‘The Amazing Spider-Man 2′ Viral Marketing Teases More Villains

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Amazing Spider Man 2 Viral Marketing The Amazing Spider Man 2 Viral Marketing Teases More Villains

Since San Diego Comic-Con this past summer, it’s been pretty clear that The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is setting up the eventual appearance of the Sinister Six. In fact, the news has been all but confirmed by Paul Giamatti, who is playing the supervillain Rhino in the movie.

But if the movie’s viral marketing is any indication, there may even more villains set to enter the Spider-Man movie universe, including some interesting lesser known characters.

A new article at the faux news website The Daily Bugle discusses the stock performance of Oscorp and a number of interesting developments at the company. Sharp-eyed Spidey fans will recognize several sly references to bad guys in the news.

Here’s a snippet of the article:

Despite the assault on Oscorp Tower two weeks ago and the revelation that disgruntled Oscorp employee, Dr. Curt Connors, was responsible for the attack, Oscorp’s stock has climbed four points.

Oscorp spokesman Douglas Menken provided some details from the meeting, including that the construction on the prototype alternative energy power plant, complete with hydroelectric tower, is on schedule for completion within the next year.

Other highlights included a preview of a flight harness for the military and significant advancements in robotics by the head of the engineering division, Spencer Smythe.

Did you catch all of the references? If not, we can help. The most recognizable reference is probably the mention of a “flight harness.” I don’t know about you, but those words bring to mind one guy: The Vulture. The Vulture is one of the more memorable Spider-Man villains and was even going to be played by John Malkovich in Sam Raimi’s aborted Spider-Man 4. Presumably, if The Vulture ever makes it into the ASM movie universe, he will either be an employee of Oscorp or steal the technology from the company.

Amazing Spider Man Vulture The Amazing Spider Man 2 Viral Marketing Teases More Villains

The “prototype alternative energy power plant, complete with hydroelectric tower” could be talking about the villain Hydro-Man. Hydro-Man gained the power to turn into and manipulate water after he was accidentally knocked from a cargo ship by Spider-Man into the ocean during the test of a, you guessed it,  “powerful experimental generator.”

Finally, there’s Spencer Smyth, the head of Oscorp’s engineering division. In the comics, Smyth is the creator of a series of robots called the “Spider-Slayers,” which are designed specifically to hunt down Spider-Man.

Spider Man versus All His Villains The Amazing Spider Man 2 Viral Marketing Teases More Villains

It’s unclear whether any of these characters will actually appear in The Amazing Spider-Man 2, though it isn’t beyond the realm of possibility. One intriguing thought is that Office star B.J. Novak will play Smyth. After all, when Novak first joined the film, many fans speculated he’d be playing Alastair Smyth (the son of Spencer Smyth).

Colm Feore’s role is still undefined, so it’s possible that he could play The Vulture (as was rumored when he first joined the film). However, this conflicts somewhat with previous images that seem to suggest Feore’s character will be involved with the Ravencroft Institute.

In any case, the continued references to villains both major and minor definitely gives credence to Marc Webb’s comments that The Amazing Spider-Man 4 will be more than just a Spider-Man movie. At the current rate they’re piling on bad guys, Spidey will have to team up with somebody to keep his head above water. Who will it be? I’ll leave that for you to debate in the comments.

What do you think of these references? Will any of these characters actually end up in the movie or is this just some viral marketing fan for Spider-Man fanboys?


The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is out in theaters on May 2nd, 2014.

Source: The Daily Bugle

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  1. Ugh, I’m so tired by the thought of Spiderman 4. Why focus on so far away when the first film was merely mediocre. How about you narrow the focus and try to just make one good film rather than worrying about THREE movies down the line? It’s kind of insane.

    • Is it not always good to have future plans in mind? Can they not think of other ideas when this film is already done filming?

    • All Sony has is Spider-Man. That is thier bread and butter. They are going to milk this as long and as hard as they can until they either find a new franchise or it’s time to reboot AGAIN.

      • Should it be rebooted again, only one way to go, Spider-Man 2099.

        • No, it has plenty of ways before 2099. And Bond style Spider-man should be good idea as well.

