‘Amazing Spider-Man 3′ Gets 2016 Release Date, ‘Amazing Spider-Man 4′ in 2018

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amazing spider man 2 mask costume1 Amazing Spider Man 3 Gets 2016 Release Date, Amazing Spider Man 4 in 2018

The Amazing Spider-Man was designed to serve as the first chapter in a series of movies featuring Andrew Garfield’s Peter Parker, as evidenced by the number of plot threads (no pun intended) lefts dangling by the film’s conclusion. That’s not to mention, the ambiguous nature of the mid-credits scene and hints of future developments (i.e. that something big lies beyond the horizon).

Casting for The Amazing Spider-Man 2 has provided support for this theory. The sequel will incorporate several additional important characters from the Spider-Man comic books and Sam Raimi’s live-action movie trilogy, like Norman Osborn (Chris Cooper), Harry Osborn (Dane DeHaan) and Mary Jane Watson (Shailene Woodley). Some of these people aren’t expected to be featured all that heavily in the film’s storyline, and may simply be introduced in the sequel – through a few minutes of screen-time – in order to lay the groundwork for them to play more essential roles down the line, in a subsequent installment.

Shailene Woodley Mary Jane Watson Amazing Spider Man Amazing Spider Man 3 Gets 2016 Release Date, Amazing Spider Man 4 in 2018

Sony is already looking well-ahead into the future, as the studio has now officially claimed dates to release the third and fourth installments in the Amazing Spider-Man film continuity in theaters. Hence, as it now stands, Amazing Spider-Man 2 will kick-off the Summer Movie Season (which starts in May) next year, followed by Amazing Spider-Man 3 on June 10th, 2016 and Amazing Spider-Man 4 on May 4th, 2018.

The rising salaries for the principle players on the previous Spider-Man movie trilogy – which includes stars Tobey Maguire and Kirsten Dunst – were contributing factors in Sony’s decision to start the superhero franchise over, rather than move ahead with Spider-Man 4 (as was the original plan). However, that may not be so much an issue with the Amazing Spider-Man films, in part because Garfield’s female costar, Emma Stone, will probably be done playing Gwen Stacy at that point (the odds are against the character making it out of Amazing Spider-Man 2 alive).

Similarly, Amazing Spider-Man 1 & 2 director Marc Webb will – in all likelihood – not be working on the third and fourth installments, given that he still needs to fulfill his obligations to direct a movie or two for Fox Searchlight (that almost prevented him from helming the Spidey sequel). That’s to say, fewer people will be getting fatter paychecks for the third and fourth Amazing Spider-Man movies, and thus Sony will be less inclined to abandon ship over the rising cost (assuming there’s no sudden drop in the box office returns for these films).

amazing spider man sequel marc webb Amazing Spider Man 3 Gets 2016 Release Date, Amazing Spider Man 4 in 2018

Finally, as mentioned before, there’s good reason to believe that Sony will keep upping its game on each subsequent Amazing Spider-Man installment, so as to compete with Marvel Studios, Fox and WB/DC’s forthcoming wave of superhero films. That could mean we’ll be getting a Sinister Six team-up somewhere down the line, in addition to (possibly) a more satisfying Venom storyline than the Eddie Brock subplot in Spider-Man 3.

What are you hoping to see in future Amazing Spider-Man movies? Let us know in the comments section!


The Amazing Spider-Man 2 opens in U.S. theaters on May 2nd, 2014, followed by The Amazing Spider-Man 3 on June 10th, 2016 and The Amazing Spider-Man 4 on May 4th, 2018.

Source: Sony/Columbia Pictures

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  1. you think they will have a overarching story. like parts? cause i do think they are doing a sinister six thing but i still need venom.

    they will do like a couple villains in each and in the last movie they will have them all team up

    • i think they might be doing sinister six in this one and introducing the venom character but leaving venom for the third

  2. I just hope they remove OVERLY corny stuff like the crane scene. We get it New Yorkers love Spiderman.

    That was just over the top.

    • Yeah, that was the one part I hated. Then again, I cringe at stuff like that and I cringe at patriotic stuff too (pro-country stuff shoehorned into a movie turns me off and takes my attention from the rest of the movie, that’s why I love Bond movies because they’re quintessentially English but not all “yeah, look how awesome England is as a country”).

      • ‘Ngland!

    • @ Aknot

      You get with Superman films, even Nolan’s Batman was loved by some people, especially at the end they made a statue of him. Imo that was over the top.

      • Rocky had a statue.. 😉

  3. I love Spider-Man so I’m super psyched but this is little overconfident though.

    • I know, right? But you remind me – what if they could secure a *wait for it* DEADPOOL movie instead of one of those! *gasp* What a concept right?

  4. Well, I’m down with this. Loved the first one.

  5. I’d love for this movie universe to get bigger with a Venom spin off. But that’s just me being greedy.

    TASM2- Rhino and Electro
    TASM3- Green Goblin and Vulture
    TASM4- Doc Ock w/ the Sinister 6.

