‘Amazing Spider-Man 2′ Final Trailer Showcases Fully-Rendered Action

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We’ve seen so much footage and promotional material from The Amazing Spider-Man 2 that at this point it would be naive to believe you’re going to get many surprises or twists in this second chapter of the untold story of Peter Parker. Rhino (Paul Giamatti), Electro (Jamie Foxx) and Harry Osborn’s Green Goblin (Dane DeHaan) will all be battling Spidey in the film, with the fate of Peter’s missing parents and Harry’s ailing father serving as the overarching frame of the story.

Beyond that, we know that the next installment of the series, The Amazing Spider-Man 3, will likely see the Web-Head battling up to half a dozen foes (The Sinister Six), allowing director Marc Webb to finish his trilogy arc in spectacular fashion (pun). So, all that’s really left for the present time is sitting back to see if Amazing Spider-Man 2 will truly be an improvement on the (barely passable) first film.

While many fans probably think that this “Final Trailer” promotion is but the cherry on an ice cream sundae of overexposure, there are some merits to it; namely, the improved visual effects rendering, which look less like a video game and more like what you want to see in blockbuster Spider-Man flick. The initial trailers for ASM2 indeed looked like cut scenes from a video game whenever Spidey and Electro were going at it, but this latest string of previews has a darker, more tactile feel to its CGI, which makes all the difference in the world.

The filmmakers also seem to be done with trying to sell fans on the idea that Jamie Foxx’s Electro is the crux of the story. Electro was always a questionable choice for a main villain arc, and the more we began to scrutinize and examine Dane DeHaan’s role as Harry Osborn, the clearer it seemed to become that this movie was going to be more about fathers and sons and legacy than it was about a goofy janitor who gets electrical powers and runs amok.

Amazing Spider Man 2 Final Trailers Amazing Spider Man 2 Final Trailer Showcases Fully Rendered Action

In these latest trailers, the attempts at misdirection seem to be done, and the filmmakers seem to be embracing the richness of the Peter/Harry conflict as a primary hook of their movie. Wise move, in my humble opinion…

Though it may give away even more great moments or hints of what’s in store, this is the version of Amazing Spider-Man 2 that has me excited about the prospect of grabbing a theater seat and a pair of 3D glasses and enjoying a good time with one of my favorite superheroes.

…Now stop giving things away and just show us the movie, already!

UPDATE: We were also invited to a screening of 20 minutes of Amazing Spider-Man 2 footage. Check the link below for what we saw.


MORE: ASM2 Extended Footage Review


The Amazing Spider-Man 2 will be in theaters on May 2, 2014.

Source: Sony

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  1. Just Amazing !!!

    • The last scene against Rhino looks awesome. Finally a fight scene that shows Spiderman’s creative fighting style.

    • I see what you did there

  2. This movie looks awesome! I can’t wait to check it out.

  3. Snarky “news” bits that come off more as an opinion piece from the nay-saying writer seem to be what ScreenRant is morphing into lately.

    I don’t care if you liked the first movie or not, give us the news about this one.

    • And I agree with the others, this one looks cool.

    • We’re an editorial site. Don’t like it? There are other sites out there.

      More to the point, “Ryan”: We also inform as well as editorialize. And if you read my review, (which is linked in that “barley passable” line) you’ll know how I feel about the film.

      Thanks for playing.

      • Haha why’d you put my name in quotations? That’s my name.

        But I’m only messin with ya buddy, I love the site. Don’t be all mad.

        However, I did read that review – and it has the same nitpicks as just about any review that found something to nitpick, nothing new. Despite what your review said, I should be able to read about the new one without the clearly negative spin and voice my displeasure in it without the staff member getting upset and telling me off to another website.

        If I want to know your thoughts on the first movie, I’ll go where it should be, to that review. For the meantime, maybe try not to alienate your readers in an article previewing the next film in the series?

