Comic-Con 2013: ‘Amazing Spider-Man’ Sinister Six Hints Revealed [Updated]

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Jamie Foxx Teases Sinister Six for Amazing Spider Man Comic Con 2013: Amazing Spider Man Sinister Six Hints Revealed [Updated]

Some fans have been wondering exactly why there are so many villains in The Amazing Spider-Man 2, especially considering the last Spider-Man film to double up on villains – Spider-Man 3 – is not exactly remembered fondly. The villains (and potential villains) in ASM2 include: Jamie Foxx as Electro (confirmed), Paul Giamatti as Rhino (confirmed), Felicity Jones as Black Cat (rumored), Dane Dehaan as Venom/Hobgoblin/Green Goblin Jr. (rumored), and Chris Cooper as Norman Osborn himself. IMDb even has actor Colm Feore credited as “Adrian Toomes” in the film – a.k.a., the alter-ego of the high-flying Vulture.

Well, apparently there might be a very good reason we’re seeing so many villains so soon – and that reason is The Sinister Six. In an interview at Comic-Con 2013, Jamie Foxx name-dropped the villainous Spider-Man team and hinted at the possibility of seeing them in a future Amazing Spider-Man movie.

Initially, Movies Dot Com merely asked Foxx about whether or not he’d be interested in returning for an Amazing Spider-Man sequel.

amazing spider man 2 max dillon Comic Con 2013: Amazing Spider Man Sinister Six Hints Revealed [Updated]

Here’s what he had the actor say:

“I’ll put it to you this way: you don’t really kill electricity; it just goes to another place. You can shut it off, but it’s still somewhere.Look, I’m just happy and humbled to be in this one and hopefully do right by the fans in making Electro someone who has different sides. I want people to feel for him, so that when he does turn into Electro, you want to root for him. Whether he comes back again in another film … you know, so be it.”

One thing led to another and the topic of the Sinister Six came up – as it always does! To which Foxx said:

“You know, Electro was always tempted by the Sinister Six, so we’ll see.”

When pressed on the possibility of an actual movie featuring the Sinister Six coming to fruition, Foxx said:

“Look, stepping away from it, I would like to see something like that. That would make it, like, ‘Okay, the big guys are coming to play.’ “

If there’s one thing that The Avengers taught us, it’s that cinematic superheroes are far more interesting when they’re in the same room together. While the ThorCaptain America, and Hulk movies were all fairly well-received films, seeing those characters on the big screen all at once was something special indeed.

Spider Man versus All His Villains Comic Con 2013: Amazing Spider Man Sinister Six Hints Revealed [Updated]

In fact, one of few superhero tropes we’ve yet to see in superhero movies – which is surprising because there’s been like a hundred in the past five years – is the supervillain team-up (The Brotherhood in X-Men doesn’t really count; we’re talking about major supervillains coming together for a common destructive goal here). As fun as it was to watch Earth’s Mightiest Heroes butt heads and banter back and forth, seeing superpowered psychopaths and megalomaniacs solve their differences (or not) has some serious cinematic potential.

Seeing as how Spider-Man’s rogues gallery is one of the best (tied with Batman, perhaps?) in comic books, it makes sense that the the Sinister Six would be the first bad guy group to break into film.

After the first Amazing Spider-Man hit theaters, our own Kofi Outlaw asked director Marc Webb about the possibility of the Sinister Six making an appearance in an Amazing Spider-Man sequel, and Webb simply smiled and said, “Oooo.” So this isn’t the first time we’ve gotten hints about the Sinister Six showing up in a future Spider-Man film.

More recently, Webb revealed that Rhino had a very small role in The Amazing Spider-Man 2 because he had plans for that character down the line:

“The Rhino is in the movie for a very short time, because we’re sort of teasing out the possibility of something more interesting happening there.”

Teasing out the possibility of something more interesting? Could this “more interesting” thing end up being the Sinister Six themselves? After all, what other reason could there be for keeping villains around for later films? It seems unlikely that Rhino would be the focus of his own movie after playing a supporting role in ASM2.

