man.

VERDICT: Different does not equal “bad.”

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The Amazing Spider-Man will be in theaters (3D and 2D) on July 3, 2012


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  1. I have been the must critical of this whole thing…and I am ready to eat humble pie…this thing looks pretty flippingood. With the essence of Spidey intact, I cant believe I’m saying this, I can live with that stinking costume.

  2. Great article that stated exactly what I was thinking. This is my #1 most anticipated movie this year.

  3. I enjoyed this trailer MUCH more than the 1st because they actually chose to show the FILM instead of “Doom: With Webs”. I’m looking forward to seeing the film itself. I enjoyed the first Raimi films, but I think I will also enjoy the variation of this new interpretation as well.

    Since people have commented on their specific favorite parts of this and other trailers, I will say that I found the scene where Spider-Man sidesteps the police officer’s gunshot so adeptly to be very cool.

  4. The reason this keeps getting compared to batman is that both of these films take their characters seriously, I guess people just tend to lump those kinds of movies into one big category, (good movies)_

    • I agree, it all about the filmakers really taking their character serious.

      And i’d compare Spidey and Bats because outside of the costume, Bruce Wayne and Peter Parker are both great characters and when written well, they make amazing heroes

  5. A character with rich a history will in fact be very good and or suck on occasion with Rami’s Spiderman he one and two great the third no so great, but I am a fan!! this one has me sold as well, I am an old school movie buff as well as a comics fan, I watched Tarzan from Johnny Weismuller to Christopher Lambert, as long as the actors are good and the story well written, I am in as I have read by other comics and movie fans alike this will be an epic year for the genre, to quote stan the man make mine ,marvel and bring on the dark Knight I plan on being at all of them!

  6. soo they didn’t just pick him for his name, Webb know what he’s doing !! This is going to be an AMAZING superhero movie year !

  7. I cannot wait for this. I’ve been 100% on board with this remake from the beginning while so many people were against it. I’m excited for this fresh new direction the series is taking and it’s going to be great!

  8. EFFIN AWESOME, and in the immortal words of Stan The Man Lee, Nuff said

  9. I’ve been so excited for this movie from the start. I knew it looked promising, and I’ve been patiently watching haters look at the updates since the summer of 2011, talking about how much it will suck, the costume is horrible, his hair is too big, it’s just a remake of Raimi’s Spider-Man…

    But the reason I had faith from the start is because most (if not all) comic book reboots are better than the original…

    Batman Begins, Incredible Hulk, Captain America: The First Avenger…the list goes on.

    Sony knew what they were doing from the start. They knew fans would be pissed and they fixed what NEEDED to be fixed. Everything else they changed (costume, Gwen, Web-shooters, etc.) was simply to detach themselves from Raimi’s universe and start fresh.

    Raimi-lovers will hate me for this, but Webb’s trilogy is going to take a big dump on Raimi’s… Webb has the ability to learn from Raimi’s mistake. We will get a more accurate storyline, better CGI, and a Spider-Man who is a wise-ass and sarcastic.

    So, now that this trailer has shown the movie’s true colors, all these people who wouldn’t look twice are realizing that this movie will actually give Avengers and Dark Knight Rises a run for their money. Of course Avengers and Dark Knight will do better at the box office… with Avengers being the first Superhero Team-Up movie and TDKR being Nolan’s epic conclusion, but we also get the first piece to a sure to be epic saga of new Spider-Man movies…

    As it’s been said before, all the people that were hating on this movie 5 months ago will be in the front row on July 3rd…

    • Wow, better CGI? I sure saw that in Koopa, I mean Lizard.

      Spider-Man makes one joke in the whole trailer and spends the rest looking scared, dour, or douchey. So I see one joke and tons of brooding makes one a wise-ass.

      A more accurate storyline? what? They can’t use SHIELD in this film so who do Peter’s parents work for? This Spider-Man sits firmly outside the Marvel film universe and as such the storyline can NEVER be accurate.

      Spider-Man is a lynch-pin in the Marvel Universe and has interacted & shared so many story elements with so many other characters pulling him out of it and placing him in a New York that doesn’t know about Iron-Man, Hulk, Cap, Thor or any other Marvel character is silly…

      …especially when those guys are fighting Aliens in the same city this summer. (In the real Marvel Movie Universe, where apparently Spider-Man has yet to be created.)

      • @Dante

        ok buddy, I won’t argue with you there. As far as the storyline I was speaking more in terms of the actual character development. Probably should have written it that way because I can see how that would be misconstrued, so I’ll be humble and admit you’re right there.

        Yes. Better CGI. There have been more advances in computer design in the last 5 years (since SM3 came out) and this movie will inevitably have better effects than Raimi’s trilogy…

        Koopa, yes. I for one didn’t like that they used Lizard for this. I really wish they would have used someone more tangible for this debut in the trilogy…perhaps Chameleon, Scorpion, Electro… hell, it would have been really cool if they had The Enforcers come and tangle with Spidey… but obviously we’ll have to wait for ASM2 and 3 for any of those characters.

        And seriously, stop… I’m tired of people exaggerating his emotions… he’s a FRIGGIN ORPHAN for cryin out loud… Webb said they were exploring a different side of Peter Parker. He isn’t “Emo” or “brooding”… people make him sound like a cross between Twilight and a Tim Burton movie… gimme a break.

  10. To be honest, I am looking forward to this film MORE than I am looking forawrd to The Dark Knight Rises. My reason? Its because I am a HUGE Bane fan and I am really upset with Nolan for taking almost every liberty with the character that he possible could. The trailer for TDKR did absolutely nothing for me. This ASM trailer on the other hand has definitley gotten me excited for the new Spider-man. I am freakishly excited for this movie to come out. Yeah I kinda have some issues with The Lizard having his flat face and being ripped out like the hulk. I personaly would have liked a more slimmed up and solid reptile. Not saying that I prefer a gator with abs or anything, I just think he would have looked more powerfull if he didn’t look so fluffy.

  11. i don’t like to be rude but this post just seems like an ass kisser. I’m not saying this movie is going to be bad but not saying it’s going to be the next start wars. i want it to be good but it’s clearly not going to be that good. From what they have showed me which is nothing this movie will fail. In movie spider man movies we can see some type of bad ass fighting going on in this nothing happens other than spider man swinging and hitting the lizzard which looks like it’s from the ending battle and the lizzard is still looking like a human which brings me to my next point. Everyone says this is more closer to the comics but why doesn’t lizzard even look like the lizzard. Spider outfit sucks the old outfit was based from the comics as for this crap idk were it came from.

    Now CGI is the best thing that as happened to spider man it’s the reason why it can even look good. why brag about using stunt men for swinging. Like that will make the movie any better. So these guys want to me it 3D go ahead this is just a way to take some money if you ask me. Avengers looks much better than this movie at least they can show us some fighting. Spider man isn’t a dark character. What is this batman i don’t want to see all of this darkness. Yeah though in a joke it’s not like the other spider man didn’t make a joke. I’ll do one thing and i’ll hold back all idea’s and thoughts until the movie comes out and i hope you all do the same cause when this movie hits the big screen all the ass kissers can not save it.