Avi Arad Says ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’ Isn’t Entirely A Reboot

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The Amazing Spider Man not a complete reboot Avi Arad Says The Amazing Spider Man Isnt Entirely A Reboot

Your Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man will be returning to theaters next year, with a new look and different actor (Andrew Garfield). So it comes as a bit of a surprise to hear that The Amazing Spider-Man might not be the complete overhaul of the franchise that we’ve come to expect.

Executive producer Avi Arad is saying that director Marc Webb’s upcoming take on Spidey won’t go the route of previous comic book reboots like Batman Begins and (to a lesser degree) The Incredible Hulk by essentially ignoring the existence of its predecessors.

Arad spoke to EW recently and informed the magazine that Amazing Spider-Man “won’t erase what came before, but will try to weave a narrative that could take place within the framework of the earlier films.”

To quote the producer directly:

“It’s not a comeback. You have to look at it this way: Do you want to know more about Spider-Man? This movie is going to tell stories that you didn’t see in movies 1, 2, and 3.”

It’s known that classic Spider-Man universe players like Daily Bugle head J. Jonah Jameson and Mary Jane Watson simply won’t be featured at all in The Amazing Spider-Man, and Webb’s film is expected, in part, to return to Peter Parker’s days as an awkward high schooler who’s just beginning his struggle to get the whole superhero act down pat.

There’s also the matter of Uncle Ben being alive again (for now), the artificial webshooters, and Peter looking to have met Gwen Stacy long before his university days (a la Spider-Man 3) – so it’s difficult to immediately see how the movie won’t simply be pushing the restart button on the series.

Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone on the set of 'The Amazing Spider-Man'.

The most straightforward explanation for Arad’s comments is that Amazing Spider-Man won’t do anything that completely violates the canon of Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man trilogy. Essentially that would mean that Ben’s life is still forfeit, Gwen won’t suffer any sort of horrific death at the hands of Spidey’s adversaries (Emma Stone already confirmed that), and although Peter’s parents are in the movie, they will appear via flashback, having died long before his days of being a costumed defender of justice.

Contrast that with how Christopher Nolan reworked the history of Batman in his films versus those directed by Tim Burton and Joel Schumacher – the identity of the man who murdered Bruce Wayne’s parents, the origin of The Joker, Harvey Dent’s transformation into Two-Face, etc. Events that transpire in both Batman Begins and The Dark Knight not only re-envision plot points from previous films, they often flat out change them.

Think Mcfly Think has proposed that Amazing Spider-Man could imitate the “Untold Tales of Spider-Man” comic book series in the way they resembled Stan Lee’s original comics, by essentially paying homage to the style of Raimi’s trilogy and taking place within its continuity. While that idea doesn’t entirely gel with the claims that Webb’s movie will be much grittier in tone than Spider-Man 1-3, it’s possible that the reboot will not be as drastic a departure in overall style (dialogue, action, character development, and all that jazz) as some might have originally anticipated.

Andrew Garfield in the Spider man Reboot Avi Arad Says The Amazing Spider Man Isnt Entirely A Reboot

Fans by and large were highly receptive to Raimi’s Spider-Man movies, and even the much-maligned Spider-Man 3 isn’t as widely despised as, to use an appropriate example, Batman & Robin. That further differentiates the current state of the webslinger’s franchise versus that of the Caped Crusader’s before Nolan arrived on the scene. Perhaps Amazing Spider-Man won’t feel like it should have been titled Spider-Man Begins and will, instead, feel more like a refreshing new spin on the character’s history. We’ll see.

The Amazing Spider-Man swings into 2D and 3D theaters on July 3rd, 2012.

Source: EW (via Think McFly Think)

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    • I used to think the same thing about Venom is S3, but I recently read a reviewer say that the fight with Venom was more symbolic of Peter’s fight with his darker side, rather than delving into the more complex nature of Eddie Brock and the symbiote as anti-Spiderman. Looking at it that way, the relatively quick demise of Venom makes more sense to me and I’m ok with it. The symbiote brought out Peter’s dark side which gave him a reason to redeem himself to Mary Jane and Harry at the end, just as much as Harry and Sandman looked for redemption at the end. It all makes a lot of sense and kinda hard for me to imagine the movie without Venom now.

