‘Amazing Spider-Man 3′ Date In Limbo; ‘Venom’ Shooting After ‘Sinister Six’

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The Amazing Spider Man 2 Final Trailers Posters Amazing Spider Man 3 Date In Limbo; Venom Shooting After Sinister Six
This past May, Sony released its second entry in their rebooted superhero franchise with The Amazing Spider-Man 2, which arrived with a set of almost impossible expectations (due to an almost unprecedentedly omnipresent PR campaign). While the film felt overall like a step in the right direction for Sony’s Spider-Man series, the reveal of certain changes from earlier versions of the script have fans convinced the movie could have been better.

In the wake of the much more seamless world-building present in other 2014 comic book-based releases like Captain America: The Winter Soldier and X-Men: Days of Future Past, it’s tempting to dismiss TASM2 as more of an instrument used to establish Sony’s own cinematic universe (a la Iron Man 2) than anything else. Given co-writer Roberto Orci’s recent comments about the uncertain fate of The Amazing Spider-Man 3it feels safe to assume that Sony is rethinking its approach to the studio’s Marvel properties.

Orci’s erstwhile creative partner (at least on the television projects that the pair developed before they split professionally) Alex Kurtzman recently spoke to the TCA Press Tour about his upcoming CBS series Scorpion. Kurtzman provided Collider with answers about several of his ongoing projects, among them the current status of Amazing Spider-Man spinoffs Venom and Sinister Six.

When asked about his main priorities at the moment, he spoke about the recently-confirmed plans to reboot Universal’s classic monster movies into one universe, starting with The Mummy:

Front and center right now is Chris Morgan and I working on getting The Mummy off the ground and building up our Monster Universe.  That’s where I’m spending my time.  And working with Drew Goddard on Sinister Six

sinister six venom movies Amazing Spider Man 3 Date In Limbo; Venom Shooting After Sinister Six

When asked what in particular excites him about such a high-profile supervillain team-up, Kurzman said:

I am a crazy fan of movies like The Wild Bunch or Wages of Fear, where you’re rooting for the bad guys.  I think that’s the opportunity that Sinister Six has to provide.

This naturally led to an inquiry on the state of The Amazing Spider-Man 3. Kurtzman had less concrete answers on the mooted prequel, and only remarked, “It’s still in conversation.  Everybody is still figuring it out.” A follow-up question on when we might actually see the movie was met with essentially the same answer: “We’re just trying to figure it out.”

Kurtzman then confirmed something many fans have suspected, that a Venom movie has become a big priority for the studio, even moving TASM3 onto a back-burner (most likely to the 2018 release date Sony has slated for a Spider-Man movie). When asked about Venom (which he will direct), Kurtzman said:

Venom will come after Sinister Six, I think is the plan.

Beyond these details, Kurtzman stayed vague on other aspects of Sony’s plans for its interconnected movie universe, such as the possibility of properly introducing Black Cat, whose alter ego Felicia Hardy was (presumably) included in The Amazing Spider-Man 2, played by Felicity Jones. Will the Spider-Man movie continuity see its own female-led standalone film? Kurtzman only answered:

Anything is possible.  We are always looking for opportunities like that.  I can’t say a whole lot about it, but I wouldn’t rule anything out.

Venom Movie Spider Man cameo Amazing Spider Man 3 Date In Limbo; Venom Shooting After Sinister Six

And as for connecting Sinister Six to Venom on some level (which makes sense in a grand-scheme kind of way), Kurtzman replied:

Everything is still on the table, right now.  Because it’s a universe outside of the Spider-Man universe, even though it’s connected to it, those movies have to stand on their own.  So, we’ll see.  We’ll see how it goes.

And that was all Kurtzman had to say, save for a quick update on the Locke & Key film adaptation, which is currently being written and is “still moving forward.” When it comes to the Spider-Man films, it certainly seems that The Amazing Spider-Man 2‘s middling critical reception and softer-than-expected box office has changed Sony’s priorities.

Will laying the groundwork for a highly-developed web (ahem) of villainy pay off in the long run? If some fans and critics have experienced Spidey-fatigue, focusing on new-to-the-screen baddies like Mysterio, Kraven and Vulture (among others) may help inject a fresh energy and perspective. Still, there is always the danger of keeping the central hero off the big screen too long. We’ll have to wait and see how well Sinister Six does on its own.

Sinister Six and Venom do not currently have release dates, but will reach theaters before The Amazing Spider-Man 3, which still has the tentative release date of June 10th, 2016.

