New ‘Amazing Spider-Man’ Stills Showcase A Classic Lizard Design

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The Lizard Lab Coat New Amazing Spider Man Stills Showcase A Classic Lizard Design

With Marvel Studios only a day away from kicking off the summer movie season in North America tomorrow at midnight with The Avengers, rival studios Sony and Warner Bros. will share in the glory as well. Each will launch the third and final trailers for The Amazing Spider-Man and The Dark Knight Rises, respectively, attached to the theatrical run of The Avengers.

The Dark Knight Rises trailer released earlier this week and while we wait for The Amazing Spider-Man‘s most important piece of marketing to release shortly, we do have two brand new stills from the film offering a detailed look at The Lizard which fans will appreciate.

At the outset of Sony’s plans to quickly reboot the Spider-Man franchise, there was understandably a lot of cynicism thrown towards the project. By bringing in Marc Webb and a talented and likable cast, and constructing what appears to be a more grounded story with a more accurate depiction of Marvel Comics’ Peter Parker character (artificial web-shooters!), and The Amazing Spider-Man successfully maintained a streak of positive buzz.

The one sticking point for some fans through Sony’s marketing efforts is the design of the film’s primary villain, The Lizard. Some find the animated alter ego of Rhys Ifans’ Dr. Curt Connors too similar to the Abomination character from The Incredible Hulk, some don’t yet approve of the character’s changes from the books.

The two new stills released by Apple earlier today, may quell those fears as they present a Lizard design very familiar to fans of the Spider-Man cartoons and comics:

Don’t like the movie’s primary big naked lizard design – the same one used for the toys and Halloween costumes? At least one scene in the film will make reference to the character’s classic design where he wears the white lab coat. In the other image, The Lizard has Peter Parker’s camera so don’t be surprised to see Connors discover Peter Parker’s secret identity – that’s the formula for all Spider-Man movies.

The Amazing Spider-Man stars Andrew Garfield, Emma Stone, Rhys Ifans, Denis Leary, Martin Sheen, Sally Field with of course, a cameo from Stan Lee.

The Amazing Spider-Man swings into theaters (2D, 3D, and IMAX 3D) around the U.S. on July 3rd, 2012.


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Source: Apple

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  1. Ahh, lab coat and a bit of a snout. Better… better.

    • Nobody can moan about lack of Lab coat now! ^-^

  2. Hopefully they’ve learned a thing or two from the new batman movies and don’t kill off every bad guy in each movie. I would love to see doc oc hang around in the future and hopefully build up to a Sinister Seven movie.

    • Oop, I mean sinister six. Spaghette!

    • They didn’t kill off every bad guy. Scarecrow survived the first one and Joker survived the second one.

      • I think thats what he is trying to say. Nolan’s Batman didnt kill off its villains like every other superhero movie seems to think needs to be done. So using their example, it is hoped that this Spider-man franchise has also learned that lesson and will apply it. Yes a sinister 6 movie would indeed be truly awesome.

        • Ahh okay. I misread his comment.

    • well thor did not kill loki so u don’t know what ur talking about

      • Well…he does know how to write in English, so there’s a start.

        • BURN!

  3. Love this character. Hope to see doc ock in the sequel too,another one of my favorites.

    • I would be more impressed with a rhino character reminiscent of the ultimate spider-man series. A large exoskeleton suit making the simple minded man inside a beast to beat. Doesnt even have to be the main villain either, just a quick 5 to 10 minute opening sequence to show Pete kicking some regular butt in New York against all the crazies that seem to spring up.

      • I like that. In the sequel show the smaller characters in a sequence like that. Just visioned it when I read it nice.

  4. Is there any hope Spidey will actually keep his dang mask on this time?

    • Judging from the trailer, no. Also, while i see the good in giving Spidey mechanical web-shooters, i hope they don’t fall into a ‘have a fight with main villain, oh no i’ve run out of web, spidey beats villain anyway’ trap in all the fight sequences (in this film and any sequels)

      • What are the chances they WON’T do that at some point? At the very least he’ll have to switch cartridges during a fight.

