‘Amazing Spider-Man’ International Trailer: Dark, Epic & Subtitled

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amazing spider man international trailer Amazing Spider Man International Trailer: Dark, Epic & Subtitled

A lot of the naysay surrounding Sony’s The Amazing Spider-Man reboot was (at least, briefly) silenced, following the premiere of a second official trailer and reports from an extended 3D theatrical preview that suggest this film is not only a worthy new spin on the iconic webslinger’s origins – it just might be an epic enough comic book flick to hold its own against this summer’s other blockbuster heavyweights.

That’s not to say all the Amazing Spider-Man negative buzz has abated; it’s still very much present, as evidenced by the ongoing complaints about Spidey’s renovated suit, the Lizard’s design, etc. All the same, more people are starting to agree: The Avengers looks to have some serious competition, as far as the unofficial contest for the title of “Marvel Superhero Movie of 2012″ goes.

Today, we have an international trailer for The Amazing Spider-Man that’s pretty much identical to its domestic counterpart (albeit, with subtitles and tidbits of additional footage). That is to say, it features all the same high-flying Spidey maneuvers, dark dramatic beats, and glimpses at the film’s more noteworthy set pieces and 3D elements (ex. that collapsing tower shot near the end) that still look quite promising.

However, there is one significant bit of new footage in the international preview, and it highlights a promising character dynamic which was not present in previous Spider-Man movies: the clash of wills between Gwen Stacy’s by-the-book, authoritative police officer father George (Denis Leary) and her boyfriend Peter Parker (Andrew Garfield), who is determined to prove that his costumed alter-ego is more than merely a nobler breed of criminal.

See that and more in the international trailer for The Amazing Spider-Man, below:

Amazing Spider-Man director Marc Webb is a newcomer to big-budget action filmmaking territory, but he seems to have done a nice job of delivering the requisite big thrills and spectacle without neglecting the character-oriented storyline at the heart of the film. Of course, any movie is a team effort, so kudos should also be given to the cast, technical crew, and screenwriters such as Steve Kloves (the Harry Potter series) for lending a helping hand – in the hopes of creating a final product which tells “an untold story” worth telling.

We shall see if their efforts pay off when The Amazing Spider-Man swings into 2D, 3D, and IMAX 3D theaters around the U.S. on July 3rd, 2012.

Source: Sony Pictures International

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  1. This does give off a Batman Begins type vibe, but this is the best direction the studio could go if they wanted to separate themselves from Raimi’s trilogy. Sadly this looks to have the same formula: A not-so-bad scientist gets turned into a villain, and will most likely kidnap the love interest (gwen stacy in this case) to lure spider-man. Not saying that will happen, but that’s the direction it seems to be going.

    Anyway, I’m still excited about this.

    • The problem with Spidey is too many of his best villains were scientists gone bad. So you can’t really blame them.

      • Yeah, but it’s about time we get a trully evil villain as opposed to a good guy turned bad by his own doing. That’s why they should go with Kraven in the sequel.

        • True. I wonder how the ultimate big game hunter would come across on film?

        • u want a pure villian? CARNAGE! easily the best spiderman villian…maybe green goblin…just skip eddie brock and venom and go straight to carnage

          • Honestly, if they want this to be “dark and gritty”, then Carnage would be the best way to go. But I would like to see Venom done right before they try Carnage.

            • i agree ghost…especially if they want a villian that is the epidomy of evil…carnage is what the joker is to batman as far as their brutality. however i could get on board for what you proposed…i believe after this movie spiderman will go to the 2 villian model like the batmans rather than most marvel movies…perhaps eddie brock/venom will be a villian in the second movie with say green goblin…oscorp could have something to do with the discovery/creation of venom…and carnage in the third movie with a villian who more likely could turn good to stop canage and his insanity..idk ill be happy as long as no sandman or harry osburne

              • They could have Spider-man and Venom team up against Carnage.

                • Yeah. They could even try to do venom and carnage origins in one film perhaps. It could be done, but I guess it would be hard to pull of without seriously deviating from the comics. Just thinking out loud…

              • interesting you should make the connection to the joker, since artist erik larsen when designing kletus cassidy (carnages host in marvels main universe) based him on the joker. and when spidey and batman met years ago in a crossover it was joker and carnage who spidey and bats were fighting as a pair agianst the two.

                carnage to me is not a good villain, he was created in a time when comics were trying to be tough and violent to get readers attention and his character has no real purpose. in the ultimate continuity they just got rid of his human half altogether since he had no depth. it was a parasite that lived of life force, and even then the character didnt last long. (though they did use him to kill-and ressurect gwen stacy)

                a smart move would be to have the goblin/osborn act as sort of a palpatine figure and be the ultimate villain of the series in a third film but have him be the one who creates all of spideys film rouges (much like he did in the spectacular spiderman cartoon). id like to see some new villains instead of venom again and if they do choose multiple villains for sequels it should be only in the form of the sinister six otherwise stick to one bad guy at a time to prevent a repeat of spiderman 3

            • If I had to pick my villains for Spidey to fight I’d have to say venom then carnage , rhino and then I’ve always wanted to see Spidey battle mysterio

          • If you want to have Carnage, you can´t skip Venom.

