‘Amazing Spider-Man’ Trailer #3 Teases A Stylish, Dark, ‘Untold Story’

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Not about to be outdone by the theatrical release of Marvel’s The Avengers (read our review) – with Warner Bros.’ third Dark Knight Rises trailer tagging along – Sony has gone ahead and unveiled a third (and final?) trailer for The Amazing Spider-Man, a controversial revamping of the web-slinger movie franchise.

The latest theatrical promo for Andrew Garfield’s debut as Peter Parker will also be attached to Avengers prints. But even armed with some fantastic 3D effects, plus a potpourri of classic and modernized elements from the comics, can this Spider-Man reboot really go toe-to-toe with this summer’s superhero movie juggernauts?

Judging by this latest trailer: Amazing Spider-Man should at least put up a pretty dang good fight, as far as justifying Sony’s decision to reboot the franchise goes.

The darker color palette and 3D visuals shown here look overall quite crisp, even without the benefit of the big screen – though, much like the latest Dark Knight Rises trailer, this Amazing Spider-Man footage will clearly benefit from being viewed in a theater (especially, in 3D). Much of that also holds true for the film’s version of The Lizard, who comes off as a pretty solid CGI/motion-capture creation.

Similarly, it’s fun to see Garfield playing a version of Peter Parker that feels truer to the character so many comic book readers have fallen in love with over the years – be it his mad science skills, trash-talking his foes when he dons the Spidey costume, or seeming more like a genuine modern-day teenager when spending time with his girl Gwen Stacy (Emma Stone) and her family.

Amazing Spider Man Trailer 3 Amazing Spider Man Trailer #3 Teases A Stylish, Dark, Untold Story

What new hints are provided of the film’s “untold story” (re: the disappearance of Pete’s biological parents and their connection to Oscorp) are not only intriguing, but also allude to a greater mythology than can be covered in one movie.

Considering that Sony already has an Amazing Spider-Man sequel in the works, that could be read as a sign of confidence in the final product – though, admittedly, previous superhero movies have suffered by getting ahead of themselves like that (Green Lantern, looking at you).

Overall, this new footage continues to give us reason to think that Amazing Spider-Man could actually be a pretty great addition to the superhero movie pantheon, on its own. Whether or not it will suffer from being sandwiched between two comic book movie “events” this summer, that’s another matter…

The Amazing Spider-Man swings into theaters (2D, 3D, and IMAX 3D) around the U.S. on July 3rd, 2012.


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  1. Woah Woah Woah!

    I’ve been so skeptical about ” The Amazing Spiderman ” that I’ve hardly given it any thought. But this trailer ROCKS! Suddenly, I really want to SEE this movie.

    I just got back from an early screening of The Avengers and it was ‘ok.’ I side with most critics who found it formulaic, predictable and corny. RDJ’s snarky Stark has gotten to the point of plain annoyance. Honestly, who’d want to hang around an A hole like him?
    Nolan’s Bruce Wayne is a billionaire, genius, playboy, super hero too, but he’s down to earth and far more complicated and riveting to watch than Whedon’s Iron Man.
    The best character moments came from Scar Jo’s Black Widow and Mark Ruffalo. Who would have thought??
    Some of the action and VFX scenes were OK but it looked more like a big made for TV special. It lacked a sprawling cinematic scope and in the end, it looked like earth’s mightiest heroes stuck in a Transformers climactic action scene.
    The Avengers was like watching one of those Marvel animated movies in live action. Two dimensional and lacking in depth. Fun but not worthy of a second viewing.

    Ahhhhh, but now all of a sudden we have SPIDEY swinging in. Maybe TAS will make up for what the Avengers ” could ” have been.

    I’m betting that the best ( not biggest ) movies of the year will be:

    - TDKR
    - Prometheus
    - Skyfall
    - TAS (?)

    • lol, what critics reviews have YOU been reading because the 164 POSITIVE reviews on RT told a different story? Maybe it was the minuscule 8 dissenters but a 92% approval rating is HUGE, especially for a superhero movie.

      Very telling that you put a movie you already saw that is a success below 4 that you haven’t, including, oh surprise surprise TDKR a bond flick? Yeah whatever but you go right ahead and call it, “ok” ;)

      Oh and no Hobbit?

