‘Amazing Spider-Man 3′ Gets 2016 Release Date, ‘Amazing Spider-Man 4′ in 2018

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amazing spider man 2 mask costume1 Amazing Spider Man 3 Gets 2016 Release Date, Amazing Spider Man 4 in 2018

The Amazing Spider-Man was designed to serve as the first chapter in a series of movies featuring Andrew Garfield’s Peter Parker, as evidenced by the number of plot threads (no pun intended) lefts dangling by the film’s conclusion. That’s not to mention, the ambiguous nature of the mid-credits scene and hints of future developments (i.e. that something big lies beyond the horizon).

Casting for The Amazing Spider-Man 2 has provided support for this theory. The sequel will incorporate several additional important characters from the Spider-Man comic books and Sam Raimi’s live-action movie trilogy, like Norman Osborn (Chris Cooper), Harry Osborn (Dane DeHaan) and Mary Jane Watson (Shailene Woodley). Some of these people aren’t expected to be featured all that heavily in the film’s storyline, and may simply be introduced in the sequel – through a few minutes of screen-time – in order to lay the groundwork for them to play more essential roles down the line, in a subsequent installment.

Shailene Woodley Mary Jane Watson Amazing Spider Man Amazing Spider Man 3 Gets 2016 Release Date, Amazing Spider Man 4 in 2018

Sony is already looking well-ahead into the future, as the studio has now officially claimed dates to release the third and fourth installments in the Amazing Spider-Man film continuity in theaters. Hence, as it now stands, Amazing Spider-Man 2 will kick-off the Summer Movie Season (which starts in May) next year, followed by Amazing Spider-Man 3 on June 10th, 2016 and Amazing Spider-Man 4 on May 4th, 2018.

The rising salaries for the principle players on the previous Spider-Man movie trilogy – which includes stars Tobey Maguire and Kirsten Dunst – were contributing factors in Sony’s decision to start the superhero franchise over, rather than move ahead with Spider-Man 4 (as was the original plan). However, that may not be so much an issue with the Amazing Spider-Man films, in part because Garfield’s female costar, Emma Stone, will probably be done playing Gwen Stacy at that point (the odds are against the character making it out of Amazing Spider-Man 2 alive).

Similarly, Amazing Spider-Man 1 & 2 director Marc Webb will – in all likelihood – not be working on the third and fourth installments, given that he still needs to fulfill his obligations to direct a movie or two for Fox Searchlight (that almost prevented him from helming the Spidey sequel). That’s to say, fewer people will be getting fatter paychecks for the third and fourth Amazing Spider-Man movies, and thus Sony will be less inclined to abandon ship over the rising cost (assuming there’s no sudden drop in the box office returns for these films).

amazing spider man sequel marc webb Amazing Spider Man 3 Gets 2016 Release Date, Amazing Spider Man 4 in 2018

Finally, as mentioned before, there’s good reason to believe that Sony will keep upping its game on each subsequent Amazing Spider-Man installment, so as to compete with Marvel Studios, Fox and WB/DC’s forthcoming wave of superhero films. That could mean we’ll be getting a Sinister Six team-up somewhere down the line, in addition to (possibly) a more satisfying Venom storyline than the Eddie Brock subplot in Spider-Man 3.

What are you hoping to see in future Amazing Spider-Man movies? Let us know in the comments section!


The Amazing Spider-Man 2 opens in U.S. theaters on May 2nd, 2014, followed by The Amazing Spider-Man 3 on June 10th, 2016 and The Amazing Spider-Man 4 on May 4th, 2018.

Source: Sony/Columbia Pictures

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  1. hoping to see gwen stacy(emma stones)reappear in the next sequel of amazing spiderman…!!!

    • gwen dies in amazing spider man 2 hoping to see her in the amazing spide man 3

  2. gwen dies in the amazing spider man 2… so hoping to see someone play mary jane watson :))

  3. i really hope they make an amazing spider man 3!!!

  4. I hope to see more Spider-Man action. Both movies from the Amazing Spider-Man have lacked this. The trailer was more exciting than the movie.

  5. i want to see Tobey Maguire as The Amazing Spiderman.

    • He cant because he was allready a spider man

  6. without Emma Stone, the amazing spider man 3 will be half. emma stone suits with Garfield. i hope Gwen stacy will reappear in third part.

    • dude gwen stacy died, we know shes dead because they buried her

  7. When will Carnage appear

    • I know right

  8. spier man 2 sad that this is not happy ending movie and that makes it good movie i think spider man 4 must have epic ending and spidey must die

  9. personally, i loved the first amazing spider man in that came out in 2012. we needed to see a fresh face as spider man/peter parker. tobey was getting a bit old, he said in a interview, he was suffering from back pain and other injures due to being spider man, he knows andrew garfield will fine as spider man. andrew garfield is 30 yrs old, 9 yrs less than tobey but he looks young as teen to be playing the role. both andrew and emma do an amazing job as peter and gwen, given the fact that they’re dating in real life. in the sam raimi flims, they screwed everything up. they compeleted block gwen stacy and the disapperance of peter’s parents. and the actress who played mary jane watson was too dramatic. at least the reboot of the amazing spider man, we get an background on peter’s parents and why they passed away, we see gwen stacy(peter’s first love) and soon in the 3rd film we’ll see mary jane(which i secertly hope its emma stone in red hair). everyone got upset with the amazing spider man 2 because gwen stacy was killed off too soon, stan lee worte the comics and made it this way. i agree it sucks that gwen died, but even peter did save her from the fall, it would ruin the 3rd and 4th film in 2016 and 2018. the movies wouldnt follow the comics (which was their intention to follow the comics). so i said the amazing spider man is and will be amazing. emma stone’s character gwen stacy isnt the poor damess in distress that needs saving. mary jane from the sam raimi did a poorly job as mary jane. emma needs to play as mary jane to keep that amazing chemistry between her and andrew. the auduence would love to see emma come back in the amazing spider man 3. the amazing spider man is amazing and andrew garfield does a much more better job as peter parker and spider man. i am a huge fan of the reboot and would love to see more, i heard about peter’s long lost sister??? and his daugher may “mayday” parker with mary jane?? i love to see that, thank you.

