Avi Arad Says ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’ Isn’t Entirely A Reboot

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The Amazing Spider Man not a complete reboot Avi Arad Says The Amazing Spider Man Isnt Entirely A Reboot

Your Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man will be returning to theaters next year, with a new look and different actor (Andrew Garfield). So it comes as a bit of a surprise to hear that The Amazing Spider-Man might not be the complete overhaul of the franchise that we’ve come to expect.

Executive producer Avi Arad is saying that director Marc Webb’s upcoming take on Spidey won’t go the route of previous comic book reboots like Batman Begins and (to a lesser degree) The Incredible Hulk by essentially ignoring the existence of its predecessors.

Arad spoke to EW recently and informed the magazine that Amazing Spider-Man “won’t erase what came before, but will try to weave a narrative that could take place within the framework of the earlier films.”

To quote the producer directly:

“It’s not a comeback. You have to look at it this way: Do you want to know more about Spider-Man? This movie is going to tell stories that you didn’t see in movies 1, 2, and 3.”

It’s known that classic Spider-Man universe players like Daily Bugle head J. Jonah Jameson and Mary Jane Watson simply won’t be featured at all in The Amazing Spider-Man, and Webb’s film is expected, in part, to return to Peter Parker’s days as an awkward high schooler who’s just beginning his struggle to get the whole superhero act down pat.

There’s also the matter of Uncle Ben being alive again (for now), the artificial webshooters, and Peter looking to have met Gwen Stacy long before his university days (a la Spider-Man 3) – so it’s difficult to immediately see how the movie won’t simply be pushing the restart button on the series.

Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone on the set of 'The Amazing Spider-Man'.

The most straightforward explanation for Arad’s comments is that Amazing Spider-Man won’t do anything that completely violates the canon of Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man trilogy. Essentially that would mean that Ben’s life is still forfeit, Gwen won’t suffer any sort of horrific death at the hands of Spidey’s adversaries (Emma Stone already confirmed that), and although Peter’s parents are in the movie, they will appear via flashback, having died long before his days of being a costumed defender of justice.

Contrast that with how Christopher Nolan reworked the history of Batman in his films versus those directed by Tim Burton and Joel Schumacher – the identity of the man who murdered Bruce Wayne’s parents, the origin of The Joker, Harvey Dent’s transformation into Two-Face, etc. Events that transpire in both Batman Begins and The Dark Knight not only re-envision plot points from previous films, they often flat out change them.

Think Mcfly Think has proposed that Amazing Spider-Man could imitate the “Untold Tales of Spider-Man” comic book series in the way they resembled Stan Lee’s original comics, by essentially paying homage to the style of Raimi’s trilogy and taking place within its continuity. While that idea doesn’t entirely gel with the claims that Webb’s movie will be much grittier in tone than Spider-Man 1-3, it’s possible that the reboot will not be as drastic a departure in overall style (dialogue, action, character development, and all that jazz) as some might have originally anticipated.

Andrew Garfield in the Spider man Reboot Avi Arad Says The Amazing Spider Man Isnt Entirely A Reboot

Fans by and large were highly receptive to Raimi’s Spider-Man movies, and even the much-maligned Spider-Man 3 isn’t as widely despised as, to use an appropriate example, Batman & Robin. That further differentiates the current state of the webslinger’s franchise versus that of the Caped Crusader’s before Nolan arrived on the scene. Perhaps Amazing Spider-Man won’t feel like it should have been titled Spider-Man Begins and will, instead, feel more like a refreshing new spin on the character’s history. We’ll see.

The Amazing Spider-Man swings into 2D and 3D theaters on July 3rd, 2012.

Source: EW (via Think McFly Think)

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    • I believe the Vulture was the villian for Spider-Man 4 NOT the Lizard.

      I think Tobey was miscast as Spider-Man….I just didn’t like his acting.

      • True to that. The vulture is more of a 1st villain thou… But the it good for a sequal, but the vultures!!? No man!. Thank God for this reboot.

      • Raimi wanted The Vulture, Sony wanted The Lizard. That’s where SM4 started to fall apart.

        • lol I remember that. If Raimi had his way, we would have seen Vulture as the main villian. To be honest, I’m glad there is a reboot (of some sorts. Spider-Man in the three movies wasn’t the Spider-Man in the comics, for example, Spider-Man joking around during a heated battle.