    • The first film was definitely not mediocre. It was the Spiderman movie I’d been waiting for my whole life. One that wasn’t cheesy and unbearable upon release and doesn’t slip into “unbearable cheese mode” as the years pass like Raimi’s trilogy (the only Raimi movies I really can’t bear to watch).

      I like that they’re looking to the future because hey, Marvel and Fox do it too, why aren’t people complaining about them pitching for the next decade?

      At least Sony seems to be saying “we have so much confidence in this team, we’re prepared to discuss and tease for the 4th movie long before the second has even released”.

      • +1
        The Amazing Spider-Man had several things I wanted it a Spider-Man movie. While it may not be one of my favorites, the sequel definitely has the potential to be from what I’ve seen so far (plot points, leaked comic con trailer). And the fact that they have the same writers of this film set for the third entry gives me the idea that everything will be smooth sailing.

        • +2

          • +3

      • I gotta say your right about the Raimi films being cheesy, but the Marc webb film was just straight up bland and ridiculous. Its good they are thinking about he future and I wish other studios would as well. Im sure they are, theyre just not telling us. Im confused as to why the Webb film was the “one” you’ve been waiting for. Peter was a rebel without a cause and not the nerd hes supposed to be. Im aware you have to update things as this story was original 1960s but I don’t think it hit anywhere close to the mark. The movie had zero feeling and zero impact on consequences that the characters were making. Raimi’s had cheese but atleast it had feelling. I felt the excitement as Tobey Maquire climbed his first wall, swung from his first web. I felt the sadness when uncle ben died. Andrew Garfield was as pumped about having super powers as getting a new car. WTF? Hes got super powers but all hes worried about is getting a girl? he throws a football and bends a goal post in front of everyone and no one puts two and two together? Peter then reveals hes spiderman to 3 different people in the first movie? Two words – Lazy Writing. The movie was more worried about a “Twilingt” Romance then being a good movie. It had an obligation – Be a spiderman movie and start spiderman off right. It bombed big time and I think the only Reason Marc Webb got the job is because of his coincidental last name. This movie was a waste of my time and more importantly a raping of what ive always wanted in spiderman. I suggest you read some comics and atleast go to Netflix and check out the 90s cartoon. The cartoon is more of an updated version that is actually thoughtful.

        • Speaking as someone who quite literally has every comic canon to Spider-Man… what exactly are you talking about?

          First and foremost, how exactly is Peter a “rebel without a cause”? Who is h rebelling against? No one. He keeps to himself, does his own thing, reaches out very little to the other students because he figures “why bother” when they barely seem to even notice he exists. That’s very much in keeping with Peter Parker, as stated by the character multiple times in-comic, as expressed by Stan Lee’s own updated origin short in the anthology novel “The Ultimate Spider-Man”. As for not being a nerd… how? Because he’s not some timid little mouse? Because he’s not wearing sweater vests, pocket protector and dress shoes? As I understand it, a “science nerd” is one who is heavily into science and technology and puts a good deal of their free time into it. Which, btw, Peter does in the movie. Books on chemistry and biology, builds his own remote mechanical door lock from scratch, understands complex scientific theories and is capable of working with a genius-level scientist in a matter of days… what, because he wears a Ramones t-shirt and has a skateboard we don’t even see him use much outside of testing out his powers, he’s somehow lost all that?

          Now let’s talk about some funny bits in your complaints, shall we?
          -”He has powers and all he cares about is getting a girl?”
          Peter had powers. Yes. His main focus, however, and the events leading to Ben’s Death, actually revolved around getting to know a man who could tell him more about his parents and why they may have disappeared. His activities after said death mainly revolved around seeking the man who did it until a GIANT FREAKING LIZARD came into play. Getting the girl is actually a side thing, and SHE pursued HIM.

          In Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man, however, that is quite LITERALLY Peter’s main focus, throughout two movies and arguably becomes such again in the third. He spends the first two movies pining over the same girl, wishing he could give up everything for her, so on. His uncle’s death? Happens because he wants to get money. Why? To impress the girl. All throughout the movie she is his main focus. When the Goblin tries to force him to choose between saving her and saving the kids on that tram, who does he risk letting die? The kids. Why? TO SAVE THE GIRL. In the next movie, he LITERALLY starts LOSING HIS POWERS over her, then rather than try to find a way to regain his powers (explained away by him being “lovesick”, no less), he straight-up LETS IT HAPPEN and proceeds to try to break up said girl’s engagement. Yeah, totally it’s this movie that has him solely focused on a girl.