The Amazing Spider Man Rhino Comic Con 2013: Amazing Spider Man Sinister Six Hints Revealed [Updated]

UPDATE: The Comic-Con teasers continued with Webb also dropping hints to Crave Online about a more obscure Spider-Man villain making an appearance:

“What about The Gentleman?” Marc Webb said from out of the blue, while we were joking about the possibility of Philip Seymour Hoffman playing The Looter.

“That’s getting kind of obscure,” I replied, thinking he was just spitballing. “I always liked The Spot…”

He stopped me. “Think about the Gentleman,” he said. “I’m just saying. Put that in your… There’s your little tidbit. Think about The Gentleman.”

“How serious are you being?” I asked.

Webb nodded dramatically. “You’re just nodding dramatically,” I continued.

“I’m just saying,” Webb concluded, “think about The Gentleman.”

The Gentleman is basically a character that was created for a Spider-Man novel (they exist) called Spider-Man: The Gathering of The Sinister Six. The mysterious wealthy, elderly man was involved with what happened to Peter Parker’s parents, and also helped gather the six villains that form the Sinister Six unit. This isn’t the first time the character’s name has been brought up in conjunction with the Amazing Spider-Man movie universe: Back when we spoke to Marc Webb about that ominous Amazing Spider-Man mid-credits sequence, many hardcore fans instantly started speculating that it was The Gentleman who showed up in Curt Connors’ prison cell, asking about Peter Parker. Given Webb’s not-so-subtle tease, that may in fact prove to be the case.

Amazing Spider Man 2 Gentleman Sinister Six Comic Con 2013: Amazing Spider Man Sinister Six Hints Revealed [Updated]

We already know that Sony and Marc Webb have plans for two more Spider-Man films leading into 2018. Obviously, 2018 is a ways away, so anything could happen between then and now. If The Amazing Spider-Man 2 were to flop horribly at the box office, we’d probably never see Webb’s vision play out in theaters.

But that amount of foresight is also indicative of long-term plot planning – the kind that might introduce a bunch of villainous characters throughout several movies before bringing them together against your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man.

What do you think, Screen Ranters? Do you want to see the Sinister Six adapted for the big screen? Or do you think six supervillains is five too many? Drop us a line in the comments.


The Amazing Spider-Man hits theaters May 2nd, 2014.

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  1. Hope the hints/rumours are true!
    Would love to see the SinisterSix on the big screen!! :D

  2. I think it would be a good idea to have the villains all have a shot in the films first, then the team up. IDK, but I could see the film doing something like that.

    Kinda like Marvel did with Hulk, Iron Man, Captain America and Thor, but with Spider Man villains.

    • That would take a long time and be quite a toll on Garfield and Webb.

      • Seems to me that is what they are doing, Dr. Conners lived in the first movie, and if Electro lives, which the following quote sounds like he will:

        “I’ll put it to you this way: you don’t really kill electricity; it just goes to another place. You can shut it off, but it’s still somewhere.”

        Now, I might be wrong, but I think that means he lives at the end of the movie, plus:

        “The Rhino is in the movie for a very short time, because we’re sort of teasing out the possibility of something more interesting happening there.”

        Now we have three potential villains for the sinister six, but if you think about it, they would not NEED to make Vulture and Kraven main villains in ASM3, afterall, they did not have Hawkeye and Black Widow star in the Avengers tie in movie. Sure they were a movie, but they were not main characters for either movie they were in, they were not even the main characters in The Avengers.

        Only one person remains… Green Goblin… DUN DUN DUN!!!

        Now this is my opinion, and it makes sense if you think about it. Electro most likely will not die at the end, and Rhino will tease possible future movies.

  3. The Sinister Six has been rumored since the first film as part of Sony’s Spider-Man plan. I hope it comes to fruition. I’m glad these studios are starting to make plans for these properties.

  4. Sinester Six, guys you do know we are talking about 6 villains at once possibly in one Spider-Man movie. Seriously after Spider-Man 3, I just want the amount of the villains that will appear to be limited. One villain films with a great story could work as proven in Spider-Man 2 and many other great Superhero films. One or two villains should just be the limit for an assemble appearance but not six of them. Comparing heroes to villains are different, expecially when the main focus on the story needs to be the hero or heroes itself.

