Close-Up of ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’ Costume [Updated]

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Amazing Spider Man Costume Mask Close Up of The Amazing Spider Man Costume [Updated]

[Update: Check out a new image of Andrew Garfield in Costume as Spidey!]

Come next weekend when Captain America: The First Avenger debuts in theaters, this summer will have seen four major DC-Marvel comic book films. 2012 will be no different in its genre offerings and next week at Comic-Con, we’ll get up close and personal with a summer 2012 comic book flick we’re curious and excited for: The Amazing Spider-Man.

Rebooting Sony’s cash cow franchise only a few years after Sam Raimi and Toby Maguire’s trilogy of Spidey adventures, The Amazing Spider-Man introduces an entirely new cast, headlined by Andrew Garfield who steps into the shoes of geeky college student, Peter Parker. Always a point of contention among comic book readers is of course the hero’s costume and Garfield’s red and blue attire is no different.

We got our first look at the new Amazing Spider-Man costume back in February and since then, have been treated to a variety of set photos from the downtown shoot in New York. While those fuzzy images gave us a good look at the mechanical web shooters being employed in Marc Webb’s version of Spider-Man, we haven’t had a clear close-up of the new costume until now. Click to enlarge:

Amazing Spider Man Costume Close Up 280x367 Close Up of The Amazing Spider Man Costume [Updated]

UPDATE: Now, check out Andrew Garfield in full costume as Spidey, gracing the cover of EW‘s Comic-Con issue! (Click to enlarge.)

Andrew Garfield as Spider Man EW cover 280x373 Close Up of The Amazing Spider Man Costume [Updated]


While this image reveals nothing new compared to what we’ve seen in the set photos of the costume and web-slinging images from months prior, it does offer much more detail into the mask and chest logo, re-affirming that this costume does feel like it’s torn straight from the books.

Photos aside, it all depends on the story, characters and tone of the film and next week, Screen Rant heads to San Diego for Comic-Con International where Sony will reveal the first footage for The Amazing Spider-Man, hopefully confirming what we heard yesterday about the film’s teaser trailer.

The Amazing Spider-Man was written by James Vanderbilt, Steve Kloves and Alvin Sargent and stars Andrew Garfield, Emma Stone, Rhys Ifans, Denis Leary, Martin Sheen, Sally Field, Embeth Davidtz, Campbell Scott, Irrfan Khan and Chris Zylka.

The Amazing Spider-Man swings into theaters (in 3D)on July 3, 2012.


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Source: RIMBreaks

Update Source: EW

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  1. Dude looks like a Spalding basketball.

    • Lol Agent0 I was thinking the same thing.

    • I’ll third that!

    • Do you have an idea how old that joke is?

  2. I love how the suit has a realistic texture to it, straight spandex would rip and tear way too easily. This is a much more realistic spider suit.

  3. I still believe it’s way to early to do a reboot of this movie. I mean my kids still remember seeing spiderman 1,2,3 in the theaters and now Sony wants us to see it from the begging again what the heck

  4. Looks pretty gay to be honest.

  5. looks like…spiderman…

  6. My only complaint still is the eyes being too small(how I wished for a McFarlane style Spidey) and the silver lined booties. Love the texture though.

  7. I dont why… but i am surprisingly extremely excited for this film.

    • Me too! Been a huge Spidey fan for about sixteen years. I read the script outline and I have to say,as far as the character of Peter Parker goes,this film will be much more faithful to the source material than the previous incarnation was i.e. less emotional. I loved Raimi’s first two versions but man Peter was sensitive.

  8. This guy is a little too skinny & geeky-looking for my tastes. I’ll still give the flick a watch, tho.

    • That’s exactly what Spidey is supposed to be like in the comics, though.

      People forget that all the time. Spider-Man does not have the same build as a Batman or a Superman.

      • Yaeh, too thin and lanky looking. Ditko only drew him thin in Amazing Fantasy 15. After that, he had muscles.

        • Ditko drew him skinny, romita gave him the more heroic build, which was standard for over 20 years. Then in the 90s mcfarlane made him skinny again, with the massive eyes, thats the standard now.

        • Muscle is different than strength.

    • Goldilocks, the thing is that Spidey is supposed to be skinny and geeky-looking. Toby Macguire was almost a little too stocky for Spider-man. And I mean that loosely because he in fact wasn’t exactly stocky or “fat,” he just happened to have more mass on him than the ideal Spider-man.

      • Dan is right. It sounds funny but Tobey Maguire was actually a little too muscular for the role – it turned out okay though, because he had a small enough stature to make it work.

        In the comics it does depend on the artist’s style – but most if not all artists made him lanky and very flexible. He’s more an acrobat than a weight-lifter.

        This guy Andrew Garfield has exactly the right build for Spider-Man. I’ll give him that.

        • Tho Spidey isn’t a giraffe-neck, but that’d just be nit-picky.

  9. I see that they are going to show Garfield’s eyes through the Spider-Man mask eye-holes. Not sure how that will work out, but it will probably invite some different camera shooting tactics from the original Spidey movies.

    The suit from this angle does look like it came right from the comics, but I’ve seen the rest of the costume and I still don’t like it much.

    • absolutely agreed.

