‘Amazing Spider-Man’ Trailer 3 Image Gallery: Spidey-Style Action & The Lizard

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Now that the third trailer for The Amazing Spider-Man is out, debate about the quality (or lack thereof) of Sony’s Spider-Man reboot is once again raging.

The new trailer was pretty impressive by our standards (and is guaranteed to be even more so in 3D) – and to that end we’ve rounded up a bunch of new still images from Amazing Spider-Man to share. Get a look at the new Spider-Man costume, more web-slinging and wall-crawling acrobatics, a better look at The Lizard, and much much more!

Check out the screenshots from the latest trailer below:

Suffice to say, a lot of people who were either on the fence or skeptical about this reboot  are now starting to come around. The two things in trailer 3 seem to have impressed people are 1) the color pallatte of the film (the mix of vibrant color and dark shadows) and 2) the mechanics (no pun) of Spider-Man’s web-slinging, wall-crawling and acrobatic fighting ability. Looking at some of these still images, we can truly see just how intricate and detailed these shots are. Seeing Spider-Man and the Lizard crawl/claw across a high school ceiling as they battle it out? Come on, what  fanboy doesn’t love that?

Marc Webb’s direction indeed looks very promising in this trailer, and a lot of the decisions that were made in order to separate this reboot from Sam Raimi’s films seems to have paid off in Amazing Spider-Man‘s favor. Big time.This is one trailer that must be seen on a big 3D screen to truly appreciate – the Spidey web-slinging acrobatics alone would make it worth it.

Of course, in the end, a trailer is only a trailer. We’ll have to see if the actual movie carries the same quality when The Amazing Spider-Man hits theaters on July 3, 2012.


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  1. “Looking at some of these still images, we can truly see just how detailed and intricate and detailed these shots are.” – Hmmm… edit? :)

    This new trailer does look [wait for it...] amazing. :)

  2. Seeing the this trailer and some of these pics, I have decided to at least give the movie a SLIM chance. The Videogame STILL looks better(It has Black Cat in it) But I think I might see this movie in the theaters but most likely NOT more than once. To Garfield’s Credit, (Yeah, I’ve called him BARFfield in the past) He at least talks smack while deaaling with thugs, Something Toby’s Spidey DIDN’T do.

    • I think Garfield has nailed the character.

    • Chris – blame the DIRECTORS for what they do and what they say. Blame the actors for their portrayal of HOW they do those things. As terrible as Tobey’s antics were in those movies (*cough S3 cough*), it was mostly because the director told him too.

      I personally legitimately didn’t like Tobey as an actor or as an image of spidey. The suit itself was cool (maybe sans raised-webs), but he looked too bulky and exactly like the lower-middle aged guy in a costume that he is. Garfield seems to have the skinny, lithe (spidery?) physique that the comics portray. And the way he moves in the trailer! (CGI or not, it’s awesome and they nailed it)

  3. This movie might make a decent profit at the box office (300 million domestically and 450 million worldwide), but I just feel it won’t be in the same league as The Avengers or The Dark Knight Rises.

    • I call 550 domestic, 700 total!

      It’ll be right up there with Spiderman 2, maybe even surpassing it, but it just needs more time before people start peeling off to The Dark Knight Rises. I truly think it will box with Avengers as far as popularity, but Avengers’ promotional marketing has just been sky-high. Hopefully this last trailer will pick up the slack though. (Blew ME away).

      Oh. Yeah – and please try to not read this in a ‘nose-in-the-air, know-it-all’ voice in your head. Maybe I’m coming off that way, but I’m not trying to be stuck up and stating my opinion as law. I’m just so. hyped. AF for this thing!

    • You mean the same characters we just saw in the LAST Spider-man movies?

      • Maybe a chance to do them correctly?

        • So you didn’t think the Spider-Man 2 version was done correctly? o.O

          Of all the flaws the Raimi movies had, the one thing I thought they got right was this villain.

