Andrew Garfield Wants to Pass ‘Amazing Spider-Man’ Torch to Miles Morales

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Andrew Garfield Wants Amazing Spider Man to Pass Torch to Miles Morales Andrew Garfield Wants to Pass Amazing Spider Man Torch to Miles Morales

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 has already hit theaters overseas, but American audiences have to wait until Friday before they can see the sequel. The movie is bound to be a big worldwide box office success, one that will beget two sequels (number 3 and number 4) and at least two spinoffs (Sinister Six and Venom).

And while star Andrew Garfield will certainly return for ASM3, he may not return for ASM4 – and the same goes for director Marc Webb. Could The Amazing Spider-Man 4 see Peter Parker recast, a la James Bond? Or could the mantle of Spider-Man get passed to a new character within the universe?

Garfield was recently asked by Comic Book Resources if Miles Morales – the current iteration of Ultimate Spider-Man in the comics – could be introduced to the Amazing Spider-Man universe. Here’s what Garfield had to say:

I have given that thought. I think one of the amazing things about Spider-Man is that you don’t see skin color when he’s in the suit. You don’t see any religious beliefs. You don’t see any denominations. Everyone can project themselves into that suit. It’s incredibly powerful in that way. So of course I think it’s important that the openness, the casting, in terms of who could be Spider-Man, could be absolutely anyone. A hero is a hero, whether you’re a man, woman, gay, lesbian, straight, black, white or red all over – it doesn’t matter.

Miles Morales was a huge moment in this character’s comic book life. And I do believe that we can do that. It’s something I’m really interested in figuring out; an eloquent way of coexisting, or passing on the torch. I don’t have an answer, but I think it’s actually a really important move. I think it’s a really beautiful and important move.

For those who don’t know, Miles Morales – a 13-year-old black Hispanic kid who also happened to get bitten by a genetically altered spider – replaced Spider-Man in the Ultimate Universe after Peter Parker was killed. He has many of the same powers that Peter did, but he also has the ability to blend in with his surroundings and temporarily paralyze people with electric “venom strikes.”

amazing spider man 2 andrew garfield 570x320 Andrew Garfield Wants to Pass Amazing Spider Man Torch to Miles Morales

It’s interesting that Garfield brings up “passing on the torch“; it makes one wonder if Sony is already discussing plans to do this very thing. After all, they basically just rebooted this franchise.

Whether or not Andrew Garfield appears in The Amazing Spider-Man 4, it’s pretty much a foregone conclusion that he will leave the franchise at some point – and possibly after part 3. And seeing as there’s no way Sony’s going to let the rights to the character revert back to Marvel anytime soon, are they really going to want to reboot it again? Or would they be better off, as Garfield puts it, “passing on the torch” to a new actor and a new character?

What’s funny about all this is that Donald Glover, if you recall, campaigned to get the role of Spider-Man in the first ASM. That didn’t happen, of course, but his campaigning and the subsequent press surrounding it inspired Brian Michael Bendis to create Miles Morales. Now that a black Spider-Man might actually be realized on the big screen, Glover will likely be too old to play him – unless they drastically change Morales’ age.

What say you, Screen Ranters? Would you like to see ASM‘s Peter Parker pass the Spider-Man mask and webshooters onto Miles Morales? Drop us a line in the comments.


The Amazing Spider-Man 2 hits theaters May 2nd, 2014.

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  1. Peter Parker is Spiderman. All this nonsense these days with a black Batman, Spiderman, female Dr.Fate and all these various twists on established characters, it’s unimaginative and boring.

    • Bingo

    • Drastically changing the character, is UNimaginative? It seems like one of the most difficult things to do in comics, and is done beautifully so with Miles Morales. Let the kid have a shot. I really think it could be his cinematic time soon.

