‘Amazing Spider-Man’: Hi-Res Photos & Artificial Web-Shooter Talk

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There’s been a fair amount of talk about The Amazing Spider-Man of late, between Sony’s Comic-Con panel and general reactions to the footage glimpsed in the Amazing Spider-Man teaser trailer.

Today, we have some thoughts from the reboot’s aptly-named director, Marc Webb, concerning a (touchy?) issue for fans of the webslinger: how Peter Parker will be wielding his own, home-made artificial web-shooters in the reboot. There are also new high-resolution versions of official images from Amazing Spider-Man available, which offer a clearer look at Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone as the new incarnations of Peter and his gal pal, Gwen Stacy, respectively.

Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man trilogy deviated from its comic book source material in many respects, including Peter’s newfound ability to create and shoot webbing, as a result of his mutation. With Amazing Spider-Man, however, Webb ultimately decided to drop that particular idea.

In an interview with Hero Complex, Webb offered the following insight on the matter:

”I had a meeting with Stan Lee and we talked about the web-shooters. I was curious about the incarnation of them [because] of course in the previous films [they went away from them] and we wanted to reestablish ourselves. That was one thing but the other thing was the fact that the web-shooters were able to dramatize Peter’s intellect and I thought that was really cool. … It was in the comics and we have a different design but it’s a cool element to have. It’s not something we over-use or over-exploit. To me, it’s something I remember from when I was a kid and thinking ‘It would be cool if I could build those.’”

That decision on Webb’s part seems all the more fitting, given the more realistic tone that he is aiming for with Amazing Spider-Man. It also won’t allow for those jokes about Peter’s ability to “perform” (re: shoot web) that worked okay in Raimi’s more cartoony spider-universe – but would feel out of place in a “gritty” Spider-Man movie.

sam raimis spider man tobey maguire Amazing Spider Man: Hi Res Photos & Artificial Web Shooter Talk

The suit devised by Tobey Maguire’s Peter Parker in Raimi’s Spider-Man trilogy was by and large loyal to the look and design of the hero’s outfit in the comic book continuity. It was also (intentionally?) stylized in such a manner that it almost looked computer-generated at times, which allowed for scenes of Maguire (and his stunt double) in costume to often mesh together well with the CGI version of the character. Webb and his production team went a similar route with Garfield’s red-and-blue duds, but still deviated noticeably from the look of Maguire’s outfit.

For more, read Webb’s comments on the matter below.

“We paid attention to the question of ‘How would a kid make it?’ And obviously we took some license with it. We also wanted a design that would make the body longer and more lithe, more of an acrobat, someone incredibly agile, and the legs of the spider [symbol on the chest] were something we used to emphasize that. We made a bunch of different suits for different lighting conditions. I wanted something that worked in the night a little better. We paid attention to that and also made the webbing [on the costume] a little bit darker.  With the costume and the web-shooters we wanted to emphasize that these are things that Peter Parker made and that he is special himself even if he feels like he’s an outsider.”

To get a taste of what Webb means, check out this photo gallery of previously-released Amazing Spider-Man images – now, in hi-res and without the Entertainment Weekly watermark – which offers another look at Garfield in costume, among other things:


As was discussed in the Amazing Spider-Man trailer breakdown, Webb’s film really seems like it will either (pardon the pun) fly high or fall flat on its face. Going off early footage, the 3D elements and cinematography looks promising, as does the cast as a whole. Whether the movie will really feel like a more nuanced and complicated examination of the Peter Parker origin story – or come off as a poor man’s Batman Begins – is something we’ll just have to wait and find out.

The Amazing Spider-Man will swing into 2D, 3D, and IMAX 3D theaters around the U.S. on July 3rd, 2012.

Source: Hero Complex, Columbia Pictures

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  2. The web shooters were always part of the comics, not sure why people think it is a bad thing to have them.

    • Because having him shoot web out of his hands is apparently way more realistic

      • It gives a bit more oomph to the idea of him being a spider man instead of a wall-climbing weirdo with silly string shooters on his wrists. It’s a slight variation, but it’s one that the current comic community has latched onto.

    • Well, I thought Superman wearing his underwear on the outside was lame but what do I know. 8-)

    • That’s not one of my issues with the movie at all.

      That was actually my ONLY issue with the first Spider-Man movie (admittedly they did a great job of not glossing on it, so I stopped caring about it.)

      ‘Cause, you know. Spiders shoot web out of their butts.

      • Well that and the Green Goblin mask which I didn’t like either.

