‘Amazing Spider-Man 2′: Felicity Jones Hints at Additional Villains in Sequel

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Black Cat or Menace?

Black Cat in Amazing Spider Man 2 Amazing Spider Man 2: Felicity Jones Hints at Additional Villains in Sequel

It’s been long assumed that, like DeHaan, Jones (another rising star) was being courted to play villain-turned-hero (and Spider-Man’s hot/cold love interest) Black Cat – if only for the potential to spin the character off into her own franchise. However, from Jones’ description, it seems that one of the following scenarios is possible:

  1. She’s a re-imagined version of Black Cat/Felicia Hardy (hence the word “accomplice” – a reference to Cat’s career as a criminal). 
  2. She’s one of (or a composite of) the female love interests who have appeared in Harry and/or Norman Osborn’s life over the years, such as Liz Allan (from old-school Spidey comics) or (more likely) Lilly Hollister, who goes on to become her own version of the Green Goblin, known as Menace.
  3. She’s a new character created for the film.

Amazing Spider Man 2 Felicity Jones as Menace Amazing Spider Man 2: Felicity Jones Hints at Additional Villains in Sequel

For my money, I’m betting on option #2. They already cut Mary Jane Watson from Amazing Spider-Man 2 in order to focus on Peter and Gwen Stacy (and some possible tragic developments in that relationship), so adding Black Cat (yet another love interest) to the mix seems a  less likely than simply giving Harry Osborn his own love interest. And, Lilly Hollister/Menace would certainly fit Jones’ description of being on the dark side of things.

If you don’t know, Menace  was Harry’s girlfriend who happened to discover one of Norman Osborn’s Goblin lairs and was exposed to his Goblin serum, giving her the ability to transform into her own Goblin creature. Menace is even stronger than the Osborn boys in Goblin form, with just as many nasty weapons and gadgets up her sleeve. A third act twist revealing Jones as a super powered threat would indeed catch a lot of fans off guard – which is why I’m placing my bet on that very scenario.

We’ll know more after Comic-Con 2013 – but until then, what do YOU make of this?


The Amazing Spider-Man 2 will be in theaters on May 2, 2014.

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Sources:  View London (via Bleeding Cool)

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  1. This film has got so much stuff going for it, its hard to keep up with. I really liked the first one and I believe this will be a few steps up in every way. I got faith in Marc Webb but Sony, still ify.

    • +1

      I hope Marc Webb and the co are able to pull this off.

  2. the copying of marvels cinematic universe by fox and sony has reached
    a ridiculous crescendo… its a shame those executives at fox and sony
    wont give the rights back to marvel because they need to cashgrab rather then create a quality product.

    • If you give Spider Man, X Men, Fantastic Four back to Marvel, YOU WILL NEVER SEE MOST OF THE MARVEL MOVIES MADE.

      Marvel is already iffy on putting 3 movies out in one year. So if you stick to 2, how would you make time for Spider Man, X Men, Wolverine, Deadpool, Fantastic Four, Avengers, Thor, Captain America, Ant Man, Black Panther, Guardians, Doctor Strange, Immortals, Daredevil, Punisher etc etc?

      They need to keep them separated so those movies can actually be made and see the light of day. I love Marvel too, but they aren’t capable of producing 10 different franchises all at one time. Give up the dream, my man.

      • I think he’s been hating on all the Marvel character franchises that isn’t owned by Marvel since the beginning. I wouldn’t pay much attention to it man. Agreed with everything you say nonetheless!

      • Turn the question on its head and ask should they even be made, not whether Marvel would make them? You don’t seem to understand that everyone isn’t a giant comic book fan. Every time they make one of these films they run the risk of turning off the general audience. One of the ways of doing that is making crap cash grabs that stuffs these things to the brim with characters and crazy scenarios that push the whole thing further from audience knowledge or interest.

        The general audience isn’t going to be interested in holding a score card or reading their smart phone to try to figure out who is what and what they’re doing or their back-story while watching a movie. How are they going to characterize five villains and even leave enough room to get the audience to emotionally invest in Parker and Gwen’s relationship or Harry and Parker’s relationship or Parker and Dr. Connors or even Parker and his Aunt,Uncle and his missing parents? Then make the villains believable on top of that?

        It’s like ‘Spider-Man 3′ all over again only worse and if it isn’t then it’s all media flash to work up CBM fans which is manipulative and way more cynical and selfish than those of us who don’t particularly like what Fox and Sony have done with the franchises in their care.

