Will ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’ Franchise Get Spin-Off Movies?

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Spider Man spin offs Will The Amazing Spider Man Franchise Get Spin Off Movies?

There are some movies franchises where the studio will carefully await box office numbers before deciding whether or not to go ahead with another sequel, and then there are the other kind. The Amazing Spider-Man 2 isn’t out until next summer, but Sony has already greenlit The Amazing Spider-Man 3 and The Amazing Spider-Man 4. They even have release dates set already, all the way up to 2018 – now that’s planning ahead.

It’s important not to underestimate just how lucrative the Spider-Man property has been for Sony/Columbia. In terms of box office take, it is the most successful franchise in the company’s history, even more so than James Bond, with all four films netting a combined gross of over $3.2 billion. In the light of the storming success of Marvel/Disney’s shared movie universe model, the idea of expanding The Amazing Spider-Man into spin-offs as well as sequels probably holds a fair bit of appeal for Sony.

The latest buzz with regards to the spin-off idea comes from Sony co-chairman Amy Pascal’s presentation to investors that took place this week, during which she touched on the subject of the Amazing Spider-Man franchise and its future. Specifically, Pascal alluded to future characters from within Spider-Man’s orbit whom Sony hopes to add to their roster. According to TheWrap, Pascal stated that, “[Sony is] going to access Marvel’s full world of Spider-Man characters, so be on the lookout for new heroes and villains.”

Spider Girl Will The Amazing Spider Man Franchise Get Spin Off Movies?

It’s a promising but frustratingly vague statement, yet it’s been enough to spark a lot of discussion about whether Sony will attempt to milk the success of Spider-Man and the current craze for comic book movies by expanding the universe into spin-off titles as well. Sony owns the rights not only to Spider-Man, but also to his allies and foes, so if a standalone movie about (for example) Spider-Girl was to be made, then it would be under Sony’s care.

Sony is slightly more limited than other studios currently producing movies based on Marvel comics, at least in terms of characters who could feasibly star in a successful spin-off. Whereas Marvel/Disney has a massive pool of characters to choose from and Twentieth Century Fox owns not only all of the X-Men but also the Fantastic Four, Spider-Man really is the only high-profile superhero that Sony owns the film rights to. His most common allies are usually big enough that they have their own comic book series and, as a result, their movie adaptation rights lie elsewhere.

Still, Sony certainly isn’t wanting for super villains to pick from, since Spider-Man has plenty of foes, but it’s a lot more difficult to sell a standalone movie with a villain as the protagonist and the bad guys Pascal mentioned are most likely members of the Sinister Six who are being lined up for The Amazing Spider-Man 3 and The Amazing Spider-Man 4.

venom movie rhett reese paul wernick Will The Amazing Spider Man Franchise Get Spin Off Movies?

If an Amazing Spider-Man movie spin-off does happen, however, then the most likely candidate right now is Venom. Last year franchise producer Matthew Tolman has explicitly said that the anti-hero “deserves his own movie” and that the idea of a Venom spin-off has come up in discussions with a generally favorable response. Zombieland writers Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick penned a treatment for a Venom movie several years ago (that unfortunately never made it to the screen), and The Amazing Spider-Man 2 co-screenwriters and producers Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman have expressed their enthusiasm for the character, and for the idea of making an anti-hero movie.

While Pascal’s words don’t guarantee anything, they do suggest that Sony is seeking to expand the Spider-Man franchise. While we wait for actual news of spin-off movies, however, there’s always the short Venom fan film Truth in Journalism, which stars Ryan Kwanten (True Blood) as Eddie Brock.


The Amazing Spider-Man 2 opens in U.S. theaters on May 2nd, 2014, followed by The Amazing Spider-Man 3 on June 10th, 2016 and The Amazing Spider-Man 4 on May 4th, 2018.

Source: TheWrap

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  1. The three I can think that could really work are Venom for the fanboys, Blackcat, and Spider Woman could be a nice change of pace and show us something a bit different, just do not make it a spider woman twilight please.It is a nice way of using villains that do not make it in the regular Spiderman films too and can tie in to each other from films to film.

    • Spider-Woman isn’t related to Spider-man except a couple team ups. Jessica Drew is 1000% more a SHIELD character and the film rights are probably held by Marvel.

      • Unless they go with the Mattie Franklin version of Spider-Woman perhaps?

        • Sure that could work, I like that version.

        • Or Julia Carpenter.

  2. I would like to see them use villains in these like Scorpion, Mysterio, Carnage, Shocker, Morbius oh wait no.. twilight .. no. no.. no…

    • Scorpion and Mysterio would be my first choices from your list.

  3. I really dont see a big shared universe around Spiderman.

    Avengers, X-Men, Justice League are teams with plently of characters, supporting roles, villains and more, but Spiderman is just one heroe, so its like Sony wants to be bigger yet, but the material doesnt lead to it.

    • Spider-Man has plenty of heroes though. Some are former villains, others are anti-heroes, others still go back and forth from good to bad and back again.

  4. A. you are right, they really only have a handful of characters and most of them are just so similar to spiderman that it would not be that different from a spiderman film all together. I would like to see Blackcat, Spiderwoman, Scorpion, and Venom in a film together. But a real treat for me as a Spiderman film fan would be Webb’s version of Doc Ock, and Kraven. Kraven has a great story and I could see it now Kraven coming in and using shadow and lure to just make Spiderman miserable I could actually see Kraven working with Mysterio having Mysterio use Illusion to scramble Spiderman’s Spider sense up. Wow I just cannot shut up today lol too much coffee.

