‘Amazing Spider-Man 3′ Gets 2016 Release Date, ‘Amazing Spider-Man 4′ in 2018

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amazing spider man 2 mask costume1 Amazing Spider Man 3 Gets 2016 Release Date, Amazing Spider Man 4 in 2018

The Amazing Spider-Man was designed to serve as the first chapter in a series of movies featuring Andrew Garfield’s Peter Parker, as evidenced by the number of plot threads (no pun intended) lefts dangling by the film’s conclusion. That’s not to mention, the ambiguous nature of the mid-credits scene and hints of future developments (i.e. that something big lies beyond the horizon).

Casting for The Amazing Spider-Man 2 has provided support for this theory. The sequel will incorporate several additional important characters from the Spider-Man comic books and Sam Raimi’s live-action movie trilogy, like Norman Osborn (Chris Cooper), Harry Osborn (Dane DeHaan) and Mary Jane Watson (Shailene Woodley). Some of these people aren’t expected to be featured all that heavily in the film’s storyline, and may simply be introduced in the sequel – through a few minutes of screen-time – in order to lay the groundwork for them to play more essential roles down the line, in a subsequent installment.

Shailene Woodley Mary Jane Watson Amazing Spider Man Amazing Spider Man 3 Gets 2016 Release Date, Amazing Spider Man 4 in 2018

Sony is already looking well-ahead into the future, as the studio has now officially claimed dates to release the third and fourth installments in the Amazing Spider-Man film continuity in theaters. Hence, as it now stands, Amazing Spider-Man 2 will kick-off the Summer Movie Season (which starts in May) next year, followed by Amazing Spider-Man 3 on June 10th, 2016 and Amazing Spider-Man 4 on May 4th, 2018.

The rising salaries for the principle players on the previous Spider-Man movie trilogy – which includes stars Tobey Maguire and Kirsten Dunst – were contributing factors in Sony’s decision to start the superhero franchise over, rather than move ahead with Spider-Man 4 (as was the original plan). However, that may not be so much an issue with the Amazing Spider-Man films, in part because Garfield’s female costar, Emma Stone, will probably be done playing Gwen Stacy at that point (the odds are against the character making it out of Amazing Spider-Man 2 alive).

Similarly, Amazing Spider-Man 1 & 2 director Marc Webb will – in all likelihood – not be working on the third and fourth installments, given that he still needs to fulfill his obligations to direct a movie or two for Fox Searchlight (that almost prevented him from helming the Spidey sequel). That’s to say, fewer people will be getting fatter paychecks for the third and fourth Amazing Spider-Man movies, and thus Sony will be less inclined to abandon ship over the rising cost (assuming there’s no sudden drop in the box office returns for these films).

amazing spider man sequel marc webb Amazing Spider Man 3 Gets 2016 Release Date, Amazing Spider Man 4 in 2018

Finally, as mentioned before, there’s good reason to believe that Sony will keep upping its game on each subsequent Amazing Spider-Man installment, so as to compete with Marvel Studios, Fox and WB/DC’s forthcoming wave of superhero films. That could mean we’ll be getting a Sinister Six team-up somewhere down the line, in addition to (possibly) a more satisfying Venom storyline than the Eddie Brock subplot in Spider-Man 3.

What are you hoping to see in future Amazing Spider-Man movies? Let us know in the comments section!


The Amazing Spider-Man 2 opens in U.S. theaters on May 2nd, 2014, followed by The Amazing Spider-Man 3 on June 10th, 2016 and The Amazing Spider-Man 4 on May 4th, 2018.

Source: Sony/Columbia Pictures

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  1. Hmm. This seems to be less about Sony being overly confident about TASM 2 and more about them trying to lock up dates before they’re snatched up by other studios. Personally, I’m just worried about the 2 years between each movie. I suppose if they’re planning this far in advance, getting quality scripts and casting for 3 and 4 shouldn’t be too difficult, but still, I’m always worried when studios try to rush products. They should take their time and try to get the best movie possible, but I’m being way too naive here.

    Let’s hope this turns out well. I was a fan of the first one, and I’m excited to see what they can do in the sequels. It sucks that Webb may not be back for 3 or 4, but I hope they find a competent director who can continue what he started.

    • Im not versed in the dates being snatched up by other studios. Are you saying If mymovie is slated to come out July 2nd and I call it first no one else can use that date?

      It sounds like they are locking their money up. They probably have contracts that state movies will be slated by this time or certain actors can walk/renegotiate.

      This way (again IF) Garfield is locked into whatever he was contracted for over the remaining movies.

      I dont see it as a rush (right now) but decent planning. You should always have a plan.

      Indiana: Meet me at Omar’s. Be ready for me. I’m going after that truck.

      Sallah: How?

      Indiana: I don’t know, I’m making this up as I go!

