‘Amazing Spider-Man’ Franchise Adds Sarah Gadon; She Is NOT the New Mary Jane [Updated]

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Sarah Gadon Cast Dracula Amazing Spider Man Franchise Adds Sarah Gadon; She Is NOT the New Mary Jane [Updated]

[UPDATE: Gadon is not replacing Shailene Woodley as Mary Jane.]

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 director Marc Webb – drawing from a script co-written by Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci (Star Trek Into Darkness) – is using the sequel to introduce several key characters to the Marvel superhero’s mythos, in addition to laying the narrative groundwork for at least two additional films in the rebooted Spider-Man movie continuity.

Hence, most people seemed okay with the announcement that the new Mary Jane Watson is going to debut in a future Amazing Spider-Man installment; as opposed to, having to compete to get her fair share of screen time alongside multiple villains, antagonists in the waiting (see: Harry and Norman Osborn), and possible additional love interests for Peter Parker (Andrew Garfield) that are going to be introduced in the sequel.

Award-winning actress Shailene Woodley (The Descendants) was the one who first revealed that her scenes as Mary Jane have been trimmed from Amazing Spider-Man 2. Shortly thereafter that story picked up speed online, rumors began to circulate that Woodley is going to be replaced by a different actress in the role (in the third movie and beyond). Canadian Sarah Gadon was one of the first names to be seriously bandied-about, but those claims were (seemingly) debunked.

amazing spider man mary jane Amazing Spider Man Franchise Adds Sarah Gadon; She Is NOT the New Mary Jane [Updated]

However, Gadon has since confirmed to ET Canada that she is, in fact, joining the Amazing Spider-Man franchise cast, but kept her lips sealed about which specific character she will portray. Having said that, Mary Jane Watson does seem like an option, given that Emma Stone plays Gwen Stacy in the Amazing Spider-Man movies – for however much longer that lasts – and Felicity Jones is all-but-confirmed to portray Felicia Hardy (a.k.a. Black Cat), starting in the sequel.

UPDATE: Variety‘s Jeff Sneider is reporting that Gadon will appear briefly in Amazing Spider-Man 2, but has “100 CONFIRMED” that she is not replacing Woodley as Mary Jane Watson.

Gadon, for those unfamiliar, has been a professional screen actress since she turned 11, but has gained more notice of late for her roles in David Cronenberg’s A Dangerous Method and Cosmopolis. She will also have a role in Cronenberg’s new showbiz satire Maps to the Stars next year, in addition to playing the female lead opposite Luke Evans in Dracula. That’s to say, Gadon is a talented young actress whose best performances may lie ahead of her (much like Woodley); as such, she is a welcome addition to the Amazing Spider-Man cast, regardless of who she is portraying.

Spider Man mask and city Amazing Spider Man Franchise Adds Sarah Gadon; She Is NOT the New Mary Jane [Updated]

Indeed, the Amazing Spider-Man franchise (as a whole) has brought together an impeccable collection of acting talent, including the sequel additions of Jamie Foxx as Max Dillon/Electro, Paul Giamatti playing Aleksei Sytsevich/Rhino, Dane DeHaan as Pete Parker’s best friend Harry Osborn, and Chris Cooper as his father Norman Osborn (along with the aforementioned Felicity Jones). Here’s to hoping that’s a sign of even bigger and better things to come for this rebooted comic book movie series.


The Amazing Spider-Man 2 opens in U.S. theaters on May 2nd, 2014, followed by The Amazing Spider-Man 3 on June 10th, 2016 and The Amazing Spider-Man 4 on May 4th, 2018.

Source: ET Canada

Update Source: Variety

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  1. I don’t know who she is but I would if u know what I mean lol I mean I wanna bang her

    • Lol, pretty sure we all picked up on that. :)

  2. Dont like the Sarah Gadon look for MJ at least not over Shailene Woodley.

    Didnt know Shailene Woodley was rumored to be dropped.

    • Is woodley was dropped that would be a bummer, but if her being in that teen drama divergent messes with her availability i get it. my dream MJ has always been Mary Elizabeth Winstead. her with bangs looks like MJ straight outta the comics. never heard of this new girl though.

  3. I didnt see Woodley pulling of a confidant sexbomb type role. Could be mistaken but havent seen anything that would show she has the presence for it.

    • Esp when she has to out do Emma Stone in that department, which is no easy task.

  4. That girl looks hot. She could do it.

  5. I want lyndsy fonseca as Mary Jane

    Hopefully this girl is like Betty or someone minor. Don’t know who she is. Ne’er seen her in anything so I can’t really judge.

    • she’s on COSMOPOLIS

      • Yep, name a movie that the article mentions that I and possibly the guy you’re replying to has (possibly, I can only speak for myself) never heard of before. Nice work.