          • It’s part of Parker’s personality to joke around with the villains when they first meet or if he is really kicking ass (even in comics).
            Yeah, during Serious combat that got life threatening he didn’t joke in Raimi’s trilogy (same as comics) untill he became infected with symbiote. Then he was arrogant and talked crap even when things were seriously bad (same as comics). You need to watch Raimi’s trilogy a few more times.

        • more like Raimi wanted The Vulture and a made up character Vulturess who was going to be Felicia Hardy played by actress Anne Hathaway

        • @ Little Monster

          Way i heard, Sony wanted a human villain, not the Lizard. When Raimi was wanting to having the Vulture as the main villain, Sony felt he wasn’t popular enough & wanted someone else. Only ting i hated was the Vultress idea of his. I wouldn’t mind Vulture cause Rhino would be the last villain id wanna see in a Spider-Man film.

      • do you mean Vulture and Vulturess

      • Wasn’t Morbius Raimi’s first choice but later settled on Vulture? I still haven’t figured out why Raimi (allegedly) was against using Lizard… Raimi consistently touched on a theme of redemption in the villains – what, is Lizard too obvious for this sort of theme? Plus I would have loved to see what Raimi would do with Lizard after the hospital room scene in S2

    • just wait till after u see the movie then do ure complaining =)

  1. i mean considering he graduated high school in the first movie, the fact that this movie takes place while he’s in high school just doesnt make sense. He kind of sounds like a jerk to be honest, but nevertheless these are the people that control our movies

    • No kidding, He didn’t put the costume on till after he graduated high school in the first film. Still seems like a reboot to me.

  2. Too much change to not be a reboot.

  3. Wait wtfudge Uncle Ben is still alive?? What’s his motivation to be Spidey?

    • @ Nass

      Well, he’s alive for at least part of “The Amazing Spider-Man”, we don’t know yet whether he’s going to die before the end credits start rolling.

      • Thanks for the reply Sandy. Presumably that means that he’ll only truly become the hero at the end. Which means that Peter’s character in the 1st Act of Spidey 1 will kinda be stretched over the whole of the reboot until Ben’s death. Not sure if that’ll be that great to watch but we’ll see I guess…

  4. What the heck is he talking about? It can’t really be anything but a reboot, especially given the details mentioned like the mechanical webshooters.

    • Indeed. I get the impression this comment was little more than an off-hand effort to bring Raimi purists (for lack of better words) into the fold. A lot of Raimi fans have shunned this film as far as they know (and it’s partly true).

      I don’t put credence in it, honestly.

  5. Im not sure about all the hate for it, I mean I personally dont like the costume but it has a solid cast and besides the whole Proto goblin, Im game. I personally think the first 2 spidermans where great. I think the third was Raimi basically telling Hollywood to F off, cause they wouldnt let him make the movie he wanted to make, Raimi , didnt want Venom in the movie he wanted to do Doc conners, he didnt want the ninja hob goblin harry Osborne, but the studio had a list of what they wanted jam in there. So they got what they wanted, and Raimi got out. However, i think Avid comments are meant to calm people, cause people hate change, but I think its BS , to look at this as anything but a reboot insults our intelligence.

  6. I think “The Amazing Spiderman” is going to be atleast decent. Great cast andcostume, though the story Im not really enjoying. But we have to wait and see :)

    • We don´t know what the story will be.

  7. This is Avi Arad, the guy who was first into managing Marvel’s toy line and behind such cartoon classics as Biker Mice From Mars, before someone had the idea of letting him be executive producer on live action movies.
    I’ve personally met him while interning at Marvel years ago, and he and his son have no interest in making quality movies. They are in it to promote a moneymaking franchise. If any good comes out of this it will be Marc Webb’s influence, not Avi, who pushed Venom on Sam Raimi in SpiderMan 3.

    • I’ve never met Avi or his son, but I agree with you’re assessment. Hopefully he or his son have little to no influence on this story or script. Marvel’s films have reached a new level of quality (X-men not included) and they need to leave these two clowns behind.

  8. Do we KNOW its not set in peters college days.
    As for Uncle Ben, it could easily be flashbacks
    We really dont know anything concrete outside of The Lizards involvment .

  9. Personally, I do not get how it can take place in the contituty of Spider-Man 1-3.

  10. So it’s not a reboot; they just recast everyone and got a new suit? That makes sense… :/

    • dont forget adding a new love interest

    • and don’t forget adding a mutated villain who is a normal person years later, and adding web shooters when in Raimi’s version he does it naturally. Ya i can really see how its going to all be canon…..