      • The Hobbit??? lol no thanks. Unlike you, I’m not into short, chubby boys with big hairy feet.

        • He said he was in line with the critics that said that he never saud that all the critics said that

          • He said most critics said it was, “formulaic, predictable and corny” which is blatantly not true. Those three words are also all somewhat ambiguous and, taken out of context, can be construed as negative which is what Mr. Kryptonic there was shooting for.

            Based on his comments he is just looking to shoot down The Avengers and elevate TDKR at every turn. Fanboyism at its very best (or might I say worst?)

            And Kryptonic, your Hobbit quip is neither funny or smart. If you aren’t into fantasy movies that’s fine but slamming it with a pedophilia remark is unwarranted.

            • @ Mongoose;


              Trey very concisely and quite precisely defined exactly what I meant and I commend him for that.

              I love the Avengers. Has always been my fave

              • @ Mongoose;


                Trey very concisely and quite precisely defined exactly what I meant and I commend him for that.

                I love the Avengers. Has always been my fave Marvel book. Maybe that’s why I was so dissatisfied with the movie. I was hoping it could have been EPIC!

                Who ever used the word hate? Not me. I like the movie. It was great seeing the team together. The finale was cool. I just felt it had the potential to be so much greater. 

                I love DC and Marvel equally. And I’m actually more excited about Prometheus than TDKR. How can you accuse me of being partisan to DC and TDKR after all the raves I’ve given to TAS on this thread?

                I’ve read Tolkien and believe that Peter Jackson’s LOTR trilogy is a seminal body of film making. Nonetheless, I do find hobbits to be a little creepy.

                • Whether or not that’s what you intended, that’s not how it reads. You pretty much tore down the Avengers at every turn while saying how great the Nolan Batman was in contrast. Like it or not it comes off as very fanboi (very).

                  You also never even said you “liked” The Avengers in your OP. The best you could muster was “ok” twice which, in and of itself is fairly neutral but when put with the rest of the negativity, then reads as not good.

                  And this isn’t about Marvel vs DC, it’s about a Marvel Studios movie vs WB (and then Sony). Has nothing to do with the character creators and everything to do with who actually MADE the movies.

                  As for the Hobbit slam……You make a crass comment about the Hobbit but then give a positive nod to the LotR movies? Are you even aware that LotR’s main focus is on a pair of HOBBITS, you know the beings you call creepy? Are you also aware that most of the characters in the Hobbit are DWARVES? Talk about your irony.

                  So your comment made both no sense and was in very poor taste. Congratulations.

                  • Thanks!

        • u hav a right to an opinion and i agree with that plus not everyone needs to want to have hobbit on the list but man that was uncalled for (good joke though)although if u appreciate classis comic books than at least appreciate great literature and dont insult it in such a manner after all the three lotr movies were the best of the past decade

        • Yeah, and like The Amazing Spider Man is so much more popular than The Hobbit!!!

          … Yeah, sure

    • 5 ft Bane and a hooker playing catwoman – such a winning combo


      • Hookers are a GOOD thing!

    • Well of course that’s what YOU would say about the movie…
      You’ve been down on the Avengers months before it even came out (a few weeks ago you even went as far as to tell us what/how it was going to be like lol).
      If I remember correctly you “told us” that RDJ “would” steal the spotlight and that Stan’s cameo “would” ruin the movie – wrong on both accounts there ;)
      Sorry, but I don’t think you’re view of the movie is what a person would call “reliable”.

      • Well of course that’s what YOU would say….

        Just look at YOUR screen name AND avatar LOL.

        I stand by what I say about ” The Avengers. ” Fun, but nothing more than a mega hyped live action cartoon. And you know damn well that most of the criticisms I voiced were also mentioned by other critics.

        If I was down on the Avengers it was because most of the movie ( in terms of tone and aesthetic approach ) was pre maturely revealed by the million and one teasers, clips and interviews about the thing. Disney over killed it with the hype but that’s how they insure to make their money back.

        Your enthusiasm for the flick has been just as ” reliable ” as mine. You would have LOVED the Avengers no matter how many faults it had. Based on YOUR posts, you gave the Avengers 11 stars the moment Marvel and DISNEY announced the thing. You would have given this flick 11 stars if the Hulk took a crap on Captain America’s shield. Maybe 12 stars! How objective and ” reliable ” of you.