        • It was added to the article in the update, thank you. …and in my defense it is literally the ONLY movie I have ever seen with her on it period

          • + it was added to the update BECAUSE nobody knows who she is.

          • Cosmopolis was not mentioned in the article when I made the comment.

  6. If Shailene Woodley is not The “Mary Jane” Bombshell, Sara Gadon, at least to me, does not even look that she is the Girl next door. I guess if she is indeed replacing Shailene, it may be for acting Talent. Then again Shailene is a very Good Actress. Im confused… lol

  7. This is BS, she’s one of the blandest actresses I have ever seen. Both in Cosmopolis and A Dangerous Method. I hope she’s not replacing Shailene.

    • The blandness you are referring to is the style of director David Cronenberg.

      • Oh yes, bland is the word that immediately springs to mind when I think of movies like The Brood, Scanners, Videodrome, The Fly, Naked Lunch, Eastern Promises…

  8. Felicia Hardy/Black Cat?

  9. Now THAT looks like MJ – not like the first girl they picked.

  10. Fanboys are never pleased. Woodley gets casted, they complain. She gets replaced, they’re all of sudden a part of her fan club and they complain.

  11. I think I speak for all who are following this sequel with interest when I say, Sony/Mark Webb can you please release a statement explaining what the frick is going on. Then we will judge you accordingly based on your confusing actions over the past few days!

    • What’s confusing?

      • Have they completely got rid of Woodley or not? If not, then why is this actress only joining the cast now? Look, maybe confusing was the wrong word, perhaps odd behaviour is a better description. I would just like to know the state of things as Spider-man is one of my favourite superheroes! I guess I’m just hoping there isn’t some production turbulence that they are covering up that will affect the quality of the film.

        • Marc Webb wanted to save Mary Jane for the third film so they can focus more on Gwen & Peter so they cut her scenes. Shailene has other obligations so she won’t be able to participate in the third film.

          • That is indeed what most people are speculating. SpaceCadet just wants an official confirmation is all.

            • They won’t give official confirmation until the movie has wrapped. Keeps the surprise a little longer and keeps possibly ridiculous rumours from plaguing the set.

              • Well now they’re saying she’s in the film, but not as MJ

              • @ Tay – Sorry man, I haven’t explained myself as well as I wanted to. I think it is just odd to possibly get rid of Woodley as her career is about to blow up big style. This new franchise she is getting involved in will bring in more fans for future Spidey films. Add to this the fact that she is a very well recognised actor already. It would also be possible to film two movies per year, many actors do it. I am ok with cutting her scenes if it makes the movie better as there is plenty of time to introduce her. I do not object to streamlining the story as it makes sense if Gwen doesn’t die until the next film. I just think it would be a big big mistake on Sonys part to let her go.

                @ SpeshIk37 – bang on, I just want to know.

                @ Dazz – I guess the set rumours thing makes sense as you want actors to not be distracted by anything whilst filming.

  12. I’d say rather than too many characters in the story, she just didn’t “fit”, this reminds me of the casting of Eric Stoltz as Marty McFly. Back to the Future – They filmed whole scenes and then they realized he wasn’t “fitting”, then Michael j. fox became available and the rest is history.

    The film as a whole comes first, and if she was miscast, I applaud this choice. Nip it in the bud. I feel bad for the actress though, she must feel like a failure. But Mary Jane is a red-haired soap actress bombshell, tough casting there, she’s a very specific character and not even Kirsten Dunst was right.

    • Dunst was a horrid MJ, good to know others saw that too.

    • Well, she has a potential franchise starting next year, an adaptation of a very popular book to do, a new indie that was heavily praised at Sundance, and she’s already a Golden Globe nominated actress. Her and Sony both will be just fine, I’m sure.

  13. Now we are talking MJ, I think it is a great pick moving forward.

  14. Well, I have no idea what’s going on, but it doesn’t make me any less interested to see this film.

    Whoever Webb and Sony pick, I would bet they’ll be better than Kirsten Dunst ever was.

  15. Mary Jane cannot be Canadian! Just Kidding. I don’t really care what actress is cast honestly. I watch the Spidey movies for the villains and not the love story. I know it’s part of his mythos, but I’m a dude and the romantic stuff is to get my wife interested in a comic book movie. I’m more interested in action, special effects, and the one-liners.

  16. She could make a good felicia hardy, if felicity jones plays betty brant.

  17. I want woodley as MJ I wanted to see her in the movie so bad and I hope she comes back to play MJ, I never thought she wouldn’t be good for it. Bring her back please

  18. I normally don’t post comments on this site, though I am a frequent visitor.

    Honestly, I can see Sarah Gadon more as Black Cat (at least from the photo above. I’ve never even heard of her).

    And why does everyone think Felicity Jones will be Felicia Hardy? I would have her has Betty Brant.

