‘Amazing Spider-Man 2′: New Green Goblin & Black Cat Rumors Emerge

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Green Goblin and Black Cat in Amazing Spider Man 2 Rumors Amazing Spider Man 2: New Green Goblin & Black Cat Rumors Emerge

The level of intrigue surrounding The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is at an all-time high, as fan curiosity has moved on from director Marc Webb’s teaser photos and some revealing set photos released online, to rumors allegedly being leaked out of Sony – particularly where the female cast of the film is concerned.

Today we have some additional “girl talk” surrounding ASM2, as well as some new rumors about how Chris Cooper’s Norman Osborn will fit into the sequel.









Black Cat Revealed?

Black Cat in Amazing Spider Man 2 Amazing Spider Man 2: New Green Goblin & Black Cat Rumors Emerge

We’ll start with ladies first:  Debate has raged in the last few days about the additional women that Peter Parker (Andrew Garfield) could soon have in his life. We learned that Mary Jane Watson’s (Shailene Woodley) small cameo role had been cut from Amazing Spider-Man 2, with the assumption that Woodley (The Descendants) would be brought back for the already-confirmed Amazing Spider-Man 3. After that, there was some confusion regarding franchise new addition Sarah Gadon (Cosmopolis), whom many fans thought was being positioned as a replacement for Woodley (however, that turned out NOT to be the case).

With MJ gone from ASM2, that left just one potential rival for Gwen Stacy (Emma Stone) to compete against: actress Felicity Jones (Like Crazy), who is playing a still-unnamed role that many fans have nonetheless speculated is in fact Spider-Man’s on/off love interest, Felicia Hardy, a.k.a. Black Cat.

In a recent interview with the Telegraph UK, Jones described her Amazing Spider-Man 2 role in a way that has fanboys buzzing:

“It’s TOP secret. I can tell you that she’s sort of on the baddie’s side, but I can’t explain much more than that.”

Felicity Jones Like Crazy 570x278 Amazing Spider Man 2: New Green Goblin & Black Cat Rumors Emerge

Felicity Jones in Like Crazy

Any Spider-Man comic book fan knows that Black Cat started out as a thief who was attempting to break her father out of prison when she ran afoul of Spider-Man. After a career as a burglar and a stay in a mental institution, Hardy slowly but surely started to move toward the good guys’ side, and struck up more than one romance with the web-slinger.

The fact that Jones refers to her character as “sort of on the baddie’s side” certainly hints at that classic Black Cat story arc. In the comics, the character was also later submitted to a process that previously created animal-themed villains like The Scorpion and The Fly – which should be a clear indication of how her powers/origin could be modified to fit with the gene-spliced metahumans of the Amazing Spider-Man movie universe.

In short: At this point, if Jones ISN’T playing Black Cat, fans are likely to be disappointed…


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  1. Stop, just stop. What is wrong with the costume from the comics and cartoons? It made sense when Rami changed the costume for the Goblin, but why change it to resemble Iron Man? Unless if they are finally planning to connect Spidey to the MCU, I don’t see the point. Felcity Jones should play Betty Brant and Sarah Gandon should play Black Cat. And can somebody confirm who the hell B.J Novak is playing? Please tell me its Otto Octavius and not some new character that serves no purpose, or least Dr. Strom.

    • Couldn’t agree more… The description of the Green Goblin sounds absolutely laughable. Especially with Chris Cooper’s weathered face sticking out of it, with GREEN SPIKEY HAIR!? I’m usually one to wait and see before slamming a costume but that just sounds idiotic. Just leave the Goblin out of it! We had a Gobby, it looked stupid then, sounds worse this time.

      • I get some changes to villians’ looks for films (Bane, Scarecrow, General Zod, Doc Ock, Sabertooth, Paralax, Galactus) because they look realistic unlike their comic counterparts. But changing the look of the Goblin again is pointless. Also to me, they should go with crazy physchopathic Green Goblin from the early comics (never read the comics for any superhero series) and cartoons. Just hoping because I’m not a fan of monster “Hulkish” Goblin. Sony, get it right! Please.