    • See, I think that’s a big misconception about Spider-Man 3. It wasn’t that there were so many villains, it was the writing of the actual script and the decisions Raimi made.

      Hell, Batman Begins has three villains, The Dark Knight has Joker, all of the various mobs, Scarecrow, etc. It’s about the writing and finding a good balance.

      • It was the studios that had creative control for Spider-Man 3. Raimi only wanted only one villain for Spider-Man 3. Spider-Man 4 was going to be great, with John Malcovick as the Vulture, but the studios wanted to add another villain (Black Cat), therefore Raimi could not get the script to work with two villains and decided to walk.

        This just shows the studios did not learn their lesson of have too many villains in a film. Would have loved to see Spider-Man 4, over the horrible Spider-Man reboot. Oh well.

        • @Jay

          Which horrible Spiderman reboot are we talking about here?

          Was there another Spiderman movie I didn’t know about between Spiderman 3 and The Amazing Spiderman?

          Otherwise, I’d rather not have Spiderman 4 because the first three weren’t that good and have aged horribly.

          • @Dazz

            Spider-Man 1 and 2 were awesome!! Spider-Man 3 was disappointing and the The Amazing Spider-Man was HORRIBLE. I think you and others who like ASM over Spider-Man 1 and 2 are suffering from “Out with the old, In with the new syndrome”. Spider-Man 1 and 2 are outdated??? Are you freaking kidding me??? Boy I’m hoping ASM 2 thru 4 bomb at the box office. I do not want them to reach the pinnacle of success from the first two films. Had to be said, had too.

            • Three-quarters of a billion worldwide for TASM say that didn’t bomb and I guarantee that the next one won’t bomb (might even do better) so you’re in for a long wait.

            • @Jay
              Not sure I’d say that SP 1&2 are outdated
              But TASM was loads better in my opinion, I watched SP2 not long after seeing the new one for the first time and a couple of things struck me
              1) what’s with all the women and their really high-pitched screaming like its some sort of horror movie parody (there is way to much)
              2) Toby McGuire is has about 2 maybe 3 facial expressions through the film, and his delivery of spidermans ‘wise-cracking’ needs work as well

              On the plus side the fights with doc ock are still good to watch, the train one is good
              I watched the other raimi films soon after (couldn’t even make it past the emo bit in the third one) but found that those 2 points above are there in each movie

            • The Raimi Spiderman movies are OUTDATED, and very goofy IMO! I liked them kind-of YEARS AGO but to watch them now…. UGHH I cant get thru them!!
              Movies like the ones we have today, TASM, and MOS, even the Marvel films are SOOOO much better than what we had 10 or 15 yrs ago!

              TOBY MAGUIRE IMO is a very goofy PP, I really like the (in our world movies) and I think Andrew Garfield nailed the role! I love his PP. But I also think that the character was better written in TASM, The only movie that I really liked Toby in was Sin City and the TV show Wilfred!!! Other than that I JUST don’t like the guy!

      • +1

        Since it didn’t work out once for obvious reasons (the writing and villain being shoehorned in) does not mean they should never again revisit the idea of including more than one villain.

    • It’s not really different. It’s easier. They don’t need to be fleshed out. Spiderman stopped them from doing whatever it is they wanted to do, they couldn’t beat them on their own, so they team up.

      • Yeah it would be easy to do in a Saturday morning cartoon or a comic book but it when it cakes to a live action frame and trying to fit all of them within 2 hours with a descent story in mind would be difficult. Nolan had his own way of handling things every director is not a Nolan. Besides compare Spider-Man’s own villains to Batman’s and there is often a difference. It would definitely serve as a spectacular action sequence but to fit them all in a story that makes sense. Yes the villains would need to be fleshed out or else their motives would just look flat. Them just teaming up cause Spider-Man beat them is not enough of a good motive to begin with.

        How are these villains able to get along together and do they really share the same goals or is one of them is a double crosser. Even The Avengers had it’s problems mainly on the limited character development side, I know the movie just wanted to focus on the action and drama but we could have gotten something more. Yes the characters have been introduced before but still there is a limited sense within the focus on their development as the plot needs to move forward.