    • I used to read the comic ages ago. Yes, the web shooters were of Peter’s making, and sometimes they ran out of juice. The earlier Tobey films were better, as they didn’t run out.

      • And that’s the worst part about mechanical webshooters. Writers feel obligated to make Peter run out at bad times (such as falling off of a building, etc) every time you turn around. It seemed in the 60′s and 70′s that Peter ran out every issue in the middle of a fight, and ended up not having his webs to rely on.

        And I have a bad feeling Webb is going to have it happen at least twice in this new film.

  3. l really think the organi web idea was extremely stupid. that was supposed to be more realistic??? seriously now?
    and then to top it off in the comics they had spiderman mutate into a huge spider, die and then give birth to himself just so he could get organic webbing.
    Good call on Marc Webb’s part

    • You could tell in Spider-man 2 how they realized that they messed up with the organic shooters.

      They had to write a way for him to run out of webbing like he used to in the comics. In the end they settled with “Stress” causing him to temporarily run out of webbing. However this was wasted as a plot device. He didn’t lose his webbing at a critical moment that would affect a situation, causing him to work things out another way.

      • Hey guys has no one thought back to that silly Neck Webbing thing? I think these web shooters are going to use the webbing coming from his neck, kind of channeled down his arms to the shooters.

        Just what I thought.

        • No it was suppose to be the hairs of his transformation

        • Maybe you didn’t catch it, but in Webb’s version, Peter is bitten on the neck/spine and not on the hand. Watch the trailer again. This makes sense to me since getting bitten on the spine would seem to transfer his powers to his entire body more readily (hence the ability to stick to walls with both your hands and both your feet, and everywhere else I guess, and have super speed, etc.).

          • Do you know how venom works? You can be bitten anywhere and it still attacks the body and nervous system! I think you should go back to school and take biology again!

            • Right. I must have missed it where you gain real spider powers from spider venom. I’m simply stating how I think gaining powers from a bite on the spine seems to make more sense to me. But in reality, who cares. You thought the webbing on his neck was the “hairs of his transformation?” What in the world does that mean? Maybe you need to learn how to watch a teaser trailer.

              • To stay true to the comics, it has to be the hand. It doesn’t matter if being bitten near the spine would spread the venom quicker. That’s just a stupid argument. This is a fictional movie, based on a fictional character.

                Excuse us for not expecting a super-realistic explanation for why he got powers from a radioactive spider-bite.

        • no that was from where the spider bit him, i think it burrowed into his neck, he doesnt have neck webs

      • I actually think S2 was from one of the Marvel stories, if I remember correctly. In the Marvel comic, Peter lost his powers for the same reason he lost them in S2, he didn’t want the responsibility.

        • I seem to remember Peter losing his powers in the animated series as well. As I recall it was the beginning of the arc where he mutated into a spider monster thing.

        • Bingo. We have a winner.
          Yes, he lost his powers due to a cold there, too. In the same case, he was ALSO fighting Doctor Octopus.

        • Peter didn’t want the responsibility anymore, but couldn’t quit. His powers started cutting out on him in the comics because the stress was affecting him. He saw it as a sign that it was time to hang up the tights, but the Kingpin’s crimewave made him put on the suit again, and once he got through his stress, his powers stopped acting weird.

  4. Meh to the arguments of this movie…

    • I raise you one meh

      • Is meh a viable currency now?

  5. Looks pretty good to me

  6. this will either be the spiderman we should have gotten with the last 3, or just a cash in, so far it looks like the former to me

  7. I’m just happy they went back to the traditional mechanical webshooters. As for the suit itself the basic aspects are still there, a little artistic license is okay with me.

  8. Meh, with a how does his feet stick when he has shoes on. They are not too focused on realism.

    • It’s more like he’s using his hands to stick, and using his feet for balance.

      • Its gotta be the gold NIKES

  9. ok…anyone else seeing from the photos a Twilightish cash grab at the teenie boppers? These pics show peter parker as far too stylish and pretty boy…I predict this coming off as a brooding emo tickle-teen-girl’s-hormones-so-we-can-get-some-quick-cash grabs just like twilight and that abomination they call the Teen Wolf series on MTV…at least I bought that Toby Maguire was an awkward reject geek turned superhero…This…not so much…I am immediately apprehensive to the fact that this is not being pointed out enough…so much to the point that I believe I have already felt the need to point this out before this article…

    • You may have a point, but Tobey Macguire was horribly miscast. Instead of radiating any of Peter’s inner stoicism, or extremely high intellingence, he played Peter as a fumbling, socially inept, immature loser. If you go right back to the comics, Peter is the smart bespeckled shy guy in the class, not the mumbling fumbling drooling zit covered loser. He doesn’t socialize much with classmates, not because he is borderline-aspbergers, but because his widowed Aunt is perpetually falling sick or having heart attacks and he needs to work to save money for meds for her.
      Also, Garfield has the *perfect* physique for Spiderman. He was always lean, sinuewy, and never pumped up Capt. America (even though he is probably stronger).
      Yes, Garfield and Stone are nice to look at. MacGuire wasn’t. There’s nothing wrong with casting good looking stars. one of the reasons i’m super pumped to see John Carter of Mars is precisely because I thought Kitsch and Collins had fantastic screen presences in the otherwise tepid Wolverine.