        When I saw this SPIDERMAN trailer I was far more surprised and hopeful for this movie than any of the Avengers clips. That’s how good it is. AND up till now, I had been totally dismissive of TAS just as I was with the Avengers.

        But this TAS trailer is making me think that this movie will take it’s subject, story and character with the seriousness, depth and respect it deserves.

        Unlike Disney’s and Whedon’s approach to the Avengers.

        • “Your enthusiasm for the flick has been just as ” reliable ” as mine. You would have LOVED the Avengers no matter how many faults it had. Based on YOUR posts, you gave the Avengers 11 stars the moment Marvel and DISNEY announced the thing.”
          Couldn’t be more wrong there. Yes, I am a fanboy, but I’m not a delusional fanboy. I’m a movie lover first, and a comic fan second. The movie has faults and I certainly took them into account with my review.
          I just love how some of you guys think you “know” my preferences solely based on what? a freakin username and avatar? Please, “Kryptonic” ;)

          Unlike you, I don’t criticize a movie before it even comes out (I most certainly didn’t make up my mind of The Avengers when Marvel announced it – truth is, up until the second trailer, I was quite nervous that it would bomb).

    • Kryptonic: “I side with most critics who found it formulaic, predictable and corny”

      Wait a minute, Kryptonic, you don’t get off that easy. Your quote, copied above for easy reference, is completely misleading if not absolutely wrong. You thought the movie was “OK,” that’s fine. However co-opting what some critics may have said in their reviews, and implying that the majority peg the film as such makes you dishonest. You’re trying to validate your opinion by blatantly misappropriating the overall critical consensus of Avengers. We see what you did here.

      • “I side with most critics who found it formulaic, predictable and corny”

        “I side with most critics, who found it formulaic, predictable and corny”

        He wrote the first, you read the second.

    • Lets not forget Sony pushed out this latest version of Spidey in order to keep the franchise. If they failed to make a movie within a certain amount of time then it was going to Disney as most of the Marvel Universe already has. I am still skeptical about the latest Spidey flick but will give it a chance for entertainments sake.

    • I couldn’t agree with you more mate. The people below need to get a life and understand that everyone’s perception is different and therefore they’re entitled to their own opinion. It makes me laugh how some fanboys start whining and crying as soon as you disagree with them.

      • @ Kryptonic ^^

    • you have problems my friend. you are so deluded that you are beginning to bend facts to fit your views of the world –i’m sure, though, that you don’t realize you’re doing anything wrong. but you need psychiatric help.

    • After reading one of the VERY FEW negative reviews of The Avengers, I was just telling my ole’ lady how I TRULY feel sorry for guys like him (and you)?

      What’s the old saying? “You can’t see the forest for the trees” or something like that? Lol. It is truly a crying d@mn shame that you would rather give some pseudo-intellectual OVERLY OVERLY OVERLY critical review of this movie in some lame attempt to appear of superior intellect or JUST to be “that loner guy,” than to ENJOY this INCREDIBLE RECORD BREAKING MONUMENTAL ABUNDANTLY ENTERTAINING AND WELL EXECUTED FILM like anyone with EYES and ears should have EASILY been able to do?!?!?!? It’s almost as if people like you would RATHER live in a world where NOTHING is ever worthwhile? lmao. So like I said before…its sad and i HONESTLY do feel sorry for you.

      • And “I” HONESTLY feel sorry for your ” ole’ lady ” who chose to marry a synchophant and follower who sucks up to all the trendy, cultural hype with both eyes closed and who hasn’t a bone in his weak frame to think for himself, to discern and be critical out of fear of not going along with the crowd. 
        You must also feel sorry for those who don’t vote for YOUR favorite politician, don’t cheer for YOUR favorite team and don’t use YOUR favorite brand of toilet paper. ” How SAD.”

        And remember this: Three years ago “Avatar” was all the rage. No different than the rage that “The Avengers” is today. It was the “trend.” Like The Avengers, it was the movie to see. To this day, it stands as THE highest grossing movie of all time. ( Will The Avengers surpass that record? ) And the critics were highly approving of it. 

