Marc Webb Says ‘Amazing Spider-Man 4′ Might Be More Than a ‘Spider-Man’ Movie

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amazing spider man 2 images Marc Webb Says Amazing Spider Man 4 Might Be More Than a Spider Man Movie

This past weekend at Comic-Con 2013, director Marc Webb sat down with Screen Rant to talk about The Amazing Spider-Man 2 and The Amazing Spider-Man 3. In our interview, Webb discussed some of the themes of the movie, as well as the abundance of villains in the film (and how they might extend into further sequels).

This second point is one that Webb has been talking about a lot lately, as some fans have openly worried that the sequel will suffer the same flaws as Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man 3.

In a different interview with Crave Online, Webb addressed the number of characters in The Amazing Spider-Man 2 and explained how some of their cameo appearances that will set-up a bigger story for The Amazing Spider-Man 3 (and perhaps even The Amazing Spider-Man 4).

 Marc Webb Says Amazing Spider Man 4 Might Be More Than a Spider Man Movie

Reiterating some of what Webb told us, the director said that Rhino is just a minor character in The Amazing Spider-Man 2:

“I think the main obstacle, the main villain of this film is Electro. He is our primary focus and it’s somebody that has extraordinary, antagonist potential. The other thing is, it was sort of fun to tease out little bits and pieces and have references, for people who are hardcore fans and Rhino, I think, is a better example of that.

“Listen, it’s not the whole storyline. It’s not deeply integrated into the plot. He’s not distracting, I think he’s really elemental and fun to play around with and incredibly justified but it also allows, I think, hardcore fans a chance to see what we do with him, with that character in a way that has enough nuance to feel real but doesn’t distract from the film.”

As we’ve discussed in previous articles, Rhino isn’t the only character Webb plans to introduce for the series. Felicity Jones will possibly appear as Black Cat, Dane DeHaan could appear as some version of the Green Goblin or Venom, and Shailene Woodley might even eventually appear as Mary Jane Watson.

But Webb isn’t stopping there. For The Amazing Spider-Man 4, he plans to introduce even more characters and build out the universe even further – possibly even other heroes:

“I think [for] the fourth movie, what we’ve discovered is there are so many ancillary characters, that have enormous, cinematic potential that there may be other ways to exploit those characters, in a way that is exciting and fun and worthwhile. It might not just be a ‘Spider-Man’ movie.

“You know, what was fun about the comics is that there’s an entire sort of encyclopedia of characters and stories and histories and nuances and idiosyncrasies and off-shoots. I think that that is something that seems to be really successful and has a lot of potential so it’s sort of, as yet, undefined, but intentionally so.”

It makes sense why Webb and Sony would want to explore as much of the Spider-Man world as possible by bringing in new characters. Of all Marvel’s flagship characters, Spider-Man has one of the richest histories and there’s plenty of great stories to mine for material.

Spider Man versus All His Villains Marc Webb Says Amazing Spider Man 4 Might Be More Than a Spider Man Movie

That being said, there are always risks to introducing characters and not paying them off. Will Rhino work as a minor villain in The Amazing Spider-Man 2? Probably. Will his appearance successfully tee up a larger story (possibly involving the Sinister Six)? Maybe not.

As much as The Avengers demonstrated that audiences are willing to watch a movie with lots of characters, there was a lot of deliberate build-up to that film. Will non-fanboy audiences be able to make clear connections between all of the Spider-Man villains from one film to the next, especially if they’re as cryptic as The Gentleman (which was another possibility Webb talked about with Crave)?

In any case, there’s plenty of time to debate Webb’s big plans until Amazing Spider-Man 2‘s release date. Let us know what you think in the comments.


The Amazing Spider-Man 2 hits theaters May 2nd, 2014.

Source: Crave Online

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  1. I know that Fox, MCU, and Sony haven’t shared characters because of rights issues/cost.

    If they just started simple and did a crossover/shared universe with 2 main hero’s. Just have both studio’s share the cost and share the profit. Right down the middle.


    Wolverine and Hulk movie. Set it so that it is based on the story of Wolverine hunting Hulk. This could also set up Alpha Flight as a shared franchise between Marvel and Fox.