          -”he throws a football and bends a goal post in front of everyone and no one puts two and two together?”

          Yes. He tosses a football at a good distance and hits the post, which is only when people start even looking up. Everyone else is focused on the happenings on-field and not paying much attention. Hence their shocked sounds and looking up/whirling around when they hear the sound. Most did not see what had happened or even who threw it.

          Now let’s talk about a certain other movie, shall we? Peter Parker proceeds to beat the hell out of a jock who previously would have picked him apart, and was known to. He executes a triple flip in midair before gripping his arm so tightly you can hear things starting to crack and then punching him in the chest so hard he goes flying twenty feet down the hall… in front of a full crowd of students who IMMEDIATELY notice something is wrong about him. As if this were not enough, he SHOOTS OFF HIS WEBBING IN SCHOOL. IN FRONT OF PEOPLE. WHO SEE IT. Yet NONE of them can put two and two together… except Mary Jane, of course, whom can tell by a freaking KISS. Not, y’know, the catching her mid-fall and perfectly stacking her food, not the “slam Flash down the hall” moment… a kiss. lol

          -”Peter then reveals hes spiderman to 3 different people in the first movie?”

          Lesse, the count of people who know he’s Spider-Man are his girlfriend, whom he told as a confidant (which has comic basis), her father who found out after he unmasked him and Peter chose to give him an ultimatum of helping him save his daughter or fighting him and putting her at risk (who is dead) and Curt Connors, who wants Peter left alone now that he’s no longer hopped up on Lizard Juice. The only other person who knows who he is POTENTIALLY is a little boy who was so scared out of his mind (and saw him in the dark) that it’s doubtful he’d be able to identify him again even if he saw him.

          MEANWHILE, we have Peter having his identity learned by EVERY VILLAIN in those movies, we have a train full of people LITERALLY see his face and just… promise not to tell… we have him announced as Spider-Man to a full arena AND demonstrating his wall crawling power AND webs before unmasking himself to security and the arena manager when collecting his pay… and then giving him a REASON to screw him over.

          -”The movie was more worried about a “Twilingt” Romance then being a good movie.”

          This one’s so fun because people toss this term around like confetti and yet never provide basis for it. The “Twilight Romance” typically refers to people who are portrayed to have a fully fleshed-out romance that’s actually never progressed, and based on an unhealthy obsession. Where is that in this movie? Because he, what, snaps a shot of her in his capacity as the school photographer? Y’know, the folks that take Yearbook photos and the like? Because that certainly looked like what he was doing to me. On top of this, not once has anyone claimed the relationship between Peter and Gwen is fully fleshed out yet. The director himself has said this. These movies are meant to be an ongoing story, similar to how comics are structured. They’re not meant to be episodic tales that exist solely within their own little arc of events like the last trilogy. Hence why things WILL be carried over and explored in the next movie, Peter WILL be experiencing guilt over Captain Stacy’s wishes, he WILL be looking for Ben’s killer still, the events at Oscorp WILL have consequence and impact, etc.

          Now in the RAIMI movies… we’re supposed to believe this relationship has meat based solely on the assertions that, off-screen, Peter has somehow been in love with this girl since he was a little boy. That’s nice… but she’s been utterly oblivious the entire time. So he’s been harboring this one-sided crush the whole time, he mumbles to himself having pretend conversations with her, he watches her through the window, he follows her across town and PRETENDS he was “just in the neighborhood” after her audition… then rejects her because “RESPONSIBILITY!” even though the only man who’d ever learned who he was and had the power to actually do something about it was dead, there were no foreseeable threats, and there was pretty much NO comic basis for that to happen, let alone in-film logic. But he does. Then immediately goes back on it in the next film and, on top of it, learns that it’s moot anyways because just having her near him in his capacity as Peter Parker got her kidnapped and placed in grave danger regardless. Oh well, still chased her, revealed his identity, tries to reject her AGAIN… and then has her running out on the man she’d promised to marry, leaving him hurt and humiliated at the altar in front of his family and friends to go be with Peter. And WITHOUT any sort of consequence, might I add. Apparently J. Jonah just brushed off the fact that Parker was partly responsible for his son being jilted and all his money going to waste? Naaah, why would there be any kind of consequences for a MAJOR STORY POINT?

