‘Amazing Spider-Man 3′: Will Shailene Woodley Play Mary Jane?

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There’s a lot of pressure on The Amazing Spider-Man 2 to deliver the goods, all the more so because director Marc Webb’s superhero sequel has to get a lot right in order to start the developing Spider-Man shared universe off on the right foot. Like, setting up Chris Cooper as Norman Osborn (who may transform into Green Goblin in Amazing Spider-Man 3), having Dane DeHaan as Harry Osborn become a Goblin creature before he (possibly) changes into Venom, and continuing Peter Parker’s (Andrew Garfield) journey from confused teenager to self-made man.

In case you’d forgotten during the excitement of Sinister Six and Venom spinoffs being confirmed, Amazing Spider-Man 2 was also originally going to introduce the new screen version of Mary Jane, played by rising star Shailene Woodley (The Spectacular Now).

The actress’ scenes ended up on the cutting room floor early in post-production, with the popular theory being that the reasoning behind the decision was to avoid distracting from the drama surrounding Pete’s first love Gwen Stacy’s (Emma Stone) infamous tragic fate from the comic books unfolding in the second Amazing Spider-Man installment. Shortly after news of Woodley’s scenes being cut broke, Sarah Gadon (Dracula Untold) was floated as her replacement for Mary Jane; other reports conflict with that claim, though Gadon did confirm that she will play a role in the Spider-Man franchise – what it is, that remains to be seen.

divergent trailer shailene woodley 570x294 Amazing Spider Man 3: Will Shailene Woodley Play Mary Jane?

MTV caught up with Woodley at the 2014 Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah, where the actress is attending for her work on the film White Bird in a Blizzard. The site asked her if she’ll be playing Mary Jane in a future Amazing Spider-Man movie, to which Woodley replied:

“I don’t know anything, but seeing as how they picked up the next two ‘Divergent’ films, I don’t know how I would keep my sanity with two big action films in one year. But anything can happen.”

Divergent – the first chapter in a planned movie trilogy based on Veronica Roth’s dystopian/sci-fi young adult books – opens this March, but its success isn’t as surefire a guarantee as The Hunger Games‘ (to used a comparable example) was two years ago. As Woodley noted, the sequels Insurgent and Allegiant have already been scheduled for release in 2015 and 2016, but those followups could be put on indefinite hold if the first installment isn’t a satisfactory box office hit (like what happened to The Mortal Instruments sequel).

Then again, if Divergent manages even half the pull of the original Hunger Games film (which grossed $691 million worldwide), that’ll be more than enough to cover its $80 million budget; and thus, keep the franchise alive, while also keeping Woodley busy for the next few years in the process.

amazing spider man mary jane Amazing Spider Man 3: Will Shailene Woodley Play Mary Jane?

Woodley’s availability isn’t he only issue that could affect her involvement (or lack thereof) with Amazing Spider-Man 3 and beyond. The ex-Secret Life of the American Teeanger star has so far been inclined to make more intimate dramas in her film career, including Alexander Payne’s The Descendants (which snagged her a Golden Globes nod) and another young adult adaptation releasing this year, with the cancer drama The Fault in Our Stars. So even if Woodley’s schedule opens up to allow for future Spider-Man movies, there’s no guarantee that her interest won’t wane.

Of course, it’s also possible that Woodley’s already committed to Amazing Spider-Man 3 (and maybe Part 4) – or has essentially passed on the chance already – and just isn’t allowed to say so yet (or is being careful not to burn any bridges, in the latter case). Another factor to consider is Gwen Stacy, whose death in Amazing Spider-Man 2 seems likely, but isn’t a given at this stage; to mention nothing of a potential Ultimate Spider-Man inspired twist, where Gwen dies and is “resurrected” as Carnage.

Indeed, there’s reason to wonder if the marketing for the Amazing Spider-Man sequel has involved a lot of misdirection, which (if true) could mean that many of our predictions about the film (and thus the future of the franchise) might be way off-base. We’ll find out in time.

