Jamie Foxx Confirms Sinister Six Talk for ‘Amazing Spider-Man’ Franchise

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Jamie Foxx Teases Sinister Six for Amazing Spider Man Jamie Foxx Confirms Sinister Six Talk for Amazing Spider Man Franchise

Now, it just remains to be seen which of Spidey’s rivals could be featured in the lineup, in terms of the antagonists who’ve already been established (Rhys Ifans as Dr. Curt Connors/Lizard), characters like Rhino and possibly the residents of the Ravencroft Institute – who are expected to be used in a limited capacity in the self-contained storyline for Amazing Spider-Man 2 – and those who may well be teased in Amazing Spider-Man 2, before fully blooming in the third installment (Chris Cooper as the Green Goblin? Dane DeHaan’s Harry Osborn as Venom or Green Goblin II? Felcity Jones as either Black Cat or Menace?).

How about it, Screen Ranters: who do you want to see included in the Sinister Six in a future Amazing Spider-Man installment? Drop us a line in the comments and let us know.


The Amazing Spider-Man 2 opens in U.S. theaters on May 2nd, 2014, followed by The Amazing Spider-Man 3 on June 10th, 2016 and The Amazing Spider-Man 4 on May 4th, 2018.

Source: Total Film

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  1. They have the chance of a potentially epic story arc. A Carnage(Jim Carrey) led Sinister Six vs Spiderman/Venom story arc could eclipse anything done before, assuming everything is done correctly.

      • It was specifically the child-on-child violence that he had a problem with. Not violence in general.

        • Actually, there was nothing specific about it. It was in a tweet, and he mentioned that after Sandy Hook, he couldn’t support a movie with “that level of violence.” And if Mr. Carrey was indeed that opposed to the message the film was sending after the fact, then he should have donated his salary he earned for making it to the families affected by the tragedy.

          • It’d be nice if he did that but not at all required. He chose not to support his own work and movie, a do*che move but whether or not he agrees with the premise, he still earned it by working for it.

            • No, not required at all. But it’s kind of like having your cake and eating it to. “I don’t agree with the message this movie is sending, but I’ll take my money just the same. Oh, you want me to help you sell, this thing…? No thanks.” How about instead of publicly stating he refuses he to do publicity for the movie, he just does his appearances anyway and reflects on how his outlook has changed. And at least make some kind of donation with his salary. This kind of violence and the resulting media coverage of it has been around since the Columbine massacre in 1999. Why make such an extreme statement here and now?

        • yeah, but hypocritical. Aurora shoot out when people-kids, adults, were killed was OK, but not when just kids are killed? silly…

      • Jackie Earle Haley? YYYYYEEEEEEAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!

      • jim carey or ben stiller as carnage.

    • I’ve always thought the best story arc would be spiderman vs sinister six first movie (or first half), then teaming up with them to take down venom/carnage – eventually just carnage – in a sequel (or second half)

      • I dunno, sounds like a hot mess there.

        I envisioned it as a Sinister Six movie being somewhat of a two-parter to set up the motivations of the team and fully flesh that story out but maybe Webb has a much better idea to condense it into a single movie.

        • prediction: black cat teams up with spider-man to take on the sinister six after spider-man first fights them by himself and barely escapes with his life after they ambush him.

  2. I’m calling it now. In Amazing Spider-Man 4, Spidey is about to get creamed by the Six, when the Avengers show up to lend a helping hand.

    • Calling it now. Won’t happen.

      • let’s talk sinister six line up.

    • Well Spider-man is also a part of the Avengers. He just might join them in a movie. I find it funny how when large events happen in New York such as what happened in the Avengers the other heroes seem to not be around. Where was Spider-man, The X-men, The Fantastic Four during the alien invasion. They could have helped. Maybe they were all on vacation in the Bahamas.

      • Or maybe they weren’t there because they legally can’t exist in Marvel Studio’s Cinematic Universe.

        • Never know.

          Oscorp Tower came this close to featuring in the NY skyline during The Avengers. Kevin Feige himself said that, didn’t he?

        • Actually LEGALLY they could.

          If a legal agreement was made between the two amending or creating a temporary agreement with regards to character use, stories etc. it could happen.

          When there is large sums of money involved there is no such thing a can’t. ;)

          • Disney/Marvel at this point is not in any type of position that would warrant working out deals with other studios in cross-overs. If anything they could potentially lose money as well as discredit their efforts thus far in creating their own well thought out shared universe. Especially if it’s with Fox and those rumors about Miles Teller playing Mr. Fantastic are true.

            • It’s funny how most people talk about how well thought out and planned the MCU is when compared to Fox, but when it’s a discussion on IM3 or the Mandarin, Marvel Studios is horrible, not knowing at all what it’s doing.

              I have liked all of the Marvel Studios efforts, even loving some, as well as X1, The Wolverine and First Class, whilst X2 still remains on my personal Top 10 fav movie list. I say it’s fair to say Marvel is definitely doing a better job, but they stood on the shoulders of other studios to get there. Blu ray players are better than DVD players. Doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy DVDs, or DVDs should cease to exist.