      • 100 bucks says they fix it in posr prod so you can’t see his eyes

        • *post prode

        • I hope so, looks like a creep. You kids want some candy muuuuuaaahahahahahaaaa

        • I won’t take that bet, because that would be the best thing to do. I hope they do it.

    • Being that it’s a production shot, I doubt we’d be sering his eyes in the film.

    • *seeing (Stupid phone)

  10. What’s that on the side of his head? Pixie ears. Not so sure about this one. Maybe I’ll be surprised…

  11. rehashing the origin story is why this movie wont even be better than the incredible hulk

    • That’s exactly how I feel about it. But like others have said; Whatever…

  12. Is it just me or does the head mas looks like an alien UFO crash dummy? And the eyes are a little close to the nose… kinda make’s him look cross eyed..

  13. It’s like a basketball.

  14. To me it doesnt look bad at all. Im pretty excited for this :)

  15. Why so much hater’s on this movie? It’s flipping spiderman. And the aneswer is yes… They do have a few things we have not seen. 1: the villian, 2: the girl & 3: his suit. Spiderman 3 sucked… cough* (thanks to the whiny “fans”) venom and goblin… AND sandman!??? Yea.. They where hi as a kite.


    If your buddy walked into a Halloween party or comic con wearing that exact suit, everyone would be like DAMN that spidey suit is bad ass!

    Im not even the biggest spidey fan, but I know spidey when I see him, and thats freakin spidey! A pretty good one too if you ask me…

    *sigh* I guess you just cant please everyone ….

  17. What’s with his neck? Should be Ostrich man

  18. first point, if an argument the old suit was to complex and ‘how could he make it’, well peter parker is supposed to be a genius and there people online who using some photoshop knowhow can make pretty great replicas of the movie suit. also, this new suit would be just as hard to make.

    second point, this suit, while cool, still bothers me. why the yellow eyes? why not the classic white theyve alllllways been? red piping, also why? and if your rebooting somthing, it woul dmake sense to update the costume and make it look better and more refined, not make the design simple and lazy and try to pass it off as ‘gritty’, its not even a web pattern, its just overlapping lines, was the costume designer really THAT lazy as to not just make it look more web like? especially with a director NAMED webb?

    lastly, while im being all fanboy about it, everything i dont like about the costume aside, this movie looks promising, and i wont deny i’ll be there opening day. im just hopeing by the end of the movie spideys like “oh, my suits ruined, no problem, i’ll just throw on my better updated version with white eyes a web pattern and a belt!*wink*”

  19. the chin and neck fit weird and when he turns his head…thats what i want to see cuz that material looks like it isnt moblie

    red piping?
    i LOVE the color AROUND the eyes and i wish it wasnt THAT yellow maybe slightly more white but still barely yellow for the comic page effect but please cover the eyes in post production…i wouldnt want to see parkers glasses. even though i know he doesnt…NEED them

    and im not digging the lack of web pattern

    i love the body of the costume but the mask needs a little work.

  20. To be honest, the old Spiderman costume from the Toby Maguire spiderman movies is way better than this one.

    I hope they updated this new costume because it is somehow awful but still a good suit.

    • agreed i like the older costume better

  21. I mean the costume’s not exactly what we’ve seen b4 in comics and cartoons so it will take some time getting used to the new look. That aside, i just want to see what they come up with.

  22. The eyes look way to small, but maybe that’s just me, other than that, i’m looking forward to seeing it.

  23. So I was looking at the eyes, and at first, I thought they looked cool, a bit yellowish, but neat nonetheless. Then something happened. One second, they eye covers seemed solid, the next I was literally staring Andrew Garfield in the Iris. The white is yellowish because his skin and eye are visible through the mesh.

    Am I the only person who didn’t notice this, and then had his mind blown? Now ALL I can see is his eye behind the panel.

    • Yep, I totally see the eye and face beneath those “lenses”.

      I hate this costume & cash grab.

      I won’t rant too much though as it seems most of you all are excited to see this; I won’t be seeing it though – not even on Blu-Ray.

  24. It definitely looks a lot different and actually does not look that bad. The costume looks more rugged and dirty, giving it a more realistic look BUT the eyes are just too small for me and I don’t like them

    • Looks like it’s made of old basketballs or bicycle tires which ins’t really. I agree with you tasouli, it gives it a grittier feel and I think it’s fitting because it helps infer that Peter made the suit himself.

      Although the logo reminds me of something from District 9:P

      • I agree it does look like basketballs. Maybe they paid the NBA for worn out basketballs and painted them and stitched them together for the costume. I know the point is to make it look homemade and it does, but after getting used to the costume in Rami’s trilogy this is a huge step down. This movie has a lot going against it in my book. Going back to high school (aren’t we a little tired of the teen thing yet?) and retelling his origin. Doing Gwen Stacy (never really liked the character who seems like the typical dumb blonde). Cheaper budget etc. That being said movies surprise sometimes like Tim Burton’s Batman when everyone thought Michael Keaton was wrong for the part.

  25. The spider logo looks dumb.

  26. I like how they cut the shot short on the cover of Entertainment Weekly.

    What’s the matter, don’t want to show the stupid Spider banana hammock?