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The Amazing Spider-Man 2 opens in theaters on May 2nd, 2014, followed by The Amazing Spider-Man 3 on June 10th, 2016 and The Amazing Spider-Man 4 on May 4th, 2018. Release dates for the Venom and Sinister Six spinoffs have yet to be announced.

Source: MTV

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  1. I’m really not a fan of Woodley. She has a face that just looks annoyed all the time, and I feel like her being in a Spider-Man film would really add a ton of unnecessary drama. Would rather see a different actress.

    • I totally agree with u, if they picked her as MJ it would be a big down grade from Gwen… :(

    • Im a huge Gwen fan. I hated her death in the comics and I hated her death in the film. In addition to that, I’ve always disliked MJ (to say the least). And again, in addition to that, Emma Stone did an outstanding job. She is an incredibly loveable actress and a money maker for the franchise. To kill off her character, if they expect the future relationship to succeed, they must provide a replacement that is at least as likeable as Emma Stone, if not more, and that is a tough job..extremely tough job. Shailene Woodley isn’t likeable at all. She is just a try-hard. She tries to be the next Jennifer Lawrence when the truth is she is not as witty and likeable as Lawrence, and her acting is below mediocre. Her face just annoys me. So yes, my opinion is biased because, well, it’s my opinion, but Shailene Woodley would be a terrible casting decision to make.

  2. I hope she is, despite the bullsh*t “fanboy” backlash, Shailene is a pretty good choice for Mary Jane.

  3. After watching Spectacular Now and The Descendants the girl could ACT. It would be a BIG mistake by Sony to let her go.

    • See, that’s the thing. Nobody has officially stated she’s NOT going to be appearing in the next couple movies. Just that her part got cut from ASM2, with the reason being that the movie was already cluttered enough without her. The only reason people think she’s going to be replaced is because of speculation from news sites that are taken WAY too literally.

    • I agree she’s not a bad actress but the problem is that all the fangirls of tfios or the other thing divergent? will attack marvel and that’s like my nightmare. emma stone would still be perfect with her looks and her acting also because in the comics too mary jane and gwen were identical but the hair. EMMA SHOULD PLAY THE PART

  4. I think Sony would be better off without her. She is a mediocre actress and she is less than average looking. Both versions of Mary Jane are considered to be Top Model/Super Model. We failed with Dunst. Lets not do it again please.

    • Good lord. Your standards for good looks are clearly insanely high. I’m much more focused on how well one can act, and Woodley is a fine actress.

      • Nah. Not really. She just isn’t all that special, looking or acting wise. Mary Jane has been part of Spiderman continuity for being just that, special.

      • His standards aren’t high at all. As I’ve stated in a previous comment, I’ve never been a fan of MJ but to tell the truth, MJ is supposed to be stunning-hot. She is supposed to be a person that would make your jaw drop when you see her. Shailene is a below mediocre actress and in terms of looks,she isn’t exactly hot. Sure, she isn’t ugly, but she is neither hot enough to be MJ nor cute enough to replace Emma Stone’s Gwen Stacy and be be successful at it.

    • They weren’t even going for super model MJ in this franchise, she’s Ultimate MJ. And anyways, she’s a great actress. Your hate is unnecessary.

      • Ultimate MJ was offered modeling gig in the comics. She decided to be a reporter/investigator. Yeah, I’ve read every issue of U.Spidey released.

    • Woodley was great in “The Decedents” but apparently she looks like gained some considerable amount of weight since then and lost some attractiveness…. what happened girl!!

      • Agreed! For some people having extra weight doesn’t compliment their looks at all and Woodley is a fine example of that. She’s an ok actress but lets see if she feels its necessary to lose the weight if not oh well she is still fine looking.

        • Good lord, Like you’re any better! I’d like to see how you handle it if someone judges you for your weight!