              • Very much agree, and I will be the first person to tell you that X:2 is at least in the top ten, if not the top five of comic book movie film adaptations. However, after the complete cluster f*ck that resulted from Singer abandoning the property to film his love letter to Richard Donner, the series fell apart. Fox was then left with a beautiful opportunity to reinvigorate/reboot the series with Vaughn’s First Class (which I loved for the most part) but botched it by including the original Mystique design and having Romeijm and Jackman do cameos and all the continuity issues that it caused. Now we’re left with Bryan Singer trying to pick up the pieces going, “what if…this, what if…that…and time travel, so there you go!”
                And now you have Mark “sh*t talker” Millar about to oversee the rest of Fox’s future film prospects and there first order of business seems to be to cast a 26 year old as Reed Richards.
                It’s hard to take that all seriously when you compare that to Marvel’s 3 Phase schematic.

            • Oh im sure a ‘deal’ to occasionally use Spiderman, Wolverine, etc wouldn’t hurt the Mouse.

              Im mean they were already going to use a SPiderman reference in the Avengers but due to time restraints could not.

              Its about the long run. If Marvel/Disney has a chance to use an established popular character from another Studio I think they would. EVEN if it meant losing a little money (define little to Disney) just so it could promote the brand in general and helping its movies in the long run.

              Its a business and you have to think of it as such. So if it means sleeping with the enemy so to speak so be it.

              No one ever thought they would see a Marvel/DC crossover in the books…….

              • All the same, it really doesn’t make sense. Why would Marvel want Spider-Man other than to say “we have Spider-Man.” The Avengers essentially have what he brings to the team in Tony Stark, anyway.

                That said, while the name/trademark of Spider-Man is with Fox, does that mean Marvel couldn’t do something along the lines of Scarlet Spider?

      • I would tell you you’re obviously dead wrong in that case because you’re pre-assuming that these characters, whom you have never seen before in the movie in question, already exist at that time, in that situation, which they do not.

        It would work if they *chose* to make it that way, but it is a mistake to assume these movies are *already* connected beforehand.

        • It could work quite well actually. For a few good reasons

          - The Sentinels in Days of Future Past would mean tech similar to the Iron Man suit exists in the X-Men Cinematic Universe
          - In the comic book universe The Avengers have always been quite distant to the X-Men, if it is connected then the very fact that Nick Fury didn’t lift a finger for the X-Men when William Stryker, Magneto and Bolivar Trask were attacking them could make whoever’s in charge of them not very willing to work with The Avengers
          - Hugh Jackman appears in Captain America: The First Avenger as a random soldier
          - If the rumors about the cranes in Amazing Spider-Man are true then it’d be taking place after The Avengers so Peter didn’t even have powers during any of the phase 1 movies and I doubt Nick Fury would hire a novice (remember at this point Spider-Man is a novice)
          - Leading from the point about Spider-Man, I don’t think Nick Fury would hire Wolverine either. You’ve got one person (Spider-Man) who hasn’t had enough experience and another (Wolverine) who is prone to violent outbursts, doesn’t work well in teams and runs off Lone Wolf style.

          I think it’d be great to see other characters like Spider-Man and Wolverine in The Avengers but I don’t think either of them are needed. I mean we’ve got Iron Man, Captain American, Thor, Hawkeye, Black Widow, Scarlet Witch, Quicksilver, Ant-Man, Wasp.

          Then there’s the unconfirmed characters that I think Marvel have already said are getting they’re own movies such as Doctor Strange and Black Panther and to finish it off Marvel also want to have a female led film which I’m guessing will be Captain Marvel (Carol Danvers). So assuming all that there’s what? 12 characters? The Avengers team is crowded as it is.

            • Yeah, I call bullsh*t on that one, Dazz.

          • Jackman was NEVER in CA:TFA.

      • not possible-sony owns spider-man for as long as they want

      • Do you really want a Spider-Man movie in which the Avengers come and save the day? They can do that in the next two Avengers films. In a Spider-Man movie, I want Spider-Man to save the day.

      • big idea for avengers film: secret invasion.

    • Can’t see the Avengers, because of diffrent studios, but Spidey will need help to defeat 6 baddies all at once. It may work in the comics, but won’t work on the big screen. The question is, who can the studio use for helpers for Spidey?

      • Flash Thompson version of Venom maybe if that plays out in the movies like it did in the comics (Flash signing for military duty, losing his legs, having the symbiote bond with him and regrow his legs while only allowed to wear the symbiote for 48 hours before having it locked under military lock and key until the next mission).

        The Lizard is a sometimes-hero in the comics and showed elements of wanting to protect Peter in the mid-credits.

        Could have more heroes established in the upcoming movies.

      • Just gonna throw the name out there…Daredevil?

        • That would be pretty cool, maybe even Moon Knight lol. Though, isn’t Daredevil owned by Marvel now?


    • Played by Jim Caviezel?

    • Tatum cannot act let alone do a cajun accent-computer says no!