            • How about both Venom and Carnage in the same film?

              • I´d like that.

                • i just remember that teaser trailer for spiderman 3 where they showed that prob 30 second clip where topher grace became venom…that was so badazz i was so pumped…they need THAT in a spiderman movie…but done right..either of them will be just fine venom and canage are very intimidating and just head and shoulders above the rest of the villians(IMO…i know green goblin is spidys main villian)

      • which is why it always makes me laugh when spidey fans try to put spidey rogue gallery above batman… I mean the spidey villains are good but batman is just a class of its own with living embodiment of basic concept like madness with the joker or fear with scarecrow, not to mention the variety of origins (circus freaks, mob bosses, madmen, failed actors,criminal, eco-terrorist).
        Spidey is pretty much black and white (which is not a bad thing in itself. A) and the villains

  2. At first i didnt want to see it, but after seeing this trailer, I am so freaking amped. But this isn’t going to give The Avengers any compeition.

  3. I agree that this is looking better and better.


  4. I gotta say, I’m loving the “ultimate spider-man” vibe this is giving… it’s darker, more realistic, and Dr Connors was always my favorite villain!! I do say this will give “The Avengers” a run for it’s money.

  5. It’s amazing how just a few tiny extras make it look even better.

  6. I can kind of see where Andrew Garfield’s research on spider characteristic pays off. His movements are identical to the comics spider-man.Or video game adaptions. That scene in the trailer, where he is in the sewers, and he is seating on his spider web. In this scene you get a hint of Spider-man’s jitter movements, as he is observing his surrounding in full alert.

    • I think in this scene, he´s setting up a trap for the Lizard.

  7. Looks so much more like the Spider-Man we know & love ! The way he moves , talks & kicks ass !
    Looks like they are doing what The Incredible Hulk movie had to do to re-boot things but still keeping some threads from the previous movie(s).
    If you’re into masked vigilantes – go see Batman – If you want to see Superheroes in action…Go see Spidey & The Avengers 😉
    Make Mine Marvel.

    • thats fine i’ll stick to batman..no contest

      • I hope to see all of them at least once.

    • @Braveheart

      SpiderMan and Batman are actually a lot closer in tone than any other of the superheroes coming out that year. They both were born from tragedy and are guilted into their neverending superhero responsibility.
      Make Mine a Good Story.

  8. I don’t understand why everyone is getting pumped? I think this looks dreadful. Not just hating on it, I liked the other 3 films. I don’t think Garfield has really got what it takes. The lizard guy saying, ‘if you want the truth peter, come and get it’. Wtf, I cringed so hard. Looks and sounds so bad. I have been wrong before though.

    • I bet I cringed more watching Spider-man 3!

      • I agree that the editing of the lines coming from Conners is a tough chew. But in discussing the stuff that’s been revealed about his character, it could be that Conners is used in a much deeper way than the typical “good man, good scientist loses his way” route.

        It could be that in Peter’s search to uncover the truth about his father,he reaches out to Conners. This would add to the guilt that Peter feels when Uncle Ben dies, because Peter will see that he failed to fully appreciate the father figure that was Uncle Ben. For Conners, if he chooses to fully accept his role as Peter’s mentor, it could be him trying to make up for the emptyness in his life. The loss of his arm, perhaps his family. The loss of a colleague perhaps, prestige?

        On that note (family), aside from early casting news, there hasn’t been any mention of Conners’ family. When young Peter Parker was cast, there was also casting for Billy Conners. Haven’t seen any evidence of the Conners family in either trailer, or interviews though.

  9. i think this movie is gonna be good, i have always been a fan of the spider-man comics/movies and i think this take will work out in the end.

    i mean in reality, this movie has had the benefit i seeing what worked and what did not work in other comic movies, so hopefully they will learn from their mistakes, keep the fanboys happy but at the same time put together a decent movie with character’s with motives and arcs and it will be good!

    i wonder, will this set up a sequel? or will uncle ben die in this one?

    i think xmen: first class may have suffered from shoehorning a lot of events into one movie (really the last like 30 mins) when the movie could have drawn out those events into a trilogy.