  2. i dont want to be that guy but, “May 4 2013″?

  3. What I think will happen is that the rhino and electro will start out as very minor enemies. Possibly no onscreen origin story. Then a full blown Goblin story that the minor villians set up

    • Both Jamie Foxx and Paul Giamatti have filmed scenes as their characters before any kind of transformation, so chances are we’re getting their respective origin stories in the movie.

  4. Anyone else get the Raimi trilogy feeling of too many bad guys and not enough movie here??

    • Nah. I’m thinking they’re taking the approach of story driving the film, more than the villains driving the film. If the story permits that specific villain and not for the sake of including them, than I say go for it.

    • TOO MANY baddies.

      Goblin, Electro, Rhino, VENOM?!, BLACK CAT?!


      I think one of the 4 villians don’t survive.
      The sequels will set up bigger situations with the already (established?) villians, and the 4th film will lead up to a big climatic battle against Goblin.

      Gob isn’t going to be the main baddie, I’m sure Webb wants to save him for a special occastion.
      OR Vemon will be hinted at and presented in the fourth film.

      I don’t like the idea of HARRY becoming Vemon, when has he become Vemon in the comics/Ultimates?

      I’d have to look into that.

      But, this movie is looking over crowded.



      • Venom’s not making an appearance by any means whatsoever in this movie. At most they’re moving the pieces into place so we don’t have to wait through the whole set up all in the next [few] movies. If Black Cat is in here fully blown, I bet she’ll have a role almost identical to Catwoman – mixed in with the baddies and floating around in the middle.

        The movie’s going to mostly be about Electro, I think, with a lesser role for Rhino…it sounds like it’s going to be slightly above well-known henchman-cameo.

        Green Goblin’s going to be in the end, for a huge cliffhanger and lead in to the 3rd. I’m going to purely speculate now: Hopefully Gwen’s death at the Goblin’s hands will spur Parker to rage that fuels the use of Venom, thus creating Venom the character, so that the 3rd movie is Goblin and Venom. Hopefully (please please please) fully-meshed CGI, BEAST Venoms and Goblin. Huge, hulking for both – glowing eyes for Goblin, crazy tongue and psycho smile for Venom. Maybe even another Peter vs Venom at-school, campus showdown in the rain. DO IT ALL!

        • ^ Just give this guy the job, so simple but i bet they don’t go that route. Personally I would love the goblin to show up at the end, the death of Gwen Stacey would be the best cliffhanger ever.

    • Also about the Raimi trilogy, Venom was shoehorned into the film, whereas this series is clearly planned, I mean the third and fourth installment already have release dates.

    • Theirs nothing wrong with too many villains as long as they are written well.

      • yeah, if they are written well. from the looks of TASM, I don’t see them being written ‘well’. I mean, i jus didn’t like TASM, i guess because it came too soon.

        get it?


    • Like SM3? I havta say, for me TASM had neither enough villain or enough story/movie. The screenplay really dropped the ball.

      This one is gradually becoming more interesting to me…

  5. This movie is sounding very awesome and I’m really hoping they take The Dark Knight approach you’re referring too. While I would’ve loved to see Eddie Brock as Venom, I think Dane DeHann is more than capable of holding up such a large role. It looks like Electro will sort of be the second baddie in the movie while Green Goblin will be the main one, really curious to see how they’ll pull it off. I’m hoping for them to transform Green Goblin instead of wearing a suit, Ultimate Green Goblin is my favorite interpretation. But if it make sense in a story and character stand point, I’ll gladly follow along. Not too interested in a Black Cat spin off, will definitely watch it but it will most likely be second tier on my list. Venom I’m definitely all for, as long as they don’t dumb him down or anything, I’ll be at the theater first day.

  6. Not sure how I feel about the GG costume, but they are just rumors. I’m all for the spin-off’s though, as long as they’re done well.

  7. I feel the same way,. I mean if they had 3 villians and pulled it off it would work fine but on the other hand it could end up being a mess of secondary villains that dont develope the story enough. If it were up to me though I would stick with 1 developed and intriguing villian by that I mean possibly set up Norman Osbournes character and personality in this movie then at the end set it up so Green Goblin is the main and only villain of the next film.