    • what iu really hate is how the web shooters are the size of the new ipod nano and can somehow manage to produce enough web to both support his weight and swing him around.

  11. Wasn´t Arad replaced with Feige?!

  12. That was really confusing, if it takes place during high school and Uncle Ben is alive, it’s a reboot. Whatever it is, I look forward to seeing it.

  13. Personally, I never had an issue with the genetic web-shooters in the first 3 Spiderman movies, they kind of made sense. where as with the mechanical web shooters, where does Pete get the MONEY!!
    I don’t like the look of suit in this REBOOT, So put this movie up against the Avengers so it can get crushed like a bug on a windshield. (Pun Intended)

  14. Nothing more than a blatant/lame attempt to draw fans of the first 3 movies back in. With what very little we already know they’ve stepped all over the cannon of Raimi’s movies. Sad thing is, people will go anyway, I mean c’mon — it’s a Spiderman movie. Propaganda from the film maker is to be expected.

  15. It’s a reboot. I think what Arad is trying to put across is that it won’t be a complete departure from Raimi’s Spider-Man. It will look visually similar to Raimi’s take on the character. Yet darker. The Spider-Man acrobatic visuals, teen angst, Spidey learning his powers, Uncle Ben’s influence, etc. It will be thematically similar to Raimi yet different.

    Almost an “alternate reality” kind of shift, you where everything is the same except for subtle differences.

    If you watch Webb’s 500 Days of Summer you know that there will be a pretty strong central story. Webb knows relationships. If we get a dynamic between Peter and Gwen anywhere near the kind of relationship Webb had in 500 Days. Then audiences will quickly forget Tobey and Kirsten, which for me was the biggest problem of Raimi’s films.

    It will be interesting to see if Webb can keep the esthetic that made Raimi’s movies so watchable and then give us a real deep and meaningful relationship between to Peter & Gwen.

    • “He starts with mechanical web shooters and THEN miraculously has bio-shooters in the Raimi version? All the characters are different, the suit is different, Conners was NOT the Lizard yet in the trilogy but will be here?”

      Is it really so hard to understand that a REBOOT is not a PREQUEL?!

      • Dude, sis you just somehow completely missing the title of the article or the gist of it???

        “Executive producer Avi Arad says that ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’ will not be a complete reboot of the comic book franchise.”

        It is ALL about trying to convince everyone that it’s somehow not a total reboot while attempting to stay true to the Raimi material.

        • first sentence should read……Dude, did you just somehow completely miss the title of the article or the gist of it???

          don’t type when you’re tired.

          (would LOVE an edit feature!)

          • I don´t give a S about what Arad says. He´s just trying to get people seeing that movie. I bet he doesn´t know what he´s talking about… Just like most of the time. Watch the audio commentary on Spider-Man 2. He´s talking BS and gets corrected by Lauren Shuler-Donner all the time.

  16. this movie is a straight REBOOT no matter what Avi Arad says.

    • IMHO Arad needs to shut the f up and focus on the Marvel TV stuff, together with Jeph “I can mess every Marvel thing up and I don´t give a S” Loeb…

  17. You guys are getting “not exactly a reboot” and “fits into the continuity” confused. By them saying it isn’t a 100% reboot only means they aren’t ignoring everything that came before, it does not mean it’s a prequel.

    • True, BUT there is still a very basic and contradictory problem with Arad’s statements. In the Raimi trilogy, Peter and Gwen did not meet until Peter reached adulthood. There is no way to explain THAT logically. One MIGHT try by saying, “Oh, when she was in high school, she went by her middle name and looked different, and she has a horrible memory, so she didn’t remember Peter years later.” That would simply be idiotic.

  18. Amateurs who don’t get Spiderman are now in control of the franchise because Disney bought Marvel. The play is an abomination and Disney is again about to stumble and destroy the value of their most lucrative asset with this upcoming braindead debacle. Spiderman is the story of a boy growing up, but Disney has given creative control to women who just don’t understand that feeling and point of view.

      • All those women you just named do NOT understand nor love comic books.

        • insider…

          As an example of why that statement is just silly, consider Frank Miller (who clearly DOES get comics). He can write fantastic, genre-changing stories, BUT when given the opportunity to direct “The Spirit”, he butchered the job so badly that many people were comparing his…movie to the horrid “Batman and Robin”.

