‘Amazing Spider-Man’ Pics: Gwen Stacy, Peter Parker, & Webshooters

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Sony has held off on unveiling a second trailer for The Amazing Spider-Man just yet – perhaps, in part to avoid it being overshadowed by the recent onslaught of headline-grabbing theatrical promos unveiled for other tentpole pics due out in 2012 (see: The Dark Knight Rises, Prometheus, The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, etc.).

The studio has nonetheless been keeping director Marc Webb’s Spidey franchise reboot on the public’s radar for the past month, via the release of posters and the launching of the official Amazing Spider-Man website. Now, we have even more hi-res images from the flick to share with you.

Amazing Spider-Man aims to differentiate itself from director Sam Raimi’s 2002 Spider-Man movie in several respects, including:

  • Featuring a different villain in The Lizard (Rhys Ifans) and traditional first love interest Gwen Stacy (Emma Stone).
  • Incorporating the subplot involving Peter Parker (Andrew Garfield) and his search to discover the truth behind his biological parents’ mysterious disappearance.
  • Retaining certain classic elements from the Spider-Man comic book universe (ex. artificial web-shooters) that were not present in Raimi’s film.
  • Focusing more on both Peter Parker and Gwen Stacy’s relationship during their days as high schoolers.

For a better look at Pete and Gwen in high school mode, Spidey’s self-made web-shooters, and more, check out the latest Amazing Spider-Man pics in the gallery below:

The bulk of Amazing Spider-Man‘s plot is expected to take place before Peter actually graduates from high school; so, the film’s success or failure will largely be determined by how effectively Webb manages to execute scenes involving underage character drama – not to mention, the dynamic between Peter and Gwen. The latter two convincingly look like contemporary teenagers, but acting like them (and not coming off as unintentionally annoying or self-involved, a la Twilight) is another matter.

Webb’s solid work on the indie (anti-)rom-com (500) Days of Summer does bode well, in that regard. Similarly, early word of mouth out of Comic-Con 2011 is that Garfield and Stone (who have both already proven themselves to be great up-and-coming acting talents) have excellent screen chemistry as Peter and Gwen in preliminary footage shown from The Amazing Spider-Man – so, again, the early signs are encouraging thus far.

The Amazing Spider-Man will be unleashed in 2D, 3D, and IMAX 3D theaters around the U.S. on July 3rd, 2012.

Source: Sony/Columbia Pictures

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  1. I can honestly say that I am looking forward to this. I still have my heart for Sam’s version of Spider-man but this looks like it will be cool

  2. I have skeptical outlook on this movie. I’m hopeful. But just am not getting a good feeling about it so far. This is a hit or miss kinda movie..

    Spiderman shouldn’t be “dark”
    the missing Daily Bugle or Jonah Jameson/Robbie/Betty Brant etc?
    Peter lifting Flash like a rag doll never happened.
    Naked Lizard?
    Making this about him coping with his parents?

    I’m just getting bad signs.

    • Spiderman shouldn’t be “dark”
      Where do you read ‘dark’? Dark how?

      the missing Daily Bugle or Jonah Jameson/Robbie/Betty Brant etc?
      Was never in the first issue or origin of ULTIMATE Spiderman. This movie is a combo.

      Peter lifting Flash like a rag doll never happened.
      I never recall Superman tossing a crystal into the snow and have a house built.

      Naked Lizard?
      I giggled… you expect him in his labcoat? Imagine how silly that would look….

      Making this about him coping with his parents?
      Again same as ULTIMATE. But he is not coping with his parents he will be coping with what/who they were.

      The signs you are getting are the ones you chose to read with closed eyes.

      Take some time and read the Ultimate line. Compare it with what you know about main stream SM. I think this film is bringing the two together or maybe just Ultimate.

      Regardless it will do fine (basing on what I know about it) unless of course the director/writers/actors fail.

    • Gwen Stacy dies right in front of Peter in the original comic. How is that not dark?

      • One death doesn’t necessarily make the entire tone of the story dark.

  3. Emma Stone>That one chick with tiny teeth…


  4. he shouldnd be darker,but also not a supernerd or emo. i hope he will be like in late 70s,80s and 90s comics.

  5. Spiderman is dark. Everything that happens to him could be classified as dark. He’s just has a funny sense of humor and doesn’t take stuff too seriously.

  6. Before seeing these pics and reading this article I was kinda anticipating this movie now it’s back to where I was before reading an article that made me anticipate the movie,meaning this movie is giving me an up and down vibe, now it’s kinda off my radar again…

  7. i want to see the smart *** peter from the ultimate universe (since its their main source of inspiration for this mess). the one thing that i didn’t like about raimi’s version was that he came across as to much of a love struck emo and not enough of a smart ass with day to day life issues (besides his love interest breaking up with him every 2minutes).

    as it stands i’m very cynical about this, i honestly don’t see why they had to go back to high school with the character, we all know the crap he went through, and they could have simply explained everything through the opening credits (like spidey 3 did) or a 10min scene of him reminiscing ‘the good old days’.

  8. Peter Parker was in high school for 28 issues of the original series in the 60′s. Ultimate Spidey had Peter in high school for twice (3x ?) that amount of issues.

    There were lots of stories to tell, yet Raimi covered the material in one movie. Part of the draw of Peter/Spidey has always been about him being an underdog, an everyman, who has real issues to deal with–especially as a teenager and young man. You remove that element, and crucial parts of his background, or leave it for a recap at the beginning of the movie, and you have turned the story into just another superhero movie.

    Beginning the new series of movies in this way is perfect, especially for those of us who have been fans since before Spider-man was even a decade old.

    • I like your point of view on this. Although I really liked the idea of Peter being a high school science teacher too. I enjoyed Peter being married to Mary Jane. But regardless, his high school days haven’t been given justice yet, and they warrant taking a longer look at in my book.

      Also, USM went on for well over 100 issues before Peter died. Past 150 I think. There were around 24 or 26 volumes, which basically supports what you were saying. There’s plenty of solid story to be mined.

  9. Going to flop. I think it’s just too fresh to do. Marvel, to me, has flopped on ALOT of movies lately. Incredible Hulk, Iron Man 2, Thor, Cpt America, Wolverine. Even the Avengers looks dumb, wanna know why? Where is the footage of the villain army??

    X-Men First Class was best movie since Spidey 2

    • umm marvel doesnt own the rights to the spiderman movies, neither do they own ff, daredevil, ghost rider and pretty much ever other crap comic move (blade doesn’t count b/c anything with snipes is epic). i do agree that thor and capt where a little lackluster mainly b/c the story was to cliché and the action was low, im2 was only done for cash and to tie in to the avengers, incredible hulk was amazing without doubt (even if the final fight was short).

      • The end of Incredible Hulk they put Abomination in jail!!!! How is that amazing???!!!? That is THE worst ending I’ve ever seen in a comic book movie. How would they keep him there!??

  10. Yay. I get to see the origin story of Spider Man. Again. I’ve NEVER seen that before. I just wonder what will happen. How ever will I bear the suspense?

  11. You can hate this remake, or you can praise this remake.
    But Emma Stone is an improvement!!!

    • So far, I’m not really excited for this remake but I will agree with you that Emma is definitely an improvement.