‘The Amazing Spider-Man 2′ Trailer: Peter Parker’s Greatest Battle Begins

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Sony has spent the last week hyping the official trailer for The Amazing Spider-Man 2 and it’s here at last.

As you can see, the battle between Peter Parker (Andrew Garfield) and Max Dillon/Electro (Jamie Foxx) is almost a footnote in the first theatrical preview, with the main attraction being what Pete uncovers about his long-gone father’s (Campbell Scott) research for Oscorp Industries – and what the return of Harry Osborn (Dane DeHaan) heralds for our intrepid web-slinging hero.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a proper Spider-Man story without dealing with Pete’s attempts to juggle the responsibilities of his everyday life with being a superhero and having to constantly deal with new threats, be they glorified lab experiments gone (Wrong? Right?) or Russian Mafia enforcers (Paul Giamatti) wielding machines guns and high-tech Rhino robot suits. No wonder his girlfriend Gwen Stacy (Emma Stone) acts casual about the police raining gunfire down on Pete; by his standards, that’s practically a slow day at work.

For more, check out these images from The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (via USA Today):


The official synopsis for The Amazing Spider-Man 2 reminds us that all of Spidey’s enemies – be they the newly-transformed Green Goblin or the mysterious figure who paid Curt Connors (Rhys Ifans) a visit in his jail cell in the Amazing Spider-Man mid-credits sequence (who makes a brief appearance in the trailer) – have a very important quality in common: their connection to Oscorp, Richard Parker’s old work place.

Indeed, as the sequel’s co-screenwriter Alex Kurtzman previously explained, the second installment is not only focused on expanding the series’ mythos, but also probing deeper into Peter’s issues about his past, which were left (intentionally) unresolved in the first movie. If Kurtzman and co-writers Roberto Orci (Star Trek Into Darkness) and Jeff Pinkner (Fringe) prove able to tie all these elements together, then Amazing Spider-Man 2 could be quite the satisfying comic book movie sequel (and, dare I say, maybe the best Spider-Man film released to date).

amazing spider man 2 images The Amazing Spider Man 2 Trailer: Peter Parkers Greatest Battle Begins

Director Marc Webb, on his end, looks to have delivered a superhero movie that is bigger and better than his previous entry in the genre on seemingly every level (storytelling, acting, visual style, etc.). Most importantly, he seems to have gotten a better handle on how to blend the human core of the film – Pete’s quest to find a sense of identity and deal with life as a young adult – with the requisite 3D effects and blockbuster spectacle, compared to his work on the first Amazing Spider-Man installment.

Plus, the best may be yet to come, as certain Easter Eggs in the trailer (Who else caught the Vulture wings and Doc Ock’s arms in the Oscorp hallway?) allude to more exciting developments in the future. On that note: those “rumors” about a Sinister Six villain team-up somewhere down the line are starting to look more like fact, at this point…


The Amazing Spider-Man 2 opens in theaters on May 2nd, 2014.

Source: USA Today

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  1. it looks awesome

  2. I really hope this one is better than the first one

    • looks like it.

  3. the vulture and doc oc are the next!

    • I liked that little tease as well. Overall looks pretty good. I’m sort of torn about the Rhino’s suit though, I know the comic version wouldn’t work at all for film, but the whole Ironman suit thing doesn’t feel right either, at least from the brief shot it got in the trailer.

      • While it’s mechanized, I see it being totally different than Iron Man’s. Rhino’s suit looks like it’s going to be a wrecking ball or something lol.

        • reminds me of the Mark 1

      • Don’t worry it’s just a prototype it’s not the real rhino suit it’s more like a mechanized robot war machine and besides I heard hes not really going to be a villain in this movie but in the next film he’s gonna be he’s gonna be a cross species villain he gots some surume that’ll turn him into a humanoid rhino you know like from the ASM game so hes kinda like the original rhino but instead of wearing a rhinoceros suit hes gonna be a human rhinoceros

  4. I really liked the trailer but to me jamie foxx sounds horrible. Ive never liked him as an actor and he isnt helping himself with that voice. Seems the goblin will be more prevelent than i thought.

  5. I feel like they freakin spoiled the whole damn film man! What the hell is left!? ><

    • J. Jonah Jameson?

      • Lol, yeah he turns out to be the real plot line’s villain, all of this is like intro, side character stuff.

    • My thoughts exactly. Within moments I knew this was going to be a story trailer :\

      • “Come see the spider-man trailer, and then go see it in theaters to find out how it ends!”

    • that’s how all trailers are now-a-days dude. they spoil the whole freaking movie.

      I was talking in another thread the other day about there should be a trailer law that only permits you to show footage from act 1 and possibly act 2 in your trailer. It would make movie-going more fun and unpredictable. Or go the Hitchcock route and just have a clip that teases the movie, or when Pixar started and their trailers would have new footage that wasn’t even in the end product movie just to give an idea of what the movie is about.

      that would be MUCH better.

