Comic-Con 2013: ‘Amazing Spider-Man’ Sinister Six Hints Revealed [Updated]

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Jamie Foxx Teases Sinister Six for Amazing Spider Man Comic Con 2013: Amazing Spider Man Sinister Six Hints Revealed [Updated]

Some fans have been wondering exactly why there are so many villains in The Amazing Spider-Man 2, especially considering the last Spider-Man film to double up on villains – Spider-Man 3 – is not exactly remembered fondly. The villains (and potential villains) in ASM2 include: Jamie Foxx as Electro (confirmed), Paul Giamatti as Rhino (confirmed), Felicity Jones as Black Cat (rumored), Dane Dehaan as Venom/Hobgoblin/Green Goblin Jr. (rumored), and Chris Cooper as Norman Osborn himself. IMDb even has actor Colm Feore credited as “Adrian Toomes” in the film – a.k.a., the alter-ego of the high-flying Vulture.

Well, apparently there might be a very good reason we’re seeing so many villains so soon – and that reason is The Sinister Six. In an interview at Comic-Con 2013, Jamie Foxx name-dropped the villainous Spider-Man team and hinted at the possibility of seeing them in a future Amazing Spider-Man movie.

Initially, Movies Dot Com merely asked Foxx about whether or not he’d be interested in returning for an Amazing Spider-Man sequel.

amazing spider man 2 max dillon Comic Con 2013: Amazing Spider Man Sinister Six Hints Revealed [Updated]

Here’s what he had the actor say:

“I’ll put it to you this way: you don’t really kill electricity; it just goes to another place. You can shut it off, but it’s still somewhere.Look, I’m just happy and humbled to be in this one and hopefully do right by the fans in making Electro someone who has different sides. I want people to feel for him, so that when he does turn into Electro, you want to root for him. Whether he comes back again in another film … you know, so be it.”

One thing led to another and the topic of the Sinister Six came up – as it always does! To which Foxx said:

“You know, Electro was always tempted by the Sinister Six, so we’ll see.”

When pressed on the possibility of an actual movie featuring the Sinister Six coming to fruition, Foxx said:

“Look, stepping away from it, I would like to see something like that. That would make it, like, ‘Okay, the big guys are coming to play.’ “

If there’s one thing that The Avengers taught us, it’s that cinematic superheroes are far more interesting when they’re in the same room together. While the ThorCaptain America, and Hulk movies were all fairly well-received films, seeing those characters on the big screen all at once was something special indeed.

Spider Man versus All His Villains Comic Con 2013: Amazing Spider Man Sinister Six Hints Revealed [Updated]

In fact, one of few superhero tropes we’ve yet to see in superhero movies – which is surprising because there’s been like a hundred in the past five years – is the supervillain team-up (The Brotherhood in X-Men doesn’t really count; we’re talking about major supervillains coming together for a common destructive goal here). As fun as it was to watch Earth’s Mightiest Heroes butt heads and banter back and forth, seeing superpowered psychopaths and megalomaniacs solve their differences (or not) has some serious cinematic potential.

Seeing as how Spider-Man’s rogues gallery is one of the best (tied with Batman, perhaps?) in comic books, it makes sense that the the Sinister Six would be the first bad guy group to break into film.

After the first Amazing Spider-Man hit theaters, our own Kofi Outlaw asked director Marc Webb about the possibility of the Sinister Six making an appearance in an Amazing Spider-Man sequel, and Webb simply smiled and said, “Oooo.” So this isn’t the first time we’ve gotten hints about the Sinister Six showing up in a future Spider-Man film.

More recently, Webb revealed that Rhino had a very small role in The Amazing Spider-Man 2 because he had plans for that character down the line:

“The Rhino is in the movie for a very short time, because we’re sort of teasing out the possibility of something more interesting happening there.”

Teasing out the possibility of something more interesting? Could this “more interesting” thing end up being the Sinister Six themselves? After all, what other reason could there be for keeping villains around for later films? It seems unlikely that Rhino would be the focus of his own movie after playing a supporting role in ASM2.

The Amazing Spider Man Rhino Comic Con 2013: Amazing Spider Man Sinister Six Hints Revealed [Updated]

UPDATE: The Comic-Con teasers continued with Webb also dropping hints to Crave Online about a more obscure Spider-Man villain making an appearance:

“What about The Gentleman?” Marc Webb said from out of the blue, while we were joking about the possibility of Philip Seymour Hoffman playing The Looter.

“That’s getting kind of obscure,” I replied, thinking he was just spitballing. “I always liked The Spot…”

He stopped me. “Think about the Gentleman,” he said. “I’m just saying. Put that in your… There’s your little tidbit. Think about The Gentleman.”

“How serious are you being?” I asked.

Webb nodded dramatically. “You’re just nodding dramatically,” I continued.

“I’m just saying,” Webb concluded, “think about The Gentleman.”

The Gentleman is basically a character that was created for a Spider-Man novel (they exist) called Spider-Man: The Gathering of The Sinister Six. The mysterious wealthy, elderly man was involved with what happened to Peter Parker’s parents, and also helped gather the six villains that form the Sinister Six unit. This isn’t the first time the character’s name has been brought up in conjunction with the Amazing Spider-Man movie universe: Back when we spoke to Marc Webb about that ominous Amazing Spider-Man mid-credits sequence, many hardcore fans instantly started speculating that it was The Gentleman who showed up in Curt Connors’ prison cell, asking about Peter Parker. Given Webb’s not-so-subtle tease, that may in fact prove to be the case.