      • I think they completely wasted an opportunity with the symbiote suit in Raimi’s third Spidey movie not only to give fans an awesome interpretation of Venom (they didn’t and debates about symbolism aside, I think it was because Raimi doesn’t like that character), they also completely missed the boat on giving us a darker, edgier black costume Spider-Man. We could have gotten an angrier, more intense Spidey, one with a more sadistic side that would beat a crook into a coma and break bones for fun. What we got instead was the symbiote compelling Peter Parker to get an emo haircut, dress like a eurotrash douche and participate in an impromptu dance competition. That was lame and sad. I still want to cry and bash my head against a wall just thinking about it.

  1. Problem was that Raimi didn’t intend to use Venom in the first place that he only wanted Sandman & (New Goblin). Sony pushed for Venom due to fan requests so that’s why Venom didn’t turn out great within the film. I agree with too much Mary Jane & Peter’s awful dancing & music scenes. All that should of be replace with more of the black costume spidey or Venom imo.

  2. Ok lets cut through the “it’s going to be okay, this isn’t a reboot” speech.
    Better believe, Marvel/Disney wanted to reboot with a ‘grittier’ version based off The Ultimate’s: Spiderman.

    Better believe, that the events that take place in these “stories that you didn’t see in 1,2 and 3″ will mess with the continuity Raimi left us with.

    Better believe that Raimi’s trilogy should be renamed The Amazing Spiderman and this one should be The Ultimate Spiderman.

    • …This is Sony, marvel/Disney doesnt not own the film rights to Spidey and many other characters….

  3. “The most straightforward explanation for Arad’s comments is that Amazing Spider-Man won’t do anything that completely violates the canon of Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man trilogy.”

    Which already runs the risk of looking like bunk. Apologies if someone already said this, but the movie will violate the canon of Raimi’s movies if Peter is still in high school when he dons the iconic Spider-Man costume. The first movie showed that Peter didn’t put it on and start fighting crime until after his high school graduation.

  4. IMO, this cannot be any worse than the Raimi films, which I condsidered poor.

    • What!?!? lol. DSB was bad, but I liked the first two Raimi movies. I actually liked 2 better. This reboot(I don’t care what Avi is calling it)holds no interest to me, and not for the reason you think :)

  5. Not exactly a reboot…? They’re only redoing the origin story, replaced the entire cast, redesigned the costume, started to use the Ultimate line of characters… yea I’d say this was a complete reboot. Seems like this producer is saying this because of the backlash against the idea of a reboot.

  6. This sounds worse than if it were a reboot. At least if the new Spider-Man was totally separate from the original, fans would be able to make a distinction. I still love Tim Burton’s take on Batman as well as Nolan’s, and I’m glad they are different stories, and different worlds even. If Spider-Man attempts to sit uncomfortably in Sam Raimi’s story, then it’ll just make everything messy and confusing. This just seems like cowardice, they should have the balls to stand up and distinguish themselves as something different!

    • @ Mr._Jellyfish

      I agree with ya & feel the sameway with your statement regarding the Burton/Nolan Batman films.

  7. why then didn’t they just go with the Spiderman 2000 story then

  8. The heck with this Spiderman reboot, I want a Deadpool movie!

  9. Good news! Hope it’s mostly about Lizard!

  10. Avi Arad is a retard. Just sayin’…

  11. Garfield as Spider-man really puts me off to the whole thing. Wait for Netflix/Blue Ray. Also I was surprised the Lizard never appeared in any of Raimi’s Spider-man flicks. The Professor was there with one arm waiting to be Lizard’fied!!!

  12. (ahem)…. it’s a reboot.

  13. Man somebody’s trying to justify the “SONY SPIDER”!

  14. I HATE THIS STUPID REEBOOT. THEY SHOULD JUST BRING SAM RAMI BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Little late for that now. Only thing to do is hope this reboot bombs & Marvel Studios will be able to buy the franchise & deliver great spidey films.

