‘X-Men: Days of Future Past’ and ‘Amazing Spider-Man 2′ Clips Tease Big Battles

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Sony Pictures and 20th Century Fox, respectively, intend to keep their Spider-Man and X-Men franchises moving vertically with additional sequels, but each also have plans for a horizontal expansion (e.g. building shared universes), which means there’s a lot riding on this year’s installments’ success at the box office. The heavy marketing campaigns for The Amazing Spider-Man 2 and X-Men: Days of Future Past are now heading down their final stretch, meaning its time for each studio to finish up their pre-release hype generating bids with a bang.

The above Days of Future Past clip is an except from the film’s opening battle, which was shown very recently to the members of the press who attended the 2014 CinemaCon in Las Vegas. A final trailer for Bryan Singer’s next X-Men movie (his third as director to date) releases tomorrow, but in the meantime this MTV clip highlights the film’s refined mutant effects (see: Iceman creating ice waves that outshine Frozone’s in The Incredibles, Blink and Shadowcat/Kitty Pryde’s using their special abilities to navigate close-quarters, etc.), in addition to better illustrating what the sleeker and more agile futuristic Sentinels (a.k.a. mutant-hunting robots) are like in motion.

Meanwhile, the above Amazing Spider-Man 2 footage is taken from the Times Square showdown between Spidey and Jamie Foxx as the newborn Electro. Sony rang in 2014 by unveiling a chopped-up excerpt from this sequence in Marc Webb’s film. However, this new clip packs a much harder punch thanks to the finished visual effects (see: fully-rendered versions of the character’s super-powers) in addition to it being accompanied by a complete soundtrack – one which received a fair amount of attention, in early pre-release reviews for the comic book movie blockbuster.

Singer and Webb are showing vast improvements with their abilities to stage effects-heavy action here, both in terms of their pure technical construction and how the combat is used to illuminate the superhero characters’ personal attributes through their fighting styles; meaning, these directors appear to have gotten better at using the spectacle as a storytelling device, which makes it significant instead of just flashy, yet empty. That’s encouraging to see, given that the action in these films is, in many respects, as essential to them being good as are their intricate plots – ones which, in part, will setup even larger events to come (see: potential X-Men solo spinoffs and the Venom/Sinister Six movies, respectively).


The Amazing Spider-Man 2 opens in U.S. theaters on May 2nd, 2014, followed by X-Men: Days of Future Past on May 23rd, 2014.

Source: MTV

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  1. Ive expected Spider man to look amazing but Im really impressed of xmen. They really deserve a chance not to go down at the box office, if the whole movie can deliver what this trailer promises

    • I will admit as well that although I predicted X-men to be the least grossing film of the four main CB films, this scene does get me a little more excited. It kinda feels like what X-men 3 should’ve been though.

      It’s just always in that looming shadow of missing Cyclops, which is just moronic.

      • It would be so amazing if they could bring back Cyclops, Storm, Jean Grey and Wolverine (with the original casting) for just one or two more movies. I think that the fans would go wild. I think it would would be awesome if they brought back these 4 characters from the 1st two Bryan Singer X-Men movies with an excellent story plus some other X-Men that we hadn’t seen before… maybe Thunderbird, or Sunfire, or an adult version of Banshee, or Lorna Dane or Dr. Cecilia Reyes.

        I think it would also be great if they brought back Sabertooth. But the actor playing Sabertooth has to be a big guy though. He has to be built like a WWF wrestler and he has to be able to act.

        I would also love to see the current day X-men (James Marsden, Halle Berry, Famke Jensen, and Hugh Jackman) plus some other X-men, face off against the Hellfire club. This would be very similar to what happened in the comic books. I think that the fans would love it and it would be a big box-office success.

        • I would really love for the original x men to make another film like that but unfortunately it wont ever happen. I’m hoping that around the time 2016 comes and Apocalypse comes out, we can get a reboot of EVERYONE from the original, that way they can be younger and we might get a X-Men movie that will have Jean, Storm, Cyke, and Rogue in it that will do them justice. Until then we have to enjoy what we have. I have faith in Fox unlike most people.

          • It won’t happen that way, but Singer says it WILL happen because Kinberg plans to reboot the series after the time travel events. Time travel can reset the timeline…

            So that would mean Cyclops, Jean Grey, Banshee and etc would not be dead. First the events of Apocalypse have to take place though.

            Might as well stop blaming Singer for X2, it sure was not their plan to kill everyone. I don’t know who saw that one coming.

            • I loved what Singer and co. did with the first 2 X films I blame Ratner for that horror fest called X3. Thats why I said that I have faith in Fox.