        Those of us that want the properties to go back to Marvel really do care about the properties and the characters. We’re not trying to deprive all the other fans of good entertainment. We just want the entertainment to be of high caliber and take the stories and characters seriously, instead of trivializing them or reducing the whole thing to a soap opera. In my mind it’s way more selfish to want these things at any cost and the he*l with the quality…

        • You may care but those characters and those story arcs we want will be at a higher risk to not be shown at all. Just because Phase 1 was such a success, it does not make Marvel immune in creating bad movies (i.e. Iron Man 3). It is better off for Marvel to share their toys with the kids in the playground since one studio does not possess divine powers to produce 10 movies every year. Hell, it is rather ironic you fanboys vociferate “give the rights back” when you people do not even realize how much you overwhelm the creative minds at Marvel Studios if that happens. You will overwhelm them so much that they will just explode, run out of ideas, become fed up, and say to hell with it.

      • I really wish Marvel had some sa asto HOW thes movies are made and how they are produced!
        KEEP them in line with what Marvel is doing with their movies, Have some continuity, NOT necessarily crossover but that all this stuff is happening in ONE universe, ONE movie-verse, IT would b hard but it could be done!

        Some of these studios have really ruined these moves because of continuity and it would be great if Marvel could kind of PUSH them all into A direction!

    • The only one that hasnt been a quality film is Spiderman 3! And thats only because Venom was forced into it!

      • I think it would have been good still if Venom had just NOT died.

        • Wait… when did Venom die? This is the comics, even if you see a dead body in a casket that gets cremated the character is never dead dead.

      • xmen 3 and origins. nuff said

    • Ha, as if Marvel’s Cinematic Universe isn’t one giant cash-grab… They’ve all been insipid studio products.

      • IronMan3isaMessiveHit

      • Hahahahahahahahaha! And ALL of the MCU movies are better than Man of Steel… even Iron Man 2.

  3. Why does it feel like well be subjected to several “origin stories” within a movie which will just conveniently (aka lazily) jam everything in the third act together somehow so spiderman can fight everything?

  4. Sony and Fox just need to give the rights back to Marvel but the problem is they are just too greedy. Fox was very stupid to cast Evan Peters as Quicksilver. Fox let their egos get the best of them and they don’t realize that they can actually get more money by pairing with Disney and Marvel. Because the MCU is very popular right now.

  5. Hey Rodd, I was just wondering what your opinion is on these ideas all in all since you were saying that sony has reached a point of ridiculousness. I am not trying to say I disagree with you, I just was wanting more input on why you believe so. I for one think they are kind of going into way too many directions with this Spiderman to keep up with, but I do not know the comics as well as other people do. Thanks.

    • some folks think iam to hard on sony,i read the spiderman comic consistently for about 17 years in a row, and now i read it off and on for the last sixteen years. i did like amazing spiderman because to me it looked like ultimate spiderman which is what it should have been called to begin with. what i did not like was the lizard without the snout, the fact that parkers parents were brought out in commercials and zero answers in film, even the comic book has laid waste to the spiderman mythos with the ben reilly clone saga,brand new day and now the dr octupus spiderman. however everything they are doing in this film is same as captain america 2 where sony is trying to give the lead actor as much of a hand as possible for a bigger gross because its apparent neither can carry a movie by themselves.my only hope is that if one day spiderman goes back to marvel, myself and many fans will get the mature peter parker and an ultra gorgoeus mature mary jane we all have been waiting for, the grownup spiderman from the 80’s.

      • You do realize they have multiple sequels planned right?

  6. Hope this movie won’t be “gobblin'”! The kid playing Harry Osbourne looks more like “hairless Osbourne”; pretty young-looking, but at least they found a way to make Peter Parker look slightly more mature by comparison now.I am excited for Electro, but think Rhino will be a big dumpy-drawers. Hope future enstallments have Mysterio and Scorpion.

    • Typo
      “who happened to discover one of Norman Osborn’s Goblin layers and was exposed to his Goblin serum”

      That should be “lairs”

      • LOL. I was trying to figure that out. I settled on, she found a mask and placed that “layer” over her face (a bit of a stretch).

        • …hmmm…”layher over her face”…is someone being naughty??

          • Layer?…I hardly know her…

      • That seems to be the origin story of EVERY Green Goblin related character “They found a green goblin lair and fell into the goblin formula somehow”

  7. I’m a little scared for this movie. It has so much going on for one movie let alone only being the second in the new franchise. I would be ok if rhino and electro are the villains and green goblin is introduced later leading to spiderman 3. They need to slow down and make a franchise its not all about $$$

    • You people do realize that they are making FOUR movies right? They don’t have to jam everything in because there will be two more after this. People just calm down.