          • sorry but Raimi did not get the villains right. Green Goblin, Venom, Doc Oct was kind of weak villains.

            • Never said they got all of the villains right (because I also disliked the Green Goblin and Venom). Only Doc Ock I thought they did justice to. Might not have been a perfect match to the comics but did you really want to see a guy with a bowl haircut,green body suit goggles and some wimpy tendrils?

              They got the general origin right and found a way to make him work in a 2hr movie. Not really an easy task imho.

      • Mongoose, my thoughts exactly.

        Carnage would be great, but as always, they have to introduce Venom first. *sigh* that’s down the road but this reboot looks healthy to survive that long. But if they did, I’d imagine similarities with The Thing.

        -My picks: Vulture (high-flying spectacle adventures), Kraven (such a realistic guy that it would be easy to pull off, yet give a lot of opportunity for serious dark drama.)

        -My picks, (if they wouldn’t be so campy, but hopefully can still get pulled off): Scorpion (because scorpions are like, spiders’ rivals, ya kno?), Rhino (because it’s awesome seeing the tiny guy that is Spiderman take on and figure out how to take out such a huge, hulking…thing.)



        Obviously Green Goblin will come along, but maybe by 3rd movie? To keep things fresh and ever-separated from Raimi. But I’d want him more organic, you know. Somehow, in this ‘realistic’ world.

        Shocker would be so cool to see live action (easiest ever), but he would definitely need another villain with him to make it very interesting at all.

        And finally as far as Doc Oc…I would not want to see him in this rendition. Spiderman 2′s incarnation was perfected and it can definitely stand on its own with whatever Webb brings us. Or hey – maybe bring THAT one into THIS world! Alfred Molina!!

  4. Also the comedy in this film is spot on compaired to previus spiderman films. you found my weakness very small knives LOL.

  5. Am I the only one who’d sign a petition for John McGinley as Norman Osborn in the sequel right this instant?

  6. I’m rootin for this one all the way. Just trying to figure out whether I’m more excited for The Amazing Spider-man or The Dark Knight Rises. (yes, we all know TDKR is going to win the box office battle).

    At first the Avengers was up there too, but Spidey’s my favorite hero, and this style – graphics, CGI, colors, the way Spidey moves – suits me so well that it blows Avengers out of the water for me.

    [Also/yet - does anyone else think that this actual Spider-man style (i.e. maybe if not the universe itself) could fit in great with Marvel Production's Avengers? Just dreaming...]

  7. I don’t get why everyone on here say Tobey Maguire’s spiderman didnt joke because he did. I thought they captured the spiderman they were going for perfectly and I think the new reboot captures what they want their spiderman to be perfectly. Other than the mask making spiderman look like a power ranger and the misplaced blue on his costume I’m excited for this spiderman. Spiderman is my favorite comic book character’s so I always have faith in him. As far as the comics goes as long as they make it feel like spiderman and don’t butcher the story *cough last airbender*(looking at M Night* I think it will be great. I think I’m the only one that will say I’m more excited for this than the avengers but that’s because I never liked none of the superheroes in the avengers much but I’m going to see it tomorrow in imax 3d

  8. Looks interesting at least. They picked a good actor to play Doc Connors…

  9. that lizard looks like the alien from the alien vs. predator films. oh well he`s one of the weakest villains so it shouldn`t be the end of the world if it`s going to come to villains like electro,doc ock, green goblin, venom, shocker,or mysterio. this is only the 1st film of the franchise so it`s good that they`re not using a villain already like greengoblin like with the last spidey franchise.

  10. hey i didn`t even submit my 1st post that`s why i rewrote it and added to it.

  11. I would like to see a Mysterio done right, that would be cool. Maybe Carnage and Venom?

  12. starting with a villain like lizard i`m not sure how they`ll do venom keeping garfield. this guy is an english actor but i noticed how they made his voice sound unaccented in the trailer.