    • Green Goblin should be saved until last with him leading the Sinister 6.

      TASM3- VENOM
      TASM4- DOC OC

  6. I hope Gwen does not die in AS2. Have the Green Goblin as the main and only villain in AS3 and kill Gwen then. Build up the relationship for another film first as it will then have a far bigger impact for general movie goers who may well not expect it, thus increasing its impact. In AS4 introduce a new Doc Oc and Mysterio maybe. AS5 have Harry become venom/goblin 2 depending on what route they take in this universe and the round it off in absolute style with the Sinister Six in part 6. This would be the ultimate hexology. The fact that Sony are looking at Spiderman as larger than a trilogy is very pleasing as he is certainly a character that has mythology that is so much bigger than just 3 films.

    • Her wardrobe in a group of recent set photo’s does not bode well for this hope.

      • @ speshlk37 – hopefully it is just foreshadowing, though I fear you may be correct. From a marketing point of view it makes sense to keep Emma Stone as she is a poplar actress, however I doubt that Woodley will just be extended cameo status for two films. Guess we will se when the film comes out :)

    • did you really just say have Harry become Venom??

      • I did not say it is what I want, but that does appear to be a story that they are considering. Personally I would prefer a second goblin. We shall see.

    • it wold be great, if they do like you said…

  7. Awesome, bummed about the chance of Marc Webb leaving though. Still excited, really hoping they include both Sinister Six and Venom in the series of movies too, that would definitely have this interpretation leave a mark in the genre.

  8. I’d like to see Batman.

    Oh wait… wrong article.

    Other than his suite of villains, I would like to see some Spidey-related heroes, one of his SpiderFriends. I realize there is this Sony vs. Disney thing but it would be nice to see Torch (or the whole FF) or Daredevil. Or maybe some females from the Spideyverse, like Black Cat or Silver Sable.

    • Andrew Garfield is going to have to be replaced soon. He is 29 now.

      The Fantastic 4 is owned by Fox so Torch will not be in any possible Spider-Man movie.

      You can only do so many solo Spider-Man story arcs before the character becomes boring. Making team-ups deals with Disney or Fox could be a good way to keep the character fresh

      • being twenty nine means you are unfit i am twenty nine i am training to be a personal trainer age is nothing but a number mate

        • I am 55, look to be in my late 30s or early 40s, & still get around like a 25 year old on rocket fuel (but admit to some osteo-arthiritus and aches and pains).

      • Why can’t he be in his 30’s? He looks young and he’ll be playing a character in his 20’s. Robert Downey Jr. is in his late forties and Tom Cruise is over 50 and they both kick ass.

      • Yeah him being 29 is definitely not a factor. He was barely younger but seriously looks like he could be an incoming freshman in college. And I’m 22 and I think he looks my age or younger.

        And as far as actual fitness, some guy in India who’s 100 years old just ran a marathon. So tell me more about how a 30 year old can’t pretend to jump around in a movie for a little while?

      • Spider-man 4 will finish filming in 2017 given the above article. Why would AG need to be replaced? 2017 is not that far away.

    • Haha I laughed SO hard at the batman comment xP

    • an unknown character played by a woman was rumored to be turned into Black Cat

      Daredevil is Marvel now

      and Torch is Fox

  9. So thankful they are breaking the trilogy mold.

    Could really go anyway now. Goblin? Ock? Sinister 6? Kraven? Mysterio? Vulture? Chameleon? Venom? Carnage? I really wouldn’t complain if they went to 5 or 6 movies in the franchise too.

    • They won’t have to replace him. In the story, they’re graduating from college, and he can easily pull off a college student.

      • +1

    • @Tay wait but they were in high school in TASM…

  10. ASM 3 = Venom

    ASM 4 = Carnage

    I realize that doing to many mirror villains can get old fast, but the symbiote rouge gallery is huge and could be fun to explore on screen.

    • we totally just had same idea at the same time haha

    • I would put those in the same film cause let’s face it, that would be pretty damn intense having them both at the same time.

  11. They totally need a Venom movie, I mean unless they introduce him in AS3. Doing so brings in the possibility of Carnage, which would bring such a nice darker tone to the cinematic Spider-Man universe
    Maybe just tease Cletus Kasady in AS3 with Venom being main character, then have Carnage be unleashed in AS4.
    Amazing Spider-Man was a good movie, but nothing really wowed me about it. Hoping AS2 is much better.

  12. wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooowzers

  13. I don’t get what’s so bad about the crane scene. Spidey was injured, he doesn’t have a fast healing factor like Wolverine, so Soda Pop errrrrrr I mean C. Thomas Howell helped the webhead get to Oscorp, because he saved his son on the bridge. What’s the problem?It sounds like you just want an excuse to hate the movie.