    • Kinda like twilight.

  10. while the suits aren’t the same, Garfield’s looks like it’s more like kevlar than regular cloth like McGuire’s. sort of like the costume superman wore in superman returns.

    • You’re right, I was searching my brain for where I’d seen that texture, basketball? Not quite right…but bam, Superman Returns…same type of material

      I like neither

  11. Anyone who thinks shooting webs out of wrists is more organic/ more spider-like, please (re-)enrol in a biology course (esp if you failed it the first time). Spiders shoot webs out of their ass. Yes, that’s correct, the major spinnerette organs are located at the posterior end of the abdomen, which on a human, would be where your tailbone is. If any of you nit-picking Raimi-worshipping haters would prefer organic, then what you really want to see is Spider man shoot webs out of his ass, and swing from bldg to bldg while bent over as if he has constipation. Well, to each his or her own, be my guest, but you need your head examining.
    Myself, I’m overjoyed that they brought back the webshooters. Yes, totally, as Webb says, they were always intended to indicate the latent scientfic genius that peter parker had. His spider tracers that the could detect with his spider sense were also mechanical inventions. Peter Parker isn’t just spider man because of his spider powers, its the gestalt of his personality, powers, intelligence, and ingenuity.

    • That’s a dumb tired argument. No one knows the “anatomy” of a “Spider-Man” Especially one that was bitten by a radioactive spider, not one that evolved that way.

      • Obviously you don’t. the “anatomy” (and “physiology”) of spider-man is well documented in thousands of spider-man comic issues written since the late 60′s until present, as well as cartoons, books, novellizations, and even 1970′s movies. from time to time in the comic, Spider-Man does gain additional spider-powers, even mutating into a Man-Spider with 8 limbs on a couple of occasions. But the “core” set of spider-powers always resumes eventually. Let me clarify that for you: super strength, flexibility, agility, and reflexes; slightly enhanced healing; palms and soles have ability to cling to anything; and “spider-sense”, a slightly precognitive ability to sense danger. Perhaps Peter Parker can shoot white sticky stuff out of his body, but that’s not in the comics, sorry.
        Webb has gotten it right. Don’t be a hater, be open-minded. this film is gonna rock.

        • Organic webshooters from the Raimi films were no big deal. In fact, that was a minor change in my opinion. There was so much going on in those films that it was better that webshooting was an additional power instead of taking screen time to show him building the webshooters.

          It’s cool that they’re bringing the mechanical webshooters to this new film, but it doesn’t take away from the Raimi films either just because he used organic webshooters.

        • Yeah because ‘The Other’ story line never happened. :/

          I like the mech webs too, but you come off way too strong dude…its not like organic webs have never been in the comics. calm down.

  12. I dont care what anyone says but Im pretty pumped for this! (Not as much as TDKR ofcourse) 8-)

  13. My complaint about the web-shooters has always been that it’s really advanced tech. His inventing a gel or liquid that makes a stronger than steel cable and HAS the courtesy to dissolve after an hour or so is an invention that makes the Sham-WOW pale in comparison!

    So that’s one hard to believe invention on his resume. Let’s add the shooters that can shoot a string of this stuff to the top of a skyscraper yet seem to have little to no kick-back.

    This is why I’m more willing to suspend disbelief when I see him shoot a natural web from his arm.

  14.   “With the costume and the web-shooters we wanted to emphasize that these are things that Peter Parker made and that he is special himself even if he feels like he’s an outsider.”

    The original costume did that just fine. This “hip” new version of the costume still doesn’t look like something a broke college student could afford to make. Which is the same complaint people made about the costume in the Tobey Maguire films. People complained that it looked to expensive for a broke college student to make, and this new costume actually looks worse.

  15. those gold soles are still the deal breaker for me……totally stupid to go back to the original web shooters but then add in something ELSE that doesn’t belong.