    • I don’t get why people keep saying that Emma should come back. I mean yea i would like to see that but it wouldn’t make sense.

    • This is just my opinion but i kinda like the original Spider-man movies better

    • I agree they should bring Angie Stone back as Mary Jane . She fits the part period!!!

  10. I say they should make 5 movies and have spidey fight a futuristic doc ock and in the 4th one venom and in the 5th one carnage should come in thenvenom stops carnage but carnage kills venom then spiderman gets the symbiote and becomes stronger then kills venom

  11. I love the new series. Garfield definitely does justice as spiderman, and as much as I loved Toby Mcguire, its nice to see a fresh face. I absolutely LOVE the playful, cocky attitude of Garfield when he is in his spiderman suit. The whole relationship between Gwen and Peter was much better handled in this movie. They cut to the chase and got rid of all the drama stuff. Love it. I love the new suits, ESPECIALLY THE AMAZING SPIDERMAN 2 SUIT. Brilliant. I am very upset with the death of Gwen Stacy, it was a bit soon in my opinion, but of course the story must be intreging as well as follow the comics. It made the movie that much more…powerful. That being based off of emotions when you walk out of the theatre or shut the movie off at home. I return of Gwen would be absolutely wonderful, but it HAS to make sense. Maybe it was a faked death by the Sinister Six to weaken Peter by attacking his heart. An appearance of Mary Jane Watson wouldnt be too bad, but Gwen and Peter as well as Andrew and Emma just click. I am hoping for a Venom and/or Carnage in the future. The Amazing Spiderman 2 video game concluded with a battle against Carnage, so perhaps that is to come in the movies. Tell me if you guys agree or disagree with my opinions. These are just a few.
    Thanks, Ben

  12. I really liked the movie !!
    ut hated that Emma Stone died (GWEN)
    but honestly !! when Mary Jane appears they can’t make Emma startin it, it wont make sense !
    they either use as Mary Jane : Imogen Poots (Love to see her in red hair,shes cool and pretty)
    This would be amaazing !
    and i love the whole sequel !

  13. Amazing spider man 2 was yet the best spider man ever and the best movie I saw in year I like the story and hope that there will be a lot more spidermans and that gwen stacy wil come alive again


  15. Garfield needs to be acting in The Amazing Spiderman 3 because everybody knows in the previews that’s not him. He’s the best at being Spiderman that is a good position for Garfield.

  16. We’re hoping to see Rhino come back. Also, would be curious to see Amazing Spider-Man’s take on Venom!! Plus, can we please get Gwen Stacey back please?!

  17. In the first movie Gwen mentions her apartment number is 2016. Perhaps this was a reference to when Mary Jane makes her debut which also turns out to be the year 3 is being released. I caught it because she makes sure he knows 2016 and she forgot to write it down. He responds “I’ll remember”

  18. Sad when Gwen died! Made me cry! I don’t care if they use Emma with her red hair as Mary Jane! It wouldn’t make sense but those town go together! Would love to see venom soon! A little more action would be nice as well!

  19. I want to see Peter whup rhino but

  20. Spiderman 2 was so great like i almost died.. It was that good. I gave a standing ovation at the end of the premiere. Cried my eyes out when gwen died. Like why would you kill her?! She made the movie sooo good. I heart gwen but now i cant bec shes dead. Im really sad and ill never get over it. Gwen was one of the best characters (besides peter parker of course) but stupid move on you for killing. Thanks for ruining my life. You better make the 3rd and 4th AMAZING ;)))

  21. I personally love the movies, But, one thing that I don’t get is. why did he have to have the mechanical webs rather than natural webs? Like in the Tobey movies of spiderman. That’s what I don’t get. I can’t figure that out for myself.

  22. I cried when Gwen Stacey died

  23. I love the Amazing SpiderMan movies!! I can’t wait to see Carnage!!! Please keep Andrew G as Spiderman and keep the movies coming!

    • Ok it is upsetting to see Gwen die. But I don’t think she will be coming back. Cause how would they even make her coming back make sense. Did anyone else see Dr. Octopus’ tentacles. I’m hoping to see him plus Rhino and Carnage. I am also wondering if they will bring in Mary Jane Watson. It will most definitely not be the same as Peter and Gwen but it might be nice. I am most definitely waiting for the third movie to come out.

  24. There are still quite a few villains in which need to appear in future amazing spider man movies, like carnage, scorpion, and expecially mysterio!

  25. I was wondering for the amazingspiderman 3 movie is it possible that you would ever add carnage

  26. Hm..I guess that why don’t you reappear Gwen Stacy(emma stone)….
    Just same as CaptainAmerica 2…isn’t bucky came again,then why don’t you
    Reappear Gwen like Bucky but with good person….and why don’t you bring peter’s
    Parents come alive again and more secret

  27. I would honestly like to see spider man in the black suit kicking siinister six but!! that would be a crazy story line with lots of spider action!! :D I think that would be amazing cause all the other spider movies didint really have enough fighting scenes in my opinion :/

  28. as the comic now jackal should be playing in the new amazing spider man 3 :)

  29. I want to see carnage.