              • The 1st two X-Men films were great. The second one was actually exceptional and spectacular, in my opinion. I don’t know how the studio ever allowed the 3rd one to be produced. It was horrible and it killed off too many heroes without giving them the amount of respect that they deserve. (Even Jean Grey is supposed to be (the good) Phoenix before she becomes Dark Phoenix (after Jason Wyngard and the White Queen mess around with her mind).

                I do have faith in Bryan Singer and I do believe that he is going to do a good job with D of FP.

                I know that the actors from the original two movies are getting old and that it’s kind of naive for me to think that they are going to bring back James Marsden, Halle Berry, Famke Jansen and Hugh Jackmen. But I loved those 1st two movies soooo much… especially the second one.

                • He’s talking about X3, that was the one they blew. I think from this point on we’ll see Cyclops more as the fans demand, because he got a real cheap assumed death in that movie. And they didn’t have anything to do with X3.

  2. The Spidey clip was visually amazing. The director really captured his spidey sense in a way it’s never been done before, so I bet ASM2 is gonna surprise a lot of people…

    …BUT THAT X-MEN CLIP! I’m sure there is going to be a lot of nay sayers who find something wrong with it, but I loved it. It was obviously edited to be shown on the MTV Movie Awards so I’m anxious as to how the FULL battle will be seen on screen. That one minute clip had more special effects than the entire first X-Men film LMBO. I’m exaggerating a bit, but you guys get my drift. Blink stole the show too. I’m excited for all the POTENTIAL epicness. I already know everyone is holding their breath because they want X-Men to surprise everyone but I’m becoming a believer that maybe Bryan Singer has done the unthinkable and made a good Comic Book movie. He writes good, solid story…but the essence of a real CBM? He’s fallen short too many times. The countdown continues…

  3. X: DOFP just went 2 notches up after seeing that clip. ASM2 looks kinda dizzy with all the 360 degree camera angles. Heck, I’ll see both films in 2D and 3D.

    Ima gonna burn my wallet this May. Oh, there’s also that indie Godzilla movie. There goes my budget.

  4. Not sure what to think of the X-Men’s video……

    • Well I liked it. Impressive choreography at least.

  5. Wait so Bishop’s powers are not the same as the comics? He can’t he uses others energy to power his gun, instead of generating his own blasts?

    • His power has always been energy absorption.

    • That’s always been his power. He can store energy, but the blasts from his hands or his gun always comes from energy his absorbs. The same with Sunspot!

      • I know, but in the comics he always could shoot blast from his hands AND he used big energy guns…. Here it seems like he uses the gun as a release to his powers.

        • Bishop isn’t using his full powers there, he’s absorbing energy getting ready to shoot it from his hands. That’s always been what he does. He’s holding his gun just to shoot as in the comics, he could channel the energy straight out of anything he’s holding or just his hand.

  6. This is SPIDER-MAN!!! I have been very critical of Sony, but man, have they gotten Spidey right this time! Stuff the Raimi films, this new Amazing Spidey franchise looks like it is nailing the character. Sure, the villains have sucked so far, but they have gotten Spidey right, and truth be told that was the best 60 seconds of cinematic Spider-Man I have ever seen!!!

  7. ASM 2 has better action than first.I wasn’t the fan of first amzing spiderman.after watching it i found how truly good sam raimi’s spiderman is.even though spiderman is 10 years earlier than ASM it still stands out.Raimi had a knack for staging spectacle film without comprimising the story .Marc webb is weak on that aspect.

  8. I always had high hopes for Fox to make a great film. That opening battle was choppy of course (because its only a portion of a 10 minute battle) and either way it looks great. Blink really stole the show in this. Her portals, her look, her voice, everything. And holy hell, we see the mutants collaboratively using thier powers and we have seen that since X2 when Storm and Jean both took down those missiles together. I will be seeing this opening weekend many times over. As for TASM2, it looks really dizzying to me. Maybe im too prone to vertigo, but all of the 360 nonsense looks like a headache waiting to happen, but that scene also look so fantastic! Fox and Sony are gonna give Marvel a run for thier money!

  9. Yeah watching Spiderman…. X-men: DERP can get exterminated by Destroyers from Thor…oops I mean those “Sententials”… whatever YEAH GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY!

  10. That Spiderman trailer was extremely weird, like it goes into slow motion and does all this other BS between the fights. Maybe that’s why audiences don’t pay attention to the story, they’re too busy with a headache due to that circle jerk happening.

    I don’t know if I’ll be watching this opening weekend at least not 3D. The other one though, already got seats.

    • And this is why there’s a clear distinction between consumers and creators.

      Stay away from the entertainment industry, dude.

  11. I’m excited to see these clips of ‘X-Men: Days of Future Past, I really want this movie to bring back the feeling I had from watching the first one a decade ago. I took my date who didn’t know who the ‘X-Men,’ was to walking out asking me questions about them. The X-Men universe has so many great stories, they just need the right director to show case them to the people. I’m going to be there opening day, may 23rd!