Source: Collider

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  1. Am I the only one annoyed that they’re filming Sinister Six and Venom as standalone films rather than as Spider-Man films? It’s disappointing what Sony is doing to Spider-Man, I really think we’ve yet to see a great film on this character.

    • I thought Spider-Man 2 was pretty great.

      • Many people did. I can’t understand why. Maybe I’m blinded by all the whiny teenager bs and missed something that other people see. It was far superior in its writing and most performances than ASM2 at least. (BTW, Dane DeHaan was an excellent Harry Osbourne. I wish there had been way more of him. He also should have been introduced in ASM instead.

      • I liked TASM2
        And am ok with Sinister Six and Venom (if its venom vs carnage that could work as a separate entity) being standalone-ish as long as we do eventually get the Sinister Six taking on Spider-Man in TASM3 (with a possible appearance from Venom to help out Spider-Man)

        But even though myself and others did enjoy TASM2 the criticisms that some have do suggest that the prospect of building the Sinister Six through the Spider-Man films is not necessarily the most popular route – it would also involve possibly requiring contract renegotiations with key cast members like Garfield before we actually see Peter take on the Six

    • I thought ASM1 was great, ASM2 has a lot of flaws but was still a good film. Should have introduced Venom with Spidey and had it branch off from there.

    • Spider-Man 2 (with Doc Ock) was a very good movie, great action scenes, well defined villain. But I agree I don’t want to see spin-off flicks without Spider-Man

    • I think Venom could work, but the Sinister Six is just a bad idea.

  2. Am I alone in thinking that Sony messed up with The Amazing Spider-Man? Telling the origin story all over again might have been redundant and therefore the studio dig up its own hole. Anyway, I think that Andrew Garfield will be better off moving on from the role of Pete Parker because it looks like it will be a long while before we see Spider-Man on the screen again. By the time he (Spider-Man) comes back, the role could very well be re-cast anyway.

    • yeah, garfield’s already 30 years old. he’s not getting any younger. if it does come out in 2018, he would be mid-thirties by then

  3. Also, Olivia Wilde for Mary Jane Watson.

    • I think Ashley Greene and Hayden Peniettiere would make good MJ’s looks wise.

      I also like Ana Kendrick a lot as an actress and looks. She sings well which could translate well to MJ’s ambition as stage actress.

  4. I love the old Eddie Brock Venom but I really like the Flash Thompson Venom too.

    Maybe the majority of this movie will show Eddie Brock gain the symbiote first. Focus on Brock’s and the symbiote’s hatred of Spiderman but also Venom as an anti-hero. Maybe late in the movie the symbiote is ripped from Brock. Brock goes to jai but still has a piece of the symbiote. The symbiote travels to his cellmate….
    (after credits scene)

    AND/OR Towards the end of the movie we could see Flash, who has been fighting in the Middle East, lose his legs and then gains the symbiote. Maybe after credits scene?

  5. I don’t get it. Sony acts like The Amazing Spiderman 2 made 60 million.
    It made 705 million what did they expect 3 billion or it’s a failure. They let the negative comments of the internet and critics scare them.

    It made 705 Million it wasn’t a flop. I like it. It could have had more action but it was pretty good.

    Sony needs to grow a pair and stick to their plan. Do a sinister six movie show how Spiderman has beaten them all individually and why they all want to beat him and how they came together.

    But in the comics Spiderman was using the venom symbiote to beat the sinister six.
    If they want to do something different I have no problem with it. Just do it!

    • TASM 1-2 are excellant films,2 is my film of the year so far, going to see Apes movie this weekend so that may change.Want to see Garfield do a few more before he’s too old, at least a third spidey film would be great.

    • Amazing spider-man 2 made 705 mil.
      but if you combine the budget 255 mil plus the marketing(estimated 400 mil) thats 655 mill that they spent to make back 50 mil …that is a bit of a disaster for a movie that big they needed to make back double that.. not break even.

      • The 255 budget included the marketing.So far there’s a 450 mill profit, factor in another 250 profit worldwide for dvd, downloads, pay per views and crucially TOY sales.Film was a huge success.

        • Actually Disney gets all the revenue generated by merchandise based on the film franchise. Every. Single. Dime. That’s the deal that they made with Sony, because all Sony wanted was the box office revenue. That’s why you see Amazing Spider-Man 2 merch at the Disney Store.

        • Actually the movie budget does not include marketing. Each one has it’s own budget. The approximate total budget is somewhere between 400-450 million.