        • You’re just looking at things too complicated. A group of villains don’t need development. They all hate Spiderman and thats it.

          • And they won’t just fight spiderman all at once. They split up, trying to lure Spiderman into territories that’ll give them the advantage, and Spiderman a disadvantage. As Spiderman defeats one, he goes to the next.

    • “One or two villians should be the limit”

      There you go again wanting to put limits and rules on everything. All that matters is how well its written, acted and directed, not the amount of chacters that appear.

      • These are not just characters, these are essentially the villains who are the frame of the story. I am just saying if how I’ve been seeing it from previously before in the films. To fit these amount of villains within a 2 hour time frame will be difficult. These are not supporting characters or any other offshoot character. With 6 villains it would be limited to character development wether or not the script. The film would have to get cut down in the editing process heavily. Limit the villains and you are not only able to have a fleshed out story but more character development and focus not just the action sequences.

        • Theyre introducing and focusing on one or two villains per film. By the forth film theyll have six properly developed villains and they can spend two hours beating the hell out of each other.

          • Seriously are you kidding me, how the hell is one 2 hour film of them just beating the hell out of each other going to work. The film needs to have structure and a story like any normal film should have. Even though the heroes from The Avengers have already been established they still needed a valuable story that satisfied the characters, not just an overly long extended fight sequence.

            I would understand if they take each film and villain into different parts or separating a movie into 2 parts (Say The Amazing Spider-Man 4 Part 1 and Part 2 similar to the final Harry Potter route) making the 2nd part the epic conclusion, but as a stand alone title with it being simply The Amazing Spider-Man 4 as you suggested it wouldn’t work. It definitely would need to be spaced out from 2 hours. A film just being a long 2 hour fight sequence would get dull and boring by the middle which is why it needs a structure and balance. As I suggested a 2 Part movie route might work with Sinister Six with the first part setting up the main story and development then the second part acting on the story and to the conclusion.

            • Wow, you take everything WAY too literally, my friend. Of course it would have a story, and they wouldn’t be fighting the entire two hours. But they wouldn’t have to waste time “developing” the villains like you stated in your previous long-winded post.

              • “By the forth film theyll have six properly developed villains and they can spend two hours beating the hell out of each other”

                Well then how about you explain yourself better next time. I know your intelligent at all but you really need to be able to have structure. Seriously you also need to heavily support your opinions. Your just constantly regurgitating everything I am saying without basis which doesn’t make for a good debate doesn’t it. There will be obviously be complications regarding the matter of bringing all of these villains together. I take it in regards you haven’t worked on a movie script before or anywhere in film, there will always be complications regarding it to work. All I am hearing from you is it could be done this and that and I openly stating out the obvious problems that can occur with this happening and the proper solutions. I am not taking things to literal but in a sense of what someone would normally think.

                • I’d rather have FILTHpig write and direct movies than have Charlie Hard go anywhere near the industry. FILTHpig seems to get it.

                  • Yeah he’s overthinking it. These people will already hate Spiderman by the time a Sinister Six film has arrived. They all have a common enemy that they couldn’t beat by themselves so they join up.

                  • Thanks Dazz.

                    Amazingly, this Charlie guy has his supporters… although, I don’t know how they can understand or even read through his bad grammar and run-on sentences.

                    I guess you’d have to be a genius-level writer/director like ol’ Charlie Hard-ly-Understand-WTF-You’re-Talking-About to get it. You know, I hear he’s IN the industry.


          • +1

      • +1
        I think it’s true that by having an overdose of characters to introduce in one film, there is a chance one or even all of them won’t have enough screen time or development. However, you are right about it needing to be written, acted and directed well. That’s all it needs to flesh out these characters, no matter how many. To put on a limit / line of how many characters you can introduce in one film is silly in my opinion. By following the limit, you’re also limiting yourself in pushing the boundaries of storytelling containing several different characters. Some of the characters can be intertwined in terms of their origin as well to make it a bit easier.

  5. For one thing, we don’t really know how many villains are in this movie? The Rhino is cameo at best, and the Harry & Black Cat thing are just rumor.

