New ‘Amazing Spider-Man 2′ and ‘X-Men: Days of Future Past’ Images

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amazing spider man 2 x mend days future past images New Amazing Spider Man 2 and X Men: Days of Future Past Images

Two major superhero blockbusters will hit theaters in May, in the shapes of The Amazing Spider-Man 2 and X-Men: Days of Future Past. Both are expensive comic book movies that have a direct sequel already in development and scheduled for release in 2016 (The Amazing Spider-Man 3 and X-Men: Apocalypse, respectively); furthermore, the pair may serve as springboards for spinoffs arriving in the future. That includes a Venom and Sinister Six film set in Sony’s Spider-Man movie universe, while the list of potential X-Men spinoffs includes X-Force and a handful of solo character films (see: Deadpool).

In other words, there’s a lot riding on these movies doing well at the box office, which accounts for the sheer amount of marketing push behind each film thus far – with plenty more ahead. Today’s list of items to add to the pile include some behind the scenes photos from post-production on the Amazing Spider-Man sequel, along with yet another intriguing Days of Future Past image that hints at multiple timelines in the story.

Director Marc Webb recently Tweeted the following Amazing Spider-Man 2 images, which offer a look at the post-production crew and the facilities where editing procedures like sound mixing and 3D processing are currently underway on the sequel. Webb spent the entirety of the film’s production releasing images through his Twitter account, so give the man credit – he’s been doing his part to keep fans engaged in the film’s progress (through the magic of social media).

Meanwhile, although Days of Future Past director Bryan Singer hasn’t quite kept up Webb’s Tweeting pace, every image that he has released for his new X-Men movie (the third in the franchise which he’s directed to date) has raised intriguing questions about the film’s time-travel storyline.

Take, for instance, this new behind-the-scenes pic of Hank McCoy (Nicholas Hoult) during the 1970s – last time we saw him back in X-Men: First Class, Hank’s experimental attempts to deal with his mutation left him permanently stuck in his blur-furred Beast form. Yet, despite that, here he is, looking decidedly human in ’70s clothing to boot.

One theory we’ve floated about why Hank still looks like a regular human in certain Days of Future Past pics and is all Beast-y in others – or why young Charles Xavier (James McAvoy) appears to be no longer wheelchair-bound in certain images – is that there will be different timelines, as a result of Wolverine (Hugh Jackman) making multiple trips back in time, in order to prevent the event(s) that set in motion a dystopian future.

Such a twist in the screenplay by Simon Kinberg (Sherlock Holmes) would not only make Days of Future Past a callback to Singer’s days of weaving intricate and fascinating narrative webs on films like The Usual Suspects (and, to a lesser degree, Apt Pupil), but also help to account for discontinuities between the present-day X-Men trilogy, X-Men: First Class and the franchise’s black sheep spinoff X-Men Origins: Wolverine – which is to say, those that came about before 20th Century Fox got serious about this whole X-Men shared universe thing. As such, we’re crossing out fingers in hopes that at least part of this speculation turns out to be accurate.


The Amazing Spider-Man 2 hits U.S. theaters on May 2nd, 2013. X-Men: Days of Future Past arrives three weeks later on May 23rd.

Source: Marc Webb, Bryan Singer

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  1. more timeline changes then the lady with cats on Facebook

  2. Time to play catch up with GOTG. Can’t blame Sony and fox for trying. Its going to be a fun summer! I am looking forward to X-men first then GOTG and then Spiderman but I will see all of them! They can now fix some of the time line issues.

    • I’d say Fox needs to catch up. The Amazing Spider-Man 2 already has three trailers and a few featurettes out so their marketing is already in full swing.

      • Only because Sony realizes that their spiderman brand is subpar and they are desperately trying to get as much hype as possible.

        Fox does not have such an inferiority complex.

        • On the contrary, Sony seems pretty confident in their Spider-man franchise. They have plans for the next two (or three) movies booked.

        • The Amazing Spider-Man being subpar is more of a fanboy myth. It was well-reviewed and took in 750+ mil worldwide and it’s going to make more than any X-Men film. Spider-Man always does.

          • Yep, the only people claiming TASM is subpar are those who can’t handle the fact we finally got a decent Spider-Man movie. I have no idea why they think such things but hey.