      • No, but say a family is going to see a movie. They only go and see one movie every month (because it can get expensive buying a familys worth of tickets plus food and drinks). They have to choose between all of the movies on at that time, but they’re only going to see one movie.

        My point being, it doesnt matter who books the dates first, it just means that if Marvel has booked that date, you have to know that youre competing with Marvel for profits on that opening weekend.

        • Marvel=Disney, so they also have a slate of Star Wars films and any other projects Disney has planned. This is a way to fill as many screens with product as a studio can so that people have to choose what to see. The more product they have out the better their odds.

      • @Aknot, I’m sure it also has to do with locking up actors, but it’s definitely also about locking down dates. Of course, 2 big movies can release the same weekend, but chances are, one of those movies will do significantly better than the other one. Especially when it comes to these big blockbuster summer movies, it pays (both literally and figuratively) to have its release date several weeks apart from release dates for movies with the same demographic.

    • Yeah I agree. Funny how Marvel have booked an unannounced superhero movie for may 2016 as well just a few days ago… I think 4 movies is pushing it. A trilogy would be better in my opinion but I’ll reserve judgement until I see them all.

      • @Matt

        Yeah, I seriously doubt it’s a coincidence that Sony is announcing this soon after Disney recently announced 2 new Marvel movies, and WB seems to be on the verge of some MOS 2/JLA announcements.

    • I think they should have a amazing spider man 3 and 4. They really need to somehow reincorporate Gwen as Emma stone She is a key aspect in the success of spider man. The Amazing Spider man 1 and 2 really were “Amazing”. She is and important actor she needs to somehow come back to life lol. I feel as though the ratings, box office would go down without her!!!!!!

      • i agree with you

  2. i liked the first movie and where they seem to be going with the second, i feel sinister 6 could be hard to pull off due to the need for a lot of character development unless they bring back the villains from ASM1 & ASM2 as this follows the sinister 6 in ultimate (doc ock kraven electro beetle rhino lizard), personally i want to see ASM3 with green goblin killing gwen, peter goes into a rage/depression and symbiote becomes attracted to him, he kills goblin realizes its mr oz loses symbiote which goes to harry as venom and then have like scorpion hired by jj jameson as a minor villain and save venom carnage for AS4

  3. TASM 3 Sinister Six,

    TASM 4 Carnage.

    Muhahahahahahahaw Yes!

  4. I don’t really see the point in this. Why announce more sequels if they don’t even know how TASM2 will fare? Sure, they can put the movies into pre so long: get someone to come up with a few good screenplays, make some story boards, but why announce the movies? And why now? If they insist on announcing these two sequels, wouldn’t it make more sense to do so at comic-con, or next year when #2 comes out?
    I dunno, this seems like a pretty dumb thing to do.

    TASM1 was awesome. I loved it, and the sequel is shaping up to be pretty good too, but I’m not sure announcing something that could fall flat by next year is very wise.

    • They’ve already gone on record saying there will definitely be several in the series, at least 3 movies anyways. I don’t really mind them announcing them, at least we know they’re thinking to the future and have big plans with this series.

  5. I think a Spider-Man movie every two years sounds awesome as long as they’re good movies. Garfield was a great choice as Peter Parker and this version of Spider-Man is much more enjoyable to me than the first.

    I enjoyed the first AMS movie a lot, but it wasn’t perfect. If they improve with the second one, I could see myself being very interested in more than just your standard trilogy.

    The trilogy idea is dated anyway. If people enjoy a character, why not have as many movies as possible. Besides, if they really are shooting for the Sinister Six down the line, I don’t think three movies wouldn’t be enough to set it up.

    • *WOULD be enough to set it up.

      (Hey, it’s early!)

    • Agreed, the first one had a few problems, mainly with pacing I find, but generally it was pretty great, my favourite Spider-Man movie to date. Glad they’re rolling out with movies instead of waiting 3 or 4 years for each movie.

      I usually like trilogies since that limits the chance of each movie becoming too episodic. But if the plot continues and actually has an effect on Peter Parker instead of the movie including another villain to fight, I’m all for.

      • Yes, a bigger overall plot is necessary, whether it’s three movies or ten. I can definitely see them setting up a Sinister Six appearance for the fourth movie, though.

        • I can definitely see it too, I’m just hoping they make it original enough to warrant itself a film, story-wise I mean.

          • Seemed like they were taking cues from some of the Marvel films when they built this Amazing Spider-Man universe, which is a good thing. His universe can be almost as big and just as interesting if set up correctly. It remains to be seen if they can pull it off… I’m hoping they do.

            • Definitely, as big as the Avengers are, Spider-Man can definitely match up to them in my opinion and I really hope they do. I just hope that if they were to go that route, some of the films don’t end up feeling less than they should be. Really want each film to top the previous one then comes Sinister Six film to blow all of the previous films away.