  8. I think you mean Spider-Man 3, not Amazjng Spider-Man 3 when taking about James Franco’s costume as the ‘New Goblin’

  9. If people are complaining about the number of characters in this film, then Days of Future Past should have you boiling with rage. This whole too many characters issue needs to stop. If the Black Cat is in this film, it will be very minor, and most likely setup.

    And I belive the Green Goblin info is just rumor.

    • I think the chances of DofP being good, like actually, really good, are below 50%. The X-men Franchise is like flogging a dead horse. I liked First Class, but Fox should’ve had the balls to completely reboot the franchise. I think Sony will come out on top with this one.

      That, or DoFP is gonna friggin blow everyone’s mind. Which would, I admit, be surprising but awesome.

      • First Class had the opportunity to fix all of their mistakes and start over, but they were stubborn, and turned out a film that was good, but in my opinion, not much of an X-Men film. I believe, with all of the hype, and everything that’s going on in that film will be a disappointment. But I agree with you, this film is either going to be great, or just terrible.

  10. “The level of intrigue is at an all time high” really? Certainly doesnt feel that way. We’ve seen rhino set pics and thats “meh”. Idk, I for one am boted to tears with the spiderman melodrama between him and MJ. Heck, I didnt really like how the first one became save the girl crapfest. Which was a repeat from SM3… And SM2.. And well SM1 bridge scene. Anyways, I know that no matter what spiderman movie will always be huge money makers etc but tasm was average at best decent buildup, but to many stupid scenes and a laughable third act.

    • Gwen wasn’t really ever in peril in the Amazing Spider-man. The Lizard kind of just took what he needed from her and moved on. If anything, she was integral along with her father in stopping the villain’s scheme. Unlike Mary Jane in Raimi’s films who existed solely to be kidnapped by the villain in the third act.

      • Good points, at least they tried to make it a little different in tasm. But just something/several things about that ending that just bugged me. Hopefully they can improve upon this for tasm2 personally would be shocked if Gwen doesnt die. Would be an interesting reversal of the whole “saving the day” cliched ending.

  11. I’m far from the biggest spider-man lore-junkie, but doesn’t this all scream a Sinister Six team…?

    I think Dane will become Venom, and I think strong hints will be in ASM2 as Jamie Foxx relentlessly keeps mentioning how impressed he is by him (which imo has little publicity value to it). Also, BJ Novak. I’m really betting he’s gonna become Doc Ock.

    I think Electro will be the main villain of ASM2 with Rhino as a secondary one and Harry and his Father as both only hinted villains for film 3. Electro might probably be presumed dead at the end of ASM2 and return in ASM4 (not a typo) to join a Sinister Six team. In ASM3 three of either GG, Venom, Black Cat and Doc Ock will feature heavily. Then film 4: massive villain team up led by Osborn (who was presumably defeated but not killed in ASM3). The fact that they’re planning this as four films instead of the cliched three could be cool imo. It also leaves room for studios to possibly workout a shared universe deal for the fourth film. I can see Spider-man battling the Sinister Six with help from either the FF or cross-studio characters.

    My guess is this course of action:
    ASM1: Lizard
    ASM2: Electro, Rhino, hints to the villains Cat, Doc Ock, Venom and GG.
    ASM3: Venom, Goblin, Black Cat, Doc Ock (three of these four)
    ASM4: a variety of the Sinister Six, massive villain team up, possibly a shared Universe film. Black Cat might do a Selina Kyle and help Spidey. SS roster would consist of any six of the previous villains. Might even include the Lizard.

    That’s my two cents…

    • I do doubt wether Gwen Stacy will die in ASM2. Assuming it’ll be somewhat comicbook accurate, she might die because Spidey doesn’t suspect the newly risen threat in Green Goblin. ASM2 is gonna have a pretty open, cliffhanger filled ending as they have to keep the franchise going for another two movies afterwards. If Gwen dies in ASM2, I suspect it’ll be at the end at the hands of a surprising (to spider-man) rise of the GG.