            • The idea the newer Spider-Man films are inferior and superior to the first three may not be the issue for some movie-goers, it might just be an issue of how necessary it is to see a similar movie just ten years later.

              As whole the comic book films are getting to point where redundancy may become a problem and no matter how many new (or revamped) characters they introduce.

          • I’m not going to claim it was “subpar”, only that I personally didn’t like their take on the characters and story.

            The only thing I can say for sure is it did perform well, just not as well as the original Toby version (adjusted for inflation). I’m sure Sony was hoping to have the success that Marvel movies like TM3 had or to at least exceed the original.

            This sequel will tell the tale however.

      • Well I think Fox are going to be fine: It’s X-men they are the most recognised brand out of the three and just seeing the only trailer would make people excited. Spiderman 2 is also gaining momentum and has a substantial following because of the reboot. Who will win I have no idea but if one of these bombs we will know about it. Pity there’s no other non superhero films I care about although 300 looked alright. CBM are choking the cinema! but I’m not complaining soon it’s Sci-Fi’s turn with SWEP7

  3. Expect more new stuffs from FOX and SONY by the time the GotG trailer hits…
    They usually do that (especially Singer) XD

    • I love when one studio releases a trailer :). It ends up being non stop comic book news from all sides lol.

  4. Lol that lightning bolt in pic 2 looks like its hitting th PC screen, 3D effect TM, ” Abort 3D!!! Technical dificulties!!! Aaaaahhhhh” lol

  5. So anyway, I can’t wait for Guardians of the Galaxy!!! The new trailer is going to be awesome. I AM GROOT!!!

  6. I’ve no doubt these two movies will hit the box office hard. But not because the story’s good (not saying they won’t be), but because of the Marvel brand. Yeah it’s not from Marvel Studios, but because of the coming success of Winter Soldier and the wait for GotG, people will flock anything that has the Marvel label on it. The general public aren’t so keen about the different studios that are in charge of some Marvel properties, which is why questions are thrown here and there like why can’t Wolverine throw down with Iron Man or why Spiderman ain’t part of the Avengers and what not. Still stoked to see the movies though; but trying to play catch-up, follow the MCU formula while at the same time add their own spin just won’t guarantee quick success.
    Marvel Studios did it right with IM1 and now it’s becoming a standard for comic-superhero movies

  7. I find it both sad and appauling how most people feel “If it is not from Marvel, it will suck!” Of course I am referring to the Marvel properties owned by Disney. It is as if people want these other films to fail. I am not just referring to just the DC properties, but also the X-men and Spiderman franchises. Yes the formula Marvel used to establish the Avengers worked very well, but it is not the only formula to use. If all these studios followed the same formula, everything would be the same lacking variety and creativity.

    • Then they conveniently forget that Marvel gave us Agents Of SHIELD or claim to enjoy it to keep up appearances.

      • Agents Of Shield whats that…never heard of it

    • I hate to break the news to you but the vast majority of the movie going population, who has enjoyed all the superhero shows, has ZERO clue that X-men, Spider-Man, and Avengers were made by 3 separate (and competing) studios. All they see is that iconic “MARVEL” animation at the beginning and think they are being developed by the same people.

      I even have personal experience with that very thing. I was talking with a very good friend recently about superhero movies and which they liked/disliked. After we got into it I got the distinct impression he didn’t know about the different studios so I stopped him and told him about Sony, Fox and Disney/Marvel. He didn’t have a clue and I was surprised because this was someone who I thought would have known.

  8. black sheep X Men Origins Wolverine????… nah you are right. of course you are.

  9. Fox needs to get their X-menDOFP movie trailer out yesterday.

    • +1

      First Class is in my top 3 CBMs of all time. Getting very impatient!

  10. Its is something that will forever hurt marvel. I’m talking about the mixed studio. Amazing spiderman had the fun of a spiderman movie and 2 looks like it will heat things up.

    With xmen we are seeing one aspect of cbms that xmen do well with time travel. It will be interesting to see how that is handled.

    One thing I will miss is that I won’t see steve.rodgers and logan butting heads with parker wondering how he got dragged into this mess. By this point it will be difficult to intergrate spiderman into the avengers world and the same with the xmen and ff. Why because as they all use nyc as a backdrop….wtf were they doing during the avengers movie or wtf were they doing during each movie.

    That is one of the only things dc has going for them. They can use whoever they want to be in there movies. Because they own the rights to all.