      • The marketing budget is NOT 400 million lol. Though marketing isn’t cheap, that is just plain STUPID if a movie studio spend that much money for marketing only, especially if they spend more than the actual film budget was. I believe is estimated to have been around 180 million.

  6. ASM 3 date is in limbo because 2 failed critically and at the box office.

    Dump all of the writers and Webb and start fresh. With people who can keep the cheese and slapstick out of the movie.

    • Right on.
      The movie was great visually, but the cheese in it was terrible. Also, in my own opinion I thought Electro was WHACK~! Green Goblin was way better. And like you said the fight scenes were nonexistent. The best part of the whole movie was the watchtower scene, and it was like five minutes.

      • I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again, Roberto Orci is a hack. His writing is horrible and he apparently has never heard of concepts like pacing or building tension/suspense or catharsis or character development. Everything to this guy is a plot device. Visually, the movie nailed it. The actors are well cast. They really need a new creative/writing team in my opinion.

        • I looked up all 4 writers on IMDB the other day, and their biggest credits were the Transformers movies. It all made sense when I saw that.

  7. If Sony wants to ever see a resurgence in the franchise, they’d be smart to allow Spider-Man to show up in either an Avengers film or another Marvel Studios project. Otherwise, wake me when the rights inevitably revert back to Marvel.

  8. Bring back Raimi for ASM3. spiderman 1 and 2 were really good IMO.

    I know I’m getting a lot of hate for that comment…

    • I’m not sure how Raimi will fare with this property if brought back now but you are not getting my hate for saying this to say the least. Spider-man 2 was pretty great imo. First one wasn’t bad either. Spider-man 3 would suck much less without Gwen, Venom and an emo Peter Parker and if Raimi did stay closer to the source material.

      • Agree that Spiderman 3 was a mess. Many reports have stated that Sony really pushed for Venom to appear in the movie.

  9. The Garfield Spider-Man movies are good, but nothing special. They’re definitely better than Tobey’s, but I still have not been blown away by one Spider-Man film. I really wish Sony would sell the rights to Marvel. I also wish Fox would sell the rights to X-Men to Marvel, too.

    • Are the Garfield movies forgettable to you?

  10. Amazing Spider-man 2 was slammed by critics not because it was a bad movie at all, but rather because baring a few minor structural changes it is conceptually the same movie as the four previous ones i.e. : Peter Parker struggling with his public and personal life, a villain born out of tragic circumstances who is close to Peter Parker , a struggling romance etc.
    I would love if they used the concept from ‘Spectacular Spider-man animated series’ which is the most critically acclaimed Spider-man series to date. In that they also focused on Spider-man fighting organized crime which was secretly led by ‘Hammer Head’. Mob finances to create super-villains and Green Goblin is a person who aims to screw both sides. Just to change things a bit and make the series fresh.

    • I like your ideas.

  11. This franchise along with the lead actor all deserve a s***** send off after how rushed all the casts and the series itself have been. Andrew Garfield and the rest of the crews won’t be forgotten after this.

  12. There’s always going to be something wrong with a movie in some way or another. ASM2 has got way to much criticism that it didn’t really deserve. Sony couldn’t of expected billions from this movie that’s not realistic! How many movies actually make that much -_- I’m all for the Sinister Six and Venom movies. It’s different not anything we’ve seen before. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see what happens

    • The only money Sony makes is the “box office” money. All other merchandising and licencing profits go to Disney/Marvel, Sony doesn’t see a penny. Factor in how much it cost to make the movie plus how much it costs for marketing, you’re looking at a cool 500 to 600 million easily. Overall ASM2 made 700 million, but it took weeks to get there, and it didn’t make as much as they thought the first weekend out so they aren’t really seeing any “box office profits”. Plus, DOFP came out the following week and not only dominated the box office but made a CRAP ton more money in it’s first weekend.

      • X-men DOFP had a slightly smaller opening weekend than TASM2…..

        “CRAP ton”….. No.

        • I see what you’re saying, but I think it’s worth considering the following:

          1st weekend (May 2-4) = ASM2: 91 million in 4324 theaters
          1st weekend (long weekend May 23-26) = DOFP: 90 million in 3996 theaters (BUT it also made 110 million if you count the full 3-day long weekend.) It was also shown in fewer theaters.

          2nd weekend (May 9-11) = ASM2: 35 million in 4324 theaters
          2nd weekend (May 30-June 1) = DOFP: 32 million in 4001 theaters. Still shown in fewer theaters.

          The fact is the numbers shouldn’t be that close when your big-studio-summer blockbuster is shown in more theaters and had a good 3 week head start.