      • +1

  8. Why can’t we just have a normal, classic Black Cat finally?

    • What does that have to do with the Sony-owned Spider-Man?

  9. I like the Menace idea, it would be perfect. Honestly, this movie is shaping up to be grand and awesome, I’m just hoping they have a good grasp on everything and characters are there for a good reason and move the story along. Marvel can continue bringing out the characters they have, as well as Fox and Sony. Three different universes building up for big things, who doesn’t want that?

  10. For those who watched the 1980s animated series, Felicia Hardy was at one time engaged to the Hobgoblin. No one actually said which goblin this was. It was also before the existence of the Green Goblin.

    • Do you mean the 90s one?

  11. I do not believe that Menace will be seen in this franchise since I do not see a character like that being played out on the big screen, much less for a girl (dont mean to be sexist, ladies, give Menace a broom and a black hat and we’ll be seeing a remake of Oz: the Great and Powerful). I believe that there will be more of a spinoff than sticking to originality when it comes to Black Cat’s origins. Maybe have Norman Osborn building and creating his own criminal empire and hires a more sneaky, and athletic person to destroy any competition (Black Cat, maybe?) and gains a “love in first sight” with Harry, which is left debating for Cat whether to leave this evil business she is involved in (convinced by Spidey) or to stay with Harry and get the dinero easily.

    Cat leaves Norman’s Criminal Empire, and joins Spidey, which makes Harry gain rage against Spidey. During the big fight in TASM 2, after Spidey takes down Electro (Electro absorbs too much energy which causes the cells of Ravencroft to become open which lets all criminals out and Spidey)and Rhyno (stumbles his horn into Electro), here comes along the Goblin as the surprise guest to destroy Spidey once and for all with Gwen Stacy in his hands. Spidey chases him off, Goblin drops Stacy to the bridge, Stacy dies, Spidey mourns for a bit, kicks Goblin’s ass, Goblin tries to pull the old sneaky trick he tried to pull off as seen in Spider-Man 1, he fails, and dies. Harry arrives on the crime scene where the Goblin dies, is explained what happened and the cops informs Harry that Norman was the Goblin and that Spidey might be the one who murdered him since there was webbing on the bridge, which feeds even more fuel of rage from Harry to Spider-Man.

    After this, that’s when the Symbiote suit merges with Spidey. Since all of the Ravencroft criminals are running free, Spidey goes out and not only captures them, but hurts them brutally.

    Peter swings to the top of a church. He becomes aware that his rage and the death of Gwen is making him bad, he tries to break out of the Symbiote but the Symbiote wraps up Peter in a cocoon where we see the Symbiote talking to Spidey and saying that without him he is weak and that no one else cares for him. At first, Spidey seems convinced, but then is reminded of Uncle Ben, Aunt May, Captain Stacy, and Gwen. We see a Spidey vs Symbiote Spidey Battle (similar to the Superman vs Superman battle in Superman II). Spidey reigns victorious over Symbiote Spidey, he wakes up, and breaks out of the suit.

    After Pete rejects the symbiotic suit, the symbiote finds its new target, a target that shares the same hate against Spidey (coff coff Harry OsBorn coff) and BAM, we get Venom vs Spider-Man in TASM 3. Boom.

    • I’m sorry, as good as that sounds it suffers from Spider-Man 3 syndrome. Especially with Green Goblin being shoe-horned in for like twenty minutes, maybe thirty

      • Most of this is exactly Spider-man 1 and Spider-man 3 stiched together with way too little time and too little imagination. Specifically the church? Specifically the Green Goblin Glider trick-and-tell-Harry-that-it-was-Spider-man-and-get-him-pissed-enough-to-turn-into-a-villain trick?

        I’m not sure if you realized you were spitting the exact same tropes as the three movies but…you were. Just letting you know.

        • If Harry is bound to become a villain, then there has to be a reason why Harry despises Spidey so much instead of the old “you messed up my plans now Imma mess up you” kind of stunt which has been pulled off various of times before and it looks like it will be pulled off again in this movie. There is a reason why Venom is Spidey’s greatest foe, and that is because both the symbiote and the host shares the same hatred they have towards Spider-Man.