        The lesson: In the last couple of years people have become highly critical of ” Avatar.” Many people claim to hate it. Do you see the nexus I am drawing here? Or is this example too exhausting for your CONFORMIST brain? If so, maybe your ole’ lady can help you to understand. 

        Thanks for the sympathy. I, on the other hand, could NEVER feel sorry for a person who is soooo fearful of dissent, like you. 

        • * sycophant

    • Agree with Kryptonic. Avengers was ok at best. And Ed Norton needed to be in the film but i digress.
      Overrated i feel but entertaining no less.

      I am more stoked for the new ‘Spider-Man’!! I will definitely be seeing this one in IMAX 3D.

  2. holy f*ck! that was fantastic. the way spidey swings around and the camera work going with it is just… wow… not to mention an element of mystery and a lack of boring melodrama…just… just…


  3. Still going to see this movie but I’m kind of disappointed with this final trailer. Yes there were some new elements to it but not epic like the second trailer was. Watched it in HD frame by frame and Lizard is blurry in every frame.

    I don’t read the comics anymore but I don’t remember the parents being a part of his mutation (I could be wrong) which sounds like the trailer is hinting at. -The redoing origins is tired.

    Web swinging look great though, I have a feeling Lizard will evolve throughout the movie.

    Dear Sony,
    Please don’t Green Lantern us. Thanks.

    • His parents were S.H.I.E.L.D agents but I don’t ever remember anything about them having a part in the spider or anything that turned him into Spider-man.

    • It’s kind of in line with the ultimate universe. Peter’s father was a scientist, although I don’t recall if he was involved with Oscorp.

  4. “Did you tell the boy about his father?” Norman Osborn?

    • Was thinking exactly the same thing!

      • i was thinking maybe morbius, since he worked with bat dna to become a vampire and the movie has a theme of cross breeding humans with animal dna.

    • But he seems to be acting as if he already under the effects of the serum.

      • Norman was always unstable, even without the serum.

        • good point

  5. I sorta dont like the whole (Peter becoming spider man was no accident) thing but its a small beef I have with the over all trailer. This thing looks epic. I cant remember a summer i had more awesome movies to go see!

  6. It looks great! & yes Spiderman’s father was a genius & partly responsible for him becoming Spiderman. His father was in on working on the super soldier serum. This trailer coming after the Avengers actually got me excited. I can smell da DC fans a mile away. Typical dat they thought this trailer wasnt good enough. Batman trailer was a let down, but this trailer was epic, & I have a rejuvenated hope for this movie. & for all the over analyzing people who keeps downplaying the Avengers movie, you gotta admit it is the best superheroe flick to date, & this is coming from a film student & comic head, so nothing gets pass me.

    • Grammar got past you.

      • Well considering dis a.k.a. this (for the grammatically correct) is not a spelling test. So Bob can Bob his head up & down on a u kno wut!

        • Well considering dis a.k.a. this (for the grammatically correct) is not a spelling test I don’t see how that was a proper response. So Bob can Bob his head up & down on a big white u kno wut!

          • WOW! I have absolutely no response for such a witty and well thought out statement.

    • Bob why you gotta be so anal about such petty things.

      stuknchicago (which is not a bad place to be stuck), I think TAS will be pretty good but it’ll be tough. Like to beat The Dark Knight…but again I think it depends on whether you’re judging the the superhero movies as a ‘film’ (i.e. well thought-out, has good messages, can really take something from it, a la The Dark Knight), or as a ‘flick’, i.e. “fun fun, action movie, fun times, eye candy!” And even then you have to break that down into whether it was a good representation of what you see in comics, that makes comic readers drool vs. what any newcomer might be able to enjoy for the pure spectacle. In this light, Batman, The Avengers, and Spiderman all look like they could fit in variously. So what definition are you going by, exactly? I doubt any of them really win over all…

      • I agree. Its practically impossible 2 win at all categories but the thing I look for in these type of movies the most is if it captures the essence of the comic books. For a long time I have been reading comics & saying 2 myself that if they would just stick 2 the stories out of the comics they would give Hollywood something its been missing. Reading a comic feels like a movie when the story is good, but I think the problem lies with the interpretation of the director. They should use the comic book writers to direct IMO. & as for Bob, he’s probably like 5 feet tall with a Napoleon complex so the internet is the only place he can pretend to b a tough guy & get away with it so lets let him have his tough guy moment. This is the only place he gets to b tough.