    Spiderman and Daredevil team up. It could deal with Spiderman’s view of justice vs. Daredevil’s darker view of justice. Title it “A Tale of Two Sensers”…ok just kidding about that.

    Spider-Man and Wolverine team up. Nuff said.

    Captain America and Spiderman team-up. Spidey’ funny side and Cap’s serious side.

    What idea’s do you guys have? Remember, each of the 2 characters should be equal in established bank-a-bility and popularity in the films so that the studios don’t argue that their character brought in more money. Ex. Spiderman and Colossus team-up. Sony could argue their character spidey is more popular as far as established popularity in films so far. However, you could do a Iceman and Hawkeye team-up. Those 2 are pretty equal as far as established charcter. Thing and Hawkeye.

    • I’m sorry, but all of those sound like terrible ideas.

      And I hope you’re not one of those “Okay (insert rude slur), you come up with a better one!”. Because if you are, I’m not going to waste my time on you.

      • Plus I never claimed they were great ideas. I was just spit balling. I did write out that if you guys had ideas throw em in since I was just trying to start some conversation.

        Either way I don’t take offense. If you are going to respond like a dick for no reason other than to waste my time and your time then that is your prerogative.

        • I never called you arrogant or a dick, I was just making sure because people like that have been flooding SR lately. So I want to avoid arguments as much as possible

          • I Never thought you called me arrogant or a dick.

            Either way your post came off angry for no reason though so I was simply responding.

            Also, what kind of people have been flooding screen rant lately?
            Not sure what that means?

            It is screen rant right? Isn’t it a site to rant about the big screen?

            Either way I agree some of the ideas I put down are not that great. As I said I was spit balling.

            I was trying to get other people to throw around ideas for cool team-ups in a way that would be easy for the studios to split cost and profit.

    • As if stubborn studios would ever go for this, but in a dream reality where they did…

      Avengers vs. X-Men: A loose adaption of the comic of the same name

      Civil War: A massive movie done in the form of a trilogy that’s loosely based on the comic

      Marvel Knights: A movie that teams some classic Marvel Knights up, like Daredevil, Punisher, Black Panther, Moon Knight, etc.

      Secret Wars: Again, loosely based on comic. Might serve as a proper introduction for the spidey’s black suit

    • I like the idea of Daredevil and Spider-man. Kingpin had a lot of influence on both heroes, you could easily write them together

      • spider-man and daredevil would be a sensible team up.

        • Tough luck… DD is back in Marvel’s care. Haven’t you heard about the planned Netflix shows?

    • And as an alternate, since someone mentioned Punisher. Punisher vs Spider-man could be awesome if it was done right.

      • I would want to see the punisher and spider-man fight.

  2. Marry Jane: “Face it tigger. You just hit the jack pot!”
    Peter Parker: Um.. don’t you mean tiger?
    Marry Jane: What?
    Peter Parker: You just said tigger. Double “G’s”. Like winnie the pooh. You mean tiger right?
    Marc Webb: Cut! Cut! Just cut the whole thing. We’re gonna cut out Marry Jane’s scene. It’s not working.

    • crickets

      • Yo! seriously?

    • tumbleweed

      • ya…..

  3. @KalebYatrofsky. Did you just spell Mary Jane with two r’s…?

    • His post was supposed to be funny but wasn’t.

      Ironically his post got a chuckle out of me. Not for his humor or creativity (lack there of) but for his mis-spelling of MJ

      • @ Clay, Umm, and Duece. I’ll do my Marry Jane how I like to do her. My way! You got that? I do her my way and you do her yours! Okay? Alright? Is that alright with you? ….. Good.


        Shmuck Marry Jane anyway! Marry Jane can go Shmuck herself!

        I can’t do profanity on this site, you know what I’m saying? I gotta keep it clean you dig? …. Shmuck it! You hear me? Shmuck it!

    • right.

    • okay. Alright.

    • Oh hell no.

      • Having fun?…

  4. We could put all the characters together in one ten hour movie!! :)

    • I’d watch it!

  5. Nah, it can be done in a 2 to 2 and 1/2 hour movie.

    Part 2 is already establishing Norman Osborn (green goblin), Adrian Toomes (Vulture), The Gentleman, Electro and Rhino.