        • Hell, they virtually did that in the 2nd Raimi movie and he had organic shooters!

  5. he was never apart of of sinister six. o,0 an 2 just because u find Peter Parker’s camera doesn’t mean he is Spider-man?!.

    • Yeah but Doc Oc was, and that was his point?

  6. Even in the comics he loses a portion of his mask in an epic fight or event.

  7. Along with the web slingers, they seemed to have pulled back on the cgi (thanks). The shots from the trailer of SM swinging under the EL-train and falling onto the police car look great.

    I’d like a sequel where spidey battles Mysterio and the evils of special effects wizardry.

    • I agree, I’d really like to see Mysterio. I think they could use the opportunity to make a really psychologically twisted movie. I think that is when Mysterio is best, when he’s messing with Spiderman’s head. The only issue there is that he’s kinda tough to pull off in a live action movie with that giant fishbowl on his head!

  8. The Lizard looks awesome.

    I hope The Amazing Spiderman turns out to be great.

  9. Cant wait to see lizard

  10. I agree with earlier articles on this subject when they state the Lizard probably goes through several transformations untill we see the Lizard that looks more like the comics. Dont complain too much just yet Spidey fans. It looks like they got it right.

  11. While I wish the Lizard in this movie had the classic look, what bothers me much more is, at least from the trailers, Dr. Connors appears to actually be evil rather than a good guy who goes nuts when he becomes the Lizard.

  12. Nice. Looking forward to the new trailer. ASM is the Batmsn Begins of Spiderman.

    • Please don’t say that until we have actually, oh I don’t know, SEEN the film. BB was actually good for the franchise but this is, as of yet, unproven. The people over at Sony are even supposedly displeased with the final product so making the comparison is a bit premature.

      • bwwwwhahahahaha

        Well im glad you hold BB in such high esteem.

        • hummm, I don’t know if you are slamming BB, thus holding TASM to a much lower level or what.

          I also don’t hold BB up as a truly superior movie but think it was the second best attempt right behind Burton’s first version. As for all superhero movies in general, I liked all of Marvel’s recent movies more if that tells you anything.

          • Your opinion is your opinion, but most ppl hold BB as the best Batman film and best example of a superhero origin story.

            It looks like ASM, especially after the newest trailer, will revitalize Batman the same way BB did by telling an exciting story & exploring deeper into the backhistory of Peter Parker.

            • Well I’m not gonna argue BB with you. It was good but there were things I didn’t like all that much. /shrugs

              Again though, until you have actually SEEN TASM, it’s not really appropriate to be already assigning it a value. I’ve seen marketing make the best trailers for movies, making them look exciting, but when I see it they literally showed all the best parts and the other 1.5hrs sucked.

              Will TASM suck? I’m personally leaning in that direction but like you, I don’t know for sure yet.

              • Three great trailers with three completely tones showing new scenes is enough for me to make a well informed hypothesis that ASM will be Batman Begins of Spiderman. Can i live?

                • Maybe if you had said in your OP, “ASM might be the Batman Begins of Spiderman” I would have been fine but you said “is” which implicitly assigns a 100% guarantee about something. That is what I take issue with.

                  And it doesn’t matter how many trailers you watched. All three reused about 70% of the same exact material but were just cut differently and used different music to provide a different feel. Kudos to the marketing and advertising dept. for making you want to see it because that’s their job. As we have seen many many times however, trailers often have very little to do with the actual product.

                  So no…../thumbs down…..guards do your duty.

                  • LOL You sir, and i say this with all disrespect, are a pretentious clown.

                    • Your rebuttal was a personal attack? Really? That’s all you could come up with? tisk tisk

                      Just as a friendly reminder though, regardless of profanity or not, personal attacks of any sort are prohibited in SR. I’m not going to say anything but if Vic finds this post then……

                      I also find it highly ironic however that you call me “pretentious” when it was YOU who made the pretentious, baseless, leaping assumption that this movie is will be as good or as dark gritty and “grounded” as BB. Especially when your entire argument is based on movie trailers of all things which we all know are meaningless.

