‘Amazing Spider-Man’ Trailer #3 Teases A Stylish, Dark, ‘Untold Story’

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Not about to be outdone by the theatrical release of Marvel’s The Avengers (read our review) – with Warner Bros.’ third Dark Knight Rises trailer tagging along – Sony has gone ahead and unveiled a third (and final?) trailer for The Amazing Spider-Man, a controversial revamping of the web-slinger movie franchise.

The latest theatrical promo for Andrew Garfield’s debut as Peter Parker will also be attached to Avengers prints. But even armed with some fantastic 3D effects, plus a potpourri of classic and modernized elements from the comics, can this Spider-Man reboot really go toe-to-toe with this summer’s superhero movie juggernauts?

Judging by this latest trailer: Amazing Spider-Man should at least put up a pretty dang good fight, as far as justifying Sony’s decision to reboot the franchise goes.

The darker color palette and 3D visuals shown here look overall quite crisp, even without the benefit of the big screen – though, much like the latest Dark Knight Rises trailer, this Amazing Spider-Man footage will clearly benefit from being viewed in a theater (especially, in 3D). Much of that also holds true for the film’s version of The Lizard, who comes off as a pretty solid CGI/motion-capture creation.

Similarly, it’s fun to see Garfield playing a version of Peter Parker that feels truer to the character so many comic book readers have fallen in love with over the years – be it his mad science skills, trash-talking his foes when he dons the Spidey costume, or seeming more like a genuine modern-day teenager when spending time with his girl Gwen Stacy (Emma Stone) and her family.

Amazing Spider Man Trailer 3 Amazing Spider Man Trailer #3 Teases A Stylish, Dark, Untold Story

What new hints are provided of the film’s “untold story” (re: the disappearance of Pete’s biological parents and their connection to Oscorp) are not only intriguing, but also allude to a greater mythology than can be covered in one movie.

Considering that Sony already has an Amazing Spider-Man sequel in the works, that could be read as a sign of confidence in the final product – though, admittedly, previous superhero movies have suffered by getting ahead of themselves like that (Green Lantern, looking at you).

Overall, this new footage continues to give us reason to think that Amazing Spider-Man could actually be a pretty great addition to the superhero movie pantheon, on its own. Whether or not it will suffer from being sandwiched between two comic book movie “events” this summer, that’s another matter…

The Amazing Spider-Man swings into theaters (2D, 3D, and IMAX 3D) around the U.S. on July 3rd, 2012.

Source: iTunes Movie Trailers

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  1. marvelgasm!!!!!

  2. marvelgasm!!!!!

    • except it’s not Marvel.

      • Except it is.

        • The character is based on the Marvel Comics character, but this movie is very much Sony’s baby (Marvel has been consulting and giving creative input though)

          • You got that right, Avenger! Sony is calling the shots on Spidey.

            Doesn’t it make us all wonder, though?

            Maybe Sony and other studios actually make better Marvel movies than Marvel.

            • lol, WHY do you hate Marvel Studios so damn much? Did someone from there come and personally beat your pet?

              If you would actually LOOK at the numbers you would know that 5 out of the 6 movies produced by Marvel/Disney were highly successful and generally praised by critics. Can’t say that for either the “other” studios or DC/WB for that matter. (and you really REALLY don’t want me to list the DC turkeys that have been made. For every Batman Begins you try to list I can counter with a Batman & Robin or Green Lantern so don’t even bother)

              And by other studios are you talking about the horrible FF:RotSS movie? or maybe it was the X-Men 3 or Spider-man 3, Daredevil, The Punisher, Elektra, Ghost Rider 1-2 or possibly Origins Wolverine? Yeahhhh, those were all MUCH better than Thor or Capt. America.

              So Marvel Studios has an excellent track record. Too bad they will never get a chance to prove you wrong (or even possibly right) about Spider-Man.

              • Mongoose;

                Once again, your use of the word ” hate ” is totally out of order.

                To be brief what I don’t like about Marvel films is that they DO tend to be formulaic. Like a cookie cutter. NOT all Marvel productions but most of them.