        • I don’t see a problem with referencing the last movie. This is a sequel, so chances are the overall tone, theme, etc. of this one will be similar. It’s the same director, same two leads.

          I also don’t see how it’s unfair to call this movie overexposed. I would bet that a majority of people visiting this website would argue this film has been over-marketed, it’s not a stretch at all to say that.

          Finally, the three villain thing likely has some people worried (including me) because of the debacle that was SM3.

          All that being said, this film could still be incredible, and read the last paragraph of the article, Kofi isn’t just bashing the prospect of the movie.

          • It won’t be like Spidey 3. For one Marc Webb has States that rhino is oy in this film for 4 minutes so he’s only a cameo really. The main threats will be electro and Green Goblin. I don’t think Green Goblin will appear until the layer half of the movie either. Super pumped for this and Dane De Haan looks like the perfect villain as Harry/Green Goblin

        • Terrible backpedaling after getting called out by the editor. haha

        • Wut? It sounds like what you wanted was the headline and the video. You can find that on Youtube. If you want any sort of analysis (which requires speculation) you will also get opinion.

          I don’t want to read a site that’s all like “In this trailer, we see Spider-Man. We see him web slinging. We see him fighting.”

          Also, check the authors. If it’s Ben, Kofi, Rob, or any other editor… Then it will likely be an editorial.

          I’m really confused when people want commentary on art (such as film), but don’t want it to be subjective…

        • The last movie was slick garbage. The “Lizard” was already done as the Abomination 5 years earlier, and this modern “take” by Sony has morphed into a throws the SFX “kitchen sink” at the movie-goer and we gets another Avengers! This is 98′ Godzilla all over again…with Spiderman. I hope Sony is backing up the truck, because Marvel is getting a black eye on this one.

      • Kofi, I think your response to Ryan was very unprofessional, and really turned me off to what I otherwise thought was a fine write-up. Telling any reader to go to another site is terrible business and extremely unprofessional. Either ignore the negativity, or approach it in a positive way. There is nothing positive that can come out of your response, the only possible result is that you could permanently lose a reader or gain a constant pest, and that is the exact opposite of what you should be trying to do here. You would never talk to a person like that in an actual store, and you shouldn’t do it here.

        • agreed !!!

  4. Looks good looking forward to it.

  5. By far the best trailer for this movie. Looks like it’s going to better than the first and dare I say could be better than Spider-Man 2, which has not aged too well in my opinion.

    May is going to be wild!

    • Aunt May Gone Wild?

      I do believe that that particular movie is best suited for late night screenings.

      • LOL 😉

      • Aunt May Gone Wild?

        I would watch that…

        • I believe Aunt May going wild would just be her turning the thermostat up by 3 degrees.

          • Just take my moneys.

      • Kumori Myu-Jishan you deserve a drink. Made me spill my drink while reading your comment…… Aunt May Gone Wild! I approve this message

    • I have to disagree. I watched Spidey 2 over Christmas. Its still one of my favourite Superhero movies ever.

      • Actually i never was a big fan of Spider-Man 2 or Raimi Spidey flicks in general until i watched it again a year back, it turned out to be one of my most favorite superhero movies of all time.
        However, even though i didn’t like TASM much after the initial watch, it got much better after second viewing. I hope TASM 2 will turn out be another great Spidey flick. Judging by this trailer, except the Rhino suit, this movie seems promising so far. I have my fingers crossed.

    • Definetly! More action, less love story. Too bad Sam Rami didn’t have this type of action in his movies, they were good but could have been alot better. The mask was off too much

      • Agreed. Rami’s Spidey films ended up being more along the lines of character study films centering Peter Parker, rather than Spider-Man films. Spider-Man 2 was the only film out of his trilogy that balanced both Peter and Spidey screentime well. The other two leaned more into focusing on Parker mostly.