    I agree with the commenter above who said the Woodley doesn’t exactly fit the “MJ mold.” I’m sure she is a talented actress, but I can’t picture it. But then I thought the same about Emma Stone for Gwen Stacy and that worked out great.

    • I kinda have to agree with you there.

  19. She looks evil. Mary Jane isn’t evil.

  20. Don’t forget a love interest for Harry. She could play Liz Allen. Harry will be there in Amazing Spider-man 3 too. So why would he be single?

    • That makes sense, I hadn’t thought of her, good call.

      • And if she’ll play Liz Allen, future wife of Harry Osborn, then there will be an opening for her half-brother Mark Raxton. Who one’s was the assistant to Dr. Spencer Smythe, creator of the Spider-Slayers. And later he becomes the Molten Man. As in the most Spidey villains on screen, they allways have a connection to Peter’s personal life. There’s an opportunity here with this girl.

  21. I hope Woodley keeps the role. Those chauvinistic fanboys don’t deserve to get what they want. I wanna see a character onscreen, not a “sexbot.” If you want to see a “sexbot” go see the Michael Bay films.

    • So based purely on her appearance you call Sarah Gadon a “sexbot” and assume that she brings nothing to the table in terms of acting talent? Continue lecturing us about our chauvinism, oh wise one.

      • Exactly, she wasn’t a very convincing “sexbot” in A Dangerous Method, lol.

        Also, there is no indication Webb will be casting MJ in that light, or that it’s even remotely fair to compare him to the horrible Michael Bay.

    • No one is asking for a sexbot…Just someone who looks a little older and a little more “MJ” like than Woodley. Sarah Gadon is hardly a sexbot and she’d make a good MJ. So would Felicity Jones. To me Woodley is pretty, but just looks VERY young, like a teenager. Garfield does NOT look like a teenager, nor does Emma Stone. And yes, I don’t think she’s pretty enough to be MJ. But the age appearance bothers me more than her “looks”

  22. Three or four years ago she was on a short-lived series called Happy Town and did a standout job. Not sure I see her as MJ but I’m glad to see her landing higher-profile parts.

    • @ Jason
      Holy s**t!!!
      I thought I was the only person alive that remembered Happy Town. I was starting to think I imagined those 4 or 5 episodes. 😉

  23. I’m going to believe that she is Harry’s love interest. NOT Mary Jane.

  24. Shailene Woodley always reminded me of Ultimate M.J – the academic, aspiring journalist. This is the type of M.J I really wanted because we’ve already seen the model/actress chick.

    However, Gwen Stacy already fits the role of someone who pursues an education so maybe M.J will be more like Ultimate Gwen Stacy, someone who is tomboyish, kinda punk-rock, and tough. That would be something new and more exciting than Kirsten Dunst’s M.J. I want Shailene to come back but if not, Sarah Padon is a nice replacement. I just hope she’s not portraying the model type because I don’t want the shallow fanboys who bashed Shailene to get their way.

  25. I was under the impression Mary Jane was cut from the movie, not that the actress backed out/was fired. If that’s the case then I don’t see how this girl can be playing MJ.

  26. Don’t know about this girl, but let’s hope she does a fine job, whether she’s Mary Jane or not.

    If she is in fact MJ and Woodley is therefore out, I sincerely hope that Woodley is out because of Divergent sequels, or whatever was reported, rather than the fan backlash. I’m also a regular visitor to comicbookmovie, and there were lots of commenters there who were making so many disgusting comments about how Woodley wasn’t hot enough, didn’t have big enough breasts, to play MJ. It eventually sparked many editorials for and against her, as well as a satirical editorial which was poorly executed and completely taken the wrong way. It was a whole huge controversy, and I wouldn’t be surprised if it eventually reached the ears of Webb and Woodley.

    Anyways, I have no idea what people were talking about on CBM, as she is gorgeous, and is a very talented young actress, but I sincerely hope that it wasn’t because of all of the controversy on CBM and possibly other sites that got her fired.

  27. Sarah Gadon looks more like Felicia Hardy than Felicity Jones.

    • I think you’re right, I like Gadon as Hardy now that I’ve seen her and realized who she is. Not sure if she can play the role or not, but she looks the part more than Jones does.

  28. I hope that my theory makes sense. Felicity Jones might be playing Betty Brant and Sarah Gadon might play Felcia Hardy. Also, the funny thing is that Gadon has voiced a character in my favorite animated series of all-time (Total Drama Island). Now all I want to know is who B.J Novak is playing (I’m hoping for a young pre-experiment Otto Octavius).

  29. Even with the confirmation, still sounds like MJ…She sounds like a name enough actress, and a last minute addition in a brief scene.

    MJ’s very first appearance was VERY brief at the end of an issue, where her only lines were the now famous, “Face it Tiger, you just hit the jackpot.”

    So I wouldn’t be shocked if they are trying to keep the new MJ under wraps so they introduce her in the classic way.