                They don’t , or seldom ever take any risks.

                Case in point: THIS Sony production of “The Amazing Spiderman.” I challenge you or anyone else on this thread to suggest that Sony isn’t taking some big risks with this movie.

                As for the movies you listed , all of the X Men movies have been top notch. X Men 3 sucked cause of Brett Ratner.

                The first Raimi Spiderman flicks were fine. It was the phenomenal success of the first 2 films that led to the failure of SM3.

                • No, I think anyone who has read your posts in various threads will agree with me that you have some sort of grudge against Marvel Studios. You take every opportunity to put them and the movies they have made down in some manner. it sometimes may be off the cuff but it is always there. So I think the word, “hate” is perfectly appropriate.

                  If you don’t like my use of the word then LIGHTEN UP about Marvel Studios movies dammit! This is of course just a suggestion but if you continue, I will continue to counter with the word “hate”. /quotes Newton’s 3rd law.

                  I also don’t get how Marvel has not taken any big risks of their own. Iron Man was a second string superhero until they decided to jump in with a movie and now he is about as well known as any big Marvel character. So they deserve a pat on the back for SUCESSFULLY bringing characters like IM, Thor and Capt/ America to the big screen. So how is Sony taking any more risks than what Marvel did?

                  (oh and just an FYI…..I never listed X-Men 1-2 and Spider-Man 1-2 in my post because I agree they were good 😉 )

                  • You’re asking ME to “lighten up” ????


                    So if you can admit we actually agree on a couple of things, so can I. And I’m sure there are many other thing we might agree on.
                    But debating on differences in opinion can also be enlightening.
                    I see where you stand and respect your own POV. But, by the same token, if we ALL shared the SAME pov,
                    most all of the things we share a common passion for would become somewhat dull.

                    • I don’t think there is a single regular poster here that I disagree 100% with, nor do I agree with anyone completely (although The Avenger is close). If we all had the same opinion then life would be great because everyone would like everything BUT it would also be freakin’ boring because there would be nothing to discuss.

            • Nope. Doesn’t make me wonder at all…
              So far, Marvel Studios have put out 6 films, of which all of them have an overall positive score on sites like Rotten Tomatoes. That’s a success rate of 100%.
              All those movies had their flaws, but so far, MS is more more consistent with the quality of their movies than Sony.

              And let’s not forget, TASM hasn’t even been released yet – you’re getting ahead of yourself ONCE AGAIN.

  3. the same song used in the new expendables

  4. Look great, I actually laughed in the trailer with the “You found my weakness” line!

    • i literally laughed out loud at that.

      • I found it to be funnier in this trailer than in the 2nd, but I was happy with the way it came off in trailer 2 as well. I loved this trailer.

        The story looks good, as does the acting. I’m becoming more and more confident that Garfield did a really good job. We’ll see for sure soon enough, but he really comes through in the trailer as a very authentic Peter Parker. The editing was much improved from the Japanese, International, and 2nd Domestic trailer (the one from February).

        Based on the trailer itself, the action looks really fun and creative. They seem to have really embraced the vertigo element of Spider-man’s fighting style. The way that the camera follows the characters is quite simply, awesome. The way that Spider-man moves is breath taking at times, he’s so quick and acrobatically stylish. I never imagined they’d do it like this in a live action film, it’s moving.

        The CGI is okay (blending background objects with foreground objects has always been an issue with Sony ImageWorks) but the overall aesthetic polish of everything is really, really cool. Oscorp looks all futuristic and cool, the crisp glow of the city is awesome, and even though most of these scenes take place at night, you can see everything that’s going on, darkness is a non-issue entirely, which is awesome. But back to the aesthetic, for me, it’s cool enough so that I’m good with the CGI on a whole scale, bad foreground/background blending or not. Anyway, looks like Marc Webb has a lot of vision for the visual presentation (no pun intended), and he may win himself a worldwide fan base if it comes through in the movie.

        The Lizard looks okay. His movements, size, and brutality are what make it cool for me. Just like 2008’s Hulk, the CGI isn’t flawless, but his movements are so fun and entertaining to watch that I liked it.