      But to be honest, I suspect she won’t die in ASM2 yet.

      • She shouldn’t die in ASM2. Gwen & Peter were together for a good amount of time in the comics. We haven’t seem them together for that long. If I had my choice, I’d kill her in the fourth film.

        • The fourth film would be, imo, the most ballsy move, but I highly expect her to die in the third film. It would make sense. I think the fourth one is gonna be a really uplifting quadrilogy closer, Avengers style. They’re gonna have Spidey team up with someone (black cat, fantastic four, anyone) and have major battles. I see more room, and also more build-up potential, if Gwen dies in ASM3, then either 2 or 4.

          • The reason I say kill her off in the fourth is because their relationship has to last a little while. I know MJ is more of an interesting character, but Gwen was Peter’s first real love (I don’t really count Betty Brant), and I really don’t think three films can really establish that while with him dealing with school, his life as Spiderman, and trying to deal with his parents secret. But, I do believe that she will most likely die in the third film.

            • I could buy this, she dies in tasm3 and not 2. We are never introduced to MJ, because whats the point honestly. Same stuff diff girl. Plus if his first love gets killed and he just moves on like its no big deal I’ll be kinda pissed. He keep lamenting about uncle Ben and yet he’s gonna do exactly the same thing to his girl. As far as team ups with other heroes, i could see black cat but that will invite a lot of comparisons to Dark Knight (beat for beat actually.. Think about it). FF wont happen since its a Fox property… Though Sony and Marvel have a good working relationship to the point were it was said that the stark tower or was it the Osborn tower in the new york city scape.. If spidey ever gets outside help.. It may come in the form of an avenger or two.

              • They could always just have a time gap between ASM2 and 3 or between 3 and 4.

    • electro and rhino are some bad ass villains

      • Electro, yes. Rhino, naw, just some big tubbo with a horn on his head and a nasty attitude…sounds like some of the college football players on Saturday night after too many beers. I’ve clobbered more than a few of them in my younger days. I’m up for Electro, but would like to see Mysterio or Scorpion one of these days. As far as building up to a Sinister Six appearence: probably too many baddies, UNLESS you give Spidey some help. How about Moon Knight? We have not seen him in action, yet, and Spidey definitely will need some help against that many evil-doers! (or could you see it, just when Spidey is about to get his bacon fried from all directions, in pops Daredevil or Heroes For Hire to save the day!!).

        • Goblin has been done before, but that hottie Black Cat? Now she is a good little (naw, I ain’t gonna say that word!!)

        • Pretty sure Sony doesn’t have the rights to Moon Knight.

          • Probably not, just “Fantasy-Footballing” my comic-book characters.

  12. The GG suit sounds pretrt stupid, but w/e

  13. What if……. Rhino and electro are experiments gone bad… what if those experiments were done by Norman Osborne…. (see where I’m going with this) he was dying right? so he uses the spider serum which Richard Parker created after these two experiments going bad, he runs out of time and performs the same stuff on himself thus creating the Green Goblin.

  14. Rhino is not a smart villain so I assume he will be secondary.
    Electro could be the main villain because I do not see Osborn aka Goblin as a villain in the second.
    It is leading to the sinister 6 of course and we will see some hints to other characters for furture installement.
    Spiderman will need help so the Black Cat rumor makes sense.
    The route they might go for the venom character is disliked by me but hey it’s the movieverse… I can’t wait for Carnage.
    Where is the KINGPIN?
    Who can play him?
    John Goodman?
    The beauty of debating and speculating on a movie’s story lol :)

    • I think the Kingpin rights reverted back to Marvel along with Daredevil’s… He is Daredevil’s main antagonist after all…

      • I agree. yet he played a role in the sinister six attack if i remember correctly. :)

        • He assembled them

      • I think that the rights to Kingpin were loaned to Fox by Sony for the Daredevil film. Fox never had the rights to Kingpin and Marvel, unfortunately, doesn’t have the rights back to him either. So there is a chance of Kingpin’s involvement in TASM2 whether or not he’s been announced. Who is Rhino working for? Could be a possible Kingpin connection there. But of course, this is rather unfortunate for any of us that want to see anything involving DD and Kingpin in a future Marvel movie/tv series unless Sony is willing to loan the rights to Marvel.

