Spider-Man Reboot is ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’; Official Costume Image

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amazing spider man header Spider Man Reboot is The Amazing Spider Man; Official Costume Image

Sony Pictures released the first image of Andrew Garfield in costume (sans his mask) for the Spider-Man reboot, now officially titled The Amazing Spider-Man, just over a month ago. Sony has released another photo now, that offers a better look at the webslinger’s new duds in full – one that also comes with a more professional sheen (and is not the handiwork of devoted onlookers).

This new pic additionally provides a straightforward glance at Spidey’s artificial web shooters -┬ábut not so much his glistening silver foot gear (for that, check out the set photos and pics from the reboot’s Los Angeles shoot).

Director Marc Webb is currently right in the middle of principal photography on The Amazing Spider-Man, but that hasn’t prevented anxious fans from eagerly lapping up every amateur photo or video taken of the production. Whether it’s images of Garfield and Emma Stone as, respectively, Peter Parker and Gwen Stacy getting comfortable on the bleachers, or the blonde-haired gal attending a rainy funeral, the sheer number of pictures demonstrates just how much interest there is for the comic book flick.

So here at last is a complete look at the new and improved Spider-Man outfit in action – with headgear and all:

Spider Man reboot costume Spider Man Reboot is The Amazing Spider Man; Official Costume Image

Spidey’s non-spandex suit arguably looks more practical, yet stylish, than even Tobey Maguire’s costume did back in director Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man trilogy. It has a very polished design overall, and although it may seem a bit too bright and colorful with the proper amount of exposure, the red and blue material looks to mesh well with the shadowy backdrop in this photo. Plus, and not to sound like a broken record, everything will look a lot darker when the film is viewed in 3D.

Check out an up close and personal view of Spidey’s mask and web shooters below:

Spider Man reboot mask Spider Man Reboot is The Amazing Spider Man; Official Costume Image

Spider Man reboot gloves and artificial web shooters Spider Man Reboot is The Amazing Spider Man; Official Costume Image

What do you think of Garfield’s costume so far?

The Amazing Spider-Man will swing into theaters in 2D and 3D on July 3rd, 2012.

Source: Sony Pictures

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  1. To quote Outkast: “All right, all right, all right, all right, all right, all right, all right, all right! Hey ya!”

  2. He looks like a basket ball.

  3. I keep changing my mind about the suit hes hands look like soccer ball gloves though LOL

  4. It is very similar to Alex Ross’ concept design for the first spidey movie with Rami. If you haven’t seen it, look it up and see what you think.

  5. Two things: 1. costume’s pattern and material look awesome, better than the original spider-man movie in fact, though I wish they had kept closer to the original spidey design. 2. though I’m a true spidey fan and Raimy’s organic web-shooters had at first given me a fit, I think in the end they worked really well with the idea of a man genetically mutated into a human spider… I mean, you’d expect that with the wall-crawling ability, the web-spinning would be a given (super)natural power. In other words I would have stuck with the idea of spidey being able to spin his own webs, more in line with a genetic mutation! Guys… these web-shooters look really tacky, don’t you agree??? :)

    • Tell that to Stan Lee. Ask him why he went for shooters instead of mutation. Rather odd considering he mutated everything else.

    • yeah

  6. I really hate this. I was hoping for the normal costume. There was nothing wrong with Sam Raimi’s, I didn’t even mind the sticky out webbing on the costume. If anything this should be the wrestling costume but I still love the original and I don’t really see spider-man when I look at this. Spandex rules!

  7. The new suit sucks @$$!

  8. Bryant, Logan Lerman is Jewish too… and so were most of the good choices for Spider-Man. So what does this have to do with anything?

    • dee…

      I asked him that when he originally posted. I hope he’s not actually an anti-semetic jackass…but you’ll notice he never responded.

  9. this custom terrible!!! this is not spiderman!! they’re ruining spiderman!!! this is totally sucks!! they should just do what they want to this custom!! maybe paint it in black and yellow!! instead of red and blue!! totally suck!!

    • Learn how to write your sentences. & fyi, that is way to many exclamation marks.

      • “too” not “to”, ironic.

      • You’re telling this guy how to write when you write like this!?! Wow.

  10. Not again with these annoying reboots. Hollywood, stop going for the money and get things right the first time out so all these directors won’t feel the need to constantly change things or try to get money off an established name.

  11. A Jew fuking spider-man are you serious!!!!!!
    You wouldn’t have an Asian batman or a white green lantern….

    • Listen, you jack-assed piece-of-crap bigot…You REALLY need to knock it off with the ethnic slurring. Go back to your basement and screw yourself…like a normal little bigot.

    • 1. Asian Batman or GL is not the same as a jewish Spiderman. Peter Parker is white. Andrew Garfield is white. No where near the same

      2. You are a racist pile of crap and deserve to be shoo… Well never mind.

  12. a Nice little jewish boy has finally made it to the top and some of you just cant except that.
    Garfield is a good actor. He is super skinny and girly looking but spiderman is not supposed to be big. So he may look very “Jewishy” but who cares. He was the right pick for the part and will be great.

    Some people just cant except a JEW finally making it to the top in Hollywood.