        • If only Raimi stayed more true to the source material. I mean it should have been Gwen falling fronm bridge not MJ. made web shooters not organic and then to say the sandman killed uncle ben, someone didn’t read the comics, remember those. These detasils matter I don’t care what anyone says. Goblin was awful, should of used horror makeup to make him look like a goblin and a hat. I don’t mind a few tweeks but come on.

  6. This trailer was epic. Showed just enough to get me hyped. I also really liked how they used “The Art of War” from Battleship in the background.

    • ‘just enough..”?? I think they have shown every big moment in the movie! :)

      • We are only seeing 3 minutes of a 2-1/2 hour movie. Sur there is plenty more to see, Can’t wait

  7. Mind Blown

  8. Definitely seeing this,TASM is the only Spiderman film I really liked.

    Wouldn’t mind seeing another Marvel character introduced but wont happen until/if mass profits go down.

  9. Ok, now I ready. This series is shaping up.

  10. This is the only trailer they should have released for the movie. It shows the story arcs, and enough of the action to leave you wanting more.

    • I completely and 100% agree with you. This trailer, has everything you’d want in a trailer to begin with. Those other trailers were meh, and not really making me want to go see the film. I was not fond of the first film though, I may give this one a go when it comes out on DVD. Who knows.

      Kofi is just telling it how it is.

      • Yeah, I agree with Kofi on just about everything concerning the first film, especially the visual effects. His reviews tend to line up with my reviews of things mostly, which is nice since I can finally trust in a reviewer now.

  11. What’s so “new” about this trailer? 90% of that trailer we’ve already seen. Pretty disappointed overall.

    • there is F**king RHINO in ACTION…

    • The scenes of Spidey swing ing throgh the city is going to be incredible in 3D AND IMAX. tHIS WILL definely be better than the first and Raimi version. I personally want to see as much action as possible with a few subplots, makes it easier when the central villian is Oscorp.


      • I have to say this goblin looks to be better(especially the costume and fight scene) than in Rami’s versions but they have overused the villian, kind of over it.

  12. Strangely, the more I see or hear about this film, the less interested I become.
    The first one was ok, but walking out of the film, I felt unsatisfied. Like an incomplete meal.
    I didn’t hate it, there were a lot of things I actually liked, but that sense of emptiness remained. I felt as though I was only given part of a film. I can’t put my finger on it. It’s just the sensation that first film gave me.

    Even after buying the Bluray of TASM, I still feel “unsatisfied” after watching it.

    So in a sense, I’m not surprised that the advertisement and hype for this film is leaving me cold.

    And to think that Spiderman was always one of my favourite superheroes when I was a kid.

    • “Strangely, the more I see or hear about this film, the less interested I become.”

      Me too. By now it feels as if I’ve seen the movie three times over with nothing drawing me to the theater anymore. The first one had the same problem. Even though I enjoyed it after skipping it in the theaters and watching the home relese, the constant marketing bombardment numbed me so much that I didn’t care.

    • TASM’s marketing campaign was completely misleading, which is why I felt like it was an incomplete film when I eventually saw it. They promised “The Untold Story of Peter Parker” and didn’t even bother to deliver, instead shuffling that entire plotline to TASM2.

    • I couldn’t agree with you more. It’s not that I didn’t like the first one, but there was just something missing. Not sure what it was, but for some reason I didn’t connect with either the characters or story. It left me feeling, meh….

  13. Too many trailers. (Not that that has stopped me watching them 😉 )

    This looks pretty good though. I want to see it.

  14. Looks absolutely epic, cannot wait for this. Looks like i’ll be getting the spidey movie I’ve always wanted. Brilliant.

    (Yes you can whine and moan about too many trailers, but you’re not forced to watch them all)

    • True, and I didn’t. But the headlines every other day did their part already. There is such a thing as doing too much marketing. It just gets tedious and downright annoying after a while, putting people off the movie.

    • But we are encouraged to. We never just get one good trailer naowadays. The studios are so scared of people forgetting the movie is coming out, or people will get distracted by another big buget movie. So they bombard us with more and more trailers, clips, posters, images, teasers, teasers for teasers etc… They end up giving so much away in terms of plot, characters etc… that it feels like there are no surprises left.