  16. The reversion to mechanical web shooters is a mistake. Yes, the idea someone can shoot webs out of their forearms requires suspension of disbelief to a high degree but it integrates very well with the rest of the spider powers – one bite and it’s a package deal.

    I understand the desire to portray Peter’s high intelligence but mechanical web shooters requires a second suspension of disbelief – that a high school kid struggling for cash wouldn’t immediately sell this amazing invention for a ton of money to help his sick aunt, buy a car to impress MJ, pay college tuition, whatever. They’d give him a Nobel for chemistry and he’d land a well-paying job with DARPA.

    • seriously? you guys are a huge bunch of nitpickers. this is a comic book movie, for gosh sakes, with an awesome looking trailer. you are analyzing this thing to death. frankly i think there is some serious prejudices on display with all the hate against this film. most of the beefs i’ve read on screenrant sounds like they were stated by immature, close-minded, nitpicking, curmudgoens. “don’t like the exciting leaping and 1st person pov”. “don’t like the webshooters” “the stars are too pretty” “preferred the fake cgi in the raimi films” “preferred creepy Macguire” “preferred the previous costume”

      ok folks, if you preferred the raimi films, go watch them on net flix. a lot of people (me included) didn’t.

      or maybe you guys hate cool movies in general, right? james bond for example, too much action, too many good looking people? man, grow up.

      To Webb, Garfield, and the rest of the crew: ignore these smivelly nosed nitpickers. Your movie looks awesome and I cant wait to see it. Yours sincerely, and open minded enthusiastic long-time spiderman fan :)

      • No I think we hate seeing a character we love, who has earned his place as a cinema giant, reduced to a ridiculous cash grab directed by a music video director.

        Also, I think you might want to learn how to use quotation marks, if you’re going to attempt to quote us “nitpickers” then at least take the time to actually quote.

        And it’s Spider-Man not spiderman

        • David Fincher also directed music videos. There’s nothing wrong with starting in that form of filming.

        • “And it’s Spider-Man not spiderman”
          lol this is the epitome of nitpicking

      • Actually it’s a pretty major plot point that affects how the audience views and relates to the protagonist. That’s not nitpicking, it’s basic character design, an essential step for any story.

  17. Alot of people don’t want the web-shooters in the film. I personally think they would add an interesting element.

    1. The real Peter Parker is just short of being a scientific genius…and although I’m sure Webb won’t make him TOO smart in the film (people still have to be able to relate to him), he will atleast be chemically and techniqually smart enough to design not only expanding adhesive fluid, but wrist mounted devises to store and release the fluid. For a high schooler- that’s pretty impressive! And that will detach the character from Raimi’s Peter…(no offense to Tobey, he did a great job)

    2. YES- there will obviously be a scene(s) in which he runs out of fluid because that is a problem the original character was faced with. People keep saying that will be lame, but it adds serious tension to a situation and will help glue your eyes to a particular scene. Spidey relies heavily on his webs, and if he was to run out in mid-battle with the Lizard, or while he’s web-slinging 75ft above the ground, he’s gotta put his agility, strength and brainpower to get him out. In Raimi’s trilogy he had an unlimited supply. And frankly, because they were easliy able to explain his web powers in the Raimi films, he emphasized them more than any other power. C’MON! Spider-man has SUPER STRENGTH, AGILITY, SPIDER-SENSE, JUMPING POWERS, EXTREME FLEXIBILITY, PEFECT EQUILIBRIUM, WALL CRAWLING, SUPER REFLEXES……and alot of those powers were only briefly touched in the previous trilogy….I don’t know about you, but i wanna see SPidey pick up a car and throw it at the Lizard…I want him more agile and badass….like a Kung-Fu gymnast… Ya’ know, come to think of it, it seemed MORE far-fetched that the constant use of organic webbing was indefinate in the Raimi trilogy. I mean, whatever was producing the webs was obviously a gland, Right?????? I mean, can you constantly spit every 2 seconds for an hour and your mouth doesn’t go dry?


    • most guys take 15 min to an hr to reload :P

  18. In what, no doubt, will strike many as heresy, let me say I thought the web-from-the-wrists feature of Raimi’s movie Spidey was one area the film improved on the classic comic character. Personally, I always thought the web-shooting gadget was a clunky, mildly hokey element of the otherwise pretty cool character of Spider-Man. I was thrilled with that movie change – considered it an upgrade. (And, mind you, I’ve been generally critical of (disappointed in) nearly every Marvel movie made in the past several years.) Not anything I’m going to throw a fit over, but I wish they’d kept that aspect of Toby Maguire’s rendering in this new incarnation.