    • Dan…

      It’s probably better if you just stop with such comments so that no more imbecilic jackasses feel inspired to contribute to the dangerously high level of stupidity in this world by responding.

  13. isnt green lantern white..? so that comment was just stupid guy ..*the jew comment thing**

  14. I prefer the original suit

  15. This costume really freaking blows, he looks like a sport suite spidey, like their trying to use this to market with nike.

  16. Terrible,awful won’t waste my time or money on this.

    • Good idea; you need to spend your money on an English grammar book.

  17. I have absolutely, no idea why, but there’s something about this “new” suit that just pisses me off. Like, the most of the other comments here, I would definitely prefer the old, and more original suit from the Spider-Man Trilogy. This suit looks awful, in my opinion, because of not only the fact that his head really does look like a basketball, & that his gloves, actually look like soccer gloves, but just simply the fact that this costume, was used in the actual Spider-Man comics. This suit was used mainly in the 1990′s… Which was Marvel’s crap era of comics. Lucky, Marvel got back up on it’s feet, after being bought by Disney, but each time, I see this costume, it reminds me of Spider-Man’s worst time in the comic world, & just his comics going down the drain. It’s a horrible costume. ALTHOUGH. One thing, I actually, like about the costume, is that the suit involves cartridges, which is part of the original suit, that they chose to ignore in the Spider-Man Trilogy. Other than that the suit is… Still bad. Not trying to be rude, but it’s just simply fact. I really hope, my opinion on the suit isn’t going to be the same about the movie. I like the actors they chose, & the previews definitely caught my eye. I guess, all we can do is just hope for best for Spidey. Maybe, he will come back with a good, & satisfying run.

  18. Get over all the whining, you crybabies. The new suit has dimension and actually looks like something that can be worn and take a bit of a beating, too. Good riddance to the gay-as-anything Spandex dance clothes from the first three films. This is the same material used in the last Batman film and I don’t hear anyone complaining about that costume… or do I, complainers?

    • John…

      The problem with Spidey’s suit versus Batman’s suit is simply that Bruce Wayne is a multibillionaire (originally, a multimillionaire), so he CAN afford a high-tech suit. Peter Parker is a poor high school student, so his resources are dramatically less flexible. This costume definitely looks advanced (as did the Raimi version), so some people see this as a break with the suspension of disbelief. I am not judging…I’m just pointing WHY that particular comparison can never work.

      • @Archaeon: Thank you for a reasonable, tempered, well-written response to someone else’s opinion (so rare here). And your argument is compelling; except, is the suit really “high tech”? Yes, Batman’s is high tech, apparently made from some rare techno-babbly-named material that only a billionaire could afford, but is Spidey’s? Those web shooters things are certainly born from advanced technology (so that’s suspect), but the suit itself looks like it’s just… fabric — the same kind of fabric any average Hollywood costume designer can get his/her hands on. What I don’t get–something that plays into that “suspension of disbelief” is how Peter Parker (either one) can cling to buildings. Just like there could be no gorilla the size of an all-mammal, non-reptilian King Kong (crushed by its own weight), no creature in nature could weigh as much as an average human, yet cling to buildings with tiny, near-microscopic-size sticky spindles protruding from his hands. Besides, his costumes gloves would completely block those tiny Velcro-like hooks, right? Right.

        • John…

          First, thank you, as well.

          Second, all I meant by “advanced” is that the material looks to be something more complex than a high school student with no funds could afford (it looks, to me, to be a little more “rubbery” or elaborate than mere fabric that he found, stitched, sewed, and dyed).

          Finally, I will not (CAN not) argue with you about the disbelief naturally engendered by the powers Spidey shows in direct opposition to the laws of physics. You are certainly correct that, at its most basic, the concept of Spider-Man is ridiculous…as is the concept of Superman…as are the concepts of practically ANY superhero. Even Batman, doing what he does nightly, probably would have suffered a horrible death rather soon into his career in the real world.

          Hence, the need for that suspension of disbelief. Fans are willing to engage in such to enjoy the fantasy. The costumes SHOULD follow suit (pardon the pun) in fans’ minds, but they are (quite often) the source of a great deal of analysis and criticism in various debates and arguments.

          For my part, the costumes I’ve seen have been fine for me…particularly because they matter FAR less to me than the mental, emotional, and physical (body, not material, of course) interpretations of the given characters…

          • I just discovered this site today. And after all my other online journeys, I am more used to responses like the above “The new suit sucks @$$!” (from some Phauck Dah Reboot) than I am to reading thoughtful and intelligent comments like yours. How refreshing!

            I’m nowhere near as eloquent as you, so I’ll just have to leave it at this: Wow. Thanks, man — and I look forward to reading your musings on other reviews.

    • i think everyone is whining too, i’ve seen the movie and the suits works better, that and spiderman was the only one that still had spandex while all the other marvel movies went to leather or other more durable suits, i think it’s a nice change, and just like scot asked wolverine in one of the x-men movies when he complains about the leather “what expected a yellow spandex suit?” i think it’s a funny way to make the public know that they want to give their own touch and go a bit away from the clasic spandex comic suits.