              • Yep, much like the Avengers blew away the previous five Marvel movies in Phase 1. Might have to get a new director for a few of these… maybe Joss Whedon will be available for the Sinister Six movie?? ;)

  6. Before I launch into rant let me just start by saying I felt Amazing Spider-Man 1 was an ok film, Andrew Garfield was great as Peter Parker, the storyline was good compared to how badly it could have gone and I appreciate that any negative opinions I have towards the film may be impacted by what I have to say next,

    But I hate how Sony are acting right now, their quite clearly pushing release dates for a third and fourth film to avoid the situation Fox had with Daredevil and that really annoys me. Spider-Man is a great character but I want people who will make Spider-Man films because they had this great interpretation of the character and not solely to keep hold of an IP.

    I’m just not certain the people involved in this are in this for the right reasons and we could get a good Spider-Man movie but I just think Marvel Studios would be really good at finding someone who has a great vision for The Spider-Man franchise. Like they’ve done with Iron Man, Thor, Captain America and The Avengers. (BTW please don’t drag me into an IM3 argument I get it not everyone loved the third film)

    That’s not saying Marc Webb is a bad director or that Andrew Garfield is a bad actor. Just that I think there’s someone out there who would kill for the chance to make a Spider-Man film and that it’s annoying how far Sony will go to keep the rights for Spider-Man away from Marvel.

  7. Here are some things I would like to see in this series:

    -A coming of a Clone Saga or a nod to Ben Reilly. I feel it would be awesome to see Jackal working on Peter’s clone at Oscorp, only to have Ben turned against him by Peter. Or, a small test run with Ben vs. Peter much like John Connor and the T-800 in “Terminator: Salvation”.

    -Peter confronting Uncle Ben’s killer while wearing the Venom cancer suit/symbiote. There is an episode from the old 90′s Spider-Man show where Peter horrifically corners Shocker in a bell tower while wearing the symbiote, almost killing him. His Uncle’s words shine through his twisted conscience though, and Peter sheds the black suit after letting Shocker go. It is a very powerful moment in that series and would translate well with the TASM universe.

    -Classic Spider-Man villains that deserve to be “essential” like Mysterio and Carnage.

    • I recall that Ben Reilly/clone storyline not really going over too well with fans of the comics. As far as the movies go introducing another character as an alternate Spider-Man might not draw movie-goers in either. As for going Venom and/or Carnage they would run into the problem of having to rehash another origin for the symbiote since this is a “new” series, which again might make some people lose interest.

      • Yeah, they drug it out way too long and it just got more convoluted. MAYBE they could retell it in a better way, but I’d personally like to forget that ever happened.

      • You misunderstand me. I’m saying the Clone Saga doesn’t make it past Ben Reilly, who is a beloved Spider-Man character. Minimize it so that Peter stops the production of future clones before it’s too late.

        As for Venom being rehashed, you act like he doesn’t deserve it. Venom deserves far better than SM3

        • Considering the fall-off in the box office of the Amazing Spider-Man it would be beyond risky to have two different characters and actors playing Spider-Man at the same time. It flew in the comics and I doubt the average film-goer will buy into two guys being Spider-Man since it really takes away from the aura of the character if multiple guys are running around in the suit in the same film.

          As for Venom the way they introduced him was a bit lame, but finding a better way to re-introduce the character will just be another plot point they would have to write in addition to any new villains they might try to use. If they keep doing origins for the same characters people may just stop paying attention.

      • I don’t disagree but if they’re continuing with the father story, we could see Peter’s father having worked on a suit to cure cancer like in the Ultimate version. I just hope Carnage would be more 616 than Ultimate in nature.

    • I 100% agree with everything you just said. I think the Clone Saga should be done after the initial trilogy. It would keep things fresh and exciting and then we could get a Scarlet Spider movie!

      • My guess is you would get a Miles Morales Spider-man before they tackled something as convoluted as the Clone Saga and the Scarlet Spider, but I wouldn’t hold your breath for either one of them.

        • It’d be risky, but killing off Andrew Garfield’s Peter Parker in #4 and replacing him with a younger Miles Morales (Jaden Smith?) might keep the franchise fresh.

          • Wow… that would SUCK! Sorry, I’d rather see another reboot than have that happen. :X

  8. Part of me wants to see them stretch this out. In comics, the characters generally stay the same age forever. Having a Spider-Man/Peter Parker that gets older could be interesting. Also, if it means we get more awesome stuff like Andrew Garfield casually walking around New York in full Spider-Man regalia and playing basketball with some kids, why not?

    • It’s always been my dream to see a film adaption of “Spider-Man: Reign”, which is about a middle-aged Peter Parker forced out of a 30 year Spider-Man retirement when the Sinister Six (now the “Sinner Six”) is unleashed upon the city.