          • Don’t doubt those numbers, it’s a good point. Was just pointing out that last bit in your previous comment. ;)

          • @tuscanleather :Totally agree. Those who are BO rookies rarely take into account that the studio had it’s own projections. And if i had to make an accurate guess as to where they expected this to land, i’d say they thought TASM2 would make somewhere north of 160 million opening weekend. Coming out with a domestic total around 460 million and at least 1.1B worldwide.

            That would have been more than enough to justify and fast track expectations of this lavish exercise they are planning. The problem isn’t so much the return but they also “knew” in advance that the movie was weak.

            I mean lets be real. Producers who screen their movies and feel if they got the goods when they check em out in the screening room. And what they did was they pulled a fast one on the public by pretending that they were so sure this would be a hit that they dared you not to take their word and go see it yourself. But folk knew this movie was garbage just by production notes.

            It even looked very “batman and robin” like with the colorful villain who has a nerd complex who becomes suddenly reborn from an accident in their work environment.

            • The ending with major death and set up was supposed to be the awesome beginning of SAGA or sight that would be awesome in it’s epicness. One of the biggest problems on why the movie franchise looks DOA is it didn’t earn it’s dramatic weight.

              If i had to liken what they were expecting to one movie in particular it was THE DARK KNIGHT. Because he loses so much. Listen to the loud HEORC music in it. It’s corny and may in fact be hans zimmers worst soundtrack. it’s got bits and pieces of gold but on the whole they look stupid for promising this GIANT GREATEST BATTLE OF ALL TIME


              And that ending is just. Well, it really speak for it’s self. At a moment when the audience is supposed to feel saddened by what occurred it ends wimpy and silly.

              They better be careful and wait 3 off because if they release that movie to close to this it will inherit this lackluster BO as well but you’ll notice a sharp decline.

              The next one could very well open to 55 million dollars. And that is not how you treat what really is marvels single greatest hero(only on the pages).

  13. I still don’t see how you can make a Sinister Six movie without Spider Man in it. And if he was in it, it’d be called Spider Man, not Sinister Six. Especially since Spider Man is beloved by kids around the globe, and you don’t want to take them to movies where villains are the main characters trying to kill their favourite hero.

    • I don’t see making a Sinister Six being that difficult. Then again, I’m not the writer. I really think it would be cool to humanize all these villains so that we feel for them. They didn’t all start evil. I think having a plot revolving around Chameleon and Green Goblin in charge of 2 rival mobs in a turf war would be cool.

      Chameleon and GG each could recruit villains through bribe, force or coercion. The movie could also be about each mob stealing info and tech from each other. Each could also try to buy off the police and media. Heck maybe the villains try to make themselves look like heroes by controlling the media and police. Eithr way, we could see the villains start ofd innocent but grow dark through the movie. The movie could end with GG killing or framing Chameleon which brings down his empire. GG then becomes the alpha villain. Then GG chooses who he wants to be his “Six”

      In regards to your point about kids and families not wanting to see the movie without spiderman. That point is a good point and valid. The movie could always have Chameleon dress up like Spiderman to do his bidding. Plus the movie could focus on another hero for the movie. Flash Thompson maybe?

  14. Planning a third movie from a producers perspective is going to be hard. With the so called weak returns from ASM2, it appears the audiences are tiring of the spiderman story as really, the story and themes in all four movies have been similar. And now the third film will focus on similar story lines. Meeting/dating/getting together with Mary Jane, fighting the goblin and venom. Regardless of how well raimi portrayed this romance, the audience has already seen it. Regardless of venom’s storyline in the previous film, the audience has seen it. So the writers trying to make it fresher will alter the origins of the characters which will alienate its core fan base. These bad guy focused films will only interest fans not the mass public and who knows if they’ll change origins a la deadpool?
    I agree with a previous post, the only way to excite audiences with spiderman again is somehow teaming him with the avengers or abandon the high school college setting and have him in the real adult world.

  15. They could go with the Agent Venom approach or make Harry Osborn “redeem himself” and yea I saw ASM2 today and I loved it, if anything it was the random Spidey vs Rhino-Decepticon ending and over-zealous romance that I disliked

  16. If you`re going to tank a property, make it compelling. Should have gone the ultimate Spidey route and killed him. Let`s ruin some more Marvel icons we grew up with! Make mine DC.

  17. Sinister Six will bomb lol a movie will try to cohesively fit in origin stories for Doc Oc, Rhino, Vulture, Mysterio , Venom and Goblin