          Besides, how do YOU know those women (at least, one or two of them) weren’t avid comic book readers/fantasy geeks/SF nerds/ gamers/etc. when they were younger?

          This has been said to sooo many posters before: THINK before you type.

          • The Spirit was nowhere near as bad as Batman and Robin.

            • @ blazin420

              I can actually watch Batman & Robin more than Ang Lee’s Hulk film among other comic adaption films.

              • LOL @WallyWest !
                I made the mistake of reading the movie tie-in before seeing the Ang’s movie.. the novel explained all the elements Ang couldn’t bring together in the story.. had he, it would have been better than the Dark Knight! But the so-called master couldn’t do it. The story line was really twisted though..

                B&R was good when they air-surfed from the rocket wreckage. But Warner Bros. made horrible caricatures of Poison Ivy and Bane and Mr. Freeze. I actually didn’t mind Chris O’Donnell’s Robin.

                I agree, of the two, I’d also watch B&R.. but I’d rather watch Man-Thing. Because I get a greater kick out of Jack Thompson’s acting. Although Rod Steiger could top that.

                • @ Shido

                  Lol, I was bored watching Ang Lee’s Hulk in theaters & wondering how much was left till it was over. When Elektra came out, i couldn’t finish watching that one. It was worser than both Supergirl & Hulk. I didn’t bother seeing Catwoman cause the pictures of Halle berry’s costume just told me that film would bomb. I liked Chris O’Donnell’s Robin aswell, that they introduced him in Batman Forver older and not as a kid. Things like that imo might not turn out too well on film the sameway they do in the comics. Imo Batman & Robin had good actors, but a bad script & bad dialogue writen into it. Of-course WB made the mistake of makin the franchise more family friendly etc.

            • I disagree Batman and Robin was awful, but I’d rather watch it again that than The Spirit it was by far the worst comic film other than Steel with Shaq.

              • @ Daniel F

                Like Batman & Robin, imo I think Steel had the same problem. I thought Shaq was a good choice for the role, only that the script was bad with bad lines mentioned by Shaq.

                • WTF really? Are you serious? Shaq was the worst possible choice. Shaq is an awful awful awful actor. How could anyone think other wise? His acting is worse than his rapping saying he was a good choice is like saying Paul Walker is a good choice for anything. Hell Shaq makes Paul Walker look good.

                  You baffle me more and more every day.

                  • @ Daniel F

                    Likewise, sometimes your opinions baffle me. Who would prefer for the role of Steel at that time? Michael Clark Duncan, Denzel Washington, Will Smith? Shaq imo looked like John Henry Irons from the comics. Like i said before, he had some bad lines with a bad script of a film.

                    • Meant to say, who would you prefer.

                    • WallyWest…

                      Shaq really looks NOTHING like Irons; also, Duncan, YES, would have been a much better choice because…HE CAN ACT.

                      Shaq cannot.

                    • @ Archaeon

                      Imo Shaq does. Though Duncan is a great actor, i can’t see him in the role.

                    • It’s okay if we disagree…that’s what makes it so fun to discuss.


                    • Wally

                      First of all looking like the comics matters, but lets not forget acting talent is far more important. If you can’t act it doesn’t matter how much they fit the character. Shaq is an undeniable bad actor. He can’t act at all and there is a reason why he absolutely stopped. He is a worse actor than a rapper and he was a bad rapper.

                      Second of all he doesn’t really look at all like John Henry Irons. Irons is massive compared to us, but compared to other heroes he is only average built and only slightly above average height he certainly does not reach the heights of Shaq. The absolute only thing they have in common is they are bold. Is that your only qualification for looking the same? Because Will Smith and Denzel can shave their heads if you want. Irons also has a goatee and Shaq didn’t even bother to grow one. So Shaq was to tall to big in proportion compared to other heroes and didn’t have a goatee. The only thing that he fit with was he was bold.

                      Oh and he is an awful actor. I’d rather have someone who doesn’t look much like the character that is a fantastic actor than a professional athlete who can’t act his way out of a paper bag.

                    • @ Daniel F

                      Besides Shaq, Samuel L. Jackson is another actor id consider for the role. Btw,depending what comic it is, Steel didn’t always have a goatee. Who would you prefer for the role? Guy can’t help it if he’s handed a bad script. Not sure if he ad-libbed those one liners or not but it happens.

                    • Wally who would I prefer? Anyone with talent.