      • “Hey Marvel boss! I have a great idea for a new character!”
        “Ok, go on.”
        “Yeah, his name is Myles Morales, and get this, he gets bitten by a radioactive spider and gains spider powers!”
        “O my! What an original and imaginative concept! It’s a wonder no one has thought of that before !”
        Meanwhile at DC headquarters ,
        “Hey boss! Let’s give Dr. Fate boobs!”
        Boring and unimaginative

        • Yes, Exactly. I see it as someone trying to be creative with other peoples art.

    • Thank you

    • There is no female Doctor Fate.

      • actually there was, the mantle was shared during the late 80′s by eric and linda straus and in 1989 was just linda till she was killed. Then Inza, the wife of the kent nelson(the original doctor fate) takes on the mantle and soon both her and kent both use the alias.

    • Why you all tripping we barely have black heroes anyway so so what if there’s a new kid playing spiderman don’t get me wrong I grew up on peter Parker I love Pete bug now I’m curious what this new guy has in store

  2. I can’t see it happening the reason they’ve been dragging on with the Black Panther and Luke Cage movies for years….George Lucas explained it the best with his difficulties in getting his “Redtails” movie made in Hollywood. The reason that was explained with DC Comics Ferro Lad and Tyroc problems….I remember when the Ultimates Universe first came out and all the whining about Fury being black as well…..And what’s funny and ironic is that most people don’t realize what series actually made Marvel start to do movies and that was Blade… It wasn’t because they wanted to throw minorities some sort of bone. The Ultimates is a different universe much like DC Comics went with their Elseworlds series. Some things and factor were the same and some were radically changed. Nothing is ruled that if a character is reborn and reimagined that the character’s basics have to remain the same. Obviously the Miles Morales Spiderman is somewhat popular and is selling comics regardless.

    • Shut up you got a problem with black people

  3. Im seriously getting fed up with these bull@#^% movie companys and actors trying to change the orginal story and characters THAT GOT THEM THERE IN THE FIRST PLACE! I accepted the fact that they made Nick Fury black and I admit they did a good job with Sam J. in the movies. Recreating decades old characters & storys just to curve to societys norm or politically correct garbage. The reboot for fantastic four is going to be a laughable waste of money.

    “whether you’re a man, woman, gay, lesbian, straight, black, white or red all over – it doesn’t matter.”

    Actually that does matter when it comes to the die-hard comic fans… In the form of “Nerd Rage”. Any Non-DC based comic book movie NOT!! made by Marvel is nothing but garbage!

    • The movie companies weren’t trying to change anything with Nick Fury. Marvel Comics originally themselves made that change in the Ultimate Marvel line, using Samuel L. Jackson’s likeness for Nick Fury. He gave them his blessing. When it came time for the films, it was only natural that they called him up especially since things like Cap’s costume (The First Avenger) and Banner’s origin are based around the 1610 Ultimate Marvel universe instead the 616 mainstream Marvel universe.

      The Fantastic Four reboot and Amazing Spider-Man borrow more heavily from the Ultimate Marvel line as well.

      • Really? In what Universe is Johnny Storm an African American… and how’s THAT going to play with teen-looking, white sister, Sue Storm? And HOW is this ALSO teen-looking boy going to represent Reed Richards, one of the Greatest minds in the Planet???

        I have NOTHING against diversity, but there ARE already GREAT female characters in the MU (MRS MARVEL, SPIDER WOMAN, BLACK WIDOW, LADY SIF, GAMORA, ANGELA, etc…); just as there are GREAT black characters and even some homosexual hero-couples.

        But I would not even think about making THOR, a woman; or make the King of Wakanda, the BLACK PANTHER, a white character… just to cast Brad Pitt into it!

        ENOUGH with this revisionist, pseudo-intellectually motivated exercise in politically correct BULL CRAP!

  4. l

  5. Realistically they would just change actors. I have no personal problem with Miles Morales, as I see it other characters with spider powers feature prominently in Spider-Man. Arana, and Spider-Girl come to mind, so it’s not outside the realm of possibility to do something with his chracter related to the movies. I had this idea that he could be the movie version of Scarlet Spider, maybe pull a Marvel and feature him in a series of short films and if he winds up being popluar give him his own film.