          But now let’s focus on perhaps the most offensive statement here: ” It bombed big time and I think the only Reason Marc Webb got the job is because of his coincidental last name.”

          Marc Webb got the job because he is not only a visionary director with a unique style, but because he has a deep, long running love for this character. He has intimate knowledge of the comics AND other media. He can cite reasons he did what he did in film and then actually back it up with a direct citation from the comics, right down to the ISSUE. He even has an intimate knowledge of the Spider-Man NOVELS for crying out loud. He has a love for the character usually seen only in a hardcore fanboy. THAT is why he was chosen, and that is why he will continue to be succesful.

  2. Black cat! And hopefully venom

    • Yup. Black Cat for sure is what immediately comes to mind.

    • Venom Venom Venom Venom – Screw Venom. You know who used to be cool?? Wovlerine – USED TO BE, before they put him in EVERYTHING. The guy is a loner but now head of the xmen as far as cartoons an movies are concerned. Venom is cool but soon to be ruined by “uncool lets bleed something dry to make money Hollywood”. Why would you guys want Venom this early??? Venom is only as cool as his origin and build up and that’s because he is one of spidermans greatest foes. Sidey had to fake his own death just so venom would leave him be. He couldn’t even beat him. SO you want spider to fight his greatest foe in the 3rd or 4th movie?? Venom should only come along after a lengthy series of spiderman learning growing kicking butt and having the black costume a while. THen Venom and an entire movie of Venom kicking spideys butt. AND FOR GOD SAKES not Harry Osborn Venom

  3. Maximum Carnage storyline is what I want.

  4. The Spider-Slayers would be really cool. I still want Scorpion, he’d be a cool addition. I just hope they don’t go the mystical route with guys like Morlun, Carrion and those mother f*ckers. And I’d love the Jackal. They could do some really creepy and messed up sh*t with him.

    • I’ve said it before, the Clone Saga would make an absolutely epic series of films, and Kain would make an absolutely awesome anti-hero.

    • Heres someone who makes sens!!! The spider slayers are a great idea, As is scorpion. Scorpion should be the main baddie in the 4th or 5th movie. The mystical route is not the way to go I agree and the Jackel would be great too. I think they should bust through all the classics before they get to Jackel/Vemom/Carnage etc. As long as not every villain is tied to Oscorp – BORING!!!

    • That actually looks pretty badass.

      • Also, seeing Rocket Raccoon standing next to the rest puts a smile on my face, pure awesome. Really hoping this film turns out good.

        • Brilliant.

          30 seconds is all it takes to show the naysayers how wrong they are.

          • I was never really excited for this film, but that little trailer did the job.

            • I also thought the shot of Bautista was Hugh Jackman for a sec lol.

    • That looks awesome!
      James Gunn FTW.

    • I posted something similar last week and all I got was a load of Sh*t because people had already seen it!!

      Does look better than I expected though hook a chukka!

    • The world is a better place when they can make a 3ft tall, machine gun toting raccoon, who’s best friend is a tree, believable.

    • “they call themselves the guardians of the galaxy. what a bunch of a-holes!” lmfao classic stuff right there. That looks like an amazing scify flick. did you see the leaked footage of xmen first class?

      • Avenged, Where’s the leaked Xmen footage? The guy that posted that Gaurdians teaser said he was going to post it but I can’t find it.

  5. Wow awesome, would be especially excited for Vulture and the Spider-Slayers.

    • God that takes em back a few years!

  6. omfg…that trailer

  7. “Sigh” SCORPION!!!!!!!!

  8. I think the line “More than just a Spiderman movie” in regards to ASM4, is missing the mark in regards to guessing a Sinister 6 involvement. It seems a bit more likely that the 6 would be set up in the second, come to fruition in the third and how would Spidey take them on? In the black suit! This tends to give creedance to a more cohesive arc that the 4th will feature more with Venom and most likely Carnage. If a Spin Off is rumored (which all talk can be brushed aside, just as much as it can be taken as truth) then the fourth would be more about Venom than before. This would bring the most satisfaction to fans (like myself) who yearn for the next films to continue to show exactly why this franchise needed a reboot in the midst of the blockbuster abomination trilogy than was over cheesed and left little excitement to even the most adoring 8 year old fans. This is my hope, but the pieces fall nicely into place once taken a step back to review the entire picture.