    BTW, isn’t it fascinating how things change – remember when the first Maguire Spider-Man film made its debut. EVERYONE was speechless with delight. By the third film, that sentiment had, ummmm cooled a bit? And now, the attitude seems practically to be: “Raimi’s Spider-Man trilogy? Ugggh. Good riddance.” I really liked the first flick; thought second was okay; third was a tremendous let down – what they did with Sandman (turning a colorful supervillain into an overblown, Godzilla-like behemoth by movie’s end) is not to be excused. Anyway, just an observation …

  19. Guess I’ll be the “actually” guy in this comment section. Actually it was said on another site in an article discussing the Spidey panel at comic con that the webshooters have something to do with Oscorp. To me that translates into Peter somehow gets a hold of some kind of prototype and using his intellect modifies them to suit his needs. So,he didn’t invent them just worked on them a little.

    • I like this actually,

      What say ye’ all of you who are praising the Music Video Director for his depiction of webshooters?

  20. I just saw the previews the other day at the movie theatre while I was watching CAPTAIN AMERICA. Can you all believe I watched 3 Spiderman movies back in 2002, 2004, & 2007 and now its Prequeled next year

    • Not a prequel it a reboot all new series

  21. Webshooters fine. Andrew Garfield as Spidey fine. Emma Stone as Gwen Stacy fine. Martin Sheen and Sally Fields as Uncle Ben and Aunt May unsure how I feel. Completely CGI Lizard really??? After great prosthetic/cgi creatures in Hellboy and other films in recent years would it have been so hard to do the Lizard part prothestics and in some instances cgi? Van Adder who the heck is this character and why use someone so obscure in a reboot film? The first person view could come off as very gimmicking use of 3D if overused in the film and cause motion sickness. The tone of the film ,hmmmmm let me think it doesn’t NEED TO BE AS DARK AS NOLAN’S BATMAN FILMS!!!!! The tone of movies say like Cap America or Iron Man maybe but not like Batman dark. All in all I have faith in Mr. Garfield and Ms. Stone, webshooters are fine ,but everything else I feel uneasy about and cheated that I will never get to see Dylan Baker of the Raimi Trilogy to be the Lizard.


  23. Why couldnt they make like a spider man 2099 movie. Wouldnt that be awesome and a whole new take on spider that didnt involve peter, gwen, mary jane, uncle ben aunt may etc…

    • You mean like a half hispanic, half black, “gay” Sider-Man? Yeah, yay to that… ugh!

  24. I hope he has at least some short cameo scene in the avengers movie. Just for fun, at least. That would be epic and awesome, and since Marvel is aligning its universe in film, it would make much sense since spider-man was an avenger.

    • I don’t believe that there are still some people who don’t know that Sony owns the rights for Spider-Man and Ghost Rider, Fox for X-Men and Marvel/Disney for the most other heros of the Marvel-Universe.
      I don’t believe that Sony or Fox will ever give back the rights to Marvel/Disney, so i doubt that we will ever see Spidey fight with the X-Men or The Avengers, or some other crossovers.

  25. Does anybody know who owns the rights for Spider-Man 2099, is it also Sony?

  26. To the director and producer of this movie(crap), make your own title…..call it THE AMAZING GIRAFFE!

  27. Personally, I don’t usually like being overtly critical about a movie before seeing it but I’m forced to make an exception here. For the life of me, it still baffles me why we need a reboot here. If there were any actors, directors or plots we needed changed in Raimi’s Spidey it could have easily been accommodated without a complete turnaround. Like some have already mentioned, Spidey is not a dark character. Yes, his personal life might be a bit sober and depressing at times but as Spider-man, Parker makes light of the whole situation even in the face of serious threat. That’s what made Spidey unique. His sense of humour.

    Granted, Spidey III made too much of a jest of the whole thing but that doesn’t mean we should throw the spider out with the cobwebs! For me the reboot somewhat suggests that we forget Raimi’s version entirely and focus on the ‘real McCoy’. Just like the new Batman puts to rest Keaton/Kilmer/Clooney with few regrets. IMO the new costume is not an improvement on Tobey’s version either. So what’s the deal here? I’m still perplexed about the whole idea really.

  28. Look at the web shooters like you would Iron Man designing a new suit, or Bats using tech to beat baddies. That’s all it really is.

    I HOPE they have the web shooters crappy or low tech in this film. Let them evolve just like spidey.

  29. Spiderman 2099 could of been a better choice than rebooting and starting all over from peters high school years , with a really good script and director it would make an awesome movie if done right and give everyone a new version of spidey