‘Amazing Spider-Man’ Merchandise Reveals Plot Details & The Lizard

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Andrew Garfield in The Amazing Spider Man Poster Amazing Spider Man Merchandise Reveals Plot Details & The Lizard

Between unofficial (but seemingly legitimate) conceptual artwork and a Pez dispenser representation, fans have been able to extrapolate what at least one stage of Dr. Curt Connors’ (Rhys Ifans) Lizard mutation looks like in the upcoming The Amazing Spider-Man – without having seen an actual image of the character, that is.

Newly-unveiled toy tie-ins for the Spider-Man franchise revamping not only feature an official pic of The Lizard; they also seemingly confirm some rumored, semi-spoilery plot details concerning the battle(s) between the webslinger and his scaly opponent.

Idle Hands has gotten their… uh, hands on a pic of an Amazing Spider-Man toy remote control that offers a full-blown sneak peek at just what Ifans’ CGI Lizard face looks like. It pretty much matches previously-released depictions of the character – who is also expected to undergo multiple mutations in the actual movie, possibly including that of more a true giant crocodile or komodo dragon (rather than just a “reptile man”).

Check out said Lizard image below:


amazing spider man lizard remote 280x255 Amazing Spider Man Merchandise Reveals Plot Details & The Lizard


Several official Amazing Spider-Man tie-in Mega Bloks sets have also been unveiled and they are based on some of the big action set pieces in the film which pit Andrew Garfield as Spidey against Ifans as The Lizard. It goes without saying: if you want to head into this comic book flick without any knowledge about its action proceedings (or any possible plot spoilers) then you should stop reading now.








Among the Spider-Man/Lizard showdowns in The Amazing Spider-Man that are going to be represented in assembly-block toy form (tip of the hat to Bleeding Cool for these tidbits) are:

  • A battle that takes place in Connors’ sewer-based laboratory.
  • The Manhattan Bridge-based fight that costar C. Thomas Howell previously alluded to in an interview.
  • A potentially climactic fight atop Oscorp Tower where Connors (as was previously rumored) transforms several S.W.A.T. team members into reptilian monsters. This sequence is reportedly partially based on “The Amazing Spider-Man” #121-122, which infamously featured the death of Gwen Stacy.

Some readers may recall that the big showdown between Spidey and the Green Goblin in director Sam Raimi’s first Spider-Man movie was also (in part) influenced by those particular comic book issues – though, in Raimi’s flick, the damsel-in-distress was Mary Jane, who was still alive and well by the end of the fight.

amazing spider man1 Amazing Spider Man Merchandise Reveals Plot Details & The Lizard

Gwen Stacy (Emma Stone) and Peter Parker (Andrew Garfield) in 'Amazing Spider-Man'

Emma Stone has already revealed that she’s contracted for multiple Amazing Spider-Man sequels, so it doesn’t seem all that likely that Gwen Stacy will be kicking the bucket in the first film (unless the plan is for her to appear via flashbacks in later installments?) despite non-official indications that she might be killed by The Lizard.

On a different note: one can only hope that Amazing Spider-Man director Marc Webb finds a way to execute the climactic Spidey/Lizard battle so that it doesn’t feel too similar (ie. a ripoff or uninventive retread) to the Spidey/Green Goblin battle in Raimi’s Spider-Man flick. The addition of multiple Lizard-like creatures should help in that regard – not to mention, make for a more exciting and high-octane Spidey fight, since he won’t simply be pitted against one deadly enemy, this time around.

We will see how it all goes down when The Amazing Spider-Man is released in theaters (2D, 3D, and IMAX 3D) around the U.S. on July 3rd, 2012.

Source: Idle Hands, Bleeding Cool

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  1. I think that a good way to top (or attempt to) its predecessor is to kill off Peter Parker’s love interest early on the series; although I don’t think that the studio/writers are bold enough to go with that approach. Personally, I think that they are saving the death of Gwen Stacey for Spiderman 2, and I believe that it will be at the hands of Green Goblin.

    Be that as it may, are they going to kill off Uncle Ben in this flick? I mean yes they did kill him off early on in the last Spidey series but Uncle Ben’s death is integral to Peter Parker becoming Spiderman and I don’t think that it should be pushed off to the second film

    • You’re right i don’t think they will kill off her character, maybe she ends up in a coma but still unlikely.So i see you think the goblin will be the villain in the sequel i thought it would be kraven but recently i figured it be venom,it’s anyone’s guess right now just have to wait and see.

  2. i at least want for there to be a tail. as long as he has a tail then the way he looks would be alright

    • A tail and 7 feet tall… I kinda miss the snout :( but it looks pretty good nevertheless.