  9. The hydro-electric energy station is more likely to be involved in creating Electro than Hydro-man, in my opinion.

    • Agreed. Maybe I’m wrong, but I believe they are misusing the term ‘hydroelectric’. ‘Hydro’ usually refers to electricity generated by a strong source of water and I’m not sure how that would happen using a tower. Generally hydro power is generated through the use of a dam, run of the river penstock system or turbine systems placed on the seabed where tidal currents are quite strong.

      • Unless the tower is what’s being used to distribute the generated electricity.

  10. I really hope they will have Carnage and Venom together but save it for the last movie. I want to see the Kingpin in one of these movies somewhere, and maybe Tombstone.

  11. Climbed 4 points? Doc Oc, anyone? You guys forgot to mention that reference in there!

    • Because that’s a stupid connection to make and I’m saddened to realize you could actually believe that.

  12. I’ve always wanted to see Mysterio and Scorpion

    • I forgot about Mysterio and Scorpion. Since Mysterio is in the Sinister Six I’m assuming he will be in one of these movies.

      But the way they change things for the movies you never know because Doc Oc made the Sinister Six in the comics and i didn’t see any tease about him.

  13. Why so much love for Vulture? As a long time fan (starting reading Spidey in the early-to-mid eighties as a kid), I was never a fan of Vulture.

    There are so many better villains out there:
    Venom, Carnage, Doc Ock, the Goblin (Green or Hob), Lizard, Kraven, Rhino, Electro, Sandman, Spider Slayers, Chameleon, Mysterio, Jackal, Kingpin, Morbius, Scorpion, Tombstone, Shocker, Shriek, and even the Hypno-Hustler are better villain choices than Vulture.

    • I agree with you. It’s the same way I feel about the hype surrounding Ant-Man

      • +1

  14. Scott Adkins as Kraven the hunter please!

  15. Vulture, Rhino, Kraven…they never did anything for me. I would like to see Mysterio and Scorpion, though. And if Spidey is gonna fight 6 villains, he needs help. Better get another hero in there to help him.

  16. King Pin, Mysterio,Venom, Hobgoblin, and Carnage need to be added to the short list of an expanded Spidey universe.

  17. Sony’s last attempt at multiple villains in a Spider-man film was a debacle (Spider-man 3), so their attempt at eventually involving the Sinister Six will be a complete disaster. Don’t forget, it’s the same people who are planning these sequels that gave us Emo Spider-man vs Sad Sandman & Skinny Venom. Hopefully Marvel gets Spidey back after this movie ASM2 fails at the box office. Much like WB/DC, all of these plans are nothing more than a knee-jerk reaction to how much $$$ Avengers made.

    • And fans were all gung-ho up to the release of SM3. Luckily history can never repeats itself.

  18. I read in a local newspaper that Colm Feore was playing the Vulture (Adrian Toomes) but they may have just been running with a rumour. He was recently billed to play the titular character in King Lear next season at Stratford, which is where I read he would be playing the Vulture.

  19. I would like to see Doc Ock Kraven, A UPDATED VERSION of Vulture and Scorpion all in one huge film. Doc Ock an Kraven are musts.

  20. Ya’ll are saying he needs another hero to help him. I believe Lizard will end up helping him out. Or it would be cool to Venom as an antihero.

  21. I agree that Kraven and Mysterio are musts!

  22. Who could they possibly have team up with Spiderman

  23. Does Sony have shared rights to Kingpin? I know the Daredevil rights reverted to Marvel, so my assumption is they have Kingpin too?!!

  24. I want Kraven, or Morbius

  25. First movie was terrible. Sad they are making another bad one…

  26. Your thinking too much, the hydroelectric towers are what Max Dillion falls in to become electro. If you seen the leaked trailer from ComicCon, you’ll know what i mean.

  27. God, is this going to be like Spider-Man 3 on steroids?

    • Nooooo, because not everyone is going to be going full villain in this movie. Multiple times they’ve explained they’re doing a lot of SEEDING in this film. In other words, setting up for the future.