Amazing Spider Man 2 Gentleman Sinister Six Comic Con 2013: Amazing Spider Man Sinister Six Hints Revealed [Updated]

We already know that Sony and Marc Webb have plans for two more Spider-Man films leading into 2018. Obviously, 2018 is a ways away, so anything could happen between then and now. If The Amazing Spider-Man 2 were to flop horribly at the box office, we’d probably never see Webb’s vision play out in theaters.

But that amount of foresight is also indicative of long-term plot planning – the kind that might introduce a bunch of villainous characters throughout several movies before bringing them together against your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man.

What do you think, Screen Ranters? Do you want to see the Sinister Six adapted for the big screen? Or do you think six supervillains is five too many? Drop us a line in the comments.


The Amazing Spider-Man hits theaters May 2nd, 2014.

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  1. You could write Mysterio in as a Sinister Six recruit for ASM 3 or ASM 4

    Have MJ on a movie set working as an actress and Quentin Beck (who’s character could be an acclaimed special effects guy) happens to be on set doing special effects. He screws up, something goes wrong, a fire starts, people get hurt, spidey saves day, and Beck gets arrested.

    Then The Gentleman and Oscorp pay the legal fees to help him in his court case and in return for their services Mysterio has to help with building robotics. (Spider slayers? or robots of Peter’s parents?

    They could do a Sinister Six movie where the Six create robot look-a-likes of Pete’s parents to bring him into a trap or to ambush him.

    Mysterio, Doc Ock, Electro, Vulture specialize in robotics/effects/makeup, science, electricity, and science (respectively) They could all have a hand in building the robots.

    Then bring in Kraven to be the “scout/hunter” of the group.

    Bring in rhino as their powerhouse.

    Lastly, bring back Lizard and Black Cat as allies to spiderman against the Sin. Six

    • HERE IS MY THOUGHT ON HOW YOU CAN BRING IN EACH OF THE 6 CHARACTERS FOR THE SINISTER SIX: These mini scenes could happen over ASM 3 and ASM 4 leading to the climactic battle royal. Sorry about the long thread. :(

      THE GENTLEMAN: The puppet master behind it all

      ADRIAN TOOMES (AKA) VULTURE: Already employed by The Gentleman. After death of Norman in ASM2 or ASM3 Toomes moves up in status under The Gentleman.

      LIZARD- Asked to join but refuses
      RHINO- Called upon as a henchman and is promised a big pay day for helping.

      DOC OCK- The Gentleman sabotages Dock Ock’s mechanical arm experiment causing the arms to not function. Then tells Ock (who can’t remember what happened) that it was Spiderman’s fault. In return for Ocks services The Gentleman promises Ock revenge on Spidey and that his associate Adrian Toomes, a.k.a. Vulture, will help Ock gain mental control of his arms(since Vulture has already successfully achieved mental control of his wings)

      MYSTERIO- On a movie set that MJ is acting in, Quentin Beck screws up a special effect and accidentally starts a building fire and many are injured. Spidey swings in to save the day. Beck’s case goes to court. Daily Bugle sends Parker there to listen to the case. MJ is on the stand and gives testimony against Beck. He is found guilty but no jail time however has an enormous fine. We find out Beck’s attorney was secretly paid by the Gentleman to lose the case. This way, Beck would either get jail or a large fine and in any case, The Gentleman could use as leverage to have Beck join The Sinister Six. The Gentleman could either bail him out or pay off his fine in return for service.

      KRAVEN- (While the court case is going on) The Gentleman sends Toomes (a.k.a. Vulture) to Russia to meet him. He goes to the location where he is to meet Kraven. Toomes is caught by a trip wire that sends him hanging by his legs above the ground. Toomes looks around and there are also fresh pieces of meat hanging around. This draws in a large bear. In jumps Kraven and he wrestles it and kills it. (We get to see his skills) They head to Kravens remote cabin. Through discussion between the 2, we learn the story of Kravens orgin (Calypso’s potion, his powers, etc.) and they talk about his half-brother Chameleon being arrested(which is my pitch for part 3). Toomes shows pics of big game in the city to entice him to come to New York. Pics of like Lizard, Rhino, and Spiderman. He is most fascinated with The Lizard.

      ELECTRO- The Gentleman has the other 5 members break him out of prison (arrested in part 2?).

  2. flying villains shouldn`t even come until the 5th movie. I think they`re going for about 7 of these movies. doc ock should come in last.

  3. Big news if they do Sinister six!!!! I definitely want to see Kraven in these films, as well as Scorpion, and one of Spiderman’s biggest and best villains Doc Ock I just hope he is the Big battle planner type villain he was in comic books.

  4. kinda hope they do not use Sand man for the sinister six kinda hope its is Green Goblin, Doc Ock working as the leaders, Kraven, Vulture, Scorpion, and Rhino. I do want to see Mysterio just do not think for the films that he or sand man would be a good idea for the sinister six because spider man would become overwhelmed by a villain like sandman who you cannot kill. giving him villains that can be beat makes it more believable. also looking forward to seeing the sleek sexy Blackcat and Mary Jane.

  5. i would love to see sinster six on the big screens…..!!!!!!!!!

  6. Not jut a Sinister Six Movie, All villains of Spider Man!
    Title: The Amazing Spider Man vs. All

  7. I think it would be cool if they bring miles morales in the movie universes. Introduced him as Peter roommate in college, or they meet at oscorp, and put a nice twist in there making miles to become Scarlet Spider

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