      When this movie first started advertising it was “TASM 2: The Rise Of Electro”. I thought it was virtually just going to be Spider-man Vs Electro with maybe some story arc building along the way. What a nice surprise it would have been to have Rhino, The Green Goblin, sinister six etc… turn up without expecting it. They even cut MJ out of it after promoting that she was in it.

      I haven’t the restraint not to watch new trailers, that doesn’t mean I don’t have the right to wish they held something back for the actual experience of watching it for the first time.

      • I like the approach that comedians (like Sacha Baron Cohen or Will Ferrell) have taken to advertise their movies. They take their characters to late night shows, to the streets, or… Dodge advertisements. Seeing Spider-man on GMA was alright, except that you didn’t get to see Andrew do anything in character. He was fantastic at comic con while in character, I think he would’ve entertained on GMA as well. I think it would’ve been cool to have had youtube commercials of Spider-man playing basketball in the park with some kids. Keep it all practical effects and do it like that. That Real Madrid soccer commercial was a bit odd in terms of advertising (what were they selling, a car? A cell phone? what?) but seeing a bunch of real athletes doing crazy stunts in the suit was cool. Those sorts of advertisements give you Spider-man action without giving anything away from the film.

    • I agree, this will be visually awesome in IMAX 3D. tHE KIND OF ACTION you see in the comic books

  15. Is this the final trailer or the final final trailer
    Or the final trailer cut of the final trailer

  16. looks like this movie is going to take out MAN OF STEEL from TOP position for me…

  17. Looks good! Another great MARVEL superhero going to add to the growing successes of Marvel heroes on the big screen. Although owned by a different studio Spider-Man shows that after a rocky movie the series can be rebooted successfully. Again WB has to be sweating here. DC should just get out of the movie business all together!

  18. to much CGI…but stil….i’m sold!

    • I don’t think they could pull off some of that action WITHOUT cgi

    • I don’t think you could do a spiderman film without too much cgi for all the action. Still better than Raimi’s version, his USE OF cgi looked more fake

  19. getting a bit worried over this new marketing scheme used by both ASM2 and CA:WS. it has been an absolute chore to avoid spoilery footage from both and it has me more annoyed than excited about them.

    that said, I still look forward to this one, tho still a bit nervous about that whole ‘peter’s secret origin’ about his parents having been involved with all of this stuff. it’s such a stupid concept, not like we needed more protagonists who’re only heroes thanks to some legacy that their (father. always has to be the father) left behind. and I doubt they’ve thought up some explanation for their deaths that’s all that interesting or even surprising in the least, even to none comic readers, so what’s the point?

    still, all the actual spider-man stuff in the trailer looks vibrant, creative and fun so sign me up!

  20. Looks awesome.

    If I had to make a guess, Rhino will be a running gag throughout the movie, with the mecha-battle ending the flick. I’d actually be surprised if the credits don’t begin to roll 2 seconds after that charging scene.

    • Actual Rhino has 4 minutes of screentime.

      • The mecha-suit only has 4minutes, not Giamatti

  21. I hate that I will probably see this… I just can’t get over the web shooters… Really ordering the web fluid from Oscorp online?!? Just no.

  22. Movie looks awesome! The comparison To the original trilogy of Spiderman by Sam Raimi is not even close. In his version Spidey had his mask off way too much and the action and Cgi was okay , nothing compared to the new one, And spiderman 3 didn’t utilize the villian’s correctly. Venom needs to be 1 villian in 1 movie and to say the sandman was uncle Ben’s killer made me sick to my stomach, obviously thay did not read the comics.

  23. My prediction … Spidey fights Rhino in the beginning… then when the movie isn’t in drama mode with Harry, Gwen and learning more about his dad he’ll spend most of his time fighting Electro and at the very end before the movie ends – one more Climatic fight with Goblin.