    • The Rhino won’t just be a cameo, they wouldn’t have cast Paul Giamatti if it was just a cameo.

      • They already said he will be in it only briefly

  6. I love the Sinister Six and think it can be done, but I agree with Charlie Hard up there when I say that they struggled with 3 villains. How the hell are they gonna do 6?

    • No, Sam Raimi struggled with three villains. I know the studio might’ve put on the pressure for Venom but it was still up to Raimi to put together a good film and script.

      • Exactly, completely different “they”.

      • And it was also on the studio’s end for not giving Raimi the chance to do so. You really believe it’s all Raimi’s fault? He had a good script to begin with until Sony wanted Venom jammed in the story. To work around such a limited time frame from when that happened would have been difficult. Raimi is a great director. If only Sony the studio didn’t put the pressure on Raimi and have allowed him to create his vision of Spider-Man 3 it would have been better. At some point they are going to do the same to Marc Webb. Don’t hate the player hate the game.

        • I like Raimi but I also think he shares some of the blame for Spiderman 3.

          You say he had a great script, I ask where the evidence for that is in the finished product because even if we take away the Venom story, we still had a generic movie about a guy who eventually turns good and sacrifices himself to save his friend and a villain who is forgiven and let go but only being memorable because of his fight scenes and the sand effects used.

          The Raimi Spiderman movies were cheesy as hell and hard to watch but the scenes where Maguire acts cocky and arrogant are just unbearable.

          Then you add in the fact that fan demand for Venom and Sony pushing that issue along with Raimi admitting he didn’t understand the character’s appeal and you get a bad script and a bad movie made worse by a director’s admitted lack of enthusiasm for a fan favourite character.

          Which is why I feel that The Amazing Spiderman last year was the first real Spiderman movie we’ve had and the one we all deserved. It’s also why I’m excited for this sequel and future installments.

          • +1000

  7. Am i that ignorant to the comics or isn’t Felicia Hardy(Black Cat) counted technically in the good column in 616 earth and ike Neutral in Ultimate. I definitely wouldnt want her in a Sinister Six heck throw VUlture in or Hydro man that’d rock. I know this isnt gonna be Comic book evel stuff here as SOny doesnt want to lose Spiderman so will just keep making films and rebooting as needed but still dont use Black Cat’s Bad luck power against her and stick her in a sinister six team as a “Look there are boobs in this villain team” role

    • She started off as a villain somewhat in 616

  8. If ASM2 does well, sinister six would be a great way to make multiple villains work, most of them would have to sit in the limelight with one or two taking center stage.

    If it could happen, an X-Men (or any of the Avengers) cross over would be cool.

    • it’ll never happen

  9. I would love to see Karven

  10. If Sinister Six ought to occur, I believe that 4 will not be enough films to set it up. At most, they need five (adding one more to the current announced TASM installments) if they want to do Sinister Six justice.

    Here’s my idea:

    *TASM 3: Have Green Goblin be the main antagonist with the Chameleon serving as Norman’s right-hand man
    *TASM 4: Kraven as the main antagonist.
    *TASM 5: Introduce the Symbiote and give us a Sinister Six film consisting of the Lizard, Electro, Rhyno, Chameleon, and Kraven with the Green Goblin being the leader and founder of the Sinister Six. In the end, have Peter break out of the suit and end the film with Harry/Flash/Eddie transform into the Venom
    *TASM 6: Venom as the main antagonist
    *TASM 7: Close up this classic franchise with Spidey and Venom fighting alongside to seize Carnage’s symbiote invasion

    *Enter the Venom films

  11. if carnage is done and done well, life complete

  12. Something worth considering is that not all of Spider-Man’s villains need there own film to be set up for a Sinister Six (Rhino for example) some could be created quietly in the background over 2 films also
    The four film thing could work (any more and actors start to get on a bit, such as chris cooper)
    TASM – Lizard
    TASM 2 – Rhino & Electro (introducing the Osborns) Ravenscroft opens up other possiblities as well
    TASM 3 – Green Goblin (end of this Harry becomes venom?)