  6. C’mon Sony think with your brains…no one can accept an another spiderman…peter parker is spiderman..and please dont reboot it again….Be Original and please dont bring new spectacular,scarlet,blah blah spidermans….if u do that you are really making fun of your own fans…

  7. Both Laura Strauss and Inza Nelson have been Dr. Fate. Dr. Fate was drawn with boobs.

  8. Okay, we all seem to be forgetting one bloody thing. Does no-one remember the massive Twitter campaign started 3 years ago to get Donald Glover in ASM? Now we have a chance for him to do it. I severely disagree with the idea that Donald Glover is now “too old” to play Spider-Man. Guess how old Andrew Garfield is? 30. That’s right, today’s Spider-Man is 30. And he looks at least 5 years younger than what he is. Same goes for Donald Glover, who plays 22-year-old Troy Barnes on Community. Now guess how old Donald Glover is? 30. There is no damn difference for ages. And as for the classic idea that Peter Parker is Spider-Man, I accept this. I still love Peter Parker, but i think that having Miles Morales will give comic book movies an edge as now we can see that “passing the torch” can be a thing. I want to see a black Spider-Man so badly. And with the Sinister Six being formed with Venom as the leader, having a brand new Spider-Man will mean that Miles will have to clean up Peter’s mess should he leave or possibly die. Doing this will reinvigorate Spider-Man for audiences and give more hope towards seeing a better series of films come forward. All they have to do is do it right. Don’t f**k it up Sony.

  9. So dumb.. everything is getting ruined .. first cap now spidey. Let’s just stop making comics then.. keep it up marvel .. D.C. will be the only comics left.. The miles spidey is dumb.. you’ve made tons of loot off Peter just toss him for this dumb crap.. wow!!

  10. NO don’t change the role Andrew Garfield is like the best to play the role of Spiderman he did great on The Amazing Spiderman 1 and 2 he should just keep going and do the next movie because The Spiderman play by [Tobey Maguire] played his role for 1 , 2, and 3 yea so Andrew Garfield should be Spiderman in The Amazing Spiderman 3 HE IS THE AMAZING SPIDERMAN

  11. nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo i dont want miles to be as the spiderman peter is great.

  12. To be honest, it would drive me crazy if they re-casted Peter Parker. I HATE when you see a film or show, become attached to a certain actor, and then BAM! New face, same person (but that’s just my OCD talking).
    I don’t have a problem with them adding a new super hero. However, I think if they did so they should either:(a) end the ASM franchise and begin a spin-off franchise involving Miles — film or TV; or (b) have him play a part in the third or fourth film — big or small.
    I really don’t want them to reboot the Spider-Man movies anytime soon. I love the original movies, and I enjoy the ones they are currently making.
    I’d be sad to see Andrew go, but I think if Sony thinks this through, they could make Miles’ story work.

  13. i want to audtion for this role. danny glover is way to old for it and needs to stop trying no offense Childish. but if anyone let me know how or if they audtion let me know please.

    • Donald Glover from Community…NOT Danny Glover from Lethal Weapon/Predator 2 fame. 2 different actors.

    • I’m 100 percent with you I want audition for to be miles to im 14 if any one finds out how to audition contact me at 5157703839

  14. Hmmm. Well it would be a change. Although, if they do decide to use Miles Morales, how will that fit in to the rest of the story? Also, if they decide to kill off Peter, nobody will like Sony anymore. People would just give up on the spider man movies, because Sony just totally ruined it. Might not be a good idea.

    • Sony might end up losing the Spiderman franchise sooner or later. If Marvel/Disney picks the franchise up,it may well be Miles Morales…..Like I said the Ultimates version of Spiderman which is selling very well is in the Ultimates universe which is what the MCU is based upon.