    • It didnt really spoil anything. The only things this trailer told us are:
      1. there are 3 villains
      2. Peter’s still struggling to find out who he is
      3. the Osborns are in it
      4. There are a loot of easter eggs
      It doesnt really give away any major plot details either.

      • Well the spoilers would be this:

        1. Peter discovers the underground lab that his dad had
        2. What the Rhino really even looks like
        3. Spidey’s epic killer finishing move with slamhandling the manhole cover into Rhino. (Unless of course this does nothing to the Rhino at all and the pure epicness that precedes the lack of effect is a comedic point, which would be great)
        4. The epic, absolutely epic ending battle against Electro. As awesome and glad as I am to have already seen it, if I could erase it and see it only in the movie, I would. It’s like if they showed the best parts of the final battle from SW: I (Darth Maul) before we got a chance to see it in the movie. They need to foreshadow the showdowns, not show the showdowns themselves.
        5. Found out that Parker’s being tracked by OsCorp, which isn’t a terrible spoiler, but that all depends on what the story is.

        So I’m defining spoilers as being that they reveal things that would have been exciting new discoveries when watching scenes for the first time during the movie.

  6. Does look brilliant, can’t wait.

  7. Action scenes seem pretty childish. I think cgi needs work. This looks like a console gameplay sometimes. I really really hope this is going to turn out ok but this trailer doesn’t promise much merit rather than a villain fest. And from Hans Zimmer I expect a lot more. But fingers crossed…

    • Seriously man? You’re entitled to your opinion and everything but the trailer didn’t even go for 3 minutes, you can’t really judge anything until you see the movie, I reckon it looks pretty good.

      • By console gameplay I meant that the visual effects department should have done better than this. The first shot is awesome and I love how the suit behaves under different circumstances because now I can believe that Peter made it. Still, when he swings across the city he looks like a rubber doll. Don’t get me wrong, I really want this to be great but excluding a few nice and one great shot I don’t get much. I remember when the Man of Steel trailer came out I felt it was fantastic. The music complimented the picture well (it was taken from the lord of the rings if i’m not mistaken) and you could see from the visuals that the outcome would be something different and potentially good. ((And I hated Superman before)) While I’m not saying that spider-man should be a dark toned thriller titled Wall Crawler, I believe that a character of such a history should get special treatment. So as I said, fingers crossed and may the vfx guys somewhat alter the effects.

      • You’re right. This music is goood. Somewhere in the first track that’s playing on the site is James Horner’s work hidden which is a nice touch. This is indeed really good.

  8. Doc Ock “tentacles” and Vulture wings at 1:14.

    • THIS!!!!

  9. This trailer looks epic, this trailer feels like the birth of The Sinister 6! I can’t wait for 2014!

    • Did you notice there are 6 doors opening at the 1:19 mark?
      Everything else in the trailer points to Sinister Six without that little nod, but I thought it was cool.

      • There were more than six doors there. I saw at least 7.

  10. I thought it looked good. Gave me a nerd boner

  11. I guess this ends the speculation as to which Osborne takes up the role of Goblin.

  12. I liked the Rhino thing too. I don’t know if the comic book version would translate well on the big screen.

    • Probably not if it’s Giammati.. I get the feeling almost all villains will be mech-suits in this world…

      I’d grown kinda attached to the idea of Harry becoming Venom, mainly cause I’d love to see Dane DeHaan as a character with a potential anti-hero storyline. Guess that”s not happening and he’ll just go full on psycho. Foxx’s constant raves about DeHaan make more sense now.

      • You can clearly see that Harry Osborn (Dane) isnt the Green Goblin and it looks more like Norman Osborn is again the Green Goblin… So Harry can still be playing Venom…

        • I didn’t think that was clear. It looked like Dane.

        • The trailer clearly established that it’s Harry. Norman’s in bed, almost dead, and also doesn’t look like the person in the Green Goblin scenes at all.

      • That’s my concern about the villain costumes as well. I don’t want to see a bunch of mech-warriors vs. Spiderman, we’ve got Ironman for that, :).

    • I’m happy they went with the mech suit, it looks great from what I saw. If it was DNA splice, I think it’d just look weird on screen lol.

  13. I like it! Looks good!

  14. “Without Spiderman!”
    Really? Really? Could that be anymore cliche?
    Not sure how I feel about Electro, his lines seem lame.
    But I’ll be in line at the theater opening night for sure.

    • Eh, don’t see anything wrong with it, I also like Foxx’s delivery of his lines.

      • I agree. Isn’t he supposed to be just a regular dude that gets zapped with superpowers? It makes sense that he sounds kind of dorky.

  15. is it just me i don’t feel excited about this it looks alright, i feel sorry for Spiderman most of his villians are fromage and they don’t translate good to film.