    • It wasn’t that they helped him that was cheesy to me, just the way it happened. I can understand him wanting to help since his son was saved but it just ventured into the cheesy Raimi movie trilogy territory.

      Otherwise, like I said, I loved the movie, third best superhero movie of 2012 for me (behind Dredd and TDKR).

      • where was avengers on that list sorry mate avengers was best comic of the 2012

        • I can’t lie, The Avengers was probably one of my least favorite movies I saw all last year haha

    • Mr. Clown,

      I enjoyed the movie I just hated that part. Not just for the set up of it but the execution.

      Do you know how long it would have taken to coordinate that? Not to mention to be able to get 4 (or more) crane operators to do it?

      Not to mention the Helicopter that could ahve flew him there, the music, limping….

      I mean the police were stopping traffic for him why not fly him there??????

      I like cheese but not that much cheese.

    • Nobody hated the movie. But it was just a really corny part. “C’mon boys! Our hero needs us! Let’s all of New York set aside our differences, work obligations and contracts and help this dude get across the city!”

      Corny but I can laugh and be entertained by it. lol

  14. They showed Morbius’ clock tower in the 1st movie. He should be apart of the Sinister Six.

    • The reason there is a shot focusing on that tower was not to insinuate Morbius, it was because the following scene (which was deleted from the theatrical release) has Peter and Gwen hanging out there.

      • Interesting.

    • pulling off a vampire in a comic book movie would be difficult. I don’t see that happening.

  15. I enjoyed the first one, my only problem was that it didn’t have a lot of action.

    • Yeah. I want more scenes like the high school invasion part. That was awesome. Also SM1’s ending with him swinging through NY, SM2’s Doc Oc fight, SM3’s slick move that he used to first launch up into the building against the giant Sandman.


  16. Oh, snap! They stole Marvel’s traditional first weekend in May release date in 2018. I’m interested if that has a purpose.

    • It’s not that big a deal, they have it in 2014 too

  17. Sony is awesome. You gotta give them credit for having so much confidence in their product. I have high hopes that they really have something incredible brewing over there.

  18. The role of Peter Parker/Spiderman elevated Tobey Maguire to A-List status whereas it did not for Andrew Garfield. I am a little unsure of the idea that the actors in this series will receive the monster paydays of other comic book film leading actors like Bale, Downey (though his agent restructured his deal brilliantly), etc.

  19. The feel of this Spiderman series is more like Ultimate Spiderman instead of the regualr series Spiderman. With that said, It is possible they are making the Green Goblin an actual goblin with Norman Osborne a meniacal CEO trying to create a super soldier type serum. This storyline ultimately kills off Gwen Stacy AND Peter Parker in the end.

    How Gutsy is the new Spiderman franchise?

  20. I thought this was only going to be a trilogy?

  21. I just hope to see a movie with carnage in it

  22. The Sinister six story will likely culminate with spidey 3, then spidey 4 will be all Venom!

    Maybe a button scene at end of Spidey 3 showing Peter’s Dad collecting a sample from a returning deep space probe… it’s a black ooze… aaagh!

    The true origin of the symbiote could never be translated to film exactly, the secret wars alone would be impossible so they have to change it a bit.

    • The Venom suit was developed by Richard Parker in a lab as a cure for cancer in the Ultimate comics, which is where the new movies draws a lot of it’s inspiration from.

  23. Misterio!!!!

    Just want Misterio!

  24. Who I just really want to see are:

    Venom, Carnage, Vulture (secondary) and Scorpion. I know Green Goblin is coming along so I don’t have to worry about that.

    Wish Deadpool and Spider-man could do something together – separate movies with cameos or random encounters with each other.

  25. I liked Lizard in general, but thought he could have been done better in flick. I like Doc Ock & Green Goblin, but they have been done before. I would like to see Scorpion and Mysterio next. I am looking forward to Electro, but don’t know how this new incarnation of him will be compared to the older comics I grew up reading. I could live with Morbius, if not too much for the kiddies. I do not want to see Kraven, Vulture, Rhino (all kind of dumb), and think Hobgoblin is too much of a Green goblin knock-off. Venom and Carnage never impressed me, either. I liked Sandman alot, but would like to see him somehow in a Fantastic Four reboot (along with other Frightful Four members Wizard, Medusa, and Trapster). Now that would be a great 4 on 4 battle harkening back to some of the best of the older fantastic Four comics, indeed! Could be rights problems, tho.
    Generally, I thought the first 3 Spider man movies (especially #1 & #2) were better done than #4, although the first three flicks could have done without Spidey dancing or blubbering all the time.

  26. If they do a Sinister Six flick, Spidey will need a hero team-up. I am sorry, but 6 villains is too many for Spidey to handle alone. Maybe Moon Knight???

  27. Carnage. At some point, I want Carnage. My all-time favorite Spider-Man villain and my 2nd favorite comic book villain of all time.

    But if that happens, I’d like the traditional version. Which means Venom comes first, and I have no issue with a new Venom :)

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