  5. Sony probably should mainly stick to sequels, but could guest-star a few good guys to help Spidey, especially if he has to face 6 villains (Sinister Six), more than any one hero could handle alone. Perhaps Sony needs to try and buy the rights from Marvel to another hero character (maybe Moon Knight??). I do not think any of the other characters like Venom could carry a movie solo. People would look at Venom and say either “Who is he?” for those not familiar with the character, or else declare “Spiderman knock-off, more of the same.”. He just is not that interesting as a central character. The same arguments pertain to the other supporting characters as well. Maybe they could trade the rights to Sandman to Fox for somebody, to give Fox the chance to make the Fantastic Four fight the Frightful Four (Sandman, Trapster, Wizard, Medusa). I am not sure what Sony could get in return though to help Spiderman. Also, I am not sure who owns the rights to Medusa, since she was originally integral in the early comments to the Frightful Four in the Fantastic Four comics. Later on she became integral to The Inhumans, which I believe Marvel owns. It would involve some hore-trading around, but after all, if they can do it in football….!?

    • I think a Venom film could certainly work, after all, from his inception until the early 00′s he was one of the five most popular Marvel characters…

    • What could Sony get in return? Pretty obvious to me: a team-up with Wolverine (their love/hate relationship is great) and/or a cameo of his buddy Johnny Storm.

  6. If like to see hbo get some of these characters as a series. Especially the punisher on hbo,showtime or starz would be awesome. Potential to be very gritty and raw.

  7. I think Fox and Marvel can use the Inhumans. Sinces Inhumans is its own thing Marvel owns they could use it, and Inhumans where a big part of Fantastic Four so Fox could use it if I am correct. kinda like they are doing with Quicksilver.

    • I am fairly certain Marvel still retains full rights to the Inhumans. While they may have been associated with the FF, they are their own separate entity and exist also exist apart from them.

      If we used “guilt be association” as the rule, then by all rights Fox should own half the Marvel gallery (which we know they don’t thankfully)

    • The only characters that have been stipulated as usable by both production companies are Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch. They were mentioned in specific, it’s not “whichever characters overlap between two licenses,” it’s specifically those two.

  8. Gerald Butler as THE PUNISHER!
    Think about it!

    • I think Jason Staitham should be The Punisher in a Punisher movie, directed by Luc Besson.

      • Please no! Not Luc Besson!

    • I still think the only person who should be cast as The Punisher is Thomas Jane. Bring him back, job done.

    • I really liked the Ray Stevenson Punisher. It was a small enough release that they could do another one as a sequel but at the same time as a “first time out” in a sense.

  9. Gotta laugh at the author’s gross under and over statements with terms like, “plenty” and “slightly” in reference to Sony’s Marvel characters.

    The fact is, the Marvel properties Sony has rights to is SEVERELY limited, even when compared to what Fox owns with the X-Men and the FF. We also don’t know exactly what Sony does indeed own, especially in the allies department but, even at its best, the numbers are still quite small.

    • They could spin off a Daily Bugle TV series if they have TV rights

  10. spiderman noir

  11. I understand that Sony has the live-action movie rights to Spider-Man, but I was wondering:

    - Does Sony have the rights to animated films about Spidey?

    -Does Marvel have the live-action T.V. rights to him?

  12. I can just imagine spiderman 2099, set in a bladerunner type future, the mask at the top is cool, that would be great

    • I had the first 5-6 six issues of Spider-man 2099, the art style of the city and buildings and stuff was great. I think it was done by Rick Leonardi, at least for the first first issues.

  13. I was looking at a list of characters of the Spider-Man universe. I could see Venom, Scarlet Spider, Silver Sable.. even re-imaging and updating characters like Puma and Prowler to become allies of Spider-Man. I would like to see the Julia Carpenter in this universe, if Marvel/Disney plans to use the Jessica Drew version of Spider Woman in the Avengers, then why not have Julia go by her other code name Arachne. I could see Kraven The Hunter being a villain at first, then becoming a hero or ally who helps Spider-Man later like in the 90′s animate show. Even Sandman became an ally of Spider-Man and even joined with Silver Sable. You got Morbius and Black Cat too. I could see John Jameson becoming Man-Wolf . So I could see some things happen to expand the Spider-Man universe. I would love to see Firestar here, but it is according if Marvel/Disney or Fox had plans with her. I know she used to be an Avenger and is a mutant as well. I fondly remember her as a Spider Friend on the Spider-Mann and His Amazing friends show.

  14. Spider-Man 2099 is another possibility as well or the Miles Morales Spider-Man.

  15. Spinoffs? Grim Hunt! Spider Island! Maximum Carnage! Oh, and an Araña/Spider-Girl miniseries when Peter will be somewhat older so that the two can share that great master-pupil relationship bordering on surrogate fatherhood.

    • Viggo Mortensen as Kraven?

      • Hmmm… I was thinking someone with a more animalistic side but I like Viggo and he played a russian before, so why not?

  16. With all the talk of Marvel complaining about not having the rights to Spider-Man and X-men, they are partially to blame for giving Sony all sorts of ideas for the films. Granted a lot of it is from the classic comic era, but Marvel has released numerous X-Men titles in recent years and the crazy comic events like Superior Spider-Man which plants the seeds for future films. It does very little to sway Sony from giving up the film rights.

    The comic side of the Marvel house has to realize the effects on the film rights. If Marvel were to tank, as they say in professional sports, both franchises and not do any big events and release 1-2 books a year with a subpar writing and penciling group then it could be enough to return the film rights back to Marvel Studios once Sony realizes its not as valuable.

    • Well, they won’t stop making comics because they wish their properties back, will they? Especially Spider-Man, which has been their flagship book for a while now. Anyway, even if they stopped, Fox and Sony have decades of stories to draw inspiration from.