    Spiderman 3- Chameleon and Black Cat main fighting villains (as directed by Osborn and The Gentleman), thrown in a couple of scenes establishing Doc Ock and his transformation and with him and parker fighting. Have Ock escape not to be seen again until part 4, chameleon gets captured by spidey, and then kill Gwen at the end and then Spidey’s revenge on GG.

    Spiderman 4- Movie centers less on Parker/spiderman but focuses on The Gentleman and Harry putting together the team of villains. Vulture, Ock, Electro, and Rhino already established. So this movie focuses on Background/recruitment of Mysterio and Kraven. Also, focuses on the building friendship of MJ and Parker, Parkers parents come back, etc. Then in the 3rd Act Mysterio, Kraven, Ock, Vulture, Rhino, and Electro face off against Spidey.

    Lizard joins in to help Spidey but runs off and Kraven chases after him to hunt him. Have 2 of the other villains start fighting it out against each other cause of temper. then have spidey work on the remaining 3. After those 3 are down, Spidey goes off to help find and help Lizard. This leads to Kraven/Spidey showdown. You can even have Harry show up last minute as GG2 to attack Spidey and then kills Lizard.

    • villains who just have to be in amazing spider-man and the reasons:

      -vulture( flies and has razor sharp wings and suit that augments strength and so the effects budget for that wouldn’t be very much)

      -mysterio( this is a chance to see some breath taking visual effects that translate illusions and this could be a psychological thing since the illusions could mess with spider-mans emotions and his spider-sense, and lets face who doesn’t want to see spider-man lose it)

      -scorpion(scorpion posed a major threat to spider-man since he appeared to be faster than spider-man and since he was considered the perfect predator)

      kraven the hunter/ the punisher( who doesn’t want to see spider-man hunted down like an animal,this would really bring out the animal in spider-man and who doesn’t want to see what a cornered spider will do?)

      carnage/ possibly venom( they also pose a major threat to spider-man since they neutralize his spider-sense and are both essentially stronger, faster, and deadlier than spider-man so that would be something interesting to see)

      other charcters I hope to see:

      -the beetle

      -the chameleon


      -silver sable


      -the shocker



      -the prowler


  6. soundss truly terrible-TAS was awful-30 year old emo Parker, “stupid” Gwen that was supposed to be a scientific genius? Norma Rae as Aunt Mae? and a really bad CGI Lizard with a face that resembled teh Mummy form 10 years ago?

    • Lol. I agree that Parker was a little emo. The skateboarding scene was lame and felt out of place. It felt as if the movie was trying to make him “cool” while testing out his powers.

      In regards to Gwen being a genius. I think in the early comics she was a science/biology major in college. I don’t think her being smart in the movie was too much of a stretch.

      And Lizard…yea CGI was o.k. Personally the CGI was better than I thought it was going to be but still not great

      • The way people throw the term ’emo’ around really shows how narrow minded people can get. Apparently no one can go through personal issues in a movie without it being thrown around at least once. So sad.

        • by narrow minded, you mean “educated about a word’s definiton”? emo fits the Parker shown in TASM-look it up, twit! I was referring to his emo look and the silly fact they made a 30 year old supermodel into a brooding, misfit 16 year old-didnt work-sorry nerd

          • wow

            You’re much to ridiculous of a person to even talk to on the internet, I think I’m going to just leave you be.

          • Supermodel? Male models are not supposed to be scrawny and ugly.

  7. The things I really want to see them do is bring in Webs version of Doc Ock, Scorpion, Spider Woman, and Kraven. how ever they want to tell the stories is fine with me as long as they are good stories.

  8. The huge problem in this long shot planning, is that most probably Andrew Garfield will be retiring from Peter Parker after the 3rd movie. He’d be a little bit too old for the role. Thus brings the biggest worry of all: just recast, or recast and reboot (again)? We all remember what happened the last time an actor went a bit too old for the character right?

    • By the 4th movie, I think he’ll only be 34 years old. Ain’t too old if you ask me. Peter Parker also might not even be in college or high school by than anymore, maybe university so the age won’t really matter at that point.