    I just don’t want Gwen to die :( I’d be total ok if they changed that part.

  24. Petition to Get Spidey joins the Avengers. Hawkeye out, Spiderman in. Could you imagine how awesome and epic that would be. The studios need to work together and get it done. They would both benefit Financially, plus Spiderman is a Marvel charcter with Sony owning the rights. Doesn’t make sense since all the other charcters are Marvel as well, no need to break up the family.

      • You had me at Wolverine! LOL, that would be awesome. they just need to forget about the rights and make it happen. Spiderwoman, cloak and dagger, more females too, throw in a team up with fantastic four

        • Good choices,but my first one would be Ironman,a newly cast Ironman.

          • I must say I don’t really care for Thor but they definetly need to do team-ups. I heard marvel just bought back ghost rider and blade. they own all of them except for spidey. Don’t understand why they can’t work things out

            • With a Spidey film every year now from next year it will happen soon enough.

  25. how much time has elapsed between amazing spider man 1 and amazing spider man 2? (in this universe obviously)

    • Probably no more than a year since they graduate high school in this film.

  26. If only Sony and Marvel Studios would give us an old school “Marvel Team-Up” movie with Spidey and Black Panther or Cap or DD…

    • I love what I’m hearing from you about the marvel team-up, that is exactly what I’m saying also. What about spiderman vs hydroman and sandman on a beach setting, or even Blade and Spideman team up againt morbious

  27. @ Ryan & all others

    You have to bear in mind that Kofi is anti-Marvel and pro DC on all levels for whatever reason in everything he writes. Why he even writes about any Marvel stuff on this site is beyond me because he ALWAYS does is with such a negative spin. Now I know that he gave The Avengers a good review when it came out, but he pretty much had to do that.

    When it comes to Kofi Outlaw & his writing you just have to remember three things:

    A) Consider the source that is writing/saying the negative spin/comments about Marvel, that being a Marvel hater that is Kofi. Don’t take him too seriously, nobody else does.

    B) Kofi is just a DC fan boy with access to a wide medium, that being Screen Rant. Basically he’s the equivalent to a political talking head on the radio with a big mouth.

    C) Kofi Outlaw is just some small time guy on a semi-popular website that is desperately, desperately, trying to make a big name for himself. He is trying to achieve this by being somewhat controversial (one of the only good reviews for MoS) & by attaching his name to anything & everything that is WB/DC in hopes he can gain some level of fame on their coattails.
    He is also VERY sensitive about this & gets very angry when called out on it. Truth hurts I guess.

    Read/listen to Kofi through that lens and his articles, although still not well written, begin to make some sense.

    I hope this helps.

    • Seriously? You seriously just commented with this? Wow…

    • DC is going about their characters all wrong! They could learn a few things from marvel. First of all they are making a man of steel sequel with batman and cameos by others in the justice league, than it is is not a man of steel sequel just a justice league, each charcter needs solo movie to build up to the justice league jus t likke marvel did with the Avengers. Why wonder woman or Aquaman hasn’t had their own is beyond me

    • @Bob

      The fact that a hater writes that much about me suggests I’m more popular than you claim I’m am.

      Love my haters. Keep on breathing.

      • @Bob, LMAO!!! Go read Kofi’s Green Lantern review and then tell me he’s a DC fanboy. Oh man, the ignorance of some people, lol. Keep on rockin’ Kofi!

    • Brave.

    • @Bob – Get over yourself.

      B) Obviously you’re new to the site and didn’t bother reading his rather scathing review of Green Lantern (that’s still a DC property, right?)


    • MAY CAN’T GET HERE FAST ENOUGH THOUGH the new captain america looks good. Marvel just has better characters, even though batman and superman have been around longer, spiderman by far is more popular in both DC AND mARVEL COMBINED, swinging around like that,what a rush that must be. THEY SHOULD DO A mARVEL/DC CROSSOVER MOVIE with sony and disney working together.