  7. Now that is what I’m talking about!!! Absolutely ‘amazing’ might even be better than The Avengers. Been waiting a long time for a Spidey movie that felt right. Each trailer has built up the excitement for this wonderfully, teasing just the right amount, everything looks great, cannot see a single fault so far.

  8. Wow. Now THAT is how you do an epic trailer. If TDKR trailer had been half as exciting as this, I might be more interested in it. I was worrying that TAS would get lost in the shuffle, but this trailer ROCKED. Now I’m excited to see TAS! Gonna be an awesome summer of movies…and then…The Hobbit!

  9. That was fantastic, nay… Amazing!
    And FINALLY, finally, we’re getting a Spider-Man that has a freakin’ sense of humor! “Oh no! You’ve found my weakness… small knives” – classic!
    Everything I could have expected and more – I’ll be there on opening night.
    This is truly looking to be the biggest surprise hit of the year.

    P.S. Was that Norman Osborn?

    • his skin seemed and hair seemed to pale and white for norman osborn, my guess goes to dr. morbius the living vampire, who probably also works for oscorp in the film.

  10. meh meh meh and meh, this is deffo redbox rental x|

    • why bother renting it when your reaction is “meh”?

      • Cheshire never said HE would rent it. He simply suggested he felt TAS ( after watching this trailer ) was only as good as a Redbox rental.

        Even though I disagree with his assertion, he’s entitled to his opinion.
        Just as you are.

        I find it perplexing how you ( and a few others ) tend to make false assertions out of some commenter’s original statements, in terms of intent.

        Since so many of you find it difficult to grasp basic reading and comprehension skills, I suggest you retake that portion of the GED test you took a few weeks ago. That is, IF you bothered taking the test at all.

        • You, Kryptonic, are so IRRITATING. You take so many things on here too hard and CONSTANTLY to try to take other people down a notch. I don’t know if you’re just trying to be a snobby, obnoxious-sounding troll, but everything you say is – wait for it – kryptonic to my very soul. Ugh.

          Now, just to clear things up – chesnire cat, did you, or did you not, mean that you would rent it? Just so you have a chance to answer for yourself instead of having to silently suffer from kryptonic’s little ‘intellectual babble’.

          Timmy, I’d rent something if my reaction was “meh” because either it’s not absolutely terrible, or I’m still curious, but either way don’t want to spend the extra money on seeing it in theaters…

          One more time – kryptonic, YOU IRK MY SOUL.

        • *meditates and prays for patience…*

          NOW COME AT ME BRO. Pop back. Say I must go to a doctor, or dismiss me in the most aloof manner that can be managed online message boards or something.

          I know you want to.

          I know you will.

  11. Might not be there opening day or week but I will definitely see this.

  12. This is a much better interpretation of the Spiderman that I remember reading from the comics. I will be there opening night.

  13. For some reason this movie is having a hard time grabbing me.

    I don’t know why though. Maybe I am scarred for the previous three or something. Hmm.

    It is like the opposite of Prometheus. I had no interest in Prometheus but every trailer makes it seem downright SICK. I was excited about Spider-Man but every trailer makes me less excited. Odd.

    • @Shadow;

      Indeed, your case is a curious one. Have you considered treatment? lol

      I think most of us are only getting MORE psyched with each successive TAS trailer.

      As for Prometheus, you appear to be spot on ! Damn, I’m looking forward to seeing Prometheus above any of the other top contenders.

      • I think it has something to do with having to sit through ANOTHER origin story.

        His origin isn’t that complicated. It seems they are re-imagining it, which will make it interesting or horrifying.

        • Im thinking this will draw more from ultimate spiderman after all Bendis was a consultant on this.

  14. The second trailer sold me on this movie already.

  15. Finally a Spider-Man movie in which he makes fun of his opponents, instead of crying all the time…

    Also finally a real villain, not a misunderstood scientist. Connors seems like a really messed up, evil person.