  10. At first i was one of those people who hated the idea of this movie, and i wasnt a fan of the costume from the first time i saw it for several reasons. The teaser trailer looked good to me and gave me some hope, and now after these trailers and having gotten to see the special screening held last week, i can say i am really pumped to see this movie. I liked raimis film (except 3) and while they are classics and favorites of mine they always missed a few things about peter and spidey that they seem to have gotten very right in this new version. it resembles batman begins in that it looses the ‘this is a comic book’ campy style of old superhero flicks and goes more ‘what if this was in the real world’ like batman has. still not 100 percent on the costume change but it does look MUCH better in motion and on film to the point where i like it now. love the science aspect of peters intellect and the wise cracks as spidey that were apsent in the previous films. garfield to me with come out as the better peter and spiderman over tobey in the end seeing as so far he has shown me the spidey/parker ive always wanted to see on film.

    also, the part where spidey is in the sewers in the middle of the web, i think what hes doing is that he cast the web out in every direction and is feeling for vibrations in the web to figure out where lizard is. if im right it would be in turn with the ‘moves and acts like a spider’ stuff weve heard about his movements and such from garfield. SO excited for this movie, cant wait!

  11. spidey!!! =)))

  12. i would like to see Doc ock in webbs sequel, would love to see his take on him, and maybe some side villains like mysterio,rhino,or scorpion. then in the third film end it with venom, and green goblin.

  13. This does look better the more I look at it…

  14. Spider-Man 3 was garbage. Sam Raimi’s Spidey 4 with the Vulture and Vulturess was going to be worse. This looks marginally better. A Spidey for the Twilight crowd.

  15. I guarantee you guys I can tell you this film’s entire plot.
    They Show Peter getting seperated by his parents, leaving him with his aunt and uncle. Flash to high school life, he gets bullied and have a love interest blah blah blah you know the drill. Then he meets Dr. Connors to learn more about his parents, and gets bitten moments later, discover the spider abilities and creates his webs also. Meets Gwen’s family etc…..then something terrible happens to Connors, which inturns causes him and Peter to fight, and from what I

    • Can tell they will fight at the Bridge, Sewers, and Oscorp Tower while Captain Stacey gets killed in process. Then a funeral at the end of the movie which leads into the sequel…….in 2014.

      • I’m not sure she’ll die in this film. Emma Stone is signed on for three movies. Yeah, she could appear in flashbacks like Willem Dafoe did, but I doubt that would happen b/c they’re trying to separate themselves from Raimi’s trilogy. Copying Raimi wouldn’t be helping.

    • Include a “spoiler warning” next time 😛

      • My bad about the non-spoiler warning, but I said Captain Stacey dies not Gwen.

        • I just kidding bro :) Whether or not that happens remains to be seen.

  16. The film better not be this dark in the theater, otherwise we won’t see a damn thing!

    • This trailer looks alot darker than the one we got. I don’t mean darker in film style, I mean darker as in the visuals of the trailer. I doubt that this is the actually lighting for the film.

  17. I am really looking forward to this. People can go ahead and say “Twilight this” and “the dark knight rises that” but this looks like it will be an awesome movie. And the only reason I am looking forward to this film MORE than TDKR is because they destroyed the character Bane. At least this spidey flick is doing the characters justice.

  18. The trailer was awesome but why is Spiderman being remade?

    I mean thought the Sam Raimi movies troligy was good expect for Spiderman 3, that movie was awful and it got destoryed when Tobey danced like a idoit in the movie.

    I just hope it turns out to be as the director wanted it to be- gritty, dark and epic just like Batman Begins.

    • The answer to why is a simple one…..Sony doesn’t want to relinquish the rights to the character. They are required to produce a Spiderman movie every 3-5 years but didn’t want to continue with the Raimi universe (plus I don’t think Maguire would reprise his role). This left them with one choice, reboot.

  19. I hope to see some cameos of villains in future spidey movies; Like the Chris Nolan bat films. You had Victor, & The ScareCrow as cameos. Any ways. This Spidey film
    looks good (better than Sam R Spider-man 3 movie)

  20. … Now, I don’t wanna sound like I’m condemning the movie beforehand, but this trailer just makes me think of all the mediocre cash-grab movies shot through last decade, like Eragon and Jumper, etc.

  21. what if avengers 2 followed a “beyonder” storyline. spidey gets his suit, s2 have it go all wrong in the first 15, 30 min later eddie has it on.

  22. is lizard the only villian

  23. venom, carnage and shocker are all villains that should be used in this trilogy