          And I did not see any Electro, Rhyno, nor free, “scattering Ravencroft psychos terrorizing NYC” scenes in Raimi’s Spider-Man trilogy.

  12. I’m betting on #2 as well (or hoping) simply because nothing about Felicity Jones, on any level seems like a fit for Black Cat. Ergo, no Black Cat means I don’t need to waste money on this.

  13. Fox and Sony are greedy but Disney & Marvel are fluffy and saint? WTF are you smoking?
    Sony and Fox are responsible for the new brief of superhero movies. If its not for the X-men and Spiderman noone would risk their money doing superhero movies. Warners were riding DCland by making animations because its less risky and costly. Disney was making yet another princess story. This stuff could be dragged alot without successful Spiderman and X-men. You should be thankful at the very least.

    On the second note. Fox and Sony have made more successful and quality movies than Disney&Marvel. Sorry me, but i can’t see rise of the quality if they would give away the franchises. Honestly good movies from Disney&Marvel: Iron man(only first one, still not X2, SM2, ASM, XFC level material), Captain America(surprisingly good but not memorable and is GhostRider1 level), Avengers(really average script, i don’t know why DC try to copy it in New 52 for JL. Are kids these days that stupid? Movie is good but not even close to X2, SM2, ASM or XFC level). 3 movies. Marvel made by themselves 3 movies that were watchable while not the best adaptations of their comics. The best were made by Sony and Fox. So please tell me, why the hell do you want Disney to make those movies, what are the benefits ?

    • I’m sorry sir but Iron Man and Avengers were better than SM2,ASM AND XFC. X2 is your only one that was truly a very good movie. Captain America was much better than Ghost Rider! As was Thor and Incredible Hulk

      • X2 and Spiderman 2 are the two best comic book films ever made this side of The Dark Knight, and better than anything in the Marvel/Avengers continuity. Not to knock Marvel, because they are doing great and I’ve really enjoyed most of their films, but Fox and Sony have made some incredible movies. Some horrible ones as well, but really, as others have mentioned, if Marvel held the rights to all of their characters, logistically how could they manage to include everything?

        This way, we get a full spectrum of films, including exposure for many of the “second tier” characters in Marvel’s films.

    • 100% true.

  14. Every time I hear something about Spider-man the comments are always “Give it back to marvel, they’ll do it justice. What makes people so sure they will? They’ve had numerous movies where they didn’t do the character “Justice!” Just Sayin!

    • I like Iron Man 3, and had no problem with the Mandarin “twist”, but it shows they will mess with characters as much as Sony or Fox. “But that’s not how it is in the comics” in no longer a valid reason to hate on Fox but love Marvel.

  15. nooooooooo! I don’t want dehaan to be the goblin, he would make such a great venom!

    • Because he’s hulking, manic evil and loud, and CGI?

  16. Thats true X-Men and Spiderman films came like 8 years before the Marvel Cinematic Universe. You should thank them because if it wasnt for them there probably wouldnt be a MCU right now

  17. You know, DeHaan really would be the perfect dark half to Garfield’s Parker.

    Whether he’s Venom or Goblin, its good news but I’m hoping for the latter now purely so we can get a decent sized Venom and not one that is as skinny as Spiderman.

    Maybe Goblin starts out with the glider and when he gets “hurt” and turns into the Ultimate version, his girl gets revenge on Spiderman by adopting the glider herself?

  18. There going to put a new twist on Harry, Norman, & Felicia, so we can do all the guessing, but no one will come close.

  19. *They’re

  20. no, i dont hate on the heroes themselves, i just cant stand to see how
    they butcher the characters and their storylines… i have said it here
    that the avengers needs improvement. the last 40 minutes of iron was a pure debacle with the mandarin and lack of a great post credits scene. thats why when i saw IRON MAN: RISE OF THE TECHNOVORE, i was like HIRE that man….
    thats what a marvel movie should look like.

    • My only complaint about IM3 was the post credits scene being entirely pointless and anti-climactic. I also loved what Marc Webb did for TASM last year.

      • Agreed re: the final after-credits scene. It was like the munch scene in Avengers at the Indian restaurant. Who cares, had nothing to do with anything, made no sense and cost more money than I make in a couple months to film, at the very very least! They coul’ve tossed that money in the bell-ringer’s pot at the salvation Army, and it would have done more good!

        • “could’ve”.