  3. Looks like a leftover Drac costume from “Enemy Mine.”

    • Like I posted in the open comment section, I was thinking more of a goomba from the Mario movie..

      • My thoughts exactly.

      • @ Shiver

        Lol. He kinda looks like a Goomba now that you mention it. Atleast we know they can they bring Killer Croc to the big screen if they want in the next Batman reboot.

    • LMFAO!!! I haven’t seen that movie in YEARS!!! Have to go back and watch it again, good reference :)

  4. So the lizard is Hindu? or atleast he is when the controller red light comes on! Looks weird. He needs a snout. My guess is this movie will fall flat

  5. this version of the Lizard reminds a bit of Killer Kroc but I DO like it.

    A multi-picture deal for Emma Stone does not mean Gwen Stacey won’t get killed in this movie. Such a death could easily allow them to bring the Jackal into the franchise and then its clones clones clones ; clones for all my friends !!!!!
    but , seriously the Jackal is one of my favourite Spidey villains , I’d love to see him brought onboard eventually :)

  6. The Lizard(from that limited picture) looks like a freakin Goomba (http://i16.photobucket.com/albums/b24/msbillen/Goomba7-1.jpg) from the ’93 Super Mario Bros Movie….boooo

    • Open the door, get on the floor, everybody walk the dinosaur.

  7. Anyone think that Captain Stacy gets turned into a lizard, and Spider-man kills him? It would be a good way to kill that character off, and have Gween Stacy hate Spider-man. just speculation.

  8. Are you guy’s cognizant that this new series is heavily (mostly actually) based off the Ultimate universe, in which George Stacy dies first and in liike the 6th issue too. There is a funeral scene and Gwen is the main focus of it…HELLO! Guy’s, her father dies, just like in the comics, these films aren’t going to be great, Raimi’s films were awful, yet again, a swing and a miss for Hollywood. Lizard isn’t supposed to be evil, in the trailer he’s portrayed as some nefarious scientist, saying, “Let’s play god” and other mundane lines, Connor’s was one of the most beloved characters, for the fact he becomes a monster, he is not evil, but rather sad, and you felt bad for him, not like this. I’m only going to see this to insure my predictions of how poor this film will really be are. These are dark times for Spidey fans…dark times.

    • Wait, you’re going to see this movie just so you see how bad it will be????? Um….?

      • Comics have their highs and their lows, but this character has over 50 years of story to pull from. There most definately have been some great stories in there. And as far as Ultimate goes, Bendis has been writing at consistently high quality for quite a while now. I admit that sometimes the stories have their downward cycles quality wise, but he has done a lot of solid work too. USM is one of the finest mainstream comics around.

    • Raimi’s films were not awful and millions of ticket sales and 2 sequels make that point. And why admit to watching a movie just to ensure your prediciton of how bad it will be? Your movie attending criteria is much different than mine. I mean, why even admit to something like that? How does that sound like a good idea? “I’ll go to the movie’s and pick a movie I think I will hate and drop 10 bucks on it as pure waste.” These are dark times for making sense….dark times.

  9. She dies in the comic book… so why not?

  10. So it’s gonna be a green Voldemort?
    I’m disappointed.

    • Are u saying this movie is gonna be bad because of a character design

  11. The Lizard turns members of SWAT into reptilian creatures?!?!?

    Really? LOL That’s a throwaway plot point from every 80′s pilot that never took off.

    This movie couldn’t get less appealing. Poor Spidey.

    • Poor Spidey? Poor US. We are the ones who will have to suffer this rendition and when it falls flat on its face we will have yet ANOTHER reboot in a couple years (or worse, manages to be a financial success and we will get MORE of this craptastic version :P )

      I really wish Sony would just give the hell up and let Marvel have the rights back so they can do the story CORRECTLY.

      • And who’s to say Marvel wouldn’t go in the same direction as this film?

        • Considering Marvels recent track record, I would bet if anyone could do it right, Marvel could.

          • They’re 2 out of 4 IMO. Iran Man 2 and Thor were both disappointments to me. Iron Man was average at best. It was only good b/c of the RDJ as Tony Stark and Favreau’s directing. The story was average at best. Thor was weak now that I look back on it. The scenes in Asgard were great and fun. The scenes on earth (where most of the film takes place) were dull and boring. Not to mention they gave Thor and Jane Foster no character development at all. And do I really need to mention how annoying Kate Dennings was?

            So, yeah, they aren’t infallable like most think.

            • I’m not even gonna get into why I hated Iron Man 2. Just go back to any thread about Iron Man 3, and you’ll see my comments on that POS.

              • They are safe. Like asking plain jane on a date instead of taking a risk and goin for Rihanna. There were 5 Marvel movies so far so where do u rank TIH and Cap? Are they 2/5 or 3/5?