    TASM 4 – Sinister 6 (lizard, rhino, electro, goblin, venom?, doc oct?)
    movie begins with a top villain with master plan to beat spider man, doc oct? (and gathers the rest (using their own motivations to gain their support) the rest of the villains movitation would already be established but this would allow for a quick reminder)
    second act they set up trap for spidey using one like rhino as bait, then they surprise and overwhelm spiderman with their numbers (spidey escapes somehow)

    third act Spider-Man tracks them down, big fight sequence, he starts to lose again then one or two of the villains turns on his ‘friends’ (lizard already has been established as possible sympathiser to spider-man, venom could be another to do that if they have Harry be venom) after the villains begin to fracture spider man goes on to win, maybe with help from some of the villains with split allegences
    (imagine seeing lizard fighting rhino which he could go onto lose, while venom takes on goblin in epic father son battle which he wins, leaving the others for spider-man, ending with spider and venom doing some team up stuff after lizard and goblin are removed from the equation)
    Could be a scene at the end with Spider-Man talking with venom, lets Harry go (thinking venom has turned a corner)

    Part of the fracture in the villain team could be that some didnt want to go so far or wanted something different from the top guy, maybe if doc octs aim could be to try and take Spider-Mans place, similar to the comic run, but some of the others just want to kill him, can’t please everyone
    If venom is included in this way it places him as more of an anti-hero rather than out and out villain which sets him up for the possible solo film that Sony has been wanting (after redeeming himself)

    One thing about this possible idea (obviously there are holes in the plan, but I would assume that movie writers can tie it all together in a neater more detailed way than I have here)
    But I’d like to see mysterio in the movies personally

    Simply trying to show that the idea could work (well?) it will depend on the quality of the writing and story
    Although in the same way that people (myself included) glossed over some of the problems with the avengers due being happy just to have the team together on screen, a sinister 6 film could also probably get away with a few issues

    • I like it. Another!

  13. Hell yes, bring it. But do it right a few in each movie , if they have Rhino and Electro in the second one and the lizard from the first, then we need thre. Now being said the original three movies had two of the other six that I would say shoulds be in the six. That being Sandman, and Doc Ock, now the last member could be the wild card, do they go classic with the vulture or Kraven, or do we end up with Venom, hobgoblin, or the Green Goblin. So my question is does Webb plan on bringing players like Ock and Sandman back or do we end up seeing Hydro man instead of the sandman. I personally wouldn’t mind seeing scorpion, especially considering, later Norman Osborn makes him Venom. However this series seems to want to keep with the Ultimate line more closely

    • Doesn’t Peter die after fighting the sin six in the ultimate story line?

  14. Iam ALL for sinister six :D Bring it on!

  15. How come people dont have a problem with Harry becoming Venom, but in Ultimate Spider Man TV series people had a problem with Harry becoming Venom.

  16. I’d be stoked for a Sinister Six film! I hope they somehow include Venom in this series as well, the villain needs his spotlight.

  17. Ok I was scared when all of the villians named came up for this film giving us another SM3 but kmowing that rhinos role will be small gives me hope that there are other small roles that lead into bigger roles. Let everyone build up into ASM4 giving a awesome avengers style mashup

  18. Ok I was scared when all of the villians named came up for this film giving us another SM3 but knowing that rhinos role will be small gives me hope that there are other small roles that lead into bigger roles. Let everyone build up into ASM4 giving a awesome avengers style mashup

  19. Ok I was scared when all of the villians names came up for this film giving us another SM3 but knowing that rhinos role will be small gives me hope that there are other small roles that lead into bigger roles. Let everyone build up into ASM4 giving a awesome avengers style mashup!