      • Tatum is from new orleans?! He was raised cajun

  4. Everyone saw Sinister Six coming from a mile away, like Sandy said, very unsubtle hints aha. With Lizard, Goblin, Electro and Rhino most likely making the cut, I’m betting the next two will be Vulture and Venom.

    • So Colm Feore could potentially be playing Adrian Toombs?

      • Marc Webb has already debunked the idea but I wouldn’t be surprised if it indeed ends up being true. I hope it is since Feore is a solid actor.

        • Well, Simon Pegg debunked the rumour that Benedict was playing Khan so who knows.

          • As well as Cotillard denying she was Thalia Al Ghul. With everything we already know, I think Webb is just trying to keep everything else under closed doors.

            • Don’t blame him really. I’d hate to have it spoiled before people see it too, although it’s funny when things are so obvious and you still hear “It’s not true at all”, knowing that it is.

              • I don’t blame him at all either, he simply wants people to be surprised when going to the movies lol. Aha, the casting is just so blatant. Plus Colm Feore, I think, looks really similar to Toombs.

  5. I think the more interesting part of the interview was Channing Tatum’s interest in playing Gambit. I actually think he would be great. And this is coming from someone who really didn’t like Channing Tatum until these past couple of years.

    • Can’t be any worse than the version Taylor Kitsch had to play.

    • Yeah, I think Channing Tatum could play a good Gambit.

      • no-channing “dead eyes” tatum is a terrible actor-imagaining him doing an accent makes one shudder

  6. Scorpion!! I hope.

  7. Maybe a Deadpool vs Gambit movie is just the re-vitalization these two characters need.

    • No. Vs films just don’t seem to play out very well and Deadpool and Gambit just don’t seem like characters that would work well together.

    • I was thinking something along those lines Mr. Durden. My thought is to have all these characters that people want to team up from the different studios as a short cameo in the beginning of a Deadpool movie…have the scene include Reynolds version of Wade Wilson. Then the new actor playing Deadpool can look at the screen and say “yeah right…that’ll never happen” and *poof* Deadpool walks out of the theater.

      And Timothy Olyphant should play Deadpool.

      • +1
        that’s fantastic, setup the kickstarter and i’ll contribute.

        • As long as Deadpool is actually played by Ryan Reynolds, I’d watch.

          The only other option I’ll bother with and acknowledge as existing would be a stuntman with Nolan North’s voice overdubbed throughout.

          • I’m sure that there are other actors out there that can play Deadpool better than Ryan Reynolds.

            • Yeah, Timothy Olyphant :)

  8. Very excited to see the sinister six in upcoming films. My only worry is that Sony will lay the groundwork and then give up and reboot the franchise again.

    • I think they had a plan from the get-go from what Marc Webb has stated in the past. It was first supposed to be a trilogy, now it’s a quadrilogy because of there being so much material. My guess is, they have a beginning, middle and end to this series. Once it’s over, they’ll most likely just reboot it after a couple of years like always.

      • And when you say “like always”, you mean only once, right?

        • Like any other franchise. Not that I’m saying it’s a bad thing but it’s usually what happens.

  9. As far as characters that haven’t gotten any screen time yet, I’d like to see what they could do with Kraven the Hunter. He’s always intrigued me.

    • He’s not my favorite villain or anything but he sure would be a good addition to the Six. I wouldn’t focus a whole movie on just him though.

      • Get Jim Caviezel as Kraven and use him as an annoyance while Spiderman’s trying to take down the actual villain of the movie, giving a reason why this seemingly easy to capture villain keeps eluding justice in a way that isn’t as cliched as “Hero seems inept and learns from the experience in time for the climax”.

  10. Sinister 6 should be
    1. Rhino
    2. green goblin
    3. Electro
    4. Kraven the Hunter
    5. Mysterio
    6. Vulture

    Lizard, and Flash Thompson Venom as side heroes

    • oh yea, Gerard butler as kraven

  11. Jim caviezel should not be Kraven. He should be Dr. Strange

  12. Jim Caviezel should of been the new Batman

  13. Am I the only one that feels the people behind this film are giving to much away? , This Sinister Six reveal could have been a great twist for movie goers if the cast didn’t keep mentioning it and refused to comment on it

    • Definitely a fair point

  14. Well, in Spider Man 3, three villains were too many. I wonder how six villains in the same movie will be handled…

    • How many times is someone going to ask that?

  15. sharlto copley for kraven the hunter!

  16. Have Toby McGuire play a villain in this film people will throw many names out there but I think those who play heroes should later play a villain in a later film to throw the people off and cause a little bit of controversy over the better actor and not spider. Plus I think saying Toby would be in the film can be a huge money maker for the Marvel universe and sinister six. It’d be a smart move and whoever Toby plays it should be good dont give him a villain whose going to be on screen for a few minutes throughout the film really give him a good part as you did for Jamie Foxx. Toby could’ve been a boss Green Goblin, but I think he would make a better Doc Oct or Venom because he looks like a scientific type of guy to be Doc Oct, but he has the ability to be a really great Venom. I know this won’t happen but it would be a smart move at the moment.