    • same here, very funny line!

      That’s the spidey humor we were denied on Raimi’s Spider flicks! Nice to get it on the reboot.

  5. wow I’m liking this. It seems abnormally colorful though lol and im still unsure about the lizard. its funny how both DKR and this suffer from uncertainty over villains lol

  6. I am more excited for this than I was before! Plus, that long stare up at the OsCorp building, I was like “future movie villain”! I would love to see how these people show the Goblin, do we get something more close to the comic, and yet equally scary? Or another Williem Dafoe version?

    • The shot of the OsCorp building was great…

  7. whoa, whats up with this page? its all screwed up for me???

    • never mind, its fixed!!!

  8. Nice. Very Nice. Definitely the Batman Begins of SpiderMan.

  9. This looks pretty F-ing awesome.
    And if the visuals look this good on a computer and my iPod I can’t wait to see it on the big screen.
    I’ll get a better look in about 16hrs when I’m in the theater for The Avengers. :)

  10. What a great trailer! I believe we can be sure that the reboot was the way to go. Much better than anything we got from Raimi. As Ignur says this has the looks to be the Batman Begins of the Spidey franchise! 😀

    And can I just add: PROTOBOARD FUN!!!! I’m now totally geeking out about Peter working on the

  11. What a great trailer! I believe we can be sure that the reboot was the way to go. Much better than anything we got from Raimi. As Ignur says this has the looks to be the Batman Begins of the Spidey franchise! 😀

    And can I just add: PROTOBOARD FUN!!!! I’m now totally geeking out about that scene with Peter working on the web-shooters! It took me back to my college years at electronic engineering! 😛

  12. Seems like they’re recycling the general backstory formula that was in Ang Lee’s Hulk – parent(s) caught up in questionable experiments with mutation,someone exposed the child, transformation of the old (evil) scientist still obsessed with the project, etc.

    • What a great observation, dude. You’ve hit it on the ( web ) head.

    • Yeah, using the storyline from the Ultimate Spider-Man comics…

      • Exactly. I really love how this wave of Spiderman movies is ushering in the more modern and recent Marvel story lines.

        Hopefully it will become the trend. Look at where the IM3 and ” Extremis ” stories are headed.

        And not only Marvel as DC is going with a modern take on ” Man Of Steel. “

        • Yeah. It is good not to forget the classic stories, but there have been some great recent ones that should be used.
          And so what if they have changed the origin a little bit. I don’t recall Ra’s Al Ghul training Bruce Wayne in the comics. Things change.

  13. Marvel could’ve done a better job scheduling this movie’s release date. July 03 release date? and then battling The Dark Knight Rises’ July 20 opening? I say no chance for it to compete with Bats .

    • it’s not marvels movie, it’s sony’s.
      it’s not battling for anything.
      spider-man has as much of a built-in fanbase as bats, and since it’s opening 1st, i’m sure it will do ok.

    • Agreed. Sony screwed up on a lot of things. I can see TAS being tops at the box office the first week out. MAYBE the second week…

      But there’s simply NO chance for any flick once TDKR opens on July 20.

      That’s just a fact.

  14. Seriously, stop with the amazing trailers already. I can’t freakin’ take all of this blockbuster movie insanity. I’m gonna be a sad, sad man after this summer’s over.

    • Ditto

  15. That looked great!

  16. Sold!

  17. Eh. Honestly, this trailer just made me less excited for the movie.

    I think my feelings partially have to do with all of the positive buzz and incredible marketing surrounding the avengers, and the new dark knight rises trailer, which IMO was a masterpiece. Compared to those, the amazing spiderman seems mediocre. I’m not saying it will be mediocre, per se, its just compared to those movies, it seems that way. Maybe it’s not so fair to judge TASM against those movies, as each is very different, but I guess it’s hard not to compare them as they’re all superhero movies to some extent.