    • Except for Doc Oc in Spiderman 2. Still the best Comic book movie villain ever! (Not counting Heath Ledger, of course)

  16. Just when I thought things couldn’t get any worse than the Lizard, we get “mech-rhino,” the slightly green-tinted evil elf-goblin, emo-Harry, and electro-Fox. This looks absolutely horrible! What a f’ing disaster this Marc Webb is. Nobody wants to see your “interpretation” of Spider-man. Just visually bring to life what we loved about the comics. Or better yet, go away. And why is this called “Amazing” Spiderman and not Ultimate, since it clearly has nothing to do with the amazing Spiderman storyline. This is a disaster. As a life-long Spiderman fan I have to say I’m out. I will say, though, that at least they got the costume right this time. I’m curious to see how they explain away that abomination from the first piece of crap movie.

    • I agree, this looks like rubbish, poor CGI, meh all round

    • 1000% Agree Sir^^
      The first “Amazing Spiderman” was very bad but the mainstream ate it up, Unfortunately we are in the minority. If you don’t agree that’s fine but if you’re interested go watch the EWW The Amazing Spiderman youtube video, they highlight some of the major problems I had with the first installment.
      Don’t get me wrong I wanted this franchise to be awesome but turning your brain off shouldn’t be a requirement of entertainment.

      • Look out fellas, we got a hipster right here! From the sounds of it, it’s a Class 5 Hipster too! Better bring your #SWAG goggles!

      • So don’t go see it…simple really

    • Where did you get emo-Harry from outta this?

      • The hairdo, I reckon. Like a goth, just more whiney. :D

    • Im curious, have you this film already? Unless you have already, you should keep your ignorant comments to yourself about a film you havent even watched yet. See the movie, then you can complain about how “horrible” it is. And if you can do better, you should make a spiderman movie.

    • Who says nobody wants Marc Webb’s interpretation?, that is a bit of a silly statement.., I think you will find that plenty of people want, and will go and see Webb’s iteration of the character…again, as they did for the first..

      • Yup. The number of positive comments in this thread alone out weighs the negative with ease. Funny how this guy has nothing better to do than to comment on a sequel of a movie he clearly didn’t like lol. Sad.

  17. Wow.

  18. This looks pretty good, and above all else feels like a Spider-Man comic book brought to the screen. It looks like a Saturday morning cartoon with a movie aesthetic, and that’s a good thing.
    The most impressive visual effect still is Emma Stone’s cuteness.

  19. I find it fun to see everyone’s reaction. How can something look so incredibly awesome (“comic book film of the year”) and also so horrible? Ultimately, it doesn’t matter because the film will change everyone’s opinion one way or another.

    I like all of the set up stuff to the Sinister Six.

  20. I love this trailer. Looks like another great Spider-Man. 5th times the charm!

  21. This looks insane, really great trailer. The first ten seconds already felt like a complete departure from the feeling of the first film, felt really evolved and grander.

    • Watched it 2 more times lol. Really liking Dane DeHann and Electro so far. The last 15 seconds was really exciting. I cannot wait for this movie!

  22. I can’t say that I’m crazy about Rhinox or Troll-Doll-Goblin. Hopefully that’s like, a halfway transformation and he will be more Gobliny later or at least in the third movie and maybe Rhino will get a sleeker suit. I’m more interested in the lead up to Sinister Six than the movie itself.

  23. Looks interesting. Im hoping Deehan’s goblin gets more of a different look since the whole “super serum makes me stronger and my hair style change” thing has been done. I hope he gets maybe some scaly skin or something. Atleast he has the full hover glider rather than a sweet back to the future hover board.

    The CGI does still need some polishing, which im sure will happen, bc it does look alittle like a videogame at the moment.

    Story wise looks good though. Im loving the Rhino mech suit idea.

    • Dehaan*

    • I think it’s more the style than the actual quality of the CGI, well from what I see. The last 15 seconds, while it definitely doesn’t look ultra-realistic, it still looks pretty cool and works for me. Though without a doubt they’re still working on the effects, I wonder what the final product will look like, especially on blu ray.

  24. Fantastically epic! It’s awesome to see that the tech has advanced to the point where Spidey’s full range of powers from strength to speed and agility can be finally fully realized

  25. so… i just leave the money on the counter? this looks like a fun epic comic book movie. many seeds being planted here, and hopefully not to many to distract.

  26. That trailer has me really wanting to see this movie like Capt. Americas new trailer did!!

  27. Splendid trailer with a little tease and suspense of Vulture and Doc, makes it even more captivating.

  28. Wow. I have been dumping on this since the casting and plot leaked out. I thought it was going to be a disjointed mess, ala Spidey 3. I must admit that it appears that I was wrong. This trailer looks pretty darn good.

    • If you recall Spidey 3 had a bada** trailer as well. I won’t say that TASM2 is gonna suck.. Its too soon to tell either way. It certainly looks promising. But anyone can cut together a cool trailer.

      • I can’t.