          Shailene is gorgeous, but chopping off her hair and never wearing makeup anymore is going to cost her a lot of roles. Her weight is most definitely not an issue. But the fact that she wasnt wearing makeup in paparazzi photos of her on the set as mary jane really turned people off.

          She is an awesome actress though.

      • She grew up. Even in The Decedents she was looking a bit different already.

      • Gained weight?? Oh my God please. Other than that ridiculous comment; she would be a horrible fit for MJ. And she isn’t too special of an actress. I don’t mind if one’s looks aren’t perfect but her acting skills are two steps shy of being on par with Kristin Stewart. Kirsten Dunst was also largely underwhelming as MJ; picking women with such little spunk (and so much monotone) to play such a character is a gross miscast. Hopefully Woodley does not return.

    • chill dude!!!

  5. I want Eddie Brock as Venom.

    • Ditto.

  6. How about emily bett rickards for mary jane?

  7. With all the speculations running rapid with ASM2 and further installments I would take it as Marc Webb being nice about letting Shaliene Woodley go, probably nicer than he should have been. I am not taking anything away from her acting ability at all, Personally I do not like her as a choice for MJ, and here is why…Age bracket doesn’t fit, and would make the overall film look weak, also her acting strategy is strange her chemistry would be rough with Andrew Garfield, also just because she has red hair does not qualify for immediate approval for Mary Jane. I don’t think people realize an actress can dye her hair on any whim, and fit the role fine. However I have a pick, that I think should have been given consideration seeming how she’s loosely had involvement with Stan Lee and company back during the show Heroes…yeah, anyone else remember that????

    She Played Eden McCain – Nora Zehetner would have been a great MJ…Thoughts?

    • Another huge consideration would be the now very popular and Comic Con fan favorite. Emilie Clarke best known as Daenerys Targaryen The Mother of Dragons in Game of Thrones… She would be an excellent choice.

      • Oh my god YES!!! Emilia Clarke would be an amazing choice. She’s wonderful.

      • OH GOD YES

    • Nicola Peltz of the last airbender and transformers 4 would look great as the Redhead MJ. Although she looks a little young but she had grown and matured since the last Air Bender.

  8. I hope she stays far away from this series. Let her star in her own mediocre teeny bopper franchise. She’s a terrible actress and is a farcry from the super model looks of MJ. Dunst was bad enough- please let them get this character right this time around and cast someone who doesn’t look 12 years old and overweight

  9. Gadon for Black Cat.

  10. I don’t understand all the hate. I think she is an amazing actress she is a lot better than many other actresses her age. She gets a bad rap because she use to star on that crap TV show but she has grown into someone with considerable talent.

    • Amazing? Have you seen her stuff? She doesn’t just get bad rep because of her show. She is the star of a TERRIBLE chick flick series that is soon to be the next Twilight (Divergent). Her acting is monotonous, expressionless, and just poker faced.

  11. Ugh. I really hope she ends up cutting the movie. I’m just not a fan of her at all. She’s one of those people that just gets in everywhere and becomes annoying. I’d rather they cast someone more unknown as MJ. This would ruin the movie for me if she has a large part.

  12. Her TV show was terrible. But don’t judge her because of it. She’s a great actress. It was the scripts and the plots on her show that didn’t let her showcase her real acting abilities. I’m glad she’s done with that s***, and doing movies because when I watch her, she portrays these characters more real. She doesn’t make them too cheesy, or blantant. I’m a fan. And I wouldn’t mind seeing her as MJ in the 3rd spiderman film if she’s in it. Stop being rude. She’s better than any actress near her age, maybe even older.

  13. Karen Julian she a red head and make a cocky mj

  14. I think the actress from warm bodies would be a great person for MJ her last name is palmer. MJ is supposed to be a hot model, and any of the girls mentioned will fit the role like her.