                      But whatever. If the best you can do is name call then I can take it. ;)

          • here we go…

  13. These images are pretty good… Is that ‘Irfaan Khan’.. I think he is… I would want to see different set of villains this time.. Frankly I am bored with the DOC-OCK, VENOM, and the GOBLIN… Would love to the the forgotten ones like RHINO, HAMMER HEAD, KING PIN and of course SCORPIAN (Spiderman-Animated series storyline)

    • How can you be bored with Venom he was only on screen 5 minutes.

  14. Personally having been a big fan of Spiderman in the 80′s & 90s I would like to see the Puma as a villian sometime. He had some very interst storylines and wasn’t a totally arch-evil character.

    On the new film, I have to say I’m getting more impressed with each trailer, wasn’t very keen on this re-boot at first but looks like it’s shaping up to be a great movie.

    • ^^like^^

  15. @ mongoose
    Where have you read that Sony are unhappy with the film?

    • I read te same thing on comic bookmovie but it was just runoured and later disproven.

      On other note I love the lab coat. Making it classic if even for a scene. Remiss me of the 90s cartoon!! Saw that whole series before reading through the comics.

      • Actually it’s true. Studio screenings have made the execs quite worried. MIB3 isn’t screening well either.

  16. That’s Irrfan Khan who plays Proto Goblin being grabbed by the Lizard if anyone cared to know.

  17. nice, nice

  18. I REALLY want this movie to stink up the box office and cost Phony millions of dollars so that they let Marvel buy the rights back so we can get Spidey done right. Unfortunately, the lemmings are going fall right off the cliff and we’ll be stuck with Garfield as Spidey for a few more films.

    • So, what is your idea of Spidey done right?

      • Ah-hem. Any way Godzilla King of Monsters wants Spidey is the right way.

    • Well I’d be plenty happy to have Garfield as Spidey for a few more movies.

    • I wouldnt be estatic if Marvel had the rights returned. Rami’s Spiderman had its weak points but it was still a well constructed film minus the third lol

    • @Andy S……I of course agree with you BUT, in thinking about it, if Marvel did get the rights back that would be yet another franchise they would have to action. They admittedly have a pretty full plate right now so adding Spidey to the mix might be too much.

      Of course the actual timing of everything also has to be considered. Sony will have 4-5 years to make another Spider-man movie and I can’t believe they would just give up rights immediately if it fails. Plus they would need to wait until TASM had faded from everyone’s memories so it will be at least 8-10 years before Marvel might consider doing an official reboot (if they did get the rights back). Afaik, Marvel doesn’t have anything planned for 2020….yet :)

      • arg…..have to PUT INTO action.

        I want an edit feature! ><

  19. Imageworks is horrible. The Lizard and that guy don’t even look like they belong in the same space. He’s not even looking at the Lizard. As for the lab coat… how sad is it that the filmmakers who claim they are fans of Spidey originally did not include a lab coat and tried to make the film for $85 mil ala Twilight and then only added it back in after principle photography because of negative fan reaction?! How about hiring something that loves and understands the source material and takes it to the next level rather than bastardizing it?

    • You have absolutely no proof that’s the case.

    • Wheres your source that says sony doesn’t like the film and it’s not screening well? And please don’t post any rumors i want real insider sources that say this.

  20. yeah! irfan rocks he will make or break this movie

  21. Look closely at the second picture, the man’s face has a green tinge and he has lizard claws on his left hand.

    • look closer, its just a hand. his face probably has a green tint to it because of the similar color scheme they have in that current shot. then again you could be right and he could be stealing/using dr. connors serum and now the reptile is pissed and choking him out.

  22. Sorry but everything about Amazing Spiderman looks terrible. It’d nothing more than a cash in exercise.

    I expect this to flop massively, but also thought the same about Ghost Protocol, so on that basis i guess ASM will gross $800 – $900 million worldwide.

  23. I waited along time to finally see the Lizard in action after Sam Raimi`s Spider-man trilogy introduce us to Dr.Connors with no transformation. It was a good idea that (director)Marc Webb chose this villain instead of reprising a villain we seen before.