    Also, what jumped out at me about is this trailer is that it all seems so familiar. Now, I know they’re going a different route by focusing a lot on peters parents, and having a more dark/gritty/grounded/realistic take on it (take your pick), and it’s more accurate to the comic books. But still, these are pretty minor differences. We’ve seen spiderman before, and we know the story. To the average moviegoer, this seems so familiar, and theres nothing that really sets this movie apart. This is made even more apparent when looking at all of the supehero movies that have come out in recent years. Putting aside that we recently had spiderman movies, this just seems like your classic superhero movie with nothing to really set it apart. No crazy ensemble of heroes like The Avengers, and The Dark Knight movies are in a class on their own. This just seems recycled.

    That said, I don’t think TASM will do so well in the box office. Its certainly not going to bomb, but I don’t think its gonna do as well as Sony hoped (whatever that figure may be). (its certainly not going to do as well as TA and TDKR but that goes without saying.) I’m still gonna see this in theaters, but general audiences may yawn at this trailer, thinking to themselves that they’ve seen this superhero storyline before (whether in previous spiderman movies or other superhero movies.) As for how this movie will do critically, your guess is as good as mine.

    Just my humble opinion. Feel free to debate.

    • I loved the original series. I understand that there’s better cinema out there, but still, the original series holds a place in my heart. That being said, I think that this film looks immensely different from the original trilogy. Everything from the depth of the origin, to the aesthetic, to the character portrayals, to me it just screams different. That, and it’s in the tagline, lol.

      I semi-agree with you about the Box Office thing though. A lot of people just aren’t giving this movie a chance. Or at least they weren’t. This trailer may change a lot of people’s minds. The second trailer literally changed the landscape on many forum spaces, and IMHO it wasn’t in the same league as this one. This third and possibly final domestic trailer was immensely different than the teaser that was released back in June of last year, and the second one that was released in February this year. I wish the franchise all the best.

    • “what jumped out at me about is this trailer is that it all seems so familiar”

      You mean like how he was holding onto a car with webbing and a bridge in the other just like in the other movie?

      I’m also not excited so don’t feel like you’re alone in your opinion.

      • I am guessing this story is based off some of the later stories concerning his parents, which casual fans may not really be aware of. The one thing that jumps out plot-wise from the little bits of dialog make it seem like they are using a similar set-up to the first Hulk movie, with Peter having been experimented on when he was young helping to cause his mutation. While I understand they have changed things it just seems like a way to tell yet another origin story that some might not be able to get into.

  18. Amazing. The action looks a lot better than the previous spider-man movies (which I really liked by the way). This promises to be a helluva ride. Here’s to hoping they keep their promise…

  19. Whew! Now that was good! Never had a doubt in this film’s potential. What I want to know is who was that in that cell or whatever with Connors asking had he told Peter about his parents? Osborn? Someone else?

  20. Someone commented in the last TASM thread that the Lizard appeared to have a snout but in every scene with Lizard this time I didn’t see it. Human looking face all the way.

    There were some entertaining bits (like the snarky small knife weakness comment) but I’ve seen movies that showed a great, action packed trailer but then didn’t deliver when it came to the other 1.5 hrs (Wrath of the Titans anyone?)

    Color me increasingly skeptical.

    • The Lizard doesn’t have a snout and I can understand why, not only does it hark back to the older designs, but if he had a snout any emotion of humanity would be completely lost, there would be no way for an actor or the CGI overlay to “act” with a snout.

        • Sounds like Webb has a good grasp of the characters and what makes Spiderman who he is. There’s a great cast, and so far it all looks brilliant.

      • You know I keep reading this but why? So they have never EVER been able to convey emotions in the comics when he had a snout? Too difficult to draw??? So if you can do so in the comics then it must be that the animators just don’t have the skill then? Please.

        This is a cop out and they sure could have done so. I’m not going to say it would have been necessarily an easy task but it could have been done. They are already doing it CGI so it seems they weren’t willing to give it 100%.

        And we both know this wasn’t done to harken back to older designs since none of the other Lizard details match the original and come instead from the more recent versions. A humanoid face is the only similarity.

        • You can convey emotions easily in a comic because it is a frame, one or two images, plus you have a dialogue bubble usually telling you how the character feels.