      I believe it goes down as one of the best comic book stories of all time, showing some very powerful emotions in the story itself. An animated film done right would be incredible

      • I have always enjoyed adult Peter Parker story’s far more than kid Peter Parker. I hope these films can get into that.

        • I wonder if they have a real long term plan with this franchise as Garfield seems to be very enthusiastic about the character and I guess he is getting good pay out of it so it is really a win win situation. Maybe they sat down and had a discussion that went along the lines, “we (Sony) want to pump out spiderman films regularly for the next few years, this will promote you as an actor and be beneficial all round. Then you can go do your own thang for a few years. After that we will be going for a big spiderman has returned story in which you will be guaranteed another large pay day”

          • I’d be fine with that!

  9. Wonder if history could repeat itself again? Spider-Man 3 garners lowest critics ratings ever but high box-office. And then 4 is rebooted multiple times before behing shelved. About 6 year later Marvel gets the character back, = profit for 2024 and Avengers 5

  10. Will the third and forth ones just try to change the costume more and more until it is an identical match to the previous series?

  11. In one of the “The Amazing Spider-man 2″ trailers, a man is seen walking through what I presume to be Oscorp, and behind him, you can see mechanical wings in some type of container, and mechanical tentacles in another container. I believe this is foreshadowing to the introduction of Doc Ock and Vulture, but when these two characters will be brought in, if at all, I do not know. I would like to have the whole series’ plan laid out before me, however, I suppose the surprise is half the fun. I guess I’ll wait, but I’ll also be angry if they cut this series off short for whatever reason.

  12. i hope Gwen would be back in the film or it will not have any point anymore.

  13. i hope the third movie is going to be good, personally i really didn’t like first TASM but i really injoyed the second. i really don’t hope that a new director for the movie will mean changes in the spider man universe like the new director did to harry potter, when Chris Columbus was done with the two first.

  14. Emma stone must come in the amazing spiderman 3 as new look
    as it show that there are same person s’ 7 faces and it will give a new look to the movie

  15. I want Vulture, and Mysterio in the Amazing Spiderman 3 movie and action figure toys.

  16. i’am waiting venom action in amazing 3 lol

  17. i hope EMMA STONE (gwen stacy) turn into BLACK CAT Im 100% sure the film will be awesome and more interesting!

  18. Tobey maguire only can hit amazing spiderman 3

  19. OMG they need to SOME HOW bring Gwin back to life ! THEY NEED TO! & i’v been with spiderman since I was 3 years old ! I’m inlove with the original spiderman and the new spiderman <3 but what you really should do is put a girl like me in the movie !

  20. Toby Maguire was terrible! So glad Garfield was brought in, he has made these 2 films an made me enjoy spiderman again. As far as gwen stacy, she is done, and felicia hardy is black cat anyway so hopefully she comes in rather than Mary Jane.
    Would love a remake of venom, I don’t think they will have enough time to get carnage involved in 2 movies time though.

  21. I think TASM1 and TASM2 were really good and am looking forward to see more! There’s so many options for what they could put in other sequels, so I think this is going to be both very interesting and fun to watch. Personally, I really hopewe will see Black Cat in one of the movies, that would be just really awesome

  22. PLEASE….. I repeat please!!!!!! Do not undo the strength of the story line love by throwing spiderman into another ‘relationship’ with ANY OTHER CHARACTER. (Including a Mary Jane). The amazing spiderman set gets much of its power from a very deep, intense, irreplaceable, type of love connection with Gwen. It will weaken the character and plot; and the amazing spiderman will go right into the collection with Hollywood miss’s. It will define a new type of character both on the spiderman comic side and the man side.

    Bring on some scorpion too :)


  24. I just LOVE the amazing spider man (look at my name), I CANNOT WAIT FOR THE NEXT ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. I would personally like to see vulture scorpion venom(not like the Sam rami version) carnage mysterio kraven and hobgoblin

  26. I personally loovveee The Amazing Spider Man series. I loved the first one and the second one came out and I absolutely fell in love with it. I adore Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone. I think they were both spectacular picks for the roles. I love them… Especially together. I would be ecstacic to see an The Amazing Spider Man 3 and 4 just because I love it. But not to be rude, but Shailene Woodley for the part of Mary Jane just doesn’t feel right to me. She has been in a quite a lot of films lately… I don’t know if she would be best for Mary Jane. As I said before, I love Andrew and Emma, or Peter and Gwen, so anyone playing Mary Jane, the love interest of Peter Parker is going to make me upset. But hey what do I know? I just know one thing for sure, I love The Amazing Spider Man series and I would love to see it continue. But perhaps maybe reconsidering some roles… (Mary Jane maybe). I don’t know… But whatever is fine. IM PUMPED FOR ANYTHING SPIDER MAN RELATED. Thank you for your time.