      My whole problem with the a black Johnny Storm not being accepted is that in the previous FF movies you had a Latina Sue Storm (Jessica Alba) who looked nothing remotely like a biological sibling of Chris Evans Johnny Storm character and not a peep was mentioned….

  15. Though I love spiderman…PERIOD. Movie wise I definitely like the reboot better and like what actor Andrew Garfield brings to the legacy of spiderman BUT I hope to see Miles morales on the big screen..Soon!! The possibilities are will be open and why not allow such a great iconic hero as spiderman be the first to open the door. Plus with movies like xmen days of future would seem that even after miles takes over, doesn’t mean Andrew. Has to be nixed completely.

  16. I love what Andrew has done with SpiderMan. Though I’m not particularly thrilled with the second one (And I don’t mean the ending. I LOVED how they did the clocktower scene), I still think it can be fixed. I think a Miles Morales version would be awesome too, but first I’d like to see A)Two movies with Mary-Jane Watson B)More of Sally Field as Aunt May and C)Venom/Carnage. But actually killing of Peter? I dunno… maybe “kill” him off and have him train Miles? I’m not a comic reader though, and that may betray the USM storyline.

  17. Just let Marvel have the rights to Spidey so they can put him in the Avengers

  18. Who’s this Andrew Garfield you keep talking about? I know of only one Spider-Man, and that’s Maguire! lol Andrew was just too much of a punk whiner. Still, throwing the torch for the Miles arc is bad too. People want Peter Parker or make a new character, but don’t call him Spider-Man.

  19. Hey Marvel, Sony, WB….et al:

    How about you actually CREATE heroes of minority descent or resurrect and/or spotlight EXISTING ones. Black Panther, Static Shock, Cyborg, Luke Cage, Falcon, Storm, the other Green Lanter, and more. Quit trying to change established stories in your attempt to be politically correct. You are ruining them.

    • Thank you!
      Finally someone says it

  20. I think all the spider man movies are
    just ok but they should quit making them
    They were never like the comic anyways

  21. what if Mike Morales will be played by Jayden Smith?? Haha!!

  22. if you ask me, I still want Andrew to be the spider man.

  23. I think Andrew Garfield needs to stay on the ASM. And Peter Parker. Why are they changing things like this. Andrew Garfield brought a funny ASM and Peter park has always been spiderman. If they want to change things change the girl (Mary j.) not spiderman.!

  24. I think this should happen I think miles should come and i would be happy to audition for him

  25. Not everything they do in the comics is “genious” DC and Marvel both have have f*** you moments where they change stuff for no reason then somehow, when they realize they made the wrong decision, they reboot the whole comic universe to bring someone back from the dead or change someone.

    Miles can be a Spiderman, I don’t care, in an alternate universe like hes supposed to be. Not in this one.

  26. parker forever!

  27. One word says it all…stupid its a stupid idea to change the character again heck why not put a midget under the mask instead.

    • I like Andrew garfiled beter put him in the amazing spiderman 3 . I do not want the amazing spiderman 3 to come out in 2018 i will be 11 by then

  28. I’m a minority myself and guess what…. I don’t want to see the Spiderman character and storyline that I grew up with tarnished by including the Mike Morales character on screen. Leave it in the comic books and put the Civil war plot together with Peter Parker as it should be. There are minority characters that are already in the Marvel Universe with their own back stories. I’m not on board with twisting our arms to accept the Donald Glover public political pressure to depict Spidey rebooted as a minority. It drops a whole genre down the toilet in trying to please the vision of an indulgent brat who poisoned his affiliations in the onscreen community to basically guilt them into ruining what has been Spiderman for ganerations. Miles Morales is a knock off… in our world we appreciate the original product. We want the Stan Lee vision where the MArvel univers already parralels the issues of prejudice not based solely on color, but on being different from what the majority says is the norm. It transcends the stupid imagery that was seeded by that idiot called Donald Glover.