          • Obviously had a sense of humour by-pass op 😉 do jokes need to have a sensible point to them? That scene at the end of the Avengers was funny, I liked it

  21. In spite of myself (not a fan of TASM1), I am getting a bit excited about TASM2. It sounds like they’ll be breaking new ground for the character onscreen. Not being well-versed in the actual comic books, I am not sure about Menace/etc, but the Black Cat seems like a cool character for Hardy to play.

  22. Black Cat could make me purr!!

    • +1

  23. Interesting… well, it’ll definitely be different. I just hope they pull it off because I have high hopes for this one.

    • you can see her nipples in that pic… nice

      • Hi. I’m her Maiden Form Bra. I live in a nice neighborhood.

  24. Am I the only one who thinks “The Amazing Spider-man 2″ is a terrible title? I guess it looks like that is the official title for the movie. I was hoping for something less generic like “The Spectacular Spider-Man” or something :/

    • Don’t think that will be it, I’m sure they will announce one before the end of the year. Though if it is the title, I’d be pretty disappointed, but it is just a title.

      • I know, but it’s as lazy as you can get with a title (especially since they’ve already had the number formula, “Spider-Man 2″. I hope it will have a different title, but the movie is hardly a year away. Normally a movie would have its official title revealed by now.

  25. The main reason SPiderman 3 was such a dog. Too many villains.

    • Main reason for me is how villains were shoehorned into it without paying attention to the writing.

      • Eh, I thought the writing was fine. With the story they made and what Peter was going through, I thought the villains worked pretty well for that story. The problem was it was all crammed into a 2 hour and 20 minute movie, not giving each character the screen time they needed, thus making the ending with Venom pretty anti-climactic (not to mention the fact they made him skinny for no reason). If it was a 3 hour movie or just split into 2 movies, I think it would have been great.

        • I found Sandman written very well and I enjoyed Hobgoblin a bit but I absolutely loathed Venom. There was so much potential for that story arc. True, it needed a lot of room to breathe, there wasn’t enough material for any of the characters to really shine.

          I still think they can include 3 villains in this film, though the movie may have to be a bit long, which I’m all for. Rhino just seems like a side villain. As for Electro, I think he will sort of be the one wreaking havoc while Osborn’s story arc slowly starts building up for the climax, then taking full spotlight for most of the third act. I think Electro will be sort of a villain that will keep Parker occupied resulting in Parker not being able to pay attention to Harry and the rest of the Osborns.

          • I thought the writing fell apart with Venom, but I really liked what they did with Eddie Brock and the symbiote. The black suit helped move Peter’s story and his hate toward Sandman. They did a great job showing how the symbiote is a drug. He gets addicted to it, careless, foolish, and his life starts falling apart.

            I thought Topher Grace did a good job and I liked the parallels between him and Peter Parker. It’s just that the execution with Venom at the very end was really poor. But, I still think the CGI and make up were fantastic. Other than the fact that he was too skinny, I honestly think they couldn’t make Venom look better for live action. When I was a little kid, I was blown away when he became Venom, and seeing him and Spider-Man fight on the big screen for the first time. As I got older I realized how poor the writing was for the finale in that movie, but I still need to at least appreciate the effects.

            I thought Sandman and Hobgoblin were both written pretty well (but needed more scenes and development) and I thought Harry’s sacrifice was really well done. Despite it’s flaws, I still think it’s a pretty decent movie. Say what you will about Venom, but I still think (in terms of writing) they did a fantastic job with showing the story with the black suit on screen.

  26. I really hope it’s not Venom. I don’t doubt this guy has good acting skills, but Venom needs to be made huge like in the comics. Trying to make this guy Venom is about as believable as Topher Grace. If nothing else, if they do make him Venom, don’t do some terrible reveal of his face like they did in Spider-Man 3. I actually liked SM 3, but they really did Venom a disservice.

  27. As for Harry possibly becoming Green Goblin, I’m fine as long as they don’t do the entire “Norman dies, Harry wants revenge” story again. I thought that was really well done in the first trilogy, no need to see that again. I don’t mind seeing Green Goblin again, I just hope it is something different, like the Ultimate version (as a lot of fans are speculating).

  28. In the first film Chris Coopers’ Norman Osborn is dying, and is in need a serum to cure him. Dr. Conner’s character is the one who has come up with the serum (so-to-speak), but assuming its destroyed in the process of him fighting Spoder-mayne.

    Dunno how this film is going to play out,

    Assumtions: Rhino hate Spoder-mayne, Electro’s character has an obsession with Spoder-mayne, and Harry Osborn/Norman also want to get rid of the
    Spoder. OH, and theres shots of the supervillian prision as well.