        • I did not know that. Also, I say, if in the scenario Kingpin is featured in these films, anywhere actually, I say cast John Goodman as Wilson Fisk! I think that could be awesome.

          • I Hope so. Kingpin is a very interesting character. I do not see Osborn controlling the six. If I also remember well, Osborn was even working for Kingpin, until he rebelled… :)

            • Meaning, Marvel owns the rights to Kingpin and therefor he cannot appear in a Spider-man film made by Sony.

            • You may be thinking of the earlier comics, Norman’s become pretty devious in his own rights, he’s head up his own version of SHIELD called HAMMER and even ran his own version of The Avengers, and that was in regular continuity, he headed up his own Sinister Six in the Ultimate comics, I think he can manage there’s no need to add a “Lex Luthor” when we already have one.

      • Now if only we could get that Daredevil versus Kingpin and Mr. Fear flick whose idea was once bandied about so very long ago….!

    • Don’t care for Venom or Carnage, but that’s just me. Give me Scorpion and Mysterio instead.

  15. I seriously hope they do not screw up the Green Goblin somehow… that might remove all of the faith I had in ASM2 based on the first film and rumors/casting choices.

    The description above just sounds horrible to me. I’ll of course wait and see what they do, but I’m a bit more leery now than I was.

  16. This sounds a little bloated to me. Rhino. Electro, Black Cat, and The Green Goblin?


    IMO, Ultimate Spiderman wasn’t very good, so to pull all of these character designs from there is kind of a turn off.

    It also appears the Sony is trying to create their own Mavel cinematic universe with Spiderman at its hub, and every character he has encountered in the comics, in some movie form or another. That’s interesting, but problematic. A spin-off Back Cat movie?

    I didn’t like ASM, but I love the character of Spider-Man, so I will reserve judgement until I see more.

    • Thor, Iron Man, Captain America, Black Widow, Bruce Banner, what’s really the difference? The number of villains doesn’t matter. What matters is how they are used. The Rhino will be secondary, and not have that big of a role I will gurantee. Black Cat will be setup material in my opinion, and the GG will most likely be set up for the next film also.

      • +1

      • ^This

      • @ Tay

        I head you but…..
        The number of vilians does matter when it’s four vilians against one Spiderman, much like Spiderman 3. That movie was way over full IMO.

        Too many baddies kind of jumbles things up. If they can get this to work with this many baddies, like it did in the Avengers with the heroes, I’m all in.

        By the way, I really admire Marc Webb’s drive and enthusiasium for theses movies and this character. There is no doubt he’s working hard and trying hard.

      • I feel siting the Avengers as an example for how a lot of characters can work in one movie is not a valid argument. If only for the fact that all the characters you mentioned had entire movies dedicated to their origins (with the exception of Black Widow, but even she was introduced in Iron Man 2).

    • Can’t agree with you more about Ultimate Spider-man not being any good.

      • I don’t understand, Ultimate Spider-Man was great. It reinvented the characters and eliminated a lot of the cheese that had accumulated in the ASM and related comic books. The stories were interesting and all intertwined, which I thought was awesome. The way that they’re building this series seems to point to the Ultimate line, with Peter being bitten by an Oscorp spider. The story has the potential to be MUCH more cohesive in a film setting if it follows the USM story to at least some degree, and this whole “exploring Peter’s past” also seems to point to Richard Parker doing something similar to what was done in USM. You may be sorely disappointed if you didn’t like the series, because it seems like that’s where they’re going.

    • No spin-off Black Cat movie plans, please. We have not even seen her in the Spiderman movie yet, so she might not be able to carry her own movie. She is OK, but just kind of (Batman’s) Catwoman with a little more agility. They tried an Electra movie, from the Daredevil flick parentage, and we saw where Electra went….!