                      I guess you don’t get it, but there is such a thing as a bad actor it’s not just about the script. An actor can have a great script and still suck because he has no talent. Do you actually think Shaq is a good actor? Are you actually trying to make that argument ? Seriously? If so you are the only person in the world who would claim that and that is not an exaggeration. Hell at this point I think even Shaq would admit he is no good at acting. It doesn’t matter that the script was bad Shaq is awful regardless. HE IS A BAD ACTOR. Acting isn’t something anyone can do there are plenty of actors who prove that.

                      The only thing Shaq even has in common is that he is bald and anyone can shave their heads.

                      I don’t care even if he looked like the character acting ability is far more important. Would you of cast John Cena as Captain America ? If you say yes I think we are don with this conversation because I wouldn’t be able to type beyond the laughing.

                    • @ Daniel F

                      Of-course you would say Shaq was bad of a actor cause he didn’t get enough time or experience before he was done with it. And i only said he was good in the role, not as a actor. Theres a differance. And no i wouldn’t cast John Cena as Capt. America.

                    • Wally I say there isn’t a difference. IMO a bad Actor can not be good for a role. The only exception is maybe if they are playing a robot as we’ve seen before it can work because they inability to act can just be passed off as it being a Robot. Casting a terrible actor of Shaqs caliber in anything at all is idiocy pure and simple. It’s poor film making.

    • You do know that SONY, not Marvel/Disney is making this movie, right?

    • Wow sexist and clueless, congratulations.

    • my thought was Avi might be talking about the relationship between Connors and Peter from the trilogy. Even though it wasn’t fleshed out that much.

      “just remember how that relationship? just pretend that happened before this movie because it’s important to the Lizard storyarc and we don’t have time to establish it in this one film”

      • Ah yes. True true. That could be it.

        If Osborne isn’t dead they need to make him into Ultimate Goblin. Bigger, meaner, stronger, badder, and more menacing than a cackling green Joker wannabe. No offense to the original.

        • If Osborne ISN’T dead (the same one from the Raimi series), that would be horrible movie-making, and Webb would likely have to leave the film industry amidst endless guffaws and curses and take up something drastically different…like managing a crochet-supply store.

    • I see what you’re saying… reminds me of Batman TAS – the series never did an origin for Joker and Penguin because it loosely borrowed from the two Burton films. Something similar could be done here

      Still quacks like a reboot though

      • Exactly. Exactly like that. Great example.

  19. Yeah – smells like a reboot, looks like a reboot, sounds a heck of alot like a reboot. Just call it what it is. I think this is Avi’s way of acknowledging that rebooting may be a bit of a miscalculation on Sony’s part. Seriously, the only reboot that happened this fast (of the two that have been released) was TIH, but that was coming off of one film that horrific. SM3 was not that bad, I say a reboot is not warranted here.

    But, then again, here we are.

  20. OMG she looks awful in that picture. I mean I’ve never thought she was attractive, but that picture is really bad and blonde just doesn’t look good on her.

    Can’t wait for Gwen who isn’t attractive and sounds like a chain smoking 80 year old who talks out of a hole in her neck. Yay. /End Sarcasm

    • Spider-Man didn’t look too good in the set photos. Then they gave us that poster. It looked amazing (pun intended).

      Her voice isn’t that bad. And she doesn’t look half bad as a blonde.

    • I thought the same thing about the pic, she looks TERRIBLE. But stars can’t always be shown in their best light

  21. Ironically, her redheaded look is the dye job, she is a natural blonde.
    She will do fine.

  22. So…its a film within a film within a remake? Now I’m more confused about this film and that doesnt help me want to go see it.

    • The fired Sam Raimi and all his chosen actors because he had a vision that the studio disagreed with for Spiderman 4…. So now the can do it “their way” and with a bunch of relative “no name” actors for half the budget and triple the profit… That and 3-D… because we all know how “AMAZING” that will be! Sam Raimi doesn’t like 3D.

      • I swear I typed THEY both times…

        • Oh I know that, but them saying this doesnt reboot the Raimi series but it stinks of reboot is confusing to me as some people are confused of Inception. It just doesnt make sense.

  23. I hope this movie fails, Sony comes to their senses and creates a spiderman 4 starring the original players (especially sam raimi) because lets face it, with the long wait for spiderman 4, it will easily make a billion (or just under)

  24. Will this be kind of like STAR TREK???

      • @ Edward