  12. Amazing Spider-man 2 clip was cool, nice to see the Spidey-sense in action. X-men: DoFP looks great, but I can’t help think that 80% of it won’t look as cool as that scene. If that’s the opening, then it’s just gonna go into the past and we’ll just see Fassbender flying around with his arms out for an hour and a half.

  13. I had my doubts about X-Men;DOFP, that with all the mutants in it the thing would collapse under it’s own weight, but now… to quote Vince Vaugh : “Now it’s a party.” :D

  14. Fox could never get the lighting right and Sony could never get the music right.

  15. Iceman, Blink and Bishop look awesome as Blink can teleport into outerspace or through time. Very well done scene, expecting the movie to look the same due to a high budget. Spiderman 2 I was not impressed by.

  16. My main man Bishop looks freaking awesome in this trailer and they really nailed his look from my comics. Dang, I half expect NIMROD to self repair before Bishop blasts it. I could see a cameo of Forge and Cable in this movie later on, in one of the scnes. This is awesome suff….I’m gonna say it right now, X Men Days Of Future Past will own Captain America’s butt at the cinema!!!!

  17. Talking about Spidey, the international release is on april 16 while in the US, may 2.
    Now thats a lot of time for me to hold my tongue!!!

    But I really wonder why most of marvel films got released a week (or two) in many countries before the US.

  18. I like what I see but I don’t love it. Singer just isn’t that talanted.

    One the plus side: getting some nice T1 vibes from nimrod.
    One the minus side: choice of actors invluding mckellen and halle B and some of the effects (colossus, sunspot) …. not so sure.

    Fingers crossed!!

  19. The internet is now a place where people make instant hate or praise over something new release, and I admit that got me curious so I watched the clip, several times already (even with that annoying video player MTV had).

    And personally, it was just okay. Apart from Iceman’s FINALLY using his slide and ice form (something that should’ve been done since he first appeared in the 1st movie), the rest was just… okay and not really that impressive. We’ve seen Collosus metal form alot in the previous movies, Kitty’s ability was already showcased in The Last Stand, Sunspot looked just like Johnny Storm of FF, Blink’s teleport was nifty but not that special, does Bishop need a power boost like that from Sunspot (if he can absorb the blast from the ‘Sentinels’ later), and the CG for ‘Sentinels’ looked weak (as in video-game fake) at some parts (probably they will fix those when it’s released). Now I’m left confused with the over-praising for this clip, because nothing seemed ‘new’.

    This might be me nitpicking though, but I also think when people are very excited about this shot, they also must remember that these are the ‘future’ mutants while the movie will focus much more on the ‘past’ ones, which to be honest, doesn’t seem to possess the same visual powers (apart from Quicksilver and Havok, I guess?). From the trailers so far, only the future parts I liked better… so does that mean I’m gonna enjoy only 1/3 of the movie? Hope that won’t be the case though.

    • Half the film or about 40% has shots of the ruined future, and the shots in the past heavily feature the sentinels. So they are using their new film techniques throughout the whole film. The movie is being shot using advanced 3D camera work as directors opined, it was done this way because the budget was pretty big overall.

    • Sunspot is different form HT in that his center more darker and he has solarflares around his body like an actual sun. Bishop needed the powerboost from Sunspot in order to more prepared, rather than just grab energy from a sentinel, assuming the robot wouldn’t stab him, remember these machines know how each mutant’s power functions.

  20. Looks like Nimrod prototype can actually change its form by morphing…I didn’t see or expect that one. I wonder if this means the white armor will show up somewhere. Looks really good in the 3D view and definitely a nice setting. Sweet looking Iceman.

  21. Am I the only one confused on why Blink just freezes after she creates a portal? It
    looks weird.

    • Actually the problem here is to show off two actions and transition between them. Blink moves and your eye is catched and is following right from her movement to transition that happened – opened portal and Iceman jump. If she moves your eyes will lose focus on whats heppening with portal. Usually people just move camera along such action or speed up movement. I guess its not final.

  22. Pleasantly surprised by both!

    X-Men looks like they are actually a team working together for once and not in the lame way X3 did at the end.

  23. [prediction mode]
    So this year for CBMs its like this:

    1/2) ASM2 or XDotFP
    3/4) MTV movie awards sneak peaks of ASM2 or XDotFP
    5/6) Trailers of ASM2 or XDotFP
    7/8) GotG or Captain America Winter Soldier
    9/10) Trailers of CAWS or GotG

    Well and Thor 2. Sorry, we have only 10 positions =(
    [/prediction mode]

  24. Good graphics for The Amazing Spider Man 2 video game.