                BTW i thought IornMan was good just got bogged down with a weak 3rd act. But RDJ was able to carry the movie so u barely notice.

                • By “They” i meant Marvel over all track record in your opinion.

                  • My bad I meant 5 films lol

                    Here’s how I rank them:

                    Iron Man: Average, but enjoyable
                    Iron Man 2: Garbage
                    The Incrediblie Hulk: Greet
                    Thor: Enjoyable, but could have been alot better
                    Captain American: Great. It had alot of heart

                    • Well many would disagree with your assessment of Marvel’s efforts (including top critics and the general populous). I think the only one thus far that was below average was IM2.

                      None were perfect however but compared to the track records of other studio’s adaptions, Marvel is WAY ahead of the game. About the only good, non-Marvel, comicbook movie we have seen lately was XMFC but even it was fatally flawed in the way the canon was hacked literally to bits just to get the story to work. In many ways, what they had to do to XMFC to make it work was a more egregious failure, at least for me.

      • Just because it’s marvel dosent mean they cando a good job u haven’t even seen the movie yet? There are people at comic con who have actually seen some of the movie I guarantee you if look up the description of the scenes on YouTube all of them would say ” I was pleased with it” sure it is just a scene or two but its still footage an it revealed all the heart in the film trust me I was there and the scene between Peter and uncle Ben in the school was beyond great Andrew Garfield nailed the quip heavy and smart attitude that Peter attains you should just wait till you see the movie I can say I think it’s going to be great because of the fact I saw the direction and I liked it.

  12. Killer Croc has come to New York. I always thought I would see Batman and Superman team up before Batman and Spiderman. Not impressed with how Lizard looks but will still watch.

  13. Nothing surprising. The initial Pez dispenser told the tale so this image comes as no shock. Can’t say I’m still not disappointed in seeing a “man-lizard” instead of the Lizard Man from the comics though. Could they really have not pulled off a convincing version of the Lizard Man in this day and age of CGI? I honestly see no reason to have changed the look unless it was for cost reasons but if you couldn’t do it right you shouldn’t be doing it AT ALL.

    • technically it looks EXACTLY like the original lizard in his first appearence

      • And your point is? Sounds like you are trying to justify the way the Lizard looks but why the hell would you want that look? Just because it may look similar to the original doesn’t mean it’s the best (and most iconic) look.

        • ^

        • B/c comic book purists constantly complain about how studios stray from the look of characters, but you still complain when they stick to it.

          • The only problem with that premise is you can’t be pulling the “original look” card with just the villain while not keeping it for Spiderman himself. If you are going the “original” route then EVERYTHING has to be like the original comic or it really makes no sense. Last time I looked Spidey is wearing a high-tech basketball textured outfit, shoes on his feet and GOLD eyes…..hardly a match.

            I also keep hearing that he looks EXACTLY like the original but, since I don’t have a copy handy, I admit I’m having a hard time locating a picture from the original comics for comparison. Anyone have a link so we can see how they are such a perfect match?

          • lol, I found a pic of the original Lizard and he looks nothing like this version of the Lizard.


            Just because this version has no reptilian snout automatically makes it look EXACTLY the same as this movie version? That’s about all they have in common from what I’m seeing. ><

            • Why is it soo important they have it look exactly like the comics? this isn’t the comics. if you want it to be like the comics, then go read the comics. there’s no point in adapting (meaning to make changes) if you’re just go make it exactly as it was in the comics. pseronally, i’d like to see something different than a page to page copy of the comic books

              • Exactly! I hate how movies like this will be knit picked and ripped apart based on character designs that aren’t necessarily essential to characterization!

              • It isn’t so important. You guys are responding to something a bit out of context I think. I was responding to Jay19′s comment that, “technically it looks EXACTLY like the original lizard in his first appearance, nothing more.

  14. I’d almost rather see a giant CGI lizard with a lab coat on than this garbage looking crap. I hate this movie already. It is going to be terrible. Sam Raimi got the shaft big time! Screw Hollywood.

    • Then don’t see it….

  15. Are you guys for real? Do all of you work in Hollywood? First off Rami’s spidey films were ok at best this version at least to me has a better cast, costume, real webshooters,story so on and so forth, Marco Webb is an amazing director with great vision and respect for spidey it just seems alot of you not all but alot wanna hate on this movie and we havent even seems a full trailer…SMH i just dont get it

    • Great director? Thats a stretch. 500 Days ofSummer was good and I bet he’s directed some good Music Videos but that hardly qualifies him as a Great Director. Not sayin the movie is gonna be bad. Just not overtly optimistik.

    • Better cast? Better costume? Amazing Director?

      I didn’t know blind people watched Spider-Man movies.