      • Even though the movies may be released in as much as two years apart the time frame of the universe within the movies can be much longer to compensate for his age.

    • the reboot will be the “spectacular spider-man” after the amazing spider thing is over and that means new actor and slightly different costume.

  9. i think the Sinister Six would be a good mix for Amazing Spider-Man 4. it’s not like Spider-Man 3 where we were suddenly overloaded with villains. The first three could slowly introduce and develop the villains then bring them all together. Lizard came first. Now there’s Electro, Rhino and possibly Green Goblin. that’s four. ones i’d love to see on film are kraven, mysterio and vulture. i pray they don’t put Harry in the Venom suit. Green Goblin’s okay, but i never liked the idea of him being venom.

  10. I’ll totally admit the first one was a pretty well made movie, I didn’t even mind Garfield as Spidey but these guys have totally missed the mark about what Spiderman was all about. The second one looks like they’ve missed the mark again. Spiderman was all about a kid that nothing ever went right for, never caught any breaks and yet still tried to do the right things; this is why so many people related to him. Raimi totally got this, his third installment wasn’t great but certainly not enough to take the series away from him — ridiculous. And yes, lol, I’m still mad about that!

    • it really bugged me that they cast a 30 year old supermodel as a confused, misfit teen-didnt work on any level

  11. I agree Hulk movie with wolverine and main atoganist being red-hulk, ends with banner loosing control of the hulk, sent to space and Thanos can bring him back to earth for Avengers: World War Hulk. members could be she-hulk, wolverine, captain America, iron man, scarlett witch, and one or more new commer.

    Studiod could always make a deal saing they can use sertain characters( marvel uses wolverine and fox uses daredevil for there teamup movie), sony and marvel will probably strike a deal before avengers 3 ( daredevil helps spiderman take down the kingpin rhino and doc octipus/vulture in ASM3). What do you think

    • I like the idea of a new spidey friend in ASM 4 during the sinister 6. Daredevil was definitely a common ally for spidey. As was Human Torch too!
      If they have Venom they could have Human Torch enter to scare Venom with Torch’s fire.

  12. I don’t really care what they do as long as they set up Venom right and lead that into a SM/Venom vs Carnage movie. Venom is my favorite Marvel character.

    • The Villains
      The Amazing SM: The Lizard
      The Amazing SM 2: Electro, Rhino, Green Goblin
      The Amazing SM3: Doctor Octopus, Mysterio, Vulture
      The Amazing SM4: Venom, Carnage, Scarecrow
      The Amazing SM5: Hobgoblin, Scorpion, Shocker
      The Amazing SM6: Kraven, Doctor Doom, Chameleon
      The Amazing SM7: Morbius, Hydro Man, Vermin
      The Amazing SM8: Will o’ the Wisp, Tombstone, Jack o’ Lantern
      The Amazing SM9: Sandman, Molten Man, Swarm
      The Amazing SM10: Tarantula, Puma, Spencer and his Spider Slayers

      This is just a joke, no movie franchise can reach part 10, or can it?
      In part 11 : Spiderman vs. All Villains!

      • James Bond reached twenty-something before the Daniel Craig reboot. So did japanese series like Godzilla or Zatoichi.

      • spider-man has so many enemies, it would be impossible to put them all in films, real question is how spider-man fights all these guys and how he has managed to survive each encounter.

  13. Sinister 6. but probably needs 2 movies to be done right.

  14. So i think they’re just world building when it comes to villains. Letting you know that these villains are out there or that they’re about to become villains. Personally, I enjoy foreshadowing in a film series.

    • spider-man villains who will probably never appear in films: boomerang and the beetle.

  15. flying villains should come in the 5th film. symbiotes in the last 2 and then after that spidey should make a crossover.

  16. Too many villains sunk the last 3rd Spider-man sequel. Never learn from your mistakes. Or in Marvel’s comics division case they learned, spun it a little differently and the zombies eventually bought in again

    • Sinister six: vulture, electro, doc ock, green goblin, kraven, and mysterio.
      The Amazing SM3: Chameleon and Scoprion
      The Amazing SM4: Jackal and hobgoblin