    • Amen to that, brother Wally.

      • @ happyman

        Thanks brother happyman,lol.

  16. it looks like its going to be based on ultimate spider-man andrew garfield does kinda look like peter from ultimate spider-man

    • who knows! Pete gets bitten by a genetically-altered spider: that’s Ultimate Spider-man.. and Raimi’s version. But Ultimate DID look like a kid.. as does Garfield. Then, there’s the web-shooters.. That’s Amazing Spider-man.. It’s all mixed up really. The thing is how would you rather be entertained with a comic or a movie? Choose your poison, and don’t expect too much!

  17. I can’t believe they are rebooting this francise, it makes no sense. On opening day, i’ll be watching the sam raimi films. Hollywood is just plain stupid sometimes, or are we stupid if we watch the reboot.

  18. I can’t wait o see the movie!

  19. what the hell!ion’t think this’s gonna end up goood…and it looks like spidey got black sunglasses with holes in its eyes…wanna hear my real advice about all this?

    • Sure better than the crap from Spiderman 3. Ramii is cool but he screwed up the character so much.

  20. I’m glad someone else is doing this. I like Sam Raimii for doing LotS, but now that’s scrapped, I have nothing from him I like to watch. And I think he dropped the ball on Spiderman, it was fine after 1. 2 was okay, and seeing Spidey Saturday Night Fever-strut across the street was funny, but it was not comic-book worthy at all. Too much was just… ew.

    I’m not used to the idea of him as a teen and figuring this stuff out, since it was COLLEGE he was bit. Unless he’s a junior/senior, it won’t make as much sense to me, and quite frankly seeing a teen angst film isn’t up my ally. I love Emma in the stuff she’s been in, so I hope this is good; I admire her as an actress.

    • in every continuity even the first movie Pete was supposed to be in high school when he got his powers including the originals. but yeah this is totally a reboot

  21. Is Spider-man going to be funny? Not the situations he’s in (though those can be too), but Spidey himself?! In the Raimy movies he wasn’t funny at all! And the writers don’t have a single funny (on purpose) character to their name! One reason Ultimate Spider-Man did so well is because Brian Michael Bendis gave Spidey a real sharp and hilarious wit! He brought Spidey’s personality to life! I’d hate to see another stick in the mud Spidey whose just a guy doing stunts in a suit. Show us his knack for comedic jabs and come-backs! That was always such a big part of his fights! Annoying the enemy into blind anger, and helping his audience really enjoy the moment!

  22. Bah! Enough with the super-hero movies already!! After Dark Knight Rises, I’m done with the sub-genre for a good, long time. Screw Amazing Spider-Man, to hell with the Avengers, and good riddance to Iron Man 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8 and any sequels to Captain America, Green Lantern, Thor or any other franchise. The whole thing is so played out!!

  23. I believe that there is one basic problem that every movie based on a long running and well loved comic is that the people writing/directing/acting/producing them have not read the actual comics(or just read a few of them). They are not well versed in the origins of the character and really don’t seem to care. Tim Burton’s Batman was enjoyable to watch (except Batman and Robin the WORST movie ever made even worse then Gym-kata). Joker did not kill the Wayne’s it was just a low life thug. And for the longest time it was the one crime that he could never solve. As for Spidey the first were good but not in line with the character and this one looks to be along the same lines. They keep part of the character and change things to fit the movie. Bottom line watch the movie (hopefully it’s good) but read the comics. They have always (and will always be) better.

    • The problem with the comics, and Spider-Man specifically, is that Marvel created alternate versions of their stories. Today, there are newer fans who have grown up with alternative story-lines, and movie producers like to use a mix of these to please as many people as they can. It does the opposite but that doesn’t seem to stop them. Raimi’s Spider-Man was closer to The Amazing Spider-Man, and the new one, as well as most of the Marvel movies seem to be leaning towards The Ultimates.

  24. Yeah, the more they talk about this film, the less I want to see it.