  20. Sinister six would be so so soooooooooo!!!!!! Awesome!!! I vote sinister six for the fourth one

  21. Do we have no idea whether Webb will do the next two spider-man movies? Based on something I read the odds are slim cause he still has that thing with Foxx

  22. You might want to provide an update or another article or something, but according to Crave On-line Marc Webb also teased Sinister Six, he said to keep The Gentleman in mind (the man who formed the Sinister Six in the Spider-Man novel)

  23. Look, what made the Avengers work was that we were already familiar with these characters. We didn’t need to be introduced to them again since they already had their own movie. If each of these villains were to star in a spider-man movie and then team up for the Sinister Six, there’s no difference for the Avengers except these are villains. Now if they were completely introducing all these characters for the first time and making the Sinister Six now that would be s***** writing but having them on their own and then together… that’s what they did in the comics. Everyone is so worried about that “more than two villains won’t work” such as Spider-Man 3 but that movie introduced Sandman, Venom and the New Goblin for the first time. If Venom had been developed in a previous film and was in this one too, it wouldn’t have been so crowded. Think about it!

  24. Doc Ock, Green Goblin, Scorpion, Kraven, Mysterio, and Vulture. Vulture and Mysterio could be changed out for Rhino, Electro, or even Sandman, but I would like to see six previous mentioned.

  25. I want the Rhino, Scorpion, Mysterio, Electro, Green Goblin (leader) and Vulture however i would like to see Kraven the Hunter done right and maybe possibly Doc Ock and Sandman with a reappearance.

    Electro and Rhino are definates though and Vulture is already said to be in this film

    • We’re not going to get Mysterio, no matter how much we want him. There was another article that said they were looking for “essential” villains for this story and Mysterio just has no motivation to be involved with Oscorp.

      • Not true. You could write Mysterio in as a recruit for like part 3 or part 4.

        All you gotta do is have MJ on a movie set working as an actress and Quentin Beck (who in the movie could be an acclaimed special effects guy) happens to be on set do special effects. Something goes wrong, a fire starts, people get hurt, spidey saves day, and Beck gets arrested.

        Then The Gentleman and Oscorp pay the legal fees to help him in his court case in return for his services at building robotics and special effects.

        They could do a Sinister Six movie where the Six create robot look a likes of Pete’s parents to bring him into a trap to ambush him.

        Mysterio, Doc Ock, Electro, Vulture specialize in (robotics, science, electricity, and science respectively) They could all have a hand in building the robots.

        Then bring in Kraven to be the “scout/hunter” of the group.

        Lastly, bring back Lizard as an ally to spiderman against the Sin. Six

  26. I agree with Charlie Hard. He made some valid points. To make a movie about Sinister Six, you need to build up the characters first. Probably two per sequel before the final showdown. That’s how the Avengers got it right. The intros were done in earlier movies so that they could focus on an interesting chemistry between these already established characters and in making a good story.

    We have more than one example of a critically bashed movie which had a rushed rogues gallery. Besides SM3, there was X3 (for the harsh fanboys anyway-personally I liked it). It doesn’t quite work. While most people are trying to appreciate how their villain was introduced in the movie and/or physically represented, they are hurried off to another scene to meet another villain, then another, then another. In all this, while your head is still spinning, you have to watch the chemistry between the villains unfold. You are still taking all this in- then biff pow wham- Spidey defeats them in a final battle and the credits start rolling and you’re out of the cinema still trying to appreciate what you’ve just seen and whether or not you did see Mary Jane and JJJ in the movie. Too much info, too many plots, too much drama for 2 hours. It has to be handled carefully and systemically to work.

    They have to space them out. Almost all Sinister Six members can keep us enthralled for an entire movie so they need to be introduced properly. The Batman Begins comparison is not exactly accurate. Scarecrow barely showed up as ‘himself’ for more than a few seconds. Even then 2 villians are nothing compared to six. Bryan Singer did well with X2 though- handling new characters maturely without the story appearing laboured e.g. Colossus. That said these 6 villians are so strong and popular that it would be a shame to introduce them as cameos.

  27. Yea i agree, i think the Sinister Six will appear in Amazing Spider-Man 4. Hopefully they do take their time with each character and don’t throw ‘em all at us at once. Now i thought that Doctor Octopus brought the Sinister Six together, not the Gentleman. Also, who will team up with Spider-Man to take on SS? `Black Cat?

    • Maybe an Avengers cossover appearance in the fourth movie to help Spider-Man defeat the SS?? I’d probably have a small stroke if that happened. No likely, I know, but an awesome idea nonetheless.