      • BAZINGA!!!

        This cast is a total joke. I’m going to avoid this movie like John Goodman avoids salads.

  16. I think the lizard could of been done WAAAAAY! better they should of kept it original
    without the white cult.

    • White cult?!?!?! Did you mean coat?

  17. I must say this looks a little worrisome for me. I understand that he will go through several mutations, this one I’m sure will be how the character looks most of the time, of course with slight changes throughout, the 3rd act and final battle will be Webby vs Lizzy, the full blown Komodo lizard hulking over spidey. It will be epic. Plus Emma stone is in it so shut up and just pay attention to her!

    • Who cares about Emma Stone? This is a Spider-Man movie, if your best reason to see it is a supporting character then you got problems.

  18. Gwen will die in the next film.

    Green Goblin for the villain in the 2nd film. That’s Spider-Man’s Joker, if you know what I mean?

    • Green Goblin for a second movie would really be cutting it close to a reboot that is already too close.

    • He maybe nutty like the joker but his greatest foe is venom,he will be in sequel or kraven,if the goblin comes back so soon im done with it.And people get mad at lex luthor for being in most of supes movies but that’s another discussion.

      • Green Goblin is one of Spidey’s greatest villians. He killed his first true love and kidnapped his aunty.

        Green Goblin must be in the second film and Gwen must die. That would be EPIC.

        • I never said that should’nt happen just not in the sequel bring goblin back for part 3.And the more i think about it that’s what they’re probably setting up for & Kraven will most likly be in sequel and they’re saving Venom & Carnage for part 4&5, but they will be setting up osborne’s character in part 1&2 so he can come full circle in part 3.

  19. I’ve got an idea, how about John Malkovich as The Vulture in the next movie.


    • Stop it Sam just stop, we’re all sad you didn’t get to make another.

  20. but … the comic-con, one picture at low qualities, which showed a lizard with large beak, I hope its large beak, but anyway I will see the film.

  21. It was bad enough to see how bad Venom turned out in Spider-Man 3. Even worse how they made the Lizard lookin. Please tell me Sony asked for the Lizard to look that way so the character wouldn’t be too scary to children. If this movie doesn’t do well then id say Sony might aswell sell the franchise to Marvel or ask Nolan to bring life to Spidey since he had success with Batman.

    • I really doubt nolan would touch spiderman. he will probobly lay off superheroes for a while after TDKR. Maybe if they are luckly he will do what he is doing for spiderman but I don’t think that’s going to affect superman that much.

      • @ trey

        Probly so. I doubt he will lay off superheros though when his name is already been attached to Man Of Steel, the next Batman reboot,& possibly Justice League.

  22. The Lizard like a Goomba from the Super Mario Bros movie.

    • Also has almost the exact same face and build as Abomination from “The Incredible Hulk”.

  23. looks like, sorry.

  24. Every single bit of news or gossip that comes out about this film reaffirms my belief that this film is going to be a total piece of garbage. I keep HOPING that I hear or see something that makes me want to support this movie, but Sony keeps coming up with one mistake after another. This film is going to make Catwoman look like a CBM masterpiece.

  25. this better be one of his first stages of mutation. either way very excited, WHY CAN’T I STAY AWAY FROM SPOILERS?!?!?

  26. It looks just like Abomination from “The Incredible Hulk.”

    Seriously, they couldn’t have done a better job?

  27. This is Curt in the early stages. As the Comic Con footage has already revealed he will ultimately end up as the longer snouted giant lizard that is more familiar.

  28. This is Curt in the early stages. As the Comic Con footage has already revealed he will ultimately end up as the longer snouted giant lizard that is more familiar.

    • I highly doubt it since you don’t stick the unfinished product on a toy or make a Pez dispenser out of it. That would be like taking the cage match version of the Spiderman costume and using it for all official promotions.

  29. This reboot is gonne suck because of some early pictures of the Lizard? No snout, no good?

    I quess Raimi’s Green Goblin was perfect, omg that mask was so good! Don’t forget Green Goblin Junior, i mean, the green surfer or something like that.
    And do not even get me started how they r*ped Venom,…

    • @ Tuf

      Imo, Raimi’s Green Goblin mask,etc wasn’t perfect but wasn’t terrible. Not after seeing the screen test original mask they could of used. Now the New Goblin costume i didn’t get why he was called a goblin at all when he looked like a snow boarder. I too was disappointed in Venom’s appearance thanks to Sony’s point of view to include him. Some things are complicated to work with from comics to film. Knowing how children always go to PG-13 rated superhero films,i forget Lizard w/ snout and all might be too frighting to youngsters. Might aswell go with if he originally looked somewhat like that in the comics as someone posted.