    • @ Stark

      Yeah, & people said Spiderman 3 had too many villains, but this? lol.

  17. I don’t want to be a smarta$$, but does it make sense to put two spoiler warnings into the article when you already spoil it in the headline?

    • The article goes into detail about character designs and potential storylines. The headline doesn’t give much away plus, it’s all rumors.

    • The Spoiler warning is for the details being leaked about Green Goblin. Saying new Green Goblin and/or Black Cat rumors are being mentioned in conjunction with a new Spider-Man film is like saying that it’s a Spoiler that Venom is being rumored for a new Spider-Man film. In short: it pretty much comes with the terrority.

      Not too mention: Both of them have been rumored for months now – which would be exactly the same comments I would’ve gotten had I cloaked this article in mystery:

      “Dude, I heard that MONTHS AGO on Comic Book Movie!”

      I picked my poison.

  18. I hope Green Goblin is more of a beast, like in Ultimate Spider-Man. I know people will be comparing him to the Hulk but it’s all good, especially if he’s a raging maniac on fire. Dane Dehaan would make a great Venom – I hope he looks just like he does in the photo above. Plus, if Harry Osbourne gets a story about him trying to make his father proud, then acquiring the Venom suit and wanting to harness its powers would make sense.

    • +1

    • -1

  19. I don’t think there’s doubt they are building to a Sinister Six finale.

    I’m pretty sure 2 is the time to bridge Stacey – her costume on set pretty much confirms it. It gives us time to believe he could get over Gwen and get interested in MJ by movie 4.

    Now for the bold prediction:

    Movie 4 will end like #700. Movie 5 soft reboot (gotta keep those rights going) as The Superior Spiderman.

  20. Well, once again SONY is proving that they are only interested in making money off of this instead of going the route Marvel and Chris Nolan have taken of relying on QUALITY to be the reason your film is successful with viewers. But then, they already proved they don’t understand Spider-Man, so why should we be surprised any more? I miss Sam Raimi.

    • I hate to break it to you but the other studios are only interested in making money, too. Had Batman Begins not panned out decent enough, The Dark Knight would’ve never been greenlit. Hell, Superman Returns didn’t get a sequel because it didn’t make enough money, not because people didn’t like it.

      Personally, I think they’re starting to get a lot more right with this new version of Spider-Man than wrong. They’re learning from mistakes in the first trilogy, they’re seeing what Marvel is doing on the other end, I think it only serves to benefit the fans when they have a plan and a goal in mind.

      • +1

      • Well said and agreed!

  21. When the new Spider-man costume pictures were released, it caught my attention. I was willing to give Sony another chance. The rumors circling the film recently have now squashed any desire for me to see the film. If they take too heavily from the ultimate universe and continue to call this “amazing”, there is no way in hell I’m going to support it. Especially if they go with Ultimate Green Goblin and even more so if they go with Ultimate Venom. I cannot stress this more, if Sony uses the bastardized version of Venom from the Ultimate universe, I will be beyond pissed.
    The costume description for the Green Goblin sounds like the dumbest costume idea for a villain ever. HOW HARD IS IT TO USE THE COSTUME FROM 616?!?!?!?!?! It would look awesome on screen! Have they never seen someone dressed as the Green Goblin at Universal Studios? He was the best costumed character at the park! It can be pulled off well and look intimidating and scary and creepy as hell, and with the glider and pumpkin bombs that s*** would be amazing! That Raimi GG suit was a joke and it sounds like Webb’s will be too.
    I’ll be waiting for more to leak out from this as it will be the deciding factor as to whether or not I go back to screaming for the rights to revert back to Marvel. As of right now, I’m definitely leaning towards them reverting but you almost had me Sony, almost.

  22. The GG sounds hella lame, I want the mutated ultimate version. I also can’t see how they’re gonna fit everybody in without making them seem 1 dimensional,Mark Webb is no Joss Whedon when it comes to ensembles

    • On what basis? When has Marc Webb ever done an ensemble movie?

    • Joss Whedon has never done an ensemble before The Avengers, and look how that turned out.