  15. What about ariana grande :P she would be cool to be seen as spiderman’s MJ

  16. Well, Chloe Grace Moretz and Emma Roberts are potential, but I’m expecting Shaliene to play MJ too

  17. Lily Collins is better!! Please choose her she’s a good actress :)

  18. lol at those comment saying Woodley can act. The girl barely have expressions, and non of her rolls so far had fitted the descriptions of the characters. Please don’t let her ruin another character.

  19. No, I am not 12, but I did choose to read the Fault in Our Stars and it was a great book, therefore I went to see the film adaptation. Woodley did an outstanding job. It was not monotonous or expressionless whatsoever. Her portrayal of grief and the character in general was truly impressive. Besides, no one knows how well she would do until we were able to see her play the role. There’s really no point in judging or complaining.

  20. sorry…I choose shailene woodley for the role MJ..Because she’s beautiful..peace every one:)

  21. Personally, I want Holland Roden for MJ… She’s naturally a redhead, she’s curvy, she’s gorgeous and she’s a great actress. She also fits the age bracket, and I think she’d have great chemistry with Andrew Garfield.

  22. “shay” has played in enough this year. it would be better if they put twist on the spider man movies. they should bring Gwen back. mary jane was not very popular in the comics. personally i like Gwen and Peter together better. it would be exciting if they added this twist. I dont mean a clone, or robot,etc. I mean actually Gwen the real her.i found this quote and fell in love with it, it is “mary jane fell in love with spider man. Gwen stacy fell in love with peter parker.

    • Well , when i saw the Movie i was shocked the end ’cause i can’t believe that she really did die , but i also thought that Emma ( Gwen ) doesn’t die because shse just go to Oxford University to continue her studies , Well that’s what i thought because we dont even see Emma inside the coffin so maybe she didn’t really die :)

    • yeah,, you’re right the movie must have a twist so bring back Gwen :D

  23. in my honest opinion I think someone like Alexa Vega or Crystal Reed would be good for the role…

  24. Nicola Peltz of the last airbender and transformers 4 would look great as the Redhead MJ. Although she looks a little young but she had grown and matured since the last Air Bender.

  25. So does that mean that Emma Stone is really not part of The Amazing Spiderman 3 ???
    So Shailene Woodley will really play the role as Mary Jane instead of Emma Stone ?
    It’s Okay if Emma Stone still plays the role of Mary Jane even the last Amazing Spiderman 1 & 2 her role was Gwen it’s okay as long as it’s Emma …..

    • woodley is wayyy too pretty to be mary jane, mj is not pretty thu. mj only have a huge ass so might as well cast beyonce or some random big ass*s out there. tbh this is not woodley’s loss since she has lots of movies upcoming

      • well first of all i dont like andrew garfield as peter parker. he is so mediocre and annoying i dont like his look, she doesnt fit as peter parker. he has a big neck and a small face. can we start casting from the beginning.

  26. I like Shailene Woodley, but I was hoping her co-star Renee Olstead from “The Secret life of the American Teenager” would take the role of Mary Jane. She is a natural red head, and she actually does have the spunky willful attitude of Mary Jane. I know many like the great roles that Shailene has played, but she should really let others’ have the spot light.

  27. i thing Megan fox should be Mary jane

  28. i guess shailene woodley will be perfect for mj watson
    if sony let her go then it will be their’s biggest mistake
    and making gwen stacy back will be their’s dumpest mistake because she already dead
    and as per as spider man , spider man cartoon and comic mary jane watson is the real love of peter parker

    everybody knows that shailene will do the best then emma stone.

  29. Aftr seeing the death of gwen stacy(Emma Stone) in Amazing Spiderman 2 i was thinking about how to make Emma stone as mirajane watson…? Double role can be played too if people doesn’t mind…when Peter went to college after the death of gwen stacy he sees a new student at the administrators office speaking to the head and when she turns he reminds of gwen but he doesn’t knows that,that’s not gwen but a new student (Mirajane Watson)…jst hv 2 change the blonde hair and turn it into black…how about it???