    • I think Connors will be a good man who got caught up in trying to cure himself and turned into a evil man I doubt they will depart from the comic so much to make him flat out evil. he is more of a Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde type deal. Norman Osborn is more of a evil man but even he isnt just that. Marvel comics dont typically have a lot of bad guys who are nothing but evil and good guys who are nothing but good. Spider-man and Captain America are the only flat out boy scout good guy types I can think of off hand but i aint read the comics in years.

  16. Another thing I really like about the approach of this new Spiderman film is the storyline involving Captain Stacy and his hunt for Spiderman. I find that dynamic as interesting as any fight against a supervillain. This movie storyline, like the comics, illustrates that Parker always had it tough, both as Spiderman and as himself. Even when he donned the mask and attempted to do good, he was treated like a villain, blamed for wrongdoing, and hunted by and shot at by the police. Here was a young man with money problems, parent and family issues, girl troubles, and even tons of problems once he had incredible powers placed in his hands. Yet, despite all of this, Parker would choose to do right and could even maintain a sense of humor through it all. There’s no question that Spiderman is one of the most interesting superheros in comics. This new movie appears to be looking at many of these different aspects that were lost in the Raimi films.

  17. I still dont get how a poor college kid can make such an epic suit?

    • i still dont get why people like you consider “poor” to be synonymous with “untalented in tailoring”.

      i mean considering everything else that’s in this movie, i have no idea why people have trouble suspending disbelief for this particular detail (which isn’t nearly as unrealistic as some other things here).

  18. I like it!

  19. I loved the classic web-slinging poses that have clearly been adapted from the comics!

  20. curt connors looks great and i’m excited as hell about this movie.

    but i don’t know, i’m a little tired of the aww-he-wasnt-such-a-bad-guy-after-all-type villains. they’ve been done so many times that they’ve become a cliche in themselves. loki was the same, just “misunderstood” and a “victim of circumstances”. i really hope bane in tdkr is a straight up c*nt. so we can enjoy some good old fashioned villainy (which would ironically be a breath of fresh air at this point).

    • PS. i know bane’s in the league of shadows in tdkr. and league of shadows in itself is just a little “misguided” with its tough justice. but that doesn’t mean bane still cant be a sick motherf*cking bastard.

      • Oh he will be. That’s exactly how Hardy’s presented him. And hey hey, the Joker was one bad AF guy too. And he had even less reason than apparently Bane will. So that’ll be a one-two punch for you with TDK and TDKR, huh?

        Also, with all the pain and angst that Spidey/Peter’s going through, I think that it’s appropriate to have that take with the Lizard, because Peter’s all about his personal battles and this story is especially about him. I’m sure the next one will be all-out.

  21. I can’t get over how/why they played it backwards at :06/:07.

  22. This movie has disaster written all over it. For me to like it, it would have to be better than Raimi’s original 2, which I doubt will happen

  23. It sucks that Spider Man couldn’t have been in the Avengers movie.
    I would have preferred that instead of yet another remake. Although
    The trailers for The Amazing Spider Man have been great, it’s hard
    to say what this film will do at the box office.

  24. this looks better with every trailer…but i still cannot understand why they just didnt make it for next summer…i’ll take going up against iron man 3 and man of steel over TDKR and the avengers any day of the week…but hey i still think this will be successful and they will almost def have a sequal prepped for next summer that is even more BA.

  25. Spiderman HAS to show up in the future Avengers movies now. They’re finally doing his origin story. We all know his parents were S.H.I.E.L.D. agents, and they just happen to be rebooting the film so coincidentally close to the Avengers? PLEASE DO IT. COME ON.

    • Get on it, Nick Fury.

      • A fan can dream, but don’t get your hopes too high, because sadly, it ain’t gonna happen mate.

  26. This is going to be spectacular! Brand new franchise.

    Tobey who???

  27. I’ve got a gut feeling that this ain’t going to do too well, but that might just be because (like Green Lantern) this is appealing very little to me.

  28. I haven’t read the comics not am I comic fanatic but I am a huge fan of spidey and he’s my most favourite superhero.
    I just read that peter’s father, Richard who was recuited by Nick Fury for SHIELD and that Mary met Richard on a mission and they got married.

    If they can some how link this with The Avengers then that would brilliant.
    I really hope that Sony and Disney give this a chance if they do then it would be the most epic film. Spidey, Iron Man, Cap’tn America, Hulk and the rest all in one team…so badass