          The Lizard looks fine without a snout,

        • Hi mongoose,

          I forgot to mention this when I posted that link to the article from collider, but Webb confirmed that the movie will be much closer to 2 hours, not 1hr 30 mins. (The article was published on May 3rd)

          Here’s an excerpt:

          Collider: Has a final cut been locked?

          WEBB: Yeah, it’s right around two hours. There was something on some website that said it was an hour and 30 minutes, or something like that. No. Every once in a while, it’s really interesting because you hear people talk about information that gets out and you’re like, “Oh, yeah, there’s some truth to it.” But sometimes, things come up and you’re like, “What are you talking about?!” That’s one of those things. I just don’t know where that came from. The cut is pretty much locked. We’re just doing a lot of visual stuff.

          • Ah shoot, I just reread your post. You never said the movie was an hour and 30. My bad. Still a good article though.

  21. Now that is an OUTSTANDING trailer!! Although time will tell, I really believe we’re going to get a REAL Spiderman movie here. I know we’re having to go on just a few minutes worth of scenes, but I already like the film’s style and visual effects over the other Spiderman films. If Webb and company can keep that up for the film’s length, this is going to be the new standard for Spiderman movies in my opinion. Can’t wait!

  22. Oh great, another Spiderman movie where his mask always comes off.

    • And you can already tell that because of one scene?

  23. Great trailer! The weakness line was ROFL worthy. I also inadvertently laughed when Connors said, “If you want the truth about your parents, Peter” because he played Hook in SyFy’s Neverland and he said sort of the same thing to Peter Pan.

    Question: Is Gwen Stacey the person who becomes the Black Cat or is she Peter’s first love interest who is killed by the Green Goblin in the comics?

    • Gwen is Peter’s tragic first love.

      That line is def funnier now that i think of him as Cpt Hook from the Neverland TV special.

      • Thanks. I thought that’s who she was but I wasn’t entirely sure.

        • the character that becomes black cat is felicia Hardy

          • Thanks!

  24. I wanna watch it, but ill wait when i see the avengers tonight

  25. with a Great trailer comes a great responsibility… if you know what I mean ;]

  26. the more they reveal the more i want to watch this, it seems to be alot more light hearted and darker then raimi’s spiderman movies. the fact that this villain looks to come close to getting his way (biological contamination thing hitting offices etc) adds that layer of scariness to the villain as opposed to the raimi ones where we never actually see the villain get anywhere near achieving their ‘dastardly deems’ (expect maybe octopus).

    i still would very much love for the franchise to revert back to marvel, regardless of how good this looks b/c what i want to see is a marvel civil war movie with everyone in it including the xmen (their individual movies could be like the comics where they branch of the united narrative).

  27. looks pretty good I really enjoyed the classic one-liners and it’ll be interesting to see Spidey not only going up against a super-villain but the entire NYPD

  28. I for one was not a fan of the previous spiderman films… I never got the feeling that I was watching the peter parker I grew up loving, I can go on and on about things I didn’t care for in those films and from the look of it I can go on and on about the things I’m really excited about from this new incarnation of the web slinger.. First and foremost, his web shooters! I never thought I would get so geeked about something do small in a film so big.. But those things are awesome! The film looks very grounded with just a hint of a darker tone but not overly done at all.. You could really get a feel for Parker’s humor which I believe will help balance the film out quite nicely. Needless to say I’m looking forward to this just as much as the other superhero block busters coming our way this summer.

    • Couldn’t agree more.

  29. Dammit! where are my socks!? they blew right off! This trailer just solidifies what ive been saying, that its dark but has some humor, and gives us the most accurate depiction of peter/spidey we’ve probably seen on film to date, kudos to garfield, his comicon speech spoke of his love spidey and it really shows in what ive. Also, I love little details like how he wobbles a bit in the air as swings in that one shot, his mid air poses, his movements while crawling are perfect. CANNOT WAIT! spideys been the underdog in comics and now he’s the underdog of moies this year but i really think hes going to come out of the gate swinging (pun intended!).