      • Umm he did Serenity dude

      • yeah, i’m pretty sure that one of the reasons Joss was picked was because he had already proven his ability to handle an ensemble cast multiple times. All of his tv shows (buffy, firefly, dollhouse…) had strong ensembles.

        • The ironic thing was that I do agree with Kofi that The Avengers and all of Marvel’s films, look and feel as TV shows with massive budgets.

          Let’s see if Marc Webb can make an ensemble film feel like a semi-indie flick with a massive budget. Or is that a contradiction?

          • I get what you mean about the semi-indie part, and I agree. I don’t think it’s a contradiction, a blockbuster can definitely have indie aspects to it. Just need to make the film feel more personal and within relationships. I think it’s similar to what Nolan did with the Dark Knight.

        • Well I meant in a film, haven’t seen Serenity though. Plus it’s a whole different thing when dealing with characters from The Avengers, especially of this scale. Joss Whedon’s an odd but excellent choice.

          • Whedon was a good choice for what Marvel had in mind, but I’d like all three other comicverses (Sony/Spider-man, Fox/X-men, and yet-to-be-made DC) to be something else in their own right. If they’re gonna copy they might as well give the rights back (oh wait, $$$).

            I think Webb struck a better balance with humor and heart/realism in ASM, than in any Marvel film, however ASM’s storyline was just too friggin simple and conventional. I hope they can improve upon that this time around and offer something a little more fresh in terms of storyline.

  23. I hope we see the Day when Peter Parker actually turns into the Big Monster Spider and he couldn’t control himself. I wonder if Sony would ever go that route… :)

  24. A motocross suit! Just make him red and blue with horns and call him the Redbull. There are some lines you should never cross and putting Norman Osborn in a Motocross Suit to fight Spiderman is one of them. If thats what they have in mind for Green Goblin, im really scarred to see what Webb did with Rhino.

  25. There is no way the green goblin will be in asm2, in the third Spider-Man they had 3 villains (even if they weren’t all evil in the end) and that 3 villain combo was too much and it killed that series. So I doubt they will make the same mistake again. I can see Norman being a big part of this movie, and maybe a transformation to the green goblin after the credits or maybe a cure during and then after the credits side effects kick in

    • Sandman was a good villain. Would like to see him with the rest of the Frightful Four (Wizard, Trapster, Medusa) versus the fantastic Four in the FF reboot, rather than have them trot out Dr. Doom or Galactus again (been there, done that, save left-overs for my fridge).

    • Spider-Man 3′s faults have nothing to do with the number of villains in the film. It has everything to do with the screenplay and the actors involved.

      • I wholeheartedly agree.

        Thomas Haden Church and James Franco were great in their roles; but Topher Grace was just a terrible all around.

        I think if Raimi didn’t have to succumb to Sony’s demands of including Venom; SM3 wouldn’t of gotten all the negativity [mainly from raging fanboys] that it did, and still unfortunately does.

        • Yeah, Venom did not do that much for me. Kudos to Sandman, tho.

      • I think they couldn’t handle 3 villains that was there fault with that movie. Especially when it’s sandman and vemon they don’t match up at all. Really they should have done, venom and carnage, or multiple goblins (I can’t remember the name of that goblin team) or a solo sandman. In theory yeah what they did could have worked but it crashed and burned and the venom was terrible, there was too much going on, should have had less villains and put more effort into them to therefor make them better which what they will hopefully do in the next asm

      • Yep, SM3 was just a bad movie all the way around. Let’s hope Sony learned something from tat. Here’s to hoping they don’t screw up the GG.

    • And God please don’t let that description of the Green Goblin be true…sounds awful…Green spiked hair?

  26. Marvel needs to aquire the Spidey franchise from Sony.

  27. his skin better be green. his face better be showing.

    • ^ Exactly the most two essential aspects of the Green Goblin in my opinion. Although I’d personally add ‘He’d better have a flying rocket glider’ as a third one.

  28. Regardless of his look though, I’m fairly sure that if the scripts are good, Cooper and the rest of the cast villains so far are gonna be great. You might never know what a great actor can do with a new look.